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The Claudio Modola Architectural Design team have been highly commended on their ability to personalise and tailor the structure of their services to the exact requirements of their clients. In general the design process is broken down into three stages; conceptual, schematic and detailed design and the client is invited to give feedback, request changes or alterations at regular stages throughout the first two of these stages. During the conceptual phase the designer, works on the preliminary layout proposal for the project in addition to producing sketches of the elevations in order that the client may understand both the internal distribution of the proposed property in addition to the aesthetic orientation of the same.

Design Process

The schematic stage involves the production of site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, sewage / drainage plans and windows / doors schedule. N.B. For Kenyan clients, it is important to state that the firm works in AutoCAD at the 2D level, meaning that every feature and detail is considered and designed by the designer personally to accentuate the unique identity of the project, rather than using pre programmed features applied by many of our competitors through the use of ArchiCAD.

Claudio Modola | Company profile  
Claudio Modola | Company profile  

Claudio Modola | Architectural Designer Company Profile