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Jeremy Michael Ondresky was born on June 11, 1977 at 11:54 am

But Before that Joyous Moment there was a story, hence The Birthday Story It was a really rainy evening on June 10, 1977. I was feeling like

sooner or later you had to arrive. Your due date was actually June 6, 1977. So as far as I was concerned you were late. Of course Dr Sykora didn’t feel the same way. He said you would come when you were ready. Hmmmm…. Dad & I decided to go to Tuscano’s for dinner that night. It was a great Italian restaurant in a small Italian neighborhood located in the south side of Chicago. We ate there many times before and after you were born. Anyway it was a Friday night, so off we went into the rain storm for a great Italian meal in our 1968 Karmann Ghia Convertible Coupe. The floor boards leaked and since it was raining so hard, the floor of the car actually getting very wet and in addition we couldn’t control the heater, so it was always hot riding in the summer in that car. But we loved that car. Double click here to insert photo

Date: June 10, 1977

After Dinner We came home and went to bed. Well, Dad went to bed and I just kind of walked around the house to see if something was going to change. Around midnight I started to have contractions and was so happy to run upstairs and tell Dad I thought this was it. We waited around what seemed like an eternity to make sure that the contractions were real and that they started getting closer together. Alas, we got our previously packed hospital bag and were off to the hospital. I think this was about 2 am in the morning. They checked us in and the nurse examined me and said it would be a little bit before they would call the doctor to come in. Well, we got to meet the resident doctor and his name was Dr Kenny. We didn't pay to much attention to him because we knew they would be calling my doctor soon. Well things progressed and first I got sent down to get an xray of you because they were concerned that you were pretty big. No worries said Dr Liska, one of my doctors, he felt you were just under 10 lbs and that everything would go fine. Dad was a great coach, he told me when to breath and I told him to be quiet. Finally at about 11:30 am things really started to heat up and the nurse went looking for Dr Liska. He was delivering another baby and they thought he would just come into our delivery room and be there in time for you. That didn’t happen and Dr Kenny, the resident delivered you. You were beautiful. A perfect baby boy. And we were so excited to find out that you were a boy. We never knew what sex you would be, but we knew if you were a boy your name would be Jeremy Michael. We were all so excited, they put you in the nursery, so I could rest and Dad ran out to get cigars and call everyone to let them know the wonderful news.

A Little Scary While Dad was getting cigars, I started to have a couple of issues. My body lacked the right balance of hormones and it was unable to recognize that the birth was over, so my uterus continued to have strong contractions and hemorrhaged. Dr Liska was trying to find Dad, because he was recommending that he take out my uterus since he did not understand why I was continuing to hemorrhage and felt things were getting pretty critical. Well about that same time Grandma entered the room. She and Grandpa came to see you. You were their 1st grand child and they had just as hard a time as we did waiting for you to arrive. Dr Liska explained to grandma what his concerns were and she immediately asked where Dr Sykora was. You see Dr Sykora was Grandma’s doctor as well as mine (he delivered Uncle Dave and Dr Liska was part of his practice.) Dr Liska said that he was off for the weekend. Well you know Grandma, she told him to get Dr Sykora on the phone, that she wanted to talk with him right away. Within 10 minutes, Dr Sykora was at the hospital and had diagnosed my problem to be one that could easily be handled with an IV of a certain drug (METHYLERGONOVINE) that would assist my uterus to contract normally. I also had to have a blood transfusion, since I had lost so much blood. I slept for several hours and woke up feeling almost normal. Grandma was a real hero that day! I know the bond between her and you started that very day!

Alas, we finally have our Baby! Believe it or not, at that time you had to ask to have your baby brought to you in the hospital. So I asked the nurse, she brought you to me and I got to really SEE you, touch you and hold you! I was unwrapping your bunting blanket and the nurse came back in the room and starts yelling at me to not undress you. I remember her as not being very nice. Thank goodness we got to go home on Monday morning, June 13, 1977. We tried dressing you for the trip home in an outfit your Grandma bought for you to “come home from the hospital in” , it didn’t fit, it was too small. We laughed that you already out grew your first outfit. You won the biggest baby award in the hospital at 9 lbs 8 oz. We left the hospital and I remember feeling so happy to finally have you at home!! It was like you were finally ours!!! And that’s the BIRTHDAY STORY!!!!

Love, mom

The Birthday Story  

Jeremy Michael Ondresky

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