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Main Street Grayson 2016 Annual Report and Community Impact Report VISION:

Grayson’s Main Street Program will provide an environment in which the central business district will be valued as a vibrant economic and cultural destination and a vital contributor to the community’s identity. Our downtown will improve the quality of life for those who gather to work, live, shop, socialize, dine and find entertainment while preserving Grayson’s unique assets.


Grayson’s Main Street Program connects our community through growth, opportunities, and the preservation of businesses, families and individuals.

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Who are we? Stats & Demographics Big Winners Events & Volunteers Business & Investments Main Street 2016 Goals &Priorities Beyond Festivals & Farmers’ Markets Main Street 2017 Goals & Priorities

2016 STATS

? e w e r Who a

2016 Population – 3,461 2016 Households – 1,151 2016 Housing Units – 1,223 75% are Owner Occupied 19.1% are Rental 5.9% are Vacant 2016 Median Household Income - $81,067 Largest Demographic is 26.8% in the $100-149,000 2016 Median Home Value - $231,281 2016 Median Age – 37.4 12.4% Age 25-34 13.3% Age 35-44 16.8% Age 45-54 12.5% Age 55-64 With a total of 74.8% 18 years and older 2016 Population by Sex 1,656 Male; 1,805 Female 2016 Race/Ethnicity 54.6% White Alone 33.9% Black Alone 6.6% Hispanic Origin 5.7% Asian Alone 3.1% Two or More Races 2016 Population Marital Status (2,751 persons over the age of 15) 60.6% Married 29.1% Never Married 6.5% Divorced 3.9% Widowed 2016 Educational Attainment 28.4% Bachlor’s Degree 21.7% Some College, No Degree 17.7% High School Graduate 12.8% Graduate/Professional Degree 9.4% Associate Degree 2016 Workforce (Age 16 and over) 93.8% Employed 2016 Consumer Spending (Top 5 Average Expenditures) $20,428,316 Shelter $6,864,546 Health Care $6,252,119 Food at Home $4,085,424 Food away from Home $3,890.641 Entertainment


Grayson is considered a 94.3% “Soccer Mom” Community. Tapestry Segmentation is an Esri designation that better defines the socioeconomic landscape of a community. The “Soccer Mom” Tapestry is defined with an average household size of 2.96 people, a median age of 36.6 with a median household income of $84,000. It is “an affluent, family-oriented market with a country flavor. Residents are partial to new housing away from the bustle of the city but close enough to commute to professional job centers. Life in this suburban wilderness offsets the hectic pace of two working parents with growing children. They favor time-saving devices like banking online or housekeeping services and family-oriented pursuits.” Most households are married couples with children and the median home value is $226,000. Most households have 2 or 3 vehicles – the most poular type being minivans and SUV’s. Long commutes to work are common. This type of community is connected with a host of wireless devices; they are well insured and invested and carry a higher level of debt including mortgages and auto loans. The market profile for this community involves family-oriented purchases and activities such as televisions, children’s apparel and toys, and visits to theme parks. Outdoor activities and sports are charactistic including bicycling, jogging, golfing and boating.

Demographic Summary of Grayson PAGE 2

Esri Report dated 10/31/2016

We’re Big Winners

2015 Best of Gwinnett Grayson Farmers’ Market Grayson Blues & Brews Gwinnett Magazine

2016 Fastest Growing City in Georgia AJC.com - June, 2016

2016 Best of Gwinnett Grayson Farmers’ Market Grayson Blues & Brews Gwinnett Magazine

2016 Most Active City

Georgia Trend Magazine/Georgia Municipal Association

2017 Live Work Play City Active Georgia Initiative


Promotional Events


Total Events: Attendance:


Public community events, celebrations and festivals, parades and athletic or recreational activities serve to enrich the civic, charitable, cultural, economic, athletic, entertainment, and other values of the community. These events can enhance community identity while also providing funding opportunities for service organizations which assist those with need in our very own community. Events in Grayson play a vital role in education, placemaking, talent attraction, and social good. They bring citizens as well as visitors to the heart of our city to be part of our community. Main Street Grayson was responsible for hosting and executing Gimme Shelter Concert in June, Christmas in July, and Grayson Blues & Brews in October. Additionally, with one volunteer, the Grayson Farmers’ Market was held each Wednesday from June through September. More than concerts and festivals, these statistics represent those using public and park facilities for birthday parties, celebrations, and family get-togethers. Main Street Grayson is connecting our community through these opportunities and events.

Grayson GIVES Volunteer Hours:


WOW! These hours reflect the commitment that our community has to being part of making Grayson a great place to live and play! From the SE Gwinnett Co-Op Ministry to pouring beer at Blues & Brews, Grayson provides an outlet for every passion and service. These volunteers represent a monetary value of more than $23/hour or a time investment that is worth more than $535,716. (NonProfitQuarterly.org)


Let’s do business!


New Businesses in 2016: New Jobs Created:


Business Closings in 2016: Jobs Lost: Net New Jobs:


517 16

Total Amount of Private/Public Investments in Downtown area:

Dunkin’ Donuts & Benton House


Investing in Grayson

2 $78,000 Public Improvement Projects: 3 Rehabilitation Projects: Cost of Building Rehabs: Friends & Janice’s

Cost of Public Improvement Projects:

$23,686 AHC & Sidewalks


2016 Goals & Priorities BOOST GRANT PROGRAM

Goal is to set up parameters, notify the public and businesses in our service area of opportunities to invest and to benefit from the grant processes. Solicit funding for the grants; review and manage grant requests; assist with investor review.


Training for board members to be better equipped to assist in the marketing and development of Grayson’s needs as directed by the Mayor and Council.


Increased participation by the Board of Directors in planning and executing events marketed as “Hosted by Main Street Grayson.”


Set-up, populate, and maintain Main Street Grayson tab on website.


Continued monthly output of Get Into Grayson to keep subscribers up-to-date.


Updates and maintenance on the Memorial started by Eagle Scout.

OTHER INITIATIVES REQUIRING LONG-TERM IMPLEMENTATION: New Business Start-Up Packets Monthly/Quarterly Business Owner Coffees (This has been implemented by the Grayson Area Business Leaders so Main Street will begin helping to promote its usefulness.) Walkable Routes throughout the City Restaurant Event Facade Grant Program to be worked with the DDA Investigate the costs of updating the Blacksmith Shop at the AHC for a working smithy.



Mail list of 905 unique names at least once each month.

Grayson BOOST

Created and marketed BOOST program which has awarded $5,000 in grants to 6 small business entrepreneurs in Grayson.


Our mission was to further create a sense of place and honor for those in our community who wished to remember and pay respect for friends and family who have served, or are still serving, in any of the Armed Forces. A total of 54 new bricks were installed in our two 2016 installations.

TRAINING AND BOARD MANAGEMENT The Main Street Grayson By-Laws were updated to seat a more active and dedicated Board of

Directors. Bringing the minimum number of seats to 6, we allowed those directors who found they did not have the time to be active, to rotate off the board and that seat remain temporarily unfilled until a replacement could be found that complemented the strengths of the existing Board. Each of our directors has completed the Main Street 101 course as directed by the DCA and in 2016, 2 directors completed Main Street 201. Through webinars, GMA opportunities, and DCA training opportunities, nearly 50 hours of training were logged by the board and manager.


The Main Street Grayson Board of Directors instituted two new policies, separate from the by-laws, in 2016. The first outlined the need and directives for training of the manager and directors. The second was a statement and policy defining “Conflict of Interest” which was accompanied by a questionnaire for each director to complete.


2017 Goals & Priorities


The Board of Directors has determined that it will benefit the Main Street Grayson program to be a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. This will help us better fundraise for BOOST and other iniatives and is a common form of administering a Main Street Program.


Per new guidelines for Main Street Georgia cities, a historic district must be defined and noted with specific architectural, signage, and restoration guidelines. Per the Office of Downtown Development, we need to have this initiatve started in 2017 in order to maintain our Main Street designation.


The Main Street Board of Directors would like to assist the Mayor and Council to host a charette, or a series of charettes, to better define the vision of the community towards future development.


Our goal is to recruit at least one additional active member for our Board of Directors


Pull together funding and grant requests for July/August grant


Updates and maintenance on the Memorial - installations for Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.


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Main Street Grayson - 2016 Annual Report  

Main Street Grayson - 2016 Annual Report

Main Street Grayson - 2016 Annual Report  

Main Street Grayson - 2016 Annual Report

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