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Making A Good Online Impression Of Your Home Having quality photos of your property makes all the difference today as 80% of buyers go online. The National Association of Realtors conducted a survey of buyers which stated that 83% felt that photos were very helpful, 81% mentioned detailed property information was important and 60% liked virtual tours. It is imperative to have a tech savvy Realtor knows who how to properly showcase your home online so it gets the most attention! The number and quality of the photos of your property can make or break the sale of your home! With numerous homes on the market today, your property will get passed over if it does not have several quality photos on the MLS and online. First impressions are everything. Most realtors do not possess good photography skills so the majority of MLS pictures are lacking. I hire a professional marketing person who takes the photos of my listings as well as designs my property brochures. My marketing person has a professional eye, knows the best time of day to shoot and aids with proper lighting and staging. He transforms what may be an ordinary home into a home that looks like a million bucks! It is an investment, but it does pay off in the end because I consistently attract suitable buyers for my listings just this way! Not to mention I get compliments on my property photos and flyers all the time. Please note: when a buyer does a search for homes on the properties that have the most photos come up at the top in the search results. So if your property has several photos it will be one of the first to be seen! Some information to write this article obtained from the Los Angeles Times and National Association of Realtors. Sherman oaks real estate

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