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Here we have our new guest star, Wastedmeow. She is a gorgeous blonde really notty that ask me for this type of story.

It's typical for a girl that want to have fun to dress like a slut and go to a club, searching someone that can stimulate her. Just a few drinks, some chitchat and this gorgeous woman finally grab a good looking guy. She place his hand on her knee, slightly spreading her legs as he caress the skin. "If you want I like a bit rough" she whisper in his ear, nibbling the lobe and feeling his crouch with her knee.

They moved to her place and as she walk in her dress come up, revealing more of her round ass. He quickly follow with just a glance at his back, closing the door. He start to hug her from behind, pushing his hard cock still in his jeans against that ass, kissing her neck as one hand grab and expose both her tits.

She push him away, walking toward the couch, raising her dress and spreading her cheek. "I hope both my holes can get satisfaction tonight." "I daresay they will have, don't worry." The doorbell ring, strangely. She was startled as she wasn't expect anyone and not this late. The boy leave her to walk to the door and she exclaim "hey". At the door there was a dark girl, a purse on her shoulder and a grin on her face. "Who is she, what's happening?" the place owner ask and she was trying to pull back her dress, covering herself. The smile on the dark girl was pure satisfaction. "Don't worry cute, you will have fun, eventually." Something was pressed on the blonde girl and she passed away.

She woke up slowly, feeling something warm between her legs; she open her eyes and see her arms tied and pulled up, over a bar between the door frame. She can feel a tongue licking her lips and pressing her pussy hole while another one was licking her back hole. Her legs were shaking, feeling a lot of pleasure for the stimulus and for the fear. Looking down she could see the face of the dark girl eating her pussy and a glance in her eyes while the blonde feel two fingers get inside her. The boy stand up to reach her ear. "You want it rough, right? If you want us to stop just let us know and we will go away." As he said that she could feel a pressure between her cheeks, something bigger that two fingers. She tried to say something, willing to continue this hot fuck and she just realized she was gagged. The dark girl was this eating her pussy while licking her clit and her hands was spreading her cheeks as the boy press the head of his cock inside her ass, slowly but firmly. The blonde can feel every inch of his dick deep in her and she want him to continue fucking his ass. While he trust in and out she said to the other girl "She said she want both holes to be satisfied tonight." "No problem" was the quick reply of darky, as she stand up, showing a strapon tied to his hips with a big black dildo throbbing. The girl could barely hold it in both hands while the tip press against the pussy lips of the blondie. She can feel the sound of her pussy as the dildo slide in and both her holes was filled. The sensation in her pussy was so hard as the get penetrated by that big black dildo that her legs shake as she cum. "This first is on me" said the dark girl. "I think it's time to get more comfty." The rope she was tied got loose and her body cannot held her up. Luckily the boy was ready and fit to keep her up. He grab her legs, spreading more and everyone get to the ground. Now blondie can feel every inch of the cock in her ass as she sit over him; his hands grabbing her buttock help her to raise and lower over him. The other girl recover her position, pressing her dildo against her clit, rubbing the head over it. Another shake another cum. "Another for me." grin the darky. Now with arms free the blond girl remove his gag, babbling something. "" The boy laugh "Did you hear her? She cum for the ass this time" But the dark one wasn't listening anymore. She was holding half dildo with and hand, trusting inside the bald pussy of the blondie but pushing the other end insider her pussy, her eyes half-closed and moaning. Both the girls were lying on the ground, panting and taking breath and they hold each other. "I hope you both are ready for the final touch." Ask the boy, kneeing near their faces, holding his throbbing cock. A squirt of white hot cum cover them as he finish jerking off.

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