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Annual Report 2010-2011

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Parallels Gainesville State College Foundation Contents Introduction: College President & Foundation CEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Strategic Goal 1: Affirm the College’s Core Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Strategic Goal 2: Environment that Values Diversity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Strategic Goal 3: Excellence with Accountability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Strategic Goal 4: Growth of Faculty & Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Strategic Goal 5: Developing Sources of Funding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Strategic Goal 6: Enhance Services to the Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 GSC Foundation Board of Trustees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 GSC Foundation Chairmen & Honorary Life Trustees, Alumni Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Investment Committee Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Contributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Honor Roll of Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

“And there is the headlight, shining far down the track, glinting off the steel rails that, like all parallel lines, will meet in infinity, which is, after all, where this train is going.” —Bruce Catton, American Historian (1899-1978)

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Dear Friend,

bitt, President Martha T. Nes onal ent for Instituti id es Pr e ic V e, Mary Transu undation d CEO, GSC Fo an t en m ce n Adva

Parallels College President & Foundation CEO

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Jackson Madison Elbert 506 34 129 Barrow Gwinnett Clarke 394 1551 Oc 347 Oglethorpe on 79 e Walton Wilkes DeKalb 40 e 6 131 10 28

     GSC was named to Fulton 222 the national College Newton Morgan Greene Affordability 12 53 13 Henry 29 and Transparency Coweta 27 Center List. In the report released by FALL 2010 ENROLLMENT BY COUNTY the U.S. Department of Education, GSC was included in the 54% were female, and 46% were male. public, 4-year-or-above sector with The average age was 22.8, with a lowest tuition and required fees—a list range of 16 to 84 years old. The adult of the ten percent of iinstitutions that learner (23 and older) made up 25% of have the lowest tuition and required the student population. The top five fees for the 2009-10 academic year. feeder counties of origin were: Hall, With tuition/fees of $2,448, GSC 1,834; Gwinnett, 1,552; Forsyth, 802; is well below the national average Jackson, 506; and Oconee, 406. of $6,397. While affordable, an Ro ckd a 38 le

This goal includes a review of our institutional values, seeing the connection between values and goals, and seeking ways to assure that policies, procedures, and programs reflect these values. This goal emphasizes access and includes such actions as clearly communicating our mission. The College will add programs, degrees, institutional baccalaureate programs, and graduate degrees as needed. This also includes collaborating with other institutions (peer, feeder, and transfer) and providing flexible delivery in terms of scheduling, format, and international components to enhance students’ ability to succeed in a global society.

during the 2009-2010 academic year, and they maintained an average GPA of 3.01. The top five transfer-out schools for GSC are The University of Georgia, North Georgia Pickens 14 College & State University, Kennesaw State University, Cherokee 84 Georgia State University, and Georgia Institute of Cobb Technology. 122

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Strategic Goal I.  To affirm the College’s core values and provide access and opportunities for a quality higher education.

Parallels SG1: Affirm the College’s core values      GSC is a state college focusing on access to excellence and student success. As a state college, we have the flexibility to meet the needs of individual students by offering learning support, certificate, transfer, associate, and baccalaureate programs. The College is committed to providing the academic and student support services to promote student success. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in our one-year retention rates, which consistently exceed system-wide rates for other University System of Georgia state colleges. Additionally, our transfer performance rates show that over half of our students who transfer do so to research universities. Those students were tracked


education obtained at GSC is not one that sacrifices academic quality. Quite the contrary—our smaller classes and personal attention allow students to be successful at GSC and beyond. One example is our participation in the Regents Engineering Transfer Program, which allows students to begin at GSC and have guaranteed transfer to Georgia Tech if they maintain acceptable grades. GSC is no longer just for students who can’t get into a university. We are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a quality education minus high costs and debt.      GSC’s Fall Semester 2010 student enrollment of 8,883 was an increase of just under one percent over the previous year. Of that population,

     The GSC Admissions Office hosted both Spring and Fall Open Houses at the Gainesville and Oconee Campuses during 2010-11. At the four events, prospective students and their family members participated to learn more about the opportunities at GSC. The Admissions Office also increased the effectiveness of the web and email to communicate with prospects, applicants, and accepted students.           GSC received Board of Regents approval to offer the Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology (with a secondary teacher certification track) in March of 2011. This becomes the College’s seventh bachelor degree and will begin being offered in the fall of 2012. The program aims to

satisfy demand in the Gainesville area for teachers and entry-level biology graduates for laboratories and other companies. Throught this degree, GSC will extend its baccalaureate offerings to a major that helps the state meet the need for graduates in a STEMrelated field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). A new online textbook rental program was implemented by the GSC Bookstore to help students save money on the cost of textbook materials as well as expedite the oncelengthy process.

areas in health psychology and applied experimental psychology. The program was developed based on student demand and, in general, the need for graduates with applied skills in psychology.      The new BFA in Design and Technology for Theatre was fully implemented and attracted 21 students in its first year.      The Office of Disability Services developed and held “First Year Foundation,” a two-day workshop for students who were attending GSC for the first time in Fall 2011. Eighteen

agencies participating. Through the very successful event, student volunteers were able to connect with local non-profit organziations from a wide variety of causes.      Nineteen GSC students from the School of Social Sciences were placed into area public schools as mentors as part of one section of the Service Learning 1502 class. Many students continued the mentoring relationship even after the class finished.      GSC was again honored to be selected as a partner in Rutgers U n i v e r s i t y ’s national NEW

“Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.” —James A. Garfield (1831-1881), 20th U.S. President      During 2010-2011, the Office of Student Affairs offered 14 Family Orientation sessions. The Family Session evaluations rated two areas the highest: “Overall helpfulness from staff and faculty assisting with the program,” and “Ease of check-in process at the beginning of SOAR.”      GSC received approval to establish the Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology degree effective fall 2012. At its April 2011 meeting, the Board of Regents approved the College’s eighth bachelor degree. The degree offers an undergraduate psychology curriculum with specific concentration

students attended and participated in the hands-on training that increased awareness of how certain disabilities impact the processing of information, as well as how students can take control of their learning by utilizing research-based strategies.      In a proactive move, the Office of Academic Enrichment expanded existing support programs by providing free online COMPASS Test Preparation materials for matriculating students. The Office also developed a COMPASS Test-Taking Strategies workshop in light of the new System-wide changes to the Admission criteria.      In an effort to connect students and community agencies, a Volunteer Fair was held in August of 2010. The School of Social Sciences hosted the event, with over 50 community

Leader ship™ net work, which cultivates women’s leadership in the public sphere. This was GSC’s Second Annual Women’s Leadership in Public Service Institute, a residential institute that teaches college women about politics and policy making to inspire them to get involved in leadership roles in public service. During the six-day institute, students had the opportunity to meet and interact with women who work in a variety of public service roles, including politics and government, non-profits and community organizing, and lobbying and activism. Women’s Leadership in Public Service strives to teach, lead, and empower young women to become the next generation of leaders in public service.      The GSC Testing Center administered over 4800 individual tests to GSC students, prospective students, and members of the community during 2010-11. As an open testing site, the CLEP Exam and Remote COMPASS Placement Test were administered to students from 16 other colleges both within the USG and outside our system.


Strategic Goal 2.   To facilitate success and educational goal attainment for all students and to foster a welcoming environment that values and reflects diversity and inclusion. This includes the broad array of academic and student support services that promote academic success, as well as programs and activities that promote service, leadership, and ethical behavior. It also includes increasing academic and need-based scholarships; increasing the diversity of students, faculty and staff; and dealing with diversity issues in the curriculum and in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

five transfer-out University System of Georgia institutions are (in order), The University of Georgia, North Georgia College & State University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, and Georgia Gwinnett College.      The GSC Financial Aid Office processed scholarships to 7,400 students in the form of federal, state, or institutional funding in the amount of $36,888,691. Of those funds, $450,000 was from the GSC Foundation and assisted 464 students during 2010-11.      GSC hosted the Student Leadership Conference in the fall of 2010. The 120 students who attended the day-long conference explored leadership styles and skills related to being a leader and leading in a diverse community.

launched by the University System of Georgia (USG) in January 2010 and was expanded in May of 2011 to include GSC. The participating institutions are required to establish outreach centers designed to assist service members and their families by serving as a onestop shop as they enroll, register, or apply for GI Bill benefits.      The GSC President’s Leadership Program (PLP) is a program for students committed to learning about leadership and service. It is designed for academically talented students who wish to enhance their skills. The PLP involves individual exploration, interaction with college and community leaders (including regular interaction with President Martha T. Nesbitt), and the creation and implementation of programs. The GSC Foundation provides the scholarships for the 10 students each

Parallels SG2: Environment that values diversity      GSC EDUC 2130 students ser ved as “cultural ambassadors” for the Office of Diversity Initiatives and Intercultural Relations by volunteering at the Gainesville HUD sites and by providing support for the “Homework Club.”

     GSC awarded a total of 892 degrees during 2010-11. This was an increase over the previous year’s 871 graduates. The top five programs of study included (in order): Business Administration, Pre-nursing, Early Childhood Education, General Studies, and Health Profession Fields. The top


     GSC became part of the USG “Soldiers2Scholars” consortium. The concept of the post-World War II G.I. Bill is alive and well in Georgia’s public colleges and universities and today receives support from a new outreach effort, “Soldiers 2 Scholars” (S2S). The goal of both complementary programs is to help those in military service make the transition to civilian life by means of a college degree. Specific to Georgia, the S2S program was

year—five first-year and five who are returning for a second year.      GSC annually recognizes two K-12 educators who had a significant influence on a graduating GSC student. This year, the College recognized Mark Ruppelt, Music Teacher at Oglethorpe County Middle School (nominated by Kimberly Winsett) and Pamela Wisecup, ESOL, English, and Writing Teacher at Banks County High School (nominated by Crystal Cruz). The GSC Foundation funds these awards, which are coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs.      Exercise Science majors visited the HUD neighborhoods to provide wellness activities.      The Office of Plant Operations oversaw a lengthy list of projects during the year. At the top of the list

participated in training. They designed their own shirts and developed a plan for monthly activities.      The Counseling and Career Center provided individual counseling services to 689 students during 2010-11. This is an increase over the previous year, which may be due to the fact that the Center now has an additional counselor with expertise in parenting skills, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse.

Academic IV Building at night. Photo by Alan Smith, GSC Media Production & A/V Support Specialist

was the building of Academic IV. Other projects included: completion of the renovation and addition to the Theatre area; building the Plant Operations Shop at the Oconee Campus; completion of the outdoor lighting project; completion of installation of new campus-wide signage; and replacement of the gymnasium floor. These and many other projects were completed while maintaining the campuses and processing over 10,000 work requests for repairs, event setups and vehicle requests.      GSC music students appeared on the CBS morning show “Better Mornings Atlanta” on December 2,

closed captioning was provided for the hearing impaired at the August 2010 event. This service was provided by the Office of Disability Services and funded by the GSC Foundation.      The GSC Advising Center reaches out to students to help ensure their academic success. Student visits (includes both campuses) were increased approximately 30% from 7,496 to 10,550 from summer 2009 to summer 2011. In addition, the Advising Center’s Academic Success Plan (ASP) program for students who are not in good academic standing (coordinated through the Disability Services Office and funded by the Foundation) showed

     Two student staff members from the student literary magazine “The Chestatee Review” received first place for their creative entries at the Southern Literary Festival in Blue Mountain, Mississippi: Tandra Long for her short story, “Gone,” and Brad Jamision for his one-act play, “The Run.”      In response to student requests for more quiet study options, seven new study carrels were added to the second floor of Hosch Library, and the quiet study area in the Library was expanded. The GSC Alumni Affairs Office made great strides in strengthening relationships with the Student Government Associations on both campuses, as well as Student Life, Admissions, and Academic Affairs. Events and activities featured and connected alums with students to provide leadership, networking opportunities, and self-confidence.

“Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired.” —Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968), Former U.S. Senator from New York 2010 as part of a promotional piece for Underground Atlanta’s 24th Annual “Tuba Christmas.” Thirteen GSC tuba players, led by GSC Director of Brass Studies Donald L. Strand, performed several pieces on the show.      For the first time in the history of the College’s Annual Breakfast,

significant positive results in enhancing the GPAs and retention rates of these students.      The Office of Disability Services developed a Peer Mentor Program. Seven mentors—three with disabilities and four without—made a one-year commitment to the program and

     The Office of Diversity Initiatives and Intercultural Relations, along with the Business Division, participated in Junior Achievement’s Hispanic Pipeline, which is a program for eleventh and twelfth graders at area high schools to discuss the importance of attending college.  


S t r a t e g i c G o a l 3 .  To maintain academic standards of excellence with accountability. This goal includes reviewing academic programs to ensure regional and global relevancy, maintaining academic standards, and assessing student performance at the College, after transfer, and in the workplace.

for developing a prototype rover, designing a line drawing of the rover, and forming the company infrastructure, including budget, communications, and presentations.      The Math and Computer Science Department received a grant from the Carnegie Foundation called “Quantway.” Three faculty members, one administrator, and one institutional effectiveness person forms the committee charged with implementing

cast and mold a full-size M3 Stuart Light Tank from 1939 that was in the possession of the Army. The finished replica weighed only 2,500 pounds and was on display at GSC in May of 2011 before being transported to Ft. Benning, where it became the property of the U.S. Army. Creativity and hands-on experiences are the best educators, and internships like this one will prepare students for careers in artifact identification, preservation, and display.

Parallels SG3: Excellence with accountability      Twenty-three education majors traveled to Belize to assist teachers in the primary classrooms at Holy Cross Anglican and ABC Preschool in San Pedro; Unity Presbyterian in Belize City; and St. Agnes in La Democracia. Additionally, the students visited Mayan ruins with students from Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio, and they partnered with Ole Miss students to work on the San Mateo Empowerment Project. Additionally, GSC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education in Belize.      GSC student John Luecke of Commerce, GA was selected to participate in NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in October of 2010 to participate in the National Community College Aerospace Scholars program, a three-day onsite event. One of 89 community and junior college students from across the nation, he completed four Webbased assignments during the school year, maintaining a 93 average to qualify for the experience. While at Johnson Space Center, the students formed teams and established fictional companies interested in Mars exploration. Each company was responsible


this grant, which funded the creation of MLCS 0099, an alternative to Learning Support Math. MLCA 0099 uses real-world, hands-on, problemsolving approaches to mathematics to solve problems encountered in actual life and work settings.      GSC was chosen by the Association of American Colleges and Universities in August of 2010 to take the lead in “Developing a Community College Student Roadmap: From Entrance to Engagement in Educational Achievement and Success” initiative funded by MetLife Foundation. GSC joined with eleven other community colleges from around the country to create robust and proactive programs of academic support—tied to expected learning outcomes—that engage students at entrance and teach them, from the outset, how to become active partners in their own quest for educational success. These roadmaps will be anchored in a set of expected learning outcomes essential for all students to succeed in life beyond college.      Under the direction of GSC Assistant Professor of Anthropology Steve Nicklas, GSC students took part in a one-of-a-kind project to

     The College holds annual Honors Day events on both the Gainesville and Oconee Campuses. During the 2011 Gainesville event, more than 250 students who were nominated for various academic and service awards were recognized. The College awarded three top honor awards for outstanding students. Kevin Powell of Eastonollee received the Clark Theodore Outstanding Traditional Student Award. David V. Spencer of Oakwood received the Clark Theodore Outstanding Non-Traditional Student Award. The Gainesville State College Achievement Award was presented to Helen Petgrave of Duluth. At the Oconee event, the College also awarded three top honor awards for outstanding students. Haley Brown of Bishop received the Clark Theodore Outstanding Traditional

Student Award. Kresta Foster of Loganville received the Clark Theodore Outstanding Non-Traditional Student Award. The Gainesville State College Achievement Award was presented to Matthew Richardson of Bogart. The GSC Foundation proudly sponsors these awards events each year.      Two GSC faculty members taught in Study Abroad Programs during the 2010-11 academic year. Ms. Stacy Koffman, Professor of Art, taught on the European council Paris program, and Dr. Tom Preston, Professor of Communication, taught on the Asia Council China program. The GSC Foundation, through generous support fo donors, funds scholarships to allow participation of students.      GSC began offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Delivery

Spencer is named New Century Scholar.

and BAS degrees plus a certificate program.      GSC was honored to have three students who were named to the Phi Theta Kappa All-Georgia Academic Team: David Spencer, Andrew Wilkinson and Kimberly Winsett. For the third time in as many years, a GSC student was named the Georgia New Century Scholar. Spencer received a $2,000 scholarship and was

2011, the first 95 students were inducted. Founded in 1923, Phi Eta Sigma has over 900,000 members on 365 campuses across the United States. This cross-disciplinary honors organization encourages and recognizes outstanding academic achievement among first-year students in institutions of higher learning. GSC students may benefit from the chapter’s engagement in a range of academic and philanthropic activities. Those elected to membership have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale at the end of any first-year, full-time curricular period, provided they have carried a normal academic load acceptable toward a bachelor’s degree and rank in the upper 20 percent of their class.      During 2010-11, a total of 208 students were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). The international honor

“The idea for which this nation stands will not survive if the highest goal free men can set themselves is an amiable mediocrity. Excellence implies striving for the highest standards in every phase of life.” —John W. Gardner (1912-2002), Former U.S. Secretary of State and Administration (HSDA BA). The baccalaureate degree prepares students for careers in government, social services, business, and nonprofit organizations. The “Georgia Department of Labor Workforce Trends: Employment Projections to 2014” reports that six of the industries projected to grow the fastest are in the healthcare, human services, and social assistance sector; Human Services Management is included on the list of Georgia’s “HOT” jobs of the future requiring Bachelor’s Degrees.      The Business Division, which is part of the School of Business, Education, Health and Wellness, received approval from the American Bar Association (ABA) to offer the BAS degree in Paralegal Studies. GSC is one of only a few colleges nationwide to have ABA certification for the AAS

recognized in USA TODAY. He and GSC President Martha T. Nesbitt traveled to New Orleans for the New Century Scholars Reception and Program at the American Association of Community Colleges Convention.            The Education Department met every national and state standard during the on-site review from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC). The Teacher Education Preparation Unit (TEPU) also earned several commendations, including the Reading Endorsement, the alignment of assessments, the variety of field experiences, and faculty use of resources.      GSC has been approved for a chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, a national honorary society, and in March of

society for two-year colleges, PTK has recognized academic excellence since 1918 and has become the largest and most prestigious honor society serving two-year colleges in the world. GSC’s Rho Mu Chapter of PTK honors students who have earned a minimum of 15 semester hours at GSC in twoyear degree programs, with a minimum GPA of 3.6 earned at GSC.      The GSC Foundation funds the initiation ceremonies for both Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Theta Kappa.


Strategic Goal 4.  To promote the growth and well-being of faculty and staff through professional development and recognition. This goal includes providing opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in regional, national, and international professional organizations and activities and support for further educational opportunities. The institution supports and rewards faculty and staff members who make a meaningful contribution to their disciplines, student learning, and student success.

Honored at the Welcome Back Breakfast were: Sandra Garner, Deb Lilly, Katie Simmons, and Lisa Watson. Also pictured (right): Martha T. Nesbitt

     The GSC Foundation acknowledged years of service at the annual Welcome Back Breakfast on Monday, August 9, 2010. The Foundation presented service awards to a number of faculty and staff members. Notably, Sandra Garner, Deborah B. Lilly, Kathleen Simmons, and Lisa L. Watson

of her excellence in advising. At the Gainesville event, Michallene McDaniel, Associate Professor of Sociology, was selected as the 2010 Ann Matthews Purdy Outstanding Full-time Faculty Member. Walter “Les” Tofte, Instructor of History, was selected as the 2010 Ann Matthews Purdy Outstanding Part-time Faculty Member. The Advising Award was presented to Carolyn Swindle, Coordinator of Disability Services, in recognition of her excellence in advising.      The 2010 Eleanor Crawford Award was presented to Sheree Gravenhorst, Administrative Assistant to the School of Humanities and Fine Arts, as the Gainesville honoree, and John

Parallels SG4: Growth of faculty and staff      GSC announced the appointment of Dr. Al Panu as GSC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs in March of 2011. Dr. Panu came to GSC in 2007 as Division Chair of Science, Engineering and Technology. He was appointed Dean of the School of STEM in 2010 and served as the interim VPAA since June of last year. In a national search, Dr. Panu emerged as a very strong candidate with experience and leadership.      Prior to coming to GSC, Dr. Panu distinguished himself as an excellent teacher and administrator at Kennesaw State University. He was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Emory University and has been active professionally throughout his career, with publications, presentations and grant awards. Last year, he participated in the University System’s Executive Leadership Institute.     


were recognized for 25 years of service to the institution; at the 20-year mark were Lee Clendenning, Jim Hammond, Chris Jonick, Shelia Miccoli, Gina Reed, Warren Rogers, and Susan Smith.      Each spring, the College presents top recognition awards to faculty and staff members at Honors Day events funded by the GSC Foundation on both the Gainesville and Oconee Campuses. The Ann Matthews Purdy Outstanding Faculty Members were selected by student nominations and discussions with student groups. Both a full- and a part-time faculty member were honored. At the Oconee event, Dr. Josetta Ricker, Assistant Professor of Biology, was selected as the 2010 Ann Matthews Purdy Outstanding Full-time Faculty Member. Nickie Pearson, Instructor of History, was selected as the 2010 Ann Matthews Purdy Outstanding Part-time Faculty Member. The Advising Award was presented to Veronica Walker, Biology Lab Coordinator, in recognition

Williams, e-Learning and Media Support Specialist, was chosen as the Oconee honoree. Sponsored by the GSC Alumni Association, the award named for the College’s first employee, Eleanor Crawford, recognizes annually a staff member who has exhibited extraordinary loyalty, dedication, and service to the College and its employees and students.      Dr. Carlise Womack-Wynne, GSC Education Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Education, was named the 2011 Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) by the Valdosta State University Alumni Association. The prestigious award is given each year to a graduate who has demonstrated professional achievements and community service within 10 years of graduation. Womack-Wynne organizes routine campus visits to promote early college awareness among area youth and administers a grant of more than $100,000 to advance diversity within the student population. She serves

as a voluntary consultant for the Ministry of Education in Belize, and in her “spare time” she volunteers in area classrooms and organizes study abroad opportunities for undergraduates to experience international educational settings.      GSC President Martha T. Nesbitt was named the Gainesville 2011 Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. In conjunction with this honor, the Georgia House of Representatives and the Georgia Senate produced resolutions in her honor. She was also awarded the Ralph Cleveland Distinguished Citizen Award by the Northeast Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America.         GSC’s Eminent Scholar Dr. J. B. Sharma, Professor of Physics and Remote Sensing, along with faculty and students from Geographic Information Systems, History and Sociology, participated in an interdisciplinary project, “Historic Hall County Spaces and Places” that was initiated with GeorgiaView funds in 2009 and then further developed in 2010 with an AmericaView grant.

Part of the research involved personal interviews of individuals who gave personal accounts of the filling of Lake Lanier and how it impacted the area. This information has been placed on a website ( gis/hallco/historic) created by IESA student Joe Bless, who figured out how to use the Google Earth engine and shareware to serve these images on the web in an interactive manner.      Dr. Eric Skipper, Interim Chair of the School of Humanities and Fine Arts, and Mr. Mack Palmour, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management / Director of Admissions, successfully completed the 2010-11 University System of Georgia’s Executive Leadership Institute. This comprehensive 100hour development program is conducted by experts in leadership. Dr. Skipper was also named Professor of the Year by the Georgia Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.      Dr. Cathy Whiting, GSC Professor of Biology, was named a 2011 Honoree in the Masters in Teaching: Life Changers at Work program. She was one of nine outstanding teachers who were recognized for their intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities, expertise, and transformation influence in the art of teaching.      The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), a non-partisan policy institute headquartered in Washington, D.C., selected GSC Professor of Political Science and Philosophy Dr. Kerry Stewart as

     The Best Practices award for 2010 was presented to two faculty members, one each from the Gainesville and Oconee Campuses. Honored were Sue Doyle-Porttillo, Professor of Psychology from the Gainesville Campus, and Ed Glauser, Alcohol and other Drugs/Wellness Counselor from the Oconee Campus. The Best Practices Award is funded by the GSC Foundation.      Assistant Professor of History and Anthropology Dr. Martin J. Blackwell worked to organize a two-day conference entitled “Late Stalinism and the Epoch of Nikita Khrushchev in the USSR, 1945-1964” in October 2010 at St. Petersburg State University in Russia. Blackwell delivered a paper in Russian to an audience of undergraduates, graduate students, and professors at St. Petersburg State.      GSC Assistant Professor of English Kristin Kelly was featured on Public Radio International for her essay “Books at All Costs,” which was broadcast on the Public Radio International (PRI) program Bob Edwards Weekend and the Sirius XM program.      The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (CTLL) promotes and encourages academic excellence by fostering innovation, supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning, encouraging an international perspective, offering training in

“The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself.” —Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873), British politician & novelist During the Fall of 2010, Dr. Dee Gilliespie’s honors history course and Dr. John O’Sullivan’s sociology courses generated a great deal of historical content for the Chattahoochee River Valley before Lake Lanier was created.

an “Academic Fellow” for 201112. Stewart traveled to Israel at the beginning of June for an intensive course in terrorism studies and how democracies can defeat the worldwide terrorist threat.

instructional technologies, and promoting an enriched educational environment through such opportunities as service learning and undergraduate research.


Strategic Goal 5.  To continue developing sources of funding while maintaining sound fiscal and operational standards and practices. This includes continuing to work with the University System of Georgia to increase state funding allocations to reflect the College’s enrollment and needs as well as complying with University System policies, state regulations, federal guidelines, and other accountability measures. The College will also seek alternative funding through grants, public-private partnerships, and community financial support through the Foundation.

graduates with BS degrees in Early Childhood Education. Recognized as exemplary new teachers, Maria Harbeson of Gainesville and Lisa Pinner of Loganville each received a $1,000 grant to purchase school supplies and set up their new classrooms.      Through the Office of Institutional Advancement (which includes the GSC Foundation), $770,000 was raised (excluding endowment gains) for use in supporting the mission of the College. Approximately $450,000 was awarded in direct student scholarships. Over $30,000 was invested in the surrounding communities in the form of Civic Engagement and Community Relations. An additional $37,0 0 0 suppor ted facult y/staff development, awards, and recognition.

staff who desire an opportunity to try something innovative and experimental in their courses but have not had time and/or financial resources to do so. The 11 faculty members and their grant projects were: Sean Boyle and Angela Megaw: “Library Tools and Skills ‘On Demand’— Just-in-Time Library Tutorials”; Dee Gillespie: “Preserving the Past: Oral History in Northeast Georgia”; Malynde Weaver: “Development of a Facebook Lab Companion to Improve Student Engagement and Learning of Structure and Function of Organs and Organ Systems in Anatomy and Physiology”; Susan Doyle-Portillo and Jeff Marker: “The Digital Storytelling Project”; Gina Reed: “Curriculum for Data Analysis and Probability for Pre-Service Teachers”; Katayoun

Parallels SG5: Developing sources of funding      The economic impact of GSC reached $204 million! The report released in June of 2011 by the Selig Center for Economic Growth in the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business found that GSC generated 2,254 full- and part-time jobs. Of those, 606 were on campus and 1,647 were off campus. The counties of Hall, Gwinnett, Jackson, White, Habersham, Lumpkin, Banks, and Forsyth were included in the study area for GSC. The College’s total economic impact of $204 million was spawned by the initial spending which equaled $153 million and includes salaries and fringe benefits, operating supplies and expenses, and other budgeted expenditures. The remainder of the impact was created by re-spending – the multiplier effect of those dollars as they are spent again in the region.


     Georgia Power 2010 New Teacher Assistance Grants were awarded to two GSC

     The GSC Foundation funded nine Innovative Teaching Grants at a total of $15,000 during 2010-11. The Innovative Teaching Program offers funding for faculty and teaching

Mobasher: “Teaching Geology Utilizing a GIS Module to Complement Field Studies”; Rebecca Homan and Regina Meeler: “Technology and Web-Based Integrated Lessons”; and Sean Boyle:

GSC Alum and long-drive pro Jason Chester at the 2010 Alumni Golf Open

“Ethical Issues in the Information Age: An Analysis through Video.”      The GSC Foundation funded three Innovative Staff Program Grants totaling $2,500. The Innovative Staff

a state-of-the-art design laboratory and beautiful new rehearsal hall/ performance studio. Private donors saw the importance of this project, and their generosity helped to bring the program to a whole new level.

“The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources. ” —Marquis de Vauvanargues (1715-1747), French Writer & Moralist Program offers funding for staff who desire an opportunity to try something innovative and experimental in their lines of work but have not had the financial resources to do so. The 2010-11 recipients were: Terri Carroll: “Major Maps”—term-by-term sample course schedules; Beth Sale: “Oconee Campus Art Exhibits”—expanding the exhibits featured in the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery to the Oconee Campus; and Christie Cruise-Harper: “Diplomats for Diversity Program”—program using current GSC students who engage their peers in dialogue around issues related to social justice and diversity.      The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs submitted proposals for 21 grants during 2010-11, and, of those, 10 were awarded, for a total of $311,096, and two are still pending.      GSC was one of the 10 University System of Georgia institutions included in the SunTrust Foundation $50,000 grant to the University System of Georgia Foundation to implement the “SunTrust Scholars” program. Funding received will be used to enable students facing significant financial barriers to attend University System of Georgia institutions in the Metro Atlanta area.      Identifying a real need in the GSC Theatre Department based on the expansion of the theatre program to offer the BFA Design and Technology for Theatre, the GSC Foundation led the charge to raise funds and oversee the renovation of the Ed Cabell Theatre and the addition of

Part of the crowd at the annual Starlight Concert & Fireworks Show

     The GSC Alumni Affairs Office, also part of Institutional Advancement, held its two major fund/friend raisers during the year to support the mission of the College. The Alumni Golf Open was held in October of 2010, and the Starlight Concert & Fireworks Show was held in June of 2010. Both events were successful, with approximately $71,000 being raised for student programming and scholarships.


Strategic Goal 6.  To enhance th e C o l l ege’s s e r v i c es and opportunities to the community. This includes a broad array of activities, including Continuing Education and Public Service programs; Gainesville Theatre Alliance; birth through grade 12 collaboration; and other cultural and educational opportunities and programs.

Art Competition,” “Faculty Biennial,” “Cartographic,” and “Graduating Art Students.”      The GSC Financial Aid Office participated in 2011 College Goal Event in February, 2011. The event was held on campus and was designed to assist low-income high school seniors with 2011-12 FAFSA submissions.      Faculty members from the History and Anthropology Department of the School of Social Sciences Drs.

12.21.2012: An End of Days?”; “Jennifer Pozner: Project Brainwash—Why Reality TV is Bad for Women”; and “Neda Sarmast: Nobody’s Enemy— Youth Culture.”      The Gainesville Theatre Alliance, now in its 31st year, is a creative collaboration of Gainesville State College, Brenau University, theatre professionals, and the Northeast Georgia Community. The 2010-11 season featured: WonderQuest’s “The Briar Patch: Tales of Joel Chandler

Parallels SG6: Enhance services to the community      With the help of students, faculty, and staff of IESA (Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis), Gainesville City Parks and Recreation approved the Linwood/ Redbud Project. GSC Students Derek Robertson and Tom Torres, along with Associate Director, Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis, Chris Semerjian, Assistant Professor of Biology Margi Flood, and Geospatial Technology Research Associate Carol Kraemer, have provided support with the initial environmental assessment of the property for the development of a concept plan. The 30-acre site, made up of city and county land, contains wetlands, streams, mature hardwood stands, rare native plant assemblages, invasive species, and lake access. IESA/GSC has access to conduct field labs and project work for students.      The GSC Art Department presented a remarkable lineup of exhibits in the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery during the 2010-11 academic year, which included: “Identity,” “Wild Culture: Ecological Perspectives,” “Artistic Discovery: The Congressional


Dee Gillespie, Ric Kabat, Jeff Pardue, and Ben Wynne conducted over a dozen interviews with survivors of the tornado that destroyed downtown Gainesville in 1936 as part of the Northeast Georgia History Center’s oral history project in March and April of 2011.      GSC partnered with the Arts Council, Inc. and South Arts to host the Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. The series included six screenings of critically-acclaimed independent films and personal appearances by the filmmakers.      The Colloquium Committee, which is made up of faculty, staff, and students, works to provide a roster of speakers from a broad array of subjects to enhance GSC students’ educational experience and stimulate their interests, discussion, and awareness of important global, social, cultural, and educational topics. The 2010-11 series was made up of a diverse group of speakers who were informative and thoughtprovoking: “Nesse Godin: Surviving the Holocaust”; “Dr. Edwin Barnhart

GTA’s WonderQuest presented “Briar Patch: Tales of Joel Chandler Harris.”

Harris”; “Singin’ in the Rain”; a February Festival of TWO Plays in Repertory! “Intimate Apparel” and “The Underpants”; and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” During the season, more than 22,000 audience members watched the plays and generated more than $158,000 in ticket revenue.      GSC students “wowed” audiences throughout the year with a variety of musical performances. The 201011 concert series included: the Fall Mid‐semester Music Concert featuring the Symphonic Band, Brass Ensemble,

Percussion Ensemble and String Ensemble; Fall Mid‐semester Music Concert featuring the Jazz Band and Chorus; GSC Music Faculty Chamber Music Concert; the Family Holiday Concert featuring Symphonic Band,

well as Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina, participated.      The Education Department, along with the School of Social Sciences, hosted the Social Studies Fair, in

communities. The Outreach Project is a component of GSC’s involvement with the National GeoTech Center, a National Science Foundation funded initiative to increase the GIS workforce in the United States. Chris Semerjian,

“ You don’t just luck into things as much as you would like to think you do. You build step by step, whether it is friendships or opportunities.” —Barbara Bush (1925- ), Former U.S. First Lady Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and String Ensemble; Family Holiday Concert featuring the Jazz Band and Chorus; Mid‐Semester Spring Music Concert featuring the Symphonic Band and Brass Ensemble; Big Band Show featuring the Jazz Band and Chorus; End of Spring Concert featuring the Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble and Chorus; and End of Spring Concert featuring the Symphonic Band, String Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.      Faculty members from the Business Division taught financial literacy courses at Winder Barrow High School and 12 Junior Achievement classes at the P-12 levels.      The Education Department sponsored “a day at college” event for 80 second-grade students from Chicopee Woods Elementary School.      The GSC Counseling and Career Center maintains the College’s Job Board, which is accessible to students and the community at large. Data collected showed a sharp decrease in job listings in 2010-2011 as compared to 2010– 2011, with a 47% decrease in job listings. On the other hand, those people seeking jobs utilized the Job Board in increasing numbers. The site had 121,276 hits on the job board by those looking for jobs in 2010-2011 as compared to 89,169 hits on the job board in in 2009-2010, reflecting a 27% increase.      The College’s math faculty hosted the 17th Annual Two-Year College Mathematics Tournament. Over 100 students from schools in Georgia, as

which 75 middle and secondary school students participated.      GSC’s 2010 Summer Scholars Institute has been actively promoting academic enrichment for 20 years! Approximately 120 very fortunate boys and girls had a rewarding and eventful summer, as they improved their academic skills, learned from positive role models, and improved their chances of attending college. The Summer Scholars Institute, an early intervention program, is a three-year cohort program for students in grades 8-10. The GSC Foundation spearheads the fundraising efforts necessary to fund the program at no cost to the students, and major contributors include The United Way, Jackson EMC, and other generous donors. While the students who participate in the SSI do not pay, the cost per student is approximately $850 and covers teacher and student supplies, two meals per day for 19 days, transportation to and from the College, educational field trips, teacher and staff salaries, and uniforms. Pre-and post-tests show that students do indeed improve their academic skills during the course of the program.      Thanks to a Geographical Information Systems (GIS)/K-12 Outreach Project between GSC and North Hall Middle School and the DaVinci Academy at South Hall Middle School, the College is fulfilling its mission of expanding excellent hands-on training in geospatial technologies to the surrounding

Associate Director of GSC’s Lewis F. Rogers Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis and Co-Principal Investigator for GeoTech, worked closely with Lance Hundt, GSC Virtual Systems Administrator, and Wally Beck, GSC Assistant Director of Academic Computing, who collaborated to mirror a GSC GIS student desktop experience at a K-12 level. Zac Miller, GIS Outreach Coordinator at GSC, introduced Virtual Lab to the schools in spring of 2010. The initial project utilizing the virtualization solution allowed GSC to assist two K12 educators and reach 62 students. The program was continued at the DaVinci Academy, and all 120 students attending the school received hands on GIS instruction. GSC also offered a free training workshop for educators from the K-12 sector July 19– 22, 2010.


Parallels GSC Foundation Board of Trustees Brenda Bahel The Starke Companies

Lynn Carter KLS & Carter Chiropractic

Chris Crawford Southern Way Insurance

Vicki Davis* Liberty Mutual Insurance; Alumni Assn. President

John Elliott The Norton Agency

Chuck Guthrie Retired

Kurt Hansen* Community Bank & Trust; Chairman

Lee Hemmer The Simpson Company of Georgia

Sloan Jones* GSC; Chair, Communications & Special Events Committees

Shane Lazenby Forrester & Brim Attorneys

Jane Fleming The Norton Agency

Leopold Llonch Leo Llonch and Associates

Rita Mandell UCW-II Management Corp.

Kelly Manley Gainesville State College—Oconee Campus

Johnnie Mejia SunTrust Bank

Robin Myers Educational Resources of NE Georgia

Martha T. Nesbitt* Gainesville State College President

Elizabeth Nix Retired

Robert Pennington* Willis Investment Counsel, Inc.; Past Chairman

Ricky Pugh* Independence Bank of Georgia; Treasurer

Robin Smith BB&T—Branch Banking & Trust

Larry Sparks City of Oakwood

Lydia Starke Retired

Kevin Tharpe* J. Kevin Tharpe, PC

Mary Transue* GSC; CEO of GSCF; VP for Institutional Advancement

Joseph Turnell Heyward Allen Motors

Margaret Whalen Creative Solutions

Richard White* Full Media; Chairman-Elect

William Yarbrough Realty Executives— Purvis Realty

*Member of the Executive Committee


Message from the Foundation Chairman: The Parallels Report is just another example of how the College and the Foundation join forces on a regular basis. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to serve as the Chair of the GSC Foundation and to see first-hand how important the collaborations are and just how impactful they are to the overall success of students, faculty and staff, alumni, and our community at large. As I pass the gavel to Mr. Rich White, who will serve as the 2011-12 Chairman, I feel confident that this strong relationship between the College and the Foundation will continue. —Kurt Hansen, GSCF Chairman, 2010-11

Gainesville State College Foundation Chairmen, 1968-2011 James E. Mathis, Sr. James A. Smithson N. A. Jacobs Nathaniel Ashe Paul Seals John L. Cromartie, Sr. Samuel L. Oliver James A. Faulkner Bradley Abernathy W. A. Bagwell Wayne Clark William T. Hudson, Jr.

1968-71, 74 1972-73 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984

Roger D. Bower Martha R. Simmons Steven P. Gilliam John W. Hodge Richard D. White Andrew K. Walker P. Fred Kelly Joseph D. Chipman, Jr. Joel F. Ames Benjamin H. Easterling Keith Morris Kelly Anne Miles

1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996

Lee Chapman Stacey Reece Bill Galardi John Gram Harry Chapman John Gram Ruth Bruner Tom Calkins Margaret Ward-Whalen Robert G. Pennington Kurt Hansen

1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005, 2006 2007, 2008 2009-11

Honorary Life Trustees Joanne C. Bagwell William A. Bagwell Ruth Bruner Tom Calkins Harry Chapman Joseph D. Chipman, Jr. Ralph W. Cleveland Elton S. Collins

John L. Cromartie, Sr. James A. Dunlap James R. Forrester Bobbie Gay Dallas Gay, Jr. John Gram Steven P. Gilliam Ray C. Jones

Charles & Lessie Smithgall Loyd Strickland Lee Waldrip Andrew K. Walker J. Foster Watkins Richard White Philip Wilheit

Ruth Lane James E. Mathis, Jr. James E. Mathis, Sr. Jack McKibbon, Jr. J. M. (Ray) McRae Hugh M. Mills, Jr. W. Ernest Moore, Jr. Keith Morris

Joe T. Wood, Sr.

2011 Alumni Council Officers & Members Chris Stenander, President Vicki Davis, Past President Brenda Adams, Gainesville Jeff Barkley, Gainesville Tonya Black, Flowery Branch Marie Braswell, Gainesville Haley Carter, Lula Erika Cooper, Athens Kimberly Godfrey, Gainesville Melissa Gooch, Hoschton

Scott Grogan, Cumming Crystal Halligan, Cleveland Heather Howington, Flowery Branch Kellie Jackson, Flowery Branch Kristen Lathem, Gainesville Jamila Hunter Leavell, Duluth Kim Leverette, Gainesville Michelle Lindsey, Cumming Stacy & Alan Louis, Gainesville Semuel Maysonet, Jefferson

Chris McCormick, Gainesville Barry & Kerry Moose, Gainesville Sheri Parker, Flowery Branch Michele Piucci, Gainesville Tana Suggs, Buford Jackie Wallace, Gainesville Tracie & Scott Webb, Gainesville James Wright, Gainesville


Northern Trust Endowment Account Northern Trust is a global leader in delivering innovative investment management; asset and fund administration; and fiduciary and banking solutions to corporations, institutions and affluent individuals. Founded in 1889, Northern Trust is a global leader in asset management and asset servicing for institutional and personal clients. As of June 30, 2011, Northern Trust had $ 83 billion in assets, $4.4 trillion in assets under custody, and $684 billion in assets under management. Equities Large Cap $ 3,124,007 Mid/Small Cap $ 816,662 International $ 2,875,507 Real Assets $ 1,103,186 Fixed Income $ 3,056,629 Cash $ 248,208 Endowment Portfolio $ 11,224,199 Goizueta Grants


Grand Total

$ 12,041,930





Changes in Endowment Account Market Value from 7/1/2010 to 6/30/2011 Beginning Market Value Additions Withdrawals Income Appreciation Ending Market Value


Equities 61% Fixed Income 27% Real Assets 10% Cash 2%

$ 9,134,276 $ 45,758 $ (110,883) $ 275,073 $ 1,879,975 $ 11,224,199

Changes in Goizueta Grant Account Market Value from 7/1/2010 to 6/30/2011 Beginning Market Value Additions Withdrawals Income Appreciation Ending Market Value

$ $ $ $ $ $

787,087 21,944 8,700 817,731

Parallels Investment Committee Report Foundation Assets Endowments $12,041,930 Operating $50,032

Endowments Operating

Theatre Campaign

Theatre Campaign $1,228,647

Other Assets


Other Assets $251,615

Endowments Operating Theatre Campaign Other Assets GSC Foundation, Inc. Assets

$ 12,041,930 $ 50,032 $ 1,228,647 $ 251,615 $ 13,572,224

GSC Foundation Real Estate Holding Co., Inc.

$ 10,404,634

Total Foundation Assets

$ 23,976,858

Your Contributions at Work Increasing Student Access and Quality of Education (81.6%) The Foundation is proud of the fact that such a large percentage of the funds raised annually are used directly to ensure that students in our community have access to pursue their educational goals. Scholarships and programs in this category also increase our students’ access to the most current and innovative teaching processes to enhance their educational experience.

Alumni and Community Relations (11.4%) Gainesville State College is proud of our relationships with our alumni and our community. Our students appreciate the excellent academic foundation they receive at GSC. These funds are used to stay in touch with our alumni as well as new and potential donors and communicate our important mission as an access institution in North Georgia.

Operations (7.0%) The “cost of fund raising” is kept to a minimum at the Foundation in order to make the largest percentage of funds available for education. These funds are used for office operations relative to fund raising.

Total Gifts July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011


Contributions Special Events

$ 625,177.66 $ 88,855.45

Total Gifts

$ 714,033.11




Increasing Student Access and Quality of Education (81.6%)




Alumni and Community Relations (11.4%)


Operations (7.0%)


Honor Roll of Donors


These individuals and organizations made gifts to the Gainesville State College Foundation during Fiscal Year 2010-2011. Publication of names of contributors is strictly for the purpose of grateful acknowledgement by Gainesville State College Foundation. Donors who are Gainesville State College faculty, staff, or retirees are indicated by +.

Chancellor’s Club—Gold ($100,000 or more) Foster Charitable Remainder Trust

Chancellor’s Club—Silver ($25,000 to $99,999) Anonymous Gift Anonymous Gift from a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust AT & T Georgia Northeast Georgia, Inc./McDonald’s Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Swoszowski

Chancellor’s Club—Bronze ($10,000 to $24,999) db Audio and Video Jackson EMC Foundation funded by the Members of Jackson EMC through the “Operation Round Up” Program Mr. & Mrs. John W. Jacobs, Jr. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group North Georgia Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Pennington The Times United Way of Hall County, Inc. Willis Investment Counsel, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Willis, Jr.

Regent’s Club ($3,000 to $9,999) American Proteins, Inc./ Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Bagwell America’s Home Place, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Stan Appleton Jane Banks BB&T—Branch Banking & Trust


David & Gail Chester Conditioned Air Systems, Inc./ Doug & Diane Magnus Chris & Thomas Crawford Vicki & Jim Davis Mr. & Mrs. James E. Gardner, Jr. Bobbie & Dallas Gay The John A. & Merridy Gram Fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation Gift from Anonymous Donor Gift from Anonymous Donor Paul & Glenna Maney Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John R. McPherson Merial Select, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Rafael Pascual Potts Construction Ralph & Mary Cleveland Foundation/ Mary, John, Cathy, Michael & Scott Cleveland Roy C. Moore Foundation SKF USA, Inc. Lessie Smithgall Loyd & Pam Strickland Dr. & Mrs. Jack Thompson University System of Georgia Foundation, Inc. Wayne Farms, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Rich White Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Wiley Z F Industries, Inc.

President’s Club ($1,000 to $2,999)

AirTran Airways Anonymous Gift from a Donor Advised Fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Danny E. Askew Atmos Energy Dr. Nancy Stead Atwood & Dr. Alan Atwood

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Bagwell Thomas L. Bower III Robin+ & Mike Bright Elizabeth P. Byrd Cargill, Inc. Carroll Daniel Construction Co./ Brian Daniel Harry R. Chapman Jr.+ City Plumbing & Electric Company/ Stewart Teaver Clipper Petroleum Mr. & Mrs. Elton Collins Commerce Club of Gainesville Community Bank & Trust— Gainesville Crystal Farms, Inc. Carole Ann Daniel Duplicating Products/Matt Nix Elan Holdings, Inc. Ethicon, Inc. Excelso Coffee Company, Inc./ Atlanta Vending Dr. & Mrs. Slade Exley (Eleanor) Fairway Outdoor Advertising Douglass Fiero Flynn Finderup Architects Randall & Susan Frost Jimmy Garner Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. Richard G. Goodson+ Dr.+ & Mrs. Steve Gurr/ Gurr Consultants Chuck & Pat+ Guthrie The Gwinnett Braves Harris Products Group Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hewell Mr.+ & Mrs. Bob Howington IMBA-SORBA James & Associates 1, Inc. Dale & Hanna Jones Kerzner International Resorts, Inc. Kipper Tool Company/ Jerry & Nancy Kipper

Kiwanis Club of Gainesville L & R Farms, Inc./ Mr. & Mrs. David L. Lathem Lanier Color Co., Inc./ Mr. & Mrs. Timm Scott Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lathem Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Lawson Phyllis & Richard Leet Longstreet Clinic P. C. Robert Mallis Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Mansfield Mrs. James E. Mathis Sr. Grant from The Jim Mathis Family Fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation/Jim & Robin Mathis Matthews Printing Company Mr. & Mrs. John M. Melvin Dr. Hugh M. Mills Jr.+ Dr. & Mrs. Larry Morris Murrayville Veterinary Clinic/ Dr. Jane White John P. & Martha T. Nesbitt+ Northern Trust Bobby A. Painter Patricia & Ron Peeples Performance Food Service—Miltons Grant from The Donald & Patricia Pirkle Family Foundation Fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Val J. Porter PPI, Inc./Jeff Gay & Thomas Gay Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rasmussen Richard L. Walters, Inc. (Richard) Sapa Extrusions, Inc. Ken & Mary Ann Scarboro Jane Shockley South Carolina Bank and Trust Grant from The South Hall Kiwanis Education Fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Wendell M. Starke Jim & Candis Stephens Stewart Melvin & Frost, LLP Mr. & Mrs. Warren D. Stribling Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas The Thomas T. & Bernice F. Irvin Foundation, Inc. Mary Transue+ Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation Dr.+ & Mrs. Tom Walter Walters Acceptance Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Jim Walters Walters Management Company

Grant from the Warren Featherbone Foundation at the North Georgia Community Foundation J. Foster+ & Janice P. Watkins Wells Fargo Company Mrs. A. Frank Wiegand Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Wilheit Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Wyant

Scholarship Society ($500 to $999) ALC Controls, Inc. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./ Gwinnett Pearls of Service Foundation, Inc Beth Baldwin F.E. Bobo Patricia Bunker+ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Calkins Kathleen & Rives Carter Carter Chiropractic: Mr. Adam & Dr. Lynn Carter Chateau Elan Winery & Resort Chattahoochee Bank of Georgia Community Bank & Trust Community Bank & Trust—Cornelia Country Charm Egg Distributors Julia & John Cromartie Dr. Susan Daniell+ Dork’s Books Dr. Susann Doyle-Portillo+ Gainesville Hall Co. Retired Educators Association Gainesville Jewelry Gainesville Theatre Alliance Gainesville-Northeastern Circuit Bar Association Gourmet Services of Louisiana, Inc. Delbert P. Greear+ Hallco Community Federal Credit Union Danita Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hemmer/Hemmer Investment Properties, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hunt Jackson Electric Membership Corp. Fred & Lynn Kelly Lanier Corvettes Unlimited Deborah K. Mack Magic Craft Studio/Travis Massey Rita Mandell & Bob Cook Mr. & Mrs. Charles McKay McMahan’s Sartorial Clothing

Memorial Park Funeral Home/ Mr. Jack Frost North Georgia College & State University Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John E. Peebles Michele & Andy Piucci Pyramid Masonry Contractors, Inc David Rankin Dr.+ & Mrs. Herbert Robinson Rotary Club of South Hall County Rushton & Company Tom Sauret+ Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schrage Mr. Granville Shubert Southstar Energy Group, LLC Specialty Clinics of Georgia, P C Dr. William B. Strickland+ Jim & Leah Thompson United Community Bank— Gainesville Utili-Comm South/John Pudenz Doyle & Anne Webb+ Wilheit Packaging, LLC

Laker Society ($250 to $499) Vince & Jenni Akeley Suzanne & Stan Angle Tom Atkinson Margarita & Ricardo Ayala Benny & Susan Bagwell Mr. & Mrs. R. Alvin Bagwell Katy K. Bassett Joseph S. Beall Jack & Jo Beasley Anne & Boyd Blalock Jeff Boggan Katherine Boggs Scott & Kristy Bowling Ron Bracewell Jeff Bruns Mrs. April Bynum Joy B. Campbell+ Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Cantel Mr. & Mrs. James O. Cantrell Dr. Alicia D. Caudill+ Connie & Harry Champy Chattahoochee Golf Club Jason Chester Club Corners Car Wash Dr. Maryellen Cosgrove+ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cundiff Dr. & Mrs. John W. Darden Mr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Davidson


Honor Roll of Donors Ida Deusch Disability Services— Gainesville State College Adama Doumbia Mr. Steven Drake Anne C. Duke+ Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Bill Falls Marla Fouts Drs. Mary Lou & Ken Frank Mr. & Mrs. Dan Freeman Gainesville Lions Club Larry & Lisa Garmon Lavon J. Gary Georgia Council for Social Sciences Heyward Gnann+ Mr. & Mrs. David Grainger Drs. Andrew & Kristen Green Lorraine Gruskin GSB Architects Brandon+ & Kendra Haag Hamilton Mill Car Wash Jim Hammond+ Kurt & Amy Hansen Phil & Lisa Hartley Hayes Family Dealerships Drs. Beata & Piotr Hebda+ Linda & Jerre Henderson Jennifer+ & Curtis Hendrickson Kelies & Cathy Hicks+ Melanie & Scott Hodgkins Mr. & Mrs. Ian Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Trent Hoffmann Renate & Jerry Howard Mr. & Mrs. Phil Hudgins Mr. & Mrs. William T. Hudson Jr. Shaun P. Hughes Dr. Katheryn+ & Mr. Donald Hunt Bonney & Arnold Irvin J.L. Thompson Properties, Inc. The Jaeger Company Dack & Kim Johnson Greg & Jane Johnson Maria & Jerry Johnson Randall & Gail Jones Sloan+ & Ed Jones Junior Achievement Terri Kellum-Chase


Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kelly Anita Keys Linda Kay & Jim Keys Marcin & Joanna Krauz Lake Lanier Islands Mr. & Mrs. Thanh D. Le Kelly & Morgan Lee Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Legg Dr. Alex Lowrey+ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lyle Lyman, Davidson Dooley, Inc. Michael Madsen Kimberly & Doug Martin Yvonne & William Mason Mr. & Mrs. Tony Mastro Mimi K. Mathis Jackie+ & Mike Mauldin Dr. Mary Mayhew+ McKibbon Hotel Group McNeely Foundation, Inc. Jeanne & Bob Mifflin Dianne & Todd Miller Dirk & Pat Mitchell Robin & Allan Myers Michael & Karen Newton Northeast Georgia Restorative & Implant Dentistry Olympic Oil Julia & Rory Osborne Teresa Pacheco+ Mr. David Park James Terry & Margie Park Colby Pendrey Adam & Brandy Pethel Kenneth & Rebecca Pierce Mary & Verdis Puckett Nathan J. Ramats The Randolph Fund at the North Georgia Community Foundation/ Mr. & Mrs. Strother Randolph Verlin & Lavonda Reece Dr. Amy Reeder+ Col. & Mrs. Thomas Reiter Mr. Lamar W. Reynolds Jr. Charles & Nancy Rhodes Jr. Norma & David Richardson Peter & Gertrud Rocco Judy Rogers

Parallels Angela R. Saravia Don & Gail Scarborough Kimberly & Gary Scott Johnathon & Betsy Shank Patricia & Todd Sharp Cheryl & Alan Shedd Frank Sherwood+ Lisa & Gary Smith Judge & Mrs. Sidney O. Smith Jr. Southern Way Insurance Wendy Stafford Edward Standera+ Hannah Stapella Joyce & Burton Stephens Sammy Stephens Doug & Melissa Straughan Belle S. Strickland Mr. & Mrs. David Strickland Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Lisa & Nathan Swenson Brandon & Laurin Thompson Scott & Leigh Tipton Dong & Toan Tran Ha T. Tran Anita Turlington+ Joe & June Turnell Gary C. Umberger Michel Van Musschenbroek John & Nancy Vance Chi K. Vuong Guissette & Jeff Watkins Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Whalen Brown & Meme Wilder Mietek & Monika Woloszyn Carroll & Elizabeth Wright Sandy & John Yelverton

Century Club ($100 to $249) Rosanell & Aubry Adams+ AgGeorgia Farm Credit Edward G. Albrecht Caroline Alday Allen Insurance Group Dr. Jerry Allison+ Ruth M. Allison American Security Shredding

Mexico Lindo LLC— Dave & Haydee Anderson Andy Strange Grading Kyle L. Ankiel+ Anonymous Paula Arckivy+ Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Armstrong Bank of the Ozarks Connie Banks Lance Bardsley+ Barnsley Gardens Bates Carter & Company Ezekiel Black+ Sarah H. Boatwright+ Cathy & Doug Bowers John & Sharon Bozman Dr. Charles K. Bradley Brasstown Valley Resort Walt Bready+ Frances L. Brown+ Jeanette & Ace Brown Dr. Michelle S. Brown+ Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bruner Sabrina Cagle Kimberly A. Campbell+ Mr. James Carboy Mr. & Mrs. Jack Carey Mark Carter Carter’s Auto Repair, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. J. William Chapman Chicopee Woods Golf Course City Tours Lee Roy Clendenning+ Rick Coker+ Ronald F. Coleman Committee to Elect Carlton W. Rogers Mr. Brett Compton Dr. Diane Cook+ Larry E. Cook, Jr.+ Walter & Angie Cooper JoAnne & Gregory Costa+ Richard K. Crain+ Kelly G. Dahlin+ Donna Danns+ Dr. George Danns+ Mrs. Delene Darst Richard P. Davis Sabine Davis+ Deep South Dogs Deidre A. deLaughter+ Delta Kappa Gamma—Theta Chapter Larry Dent Mr. Scott Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Ebert

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Edmonds Elachee Nature Science Center Electronic Sales Co. Evangelina Escalante+ Dr. Joy D. Evans+ Fish Tales Lakeside Grill Jane Fleming Judith M. Forbes+ Charles J. Fowler+ Kate A. Fowler+ Curtis & Anne George Georgia Chair Company Mr. Alvin Gibson Gibson Dental Designs Dr. Chaudron Gille+ Ms. Mary Gilligan Kristi L. Griffin Linnea S. Haag+ Dr. John M. Hamilton+ Hamilton Mill Associates, LLC DBA Bell Minor Home Jeanne & Terry Hanlin Cheryl A. Harris+ Janice Hartsoe+ Tim Hayes Jeff Heagy+ Dr. & Mrs. John Hemmer Highland Mountain Beverage Service, Inc. Joslyn Hilliard+ Gerald A. Hitchcock Dr. Timothy J. Howell+ & Kathleen McManus Heather L. Howington+ Hussey, Gay, Bell & DeYoung International, Inc. J. K. Lockwood Construction David Johnston+ Bonnie Jones+ John M. Jones+ Lenora Jordan+ Joseph’s Salon Dr. Kristin Kelly+ Elizabeth & Peter Kendall+ Dr. Joanna Kim Doyle+ Jill Kleinberg-Harmony Judith Kleinberg-Harmony Amy L. Lancaster+ Dr. William T. Langston Lanier Federal Credit Union Jeff A. Lawson The Lodge on Lake Oconee Dr. & Mrs. Jim Lorence Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ludwig Dr. Lawrence Lykins

Dr. Kelly S. Manley+ Maribella Designs Gary C. Martin Michallene G. McDaniel+ Mr.+ & Mrs. Garry McGlaun+ Dr. Glenda McLeod+ Garry K. Merritt+ Milton & Helen Mills William R. Moody+ Eric Mullins+ Chris Mundy National Multiple Sclerosis Society— Georgia Chapter Major Nelson Jr.+ Dr. Dana Nichols+ Charles & Lana Nix Elizabeth Nix Marsha Norris+ North Georgia Canopy Tours Northeast Georgia History Center Oeste Salvaje, LLC Padgett Business Services Mack Palmour+ Dr. Al Panu+ Sandra Paradise Dr. Jeff Pardue+ Ed T. Parks III Janine H. Paulauskas Peachstate Polysteel Dr. Charles T. Preston, Jr.+ Mr. Perrin Reynolds Louis Rognoni Jayne E. Roper+ Royal Lakes Golf Club Diane Ruberti+ Dr. Andrew Santander+ Kim Savage+ Wallace Scott+ Scott’s on the Square Bruce Sellers+ Dr. Pamela Sezgin+ Dr. J. B. Sharma+ Kathleen Simmons+ Sinclair Townes & Company Susan E. Smith+ Larry Sparks Christopher D. Stenander Dr. Kerry Stewart+ Dr. Peggy Strickland+ Dr. Brad & Barbara Strickland+ SunTrust Bank—Gainesville Carolyn Swindle+ Dr. Clayton L. Teem II+ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Tharpe Dr. Wendy Thellman+


Honor Roll of Donors Century Club ($100 to $249) Dr. Andrew Thomas+ David Thomas Patricia G. Thomas Renee Thompson Three D Cleaners & Laundry H. Jeff Turk+ Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Vardeman Dr. Margaret Venable+ Leslie Vinson+ Jennifer Von Almen+ Jackie & Jimmy Wallace Roberta Wampler+ Watkins Chiropractic Clinic Malynde B. Weaver+ Mr. & Mrs. Fleming Weaver Patricia & Ronnie Wehunt Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Whalen Mr. & Mrs. Joe C. White Mr. & Mrs. John S. White Jeri Whitworth Dr. Patricia Worrall+ Michael Worth+ Christy G. Yeager Dr. Douglas P. Young, Jr.+ Sara Zerkel+

Friends ($10 to $99) Jessica Abbott+ Brenda & Jimmy Adams+ Allison & Stuart Ainsworth+ Tim Aldridge+ Wanda Aldridge+ Dr. Apelete Allagan+ Melanie S. Allen+ Brent Allison+ Crystal Allred+ John Amoss+ Garfield Anderson+ Suzanne Anthony+ Robin Anyanwu+ Dr. Dorina Apahidean+ Arena Tavern Barbara Arnold+ Brenda Bahel Margaret+ & Ray Bailey Dr. Alla Baloueva+


Karen Banks+ Alfred S. Barker+ Gail Barksdale+ Brandi Barnes+ Dr. Christopher Barnes+ Stuart Beaman+ Wally Beck+ Charles Bell+ Beth Bellamy+ Samuel Bennett+ Erin O. Benson+ Barbara A. Bohannon+ Christopher Boring+ Casey Bowman+ Sean Boyle+ Michelle & Kevin Brown Bruster’s Ice Cream & Yogurt Clara R. Bryant+ Sara Burns+ Thomas Burson+ Ed Cabell+ John Calvin Joel Cantrell+ Dr. Mary Carney+ Dr. Barbara Carpenter+ Mrs. Teresa Carroll+ Tina Carter+ Shannon Chandler+ Chestatee State Bank Harry A. Childers+ Anita Cleek Coleman & Chambers Lesley & Jon Congdon Leonardo M. Cotlar Dale S. Crandall+ Crane Creek Vineyards Verlin Curry+ Delta Air Lines Foundation Dick’s Sporting Goods Joe Didio+ Dawn M. Dobbs Dogwood Garden Club Otis Dover+ Cathy & Dennis Drerup Glenn Eckhof+ Paula Edney+ Gail Emmett+ Connie Esford+

Parallels Jennifer Feenstra+ Susan Fifer+ Brandon Forrest+ Roy Forrester Donna Foster+ Lynn Foster+ Dr. Barry Friedman Gainesville State College— Continuing Education Gainesville Wednesday Study Club Randall Gee+ Georgia Aquarium Georgia Force Georgia Power Company Mrs. Lisa Giamoni-Haldar Carla Gibbs+ Annette Gilstrap+ Paul & Charlotte Glaser+ Michael Goodroe+ Ellen & Jerry Graveman+ Sheree J. Gravenhorst+ Great Gifts 4 U Amanda K. Griffin Donna Grizzle+ Robert Guyton+ Gwinnett Braves Hal Gibson Companies, LLC Dr. Yongseung Han+ Tonna Harris-Bosselman+ Thomas Hartfield+ Dr. Melinda Hawley+ Allison Haynes+ Daniel Haynes+ Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Head Eddie Headrick+ Serkan Hekimoglu+ Adrienne Henley+ Barbara Hermann Julia Hewell+ Cathy Hicks+ Dr. Jean+ & Mr. Robert Hiler David Hill Katherine Hinz+ Hitachi Power Tools Susie & Rodger Hogan Rebecca Homan+ Donna Hooton+ Harry Howell+

Lance L. Hundt+ Stephanie Hungerford+ Hieu P. Huynh+ Alexander Johns+ Raymond Johnson+ Dr. Ric Kabat+ Beth Kendall+ Nick Kidd+ Hyoungseok Kim+ Brian D. Kline+ Monique Kluczykowski+ Stacy Koffman+ Dr. James Konzelman+ Debbie Krewson+ Dr. Edward Wai-Ming Lai+ Evan Lampert+ Dr. Nina Lamson+ Robert C. Landreth Bernard Larkin+ Joseph W. Lavalle+ Tammy Leach+ Teresa Leckie+ Marianne Leidy+ Nancy Leizear+ Dean Lieburn+ Theresa Lindsey+ Lizzy Lou Designs Mr. & Mrs. Leo Llonch Loco’s Deli Earl J. Lundy+ Kathy Martin+ Maureen Martin+ Nancy Mattson+ Christopher L. McCormick Matthew W. McGiboney Marilyn McNeely Angela Megaw+ Thomas Meiring, Ph.D., PCC-S Jeanine Merck+ Minton Jones Co., Inc. Heather Mitchell+ Richard L. Mize Edward C. Morgan+ Celeste Morris+ Dr. Merrill Morris+ Tammy Mueller Leora Myers+ Dr. Mark E. Nabors+ Jeannie A. Nash+ Northeast Georgia Living Magazine Roshundra Oliver+ Dr. Alexander Olvido+ Emily G. Orchard+ Christy Orr+ Heather Page+

Clay Parrish Erin E. Parrish+ Kimberly Payne+ Brenda & Reggie Perry+ Ruth Mancari+ Dr. Hoang Pham+ Tony Phillips+ Phil-Mart Transportation, Inc. Debbra Pilgrim+ Mr. Juan Pizano Jason L. Ponders+ Vickie W. Poole+ Molly Potts+ Dr. Samuel Prestridge+ Ricky & Lynn Pugh Paul Raptis+ Dr. Cara Ray+ Christina Reed+ Gina F. Reed+ Valarie M. Reeves+ Gabriel Reyes+ Maria C. Rodriguez+ Dr. James T. Rogers Michael A. Roth+ Marvene Saenz+ Sassy Girl Design Eleanor Schut+ Chris Semerjian+ Xiaofang Shi+ Patricia Short+ Dr. G. Eric Skipper+ David Slutzky+ Robin & Morris Smith Rebecca N. Smith+ Samuel F. Smith Tracey O. Smith+ Catherine A. Snider Dr. Ray-Lynn Snowden+ St. Ives Coffee Roasters Stephanie Stahl+ Kanon Strickland+ Amye Sukapdjo+ Dianne Summers Brian Tarr+ James E. Thompson+ Lisa Thompson+ Samantha L. Thompson+ Dr.+ & Mrs. Steve Tilley Jef Tripp+ Dr. Anastasia Turner+ Unison Microcomputer Center Larry M. Vandiver Reba G. Wacaster+ Lisa Walker+ Justin Ward+

Charlene Warwick+ Brian Wesnofske+ Doris A. Whalen Laura Beth Wheeler+ Jack E. Whidden+ John C. Williams+ Carrie A. Wills+ Drs. Ben Wynne and Carly WomackWynne+ Colette M. Woods Dr. Leslie Worthington+ Randall Young+ Zaxby’s

Other Contributors Tammy M. Allen+ Lisa & Rodney Beck+ Chris Bruce+ Royce DeLong+ Sandra Garner+ Ashley Gresham+ Tara Jackson+ Scott Kantor+ Marci Manglitz+ Carol Marinelli+ Melody McMillan+ Dr. John O’Sullivan+ Derek A. Powers Michael P. Ryan+ Andria Smith+ Randell Smith+ Nikki Thomasson+

Special Note: The recognition extended to those listed in this publication is one small way to thank the many contributors to Gainesville State College Foundation. Every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, but it is possible that some errors may have occurred, and we wish to apologize for any inconvenience they may cause. Please call any corrections to our attention by notifying the Gainesville State College Office of Institutional Advancement at (678) 7173844.


Honor Roll of Donors During Fiscal Year 2010-2011, the following were honored by friends or family through the GSC Foundation:

In Memory Of Felton Jenkins Arthur W. Jetton Boleslaw Kluczykowski C. E. Lee Monica Luther Foy Martin Jack Miller Marquita Moore Jean Nick Fred Odom Sam Oliver James H. Pugh Ann Purdy Thomas E. Richards Elizabeth W. St. Clair Frances Stephens Humam Sukapdjo Harry M. Taylor Dorothy E. Teem Mary C. Turk Marjorie Z. Walters Barbara Webster Mrs. A. Frank Wiegand Mamie L. Williams

John B. Anderson Beth Ann Bennick Mary Jo Bridges Charles A. Bruce Nancy P. Buchanan Diane Carpenter Leon Clark Ralph Cleveland Phillip Cofer Gerald Colbert William H. Collins Eleanor Crawford Robert Davenport Sally Dickman Vi Dunlevy Arlene Epple James Freeman Leonard Geiger Peggy R. Glover Paul E. Grizzle Wanda Gulyban Alice Haynes Pat Head Douglas Hiler Imogene Jackson

In Honor Of Jane Banks Patricia Bunker William B. Edmonds Patricia W. Guthrie Robert E. Higgins Karen W. Kishimoto Dr. Martha T. Nesbitt


Office of Academic Enrichment & Learning Support Liaisons Lessie Smithgall Mary Transue Dr. J. Foster Watkins Charles E. Whalen

Parallels Matching Gifts The Clorox Company Foundation IBM International Foundation Johnson & Johnson Verizon Foundation

Hugh Mills Society The Hugh Mills Society was established to provide opportunities for supporters of the College to contribute to its long-term future by making a commitment through a will, insurance policy, or other deferred gift. Ed Cabell+ Edmund Coker John & Margaret Cromartie Fred & Peggy Crumpton Dr. Susan Daniell+ Byron Drew+ James & Eleanor Dunlap Chuck & Pat Guthrie+ Sloan W. Jones+ James E. Mathis, Jr. James & Frances Mathis Dr. Hugh M. Mills, Jr. Neil Mize John P. & Martha T. Nesbitt+ Marian H. Reedy Amy & Russell Phillips Lessie Smithgall Henry & Jean Purvis Ward J. Foster & Janice P. Watkins+ Patricia Wehunt+ Gus & Janelle Whalen Robert L. White Johnnie & Arrie Mae Wiley

Special Funds AKA - Theresa Dove-Waters Book Scholarship American Proteins Scholarship Beth Bennick Stein Memorial Scholarship Bibbi Hammond Memorial Scholarship Commerce Club Scholarship Davidson Scholarship Fund Diane Carpenter Memorial Scholarship Dogwood Club Scholarship Ed Mayhew Memorial Scholarship Eddie Rector Memorial Scholarship Fund Eleanor Crawford Memorial Award Ethicon Scholarship First in the Family Scholarship Frances Jenkins Meadows Gainesville Lions Club Scholarship Gainesville-Northeastern Circuit Bar Association Scholarship Gainesville/Hall Co. Retired Teachers Scholarship Georgia Power Scholarship Harold Geneen Scholarship Harris Products - Schweikert Scholarship IESA Jackson Electric Scholarship Johnny Vardeman Scholarship Kipper Tool Military Scholarship Kipper Tool Scholarship Lee Waters Memorial Scholarship Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation Grant Loyd Strickland Scholarship Mar Jac Poultry Inc. Scholarship Mathis Art Monica Hughes Memorial Scholarship Nathan Barrett Memorial Music Scholarship Presidential Leadership Scholars Program Roy Moore Art Gallery S H Kiwanis Jesse M. Bishop Scholarship S K F Scholarship SEED (Student Education & Enhancement Development) - PTK SEED (Student Education & Enhancement Development) - ESL Smart Classrooms The Foster Charitable Remainder Scholarship Theater Scholarship W J Stoy Fund – Smart Classroom Women’s Holiday Luncheon Women’s Leadership Institute ZF Industries STEM Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships Leland H. Bagwell Memorial Joseph Scott Bagwell W. A. Bagwell Bagwell/McDaniel Jimmie Phillips Bryson Memorial Ed Cabell W.T. Carlisle/Coach Joe Pittard Harry R. Chapman, Sr. Ralph & Mary Cleveland Rita Collins John & Margaret Cromartie Memorial Cromartie/Hubbs/Boston James & Eleanor Dunlap The Foster Charitable Remainder Trust Gainesville College Alumni Gainesville Kiwanis The Goizueta Foundation Scholars William F. (Bill) & Edna N. Hennen Consorcia Perez Herrera Robby C. Hewell Memorial Richard Hunt Phil M. Landrum James & Frances Mathis Bruce D. McArthy Frances Meadows Hugh M. Mills, Jr. Mattie Moon Clifford Eugene (Gene) Mooney Memorial Bill Moore Memorial Dean Myers Memorial Neal-Payne Martha T. Nesbitt Ann M. Purdy Memorial Herbert Robinson Parks R. Rountree Alexander Brevard Russell, Sr. Glenn & Anne Segars A. T. Sharpton Loyd Strickland Summer Scholars Endowment Joe Telford George & Anne Thomas Warren Featherbone J. Foster & Janice Watkins Robert L. White Tom Wilheit



GSC-GSCF Annual Report 2010-11  

Gainesville State College & Foundation Annual Report 2010-2011