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FT ISLAND 2011년 11월 5일 토요일


2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Band promotion • • •

Client: FT IAND

Document evidence: Now i am doing IT keynote about AOI

Time allowed:8weeks Specification and Limitation:Member - Hong Ki Lee, Jong Hun Choi , Seung Hyun Song , Jae Jin Lee , Min Hwan Choi.

Unit Question: This band

promotion poster is attracted?

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Introduction ❖

My client is FT Island. FT Island is the name of a South Korea pop- rock band .The name FT Island stands for ‘Five Treasure Island and band’s official color is yellow so, their fans carry yellow flags known as ‘pentasticks’ also their fan club name is primadonna.

FT Island leader is Jong Hun Choi . He has the best leadership thats why he is leader. Jong Hun plays lead guitar & piano , drum is Min Hwan Choi , bass guitar is Jae Jin Lee , guitar & second vocal& lap is Seung Hyun Song, lastly lead vocal is Hong Ki Lee .

Even though they were young they try their best and never give up so they could debut at june 5 2007 with the album title cheerful sensibility. even that was the first album, it sold around 79,786.It was successful. At that time that group the average age was 17 year - old

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

AOI(Areas Of Interaction) ❖

This project relates to Human Ingenuity because band is become famous by being loved by people. If there were no love and care from the people the band cant become famous. Therefor band is care from people. So, this project is relates Human Ingenuity

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Client interview • •

1. Does FT ISLAND is good at fan servise?

• •

2.Who is the most popular member?

• • • •

3.what song is the best song from FT ISLAND?

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Yes, they are very good at fan servise. For example: Usually they are wink for fans and shake with their fans. Also they are usually held fan meeting.

I think Hongki is the most popular member because he is good looking in his group and his fans are more than other member in his group

I love “I HOPE”, “BING BING BING”and “AFTER lOVE”. I like “HELLO HELLO” My favorite song is “LOVE LOVE LOVE”

• •

4.How has FT ISLAND's Music Video make their song more popular?

• •

5. How is the design of the Album cover attract people?

• •

6. How have their Costume help promoting themselves?   

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

FT ISLAND's Music Video help their song to be more popular, because it gives image to people who watch it, and it promotes the song more.

They design the album cover with the picture of the band, with the member have different poses, different styles of cloths, and colors that attract people.

 The Costumes they wear are good for them, because they all wear similar cloths, that represents them as a band together.

Client interview summary. •

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

From the interview with my client, i know information of FT island. FT island is good at fan servise because of how they interact with their fans. Hongki is the most popular member in this group because of his look. FT Island have been promoting themselves through their Music videos, Album cover, and their group costume, which is makes them one of the most famous Band in Korea.

Brainstorming Interesting Contents

Band promotion

Good promotion

Colorful design

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Attractive poster&website

Creative design

specific information

Case study 1








keynote,pictures and informations

keynote,pictures and informations



to promote

to promote

to promote

Manufacturing Techniques

using a program called Blog

using a program called Blog

using a program called Blog




easy for understand


too colorful

not interesting

too simple




all people (especially teenagers)

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

many information of FT ISLAND all people(especially teenagers)

attractive and simple all people(especially teenagers)

Case study summary •

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

First of all the materials i need is all used by computer such as keynote and to make posture and the website, i will make in interesting way. The function of making the website and poster is to promote to peoples who don’t know about them. Also for the Manufacturing techniques are using a program called Blog.The Aesthetics are colorful and creative and easy to understand.But modifications are too colorful and can be boring and too simple.

summary of the Researches •

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

I researches a lot of informations about FT island and pictures. For example I research meaning of FT and who is leader and members roles and who is the most popular member. Also, I research of client interview answers. I focus on style of website and design so, I found some poster design and i saw lot of website therefore i got some ideas. After i researches i know about FT Island more and, It is useful to me.

Impacts on the environment and the society Impacts on the environment When the concert will held they need poster . The poster is made of paper. If the people want more poster then we need a lot of papers to spent it’s the same as cutting the trees so we have got paper and people who want to get poster.

Impacts on the society When people learn about the band they will spread the news about the songs they produce. People in the society will know and will get more interested on the songs.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Design Grief I will design and create is anxiously. There are sentences that i write in poster like “If you want to see us then com” this. It makes people who see the poster anxiously. So, they will come and see FT island. If the people who come to concert get interested in FT Island then they have get chance that got more fans. Therefor this poster is very good at band promotion.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

specification Title

Specification and why



I will use the pages because to make more interesting poster.

i want to use range of photos to make it attractive.


It will make 8 weeks to finish making.

i will use the time wisely


A4 because it is enough to carried.

The size have to be same.

Target Audience

All the people except babies or old people.

I want to research fans of FT ISLAND.


To promote and more popular.

To help them to famous.

It makes more popular.

I want them to interested in FT ISLAND

Function 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

summary of investigation •

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

So basically my investigation is all about FTisland. FT island is Rock band in Korea and this group is very famous for teenager also FT island’s songs are very exciting and interesting. And I interviewed good questions for FT island. I wrote Brainstorming about band promotion on how we can make people interested into the band and to make them want to know more.

works cited • • • • • • • • • • • •

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Design 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Design 1


pros It is clean so it looks good

cons it looks like something miss

Hi everyone! we are FT island. please come and watch our concert! 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Design 2


2011년 11월 5일 토요일




cons people don’t know who is the girl in the middle. pros It likes real stage.


Design 3

Cons Too simple and no decorations.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

pros The people can easily understand.




Home cons The photos are too small, so people can’t see. pros The website is unique than others design.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Design5 Pros The site shows us the people in the band, and it also shows pictures of the band members Cons The website is very colorful and decorative but it seems to the viewers that it doesn’t have a specific point to it.

Fan club

2011년 11월 5일 토요일



Gallery Profile


Five Treasure

pros It looks like very neat.

Cons This poster doesn’t have pictures.

more powerful come rock band ! back please come stage and enjoy with us! one date if you come here you can fell excited and release your stress also It would be the best night you have ever had if you come here 2011년 11월 5일 토요일












target audience



processes and tools



2011년 11월 5일 토요일


Design1: First design is simple poster. So, It is easy to understand. Also, I put nice picture and i put meaning of FT island. The members of FT island has nice style so it makes photo is more nice.

Design2 Second design is also poster. It looks like members are standing stage. This is like real stage. So, i think it is attractive for people.

Design3 This design is for website. This picture is easy to understand. If we click the enter, display is change as design 4. This website is for young teenagers.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Design4 :This design is website. I put FT ISLAND logo. That is important because it can attract people's attention and put interest in the poster. And also there is funny or cute picture in this design so when people see this picture their eyes are stop and mouth will be smile.

Design5 This is also website. This website is so colorful. Also, the third picture(it looks like FT ISLAND members are on the bed) picture has different expression so, it makes people interesting and attractive.

Design6 This design is poster. I think this poster is the best poster because it is including interesting(the concert),attractive and colorful(the writing) and easy to understand(the poster mean they will hold concert) these things so, i think this poster design is the best.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Final chosen design specification




I used Keynote and i used page because I want to make poster


I finished until time that we have to finish it


I made poster correct size

This poster is neat and simple so, it is attract for children when they first see it.

target audience

This poster writing is not too difficult so, it is easy to understand even young people


It is good at promotion because it is attracted. So, this band can be famous.

Purpose of this band poster is to make more famous.



2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Evaluation of the plane Is your plane SMART?? Yes, my plan is SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, fits the time frame) because i have detailed and particular tools and everything those are needed to poster.

Does the plane seem to be in logical steps? Yes, see my step by step. It seems logical steps because It shows the process of creating a band promotion poster. So, i think it is logical steps.

Concluding Evaluation of my step by step For the step by step plane that I made was mostly about how it will raise the interest of band and how this poster will look to the people.

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

PLAN 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

click spotlight and write “page”

click poster and choose type of poster you want

2011년 11월 5일 토요일


Step by Step

choose one poster in page

I changed back ground, deleted picture and put more writing

put your band pictures put some world or sentences and put back ground. When my friend saw my poster , she said “put more picture”, so i put picture put date and write down the what happening in there.

I feel the top part is empty so, i put logo in the top. 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Gantt chart

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Create 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence1

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence2

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence3

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence4

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence5

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence6

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence7

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Document evidence8

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

EVALUATION 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Evaluating My Performance at Each Stage of the Design Cycle Investigation The goal of this project was to make an attractive band promotion poster that improves their popularity so, I try to make attractive. Also, my client interview is to solve a curiosity about FT Island. I think this is the best important thing in my band promotion, that is I did put lots of effort in it trying to help myself to do a better job on the project.

Design I mad six design of FT Island. When I made design i was very tough and don’ know what to do. I never did design and I don’t have talented at design. But this is my IT project and I have to do it. So i try to design it. I try to think this is not difficult and I am the person who will see the poster or website that some people made. so, It was easier than befor.

Plan In this plan section, I did step by step and gantt chart.The step by step was very brief since it only explains the main steps when making the poster. Also the gantt chart shows how I planned my time by showing how much time to spend for each step so that I can make sure I am using the time efficiently when I start making the poster.

Create I wrote documented evidence for every week to show how much I have progressed.

Evaluation This is my band promotion I think If i did evaluation, this evaluation is not true. So, i asked to my friends write some feedback or some comments. And the comments or feedbacks are on my blog. 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Testing: Meeting specification Title Time

testing I make sure it is done by the deadline.


It is suitable.

Aesthetics (appearance)

The design is neat and nice

Target Audience

Every people can come concert. BUT not too old and too young.


This function of band promotion is make more famous so, they get more fans.


2011년 11월 5일 토요일

To make more famous.

successful or not?


because I want to get good marks and I used the time effectively.

because it is not too big and easy to hold.

because every people will see poster so, should be easy to understand

There are not age restriction so, everyone can enjoy.

because my band promotion is interesting and attractive.

My poster is an attractive poster and does improve consciousness.

Successful Points I think the most successful part of this project is the create because I do my best for make my promotion poster. but that doesn’t mean other thing is I didn’t do my best. Least Successful Points The least successful part of this project is the design section because some design is not attractive and not attractive. Problems While making the poster, I used page and keynote. This is the first time that I used keynote and page. so, I didn’t know how to used. But, I want to do it alone not friends help. I clicked almost thing and i found it which is I need things. Modifications/Improvements o When I design the poster think about how to make perfect poster. but I was not I think only how to make attractive poster? just that. So, there was mistakes but fortunately my friend saw it. so, I fixed it. o I improve english skills so, It makes people more interesting and attractive. Client Feedback I think people want about members personality questions. The fans are to know about members personal things even nugacity things. The Impact on the Society and the Environment Society – When people learn about the band they will spread the news about the songs they produce. People in the society will know and will get more interested on the songs. Environment – When the concert will held they need poster . The poster is made of paper. If the people want more poster then we need a lot of papers to spent it’s the same as cutting the trees so we have got paper and people who want to get poster. 2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Photo of the Finished Product

2011년 11월 5일 토요일

Bonnie's presentation