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Advantage Programmes Unleash potential and get the best out of people You are a leader of your organisation, division, or department with immense scope to impact not only on the operational and financial performance of the business, but also on the motivational and cultural aspects that shape your organisation’s future competitive positioning. As you're constantly being asked to do more with less, being able to motivate people to accomplish their best and sustain the results is increasingly important. You may be questioning why you and your team have genuine ability, yet are still only getting average results. In an increasingly complex competitive environment where organisations need to repeatedly transform and renew itself to exploit opportunities and counter threats, superior leadership qualities and competencies become the key to inspiring commitment and motivation from your teams and generate the necessary high-performance culture to succeed.

High impact training for business advantage Based on our GAINMORE™ Advantage Learning and Development framework – developed through 14 years of research – CELSIM delivers high impact training programmes using experiential simulations to offer a unique blend of realism, pragmatism and thought leadership for business advantage. Our GAINMORE™ framework provides a robust and objective analysis of desired outcomes and identifies the development modules appropriate based on the organisational context. As a diagnostic tool, the GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System (GAPPS) enables companies to understand and prioritise the cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes individuals and teams need to make to align and achieve their own and the organisation’s goals. With rigorous reliability and validity, GAPPS not only profiles your organisation, team and individual, it will guide you to the “So what now?” step, suggesting a planned development path and offering you links to personalised modules, courses and e-learning.

Our approach: learning through experience At CELSIM, we use experiential learning and simulations to enable participants to: • • • •

understand, experience and create deep sustainable change swiftly and easily, deliver targeted and tangible performance improvement, effectively transfer learning back to the workplace, and achieve their own and the organisation’s goals.

Our Advantage programmes provide a realistic and challenging environment to link theory with practice involving tutor-led workshops, business training simulations, case study discussions, interactive role plays, and e-learning. Whatever your challenges, CELSIM offers a high impact suite of programmes in leadership, coaching, team, negotiations and sales to help you stay ahead.

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Advantage Programmes Leadership Advantage

Coaching Advantage

Team Advantage

A unique leadership programme that challenges you to breakthrough your leadership potential and attain higher levels of performance… on the green.

Coaching is one of the cornerstones of talent development because it motivates people to realise their full potential and improve business performance.

The most significant contributions leaders make are to the long-term development of teams - that merge, adapt, prosper, and grow.

Leadership Advantage raises the standard for leadership development with an engaging simulation on the golf course as the extended classroom where application of skills are immediate, learning process enjoyable and memorable!

Coaching Advantage utilises proven methods of enabling people to be more effective by harnessing their potential and motivating them to achieve outstanding results. You will be able to attain higher levels of performance and more importantly, sustain them.

Negotiations Advantage

Negotiation is at the heart of commercial activity and organisations need to be competent at getting the best ‘win-win’ relationship they can. Negotiations Advantage simulates real life negotiation dynamics to engage you to gain agreement, negotiate with internal and external parties, and generate greater influence for and in your business.

Sales Advantage

“Your bottom line starts with your front line”. Sales Advantage focuses on building critical skills in effective consultative selling and improving your attitude and the essential tenacity of purpose. You will achieve the practical tools to motivate a winning sales team one that generates not just revenues, but mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships that translate into actual sales.

Team Advantage enables companies to break down unproductive silos, improve communication, generate team spirit and move the team from individual potential to team performance. By aligning people, the organisation and corporate goals, you will sustain higher and higher levels of performance from your teams.

Your Advantage

Your business is unique and we do not believe that "one size fits all". We partner with our clients to understand the organisational context, identify business priorities, and design high impact experiential training solutions that accelerate development for you and your people, unleash potential and maximise the impact of transferred performance.

To discuss how CELSIM can transform your organisation to cope with the immediate, prepare for the future and lead the process of organisational renewal, please contact: John Kenworthy Head of CELSIM Tel: (65) 6245 0908 Email: Copyright © 2009 CELSIM - All Rights Reserved

Advantage Programmes  

Copyright © 2009 CELSIM - All Rights Reserved High impact training for business advantage Unleash potential and get the best...

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