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The Steps We Take in Evaluating and Marketing Your Home Does Make a Difference



The Gaillard Group strives to serve you with the utmost diligence, integrity and successful results. We can assure you, we are not just another listing agent - We are SELLING agents. Our professionalism and expertise ensures that your needs are priority #1 and we will see you through to the close of your home and remain available to you thereafter. Our clients are kept well informed with weekly updates concerning showings, feedback, market conditions, new/sold properties in the neighborhood and marketing efforts. We believe the more you know, the more secure you feel about the choice you made in finding a REALTOR that represents you and your real estate needs. OUR HOME SELLING PROCESS Our listings are extensively advertised by utilizing these tools: Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Internet, Agent Caravan and Agent Pre-Inspections, Open Houses, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Real Estate Magazines, Flyers, Brochures, Relocation and Referral Services, Investor Prospecting, Yard Signs, Prospect Targeting and Client Bank Notification. Are you ready to sell? Our initial meeting is to determine your concerns and motivation allowing us to consider and understand your needs and desires. It is very important to know your future plans as well as your present need to sell as a determining factor in: sales price, marketing efforts, negotiating. We will also go over your expectations for service and sale. We represent your interest in the transaction and we want to make sure we have covered all that is important and concerning to you regarding your property and desired outcome. During the listing process, we will determine the best market price for your home using several tools including a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), an overview of the current real estate market, and a 7tier Marketing Plan. Our listings are aggressively and extensively advertised. You will be fully informed and educated on the selling process and your role as a Seller and our role as Your Listing Agent. In all situations we act as YOUR: Marketing Manager, Transaction Coordinator, Community Consultant, Property Specialist, Experienced Negotiator, Trusted Advisor and most of all Your Real Estate Professional. Our objective it to get your house SOLD. We do not stop our marketing efforts until that is achieved.



Even if you've bought or sold a home before, this process can still be daunting. Let's look at the many steps involved in selling a home and see how The Gaillard Group works to tie them all together. Step 1: List your property with The Gaillard Group We are knowledgeable, listen carefully to identify your needs, and endeavor to make you comfortable throughout the whole selling process. Step 2: Discuss how we can assist you in finding your new home. If you have not identified a property to purchase, we provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the area to guide you. Step 3: Establish price and time frame. We will prepare a comparable market analysis (CMA), which compares your home with similar homes in the area that are currently listed, under contract or have sold within the last six months. Supply and demand, craftsmanship, amenities, condition and any special circumstances can also impact price. Step 4: We will develop and implement a marketing strategy. It's important to develop a plan that will expose your home to as many buyers as possible. This usually includes scheduling open houses, advertising in local newspapers and magazines and on the Internet, preparing property brochures, multiple listing service, exposing the listing to brokers' and referral networks and installing a lawn sign. Step 5: An offer is submitted. A buyer will makes an offer, either through us or through a Buyer's Agent and we will promptly relay it to you and help you evaluate it. Step 6: The negotiation process begins and eventually an offer is accepted. The process of offer and counter-offer goes on until parties arrive at an acceptable contract. This step can go very quickly or take days, even weeks. Step 7: Buyers submit a loan application and home inspections are scheduled. Most often, the loan approval is contingent upon a satisfactory appraisal and various inspections. Step 8: The loan is approved. All parties breathe a sigh of relief and begin preparations for moving. Step 9: We will coordinate all activities required for closing. We funnel all the closing documents to the closing attorney. A final walk-through will also be scheduled. Step 10: Finalize and close transaction. All parties meet and sign closing documents – the sale is consummated and the transfer of deed and keys takes place. Step 11: Time to move!

3. CHOOSING THE RIGHT REALTOR Let's face it - there are over 3,000 REALTORs in the Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS! You've probably heard from some of them already. Might have even heard from us at one time or another. When you have a For Sale by Owner sign in your yard, you'll get calls from a majority of them. If you've had your home listed and its expired - you'll get calls from a good bit as well. If you've had your property on the market and decided not to sell at the time and you withdrew the listing - well here comes a whole other group grasping for your listing. And even if your name is in the phone book, chances are you'll receive a call or two as well. Sometimes, all it takes is your name and phone number on the tax records and, yep, here they come again! We have to admit We have probably called you on occasion as well. Why do REALTORs do that? To put it simply, we want your business. Most REALTORs have buyers that have exhausted the full MLS inventory and have not yet found that "perfect house". Sometimes we call neighborhoods to see if anyone is interested in selling for these buyers. In all honesty, most times we just want to list your home. It is our profession to sell homes! It is essentially a meeting of the needs. You need your house sold, we just happen to be in the home selling business. We are professionals much like an attorney is a professional and a doctor is a professional. We are skilled in our chosen profession and its those skills that provide for our families. We are FULL TIME REALTORS and its our professionalism that gets the job done. Together, as Seller and REALTOR速, we create a partnership with a set goal in mind: THE SELLING OF YOUR HOME. Why choose one REALTOR速 over another? Why do you go to one attorney over another one closer to home? Why go to this doctor rather than the one your friend goes to? The choice in a REALTOR速 should be a highly personalized decision. You must feel confident and secure about who it is you are turning over the business of selling you home. Our client services are completely personalized. Just as no two houses are truly the same, no two sellers are alike. One thing is for sure, we are not a "Cookie Cutter" REALTORS速. We genuinely care about our clients and strive to serve them with the utmost diligence, integrity and results. We would love to meet with you and discuss what it is we do to sell homes. It is our pleasure to serve your real estate needs!

4. Marketing Your Home with Success Does it really matter which agent or company you choose to sell your home? In the business of selling homes, occasionally you will see a home that seems to sell itself. It could be a neighbor down the street who stuck a sign in their yard one day and the next day there was a sold sign. You try the same company - the same agent – even the same price and yours just sits....and sits....and sits. Welcome to the world of real estate! Some houses sell quickly, some take longer, some take a painfully long time to sell. Whats the difference? Successful selling of real estate is a mixture of your choice in a REALTOR®, selling price, proper market conditions, marketing efforts and a dash of good timing. What does it take to sell a house? A READY WILLING AND ABLE BUYER. You need a professional REALTOR® who will market your home to as many prospective buyers as possible netting the one needed to buy your home. The Gaillard Group is successful in real estate because we employ 3 key ingredients: Professional Strength, Objective Pricing, Pervasive Advertising. THE ADVANTAGE OF PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH Why should you choose The Gaillard Group and Brand Name Real Estate over another real estate company? Core Philosophy-Brand Name Real Estate was founded on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that remains the core of the business philosophy today. As one of the area's fastest growing real estate network, they have helped make the dream of home ownership a reality for many families by providing an exceptional real estate service. A Network Presence-Brand Name Real Estate offices are united in a commitment to professionalism and service no matter where their customers may be. The Brand Name Real Estate network is distinguished by experienced seasoned real estate agents with specific expertise in individual markets and strong community ties. Exposure – Brand Name Real Estate offers powerful local and national advertising. Properties have the added benefit of full disclosure both locally and nationally.

Why should you choose The Gaillard Group as your Listing Agent? Selling your home is more than just a financial decision, it's an emotional one. That's why it's so important to choose the right real estate professional - one who's not just a "sales person", but one who cares about you and your needs. In order to do this successfully, your full-service real estate professional must be: Your Marketing Manager Your Transaction Coordinator Your Community Consultant Your Property Specialist Your Experienced Negotiator Your Trusted Advisor Your Real Estate Professional THE ADVANTAGE OF OBJECTIVE PRICING Price your home to sell. Homes that are priced within market value sell much faster than those overpriced. Overpricing your home can cause you to miss out potential purchase offers, because buyers may think that you aren't a serious seller. We will work together to come up with a competitive asking price. What factors influence the pricing of your home? The real estate market is constantly fluctuating, so pricing is not an exact science. Rather, it's a reasonable figure derived from a number of different components. What we DON'T use is a number derived from factors such as: The profit you wish to make from the sale. The amount of money you've spent on improvements. What other sources, such as friends and appraisers, have told you it's worth. What you originally paid for the home.

Danger! When setting a price, why not ask for the moon? Make no mistake, we want you to get the best possible price for your property. However, when a home is priced too high for the market: a) It attracts lookers, not legitimate buyers. b) It implies that you aren't motivated to sell. c) It reduces the number of showings. d) It helps the competition look better. e) If it doesn't appraise at the higher price, a buyer may not be able to secure a loan. You may ultimately have to drop your price BELOW market value in order to sell. The best offers often come when a property is newly listed - if priced too high, it's difficult to create the momentum necessary to sell your home at the highest price in the least amount of time.

THE ADVANTAGE OF PERVASIVE ADVERTISING What methods will we use to attract qualified Buyers? There are a number of different vehicles available to us to market your home. In this section you'll find examples of some the methods we use to attract motivated and qualified buyers. We are continuously searching for new avenues to advertise. Local Marketing Local marketing is a must in today's market. Even though the trend is more towards internet advertising, with good reason, people still pick up the paper to search for homes. We want to hit the total buyer market and not exclude any one group for another. We will run print ads in the following as deemed beneficial: 16 day ad run in the Charleston Post and Courier; City Paper Ad; Moultrie News Ads, The Real Estate Book and Buyers Magazines, Professionally Designed Brochures and Flyers; Agent Office Caravans and Previews; Direct Mailing; Open Houses; Client Bank Notification; Prospect Targeting The Internet Within a week of listing your property, it is available to over 2400 websites and databases! Every week, thousands of potential home buyers and sellers visit The Gaillard Group's premier web site, A home that is listed in the Internet can be seen by interested buyers from around the world - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your home will also be featured on the web site used by interested buyers and agents alike. In addition, your home will be featured on this site,,,,,,,,, as well as numerous other websites propagated by the MLS IDX for full internet exposure to interested buyers and sellers. Your home will be featured in email responses to potential buyers who have asked to be informed when properties come on the market that match their criteria. With a few clicks of the mouse, buyers can be at your doorstep! Twenty five million active users of the Internet have the know-how to find a home online and the buying power to purchase it. Charleston Trident Multiple Listing Service Multiple Listing Service is a constantly evolving database of properties that are currently on the market in any given area. A MLS listing generally includes all the important information on a home such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, special features and the listing price. Quite often, MLS is the first place a buyer's real estate sales representative will go to find a home for their client, making this one of the most visible and valuable mediums for selling a home. Additionally, your home is matched to other REALTORS who have Buyers looking for your home's specific criteria and we highlight your home to those REALTORS.

5. How to Sell Your Home FAST! FIRST IMPRESSIONS STAGING The correct staging of your home can go a long way toward achieving a successful sale at the highest price. The appearance-inside and out-is important to selling your home quickly. On the inside, neutral colors and traditional layouts are thought of as "safe options" that appeal to most buyers. Homes with strong colors or busy wallpaper might make the home more difficult to sell. Enhance drive-up appeal by removing clutter, cleaning stains off the driveway and touching up the exterior paint where needed. The outside of the home is the first thing the buyer sees. A nicely trimmed and edged lawn always makes a good first impression. Remove dead and dying plants and consider adding color with hanging baskets or pots of flowers. Sparkling clean windows let the sun shine through. Clean the Clutter. Clear those counters and tables. If there is too much clutter around the home, chances are the potential buyer won't see the home for what it's really worth. Clutter will also make the home look smaller than it actually is. Give the carpets a good cleaning to remove stains and odors, or even replace carpet if you feel it's appropriate. Cracked or peeled paint and smudges on walls are easy fixes that, once taken care of, can give the home a fresh, new look. SHOWING YOUR HOME Make your home easily available for showing. If you have a complicated showing procedure-such as needing 24-hour notice for previews, you may cut off a good portion of the buying market. Many requests from real estate professionals are for same-day, even last minute, showings. When it comes time to show the property, here are some suggestions that will help make the process go more smoothly. Maintain the home in ready-to-show condition with the beds made, clutter removed, dishes put away and so forth. Then, you're always ready for a showing as soon as you get the phone call. Showcase your home as if you are receiving guests - turn on lights or open drapes, place flowers in vases, hang your best towels, light a fire in the fireplace if it's cold outside, and play soft background music. During a showing, try to step out for a cup of coffee or run a few errands. The buyer will feel more relaxed if allowed to view your home without any distractions.

6. BENEFITS OF A FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL REALTOR It probably doesn't bother you that your waiter works part-time and is in school full time. Part-time store clerks are perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, you would probably think twice about a part-time surgeon or a part-time nuclear engineer. After all, isn't keeping up with and refining one's skills in a demanding field a full-time pursuit in itself? Why then should you settle for a part-time real estate professional? Your home is probably your largest and most treasured asset. Buying and selling homes involves complicated transactions, careful marketing, skillful negotiating and a fulltime professional who has the time to network effectively on your behalf. One of the key functions of a real estate professional is to bring buyers and sellers together. While a local multiple listing service provides a real estate professional with a guide to properties currently on the market, the raw data is only the beginning of the process of putting buyers and sellers together. A real estate professional must spend a good deal of time becoming knowledgeable on the communities and neighborhoods served, developing resources to answer questions about area schools, taxes, recreational amenities and other issues. In addition, your real estate professional should spend countless hours on home tours becoming intimately familiar with the details of available properties. Peer-to-peer networking among real estate professionals is a key source of the buyers and sellers that are matched together and a key to knowing about properties before they even go on the market. To the extent part time real estate professionals have less time to dedicate to all of these tasks, they may be less well prepared to serve your needs. Buyers seeking highly attractive properties can lose out on a real estate opportunity in a matter of hours if their property search is handled haphazardly. Sellers hoping to attract a buyer would be disappointed to know that a potential buyer saw another home before theirs simply because their real estate professional was unable to show the home at a convenient time. One of the most critical roles played by your real estate professional is in the negotiation phase. Negotiations over the terms of a home purchase contract can be extremely sensitive. A real estate professional needs to be available to respond quickly and turnaround offers and counteroffers at any time. No doubt, there are many capable real estate professionals who for a variety of reasons are only available on a part-time basis. Nevertheless, it is important to ask your real estate professional whether or not they are full-time professionals and what hours they are available. With so much at stake, the answer to the question: 'full-time or part-time?" could definitely make a difference in the choice of the right real estate professional for your needs.

Personalized Service is the Foundation of Our Business Working Together We Achieve Successful Results!

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