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Architectural Design The firm works in both classical and contemporary architectural styles blending pure, clean lines with refined details to create properties of unique beauty and integrity. Each creative solution draws from the client’s requirements, the designer’s vision and specifics of the site to achieve an architecture, which reflects and builds on the essence of time and place within varying cultures, climates and topographies. Interior Design The firm provides a full range of interior design services, which are intrinsically linked with the architectural design of a project, ensuring that there is no dilution of the discreet and refined concept conceived when the first exploratory architectural lines of a project are drawn. A concept may begin from an inspiration, a memory, a certain design style or an emotion but it should always reflect the personality who lives in it, and this is something that each of our timeless, sophisticated and elegant interiors share in common. Renovations The firm undertakes major restructuring / renovation works in addition to new build property design based on the potential of the structure and existence of original building plans. We relish the challenge of intervening on a structure that has seen better days and moulding it into a property of value and aesthetic identity which meets the client’s current needs. Should the structure be of historical importance, preservation of original features, and use of authentic building materials and techniques are of paramount significance.


Property Development Many of the firm’s repeat clients are property developers; investing in estate as a means of increasing their wealth or securing current funds. As a result of the confidence and trust they have gained in working with us previously, many now approach us to propose financially lucrative concepts for pieces of land in their possession or that they wish to purchase. Project Management The firm offers full project management services upon request by the client, including time and budget control, contractor / sub contractor selection on the base of tender documentation, permanent on site supervision; substantiated with twice monthly written / photographic reports, sourcing of materials both locally and from our network of quality Italian suppliers, procurement and import of the same as required.

Claudio Modola | Company profile  

Claudio Modola | Architectural Designer Company Profile