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GAINMORE™ Coaching Advantage Cornerstone of leadership development You are a manager of your organisation, division, or department with immense scope to impact not only on the operational and financial performance of the business, but also on the motivational and cultural aspects that shape your organisation’s future competitive positioning. As you're constantly being asked to do more with less, being able to lead people to accomplish their best and sustain the results is increasingly important. You may be questioning why you have genuine leadership ability, yet are still only getting average results. Coaching is one of the cornerstones of leadership development because it motivates people to realise their full potential and improve business performance. At CELSIM, our coaching interventions produce quantifiable and sustained improvements in leaders’ performance and help them achieve previously unattainable levels of excellence. In short, our coaching makes successful people even more successful. That’s why it is used extensively across all forms of industry.

Realise full potential and improve business performance Success in business today is driven by human potential, and the management and development of this potential is a most highly prized skill. Organisations cannot change of their own accord; it's the people within them that drive change. Change the people and you change the business. As the business world becomes increasingly fast moving and demanding, more and more top flight executives are turning to coaching to help them meet and exceed their challenges. GAINMORE™ Coaching Advantage utilises proven methods of enabling people to be more effective by harnessing their potential and motivating them to get the best out of themselves and achieve outstanding results. That means participants will be able to attain higher levels of performance and more importantly, sustain them. Our range of business and leadership coaching enable organisations to create, cascade and sustain a powerful, performance driven coaching culture:

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Executive Coaching on a one-to-one basis: accelerates individual professional and personal growth for top and senior managers and targeted individuals being groomed for senior positions.

Coaching Advantage training: provides the essential tools and techniques for middle managers to regularly coach team members and easily and confidently address performance issues.

Certified Coach training: helping organisations build the necessary internal resources to support and sustain the continuing development of their people throughout the organisation.

GAINMORE™ Coaching Advantage High impact structured coaching development and change Based on our GAINMORE™ Advantage Learning and Development framework – developed through 14 years of research – CELSIM delivers high impact coaching interventions using experiential simulations to offer a unique blend of realism, pragmatism and thought leadership for business advantage. Our GAINMORE™ framework is a robust and highly effective model for the coaching development of leaders’ competencies and emotional intelligence (now known to be the critical ingredients of successful leadership). It enables us to partner with organisations to target development activities, coaching and training in a structured manner that meets organisational needs. GAPPS, the GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System assessment, is a holistic suite of tools and frameworks that help our clients focus development activities at three key levels – the organisation, teams and individuals. With rigorous reliability and validity, GAPPS not only profiles your organisation, team and individual, it will guide you to the “So what now?” step, suggesting a planned development path and offering you links to personalised modules, courses and e-learning. A few of the benefits • • • • • • • •

Thrive during major change, such as reorganisation or restructuring Improve interaction and communication between key people Achieve greater flexibility in management and leadership styles Respond positively to 180 or 360 feedback Overcome obstacles to maximise effectiveness Develop specific skills, such as leading global teams and managing at the point of upheaval Plan career development and succession planning for themselves and their people Develop management and leadership skills in others. About CELSIM CELSIM is the Leadership and Simulations arm of Corporate Edge Group. Based on our GAINMORE™ Advantage Learning and Development framework – developed through 14 years of research – we deliver high impact training using experiential simulations to offer a unique blend of realism, pragmatism and thought leadership for business advantage. We have successfully partnered many public and private sector organisations worldwide, including Affin Bank, Aviva, Astro Networks, DSM Nutritional Products, National Library Board, Nokia, Sime Darby, Sunway Holdings and Temasek Holdings in Asia, to maximise their people performance.

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From the onset, we work closely with our clients to create practical, relevant and challenging development programmes that deliver immediate and lasting impact on organisational performance. To discuss how we can transform you and your organisation to cope with the immediate, prepare for the future and lead the process of organisational renewal, please contact: John Kenworthy Head of CELSIM Tel: (65) 6245 0908 Email:

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