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Spring Cleaning: Not Just for Your House 2

So You Want to Write a Book? 4 Are You Ready for

Homeschool Convention Season? 6 A Quick Primer on How to Choose

a Homeschool Curriculum 7 Herbalist Kids: How to Teach Kids About Herbs 8 How to Start Anything! 9 Teaching Photography to Children 12 and Anyone Else - Lesson 4

Macro Photography Contest Rules and Entry Form


The Homesteading Homeschooler 22 Unplanned Homeschooler 23 Reviews: Wayfarers Ancient History 23 Nana's 3 Jars: Giving Generously 24 Exploring Sound and Light: Nancy Larson Science Level Two 25 A Few of Our Favorite Things 31 Spring Crossword Puzzle 29

Learning Tangent Magazine Editor-in-Chief Gail Nelson

Cover Design Jean Moree Cover Photo Anthony Demari Winner of the First Annual Homeschool Photography Contest

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From the Editor

Spring Produce offers some of the best, fresh flavors for your health regimen.

Every good story starts with a simple vision...this one vision can turn into an entire story...

There is no "perfect curriculum." And that's okay; we don't need perfection.

Learning about plants brings kids closer to the natural world, with a sense of wonder and respect.


are a great way to share!

Give the gift of print for only $19.99 with the code NEWSUB. Visit for more information.

Giving yourself permission to be a beginner takes strength, but is a valuable tool in beginning something new...and having success.

Congratulations to the winners!

Kids love exploring the great outdoors and learning about edible and medicinal plants.

Plantain grows almost anywhere, and is easy to identify.

Review: Wayfarers Ancient History

Ready for the next contest? Candy was so impressed with all of entries that her company, Wooden Nickel Photography, is sponsoring another contest! This one is a bit different, you'll have to photograph whatever your favorite subject is in close range, as a macro. Read Teaching Photography to Children...and Anyone Else on page 12 for more information, and the rules on page 14.

Review: Nana's 3 Jars: Giving Generously

Review: Exploring Sound and Light Nancy Larson Science 2

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Gary the Snail

Spring Crossword Clues

Quick and Easy Quiche

The Unplanned Homeschooler

A Few of Our Favorite Things... Homeschool curriclum we love

Spring Crossword Answers

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Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine - Spring 2015  

The Spring issue marks our first anniversary and the first time in print. Read the Homesteading Homeschooler, learn how to teach your kids a...

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