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Students and Parents: Everything you need to know about life at UF

Fall 2011 Live Well, Learn We ll at the Estates, pg 6


Check Out the Flo rida Museum of Natural History, pg 56


Less Pay at More Play + ub, pg 7 University Cl


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',2&'1'113# UF MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12


Kevin Ireland Art Director

Kris Bristol Executive Editor

Maghan McDowell Design Interns

Megan Alfaro Hector Del Valle-Sosa Editorial Interns

Taylor Rohwedder Danielle Alvarez Fiscal Manager

Lori White Sales Manager

Bill DeFeo Senior Account Executive

Pete Zimek

FALL SPORTS SCHEDULE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Sales Associate

GETTING AROUND TOWN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16


UF IMPORTANT NUMBERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 FINDING A JOB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 COX CABLE CHANNEL LINE-UP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 LOCAL RADIO STATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 UF IMPORTANT DATES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Carolyne Salt Margaret Francois Tony Federico Kori Frederick Alison Maddux Brad McKay Emily Moorhouse Jennifer Popeil Noel Sanchez Hanuman Welch

GAINESVILLE IMPORTANT NUMBERS . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Cover image: Sean Kelly

LOCAL MUSIC VENUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

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WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR PARENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 HELPFUL RENTAL HINTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 CITY OF GAINESVILLE MAP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 WHAT TO DO OUTDOORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 FINDING AN ATTORNEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 WHERE TO WORSHIP GUIDE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 STAY OUT OF TROUBLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 THE FLORIDA MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY . . . 56 25 THINGS EVERY STUDENT SHOULD KNOW . . . . . 60 INDEX OF HOTELS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 RESTAURANT GUIDE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66-75


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Gainesville, FL

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Welcome to Gainesville! Welcome to Gainesville! We want the next few years of college to be the best for you, and that’s why we’ve compiled The Gainesville Survival Guide. This publication has all the info you need to survive, and thrive, through college. Every year, college freshmen tell us that The Gainesville Survival Guide has helped jump-start their careers in college. Within these pages you’ll find everything you need to know about where to live once you arrive in Gainesville—where to eat, work and, most of all, where to have fun! If you want to know about something in Gainesville, including the little-known facts that only insiders know, chances are we’ll have it in The Gainesville Survival Guide. Want to know some of the best places to eat around town? Check out our restaurant guide. Looking for the “perfect” place to live? Use our apartment amenities chart and helpful hints. Once you have settled in, take a look at our “25 Things Every Student Should Know,”


on page 60 and then go out and try some of our suggestions. We promise you’ll appreciate our advice. Once you have arrived in our wonderful city, let our sister publication, INsite Magazine, be your guide to entertainment and nightlife in Gainesville. Most of all, make the next few years of college your best yet!

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ALWAYS ASKING FOR EXTENSIONS? FALLING BEHIND IN CLASSES? RUNNING LATE? Your world is changing, and the challenges ahead at UF may surprise you, especially if you have ADHD or struggle with disorganization.

All Students Can Learn to... • manage time • keep track of papers • succeed in ways you may not have imagined New challenges invite new strategies. Professional organizer Helen Kornblum coaches you with one-on-one planning and practical support. Natural Order helps students take action to make the changes they want to make.

Call or email Helen today for a free consultation to see how coaching can help you. 352-871-4499 Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


University of Florida MAP University Avenue

Golf Course

O'Connell Center


an d

Woodlawn Drive

ive y Dr ernit Frat

Hull Rd.



SW 34th Street


Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Norman Hall

Shands Hospital

Mowry Road

h Arc



Beaty Towers

Sorority Row


ive Center Dr

Gale Lemerand Drive

Traffic and Parking


Florida Museum of Natural History

Broward Dining

Police Dept.

Harn Museum

SW 20th Ave.

Tigert Hall Fine Arts

Veteran Affairs Hospital

ch Ar

R er

13th Street

SW Recreation & Fitness Center

Lake Alice

Museum Road

Bledsoe Drive

Soccer Field Softball Field


SW 2nd Avenue

Museum Road

Radio Road Baughman Center

Turlington University Auditorium

Newell Drive

Village Road

Reitz Union

Criser Hall

Century Tower



Rec Field

Union Road

Weil Weimer HUB Hall Hall Computer Science & Engineering

Stadium Road Fraternity Row

Library East

Newell Drive

Perry Field

Gale Le m

SW 34th Street

Levin College of Law

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

University Avenue Library West


SW 2nd Avenue

Fletcher Drive

Alumni Affairs

Veterinary Medicine & Large Animal Hospital


ch Ar



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Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


UF Sports (Subject Schedule - Fall 2011 to Change) FOOTBALL

Sat, Sept 4––TBA UF vs. Florida Atlantic (Home) Sat, Sept 10––TBA UF vs. Alabama-Birmingham (Home) Sat, Sept 17––3:30pm UF vs. Tennessee (Home) Sat, Sept 24––TBA UF vs. Kentucky (Lexington, KY) Sat, Oct 1––TBA UF vs. Alabama (Home) Sat, Oct 8––TBA UF vs. LSU ( Baton Rouge, LA) Sat, Oct 15––TBA UF vs. Auburn (Auburn, Ala.) Sat, Oct 29––3:30pm UF vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, Fla.) Sat, Nov 5––TBA UF vs. Vanderbilt (HC) (Home) Sat, Nov 12––TBA UF vs. South Carolina (Columbia, SC)

Sat, Sept 10––TBA Penn State/Stanford (Palo Alto, Cali.)

Fri, Oct 7––7pm UF vs. Auburn (Home)

Fri, Sep 16–– 8pm UF vs. Mississippi State (Starkville, MS)

Sun, Oct 9–––TBA UF vs. Alabama (Home)

Fri, Sep 23––7pm UF vs. Kentucky (Home)

Fri, Oct 14––8pm UF vs. Mississippi (Oxford, Miss.)

Sun, Sep 25–– 1:30pm UF vs. Tennessee (Home)

Sun, Oct 16––2pm UF vs. Mississippi State (Starkville, Miss.)

Fri, Sep 30–– 8pm UF vs. Auburn (Auburn, Ala.)

Thu, Oct 20––TBA UF vs. Arkansas (Fayetteville, Ark.)

Sun, Oct 2–– 1:30pm UF vs. Georgia (Athens, Ga.)

Sun, Oct 23––1pm UF vs. LSU (Home)

Fri, Oct 7–– 7pm UF vs. Arkansas (Home)

Fri, Oct 28––TBA UF vs. South Carolina (Home)

Sun, Oct 9––1:30pm UF vs. LSU (Home)

Nov 2-6 SEC Tournament (Orange Beach, Ala.)

Fri, Oct 14––8pm UF vs. Ole Miss (Oxford, MS)


Sun, Oct 16––2pm UF vs. Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Ala.)

Aug 26 - 27 Active Ankle Challenge

Sat, Nov 19––TBA UF vs. Furman (Home)

Fri, Aug 26–5:30 pm Auburn vs. North Carolina (Home)

Sat, 26––TBA UF vs. Florida State (Home)

Fri, Aug 26–– 7:30pm UF vs. Boston College (Home)


Sat, Aug 27––3:30pm UF vs. North Carolina (Home)

Fri, Aug 19––TBA UF vs. Miami (Coral Gables, Fla.) Sun, Aug 21––7pm UF vs. Florida International (Miami, Fla.) Fri, Aug 26––5:30pm UF vs. Texas A&M (Knoxville, Tenn.) Sun, Aug 28––1:30pm UF vs. UCLA (Knoxville, Tenn.) Fri, Sept 2––7pm UF vs. Texas Tech (Home) Fri, Sept 9––7pm UF vs. Florida State (Home) Sun, Sept 11––1:30pm UF vs. Florida Gulf Coast (Home)


Sun, Oct 2––1pm UF vs. Kentucky (Home)

Sat, Aug 27––5:30pm Auburn vs. Boston College (Home) Tue, Aug 30––7pm UF vs. Florida State (Home) Sept 2 - 3 Campus USA Credit Union Invite Fri, Sept 2––– 10am Clemson vs. FAU (Home) Fri, Sept 2–– 12pm UF vs. Jacksonville (Home) Fri, Sept 2–––5:30pm Jacksonville vs. Clemson (Home) Fri, Sept 2––7:30pm UF vs. FAU (Home)

Wed, Oct 19––7pm UF vs. South Carolina (Columbia, SC) Sun, Oct 23––1:30pm UF vs. Mississippi State (Home) Fri, Oct 28–– 7pm UF vs. Tennessee (Knoxville, Tenn.) Sun, Oct 30–– 1:30pm UF vs. Kentucky (Lexington, KY) Fri, Nov 4––4pm UF vs. Alabama (Home) Sun, Nov 6––1:30pm UF vs. Ole Miss (Home) Fri, Nov 11–8pm UF vs. LSU (Baton Rouge, LA) Sun, Nov 13––1:30pm UF vs. Arkansas (Fayetteville, Ark.) Fri, Nov 18––7pm UF vs. Georgia (Home) Sun, Nov 20––1:30pm UF vs. Auburn (Home)

Fri, Sept 16––TBA UF vs. Missouri (Columbia, MO.)

Sat, Sept 3–– 4pm UF vs. Clemson (Home)

Wed, Nov 23––7pm UF vs. South Carolina (Home)

Sun, Sept 18––TBA UF vs. Kansas (Lawrence, Kan.)

Sat, Sept 3––6pm FAU vs. Jacksonville (Home)

Dec 1 - 4 NCAA First and Second Rounds

Fri, Sept 23––7pm UF vs. Georgia (Athens, Ga.)

Mon, Sept 5––2pm UF vs. Iowa State (Home)

Dec 9 - 10 NCAA Regionals (Home)

Sun, Sept 25––2pm UF vs. Tennessee (Knoxville, Tenn.)

Sept 9-10 NIKE Big Four Classic

Thu, Dec 15––TBA NCAA Semifinals

Fri, Sept 30––TBA UF vs. Vanderbilt (Home)

Fri, Sept 9––7:30pm UF vs. Texas (Palo Alto, Cali.)

Sat, Dec 17––TBA NCAA Finals

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Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Getting Around Gainesville O

ne of the first things you’ll want to do as a new student is explore your new home. Fortunately, Gainesville has plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, getting there (and back) isn’t alway easy. To help you navigate the roadblocks, we’ve developed this transportation guide, which is full of tips and shortcuts.

Two Wheels, No Motor

Pros: Come and go in the comfort and air conditioning of your own vehicle on your own time frame. Cons: Not enough parking spaces; traffic; paying for gas. It’s naturally preferable to have a car on hand when you’re getting groceries, but the price you pay isn’t necessarily worth it. You might have to park far from your dorm, and if you park in the wrong area at the wrong time, you’re facing a $30 ticket. And remember—having a campus decal doesn’t guarantee a spot. Campus decal price: $134 a year; $72 each semester.

Pros: Environmentally friendly; cheap; can avoid traffic congestion and park close by. Cons: Can still get ticketed for speeding; can’t carry much more than a backpack; more dangerous; rain. Biking around Gainesville is cheap and efficient; however, there are regulations both on campus and in the city that you’ll have to observe. When you’re on a bike (or a skateboard, rollerblades, etc.), you still have to follow traffic regulations. That means obeying the speed limit, signaling when turning and going in the direction of traffic. If you’re going faster than the cars, you need to slow down or risk being ticketed. Also, you will need a headlight for the front of your bike and a reflector for the back. Between sunset and sunrise, if you don’t have the lights on, you can get a $48 ticket. It’s also illegal to wear headphones. The UF Police Department offers a bicycle traffic safety school. For more information, go to If you need to buy a bike, check out Chain Reaction or bid on abandoned bikes (for very cheap) at

Two Wheels and a Motor

Public Transportation

Four Wheels and a Motor

Pros: Easy to park Cons: Can only park in specific areas; not viable for a road trip; gas; rain. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are a popular way to travel in Gainesville because they’re cheaper and easier to park. They can be dangerous, so wear a helmet, especially if you’re under 21. A map of special lots is available at parkingmaps.htm. Campus decal: $96 a year; $48 each semester.


Pros: Free unlimited access with Gator 1 card; always having a DD. Cons: Having to wait; walking to/from stops; overcrowding. Taking the bus in Gainesville is an extremely affordable way to cover long distances. If you’re a UF student, your Gator 1 card gives you free unlimited access to the Regional Transit System (RTS) bus services. (Adults pay $1.50. You will need to bring correct bus fare since drivers don’t carry change.) The bus system covers much of

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Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



S. Main d.





er Arch


t Ave


Wi lli


13th St.

BACK TO SCHOOL HOURS Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: 12pm-4pm

Tebow, Leak & Cooper’s Scooters on Display.


University Ave.


the city of Gainesville, and there are many stops at apartment complexes for extra convenience. If you find yourself downtown after the bars close, RTS offers late night Later Gator buses. The last Later Gator buses leave downtown at 2:20am, and the three routes run to and from the Reitz Union, Oaks Mall and Lexington Crossing. Full schedules and information can be found at Another free option is SNAP, which is a service provided from 6:15pm to 1:30am Sunday through Thursday and 6:15pm to 3:30am Friday and Saturday for the safety of students. Just call 392-SNAP, give your first name, location of pick-up (on campus only) and destination, and the van will pick you up and take you wherever you need to go on campus.


Gainesville is set up in an easy-to-navigate grid, and with a little extra effort, you’ll discover a ton of faster routes that are off the beaten path.

Avoiding traffic:

•Secondary roads that parallel major arteries like University Avenue, Archer Road and 34th Street are good alternatives during rush-hour traffic. For example, use SW 2nd Street if you’re traveling from campus to downtown. And 8th Avenue is a good option to get from campus to the Oaks Mall area. •I-75 can help you beat traffic as well. From the Tower Road area to downtown, some commuters swear it’s faster to take I-75 south to the Williston exit and head north, rather than trying to use Archer or Newberry roads.


•Parking can be a small nightmare. Weekdays from 7:30am to 4:30pm, you need a parking decal or permit to park in a campus lot (unless signs indicate otherwise). Parking restrictions are often lifted during semester breaks and holidays. Check out rules and announcements at •Home football game days are the major exception to the safe hours to park on campus. Certain lots are reserved for boosters, and normal parking decals don’t


apply. Legitimate decal or not, you’ll have to move your car from these lots—otherwise, you’ll get towed. All cars parked in specific lots must be removed by 5pm the Friday before the game. These lots include: the Murphree lot and all lots west of it along University Avenue, part of the large commuter lot on Gale Lemerand Drive, the small commuter lot on Gale Lemerand Drive, garage 5 (next to Hume) on Gale Lemerand Drive, part of garage 4 (next to Rawlings), the Stephen C. O’Connell Center lot, the Stephen C. O’Connell Center garage and the MRI lot across Archer. If you park your car in one of these lots and think you won’t remember to move it, don’t worry—University Police Department leaves fliers on windshields before the game to remind you. For a $10, you can take the Navigator football shuttle and avoid parking on game day. Stops include the Hilton UF, Oaks Mall, Downtown Parking Garage, Tioga Town Center and Haile Village Center.

Off campus:

•Roam towing, or trespass towing, is when a business or apartment complex has a contract with a specific towing company that roams the city and removes unauthorized vehicles from the business/apartment complex lot. And it’s pretty popular in Gainesville. If you get towed in the city, the charge is $76. Outside city limits, it’s $100, and inside or outside the city after 24 hours, you pay an extra $20 a day for storage. Towing companies accept cash, debit card or major credit card. For information on filing a roam towing complaint, visit gainesvillepd. org/towing_complaints.htm. •Booting is when a clamp is placed on your wheel to keep you from driving away, and it costs less than if you. It’s also quicker—the company truck is usually still in the area. It will cost you $60 to have the annoying contraption removed. —Alison Maddux

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Inspect Your Apartment Before You Sign the Lease


thorough inspection of an apartment is of the utmost importance. Once you have signed a lease and moved in, it will be too late to do anything about lack of water pressure, poor ventilation, old appliances, etc. If you take your time and use a checklist like the one provided, you will feel much better knowing that you have covered everything. Remember that these are just suggestions. You might want to add a few items or disregard others. You may request that some items be changed or fixed before you move in. If this is the case, remember, GET IT IN WRITING. Carpet and Floors: Is the carpet in good shape and clean? Can you live with the color? Look very closely at all of the carpet. Apartments are very good about hiding spots or rips. Look at the other floors that are not carpeted such as the entrance, kitchen, baths. Are they clean? Look around the edges for built-up dirt. Are the tile floors wax-free? Doors and Locks: Check the doors for fit and insulation. Can you see light through the edges or bottom? Does the door have a dead bolt, security chain, peephole? When checking the patio door, keep in mind that the pins used for locks that go through the doors DO NOT WORK! Either request another type of lock or a pole that can be placed in the track to prevent the door from opening. Windows: Open and close the windows. Check the locks and weather stripping. Do the screens fit? Do they have holes?

Baths: Are the bathrooms livable and functional? What about the lighting, mirrors, cabinet space, towel bars? Check the tub and sinks for chips and caulking around the edges. Don’t forget the water pressure. There is nothing worse than taking a shower with no water pressure! Insulation: Ask about the roof insulation. Is the insulation between apartments good (floors, walls, etc.)? Are you going to hear your neighbor snore all night? Furniture: If the apartment is furnished, look at every piece of furniture. Sit in every chair, on the sofa, and lie on the bed. Check tables and other pieces to see if they are sturdy. Can you live with the style? Remember to get a checklist covering inventory and condition of all the furniture, signed by the landlord, upon moving in. Utility Hook-ups: TV, cable and phone – are they convenient? Are there enough phone jacks, and do they fit your type of phone? Can you have cable in your bedroom?




34th St & Archer Rd.


(In between Hooters & Carrabbas)

Window Coverings: Drapes, blinds, shades – are they in good condition? Are they clean? Do they have water spots? Open and close them. Do they work? Kitchen: Is the kitchen livable and useful? How about the cupboard and counter space, lighting and ventilation? Check the appliances. Open and close them. Look for age, rust, uncleanliness, odor, etc. Water and Faucets: Turn on every faucet. Do they leak, drip, etc.? Check the water pressure. Check the drainage. (If they drain slowly, this could be a big problem later.) Check the stoppers. Do they hold water in the sinks?

3105 SW 34th St, 32608 264-0262


Buy Any Bowl and Get 1 Promo Chicken Bowl FREE Valid through 12/31/11 One per customer per visit. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at 34th & Archer.

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Important UF Numbers University of Florida Residence Halls Beaty Towers ............................... 392-6111 Broward Hall ................................ 392-6051 Buckman Co-Op Hall .................. 392-6091 East Hall ...................................... 392-6031 Fletcher Hall ................................ 392-6091 Graham Hall................................. 392-6021 Jennings Hall .............................. 392-6061 The Keys...................................... 392-8107 Mallory Hall .................................. 392-6101 Murphree Hall .............................. 392-6091 North Co-Op Hall ........................ 392-6031 Rawlings ...................................... 392-6051 Reid Hall ...................................... 392-6101 Simpson Hall .............................. 392-6021 Sledd Hall .................................... 392-6091 The Springs ................................. 392-0459 Thomas Hall ................................ 392-6091 Tolbert Hall .................................. 392-6031 Trusler Hall ................................... 392-6021 Weaver Hall.................................. 392-6031 Yulee Hall ..................................... 392-6101 Important Numbers for the University of Florida Americans with Disabilities Act ... 392-7056 Administrative Affairs................... 392-1336 Admissions .................................. 392-1365 Affirmative Action ........................ 392-6004 AIM Program ............................... 846-2031 Air Force ROTC ........................... 392-1355 Alumni Association ...................... 392-1905 Army ROTC ................................. 392-1395 Athletic Association ..................... 375-4683 Business Services ....................... 392-0306 Career Resource Center .............. 392-1601 CIRCA (Computer Support)......... 392-4357 Constans Theatre ........................ 392-1653 Counseling Center ....................... 392-1575 Dean of Students......................... 392-1261 Development ............................... 392-1691 Financial Aid ................................ 392-1275 Financial Services (Fee Payment) 392-0181 Florida Museum of Natural History ... 846-2000 Gator 1 Card ................................ 392-8343 Gator Boosters ............................ 372-8489 Gator Marching Band .................. 392-0227 Golf Course ................................. 375-4866 Harn Museum of Art .................... 392-9826 Health Science Center................. 265-0111 Housing ....................................... 392-2161 ID Card Services.......................... 392-8343 Information .................................. 392-3261 Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures. 846-0405 Institute of Black Culture ............. 392-0895 Institutional Research .................. 392-0456 Instructional Resource................. 392-0365 International Center ..................... 392-5323 Intramurals/Recreational Sports.. 392-0581 Lake Wauburg ............................. 466-4175 Libraries ....................................... 392-0361

Navy ROTC.................................. 392-0973 News & Public Affairs .................. 392-0186 NEXUS (Taped Information Services) ................ ..................................................... 392-1683 Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell Center ......................... 392-5500 Ombudsman ................................ 392-1308 Parking ........................................ 392-2241 Physical Plant .............................. 392-1141 Police ........................................... 392-1111 Provost ........................................ 392-2404 Reading & Writing Center ............ 392-0791 Recreation Sports........................ 392-0581 Registrar ...................................... 392-1361 Reitz Union Hotel......................... 392-2151 Reitz Union Information Desk...... 392-1649 Regional Transit System .............. 334-2600 Shands Hospital at UF ................ 395-0111 Southwest Recreational Center... 846-1081 Speech Language and Hearing Clinic ......... ..................................................... 392-2041 Student Activities Center............. 392-1671 Student Affairs ............................. 392-1274 Student Financial Affairs.............. 392-1275 Student Government ................... 392-1665 Student Health Care Center ........ 392-1161 Student Legal Services ............... 392-2196 Student Mental Health................. 392-1171 Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) .. ..................................................... 392-7627 Teaching Center (Tutoring)........... 392-2010 Telegator .................................... 37-GATOR University Auditorium .................. 392-2346 Vocal-Eyes (Textbook Readers Program) .... ..................................................... 392-1261 WRUF AM/FM Radio ................... 392-0771 WUFT-FM (Rock 104.7) ............... 392-5200 WUFT-TV (Channel 5 PBS) .......... 392-5551 University of Florida Colleges and Schools Accounting .................................. 392-0155 Agriculture ................................... 392-1961 Architecture ................................. 392-0205 Building Construction .................. 392-5965 Business Administration .............. 392-0165 Dentistry ...................................... 392-2911 Education .................................... 392-0721 Engineering.................................. 392-0944 Fine Arts ...................................... 392-0207 Forest Resources & Conservation ............... ..................................................... 846-0850 Health & Human Performance..... 392-3187 Health Professions ...................... 392-2631 Journalism & Communications ... 392-1124 Law .............................................. 392-2087 Liberal Art & Sciences ................. 392-1521 Medicine ...................................... 392-5397 Music ........................................... 392-0223 Natural Resources & Environment .... 392-9230 Nursing ........................................ 392-3752 Pharmacy .................................... 392-9713 Veterinary Medicine ..................... 392-4700

UF Hotline Number: 392-3261 20

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ONE MONTH FREE* WITH SIGNED LEASE *Call 352-371-8100 for Details

Units Available Throughout Gainesville From $375 To $1,850 Per Month Immediate move in available! Great Move-In Specials! Most units “Pet Friendly” Call for details!

Check out all of our available rentals at

AMJ inc.

of Gainesville 502 NW 16th Avenue Gainesville, FL 32601 352-371-8100

Limited Time Specials!*



1-BR 1st Floor

$575 .00

1-BR 2nd Floor

$595 .00

2-BR Townhome $770 .00 3-BR Townhome $825 .00 4-BR Townhome $865 .00

$0 .00


with approved parental guarantor

• HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ONLY $16.25 • Best Maintenance and Office Staff in Town • Large, Sparkling Pool • Lighted Basketball, Tennis & Racquetball Courts • Clubhouse with Billiards, Foosball and PS3 • WASHERS & DRYERS Now Available for $50 • Great Gym with Treadmills + Elliptical Machine • Alarm Systems in Every Unit • Pet Friendly, with Exclusive Dog Parc • New Computer Lab *Prices subject to change without notice.

2930 SW 23rd Terrace 352.375.3072 352.335.6372 (fax)

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Finding A Job


ainesville is not lacking in places to have a good time. Unfortunately, they don’t come free.

Your parents might float you some cash, but eventually you might hear— “You’re old enough to be responsible for yourself. It’s time to get a job.” There are often places hiring, but this is where many students start having problems. Just because a place is hiring doesn’t mean that’s where you should work. A bad work experience can leave you discouraged and broke, or worse, distract from your scholastic career. According to Ja’Net Glover of the University of Florida’s Career Resource Center, there are a number of factors to consider. “There are a variety of jobs to choose from, so it’s important to look at the type of work, responsibilities of the job, transportation and location from the university or residence,” Ja’Net says. “So they should choose what is best for them.” Ja’Net is helping to organize UF’s Part-Time Job Fair on Aug. 26, in which departments from the university and local businesses will gather on the J. Wayne Reitz Union’s colonnade and north lawn to help students find employment. But before you print out your resume (you do have a resume, right?) read our jobhunting guide to preserve both your GPA and your sanity. • Ask your friends when searching for places to apply. Those who are already in the workforce can tell you the good and bad places to work. Your friend might be biased, but personal insight is better than no information.

• You are a student, and your job


needs to accommodate that. You shouldn’t have to choose between going to work and attending class. If you take classes after 5pm, then having an office job might not be a bad choice. Unfortunately, most of us take our classes in the day, five days a week. Robert, a grocery store employee, found it hard to balance a job between classes. “I’m like one of the only people who knows what they’re doing, so I’m at work all the time,” Robert says. “I can’t even ask for a lot of days off because no one else can do what I do.”

• Make sure they are flexible with scheduling before you start work. To this

end, food service jobs can be best. For example, waiters are often able to set own schedule. You can hand in your availability (under certain criteria), and if you need a day off, it isn’t hard to request. If you can’t get the day off, you can usually find someone to work for me.

• Get a job you like—one that fits your personality and your life. It isn’t uncommon to hear someone talk about how much they hate their job, but you don’t have to be one of them. Gainesville has so much to choose from, so there’s no reason you can’t find a good match. See our list for different types of common jobs, along with their pros and cons.

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Hey Gator Freshmen & Sophomores!

What Will YOU Do?

Be A Naval Officer!

Full Tuition/Fees and Stipend Navy ROTC Scholarships Available

Contact LT Bill Tolson at UF Navy ROTC 352.294.0713 Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


• Is it worth your time? A minimum wage job that only offers five to ten hours a week might be enough for pocket cash, but if you need to pay your bills, you’ll be in trouble. And vice versa—if you just need extra cash, don’t accept an aggravating job that takes up all your time. And when you finally decide to apply, • Be persistent. Most places will say that they are accepting applications because, by law, they have to. That doesn’t mean they are actually looking at your application, so make yourself stand out. Don’t be afraid to call the manager to introduce yourself. In my first year of college, I worked at the Gap, and if you’ve tried to get a job at a mall, you know how competitive it is. I got the job because I called the head manager every day, re-affirming that I was ready, willing and able to work. Out of 12 people, I was one of three hired. —Brad McKay


Pros and Cons of Popular Jobs Waiter/Server + Flexible schedule, short shifts, good pay - Inconsistent pay, stressful, working holidays/weekends Office Work + Consistent, weekends off, better pay - Inflexible, requires previous experience Bartender + Fun, good pay, non-conflicting hours - Late nights, work weekends, drunk people, stressful On-campus/work study + Flexible, can sometimes study at work - Limited pay/hours, minimum GPA Babysitter + Set your own hours, friendly environment, competitive pay, kids - Inconsistent pay, working nights and weekends, kids

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

ASSIGNMENT 1: Take A Break From School with the Best Food & Drinks in Town.






FREE WELLS & DRAFTS, $3 Pitchers, LIVE DJ *See Bartender for Details.


Available for Private Parties



Visit The Monkey for Great Burgers, Partying and Fun!

BURGER NIGHT $3 Burgers $5 Pitchers


“LADIES” NIGHT* FREE Wells & Drafts $5 Domestic Pitchers Starts at 6pm *See Bartender for Details.


$5 Bud Light Pitchers $5 L.I.T.s

SATURDAYS $5 Miller Lite Pitchers $5 Bombs 45¢ Wings

SUNDAYS $5 Burgers $5 Pitchers $5 Wings


45 c Wings Mon - Sat 5pm - 9pm

Incredible Food Specials Caesar Salad - $5.99 w/ Garlic Bread Garden Burger - $8.49 w/ a Side The Monkey Reuben - $8.99 w/ French Fries

FREE BEER & DJ 1718 W University Ave

378-7033 Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011

Come Sit Down, Relax & Let Us Serve You (upstairs in UF Plaza) 25


Channel Line-Up

'%49/52 "//43/&&!4 '!).%36),,%Â&#x203A;3 "%34#/5.429"!2

4(523$!93 #/,,%'%.)'(4








36 BET


37 CNN


38 Fox News Channel

5 TV Guide Channel

39 Headline News


40 Univision


41 Nickelodeon

8 COX Cable 8

42 Disney Channel


43 Cartoon Network


44 Comedy Central

11 WMYG - MyNetworkTV

45 TNT

12 Govâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Access

46 Turner Classic



14 WGN

47 History Channel

15 Local Preview

48 Sun Sports


49 Bravo

17 C-SPAN 2

50 CMT

18 ION Television

51 SyFy


52 AMC

20 QVC

53 TLC

21 Shop NBC

54 TV Land

22 Home Shopping

55 ABC Family

23 FX

56 MTV2

24 Lifetime

57 W69AY

25 Discovery Channel

58 Travel Channel


59 Food Network

27 ESPN 2

60 OWN

28 A&E

61 Animal Planet

29 USA Network

62 Speed Channel

30 E!


31 Weather Channel


32 Spike TV

65 The Golf Channel

33 Versus


34 VH1

67 TBS

35 MTV

70 FSN

Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out


88.1 FM Christian Contemporary


90.9 FM Christian Contermporary


89.1 FM

Public Radio


91.7 FM

Christian Contemporary


91.9 FM



92.5 FM

Classic Rock


93.7 FM



94.7 FM

Community Radio


94.9 FM

Adult Contemporary


97.3 FM



98.1 FM



98.5 FM

Adult Contemporary


99.5 FM



100.5 FM Alternative


100.9 FM Smooth Jazz


101.3 FM Urban Contemporary


101. 7 FM Country


102. 1 FM Country


103.7 FM Country


104.9 FM Sports


105.3 FM Top 40


106.9 FM ‘80s Rock


850 AM



980 AM



1230 AM Sports


1390 AM Radio Disney


1430 AM Gospel

)54 ":/*( .0/% &%:/*()5 $0. 06$"--*5 : )54 ":/*( % 4 & 6 5 #"35"# 8*/

53*7*"$)&34 56&4%": *26031*5 -

)54 ":/*( % 4 & / "'54 8&% &--4%3

'3&&,84 %+4)&" 4¡/*(*()5)-5 0/(/&$ -"%*& #6% 4 /*()5 '3*%": …£T/*()5 *5$)&34

&54 1 (&3#"4, #63

)54 ":/*( &%+ % 3 6 5 4" 3"'54 -*7 %


--%:": 63" 0 ) : /%" 1 4 1 : 4%" 6 )" ": 5)63 56&4%


.PO4BU".1. 4VOEBZ"--%": */( %"//$$*/( %+T & " *7 %  +T 0,4 11000- -*7&% %3*/  4 4 5 , 3 0 */ 8"//55 41 %3 6 0 : '00%%  410354   06-% 068" T '00

03&&$$06-%U:FOEFSGPS%FUBJM .  5 " 8) "5.03 4FF#BS 8) 86/*7&34*5:"7&

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


GAINESVILLE Important Numbers Local Phone Service: BellSouth – 888-757-6500

Public Transportation: RTS – 334-2600 Bus Schedules: 334-2614

Electricity: GRU – 334-3434 Driver’s License: 955-2111

All Emergencies: 911

Vehicle Registration: 374-5266

Pet Emergencies: 373-4444

Voter Registration: 374-5263

U.S. Post Office: 334-1863

Airport: Gainesville Regional Airport – 373-0249

Cable TV Service and Billing: 888-269-9693

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce: 334-7100

The University of Florida: 392-3261

Gainesville Police Department: 334-2400 Alachua County Sheriff’s Office: 367-4000

North Florida Regional Medical Center: 333-4000

Alachua County Visitors & Convention Bureau: 374-5231

Shands at the University of Florida: 265-0111

UF Important Dates FALL 2011

August 11-17

Classes Begin

August 22-26

November 21

Labor Day, No classes

Drop or Withdraw without failing grades

September 9 S-U Grade Option application due to Office of Registrar

November 24-26 Thanksgiving No classes

Drop/Add by 11:59pm of last day

September 16

December 7

Degree Applications

Classes end

August 22-26

November 4-5

December 8-9

Late registration closes at 11:59 pm of last day

September 2 All fee payments due to University Financial Services by 3:30pm



September 5


August 22

Santa Fe College: 395-5000

Homecoming No classes

November 11 Veterans Day No classes

Reading days

December 10, 12-16 Finals

December 16-17 Commencement

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

PARTY RESPONSIBLY The Fraternal Order of Police, Gator Lodge 67 would like to welcome new and returning students. We want everyone to have a great time in Gainesville and remind you when partying to be responsible and safe. Here are a few tips: • legal drinking age is 21 • • the police do random checks for fake ID’s • • if you do drink, don’t drive • For additional tips, contact the Gainesville Police Department at 352-383-7500, or the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department at 352-367-4000 352-376-1629 This information has been brought to you by the members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 67, Jeff McAdams, President

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Gainesville’s Live Music Scene


Max Reed

ne of the greatest aspects of living in Gainesville is the near constant opportunity to catch live music. On just about any given night, there is somewhere to go. Here are some suggestions:

The Atlantic

15 North Main Street 264-9844 A nightclub that prides itself on being malleable, The Atlantic hosts live music, themed dance nights, movie nights and more. Small and cozy, The Atlantic creates an atmosphere ripe for live shows. Wednesday and Thursday are dance nights, while Friday through Sunday you’re almost certain to find live music. If you’re not a fan of the usual club scene, then give The Atlantic a shot. They’re introducing all kinds of new features, from jazz nights, to art shows.

Double Down Live

210 SW 2nd Avenue 372-7320!/DoubleDownLive An entertainment juggernaut, Double Down Live, formerly Common Grounds, hardly needs praise here. It showcases national, as well as local talent, and is Gainesville’s live music institution. Double Down Live has a huge space capable of catering to hundreds of fans. Past acts (when known as Common Grounds) have included Rainer Maria, Frank Black, Ambulance LTD, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. Double Down Live supports local talent and national acts as well. Check out their site for upcoming shows, or book your band’s next performance through Glory Days Presents!!/GloryDaysGNV glorydayspresents?ref=ts

The Florida Theater of Gainesville

233 West University Ave 374-4114 Nestled within an old theater Downtown,


The Florida Theater, formerly The Venue, offers a diverse range of live shows, with past acts including Puddle of Mudd and Motion City Soundtrack. Friday and Saturday nights, The Venue transforms into a rap or R&B club with $10 cover and occasional ladies specials and giveaways.


919 West University Avenue 371-9836 Open to music-lovers of all ages, 1982 Bar is a great place to catch live music or hang with friends. It offers an intimate venue for local acts from hardcore to ska and has live music at least four nights a week. You can also unleash your inner child by playing their free old school video games on Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast. Tuesday nights you’ll find comics perfecting their stand-up routines.

Backstage Lounge

(formerly Eddie C’s) 1315 S Main Street 378-9185 If you crave rock ‘n’ roll/heavy metal, Backstage Lounge is your location. The club runs live shows several nights a week, along with karaoke and free juke-box nights. A full listing of shows and nightly specials can be found on their website, http://

Rockey’s Dueling Piano Bar

112 South Main Street 505-0042 Sing along to your favorite classic hits at

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

Gainesville’s only piano bar. Requests are encouraged, and all the best hits from the 50s, to 90s are performed live by top piano players.

The Laboratory

818 West University Ave 505-5337!/laboratorygnv For those who appreciate the punk scene, The Laboratory is for you. It draws in a crowd of lesser known, but highly talented artists, and features weekly trivia, 80s and karaoke nights. Staying true to their name, The Lab also serves beer in glass beakers for a quirky twist. Check them out online for upcoming show schedules at


Live Music in Gainesville!

Downtown’s Newest Venue


10 SE 2nd Ave 505-0990!/tallpaulsbrew Located in one of downtown’s historic structures, Tall Paul’s is the perfect place to grab a brew and relax with friends. They’ve got big screens all over so sports fans can cheer on their favorite team while enjoying one of dozens of beers on tap. Tall Paul’s also features live entertainment, with past performances including David Mayfield, Fast Lane and The Groves. Check them out on Twitter or Facebook for their next musical guest.

The Bull

18 SW 1st Ave Though the venue may be small, this quaint downtown bar is packed with goodies including a top-notch selection of beer and wine, homemade nibbles and live entertainment. Past acts include Ricky Kendall, DJ Downs, DJ A-Train and Michael Claytor. Also check out karaoke nights if you dare!

Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub

208 W University Avenue 374-9567 A quintessential Irish pub, Durty Nelly’s is one of the few places in town where they know how to pour a pint of Guinness, replete with mahogany bar and vaulted ceilings. Durty Nelly’s offers everything from traditional Irish sing-along folk music to cover bands belting out classic and contemporary hits. The drinks are reasonably priced and the cover on the weekend never exceeds $5.

210 SW 2nd Ave





Aug 26 Sept 3 Sept 9

Sh*tty Beatles D.P. The Emergency Room (Dan from Alkaline Trio) Sept 11 Alex Goot Sept 22 SURFER BLOOD / Fake Problems Sept 28 FRANK TURNER Oct 19 REVEREND HORTON HEAT Oct 23 TOASTERS Oct 28 -30 THE FEST 10


@ Alachua County Fairgrounds

TICKETS: HIGH TIDES, Hear Again Music, , Venue box office doubledownlive glorydayspresents

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011

@DoubleDownLive @GloryDaysGNV



7 8 9 10 11 12

1982 så  The Atlanticåså  Backstage Loungeåså  Civic Media Centeråså  Double Down Liveåså  Downtown Community Plaza




6 SW 1st Ave

SE 3rd St

SE 1st St

SW 2nd Ave


SW 1st St


SW 2nd St

SW 3rd St


5 SW 2nd Ave

NE 3rd St


NE 1st St

NW 1st Ave


NW 2nd St

NW 3rd St

NW 7th St


NW 2nd Ave

SW 8th St

SW 1st Ave

SW 10th St

SW 12th St




NW 7th Terr

NW 8th St

NW 9th Terr

NW 10th St

NW 11th St

NW 12th St




Durty Nelly’såså  The Florida Theateråså  Rockey’s Dueling Piano Baråså  The Laboratoryåså  Tall Paul’s Brewhouseåså  The Bull



Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

3905 SW 43rd Gainesville, FL 32608 Exit 384 off I-75

Call 352.376.0004 for reservations!

Hot Breakfast Every Day High-Speed Wireless Internet in all rooms

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Gainesville has a lot to offer—but what you do in your free time might not be the best way to entertain your family when they come to visit. However, these suggestions are sure to show them (and even you) a good Gainesville time.

pool on the ground floor. Finally, finish the night off with entertainment (acting, singing, dancing) at the Constans Theatre, or catch a Reitz Union

Lake Wauburg

The University of Florida’s Lake Wauburg, eight miles south of campus on US HWY 441, is a great place to enjoy the North Florida outdoors with options like boating, volleyball and disc golf as well as sunbathing, grilling and kayaking. Admission is free with a Gator 1, in addition to up to four guests. Check www.; both the North and South Shores are open every day (except Monday) until 6pm. Lake Wauburg

Reitz Union

You might see the J. Wayne Reitz Union as a pit stop, but there’s more there than the food court. Check out the University of Florida Bookstore’s Gator gear. Then, eat at the Arredondo Room’s hotel-style buffet on the fourth floor while enjoying views of campus. Follow lunch with bowling or a round of


free movie in the auditorium on the second floor. For more, visit

Downtown Gainesville

In addition to the bars and clubs, downtown Gainesville is host to cultural and culinary experiences ranging from the Hippodrome Theater to the Let’s Go Downtown Plaza series (every Friday night, May through October) and the Wednesday afternoon Hippodrome Theater farmer’s market. There are more than enough restaurants for a special family treat.

Cultural Plaza

You know that big parking lot across from Southwest Rec? It’s also the neighborhood

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

of the University of Florida Cultural Plaza, home to the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Try the FLMNH’s Butterfly Rainforest, or catch a free UF Bat House exhibit and docent-lead tour of the Harn’s range of ancient and modern pieces before browsing the Museum Store. Stop for dinner at the Camellia Court Café before catching a world-class performance at the Phillips Center. Go to

Baughman Center

River Tours

Gainesville is surrounded by tons of beautiful waterways. Looking to explore “spring country” a bit more? Contact the experts at Adventure Outpost, who can set you up on a tour of more than 50 of North Florida’s rivers. Try an unguided kayak tour on the Santa Fe River, or how about a manatee tour? Explore local cypress swamps, river hardwood forests, darkwater rivers, spring runs and marshes. We think the moonlight tour sounds pretty intriguing. Visit for more.

—Margaret Francois

ENJOY Handcrafted

Microbrews & Select Imports.

32 100



Amenities Include: • Deluxe Hot Breakfast • Complimentary Happy Hour • Complimentary Wi-Fi • Free Shuttle Service • Pool and Hot Tub • USA Today and Local Paper



Open 4pm-close, 7 days a week (MLB Extra Innings Package)

10 S E 2nd Ave 352-505-0 9 9 0

ALLIGATORBREWINGCO.COM Fan us on Facebook & Follow us on : TallPaulsBrew

With a choice of either 1 king or 2 queens, all guest rooms include coffee maker, iron and ironing board, 32” HDTV, hair dryer, and 3 HBO channels. Upgrade to an Executive King, which offers minifridge, microwave, and balcony. 3726 SW 40 Blvd. Gainesville, FL 32608 Located right off I-75 at exit 384, only two miles from UF, Shands, and the VA Hospital.

352-375-2400 / 800-843-8735

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Helpful Hints M

ake sure you read and understand everything the landlord gives you, such as the lease, house rules, etc. Get everything in writing, including a move-in report about the condition of the apartment. This report should be signed by the landlord. • Obtain a folder and keep in one place all of your papers, such as the lease, move-in report, roommate agreements, correspondence with the landlord, utility receipts, etc. • Get apartment insurance. There are quite a few things that landlords are not responsible for.

• Check your windows and locks when leaving. Sometimes when you are running late you might forget this and find that you have been cleaned out while you were gone. Also, it is a good idea to leave a light on or maybe even the radio or TV to give the impression that someone is home. • Get to know the maintenance person. When that knock comes on your door, you will recognize the person as opposed to greeting a stranger in your own apartment. • When paying rent, ask to have a receipt even if you are paying by check and keep this receipt in your folder. It will be much easier to find this receipt than to look for cancelled checks if there are any future problems.

• Meet your neighbors, get their phone numbers, and give them yours. Tell them if you ever get too loud to please call. This works both ways.

• Get everything in writing, including a movein report about the condition of the apartment. This report should be signed by the landlord.

• When going away for breaks or vacations, stop your newspaper and have the postal service hold your mail until a specified date.

• Make sure you read and understand everything the landlord gives you, such as the lease, house rules, etc.


[and other cool stuff you want]


Buchanan, PA Attorneys atLaw

C C. DT

M R. B B B-P

Survival Guide readers get

$25 OFF

their purchase of $150 or more

Good through Dec 31, 2011. Not valid with any other offers.

Each attorney has greater than 20 years experience providing representation for individuals accused of crime and related matters.

& %,/.9 s- )3$%-%!./2 $5)s4 2!&&)# s* 56%.),%

For further information and credentials, visit us at Visa/Mastercard accepted 352.372.0205 1601 north main street On the corner of 16th Avenue & Main Street sharing a building with Wood You Furniture.


(352) 378-1107 1800 NORTH MAIN STREET GAINESVILLE, FL 32609

FAX: 378-0103

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

<V^cZhk^aaZ Hjgk^kVa <j^YZ

e as Le e of as th ng l Le s a Le u itie d ivi Util b u Ind tT Ho re itu rn le Fu b Ca t ne er Int ts Pe e us ho s ub Cl nes Fit ol Po y on alc / B ave tio w Pa cro r Mi she wa er sh Di Dry r/ he larm as A l W ai Av R

xB Ma

Apartment Name

Campus Lodge (352) 367-2800, 2800 SW Williston Road The Estates (352) 692-1313, 3527 SW 20th Avenue 2nd Ave Centre (352) 372-3790, 505 SW 2nd Avenue Royal Village (352) 338-0202, 710 SW Depot Avenue University Club (352) 380-9899, 2900 SW 23rd Terrace The Crossing at Santa Fe (352) 379-9300, 3205 NW 83rd Street


Apartment Amenities Chart


4 O

4 O 4 W 4

+ +


4 4

E + + O +


H = Laundry Hook-ups L = Laundry facility S = Some



12 O

12 5, 9,12


W = Wired for + = Cable, plus extra channels O = optional

Highest Rated Gym on Google sĂĽ No Lines sĂĽ Easy Access to Classes sĂĽ 30+ Classes, including yoga, pilates & zumba


Bring In This Ad for FREE Workout or FREE Class from Alter Ego

FREE TAN with AD 352-872-5355 (inside Alter Ego)

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



1 2



2 EXIT39th ANW NW ve 39th Ave

NW 34th St











h Arc


d. ston R illiston -W 1 33 SR














e rch


US 441 - SW 13th St

Tower Rd



vd Bl





e rch



h Arc







Tower Rd

University University Dep of Florida of Florida v A


41st Pl

ShoppingShopping Center Center Grocery Store Grocery Store

10 38


vd Bl

41st Pl



54 3rd I-S7W SW 4


SW 20th ASW ve 20th Ave

Haile Haile Plantation Plantation


St 5 3rd I-7 SW 4


W University Av W Unive


Av e

Av e



62 Oaksnd Mall Blvd







SW 34th St





NW 16th A ve 16th A NW

SW 34th St


Oaks Mall

NW 55th St



NW 51st St




I-7 Newberry Newberry Rd EXITRd



U t SS 4th 44

NW 31st A ve 31st Ave NW

NW 51st St NW 34th St

Santa Fe Santa Fe Community College College Community NW 97th Blvd NW 97th Blvd NW 23rd ANW ve 23rd Ave



39th Ave 39th Ave


98th St NW

98th St NW



NW 55th St




NW 43rd St



NW 43rd St


SR 121

SR 121

City of



Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out



-W al



Wa ld

Main St

Main St



d oR Wa ld

NE 16th AvNE e 16th Ave



Ga Ga Airp inesv Air inesv ort ille R port ille R (GN eg (GN eg V) iona V) iona l l NE NE 39 39 th th Av Av e e

Main St

Main St NW 6th St





NE 8th AvNE e 8th Ave

d oR


Ha wth wth orn orn eR eR d d


Wa ld

oR Wa ld



SR 329B SR 329B

SE 43rd St

Depot Ave

SE 15th St SE 27th St

pot ve

E University Ave E University Ave

SE 15th St



versity e

SE 27th St SE 43rd St

NW 6th St

44 NE1 53rd ANE ve 53rd Ave







-W al




Regional Map

n Rd.

US 441 - SW 13th St



9 Helpful Hints: Avenues, Places, Roads, Lanes and Boulevards run east/west. Streets,Terraces, Courts, Drives and Ways run north/south. The town is divided into quadrants (NW, NE, SW, SE) emanating from the center point at University Ave. and Main St.





Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



10 39


Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


It’s about Location, Lifestyle and Convenience For the Success Oriented Student

Oakbrook Walk, an Oasis in the heart of Gainesville, is located scross the street from Shands Medical Center’s Campus and a short walk to the University of Florida classrooms! Whether you are a success oriented student or a career minded professional, Oakbrook Walk’s condominium apartment community is for you. We offer the lifestyle you expect: location, convenience, and simplicity. Visit us in person at Oakbrook Walk or take a virtual tour at

• Two bedroom Two bath • Flexible leasing options • Furnished or unfurnished • Individual leases available • CORPORATE leases available

RENT INCLUDES • High-speed Internet access • Electricity ($80 per month cap) • Cable television • Water, pest control and parking • Nightly security officer • Washer and Dryer


• Garbage disposal • Patio or balcony

tens io Ave Ex



• Refrigerator



• Above range microwave SW


d on




Ave m




e Av







Norman Gym







et m


Norman Hall







e Av


e Av



e Av

Oakbrook Walk

1331 A SW 13th Street • Gainesville, FL 32608

866-788-9034 42





Find out what’s happening every month. Check out




e Av

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


WHERE TO GO OUT(SIDE) Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Let us let you in on a little local secret. It may not be home to Disney World, but Gainesville’s got quite a bit of adventure hiding around every corner. You’re just a short hike or bike ride away from some spectacular nature parks and trails. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the adventure of traveling “Gainesville far.” You won’t regret it.

Bivens Arm

Stop at Bivens Arm, located just two miles south of downtown. Here, visitors can visit 57 acres of marsh and oak hammock while appreciating some of Gainesville’s local wildlife, including great blue herons, cattle Bivens Arm

biking and horseback riding, and houses a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer,

San Felasco Hammock State Park

gray foxes, turkeys and bobcats. It’s home to 18 different biological communities, including sinkholes, sand hills, creeks and ponds. According to park manager Randy Brown, “Almost any type of animal native to Florida can be seen depending on the time of day and the season.”

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

egrets, native turtles and purple gallinules, in their natural environment. Walk the milelong trail and 1,200 foot boardwalk. Listen closely, and you may even hear the hooting of a few great horned owls.

San Felasco Hammock State Park

Looking for a bit more adventure? Then head over to San Felasco Hammock State Park for up to eight miles of adrenaline pumping mountain biking. Located about 14 miles northwest of Gainesville, this state park offers separate trails for hiking, jogging,


For those of you with a green thumb or looking for an out-of-the-box date, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is sure to impress. Home to the largest herb garden in the Southeast, as well as Florida’s largest bamboo display, Kanapaha makes for a perfect day trip in nature. Now through September, the gardens are bursting with color, and Kanapaha Gardens if you’d like to bring some of the beauty home, Kanapaha also offers a plant nursery where you can purchase any of the plants on display.

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

Devil’s Millhopper State Park

If you’d like to turn your day at the park into a butt-busting workout, check out Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, located off Millhopper Road. Your `buns will be screaming after marching 120 feet of stairs, but we’ll bet the spectacular view of Gainesville’s very own miniature rainforest will ease your aching thighs. This spot is bursting with bits of Florida’s natural history, including fossilized shark teeth and remains of Devil’s Millhopper extinct land animals, making it an ideal location to introduce yourself to our state’s unique geological history.

Dog Wood Dog Park

Don’t leave your furry friends behind! At Gainesville’s Dog Wood Dog Park, pet owners and their pups can work up a sweat at this

Dog Wood Park

15-acre off-leash dog park, featuring large dog swimming ponds, a jogging trail and a separate area for smaller pets. Enjoy some quality time in nature with man’s best friend, and don’t forget to pick up a treat at the gift shop on the way out. For a map and details of these locations and more, go to —Taylor Rohwedder


Gainesville’s Oldest Jamaican Restaurant


507 NW 5TH AVE

(352) 374-8111 Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out

Finding an Attorney ... Your Legal Rights elcome to Gainesville! Whether W this will be where you spend your next few years of college or a place you will ultimately call home, you may find yourself in need of legal assistance.

Although the Florida Bar allows attorneys to advertise their services and promote themselves, you should consider doing some research before settling on someone to represent you. If you have ever used an attorney, you may want to ask them for a referral or you may even want to check with your family’s attorney from your hometown as they may know a colleague here who can best handle your case. Finally, meet with the prospective attorney, ask questions and decide for yourself if this is the attorney that is right for you. Some of the relevant questions to consider include:

1. How long has this attorney been practicing law?

Attorneys with many years of experience handling the type of case you have may be best able to represent you.

2. Does the attorney limit their practice to the type of case you have, and have they actually tried such a case?

An attorney who handles specific types of legal cases should be most knowledgeable about how to represent you.

3. What is the attorney’s reputation in the community?

Check with others in the community or check their rating with Martindale-Hubbell (one of the oldest and most trusted rating services) at You can also check an attorney’s rating at

4. Does the attorney have any disciplinary history with the Florida Bar?

If your prospective attorney has been disciplined for unethical behavior, you want to know. Call the Florida Bar at 1-800-3428060 ext. 5839 to check, or, you can check at

5. Will the attorney you are hiring actually handle your case?

Some lawyers delegate cases to less experienced associates and/or paralegals. You should ask who will be handling your case, meet with them and decide if you approve.

6. Is the attorney involved in other aspects of the legal community or other community organizations?

You may want to know whether your attorney is actively engaged in legal organizations and whether they hold leadership positions. Also, you may want to know if they are engaged in community affairs that are relevant or important to you.

7. Does the attorney/firm have the staff necessary to provide the representation you are seeking?

Some attorneys work alone and have no other law partners or assistance. You may want to know that there are sufficient knowledgeable personnel to provide advice and counsel, assurance and peace of mind, and if needed, be prepared to advocate on your behalf in court. Craig C. DeThomasis is a partner at DeThomasis & Buchanan, P.A., and he has been an adjunct professor/lecturer at the University of Florida College of Law since 1990. He has been representing individuals accused of crime since 1983. He can be reached at Also, he and his partners will be addressing different legal issues each month in INsite Magazine.

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Where to Worship AME Greater Bethel AME Church, 701 SE 43rd St, 376.8846 Mount Olive AME Church, 721 SE 8th St, 378.9051 St Paul AME Church, 95 NE 132 Terr, 378.1280 St John AME Church, 6107 NE 59th St, 377.6940 Zion Temple AME Zion Church, 111 SE 14th Ln, 378.1300

Adventists Gainesville Spanish Seventh Day Adventists, 12909 NW 39th Ave, 331.2900

Apostolic The Highway Church of the Apostolic Faith, 3091 SE Hawthorne Rd, 376.2048 Progressive Church, 822 NW 5th Ave, 380.0039 Refuge Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, 601 NW 2nd St, 336.7602

assemblies of god Calvary Assembly of God, 735 NW 91st St, 332.3345 First Assembly of God, 2925 NW 39th Ave, 376.6992

baha’i faith Gainesville Baha’i Center, 4451 NW 19th St, 375.5552

baptist Baptist Collegiate Ministries, 1604 W University Ave, 376.4405 Carol Estates Baptist Church, 2020 NE 15th St, 376.2910 Countryside Baptist Church, 10926 NW 39th Ave, 332.1493 Covenant Baptist Church, 3115 NW 16th Ave, 378.6855 Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church, 1203 NE 8th Ave, 377.0990 Fairbanks Baptist Church, 5709 NE 78th Pl, 374.4580 Faith Missionary Baptist Church, 2905 SE 21st Ave 375.4850 Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, 1629 SE Hawthorne Rd, 372.0024 First Baptist Church, 425 W University Ave, 376.4681 Grace United Methodist Church, 9325 W Newberry Rd, 352-332-8770 Highland Missionary Baptist Church, 2620 NE 15th St, 373.2138 Iglesia Evangelica Bautista, 800 NW 40th Ave, 373.8845 Jerusalem Missionary Baptist, 8910 NE Waldo Rd, 378.1490 Johnson Chapel Baptist Church, 1334 NE 4th Ave, 378.7727 Korean Baptist Church of Gainesville, 5200 SW 63rd Blvd, 380.0691 Lake Forest Baptist Church, 5121 E University Ave, 378.1100 Mount Carmel Baptist Church, 2505 NE 8th Ave, 378.7322 Mount Herman Missionary Baptist Church, 1510 NE 2nd St, 377.0825 New Salem Baptist Church, 5707 SW 62nd Ave, 372.8279 North Central Baptist Church - 8001 NW 23rd Ave, 373.3341 North Gainesville Baptist Church, 3401 NW 34th Ave, 338.9050 Northwest Baptist Church, 5514 NW 23rd Ave, 377.5076 Northwood Baptist Church, 2611 NW 68th Ave, 372.6090 Oak Park Baptist Church, 4610 SW Archer Rd, 372.2730 Parker Road Baptist Church, 3200 SW 122nd St, 332.4991 Parkview Baptist Church, 3403 NW 13th St, 378.2606


Pine Grove Baptist Church, 4200 NW 39th Ave, 376.4052 Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 429 NW 4th St, 376.8755 Ridgeview Baptist, 3508 NW 19th St, 376.9007 Second Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, 3205 NW 51st St, 371.7123 Tower Road Baptist Church, 2902 SW 75th St, 332.1625 Westside Baptist Church - 10000 W Newberry Rd, 333.7700 x110

catholic Holy Faith Catholic Church, 700 NW 39th Rd, 376.5405 Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 10900 SW 24th Ave, 332.6279 St Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center, 1738 W University Ave, 372.3533 St Patrick’s Church, 500 NE 16th Ave, 372.4641

charismatic Liberty Christian Fellowship, 1220 NE 23rd Ave, 371.0944 Living Faith Fellowship Church, 5510 NW 39th Ave, 378.5673 Living Water Worship Center, 5510 NW 39th Ave, 378.5673

christian Bethel Christian Church, 4600 NW 143rd St, 331.4315 First Christian Church Disciples of Christ, 3411 NW 83rd St, 376.6011 Gainesville Christian Store, 3501 SW Archer Rd, 375.4555 & 375.0338 Harvest Christian Church, 4820 NW 34th St, 372.6104 Restoration Outreach Center, 5910 SW Archer Rd, 371.9975

christian science First Christian Science Church, 3010 NW 16th Ave, 372.4432

church of christ Campus Church of Christ, 2720 SW 2nd Ave, 378.1471 Church of Christ, 1034 SE 10th Ave, 372.6263 Church of Christ Gainesville, 1001 NE 28th Ave, 373.7114 Church of Christ Glen Springs Road, 2214 NW 31st Ave, 378.8031 Church of Christ 39th Ave, 1811 NW 39th Ave, 376.4343 Church of Christ University City, 4626 NW 8th Ave, 372.4911

church of god Gainesville Church of God, 7003 NW 39th Ave, 371.9646 Westwood Hills Church of God, 1520 NW 34th St, 378.5190

church of god in christ Tabernacle of Praise and Restoration Outreach Center, 1249 NW 4th Ave. 371.7717 Williams Temple Church of God in Christ, 628 NW 7th Ave, 372.7726

church of jesus christ of latter day Saints Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 10600 SW 24th Ave, 332.1212 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 3745 NW 16th Blvd, 372.0150 Gainesville Institute of Religion, 1220 SW 5th Ave, 372-7060 Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 7231 NW 39th Ave, 378.7429

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


episcopal Chapel House, 1522 W University Ave, 372.8506 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 100 NE 1st St, 372.4721 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 700 NW 39th Rd, 376.5405 St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2715 NW 39th Ave, 377.1423 St Michael’s Episcopal Church, 4315 NW 23rd Ave, 376.8184 376.8184evangelical

free church

Creekside Community Church - We offer a variety of Adult Electives at 9am on Sundays, featuring courses that focus on understanding the Scriptures and applying them to our lives. Bible studies for college students is held on Thursdays at 830pm. 2640 NW 39th Ave, 378.1800

Where to Worship islamic Islamic Center of Gainesville, 1010 W University Ave, 372.1980

jehovah’s witnesses Jehovah’s Witnesses Spanish and West Oaks Congregation, 5707 SW Archer Rd. 372-4800 Kingdom Hall Waldo Road Congregation, 1124 NE 3rd Ave, 375.8281

full gospel


Agape Faith Center, 936 NW 31st Ave, 375.5381 Community Praise Center, 303 NE 39th Ave, 372.8200 Gateway Christian Center, 12909 NW 39th Ave, 331.2900 Gateway Christian Center Inc, 5135 NW 21st St, 379.3004 Jesus People Life Changing Church, 800 NW 39th Ave, 375.9918

Congregation B’nai Israel, 3830 NW 16th Blvd, 376.1508

interdenominational The Family Church, 2022 SW 122 St, 332.6459

Hillel Jewish Student Center - 2020 W University Ave, 372.2900 Lubavitch Jewish Center - 2021 NW 5th Ave, 336.5877 Temple Shir Shalom - 3855 NW 8th Ave, 371.6399

lutheran Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, 9700 W Newberry Rd, 331.4409


Summer Package with Special Pricing and Payment Plans

s¬ Free, no obligation estimate. s¬ Short-term storage available with move package. s¬ Relocating - regional and interstate service available. Request a Quote: For more information call: 352-374-4791 Email:

FL MOV REG IM19 | MC297824 | USDOT 623936


Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

Where to Worship First Lutheran Church of Gainesville - 352.376.2062. www. Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 4011 NW 34th St, 378.2915 University Lutheran Church, 1826 W University Ave, 373.6945 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1700 NW 34th St, 376.9940

mennonite Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 4130 NW 19th Place

methodist Faith United Methodist Church, 3701 NE 15th St, 372.8861 Gator Wesley-United Methodist Campus Ministry, Modern Worship Sunday, 11am, followed by FREE STUDENT LUNCH. Bible study, Thursday 8pm. Visit us at for more info. 1380 W University Ave, 352-372-8183 Grace United Methodist Church, 9325 W Newberry Rd. 332.8770. Sunday Worship 8am, 9am, & 10:45am. Passport Collegiate Ministries. www. Southwest United Methodist Church, 2400 SW Williston Rd, 378.4931 Trinity United Methodist Church - Friday contemporary worship 6:35pm, Sunday 9:40am. 4000 NW 53rd Ave, 376.6615. 416-3014 for more info. University United Methodist Church and Student Center, 1320 W University Ave, 372.8183 Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church, 5820 SW 63rd Ln, 371.2182 Wesley-United Methodist Church, 826 NW 23rd Ave, 372.2845

nazarene First Church of the Nazarene, 5020 NW 23rd Ave, 372.4574 Trinity Church of Nazarene, 3147 NW 10th St, 372.8329

non-denominational Abundant Grace Community Church, 12505 NW 39th Ave, 337.8311 Anointing of the Holy Spirit Ministry, 1755 SW Williston Rd., 376.0264 Campus Crusade for Christ, 818 W University Ave, 338.8277 Calvary Chapel, 5510 SW 62nd Ave, 336.4050 Christ Fellowship, 7111 NW 39th Ave, 372.1200 Community Praise Center, 303 NE 39h Ave, 372-8200 The Rock of Gainesville - 9818 SW 24th Ave, 331.7625 ask for Pastor Fabe Showers of Blessings Harvest Center, 2615 SE 15th St, 375.3589 UF Christian Campus House, 16 NW 18th St, 352-258-9367. Unity of Gainesville Church, 8801 NW 39th Ave, 373.1030 Victory Church of Gainesville, 100 SW 75th St. 371.7800 Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 3536 NW 8th Ave, 371.0838

West Coast Center for Human Development, 6529 NW 39th Ave, 372.0482

orthodox St. Elizabeth Greek Orthodox Church, 5129 NW 53rd Ave, 371.7258

pentecostal Fourth Avenue Church of God, 12 4th Ave, 371.7249 Tabernacle of the Enlightened Church of God, 2505 NE 69th Ter, 379.3938 The Church of the Kingdom of God Parsonage, 402 SE 14th St, 379.9195 The Pentecostals of Gainesville, 8105 NW 23rd Ave, 376.6320 Williams Memorial Church of God in Christ, 123 NE 15th St, 381.1961

presbyterian Christ Community Church, 1603 SW 122nd St, 379.4949 Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1001 NW 98th St, 332.0400 Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA), 5916 NW 39th Ave, 377.5482 First Presbyterian Church, 300 SW 2nd Ave, 378.1527 Grace Presbyterian Church, 3146 NW 13th St, 376.5654 Highlands Presbyterian Church, 1001 NE 16th Ave, 376.2440 Highlands Presbyterian Church, 2620 NE 15th St, 373.2138 Kanapaha Presbyterian Church, 6221 SW 75th St, 378.9080 Reformed University Fellowship, 1402 W University Ave, 377.0409 Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1521 NW 34th St, 378.4032

quaker Friends Meeting, 1921 NW 2nd Ave, 372.1070 Gainesville Friends Meeting, 702 NW 38th St., 372.5911

seventh Day adventist Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church, 740 NE 21st St, 375.7904 Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2115 NW 39th Ave, 372.0596

unitarian universalist Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 4225 NW 34th St, 377.1669

united church of christ United Church of Christ, 1624 NW 5th Ave, 378.3500

universal fellowship of metropolitan community churches Trinity Metropolitan Community Church, 11604 SW Archer Rd, 495.3378

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Don’t Get Busted: A

s a freshman, you worry about getting good professors, making new friends and picking a major. The last thing you want to think about is getting in trouble. Before officially settling in, get to know the answers to some of these common questions. What are the consequences of underage drinking? Gainesville Police frequent bars every night. Even if you are just “holding a beer for a friend,” you could be charged with a misdemeanor, which could mean a fine of up to $500 and up to 60 days in jail. “The law is possession [of alcohol], not drinking,” explains Lt. Keith Kameg of the Gainesville Police Department. What if you’re over 21? Possession of an open container of alcohol in a public place is illegal, says Capt. Jeff Holcomb of the University of Florida Police Department. “In your yard or house, you’re fine,” he says. “But when you step out of your yard with a drink, you could get in trouble.” Drinking on private property, like the pool at your apartment complex, is legal. What if you get caught with a fake ID? Using someone else’s ID is often a misdemeanor, which could result in a $500 fine and 60 days in jail. Using a counterfeit ID is a third-degree felony with a $5,000 fine and up to five years in jail. Making a fake is a second-degree felony with a $10,000 fine and up to 15 years. Often when drinkers are asked to show their ID, they show a fake and wind up being charged with drinking underage and having a fake ID. It’s not unusual to arrest 15 people a night for fake IDs, Kameg says. Can I drink or smoke in my dorm? Underage students cannot have alcohol in residence halls. People 21 and older may drink in their rooms, but kegs and beer bongs are prohibited.


A Guide to Staying Out of Trouble

Smoking is prohibited on the entire UF campus. Students who violate the residence halls rules could be issued a sanction by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, which can vary from a warning to expulsion. What about noise ordinances? If a party can be heard 200 feet from your property line, you can receive a one-year warning. On second offense, you could be fined $125, and on the third, $250. Do I have to open my door to the police? If they have a warrant, you do. If the police come with a noise citation or to break up a party, you don’t have to open your door, but you could receive the citation anyway. If an officer announces an intent to enter without a warrant, it’s best to comply so you don’t risk a charge of interfering with a police officer. You may clearly state beforehand that you are not giving permission to enter. How can I avoid a ticket on campus? The campus-wide speed limit is 20 mph. A citation for going 10 mph over the limit is $163.50. Traffic violations by cyclists are common. Bicyclists should follow all laws that apply to cars, including obeying stop signs and riding on the right side of the road. Will I get towed in a tow away zone? Yes. Pay attention to the signs. Owners pay $76 to $100 to recover towed vehicles. Many apartments have roam towing, so be sure to look for visitors’ parking spaces when visiting friends.

—Noel Sanchez

I read this article, but I… have a question. Call the GPD public information officer at 352-334-2425. need free legal counseling. Contact UF’s student legal services at need a lawyer. Contact one of the firms advertising in this magazine.

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sĂĽ&2)$'%ĂĽĂĽ-)#2/7!6%ĂĽ!6!),!",%ĂĽs 1901 S.W. 13th St. (U.S.441) 1 Block South of Archer Road.

I-75 Exit 382 Northbound 384 Southbound

sĂĽĂĽĂĽ31ĂĽ&4ĂĽ-%%4).'ĂĽ&!#),)49ĂĽs sĂĽ&2%%ĂĽ()'( 30%%$ĂĽ).4%2.%4ĂĽs sĂĽ#/20/2!4%ĂĽĂĽ(/30)4!,ĂĽ2!4%3ĂĽ!6!),!",%ĂĽs






â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

All Suites Hotel/ 100% Smoke Free Complimentary Hot Fresh Breakfast Complimentary Internet Pet Friendly

4155 SW 40th Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608


Located close to I-75 & only 2 miles from UF

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Have an Adventure at the

Florida Museum of Natural History he Florida Museum of T Natural History, across from the Southwest Recreation Center in the University of Florida Cultural Plaza, offers temporary exhibits and events in addition to ongoing, permanent exhibits. Here are some of our upcoming favorites.

BUTTERFLY RAINFOREST Since 2004, the Butterfly Rainforest has drawn hundreds of thousands eager to see this 6,400-squarefoot sanctuary of tropical flowers, waterfalls and hundreds of butterflies—featuring 60 to 80 species at any given time. Open year-round, the Butterfly Rainforest invites you to stroll its winding paths and enjoy the sounds of cascading water while viewing exotic and native butterfly species. Don’t miss the live butterfly release Sat. and Sun. at 2, 3 and 4pm, and be sure to pick up a Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit Identification Guide, which lists over 150 different species. The museum also offers daily Florida-friendly butterfly plant sales. The Florida Museum will host its sixth annual ButterflyFest Oct. 22-23, featuring speaker Naomi Pierce, curator of Lepidoptera at the Harvard University Museum of


Comparative Zoology. Learn about Pierce’s recent discovery of the origin of butterflies from Asia to North America and their migratory patterns. This festival promotes the conservation and appreciation of Florida’s butterflies, including information on attracting butterflies to your property. WILD MUSIC: SONGS & SOUNDS OF LIFE Discover why music is a universal language in this multi-sensory experience of sound (pictured above). “Wild Music,” on display through Jan. 2, explores the songs and sounds of various environments, from the reverberating commotion of the city to the sweet melodies of the sea. Visitors experience firsthand how animals use sound to communicate and form social groups, as well as how different cultures utilize music in unique ways. “We all enjoy music, but don’t usually think of it as rooted in both culture and nature,” says Darcie MacMahon, Florida Museum assistant director for exhibits. Admission: $8 (adults), $7 (Floridians), $6.50 (seniors and students), $5.50 (3-17). COLLECTIONS ARE THE LIBRARY OF LIFE The museum’s newest permanent exhibit, “Collections are the Library of Life,” features drawers with specimens from the museum research collections. See the skull of Albert, one of the University of Florida’s first live mascots, and learn about

Find out what’s happening every month. Check out

the museum’s more than 100-year history and its internationally recognized collections and research projects. DUGOUT CANOES: PADDLING THROUGH THE AMERICAS Since ancient times, people of the Americas have relied on canoes for daily life and worldly connections. In Gainesville’s own Newnans Lake, archaeologists uncovered 101 ancient dugout canoes in 2000—the largest find of its kind! Now, in an object-rich and interactive exhibition produced by the museum, you’ll discover how scientists study and preserve these ancient watercraft. Through artifacts, videos and interactive displays, as well as model and life-size canoes, explore how dugout canoes have affected life and travel throughout the Americas, from Florida to the Amazon and the Pacific. FLORIDA FOSSILS: EVOLUTION OF LIFE AND LAND Drawing upon the museum’s internationally

acclaimed fossil collections, this awardwinning exhibit describes the last 65 million years of Florida’s history. Walk through time beginning with the Eocene, when Florida was underwater, to the Pleistocene when the first humans arrived 14,000 years ago.

Plan Your Visit

Phone: 352-846-2000 Web: Location: SW 34th Street & Hull Road Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 1-5pm. (Last ticket sold 30 minutes before closing.) Admission: Free

Butterfly Rainforest

Web: Hours: Same, but live butterfly releases Sat. and Sun. at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. Admission: $10.50 (adults); $6 (ages 3-17). Discounts for Florida residents, seniors, and students.

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011






HUGE - 50 Acres Every Sat & Sun


Just look for the

WINDMILL, BIG CHAIR and the BIG HORSE !!! HWY 301 1 mile N. of Waldo

(15 minutes from Gainesville)

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Things Every New Student Should Know

Books: Unless specifically demanded, you don't have to lug your books to class every day. You might lose them, and then how would you get all that 'free money' at book buyback? (Yep, at the end of the term you can sell 'em back ... but don't tell the rents) Also, try finding used books online to save on cash. Crosswalks: In Gainesville, crosswalks are generally always a green light for pedestrians, so if you’re driving, take caution. Otherwise, just follow the crowd. Hippodrome: Gainesville’s playhouse and repertoire cinema, located downtown. Dress: It is not necessary to dress up or wear make up to your early mornSean Kelly ing class (or even shower for that matter.) Clean up the first few days, but after you decide that there are no hot date prospects in the class, go ahead and slum it — you won't be alone. The professor will just be happy that you are actually in attendance. French Fries: These are the yellow poles that make up a piece of art sitting in front of the Marston Science library. Freshman Stereotype: Although you are proud of your graduating class, wearing your grad night T-shirt screams "FRESHMAN!" You should probably consider putting that class ring in your souvenir box (and how much did you pay for that thing?).


Gator1: The Gator card allows you to participate in recreational/intramural sports, to enter the Southwest Rec Centers, the Student Recreation & Fitness Center, and gets you into almost all UF sporting events for free. GPD: Also known as the Gainesville Police Department; they do not take kindly to drunk driving, open containers or using the sidewalk as a restroom. Other than this, you'll be okay. Florida State University: What can we say? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. The Hub: Located in the heart of campus, this hot spot is a bus stop for many campus routes. It also houses the UF Computing Help Desk and the International Center. And if you’re hungry, it’s a good place to stop for lunch or coffee. INsite Magazine: Gainesville's monthly entertainment magazine, which gives you a great calendar of events (live music, movies, festivals, plays) as well as a complete restaurant guide. INsite also has interviews with national music and film stars as well as local profiles and photos of people hanging out and having a good time. Check each month to see if you or your friends make it into INsite. Lake Alice and the Baughman Center: This beautiful landmark in the center of campus is a great place to study outdoors.

Rodney Rogers

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ALL LIGHTED OPEN 7 DAYS 7AM-MIDNIGHT! If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not on the green, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rough. $


#ANOEAND+AYAK on the Beautiful Santa Fe

Canoe and Kayak Rentals Tours s Transportation


Play Sat. or Sun. For Only $8.50

Green Fee

After 5pm with Purchase of Full-Price Green Fee M-F


Call for Tee Times


10 $17




Golf Club





12830 W. Newberry Road JONESVILLE


Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Midtown: Midtown is known as the strip of businesses, including bars and restaurants, on University Avenue directly across from campus. Rodney Rogers

O-G: Also known as "Over Gator." This disease strikes those overzealous lads and lasses who decide that they just can't leave the house unless they wear Gator shoes, Gator shoelaces, Gator socks, Gator shorts, a Gator shirt, Gator hat and Gator pins on their back pack at the same time. It is great to be a Florida Gator, but don't O-G. Plaza of the Americas: This is the grassy area in front of Library West. It’s a great spot to sit and relax in the sun or under a tree when you’re between classes. If you’re hungry and low on cash, get in line for a $4 vegetarian lunch served by the Hare Krishnas. The Swamp: Also known as Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Come here to witness Gator domination in the SEC. Professors: Get to know them—you are even permitted to be friends with them (which can help when your paper is late). And, many of them have Facebook now, so don’t be afraid to give them a poke! SG: Interested in being the President of the United States? You gotta start somewhere. Get involved with UF's Student Government. SGP: Always dreamed of being a groupie? Help bring some of the most talented musicians and speakers to Gainesville by working with UF's Student Government Productions.


Shortcuts: When driving around Gainesville, avoid main roads like Archer Road, 34th Street, University Avenue and 13th Street during rush hour. Try taking Old Archer Road, 2nd Avenue or 12th Street. SNAP Van: Don’t get left in the dark! If it’s after 6:30pm and you need to get around campus, don’t take the risk of walking by yourself. Call 392-SNAP to get the UPD-sponsored SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) van to pick you up for free. The van picks up and drops off anywhere on campus until 2am. 34th Street Wall: A tract of property generously donated by the City of Gainesville for young artists and lovers to express themselves with spray paint. The Reitz Union: The Union is one of the only places on campus that allows students to shop, bank, eat and study, all at the same time. Students can also get a fast, great haircut between classes at the Reitz Union Hair Company or take test preparation classes at Kaplan. Turlington Plaza: Best place to people watch and grab some freebies (clubs are often handing out pizza and prizes.) UPD: Also known as the University Police Department, they will bust you for driving your bike at night without a headlight (no kidding). Campus speed limit is 20 mph. (Watch out, you might get lapped by an old lady with a walker.)

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&&-.3&- &&-#4-


*BKI>Â&#x192;*?BBEMJEFIÂ&#x192;-KF;H*?BBEMJEFIÂ&#x192; ?HC

)KH*H?9;I 1?BB*KJ -C?B;)D 3EKH 79; 1&#0,-'3EC;JE)KH->EMHEECEH)H:;H8O*>ED;

(1*#&&)1 .)*-.-

&)- )/. -*#&-

*, )1(




/,(#./, s NEW Dresser, Mirror, Chest, 2 Night Stands, Headboard, Only $599 s NEW 5-Piece Dinette Set, Only $129


Pillowtops from 


s Full Futon with Mattress, $129 Facebook search: Call A Mattress Superstore

s Bunk Beds with Mattresses $269 s Head Boards $49 Bunk Beds 



Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


ONLY $599


Hotels, Inns and Bed & Breakfasts America’s Best Value Inn, 372.1880, 1900 SW 13th St, “Pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” Best Western/Gateway Grand, 331.3336, 4200 NW 97th Blvd, “Rooms, suites, efficiencies, expanded executive suites with private boardrooms, pool, whirlpool, fitness center, dual port phones for computer hookup, complimentary continental breakfast, restaurant, and lounge.” Budget Inn, 371.3811, 4401 SW 13th St, “Efficiencies, suites, apartments, kitchenettes, and non-smoking rooms available.” Cabot Lodge, 375.2400, 3726 SW 40th Blvd, “Pool, non-smoking/smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast, and cocktail hour.” Comfort Inn - Gainesville, 373.6500, 2435 SW 13th St, “Rooms, efficiencies, pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” Comfort Inn - West, 264.1771, 3440 SW 40th Blvd, “Pool, fitness center, continental breakfast, refrigerator and microwave in every room.” Courtyard by Marriot, 335.9100, 3700 SW 42nd St, “Rooms, efficiencies, pool, fitness center, 3 suites, king rooms with whirlpool garden tub, high speed internet access, meeting room for 36, non-smoking and handicapped rooms.” Country Inns & Suites, 352.375.1550, 4015 SW 43rd St, “High-speed internet, heated indoor pool, fitness center, spa, well-equipped business center, meeting room for 75” Days Inn I-75, 332.3033, 7516 W Newberry Rd, “Pets allowed, pool, non-smoking rooms available, restaurant and lounge, meeting room for 40, complimentary continental breakfast.” Days Inn University, 376.2222, 1901 SW 13th St, “Rooms and kitchenettes, pets allowed, pool, meeting room for 175, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast, close to hospital and campus.” Econo Lodge, 373.7816, 2649 SW 13th St, “Pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast, and free local calls.”


Econo Lodge West, 332.2346, 700 NW 75th St, “Pets welcome, pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” Extended Stay America/ESA, 375.0073, 3600 SW 42nd St, “Efficiencies and kitchenettes, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, laundry facilities.” Fairfield Inn by Marriot, 332.8292, 6901 NW 4th Blvd, “Pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” Hampton Inn Gainesville, 371.4171, 4225 SW 40th Blvd, “Heated pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” Hampton Inn & Suites Gainesville Downtown 352.240.9300, 101 SE 1st Ave, 32601, “Rooms and suites in downtown Gainesville.” Hilton Garden Inn 352.338.1466, 4075 SW 33rd Pl, 32608, “Swimming pool, business and fitness centers.” Holiday Inn Express, 376-0004, 3905 SW 43rd St just off I-75 and Archer Rd, “New building! First-class room amenities, complimentary deluxe breafast, heated pool, fitness center and an executive conference center.” Holiday Inn University Center, 376.1661, 1250 W University Ave, “Pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, restaurant and 24hour coffee shop, beauty salon.” Homewood Suites by Hilton, 335-3133, 3333 SW 42nd St, “All rooms are spacious suites. Pool, jacuzzi, complimentary hot breakfast, basketball court and large meeting room.” Howard Johnson Express, 371.2500, 3820 SW 13th St, “Pool, continental breakfast, microwaves and refrigerators available.” Knights Inn of Gainesville, 376.1211, 2820 NW 13th St, “Pets allowed for extra charge, pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” La Quinta Inn, 332.6466, 920 NW 69th Terrace, “Pets allowed, heated pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary continental breakfast.” The Laurel Oak Inn, 1.877.373.4535, 221 SE 7th Street, 32601, “Beautifully restored home downtown.”

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Hotels, Inns and Bed & Breakfasts Magnolia Plantation Bed and Breakfast, 375.6653, 309 SE 7th St, “Children and pets welcome. Rooms with fireplaces, non-smoking rooms, complimentary full breakfast, snacks and beverages all day, and cocktail hour. Cottages available.” Motel 6, 373.1604, 4000 SW 40th Blvd, “Pets allowed, pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms.” Paramount Resort and Conference Center, 377.4000, 2900 SW 13th St, “Pool, restaurant and lounge, non-smoking and handicapped rooms.” Quality Inn, 378.2405, 3455 SW Williston Rd, “Pets allowed, pool, non-smoking rooms, deluxe continental breakfast buffet.” Red Roof Inn, 336.3311, 3500 SW 42nd St, “Rooms and connecting rooms, pets allowed, pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, complimentary coffee and tea from 6 A.M. to noon, business rooms with desk.” Residence Inn by Marriot, 371.2101, 4001 SW 13th St, “One and two-bedroom suites, fireplaces, full kitchens with microwaves, pets allowed, pool, fitness center, non-smoking rooms, complimentary full breakfast buffet and social hours 5-7 P.M.” Residence Inn I-75, 352-264-0000, 3275 SW 40th Blvd, “Studios, one and two bedroom suites. Free hot breakfast buffet. Free wireless internet. Free evening receptions (Mon-Thurs). Pool and fitness center. Pets welcome. Rush Lake Motel, 373.5000, 1410 SW 16th Ave, “Rooms, efficiencies, kitchenettes, pets allowed, pool, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, university and hospital discounts.” Sleep Inn & Suites, 376-4145, 4110 SW 40th Blvd, “100% non-smoking spacious rooms. Large bathrooms with granite showers. On-site guest laundry, pool, mic/fridge in every room, free wireless, fitness center and complimentary business center, free continental breakfast. Close to Shands & UF campus. ”

SpringHill Suites, 352.376.8873, www., 4155 SW 40th Blvd, “This spacious all suite hotel offers complimentary hot breakfast and free internet. The hotel is conveniently located to UF with easy access to I-75. Pet friendly and smoke free. Ask for our Gator Parent Rate.” Super 8, 378.3888, 4202 SW 40th Blvd, “Pets allowed, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, continental break, pool, free HBO.” Sweetwater Branch Inn Bed and Breakfast, 373.6760, 625 E University Ave, “Romantic and business suites, non-smoking and handicapped rooms, wine and cheese in evening, and complimentary full breakfast.” Travelers Inn, 372.4319, 3103 NW 13th St, “8 minutes to airport, 2 miles from UF football stadium, walking distance to shopping malls.” University of Florida Hilton, 371.3600, 1714 SW 34th St, “All rooms have T-1 lines, data ports, wireless WebTV and Sony Playstation. Lounge and restaurant. Shuttle to and from airport. Outdoor pool and heated spa with fitness center.”

Come and enjoy a weekly celebration of local community at


/D?ED-JH;;J 7HC;HI'7HA;J Local Produce, Plants, Honey, Crafts & Live Music! Wednesdays from 4-7pm Downtown on The Community Plaza Rain or Shine

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


AMERICAN Ballyhoo Grill - Just down the hill from UF, Ballyhoo is famed for its great food and casual, fun atmosphere. Stop by for lunch or dinner to enjoy one of their many seafood specialties, or try their excellent drink specials during happy hour. And if you like live music, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d definitely want to check out the bands that perform under their outdoor Tiki hut. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the largest in Gainesville. Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri & Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am10pm. 3700 W. University Ave., 352-373-0055 Beef â&#x20AC;&#x2122;O Bradyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - 6500 SW Archer Rd location. 271-8085; 1999 NW 43rd St 338-7771. 1250 W. University Ave 352-338-9288 Burger King - 3905 SW Archer Rd 372-0031, 20 NW 16th Ave 376-2295, 6123 NW 8th Ave 331-0494, 9401 NW 39th Ave 336-7383 Copper Monkey Restaurant & Pub - Casual dining and American food. Great burgers! Entrees from $5-$7.50. Happy hour all day with 2-4-1 single liquor drinks, $5 Yuengling pitchers. Mon-Thur 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-midnight and Sun noon-10pm. 1700 W University Ave 374-4984 Five Guys Burgers - 3310-B SW 35th Blvd. Gator City Sports Grille - Serving a wide variety of

great wings, burgers, chicken sandwiches, subs and much more. Daily lunch specials Mon-Fri and nightly drink specials. Happy hour Mon-Fri 4-9pm. Open Mon-Sat 11-2am and Sun noon11pm. 1728 W University Ave 377-7333 Grog House Bar & Grill - Go for the pool tables, drinks, and food. Located above Salty Dog, this is a great hangout for friends. Open 8pm-2am. 1718 W University Ave 378-7033 International House of Pancakes - Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast from $4.99$10.29, lunch from $4.99-$6.99 and dinner from $7.29-$11.50. Sun-Thur 6am-11pm and Fri-Sat 6-2am. 3613 SW 13th St 336-1839 Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1231 E University Ave 372-2984, 3525 SW Archer Rd 375-7899, 7605 W Newberry Rd 332-1132 Lakeside Grill - 1702 W University Ave and 3841 Archer Rd 692-4400 Perkins - Newberry Rd and I-75. 331-0388 The Pita Pit - 1702 W University Ave 692-4400 and 3841 Archer Rd 692-4460 Relish - 1702 W. University Ave 338-9288 Delivery at The Swamp - Mon-Sat 11-2am and Sun 11am-11pm. 1642 W University Ave 352-37-SWAMP www. Zaxbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant - Three locations: 2424 NW 43rd St 376-8700, 3710 SW Archer Rd 338-0555, 1 NW 10th Ave 377-8889

bagels Bagels Unlimited - Delicious bagels, deli, sandwiches, full breakfast and muffins. Breakfast and lunch from 630am-3pm daily. Prices from







CATERING Now Avail ab 786-457-19 le 99







Both Locations Open Late! Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 12-9pm ,/#!,,9 /7.%$ !.$ /0%2!4%$

Check our daily flavors at




407 NW 13th Street

5011 NW 34th St.

(Across from Krispy Kreme) Ph: 377-5828 Open 7 Days A Week 11am-10pm Open for Breakfast M â&#x20AC;&#x201C; F 9am-11am Sat & Sun 9am-11:30am (Campus Location Only)

(Across from Pinch-A-Penny) Ph: 336-4441 Open Mon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sat 11am-9pm Now Open on Sundays! 11am-7pm

Dine-in, Drive Thru, Carry out or Call in Your Order.

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Puttinâ&#x20AC;&#x203A; the Ribs Back in BBQ

Best Sweet Tea in Town!

SUNDAY BRUNCH Sunday from 10am - 4pm

New Brunch Menu AYCD Mimosas

Voted Gainesvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BEST Ribs!


Now Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner HOURS: Mon - Sat: 7am-9pm Sunday: 9am-9pm


7 SE 1st Ave Downtown Gainesville

352-373-8882 2111 NW 13TH ST

Monday-Thursday: 5 PMto 7pm Friday-Saturday: 4 to 6:30pm



photo by Mary Park-Smith




Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


$1.25-$6. 1222 W University Ave 372-7006 Bageland - 2441 NW 43rd St 371-3354

bARBECue Adam’s Rib Co. - Putting the ribs back in BBQ. Fresh smoked BBQ chicken, beef, pork and ribs. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. MonSat 7am-9pm and Sun 3-8pm. 2111 NW 13th St (across from Taco Bell) 373-8882 Bono’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q - 6760 W Newberry Rd 331-3112 David’s Real Pit BBQ - 5121 NW 39th Ave 373-2002 Homestyle Bar-B-Q & Catering - 9 SE 13th St, 3674400 JOA Korean Barbeque Restaurant - 5847 SW 75th St, 335-4633 Sonny’s BBQ - Three locations: 2700 NE Waldo Rd 378-5161, 3635 SW Archer Rd 375-6667 and 9213 NW 39th Ave 381-7333 Terrell’s Bar-B-Q - 1130 NE 16th Ave 367-1400

caribbean Reggae Shack Café - Come to the always fun and very friendly Reggae Shack Café for an authentic taste of Jamaica. From the traditional oxtail meal to vegan options and smoothies (plus delicious desserts like rum cake), this fun restaurant halfway between downtown and campus is a great choice for lunch or dinner. Now, also serving sandwiches like Jerk Burger and Currified Chicken. Open Mon-Sat 11am9pm, 619 W. University Ave., 377-5464. 619 W University Ave. 377-5464 Caribbean Queen - Enjoy the authentic flavors of Jamaican food at Gainesville’s oldest Caribbean restaurant. The Queen offers everything from jerk chicken and oxtail to curried goat escoviche fish. And the tasty spices are straight from the islands. 507 NW 5th Ave. 374-8111, Mon - Thurs 11am - 7:30 pm, Fri & Sat 11 am 11:45 pm Virtually Cuban Restaurant and Internet Cafe - 2409 SW 13th St 336-4125


Asian Fusion Cuisine


$5 House Martinis

Sun Center • 101 SE 2nd Pl Suite 118


Mon-Fri Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm • Dinner: 5-10pm Sat: 5-10:00pm • Sun: Noon-10pm

We Welcome Large Parties Now Offering Valet Service


China I - 3720 NW 13th St 374-8886 China King - 3230 SW 35th Blvd 377-9237 China Star Chinese Takeout - 3307 W University Ave, 338-8282 Happy Buddha - 412 SW 4th Ave 395-7630 Hot Wok - 3006 NW 13th St 271-8816 New Century Buffet - 6795 W Newberry Rd, 331-9868 New China Restaurant - 3423 SW Archer Rd 335-6684 New Wok - 421 NW 13th St, 336-6566 Saigon Legend Restaurant - 1228 W University Ave, 374-0934

coffee Coffee Culture – Open early 7 days a week. 2020 NW 13th St, 377-1700; 3822 Newberry Rd Maude’s Classic Cafe - 101 SE 2nd Place, Suite 101 336-9646 Starbucks - Four locations: 1304 W University Ave, 337-9543; 207 SE 1st St, 374-8227; 4780 NW 39th Ave, 379-7787 Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate - 48 SW 2nd St, 271-4361

deli/subs TooJays Gourmet Deli - 3410 SW Archer Rd, 352344-0973

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Court of Hero’s - 2028 SW 34th St. 374-8629 George’s at Phil-Nick’s - 37 N Main St 376-8269 Harvest Thyme Café & Catering Company - 2 W University Ave 384-9497 Heavenly Ham - 3832 W Newberry Rd. 375-8050 Jimmy John’s - 2220 SW Archer Rd 271-7600 and 1724 W University Ave 375-7222 McAlister’s Deli - Two locations: 618 NW 60th St 331-8900, 3262 SW 35th Blvd location, 373-6364 Quiznos - Two locations: Plaza Royale at 3822 Newberry Rd 379-0102, Union Street Station at 201 SE 1st St 338-1807 Roly Poly - 2104 SW 34th St, 264-1230

desserts Cold Stone Creamery - Two locations. 3822 W Newberry Rd 271-7437, 3443 Archer Rd across from the Butler Plaza. 377-7520 D’lites Emporium - Offering creamy and delicious soft serve ice cream with a healthy twist. We have over 100 ice cream flavors and our ice cream sandwiches, sundaes and shakes are all delicious and all low in sugar and fats. We also carry a whole array of low-sugar and fat free grocery products. 4216 NW 16th Blvd. and 5218 SW 34th St., M-Thur 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun noon-9pm. Check www. or call 352-375-4484. The Gelato Company - 11 SE 1st Ave, 373-3153 Karma Cream - 1025 W University Ave, 352-5056566 Mochi Frozen Yogurt - 3841 SW Archer Rd 352371-7575 Sarkara Sweets - 201 SE 2nd Ave, 275-9739 Sweet Dreams Café - 3437 W University Ave, 3780532 TCBY - 3102 SW 34th St 379-9988

gourmet Mildred’s Big City Food - 3445 W University Ave, 371-1711. Bistro 1245 - 1245 W University Ave 376-0000 Leonardo’s 706 - 706 W University Ave 378-2001 Paramount Grill - 12 SW 1st Ave 378-3398 Stonewood Tavern & Grill - 3812 Newberry Rd

HEALTH FOODS Book Lover’s Cafe - Located inside Books Inc. 505 NW 13th St 384-0090 Nature’s Table - 6253 W Newberry Rd 331-6025 Red Mango - 3333 SW 34th St. 379-9988 Newberry Rd 505-5091, 1412 W University Ave 672-6333 Tropical Smoothie Cafe - 3345 SW 34th St 3799988 379-5982


Liquid Ginger Asian Grille & Teahouse - Enjoy traditional and modern Asian cuisine in a soothing atmosphere downtown. Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri and noon-5pm on Sun, dinner 5:30pm-10pm Mon-Sat and 5pm10pm on Sun. 101 SE 2nd Place, Ste 118, 371-2323 Stubbies & Steins - Located in downtown Gainesville, Stubbies & Steins full menu features a variety of continental European favorites for dinner and a unique lunch menu. They offer soups, salads and sandwiches and traditional German sausages and classic wiener schnitzel. Donít forget their wide selection of wines, ciders and more than 400


of IHOP’s Famous

Buttermilk Pancakes With any purchase

Good only at Gainesville IHOP. Present coupon when ordering. Not valid combined with other coupons or discounts. Expires 10/15/11.


336-1839 3613 SW 13TH ST


Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


beers to compliment your meal. 9 W University Ave. Dinner 5pm-10pm, Late-Night: Thur-Sat 10pmñ 1:30am, 352-384-1261. Alan’s Cubana - 1712 W University Ave 375-6969. Bahn Thai Restaurant - 1902 SW 13th St 335-1204. Balaji Indian Cuisine - 125 NW 23rd Ave 378-2955 Indian Cuisine - 3314 SW 35th Blvd 271-1190 Maui Teriyaki - 600 Tower Rd 331-3393 Radha Indian Market - 125 NW 23rd Ave 378-2955 Timís Thai Restaurant- 501 NW 23rd Ave 372-5424

italian / pizza Amelia’s - 235 S Main St. 373-1919 Big Lou’s Pizza - 5 SE 2nd Ave, 335-7123 Cacciatore Pizza- 9130 SW 51st Rd 692-0905 Carrabba’s Italian Grill - 3021 SW 34th St 692-0083 CiCi’s Pizza - 3246 SW 35th Blvd 692-1260 Domino’s - For quality pizza, great variety and prompt service, choose Domino’s! 2106 SW 13th St: 3772337. 3311 W University Ave: 377-4992. 14300 W Newberry Rd: 333-3333. 25 NW 16th Ave: 373-5555. 4620 NW 39th Ave: 692-2222. With 8 locations, nobody can serve you better. Place and track your order @ Five-Star Pizza - Three locations: 210 SW 2nd Ave 375-5600, 600 NW 75th St 333-7979, and 4014 NW 22nd Drive. 378-9606 Godfather’s Pizza - 1405 NW 23rd Ave 377-0000 Gumby’s Pizza - 2028 SW 34th St. 374-8629 Hungry Howie’s - Three locations. 105 SW 34th Rd, 335-8444. 1310 NW 23rd Ave, 374-6600. 39th Ave, 372-1112 Italian Gator Pizza - 1728 W University Ave 367-4600 Leonardo’s By the Slice - University Ave and 13th St. 375-2007 Leonardo’s Millhopper - 4131 NW 16th Blvd. 376-2001 Manuel’s Vintage Room - Come enjoy great Italian food at reasonable prices right in the heart of downtown Gainesville. Operated by the former owner of Daniela’s, Manuel’s is sure to appeal to any appetite. Dinner $10-$20. Open Tues-Sat 5-10pm, Sun 5-9pm 6 S Main St. 375-7372 Mamma Mia - Real Italian, Real Pizza! Stop in to Mamma Mia Pizzeria and you’ll see that real, hand-tossed NY Style Pizza doesn’t come from the name you put on your signs, it comes from over 30 years of pizza-making experience. Delivery and Drive-through available. Taste the difference that experience makes. 490 NE 23rd St (just off Main). Phone: 352376-3444. Napolitanos - 606 NW 75th St 372-6671 Olive Garden - 3440 SW Archer Rd 335-5354 Papa John’s Pizza - Three locations: 1800 W University Ave 376-PAPA (7272), 3605 SW Archer Rd 336PAPA, 4220 NW 16th Blvd, 375-PAPA Pazza Bistro - 3841 Archer Rd 352-505-6977 Pio’s Pasta Co. - 4212 NW 16th Blvd, 367-4510 Pizza Hut - 3515 SW Archer Rd, 374-4440, 2320 NW 43rd St, 373-6699, 1204 N Main St, 338-1776 Rocco’s New York Style Pizza - 125 NW 23rd Ave 378-2955 Roma’s Pizza - 2320 SW Archer Rd. 335-6661 Romano’s Macaroni Grill - 6419 W Newberry Rd 3310638 Satchel’s Pizza - 1800 NE 23rd Ave 335-7272 Vello’s Brickstreet Grill - 115 SE 1st, 872-5556

japanese Bento Cafe - 3832 W Newberry Rd 377-8686 Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company Inc. - 201 SE 2nd Ave in suite 103. 371-3359 Fuji Hana Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar - 3720 NW 13th St. Suite 1, 352-337-0038


Ichiban Sushi - 4401 NW 25th Place 375- 8880 Miraku Japanese Steakhouse, Seafood and Sushi Bar - 4005 SW 40 Blvd 336-3188 Miya Sushi - 3222 SW 35th Blvd 335-3030 Sawamura Japanese Steakhouse - 1624 SW 13th St 373-1076. Sushi-Matsuri Japanese Restaurant - 3418 SW Archer Rd. 335-1875 Yamato Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar - 526 NW 60th St 332-4466

Latin Emiliano’s Café - Offering some of the best in innovative and traditional Latin American cuisine. Specialties are paella (rice and seafood) and veggie dishes. Take advantage of indoor seating or the outdoor patio. Lunch entrees from $6.95-$8.95. Dinner entrees from $9.95-$21.95. Lunch: Tues-Sat 1130am-4pm, Dinner: Tues-Thur 530-10pm, Fri-Sat 530-1030pm and Sun 530-9pm, Brunch Sun 11am3pm. 7 SE 1st Ave 375-7381 Fritanga Latin Grill - 1702 W University Ave, Suite F2. 371-4554 Mi Apá Latin Café - 114 SW 34th St. 352-376-7020

meDITERRANEAN Falafel King - 3252 SW 35th Blvd 375-6342 Farah’s On the Avenue - 1120 W University Ave 352378-5179 Gyro Plus - 1011 W University Ave 336-5323

mexican Boca Fiesta – We serve our full menu with full bar seven days a week, Monday-Saturday till 2am.We’ll probably go swimming afterwards! Mexican food with an eclectic menu, the best margaritas in town and the freshest tacos and burritos you’ve ever tasted… We like to hang out! 232 SE 1st Street, Gainesville, FL (just west of the Hipp), Phone: 352336-8226, Burrito Brothers Taco Co. - 16 NW 13th St 378-5948 Chipotle - 1432 W University Ave, 372-5330 El Indio - Serving real Mexican food including huevos rancheros, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas and nachos. At the Northwood location, you can have a burger and a shake too. 11am-10pm daily; breakfast served Mon-Fri from 7-11am and Sat-Sun 9-1130am at the campus location, 407 NW 13th St 377-5828. Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm at the Northwood location, 5011 NW 34th St 336-4441. El Norteno - 2445 SW 13th St, 377-4633; 516 NW 75th St, 332-5502 La Fiesta - 332-0878 La Tienda Latina Restaurante Market - SW 13th St 367-0022 Las Magaritas - 4401 NW 25th Pl 374-6699 Millhopper Cafe - 5200 NW 43rd St 373-2550 Moe’s - Three locations. 3832 Newberry Rd, 337-2850. 3443 SW Archer Rd., 384-3700. 7770 W. Newberry Rd, 332-7606 Taco Bell - Two locations: 826 W University Ave 3732949 and 7410 W Newberry Rd 332-1238 Tacos Locos - 104 S Main St, 187-420-6669 Tijuana Flats - 1720 W University Ave, 692-3093

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+&.LJC>K:GH>IN6K: (*'"(,,"*)+) LLL#G:<<6:H=68@86;:#8DB


Jamaicaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national fruit sautĂŠed with tomatoes, onions & bits of bacon on top of a crusty baguette. 11.99


A favorite, these sweet tropical hush puppies have a hint of coconut. Like fried cornbread, these are a must for cornbread lovers! 1.99




Crisp & tender chicken wings simmered in our famous supremely spicy jerk sauce.


Hand-battered mahi mahi covered in a mango-lime tartar sauce & ketchup, layered with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes & onion rings on a Kaiser bun. 11.59


Hand-battered crispy chicken breast generously covered in a sweet & flavorful Caribbean sauce, served with a sweet curry mustard & a Jerk-lime mayo, American cheese, layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes & onions rings on a Kaiser bun. 8.99


Jerk tofu seasoned with our famous Jerk sauce & layered with sweet plantains, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup & vegan mayo on a Kaiser bun. 9.59


Crispy wings marinated in a succulent hot & sweet sauce.


â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original, tender chicken wins cooked in a one-of-a-kind tangy, sweet & spicy sauce, with carrots, onions, Scotch bonnet peppers, thyme & allspice berries.






Our signature dish. Tender cuts of oxtail slowly cooked in our special blend of herbs & spices. This is the dish that made us a legend. 12.95


Tender cuts of goat simmered for hours in a blend of traditional Jamaican curry spices. 10.95


Tender chicken slow-cooked on the bone in our special blend of Jamaican curry spices. 8.95


Marinated in a jerk spices, done the traditional way on the grill. Itf it ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t grilled & spicy, it ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Jerk! 10.99

*ERK"ERGER Fresh ground beef blended with fresh Scotch bonnet peppers, grilled to perfection with â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous Jerk sauce & layered with a Jerk-lime mayo. Comes with American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles & ketchup on a Kaiser bun. 8.99



Jamaicaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national dish. Ackee, a savory fruit, is lightly seasoned & sautĂŠed with tomatoes, onions & bits of saltfish. 12.99



Chicken breast grilled to perfection in â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous Jerk sauce, with a Jerk-lime mayo, crisp lettuce, tomatoes & onions on a Kaiser bun. 8.99




Fresh Grilled burger layered with bacon, Tropi-Q sauce, American cheese, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes & onions on a Kaiser bun. 9.59


Tender Jamaican Spinach seasoned & sautĂŠed w/ tomatoes, Scotch bonnet peppers, carrots, onions & succulent lump crabmeat for a savory and spice experience. 10.99


Eight juicy shrimp lightly cooked in our sweet & spicy Jerk sauce for a mouthburning, flavorful experience. 12.50



"ONELESS#URRY&RIED#HICKEN Hand-battered and curry-spiced chicken breast strips, generously covered with our curry gravy. 11.59

"ONELESS"ROWN3TEW#HICKEN Tender strips of chicken breast simmered down in a sweet brown stew sauce. 11.59


Hand-battered chicken breast strips tossed in a sweet Caribbean sauce. 11.99




Handmade seitan simmered in a sweet Caribbean sauce with vegetables. 9.50


Locally made, organic tempeh crumbled & cooked in our savory Jamaican curry sauce. 8.50


â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original. Sliced palm hearts cooked in our savory Jamaican curry sauce. 8.50


Crispy tofu cooked in a tangy, sweet & spicy sauce with carrots, onions, Scotch bonnet peppers, thyme & allspice berries for a unique & spectacular flavor. 9.95

A whole snapper fried crispy then simmered in a sweet brown stew sauce with vegetables & Scotch bonnet peppers. 13.99

A whole snapper friends, then reduced in a tangy, sweet & spicy marinade with carrots, onions, Scotch bonnet peppers, thyme & allspice berries. 13.99

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011


Visit Gainesvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Most Complete Dining Guide


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Bonefish Grill - 3237 SW 35th Blvd. 377-8383


Captain D’s - 3610 SW Archer Rd 375-4892

Applebee’s Restaurant - 1005 NW 13th St 335-0150. Banyan’s Restaurant - 7417 W Newberry Rd. 332-7500 Clubhouse Grill - 5112 NW 34th St 376-9500 Gainesville Ale House & Raw Bar - This family-oriented sports bar serves delicious steaks, seafood, pasta, sandwiches and more in a fun setting. 3950 SW Archer Rd. 371-0818 Gator’s Dockside - 3842 Newberry Rd. 338-4445 Loosey’s – Bar food with attitude. Loosey’s focuses on quality over a big menu or speed. If you are looking for good food, great company and a great variety of beer and wine and have some time to sit and enjoy yourself, Loosey’s is definitely the place. In addition to great food, Loosey’s offers a full liquor bar specializing in handcrafted and smallbatch brands, twenty draught beers including local and regional microbrews like Swamphead and Florida Beer, a surprising array of excellent wine at boxed wine prices, pool tables, steeltipped dart boards and patio seating. Located downtown in the old Market Street Pub, 120 SW 1st Street. Loosey’s-- laid back and casual, never a line, never a cover. Open Su-Mo 4p-11p, Tu-Sa 4p-2a, serving food til 9 Sun & Mo, 11p the rest of the week, 352.672.6465 Panera Bread - 3443 SW Archer Rd, 380-0380 Planet Smoothie - 1620 W University Ave 381-8851 Ruby Tuesday - Located in the Oaks Mall. 331-0033

SEAFOOD Blue Water Bay - 319 State Road 26, 475-1928

Cedar River Seafood & Oyster Bar - 5847 SW 75th St 376-0351 Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille - 110 SE 1st St., 372-1555 J & L Seafood Shack - 922 SE Williston Rd 374-0950 Long John Silver’s - 17 NW 60th St 331-3474 Northwest Grille - 5115 NW 39th Ave 376-0500 Red Lobster - 6910 W Newberry Rd 331-2670 Rosa’s Crab Shack - 104 NE Waldo Rd. 376-0101

STEAKHOUSE Mark’s US Prime - 201 SE 2nd Ave. 336-0077 Outback Steakhouse - 3536 SW Archer Rd 373-9499 Texas Roadhouse - 3830 SW Archer Rd 377-2820

THAI Bahn Thai - 1902 SW 13th St 335-1204 Tim’s Thai Restaurant - 501 NW 23rd Ave 372-5424

VIETNAMESE Saigon Cafe and Sushi 2 Go - 808 W University Ave. 338-0023 Taste of Saigon II - 4860 NW 39th Blvd, Suite C 3728686

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352-505-6626 • 2132 SW 34th Street In the Sweetbay Shopping Center





Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



100% Non-Smoking 74 spacious rooms with Queen or King Suites FREE Wireless/Wired Internet Access and Business Center Morning Medley Breakfast (Waffles, Eggs, Biscuit & Gravy, Bacon.Sausage) 32” LCD TV’s featuring over 60 cable channels and HBO Microwave & Fridge in every room Iron/Ironing Board, Coffee-makers and Hairdryers in all rooms 24 Hour Fitness Center FREE USA Today newspaper On-site Guest Laundry Facilities Outdoor Swimming Pool Whirlpool Suites available



15% 74

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Voted eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gainesvill er Best Group Sandwich




Under Gainesvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Largest Tiki Hut ĂĽ7ĂĽ5NIVERSITYĂĽ!VEĂĽsĂĽ  

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011






1 0!2+).'





















* + '


( &
















3OUTH2OAD 0!2+).'



Social Sciences Academic House Business Education Creative Arts and Humanities Administration Building Construction and Automotive Technology G Chemistry H Information Technology I Child Development J Art and Electrical Engineering Technology



Computer Science, Graphic Design, Microbiology, Biotechnology Academic Technologies Admissions, English, Math Student Services Police Department Gym Biology, Physical Sciences, Astronomy Library, Zoo, Zoo Animal Technology Health Sciences

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Your Ride Home… All-Jet Service to the World!

RTS route 25 takes you from campus to the terminal…free with your Gator1 ID! Interested in student fares? Scan this code with your smart phone for more information.

GNV offers direct service to three International hub cities–including Miami on American Eagle.


Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out

Gainesville Survival Guide - Fall 2011



Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening every month. Check out

Fall 2011 Gainesville Survival Guide  

The Gainesville Survival Guide is an annual publication for incoming students to the University of Florida and Santa Fe College

Fall 2011 Gainesville Survival Guide  

The Gainesville Survival Guide is an annual publication for incoming students to the University of Florida and Santa Fe College