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ISCID YOURS ABOUT AMEN ABIASSI The managing director of the ISCID CO is Amen Abiassi who was already the managing director of the ISCID business school since 2002. Amen Abiassi, 57 years old, was born in Benin. He’s graduated PHD in Business Administration of the University of Lille 1. His motto is « Everything comes from human beings and education ». His advocates for selfentrepreneurship in his native country and advicates : « the state economy cannot hire every one ». That’s why he tries to support students’ initiatives that would lead to the creation of new businesses in Benin. At the ISCID business school he managed to conclude 70 partnerships with universities in 33 countries, helping the ISCID CO to win visibility on the 5 continents. ABOUT PREP SCHOOLS In France, the business schools are known to be independant from the universities whereas they are only one department of universities in other countries like USA or Germany. ISCID CO is an exception as it is one of the only 3 business schools manages by a university in France.

THE ISCID AND THE ESCIP BUSINESS SCHOOLS HAVE MERGED ! The new ISCID-CO and will be part of the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale. « Our country aims at building top of mind universities, we hope our’s will be one of them » claims Faustin Aissi, vice-president of the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO). As the ESCIP and the ISCID business school merge, this may become a reality. In fact, this merger will « double the total of our students » according to Faustin Aissi.

« We’ll double the total of our students » (Faustin Aissi)

The merger was not an easy path for both ESCIP and ISCID business schools as they were distant 50 kilometers one from another. The Institut Supérieur de Commerce International de Dunkerque (ISCID) business school was launched in 1985 by the University of Nancy II and the Chamber of Commerce of Dunkirk. The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Internationale du Pas-de-Calais (ESCIP) was created in 1991 by Arc International to supply the family runned worldwide company with locally trained executives. The same year, Arc International launched the Ecole d’Ingénieurs du Pas de Calais (EIPC). Both ESCIP and EIPC were created to fulfill the desire of Jacques Durand, the former CEO of Arc International, to have local higher education. The problem was that both ESCIP and EIPC had been showing losses for a few years (1,4 millions € per year) which led Arc International to look for partners to ensure the continuity of their activities. As the EIPC joined the ULCO, the ESCIP joined the ISCID busines school.

« The existing sites will be preserved thanks to a clear role definition » The merger had originally been planned for the year 2014 but it was finally achieved in 2012. The new ISCID CO will then educate more than 500 students (175 from the ESCIP and 350 from the ISCID business school) as the goal is now to attract 700 students within 4 years.

To apply to a business school, the students must first go through a prep school. As far as ISCID CO is concerned, the 2 years prep school scholarship will be done in both Longuenesse and Dunkirk sites.


The ISCID business school is located within the old Manufacture des Tabacs in Dunkirk

The ESCIP campus is located in Longuenesse, near SaintOmer, which is also the home of Arc International.

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2012

This merger won’t result in closing either the Longuenesse site or the Dunkirks’e sone but it will lead to a clear role definition. In Longuenesse, the students are expected to specialize in e-business, international trade, management of sport units or even international human ressources management. In Dunkirk, students will specialize in international communication, public relations, international businesses, international management of quality, security and environment. The Communauté d’Agglomération de Saint-Omer (CASO) will support this move by providing a total of 500.000 € from 2011 to 2014 Cyrille GAILLARD


ABOUT ALEX DUPONT As a player, he mainly evolved in USL Dunkerque in Ligue 2. His career stopped at the age of 29 when he broke his leg. Mr Rouvroy, who was then the president of the club, decided to help him and proposed him to take care of the education of new players. “Maybe he saw in me a potential coach” as he explained in an interview with France Football. Born in Dunkerque, he worked his way up to become the coach of USLD, from 1990 to 1996. He is really attached to the North of France, so he also coached teams like Boulogne, Amiens, and a bit further Sedan and Charleville. Right after he moved to Gueugnon where he won the Coupe de la Ligue in 2000 (2-0, against PSG), then to Laval, Qatar, United Arab Emirates…to finally arrive in Brest in 2009. Meanwhile he won the European Police Championship in May 2008. He also had to go through disillusion, like in 2001 as he got fired from Sedan while he had just refused an offer from OM a few months before. Thanks to all these experiences, Dupont developed a method decrypted by Steeve Elana, the goalkeeper of Brest: “His philosophy is a lot of demand on the pitch, but he wants us to have a life aside. He wants us to live football, to eat football, but he also wants us to enjoy life to the max, and to come every morning with a smile on our faces, even when we when we lose.”

ABOUT THE TRIBUT STADIUM The municipal stadium Marcel Tribut (football pioneer in Dunkerque) was built during the 30s. He was achieved in 1933 to welcome the URDM (Union Racing Dunkerque Malo). The stadium was partly destroyed during World War II and got rebuilt from 1957 to 1967. It is composed of two main tribunes. One was built in 1958, and is called the “sitting down” tribune as opposed to the other one called the “stand up” tribune, built in the 60s. Currently, and regarding the new security requirements, the stadium can welcome around 4.200 fans. But in the past it used to welcome up to 12.000 fans, especially during games against Lille, Lens or even Marseille when they

were in Ligue 2.


Founded in 1909 by Marcel Tribut, the USLD club is currently playing the french CFA league. «This club is not dead ! » used to say Nicolas Huysman in 2010 after terminating his job as coach of the Union Sportive du Littoral Dunkerque (USLD). Indeed the USLD is not dead and Nicolas Huysman has been coaching again the USL Dunkerque soccer team since the early days of march. In the early days of its history, the club used to be the « Stade Dunkerquois ». It had been founded by Marcel Tribut who had discovered the soccer game as he was travelling in Scotland. A few years later, in 1919, the Stade Dunkerquois merged with US Malo-les-Bains and the new club name was then « Union Sportive Dunkerque Malo ». Later on, it was renamed « Union Racing Dunkerque Malo » and, in 1929, the club managed to reach the semi-final of the Charles Simon Cup (which is now called « Coupe de France » ). One year later, the club managed to reach the Coupe de France quarter final. Then it was renamed « Olympique Dunkerque » and got a professional status. It managed to play the french second league for 4 years but was ruined by the second world war.

Up and downs In the early fifties, the Olympique Dunkerque and the Dunkerque Etudiants Club merged and the new club’s name became Union Sportive Dunkerque. From 1960 on, the USD managed to play the CFA championship and from 1966 to 1996 the club, the « Division 2 » league. During that period of time, the USD managed to reach 2 times the quarter final of the French Cup (« Coupe de France ») and its best ranking was 3rd in 1979. Facing serious financial difficulties the club went bankrupt and had to play the CFA league again. Nowadays, the club is still playing the CFA league. According to a poll organised by the USLD and the local newspaper « Le Phare Dunkerquois », the best USLD player of century is Jocelyn Blanchard who joined the USLD when he was 18 years old (in 1990) and who later played in international teams like Juventus Turin and FK Austria Wien. The blue & white logo François BABELAERE

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2012



Organized since 2005 in In movies as well as television, Dunkirk served as background in movies or serials: Dunkirk, the festival reactor for specificity to honor actors “Weekend to Zuydcoote” (Henri Verneuil, 1964). The story begins in the become directors. This festival, early days of world war II. Julien Maillat, stucked on the beaches near Dunkirk, fails to escape to England. He has to a way between his comrades and the German army. White wedding, shot in 1989, tells the story of a young girl (played by Vanessa Paradis) falling madly in love with his philosophy professor (Bruno Cremer). Death of a Giant, one of the episodes of the last five minutes of Pascal Goethals, filmed in 1994 with Pierre Santini Alexis and Isabelle. Parfait Amour!, Dating from 1996, is the tragic love story of a divorced woman (Isabelle Renauld) with a violent man (Francis Renaud) In Karnaval, filmed in 1999, a young man is fleeing his father during the Karnaval of Dunkirk. At the station, he meets a woman (Sylvie Testud), with whom he falls in love .... In 2000, Julie Depardieu and Arielle Dombasle narrated the adventures for a small theater. “Papillons de nuit” in 2002 with Lea Drucker. The Repentant the paper that went on television in 2010, tells the story of a repentant with a change of face, infiltrating his former clan working on port. The landcraft scene in “Welcome to the Sticks” was shot on the beach of Malo-les-Bains. without official competition with prizes, will be fully open to the public and will not be the preserve of professionals or the “Welcome to the Sticks” (Dany Boon, 2010) media. This is primarily a film record in France: it debuted as atop festival 'popular' , which enable The film has broken nearly every box office . film with US$ 31.67 million at 793 sites As of 28 February 2010, the film had as many fans to share their been seen by 20.5 million people in 23 weeks, thereby breaking the record of La Grande Vadrouille (released in 1966). The film has The film has grossed US$194 million in France alone and $245 million worldwide. THE 5 MOVIE THEATERS OF DUNKIRK OCINE (Pôle Marine) Pôle Marine, rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque STUDIO 43 (Pôle Marine) Pôle Marine, rue des Fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque FA-MI-LA (Bray-Dunes) 37, rue Roger Salengro 59123 Bray-Dunes LE VARLIN (Grande-Synthe)

Rue Denis Papin 59760 Grande-Synthe SPORTICA (Gravelines) Place du polder 59820 GRAVELINES

“Our day will come” (Romain Gavras, 2010) This French movie directed by Romain Gavras was released September 15, 2010 Patrick and Remy have no language, no country, no army, they are red. Together they fight the world and its morals, in a hallucinatory quest to Ireland and freedom. The film has grossed US$194 million in Fr ance alone and $245 million worldwide.

My piece of the pie is a French film directed by Cédric Klapisch, released March 16, 2011. This is the tenth feature film directed by Klapisch. The plant in France has just closed. This woman lives with her three daughters at Dunkirk. She is unemployed and goes to Paris where she is hired as a housekeeper at a trader who his ex-wife has just entrusted the son. They will discover their universe and it will fall in love with this man very different but attractive, yet with some odious aspects, and overwhelmed by the arrival of his young child he does not

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2012

STUDENTS’ LIFE DOORS OPEN DAYS Last Saturday, the ISCID business school organized its traditional “open doors” day. From 10 AM till 17 PM, the students had the opportunity to discover their school, its numerous associations and the different countries

At the ISCID, the day is an opportunity to present the school to other students, but it is especially an intercultural event. The foreign students represent their country. They dress in traditional costumes, cook traditional meals, photos of their country… So we have travel around the world staying in Dunkirk.

Back to the Gala 2012 Every year, the ISCID is hosting a Gala to celebrate graduation, and bring together the students of the school.

Pauline Wissocq

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2012


THE ASSOCIATION OF GRADUATES : A DYNAMIC AND HARD WORKING ASSOCIATION The students involved in that association developped their own website. The association of graduates is a young group which has been formed 6 months ago. For 6 months, they have found more than 1300 contacts. At the same time, the website of alumni is growing. Indeed the Association of Graduates started to design their own website in February. For that purpose they used a special software.

The 9 ISCID Graduates’ Association members are : RACHEL MUTUYIMANA AMANDLA JULIA (exchange student, South Africa) MOHAMED NACER OSMANE QI QI HELENE CORNIL (exchange student, Vancouver, Canada) SUN TIANJIAO ZHU WEN THIBAUT BIZOUX ZAN YANG

The president of the Association of Graduates is Rachel Mutuyimana. Wen Zhu was the person who designed the Association of Graduate’s website. It took her 2 months and a half to cretate it. Mohamed Nacer Osmane is in charge of the data base (More than 1300 entries). Qi Qi and Rachel are managing the connections with the graduates on the social networks (mostly « Linked In » and « Viadeo »).

How to get in touch with the Association of Graduates ? Send us a mail : Find us on Viadeo (ISCID Anciens) or even on Facebook :

Their objectives are to reconnect and strengthen ties with the graduates, make a social network zone, create a link between students and alumni… The students can share their experience and exchange their ideas. Furthermore, they collaborate with the Association Pro Life. The profession conferences are also part of their project. It’s a perfect opportunity for the students who want to know more about the professional life. The graduates are invited to share their working experience. The Graduates association organises the “profession conferences” up to two times a month. Every year, the graduates are also welcome to GALA of the ISCID business school.

Adress : ISCID—Association des Anciens 280 Avenue de l’Université 59842 DUNKERQUE France

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2012



London hosts the Olympic Games, Dunkirk too! “All countries of the world have gathered to celebrate the sport and its values. And they gathered, mostly in a spirit of respect, fair play, brotherhood. That's why I think the Games are important for the world” explains Daniel Percheron, chairman of the regional council of Nord - Pas de Calais. “The Region Nord Pas-de-Calais” has established itself as a training base” The 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be held in London, from July 27 to September 9, 2012. The “Région Nord – Pas de Calais” took the advantage of its proximity to Great Britain and has established itself as a training base for national sports teams. With the Eurostar, Dunkirk is just one hour far from the British capital, which means that, thanks to the time difference, you arrive there before you leave France! The “Région Nord – Pas de Calais” has high quality sports facilities, numerous elite athletes and a real capacity to organize national and international events. ( The Tour de France's grand Départ, the World handball Championships, the European Swimming Championships, the World Sand Sailing Championships, Calais Round Britain Race, etc). “With the Eurostar, Dunkirk is just one hour far from the British capital” “Le plus grand terrain de Jeux” aims to propose athletes around the world to prepare for the event. We will also have the pleasure to welcome athletes from around the World in training camps in Dunkirk. Many national teams have already decided to train in Dunkirk. Under the impetus of its President Francis Luyce, The French National Swimming Team has already taken advantage of the new equipments of the recently revamped Paul Asseman swimming pool.

Save the dates Dunkerque will welcome athletes around the world in training camps. • French team of volleyball at the Stade des Flandres Dunkerque From June 1st to June 10th • India team of athletics at Dunkirk From June 20th to July 20th • Canada and Tunisia teams of weightlifting in St Pol sur-Mer From July 8th to July 22th • French man team of Basketball at St. Omer From July 11th to July 15th • French team of Swimming From July 14th to July 24th • French team of Handball From July 19 to July 25

Going to London is not that expensive ! Do not think that all tickets for the Olympic Games are expensive. But they may become so if you go to scalpers. Some disciplines are even free, just check witht he site However, to assist in the best conditions in the famous final 100m men's athletics, it will cost € 994 and € 541 for the final women.

€ 120. Thecheapest tickets cost 24 €. In contrast, the most expensive tickets, for


example, during the opening ceremony, can reach 2400 € ...

available for Games

The organizers ensure that over 80% of tickets sold does not exceed

Pauline Wissocq

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2012

million tickets


PAUL KRUGMAN : « FAMILIES HAVE TO PAY BACK THEIR DEBT, GOVERNMENTS DON’T » “Why isn’t a national economy like a corporation? For one thing, there’s no simple bottom line. For another, the economy is vastly more complex than even the largest private company” once said Paul Krugman, the famous op-ed columnist of the New York Time Magazine who also won the Nobel memorial prize in economic sciences in 2008. Paul Krugman has already published 20 books and more than 200 papers in professional journals.

20 books and 200 papers in professional journals !

1974 : B.A from Yale University 1977 : PHD from Massachusetts Institute of technology 1991 : John Bates Clarck Medal 1995 : Adam Smith Award of the National Association for Business Economics 2008 : Nobel memorial prize in economic science

A book to read : « Conscience of a liberal » In this book published in 2007, Paul Krugman tried to analyse the gap between the rich people and the poor in the United States of America throughout the 20th century. Paul Krugman argues that government policies played a significant role in reducing inequalities from the 30s to the 70s but also in increasing them again from the 80s until now.

He won his Nobel prize in economic science thanks to his work on trade theory. So far, trade theory was mostly based on the concept of competitive advantage. In a few words, if a country had agricultural resources, it would have better to focus on agricultural products. In fact, Paul Krugman observed that trade existed between countries that enjoyed the same characteristics. He did put forward that the consumers were needing diversity in offers. For example, French people may not only want to buy Renault or Peugeot cars but also German or Japanese cars. Paul Krugman also explained that the concept of economies of scale induced brand specialization even within product categories like cars. Further to this new trade theory, he developed the idea that the economic regions of the world assuming the most production would consequently be the most profitable (thanks to economies of scale) and then attract even more production.

New trade theory and economical wisdom In a recent paper published on his blog, Paul Krugman did analysis of the debt situation. He brought some interesting ideas about debt : “First, families have to pay back their debt. Governments don’t (all they need to do is ensure that debt grows more slowly than their tax base). The debt from World War II was never repaid; it just became increasingly irrelevant as the U.S. economy grew, and with it the income subject to taxation. Second, an over-borrowed family owes money to someone else. U.S. debt is, to a large extent, money we owe to ourselves ». It seems that Paul Krugman has been influenced by economists such as John Mayard Keynes, John Hicks and Paul Samuelson. A controversial man ? In 2003, « The Economist » wrote that Paul Krugman was continuously criticizing the Republicans but never the Democrats. In the late 90s, Paul Krugman was part of a panel of experts who supplied the firm Enron with economical and political analysis. Although he resigned from that panel, when the Enron’s corporate scandal broke, he was accused of unethical journalism as there might have been a conflict of interests. Cyrille Gaillard

ISCID YOURS - Spring 2011


In this issue, the ICPR students focus on the merge of the two business schools ISCID and ESCIP. The new groups' name is ISCID CO.

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