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Winter 2014

Winter 2014

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By Gary Faigin

aBout GaGe

Benefactors Joyce Allen, Kenneth S. Rosen, Ida S. Cole, Anne Steele executive Director Sheila Hughes artistic Director Gary Faigin Board of trustees Julie Tall President Erin Moyer Vice President, President-elect Ted Kutscher Treasurer Greg Eastman Secretary Gary Bezowsky, Ann Bradford, David Dwyer, Anne Steele, Richard V. West

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Community advisors Diane Butler, Lane Powell, WA Robert K. Dent, WA Ira Goldberg, Art Students League, NY David Hill, Sonata Capital, WA Zhi Lin, University of Washington, WA Chris Madison, Sierra Investments, CA Alvin Martin, Bader Martin, WA Trina Wherry, WA


Charles Emerson in L.A. — 2014


New York, New York! — 2014


Northern Italy — 2015

Gage also seeks to build bridges between two distinct worlds: the tradition of skill-based, classical art where the realism of the image is a major feature, and that of non-literal, contemporary art celebrating ambiguity, posing difficult questions and consciously engaging with the emotions and insecurities of modern life. This is an awfully tough job for either an art school or an individual artist, but it can also be an energizing challenge. How have successful artists navigated the Contemporary/Classical divide? A look through the Gage catalog reveals approaches ranging from the Matisseand Picasso-inspired figurations of Kimberly trowbridge and terry Furchgott, to the enigmatic self portraits of Kathy liao and Vonn sumner. Students of Mark Kango’higgins continually push the edge of what Gage art looks like; while those of Juliette aristides often find their personal voice once they graduate.

“i’m after the unexpected beauty, the hard-won beauty, the quirky beauty with thorns and a bit of background radiation.” — Gary Faigin

If you’ve been following my ArtTalk series (see page 9), you’ve also had the opportunity to hear local artists explain how this creative tension plays out in their own work. trimpin showed us complex electromechanical sculptures that give musical voice to user input or distant earthquakes; while Bill Finger discussed creating miniature worlds on a tabletop that his high-resolution photographs bring to enigmatic, “full-sized” life. Tension, contradiction, juggling competing imperatives — if this sounds like a description of daily life as well as of the artist’s dilemma, that’s because it is! We hope you’ll join us this winter at Gage, and together we’ll explore a path through this fascinating maze.

youth ProGraMs Cover: Streaks and Rumbles, 2013, 30" x 40", oil on panel

bacK coVEr arTisT: TEss haVas Gage Teen Artist, age 17 “Drawing is something I have loved since I was little. As a quiet person, it is now a way of expressing myself. In the future, I hope to use the knowledge I gained during my time at the Portfolio Intensive to continue to communicate to others through art, which I hope to study in college through graphic design. I hope to create, share and experience art for the rest of my life.”

Gary Faigin is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Gage Academy of Art. Trained at the Art Students League and the École des BeauxArts in Paris, Faigin has taught at the Art Students League, the School of the National Academy of Design, the New York Academy of Art and Parsons School of Design. He is the author of the acclaimed, Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression. Gary Faigin is represented by Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle, WA.

In addition to the Portfolio Intensive, Gage offers two-week Intensives and one-week workshops. Look for the summer youth catalog coming in February!

coVEr arTisT: Gary faiGin Artistic Director and Gage Teaching Artist

Read more about Youth Programs at Gage on pages 30-33.

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For over 20 years, Gage Academy of Art, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution, has been serving the community with inspired programs and events for artists of all ages and abilities. To give online visit, or call our Development office at 206.323.4243 x12.



Teen Art Studios



artistic advisors Domenic Cretara, artist, CA Samuel H. Davidson, Davidson Galleries, WA Martha Mayer Erlebacher, artist, PA Antonio Lopéz García, artist, Spain Gregory Hedberg, Hirschl & Adler Gallery, NY Norman Lundin, Prographica Gallery, WA John Pence, John Pence Gallery, CA Don Porter, Pietra Serena, WA

GaGe art traVel


he painting I chose for the cover, Streaks and Rumbles (2013), features a packed, highly unlikely grouping of objects (indeed, there isn’t enough space for them all), hovering in front of an incongruous urban setting. The moody cityscape is roughly suggested with monochromatic, rag-applied paint — in every way a contrast to the shiny, precisely-depicted still life in the foreground. The viewer searches for links between these two discordant realms.

Gary Faigin Artistic Director, Gage Academy of Art

After Dark!

Skinner Auditorium (next door to Gage)

Ages 21+ ONLY

Video Art


Dec. 7

7:00pm – 9:00pm




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petef lem i k

Guided by the belief that artists are made, not born, Gage strives to educate, enrich and engage artists and the community in the visual arts. Gage offers instruction in the principles of drawing, painting and sculpting and is dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels realize themselves as artists in contemporary society.

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Cover artist Gary Faigin


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Artwork by Gage teaching artists Kimberly Trowbridge, Terry Furchgott and Kathy Liao.

Interactive Art 1

scholarships @ Gage



unning from mid-September through mid-June each year, Ateliers offer an intensive studio program for the serious artist-in-training. The ateliers (French for artist’s studio) are based on the traditional teaching model of the 19th-century European academies, where dedicated art students apprenticed with a master artist.

aBout GaGe: scholarships @ Gage

Sullivan Giles Richard

2013–14 sCholarshiPs susan WinoKur sCholar

helen Bouchard

Funded by Susan Winokur As a long-time art patron and collector, Susan chose to underwrite the 2013-14 studies of a classically-trained, full-time atelier student at Gage.

Mary & allan Kollar sCholar

Martijn Caspar swart

Funded by Mary & Allan Kollar Long-standing Seattle art dealers with a background in art education, the Kollars chose to support a talented atelier student to pursue full-time studies in the 2013-14 academic year at Gage. Helen Bouchard

Patricia Halsell

Mary Gales sCholarshiP

Pat halsell

Funded by Friends of Mary Gales A talented artist and longtime Gage student, Mary Gales touched the lives of many. To honor her memory, Friends of Mary Gales established a memorial scholarship to support aspiring artists at Gage.

atelier sCholars

alisha Dall’osto, Mikaelah Garner, Kevin Miller, lowell Poisson, sullivan Giles richard and houri ronasi

aDult ProGraMs: ateliers


age is proud to award need- and merit-based scholarships for the 2013-14 academic year to deserving youth and adult students. Many thanks go to the Scholarship Jury, comprised of Gage guest instructor Jordan sokol from the Florence Academy of Art in Italy; with richard V. West, Gage Board of Trustees member, and artist Dennis evans. If you would like to support Gage artists with a named scholarship, or a donation to our general Scholarship Fund, please contact

applications for the 2014/15 academic year due may 30

Atelier students are given an individual studio space to complete projects independently under the guidance of their instructor. Working together in group studios, atelier students enjoy the benefit of creative influence and dialogue among their peers within a focused environment. Enrollment in the atelier programs is yearly, with nine months of dedicated instruction. For the 2013-2014 school year, the ateliers run September 16, 2013 through June 13, 2014. Aristides and Kang-O’Higgins students make a 30-hour-per-week studio commitment, including working half of every day from the figure model. Students of Faigin work independently for a minimum of 15 hours in the studio each week, in addition to attending two weekly teaching sessions. Atelier students receive a 10% discount on all concurrent classes and workshops as well as free access to all Drop-In Figure Studios and any Lecture Series. Occasionally, mid-year transfers are allowed — please inquire with the Registrar at 800.880.3898. to schedule a visit or to receive application materials, email or call 206.343.4243 x15, or 800.880.3898.

arisTidEs aTEliEr classical drawing & painting Juliette Aristides

KanG-o’hiGGins aTEliEr drawing & painting Mark Kang-O’higgins

faiGin aTEliEr still-life painting Gary Faigin

Based on the 19th-century model for training painters, this four-year diploma program provides time-tested methods for solving pictorial problems. Aristides teaches in stages: serious beginning students focus on drawing; more advanced students move into monochromatic and then fully-chromatic painting. Fourth-year students work on individual projects with guest mentors. Work from casts, the model and master copies in a series of progressively complex projects. Intended for long-term students, the Aristides Atelier offers you the necessary vocabulary to create well-designed and well-executed drawings and paintings.

Intended for long-term students, the KangO’Higgins Atelier offers the opportunity to work on increasingly complex independent projects under the close guidance of your instructor. You work with line and tone, light and shadow, color theory and mixing, proportion and anatomy, as well as different approaches to life drawing and painting. Learn to convey the essential nature of your subjects through finding the balance between technical accuracy and expressive gesture. Short slide and technical demonstration lectures help you add to your skills and place your work into a wider historical and contemporary context.

The Faigin Atelier offers painting students the opportunity to focus their studio practice on the study of still-life arrangements over the course of one to several years. The intimate studio setting enables you to devote as much time as you wish to creating paintings, without the limitations of model time or weather conditions. Because everyone shares the same focus, optimal conditions for creative interchange and dialogue develop. You work toward success using the still life as a tool for the development of your own artistic voice, creating original, lively pictures that express your ideas and feelings, and focus on technique, rendering and composition.





13–14 annual tuition: $7,395


13–14 annual tuition: $7,395


13–14 annual tuition: $4,080

Funded by the Gage general scholarship fund with additional support from Dennis Evans and Nancy Mee Lowell Poisson

Martijn Caspar Swart

The atelier scholarships support artistic and academic development for passionate aspiring artists at Gage.

GaMBlin Paint sCholar

Chris sawyer

Funded by Gamblin Paint Gamblin Paint Scholarships are awarded each year to one senior level, full-time atelier student.

Cloutier youth sCholars Funded by Dennis Cloutier

Alisha Dall’Osto 2

Kevin Miller

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Dennis believes in the power of creativity to open doors, and he chose to underwrite seven deserving youth artists attending the 2013 Gage Youth Summer Workshops.

Juliette Aristides

Mark Kang-O’Higgins

Gary Faigin, detail

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


weekend workshops aDult ProGraMs: Weekend Workshops

eekend workshops at Gage offer artists the opportunity to explore new media and subject matter, return to a personal art practice or upgrade artistic skills.

aDult ProGraMs: Weekend Workshops


starting to paint, i feel gloriously free, quiet and alone. — henri Matisse

NEW! For Art Educators Terry Furchgott

Steven Reddy

Steven Reddy

Kathy Liao

Terry Furchgott

painTinG ThE circus: pasTEl oVEr waTEr mEdia Terry Furchgott Tues-Thurs 9:30am-4:30pm 1/7-1/9

illusTraTiVE drawinG i Steve Reddy Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 1/11-1/12

illusTraTiVE drawinG ii Steve Reddy Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 2/1-2/2

mixEd-mEdia lifE-siZEd fiGurE drawinG Kathy liao Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 2/22-2/23

drawinG ThE cloThEd fiGurE wiTh inK & charcoal Terry Furchgott Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 3/8-3/9 [2 days]

[3 days]

Working from models imaginatively posed in colorful circus costumes and Degas inspired dancer positions, you learn to enhance the depth of color and overall impact of your work layering rich pastel over a multi-colored watercolor or acrylic underpainting. Complete color studies, alla prima sketches and one finished painting, learning to balance accurate drawing with bold markmaking, sharp detail with a fresh, painterly surface in lively works full of color and the bold interplay of light and shadow. Previous figure drawing experience required. $15 partial materials fee payable to instructor. WW1401



ThE porTraiT sKETch in oil Michael lane Fri-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 1/10-1/12 [3 days] Capture the essentials of your model quickly and efficiently using time-honored approaches and techniques, as you explore many traditional strategies in use by portrait artists. From planar and tonal simplification to working with preset palettes, learn the tricks of the trade for making note of essential information when time with your sitter is limited. WW1402


Michael Lane 4

Earn while you learn!

[2 days]

Focusing on the quick sketch, you practice reducing a scene to its key elements. Pencil, pen or watercolor; emphasis is placed on recording the basics — the viewer’s impression and main idea. An understanding of general principles of perspective is helpful, but guidelines and vanishing points are foregone in favor of loose capture, while still invoking the artist’s subjective viewpoint and sensibility. Class held outdoors if weather permits, but principles can be demo-ed and explored through interior settings and still lifes. Each day includes a demo on a specific focus, including contours, contrast, composition, artist compositional options and more. WW1403



painTinG ThE pinEconE in waTErcolor Kathleen McKeehen Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 1/25-1/26

[2 days]

Explore classic botanical watercolor techniques of small graded washes and dry brush. Beginners may practice on simpler cones, while the more experienced may tackle complex specimens. Some cones supplied, but feel free to bring specimens that interest you. WW1404





Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE



boTanicals in waTErcolor: painTinG ThE producE sEcTion Kathleen McKeehen Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 2/8-2/9 [2 days] Explore important basics for botanical painting from measurement, drawing and preparing the painting surface to understanding how lighting reveals form. Learn to use flat and graded washes and apply dry-brush technique as well. Work with simple subjects from the grocery store such as mushrooms, peppers and squashes, as you gain confidence in the traditional techniques of botanical watercolor, then move on to larger, more complex subjects. Costs of materials can be minimized by purchasing small amounts of necessary paints, paper, etc. from instructor. WW1406

Kathleen McKeehen

[2 days]

Build on techniques introduced in Illustrative Drawing I, with a deeper emphasis on composition, subject matter and the artist’s personal approach, and with an eye towards the finished piece. Careful observation to detail, exaggeration, distortion and unique viewing angles are embraced as tools for “pulling focus,” and making an ink wash and watercolor drawing personal and specific to the individual artist. $25 partial materials fee payable to instructor.


[2 days]

Work big and boldly to create large-scale layered mixed-media figure drawings through observation. Using a multitude of media including soft pastel, charcoal and colored ink wash, compose dynamic figure drawings from the model that utilize bold textures, vivid color and energetic lines. Explore different techniques of expressive drawing as you layer multiple elements into one work. Step outside your comfort zone, stretch the limit of what a drawing can be, and enjoy the freedom to make a mess and have some fun. WW1407



absTracT waTErcolor Tom hoffmann Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 3/1-3/2





sTill-lifE in oil: painTinG fruiT larine Chung Fri-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 3/28-3/30 [3 days] [2 days]

Working abstractly opens doors for the individual artist, inviting surprising expansions of the range of both the painter and the paint. Without the usual reliance on an image or a scene as a guide, making a painting requires sharpening your listening skills. Instead of observing what color a tree is, for example, you are more likely to ask the painting what it needs. Form overrules content. WW1408

Discover the freedom and expressive quality of ink wash layered with charcoal and white chalk while improving your ability to accurately draw the figure, perceive simplified planes of light and shadow and render drapery and folds. Complete gesture work and several finished drawings on tinted paper, learning to capture the essence of the nude and clothed figure in space with incisive lines and strong tonal values. Some previous figure drawing experience recommended. $10 partial materials fee payable to instructor.

Learn how to paint ripe, colorful fruit by first studying master copies, then with direct observation from life set ups. Focus on paying close attention to pictorial composition, value structure and gestural dynamics of the painting while learning how to apply classical painting techniques. WW1410


pErspEcTiVE for arT EducaTors Mandy hallenius Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm 2/15-2/16 [2 days] Develop skills and strategies to create effective beginning, intermediate and advanced perspective lessons. Begin by introducing simplified perspective lessons for elementary students, building skills throughout middle school lesson plans, and finish with advanced perspective for high school students. Complicated perspective problems are introduced to improve skill level with perspective. This is an intensive course designed specifically for art educators that not only covers one- and two-point perspective, but addresses inclined and declined planes, drawing curves in perspective, creating vanishing points, finding existing vanishing points in a picture plane and much more. WW1411



(12 clock hours/price includes clock-hour fee)




Kathleen McKeehen

Tom Hoffmann

Larine Chung

Mandy Hallenius

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


weeklong workshops

MarCh 2014

aDult ProGraMs: Weeklong Workshops

aDult ProGraMs: Weeklong Workshops


age weeklong workshops allow artists to devote five or more days to intensive training. Gage invites serious students to study with a nationally respected artistinstructor while devoting a concentrated period of time to the practice of making art. January 2014

Geoffrey Laurence

Nicholas Raynolds

Melissa Weinman

Jordan Sokol

Eran Webber

Frank O’Cain

porTraiT painTinG in ThE rEnaissancE TradiTion Geoffrey laurence

porTraiT drawinG in pEncil Nicholas Raynolds

TrompE l’oEil painTinG Melissa Weinman Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm 1/6-1/10

fiGurE drawinG wiTh charcoal & whiTE chalK Jordan Sokol Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm 3/24-3/28

sculpTinG ThE fiGurE from lifE eran Webber Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm 3/24-3/28 [5 days]

spaTial concEpTs & color as liGhT Frank O’Cain Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm 3/31-4/4 [5 days]

Former Florence Academy instructor Jordan Sokol leads this workshop, which offers new insight into the “sight-size” method of drawing the figure from life, immersing you in a comprehensive investigation of the human form and equipping you with the tools to intelligently compose an accurate and convincing figure in two dimensions.

Florence Academy instructor and internationally celebrated sculptor Eran Webber leads this weeklong sculpting workshop, offering an intensive approach to sculpting the figure from life. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive investigation of the human form and discover the tools to intelligently compose an accurate and convincing figure in three dimensions.

Develop a fully rendered charcoal and white chalk drawing in this week long intensive; regular demonstrations and individualized critiques guide you through advanced concepts of figure construction, light and form modeling, anatomical and proportional canons to support a visual understanding, analyzing depth and understanding contour movement in space. Prior figure drawing experience is recommended.

Explore sculpting the figure from life through the teaching method of the Florence Academy, which derives from the classical-Realist tradition, rooted in the Renaissance, and revived by the major Realist academic ateliers of the 19th century. This approach allows students to balance both a visual and constructive approach to understanding the mechanism of the body.

Designed for the practicing artist to explore, question and understand the making of dynamic space and color as light, O’Cain’s approach helps each student to seek which direction they wish to develop and to know and understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. Students may bring examples of their art for group or individual critiques. Class time features discussions on how color creates light and its emotional and psychological effects, as well as its dynamic spatial concepts. The principles and exercises presented may be employed by both the representational artists and the artists of abstract ideas. Slides of works of art are presented to illustrate spatial structure and those that do not. Students may paint in any medium they wish. Representational painters work from a still life, or may use a study or other image as a reference point. Exercises help to organize shapes and color into special relationships for those who would like to form abstract ideas. Demonstrations and discussions are conducted in the morning, and should run close to an hour depending upon the needs of the students.

Mon-Sat 9:30am-4:30pm 1/6-1/11 [6 days] As a foundation for your own contemporary works, explore the indirect painting techniques of the Venice and Florence schools of the 15th and 16th centuries. Working from the model, each day you progress through set stages of this rigorous painting technique in order to complete one finished portrait by workshop’s end. Progressing from compositional studies, develop a careful underdrawing and fill in your portrait with a monochromatic grisaille painting to establish tonal gradations, then overpaint your portrait with a classic dead palette of red oxide, yellow ochre and cold black plus white before applying a warm/ cool palette that pushes the value contrasts and gives your portrait a beautiful tonal depth. The final stage of your painting process includes working with a full-color palette while applying glazes and scumbles, as required. This is an advanced course suitable for anyone with an interest in classical painting techniques and intermediate painting skills. Wa1401




Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm 1/6-1/10 [5 days] Working from the live model, learn a number of conceptual and practical tools by which to better solve the observational and practical problems associated with naturalistically depicting the human face and head. While seeking to grasp the character of the sitter, develop drawings from the block-in stage through to the modeling and completion of forms. Recognizing stages in the drawing’s development serve as the discussion point of various topics including gesture, proportion and likeness, the anatomy of light and shadow, structural and physiological anatomy and value, line and mass. Wa1402



[5 days]

Trompe l’oeil painting (literally “trick-theeye” painting) has a rich tradition going back to the ancient wall paintings of Pompeii. The beauty of this technique is that it is so simple and yet visually arresting. It’s application ranges from illusions of bas relief wall decoration to still-life painting to public murals. Explore the compositional strategies that make striking illusions possible, while refining your rendering skills in the painting medium of your choice. Wa1403



workshop & Tour

porTraiT drawinG in nyc Michael Grimaldi New York, New York! Art Travel Tour



[5 days]


Tour runs 3/23-3/29 [6 nights] For one intensive week, spend your mornings exploring the essential principles of portrait drawing under the direct guidance of one of America’s most celebrated realist artists, Michael Grimaldi. Plus, spend your afternoons immersed in the art and artistry of the city that never sleeps as you explore the iconic art destinations of New York City with your tour guide Gary Faigin. Reserve your spot online with a $250 deposit — more information on p. 22, or visit

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Give the Gift of Gage!

Michael Grimaldi

Purchase a Ga ge gift certificate in an y amount, good for any cl ass, workshop, or art tour. Visit GageAcad, or ca ll Kathleen at 206.323.GAGe x16.

Regular demonstrations and individualized critiques guide you through fundamental and advanced concepts of figure construction, light and form modeling, as well as anatomical and proportional principles to support a visual appreciation, while analyzing depth and understanding contour movement in space. Some previous figure drawing experience is recommended. No prior sculpting experience is needed. Wa1405






Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


aBout GaGe: Curriculum & Foundation Programs

professional development Events



orkshops and classes at Gage are founded on the core principles of drawing, painting and/or sculpting from observation, and are open to artists of all ages and skill levels. Student artists learn technique, theory and application through mentorship and practice in the time-honored tradition of classical realist training.

opEn EnrollmEnT All of the educational programs at Gage are open enrollment, meaning students create a course of study based on individual passions and interests. Whether you’re a working art professional or simply curious to explore drawing, painting and/or sculpting, you’ll find a dedicated and inspirational community, united in a common desire to explore creativity and achieve new heights of artistic development. sKill lEVEls Each program features a recommended skill level, prescribed by the instructor: Beginning (BeG): You have little or no experience with drawing, painting or sculpting practice, theory and/or media. intermediate (int): You have a basic understanding of the principles of drawing; clocK-hour classEs & worKshops for TEachErs aT GaGE “The creative environment at Gage is energizing and inspiring. The challenges reminded me that learning can be stimulating and exciting and have enabled me to be a better art teacher. The class gave me a sense of confidence and joy which I apply every day in my teaching.” — Li-Ting Hung, Art Teacher, Soundview School

Classes and workshops at Gage Academy of Art allow art educators the opportunity to develop new skills and techniques that can be readily applied to the classroom. Gage has consulted with K-12 educators to create classes and workshops in drawing, painting and sculpting that are based on the professional development needs of educators. Gage Academy of Art is an approved clock-hours provider, and offers a wide range of inspiring professional development opportunities for educators. two Ways to learn While you earn Clock-hours! Gage provides teachers with TWO ways of learning while earning clock-hour credits that support your continuing education and professional development:


merging and established local, regional and national artists present lectures, workshops and seminars to enrich the discussion of issues facing and affecting art and artists in the community. open to the public. Free


you paint with an understanding of media application and use of color; and/or sculpt with an understanding of structure and form, as well as a working knowledge of basic techniques and tools. advanced (aDV): You exhibit a technical mastery of the theory, practice, tools and techniques associated with drawing, painting and/or sculpting. foundaTion proGrams aT GaGE A skill-based foundation is critical to achieving a solid understanding of core concepts and theories. Through classes that offer both a breadth and depth of study, Foundation Drawing and Painting classes are designed to help students chart a course of study through progressively complex skills and subjects. Enjoy foundation classes at your own speed and select the courses most suited to your interests. Clock-hour Classes: Gage offers a wide range of visual arts classes for adult students and teachers. Teachers learn technique, theory and application through the instruction and mentorship of practicing professional artists. To enroll for a clock-hour class, select an adult class from the Gage catalog and register as normal, and for an administrative fee of $45 per 30 hours completed you may earn clock hours toward your professional development.

Second Thursdays


Geo Studio, 3rd floor


Gage Artistic Director Gary Faigin interviews artists about their intentions, process and materials.

Feb 13

foundaTion drawinG proGram


see pages 10–12 Fall

Foundation Drawing I* Foundation Figure Drawing I* Perspective Drawing Principles of Perspective Drawing lectures

From the Miniature to the Monumental: The Sculptural Vision of Julie Speidel

Mar 13

Urban Scenes of Christopher Martin hoff

Julie Speidel

Seattle artist Christopher Martin hoff’s (1976–2012) colleague and close friend Michael Stasinos joins us to look at and discuss Hoff’s spectacular Seattle street scenes, all done on location and often with Stasinos painting his plein-air cityscapes nearby. Said Hoff, “My intention is not to create something removed from experience, but rather to weave the shared experiences of hundreds of these moments back into one resonant and handmade surface.”

Michael Stasinos

Vashon Island sculptor Julie speidel began as a jeweler and transitioned to sculpture, with her vision and feeling for design intact. Her indoor and outdoor pieces have become a familiar presence in the Northwest, and her art continues to evolve, both in terms of scale, materials and concept. ArtTalk explores how her work has changed, and how her newest pieces, like the outdoor installation at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, respond to their unique environment.

Foundation Drawing II* Foundation Figure Drawing II* Design Concepts for Artists Anatomy for the Artist lectures sPrinG

Aesthetics of Drawing Foundation Figure Drawing III* Figure Drawing in Interiors Portrait Drawing Figure Sculpting Drawing the Features of the Head lectures foundaTion painTinG P proGram see pages 13–16 Fall

Full and partial tuition scholarships may be available. For more information, or to register for clock-hour classes at Gage, please contact Arts Education Specialist Clive Lissaman at, or call 206.323.4243 x10.


Foundation Still-Life Painting I* Foundation Figure Painting I: Color into Value* Color for Painters Winter

Foundation Still-Life Painting II* Foundation Figure Painting: Head, Hands, Feet* Portrait Painting Design Concepts for Artists (or elective)

Julie Speidel

art 21 FilM series


Free 1st Thurs 12:30pm-1:30pm Geo Studio, 3rd fl

Monthly screenings of Art in the Twenty-First Century.

Throughout academic year 2013-2014, Gage presents monthly screenings of Art in the Twenty-First Century, a special biennial series on contemporary art and artists that has aired on PBS since 2001. These hour-long films feature some of the most important artists of our time. Presented for inspiration and to fuel dialogue about art, these films provide opportunities for new and different ideas in the Gage community.

Free PoPCorn!

December 5: Identity


Clock-hour Workshops: Developed specifically for educators, workshops at Gage provide educators with a foundation of practical skills that can readily be applied to the classroom. All of these workshops allow teachers to share best practices, and reflect on how practical skills can be used to develop stimulating lesson plans and strategies that help bring learning to life. See page 5 for information on clock-hour workshops for Winter 2014.

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

ProFessional DeVeloPMent eVents

curriculum & foundation programs

February 6: Transformation

artist toolKit Fourth Thursdays


Geo Studio, 3rd floor


Professionals present lively lunchtime conversations about the business of art.

Nov 21

DiY Photographing Your Artwork Melinda Hurst Frye, photographer

Jan 23

Artist Websites & Social Media Allyce Wood, artist

Professional photographer Melinda hurst Frye presents tips and tricks for photographing artwork. Designed for the low-budget working artist, Hurst Frye provides a brief photography demonstration and discusses strategies for setting up the work, tips for lighting and the best types of cameras and lenses; plus her recommendations on editing and working with the images on the web and more.

Gage teaching artist and Programs Manager allyce Wood discusses self-promotion across social media networks such as Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, and how to submit work to highprofile sites such as Booooooom and Hyperallergic, in order to get work in front of a broader audience. In addition, Wood discusses how maintaining a website and blog helps artists make connections to enhance their artistic reputation.

Melinda Hurst Frye received her Bachelor’s degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art and earned her Master’s degree From the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has worked shooting everything from editorial work to medical imagery. In addition, Hurst Frye is an accomplished photographic artist, exhibiting her work both locally and nationally.

Allyce Wood is a former student of Teen Art Studios; she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts. Wood also studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland and the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. She is currently an instructor with the TAS program and serves as Programs Manager at Gage.

Melinda Hurst Frye

Allyce Wood

Feb 27

Application Guidance for 4Culture’s Artist Projects Heather Dwyer Art Projects Manager, 4Culture

4Culture provides critically needed funds to King County artists and art groups of all disciplines. heather Dwyer manages Art Projects for Individuals, a competitive funding program for projects in all artistic disciplines; e4c, 4Culture’s storefront media gallery; and co-manages Open 4Culture, offering funds for creative projects by and for underserved individuals and groups. Dwyer discusses opportunities and the application process for 4Culture’s Art Projects. Deadline for this application is in March, so this ToolKit is not to be missed! Prior to joining 4Culture in 2003, Heather Dwyer worked for Jack Straw Productions, Washington Lawyers for the Arts, Artist Trust, Bank of America Art Programs, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and the Los Angeles Unified School District. She holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts and a MFA from California Institute of Arts (CalArts).

Foundation Still-Life Painting III* Foundation Figure Painting: Figure in Context Portrait Sculpting *class meets twice a week Sarah Kavage, Art Projects award recipient Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


drawing classes aDult ProGraMs: Drawing Classes

Gage Programs D foundation drawing P foundation painting

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clock-hour course


dEsiGn concEpTs D P for arTisTs Kimberly Trowbridge Monday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/13-3/17 Discover how even the smallest mark or color on a two-dimensional surface impacts the relationships that form your compositions. Explore fundamental concepts as you complete a series of projects that incrementally introduce you to the language of design. Problem-solve as you discover design elements such as line, shape, color, texture, form and value. D1401



drawinG for bEGinnErs Vonn Sumner Monday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/13-3/17 Aron hart Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/16-3/20 In this introductory fundamentals class, exercises expose you to key concepts and artistic principles to accurately render line, shape, proportion and negative space while working from the still life and the human figure. Explore various drawing media, including charcoal and graphite, as you progress from simple lines toward a nuanced understanding of tonal description. D1402 D1409

BeGinninG $430 (sumner) BeGinninG $430 (hart)

porTraiT drawinG: anaTomy & TEchniQuE Suzanne Brooker Tuesday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/14-3/18 Discover how to see beneath the skin into the dynamic movement of muscles and their influence on gesture and expression using graphite and charcoal. Long studies allow you to first identify the planar structure of the bones through contour drawings, building greater skills from proportion and foreshortening to final shading techniques. D1403



bEGinninG D porTraiT drawinG Vonn Sumner Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/14-3/18 Vonn Sumner Friday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/17-3/21 Working from portrait models and selfportraits, study the essential techniques and concepts of proportion, line, value, volume, structure and composition. Focus on the basic concepts of drawing applied to the human form and learn to think visually, translating what you see into a compelling portrait using simple techniques. D1404 D1423

BeGinninG BeGinninG

ThE QuicK sKETch Bill evans Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/15-3/19 Learn to overcome the difficulty of relating and interpreting what you see into what you are drawing. Create dozens of quick sketches from both the world around you and a model in motion while studying various sketch mediums and techniques. As you sketch, focus on studying proportions and the correct placement of lines, learning to accurately interpret what you observe onto paper. D1405



landscapE drawinG: linE, TonE & color Suzanne Brooker Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/15-3/19 Discover the power of line, tone and color to enhance your personal expression in a landscape drawing. Weekly lessons build your skills as you explore the calligraphic line, dynamics of value and color schemas from the realistic to the outrageous, working from photographs and memory or imagination. D1406


$460 (tues) $460 (Fri)



pErspEcTiVE drawinG Michael lane Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/15-3/19 Explore methods for creating pictorial space using perspective. Drawing from the imagination, memory and observation, learn to use aerial as well as one-, two- and three-point perspective to develop strong compositions. Drawing, discussions and critiques are part of each session. Some drawing experience is recommended but not required. D1407



casT drawinG larine Chung Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/15-3/19 Learning to draw from casts allows for the study of line and mass without the complication of color. Focus on the block-in, the foundation of the classical drawing process, and progress to values and modeling. In addition to building skills in accuracy through cast work, you practice expressive skills through various gesture drawings. D1408



composiTion Margaret Davidson Thursday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/16-3/20 Solve compositional problems, starting with simple ones and working towards greater complexity. Work with charcoal on paper, though students may use graphite, pen and ink or Conté on paper if they prefer. The focus is on solving problems rather than making finished art, so be prepared for the joyous mess of different ideas cut and pasted together while finding your own sense of artistic asymmetrical balance. D1410



bEGinninG fiGurE drawinG Aron hart Thursday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/16-3/20 Aron hart Sunday 10:00am-1:00pm 1/19-3/23 Gain technical mastery and intuitive understanding of the human form. Working from quick gesture drawings up to longer, more considered poses and drawings, learn to incorporate proportion, anatomy and the use of light and shade in the depiction of volume and the use of line and tone to describe planar changes in the body. D1411 BeGinninG D1415 BeGinninG

boTanical drawinG Kathleen McKeehen Friday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/17-3/21 Beginning with measurement techniques, observational skills and the unique requirements of botanical art, learn to use line to accurately portray plant subjects, then move on to understanding light’s effect on form and how to use shading for three-dimensionality. While focusing on plants, the skills you acquire apply to any realistic drawing effort and are an excellent preparation for learning botanical watercolor as well. Intermediate students are welcome and may take on more advanced plant subjects. D1412


Aron Hart

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Vonn Sumner

Larine Chung



porTraiT drawinG D Michael lane Friday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/17-3/21 Working from portrait models and selfportraits, study the essential techniques and concepts of proportion, line, value, volume, structure and composition. Focus on the basic concepts of drawing applied to the human form and learn to think visually, translating what you see into a compelling portrait using simple techniques. D1413

Kimberly Trowbridge

$460 (thurs) $460 (sun)


aDult ProGraMs: Drawing Classes


rawing from observation provides the structural foundation for the translation of the physical world into a two-dimensional image. Drawing classes run for 10-week sessions with most classes meeting once a week for three hours. Or, explore the Drawing Foundation Program, which provides an academic progression of artistic training. Learn more about Foundation Programs on page 8 and look for the D symbol in class listings. Please Note: Most classes require out-of-studio homework.

inTErmEdiaTE color ThEory: color harmony basics Margaret Davidson Tuesday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/14-3/18 Explore how to compose with color (where to put what color for what effect), which is the essence of color harmony. Using classic artists such as Titian, Vermeer and Matisse, and contemporary artist Janet Fish as your guide, explore how they composed with color and apply that information to your own art. Work with traditional triadic, complementary and split-complementary systems, along with more modern variations. Compose in colored pencils, but all the information applies to your future studies in paint as well. Pre-requisite: Beginning Color Theory or equivalent. D1416



foundaTion drawinG ii D Terry Furchgott Tues 9:00am-12:00pm 1/14-3/20 & Thurs 9:30am-12:30pm Margaret Davidson Tues/Thurs 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/14-3/20 Continue to improve your ability to draw accurately and to render volumetric forms through the clear application of relative tones of light and shadow. Complete complex still-life compositions, drapery and nature studies, increasing your skill at handling value, texture, pattern and perspective. Furchgott’s class includes substantial work with the figure. This course is followed by Aesthetics of Drawing (Davidson) and Figure Drawing in Interiors (Furchgott) in the spring. Open to students with basic drawing skills. D1417 interMeDiate $685 (Furchgott) D1414 interMeDiate $660 (Davidson)


Kathleen McKeehen

Margaret Davidson

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


aDult ProGraMs: Drawing Classes

anaTomy for ThE arTisT Melissa Weinman Tues/Thurs 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/14-3/20 Working from the figure model, learn the intricacies of the bones and musculature of the human body and apply these concepts to your drawings. Explore the structural forms of the body through studio drawing practice and insightful study of the volumetric forms of anatomy. Students in this class acquire a fundamental background for developing figurative skills. D1418



foundaTion D fiGurE drawinG ii Melissa Weinman Tues/Thurs 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/14-3/20 Michael lane Wed/Fri 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/15-3/28 Working in a variety of drawing media, you build a foundation of skills and methods for creating accurate, emotive renderings of the human figure. Learn concrete techniques for conveying form, contour, structure and volume. Anatomy and proportion are stressed throughout, while class discussions and critiques add context and breadth to your new skills.

mixEd-mEdia fiGurE drawinG: TExTurE/color/linE Barbara Fugate Wednesday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/15-3/19 Using a multitude of media including soft pastel, charcoal and colored ink wash, compose dynamic figure drawings from the model that utilize bold textures, vivid color and energetic lines. Extended studies allow time to layer materials and create a visual balance between contrasts. Some quick gesture studies are also made based on basic art principles of line, space and volume. D1420



ExprEssiVE fiGurE drawinG Kathy liao Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/15-3/19 Work big and bold each week as your instructor leads you through exercises exploring a specific art element while creating dynamic and expressive drawings from the figure. Begin each class making gesture drawings, progressing to longer poses and investigating the formal issues of drawing, including line, contour, volume, mass and space, as you work life-size with charcoal on 24" x 36" paper. D1422



D1419 interMeDiate $695 (Weinman) D1421 interMeDiate $695 (lane)

EncausTic TEchniQuEs hamid Zavareei Monday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/13-2/10 Investigate the different characteristics and effects achieved by employing wax as a component of your painting. Learn the basics of this ancient, luminescent medium, including material, surface and painting techniques as you explore a range of encaustic applications: from the simple addition of wax to your painting media to hot-wax painting and the heating of wax-painted surfaces. Group and individual instruction includes techniques for heating, mixing and application as well as layering and transferring methods. $25 partial materials fee payable to instructor. P1429



mixEd-mEdia painTinG hamid Zavareei Monday 1:30pm-4:30pm 2/17-3/17 Extend your painting arsenal to encompass and incorporate non-traditional media and techniques. Explore different approaches to abstract art, including spontaneous gestural painting, color-field simplification, drip painting and collage, as well as innovative painting approaches and experimenting with different ways to apply paint. $15 materials fee payable to instructor. P1430


i sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing. — Vincent van Gogh


painting classes


ainting describes both a process and a product, and ultimately demonstrates the technical, expressive and conceptual abilities of an artist. Painting classes at Gage begin with traditional programs like color theory and grisaille painting, and advance to professional-level classes based on conceptual and abstract theories.

Painting classes run for 10-week sessions, most meeting once a week for three hours. Or, explore the Painting Foundation Program, which provides an academic progression of artistic training. Learn more about Foundation Programs on page 18 and look for the P symbol in class listings. Please Note: Most Gage classes require out of studio homework.

painTinG wiTh ValuE John Rizzotto Monday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/13-3/17

mixEd-mEdia painTinG hamid Zavareei Monday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/13-3/17

Representational paintings owe much of their power, structure, mass and volume to value and its careful consideration. This class provides students an opportunity to refine their perception and depiction of value. Working only in black and white paint, you focus on the accurate interpretation and organization of value, form, structure, mass, volume, texture and atmosphere. Address methods to keep the composition organized, the application of value in under-paintings and assess Masterworks to examine and explore their use of value in structure and composition.

Explore different approaches to abstract art including spontaneous gestural painting, color-field simplification, drip painting and collage. Experimental application of paint using brushes or anything that lends itself to a particular painting, such as palette knife, Popsicle stick, spray bottle or sponge is encouraged. Class discussions include examples of works by Rothko, Johns, Rauschenberg and other contemporary artists. $15 partial materials fee payable to instructor.




bEGinninG waTErcolor Tom hoffmann Monday 6:30pm-9:30pm Wednesday 1:30pm-4:30pm

1/13-3/17 1/15-3/19

Develop an understanding of transparent watercolor that allows you to make conscious choices regarding color, value, wetness and composition before the brush ever touches the paper. Learn how your strokes can be made with the authority that watercolor rewards. BeGinninG $430 (Mon) BeGinninG $430 (Wed)




Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Hamid Zavareei

Kimberly Trowbridge


P color for painTErs Kimberly Trowbridge Monday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/13-3/17 Kathy liao Monday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/13-3/17 Improve your ability to perceive color and to express your vision in your paintings as you learn to accurately observe color relationships and to mix equivalent analogies with oil paint. As you work from still-life set-ups, interior space and the life model, you build on your understanding of color as value, temperature and intensity. Focus on mixing on the palette, making personal color charts and working on color studies from observation as you learn to grapple with such difficulties as how to paint white. P1404 all P1405 all

Barbara Fugate

P foundation painting

More info on p. 8

clock-hour course


P1402 P1410

Melissa Weinman

Gage Programs D foundation drawing

aDult ProGraMs: Painting Classes

painting nEw! mini-sessions

drawing classes (continued)

Hamid Zavareei

fiGurE painTinG in oil Anne Petty Tuesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/14-3/18 Michael lane Saturday 2:00pm-5:00pm 1/18-3/22 Learn to create a dynamic figure painting in oil from the live model. Starting with a limited palette, you learn to block-in value and temperature shapes that comprise the figure and surrounding environment. Explore practical color-mixing strategies and work up to a final painting with an extended palette, with an emphasis on composition and sighting accurate figure proportions. P1409 all P1416 all

$460 (Petty) $460 (lane)

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rtiďŹ cate Gage gift ce Purchase a any class, r fo od go , nt in any amou it is V . ur to t ar workshop, or org, or call y. m de ca e x16. GageA 206.323.GAG Kathleen at

$430 (trowbridge) $430 (liao)

Anne Petty

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


pasTEl sTill-lifE: china, fruiT & flowErs Terry Furchgott Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/14-3/18 Take your pastel skills to the next level by learning to create dynamic and realistic drawings full of lively color, texture, correct tonal values and a convincing sense of space. Working with the visually striking combination of luminous blue and white china, the solidity of fruit, and the diaphanous beauty of flowers, you complete colorful studies and several finished works. Furchgott’s rigorous teaching style and clear demonstrations help you to improve your drawing, master effective pastel techniques, and clarify your own creative intention. $15 partial materials fee payable to Instructor. Homework required. This class continues Spring Quarter with Pastel Over Watercolor. P1406



bEGinninG sTill-lifE painTinG Jim Phalen Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/15-3/19 larine Chung Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm 1/19-3/23 In a step-by-step process, learn the methods of oil painting while exploring the still-life genre. In order to remove fear and promote confidence, you learn to consider value, warm and cool relationships and color, as well as methods for self-correction and problem solving. Throughout the course, you participate in discussions on tools, materials, methods and techniques. P1407 all P1417 all

porTraiT painTinG Anne Petty Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/15-3/19 Build a solid foundation for solving visual problems related to the figure, focusing on the structural anatomy of parts, both as value studies and color studies. Gather strategies for analyzing structure and proportion as well as value and color relationships. You work extensively mixing color relationships on the palette and then applying the paint directly onto the canvas. This course is second in a three-part series, and is followed by Foundation Figure Painting III: Figure in Context. New intermediate students welcome. P1408



landscapE oil painTinG: Epic sKyscapEs Suzanne Brooker Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/16-3/20 Inspired by artists of the Romantic era, the sky becomes not only a deep observational study, but also a metaphor for the unpredictability of nature. From deep sunsets to stormy spring skies, learn how to render the complex layers of the sky using transparent to opaque oil painting techniques in luminous color, and explore color-mixing strategies and paint application in order to best promote the ideas in your work. P1411


lanGuaGE of painT (bEGinninG oil painTinG) Suzanne Brooker Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/16-3/20 Each week, paint a small work that combines brush techniques such as impasto texture, painting fine details or layering atmospheric effects, with color mixing strategies. An overview of old and new master artists will provide inspiration as you work from broken brush strokes to smooth blending, and high key to saturated color. P1412



boTanical waTErcolor: painTinG ThE winTEr wondErland Kathleen McKeehen Friday 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/17-3/21 While winter is a dormant time for many botanical subjects, classic icons such as conifers and holly make good and challenging subjects for the botanical painter. Add hellebores and bare twigs, and there is a wealth of material to paint. Learn or brush up on wash and dry-brush techniques, explore how to deal with complex subjects like cones, and enjoy botanical possibilities that are sturdier and longer-lasting than the fragile blooms of spring or summer. P1413




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$430 (Phalen) $430 (Chung)

porTraiT painTinG in oil Jim Phalen Friday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/17-3/21 Michael lane Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm 1/18-3/22 In this course on the art and practice of portraiture you learn from observation, acquire strategies of organizing visual information and study historic precedent while you work to render convincing and compelling likenesses of the model in oil. P1414 all P1415 all

$460 (Phalen) $430 (lane)


porTraiTs in waTErcolor hamid Zavareei Monday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/13-3/17 Apply watercolor techniques to your study of portraiture as you experiment with various washes, glazes and scumbles, as well as with looser approaches and different color pallets for flesh tones. Work from the model as you focus on head, facial structures and proportion emphasizing the economy of line, capturing the essentials of a human face with simple contours and without shading or value to allow for the watercolor to build volume and structure. Construct light, shade, form and volume in gestural broad strokes with the interplay of warm and cool colors. P1418


foundaTion sTill lifE painTinG ii P John Rizzotto Mon/Wed 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/13-3/19

color & absTracTion wiTh TurnEr & monET Charles emerson Tuesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/14-3/18

Delve deeper into color mixing in the second course in the series. Tackle classical color theory, color harmony, avoiding muddy color, color keys and color schemes. Composition plays a greater role, along with continued practice in direct and indirect methods and brushstroke technique. Develop criteria for evaluating your own and others’ work. Prerequisite: Foundation Still Life I.

Turner, based in a traditional realism, and Monet by way of late Impressionism are two pioneers of Modern Color — color that informs, lights, structures and adds emotional power to a painting rather than only decoration and beauty. Often this is done by moving a work into abstraction, gently or powerfully, with meaning and purpose always in a logical, consistent manner. Beginning with the works of these two Masters, you advance to include more contemporary artists such as Rothko, Hofmann, Albers, Matisse, Marden and Diebenkorn as to their conclusions, reasons, methods, techniques and results in their explorations toward a profound, emotional, and meaningful visual experience; always more experiential than referential. Oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels or in any combination. Experienced Intermediate with some color knowledge. $15 partial materials fee paid to the instructor.




acrylic sTill-lifE: lEarninG from cÉZannE Terry Furchgott Monday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/13-3/17 Create lively studies and several finished pieces working from set ups inspired by the paintings of Cézanne, including fruit, drapery, china ware and small statues. Looking closely at the intention and techniques of the Master, explore his colorful palette, planar approach to form, broken brushwork and compositional choices, learning to strengthen your own work with those elements you most admire in his. $15 partial materials fee payable to Instructor. Homework required. This class continues Spring Quarter with Acrylic Painting: Post-Impressionist Palettes. P1420






aDult ProGraMs: Painting Classes

aDult ProGraMs: Painting Classes

painting classes (continued)


inTErmEdiaTE waTErcolor Tom hoffmann Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/15-3/19 Work with increasingly complex subjects as you expand your understanding of and dexterity with watercolor. Working from still-life, landscapes and photographs, learn to individualize your painting process, better understand the variables of watercolor painting, use the variables to your creative advantage and take informed risks. Students should have completed Beginning Watercolor or have basic watercolor experience. interMeDiate




Terry Furchgott 14

Jim Phalen

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Suzanne Brooker

Michael Lane

John Rizzotto

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


painting classes (continued)

sculpting classes

aDult ProGraMs: Painting Classes

TradiTional sTill-lifE painTinG Charles emerson Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/16-3/20

absTracT painTinG ii Julia Ricketts Sunday 10:00am-1:00pm 1/19-3/23

adVancEd waTErcolor Tom hoffmann Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/15-3/19

Unlike figural or landscape subjects which move and change with time, a still-life can offer at its best something of a continual spiritual presence. More than just a picture, an additional reality can be evoked in the most humble of objects through insight and techniques concerning color, composition, texture, structure and subtle shifts in vision. These are yours along with a few secrets in a series of exercises leading to a finished painting in oil or acrylic.

This course continues an investigation of the language of abstraction through the working methods of 20th and 21st century artists. Working in drawing materials and oil or acrylic paint, create and define new abstract forms, develop compositions and distill personal content into new imagery. Instructor guidance, short lectures and discussion enhance your experience. New students welcome.

As an experienced watercolor painter seeking to refine your practice and strengthen your personal style, work under the close mentorship of Tom Hoffmann to develop independent painting projects according to your artistic vision. Hoffmann assists you in your mastery of advanced techniques and innovative approaches to increasingly complex compositions. Group discussions and critiques further stimulate visual openness and growing awareness of varying approaches to common problems. Completion of Intermediate Watercolor or instructor permission required. New students welcome.



dirEcT fiGurE painTinG: all aT oncE Barbara Fugate Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/16-3/20 Ignite and challenge your figure painting experience by rapidly making a new painting each class session. Using both oil or acrylic paint and various colored grounds, and referencing the working methods of the Impressionists (among other gestural painters), you explore limited color palettes, color harmony, use of line and shapes, gesture, depth of space, texture, composition and contrast. Some prior painting experience recommended. P1424






When beginning artists understand and use value for the first time, there is usually a quantum leap in the quality of their painting. —Paul deMarrais




conTEmporary painTinG sEminar Julia Ricketts Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm 1/19-3/23 Study trends and ideas in contemporary painting while you develop your individual voice as a painter. In this seminar-style class you create a small body of work that hangs together as a group. Readings and discussion enhance in-class work time and regular critiques. All media and subjects welcome. P1428


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Barbara Fugate 16

Julia Ricketts

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE




he transformative act of molding a physical substance into form gives the artist invaluable insight into understanding proportion, balance, rhythm and movement in ways that two-dimensional study cannot. Sculpting classes may be appropriate for all skill levels, and include full-size figure sculpting and écorché to complement classical training.

fiGurE sculpTurE D Katrina Wolfe Monday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/13-3/17 Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm 1/18-3/22 Refine your ability to see and render the figure as you study the underlying forms and uniting rhythms of the human body. Learn to hone your artistic intention to convey meaning in your work as you model a scale figure alongside your instructor from a sustained pose. Learn the logistics by working from measurements, and how to utilize photographs and life castings between sessions with the model. The Saturday class pose is also available in the independent Sculpture Reserved Studio (see p. 18) on Sunday mornings, allowing you up to 20 sessions to develop your work. Class price includes clay and armature. s1401 s1407

sculpTinG ThE ExprEssiVE porTraiT Tip Toland Tuesday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/14-3/18 Work on two life-size clay busts to create a portrait from a model with distinctive features, holding a strong expression. Constructing the bust from solid clay on an armature, you use the first four weeks to capture the expression and model a likeness. On the fifth week you cut your work from the armature, hollow and reassemble your piece. Over the final five weeks you use your new skills to create an expressive self-portrait. Class price includes clay. s1402

Tom Hoffmann

BeGinninG $495 (Mon) BeGinninG $495 (sat)


Tip Toland


Gage Programs D foundation drawing P foundation painting

More info on p. 8

clock-hour course

foundaTion fiGurE sculpTurE ii Michael Magrath Tues/Thurs 1:30pm-4:30pm 1/14-3/20

ÉcorchÉ Michael Magrath Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/16-3/20

Work with the model on studies of isolated body parts while developing 1/4-scale mannequins to aid in understanding underlying structure. Explore life casting as well as a variety of more advanced mold-making processes. Outside work includes 3-D master copies. The class culminates with a portrait bust at life-size. As in the previous quarter, a concurrent, outside drawing component is strongly recommended. Additional studio time is available for outside assignments. Class price includes clay and armature.

Écorché (French for “flayed”) is a figure viewed without skin for the purpose of anatomical study and artistic reference. Under the guidance of your instructor and from lectures, reference materials and live models, you build an anatomically precise 3-D model of the human muscular and skeletal system from the bones out. This is a two-quarter course, meeting two days per week. Winter focuses on the skeleton; spring is devoted to the muscular system. A requisite for the serious figure artist, you emerge with a durable reference figure and irreplaceable anatomical expertise. Figure sculpting and anatomy experience recommended. Class price includes clay and armature.




fiGurE sculpTinG sTudio Michael Magrath Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm 1/14-3/18 Experience a clear and intuitive method for mastering the fundamentals of threedimensional modeling, as well as developing advanced skills that radically improve your ability to see and understand the figure. You work from the same pose for the entire quarter. Class price includes clay and armature. s1404



sculpture reserved studio Winter schedule 1/14-3/23* wEdnEsday 1/15-3/19 [s1404]

sunday 1/19-3/23 [s1407]

6:30pm-9:30pm reserVeD stuDio sculpting [w/ str1401]

10:00am-1:00pm reserVeD stuDio sculpting [w/ str1404]

* For full schedule and cost, see p. 18.

Michael Magrath

aDult ProGraMs: sculpting Classes





animal form & moTion Bill evans Friday 9:30am-12:30pm 1/17-3/21 Devote your study to understanding what causes form and motion as you sculpt many animals and work progressively. Start by sketching and learning the bones and major muscles and how they relate to the overall form, then watch your animals emerge through understanding how the bodies work with both expression and form. You also study action and the scale relationships of the various body parts for proper proportions. Class price includes clay. s1406



Bill Evans

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


lecture series



rop-In, Reserved and Private Mentored Studios provide opportunities for Gage students and artists in the community to work independently from the model or on personal projects under the mentorship of a Gage instructor or graduate.

drop-in fiGurE sTudios No instructor

rEsErVEd fiGurE sTudios No instructor 9:30am-12:30pm

priVaTE mEnTorinG proGram Mentor Assigned individually


MarCh 17

GaGe GuiDeD tours

In the tradition of all professional art schools, Gage offers drop-in figure studios every day of the week. Artists work independently from the model on a drop-in basis, gaining hands-on practice in drawing, painting or sculpting the figure. In Artist’s Choice sessions, the pose is set by a Gage instructor who works alongside studio artists for the duration of the pose.

In the Reserved Figure Studios, a group of dedicated artists work from one figure pose throughout the 10-week quarter, with the pose set on the first night. Artists must register before the quarter begins to guarantee an easel space.

Connect with a Gage mentor for guidance on your creative journey. Depending on your skill level, mentors give private art lessons or assess your work, make suggestions for further study and help develop a road map for your future study. To enroll, call Gage for help with determining the best match for your mentoring needs.

anaTomy for ThE arTisT D Michael Magrath Wednesday 7:00pm-8:30pm 1/22-3/19

foolinG ThE EyE, EnGaGinG ThE brain: illusion & misdirEcTion in modErn rEprEsEnTaTional arT Richard V. West Monday 7:00pm-9:00pm 3/17

mirÓ: ThE arT of sEEinG February 14-May 19, 2013

str1401 (Wed pm) $165 Sculpting str1403 (Fri am) $165 Dwg/Ptg str1404 (sun am) $165 Sculpting


clothed figure in interior Pose set by Terry Furchgott 6:30pm-9:30pm This quarter’s Friday night studio participants work from one clothed-figure pose for 10 weeks, with the pose set on the first night by Gage Instructor Terry Furchgott, known for her complex and inspiring figurative set ups.

($175 if enrolled in a concurrent Gage program)


Mentoring by a Gage Graduate: 8 hours $250 Call 206.323.4243 x10.

$165 Dwg/Ptg

DroP-in anD reserVeD FiGure stuDios

Visit for schedule updates or changes.

Winter Quarter schedule | January 13 – March 23 monday

1/13 - 3/17


1/14 - 3/18

wEdnEsday 1/15 - 3/19



1/16 - 3/20

1/17 - 3/21

saTurday 1/18 - 3/22


1/19 - 3/23

9:30am - 12:30pm 9:30am - 12:30pm 9:30am - 12:30pm 10:00am - 1:00pm short Poses reserVeD stuDio short Poses reserVeD stuDio 10-week pose 10-week pose Dwg•Ptg / str1402 sculpting / str1404


[pose set w/Wolfe Sat am class, S1407]

1:30pm - 4:30pm artist’s ChoiCe

1:30pm - 4:30pm lonG Pose

1:30pm - 4:30pm artist’s ChoiCe 4th-yr Aristides atelier students

6:30pm - 9:30pm 2-WeeK Poses


[pose set w/Faigin]

6:30pm - 9:30pm reserVeD stuDio 10-week pose sculpting / str1401

6:30pm - 9:30pm reserVeD stuDio 10-week pose Dwg•Ptg / str1403

[pose set w/Magrath Tues eve class, S1404]

[pose set w/Furchgott]

Winter Break schedule | December 2 – 15 & January 6 – 12 monday

12/2, 12/9, 1/6


12/3, 12/10, 1/7


12/4, 12/11, 1/8

9:30am - 12:30pm short Poses



1:30pm - 4:30pm lonG Pose

1:30pm - 4:30pm lonG Pose


12/5, 12/12, 1/9

Anatomy for the Artist is part of an ongoing series of technical lectures for artists, preceded by Principles of Perspective Drawing (fall) and followed by Drawing the Head (spring). The lectures can be taken sequentially as a series, or independently. Jan 22

Bio-Mechanics & the Canons of Proportion

Jan 29

Pelvis & Trunk

Feb 5

Ribs & Spine

Feb 12

Reach part i: The Shoulder Girdle

Feb 19

Reach part ii: The Forelimbs

Feb 26

locomotion: The Buttocks & legs

Mar 5

Support & Manipulation: Feet & hands

Mar 12

Skull: Cranium & Face

Mar 19

Features, Skin & Fat


12/13, 1/10

saTurday 12/14, 1/11

all leVels/PuBliC WelCoMe Mat1401a $15/person (3/26) Mat1401B $15/person (4/23) Limited space available — register today!

all leVels/PuBliC WelCoMe l1402 $15


12/8, 12/15, 1/12

9:30am - 12:30pm short Poses

1:30pm - 4:30pm artist’s ChoiCe

1:30pm - 4:30pm lonG Pose

Leonardo da Vinci Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Audio equipment is provided and tour participants are invited to continue the conversation at a no-host happy hour at the SAM TASTE Restaurant afterward. Tour limited to 18. SAM admission not included.

all leVels/PuBliC WelCoMe l1401 $120 for series/$15 drop-in

4th-yr Aristides atelier students


Art historian, curator and author Richard V. West is Director Emeritus of the Frye Art Museum and a member of the Board of Trustees at Gage. A native of Prague, Czech Republic, he studied in Europe and the United States before receiving a master’s degree in art history from the University of California at Berkeley.

Join Gage teaching artist Charles emerson for two tours of the Miró: The Experience of Seeing, on view at the Seattle Art Museum. Emerson lends a unique artist’s perspective to this striking exhibition, drawn entirely from the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid. The exhibition features 48 paintings, drawings and sculptures made in the period between 1963 and 1983.

no open studio on 12/7 : Drawing Jam

9:30am - 12:30pm short Poses

1:30pm - 4:30pm lonG Pose

A fascinating aspect of recent representational art has been the revival and transformation of illusionist painting. Influenced by recent art movements and the emerging science of visual perception, contemporary artists have taken the traditional form of trompe l’oeil painting and invested it with new narratives and symbols. Other artists are deploying illusionist cues to create images that misdirect the eye and initiate perceptual dilemmas for the viewer. In either case, these works engage the viewer in a dialogue concerning meaning and intent that intensifies the experience. West explores examples of recent illusionist painting by contemporary artists and discusses the sources and ideas that influenced them.

Tour Guide: Charles emerson Wednesday, March 26 3:00pm Wednesday, April 23 3:00pm


str1402 (Fri pm)

Mentoring by a Gage instructor: 3 hours $225

Explore a clear and intuitive method for seeing form and understanding the structure of the human body as a foundation of artistic expression. Discussions include anatomical detail as to the working of bones and musculature, as well as overall shapes and general principles of construction and actions as exhibited on the model.


st1401 First Visit Free $14 (drop-in) / $55 (5-session pass) $160 (20-session pass)


ffordable and stimulating, the Gage Evening Lecture Series invites art students and the general public to become better acquainted with artistic techniques and art history. Register for an entire series or drop in for a particular lecture that interests you.

aDult ProGraMs: lecture series

aDult ProGraMs: open studios

open studios

Art imitating life imitating Art . . . , John Pugh

Woman with Three hairs, Joán Miró

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE



Artist Lectures

Gage is proud to present an eclectic array of student, instructor, local and national artist works in three gallery spaces on the third floor of the building. Special events, receptions and artist lectures complement the exhibitions, and provide an opportunity to engage the community at large with the issues and imagery of contemporary art. All galleries are open 10:00am to 6:00pm daily. Visit for more information.

Each quarter, Gage hosts thought-provoking lectures, performances and discussions with working professional artists and art historians, in association with exhibitions in the Steele Gallery. The public is invited to attend these events free of charge.

Gratis @ Gage: Artist Lectures

Gratis @ Gage: Exhibitions

Gratis @ Gage

Flushed: into the world of wastewater treatment

Thuy-Van Vu, detail

A Performance by Stokley Towles

Entry Gallery

Rosen Gallery

Steele Gallery

Friday, November 22  7:00pm  Geo Studio, 3rd Floor

dirty River November 22 – January 10

Gage Teaching Artists November 22 – January 10

// SIGHTLINES November 22 – January 10

In Conjunction with // Sightlines

Artists’ Reception: November 22, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Artists’ Reception: November 22, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Having recently moved to South Park in Seattle, a neighborhood flanking the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund Site, watercolorist Chandler Woodfin uses vibrant plein air landscapes and images of neighbors in their environments to visually examine what it means to live on and around a hazardous landscape.

Over 25 Youth and Adult Programs Gage teaching artists show new work spanning the mediums of drawing, watercolor, painting, collage and sculpture. This exhibition provides an insider perspective to what inspires our instructors when they redirect their attention towards their own studio practice.

Artists’ Reception: November 22, 6:00pm-8:00pm Concurrent Artist’s Lecture at right:

Ants Are People Too January 17 – February 14

Still Life & Trompe L’Oeil January 17 – February 14

Artists’ Reception: January 17, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Artists’ Reception: January 17, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Mixing Western and Japanese traditions in his printmaking process, Charles Spitzack develops complex multi-color blocks that vacillate between abstraction and representation, revealing influences of German Expressionism in his carving technique. Spitzack’s subject matter recalls printmakers such as Käthe Kollwitz and Jose Posada, as he calls attention to the complex but simple human condition.

From cast drawings to classic table compositions, Gage teaching artists utilize multiple styles and techniques when teaching students how to work in the still-life genre, a variety of which are on display in this exhibition. This show includes a special highlight exhibition for Melissa Weinman’s weeklong workshop Trompe L’Oeil Painting.

Andrew Martin: Self Portraits February 21 – April 4 Opening Reception: February 21, 6:00pm-8:00pm Andrew Martin (1923–1997), the son of a sculptor, was born in Paris and trained at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago. He lived and exhibited in New York and North Carolina, and for several years had a studio in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. From sketches to oils, Martin’s self-portraits are selected from a large collection of his works at Gallery Andrew Martin in Port Townsend.

8th Annual Spitting Image juried Self-Portrait Exhibition February 21 – April 4 Artists’ Reception & Awards Ceremony: February 21, 6:00pm-8:00pm Juried this year by the Nordic Heritage Museum’s Chief Curator Lizette Gradén the annual selfportrait exhibition showcases student’s best portrait work in competition for hefty tuition prizes.

Inspired by the BUSTER SIMPSON // SURVEYOR retrospective exhibition at the Frye Art Museum, // SIGHTLINES presents the perspectives of five Seattle artists on the build-up of the detritus of a life lived and our choices about what to save (or document) and what to toss. With reference to Simpson’s self-documented performances, environmental activism, and the fleeting utility of objects and structures in the landscape, artists include Thuy-Van Vu, Iole Alessandrini, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Whiting Tennis and Allyce Wood.

After we flush where does it all go? Stokley Towles’ production of Flushed: into the world of wastewater treatment is part of the on-going public art programming, produced by 4Culture in partnership with King County’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, Brightwater. As part of the Conveyance Project, Stokley and five other county-based artists are producing temporary artworks designed to engage the broader community in a conversation about water quality in our region, environmental stewardship and the extent of the Brightwater system. For ten years Stokley Towles has been exploring the infrastructure of municipal systems, taking up residency within and looking closely at the environment and the people who work there. Towles has performed in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, and his work has been presented locally at the Henry Art Gallery, Greg Kucera Gallery and Seattle Art Museum. Stokley Towles

The Synthesis of Conflicting Forces Benjamin A. Vierling

Benjamin A. Vierling: A Decennary Retrospective January 17 – February 14

Friday, January 17  7:00pm  Geo Studio, 3rd floor

Artists’ Reception: January 17, 6:00pm-8:00pm Concurrent Artist’s Lecture at right:

Exhibiting artist Benjamin A. Vierling discusses his techniques, influences, and working processes. “The time period that speaks to me with the clearest voice remains the early Renaissance in Northern Europe,” says Vierling, “where crystallized forms and the rich use of color brought the reflections of the contemplative mind into focus. If I were to look to one beacon for guidance, it would be Hans Holbein, who refined this visual language into an enduring standard. Holbein imbued his subjects with a dignity to which we can today only aspire.”

In Conjunction with Benjamin A. Vierling: A Decennary Retrospective

Showcasing select drawings and paintings from 10 years of work, this is Benjamin A. Vierling’s first solo exhibition in Seattle. Employing primarily a 15th Century mixed-media technique of egg tempera and oil paints on panel, he integrates mythical references with contemporary subjects to bridge the timeless with the ephemeral.

That’s Art! The American Comic Strip from Mutt & Jeff to Doonesbury February 21 – April 4

Benjamin A. Vierling is an American artist known for his diversely applied renderings of arcane subjects. Born in San Francisco, he developed an affinity with the fine arts during his childhood, and has studied independently in the United States and in Europe. His paintings are exhibited internationally, most recently in New York and Berlin, and previously at Seattle’s Roq la Rue Gallery. Benjamin A. Vierling

The Rise and Fall of the Classic American Comic Strip Richard V. West

Artists’ Reception: February 21, 6:00pm-8:00pm Concurrent Artist’s Lecture at right:

Friday, February 21  7:00pm  Geo Studio, 3rd floor In Conjunction with That’s Art! The American Comic Strip from Mutt & Jeff to Doonesbury

Selected from a Seattle collection, the exhibition presents vintage examples of such well-known daily and Sunday features as L’il Abner, Brenda Starr, Terry and the Pirates, Blondie, Barney Google and Bringing Up Father. Lesser-known strips such as Tailspin Tommy, Mickey Finn and Hap Hopper are also represented along with modern strips that include Gordo, Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible and Doonesbury.

The comic strip as we know it today had its origins in a bitter circulation war fought in the late 19th century between rival newspaper publishers Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. By 1924, the well-known critic Gilbert Seldes declared that the newspaper comic strip had become a true American art form, like jazz and the movies, which deserved to be taken seriously and enjoyed without guilt. West explores the dynamics of this modern art form that, like jazz, impacted American cultural life at all levels for over a century.

© 1968 Charles Schulz Charles Spitzack 20

Art historian, curator and author Richard V. West is Director Emeritus of the Frye Art Museum, and a member of the Board of Trustees at Gage. A native of Prague, Czech Republic, he studied in Europe and the United States before receiving a master’s degree in art history from the University of California at Berkeley.

Benjamin A. Vierling

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


Gage art Travel


pr esen ts

age Art Travel tours bring together small groups of artists and art enthusiasts for intensive explorations guided by informed and passionate experts. Please book early; tours are limited to 18 participants, unless otherwise noted, and tend to sell out quickly. Learn more at

GaGe art travel


Thursday, February 6 to Monday, February 10, 2014 (4 nights) Tour Guide: Charles Emerson tour only: $950/person tour with hotel: $1,250 double occupancy | $1,650 single occupancy (no roommate)

Escape the Northwest winter doldrums with an inspiring art tour to sunny Los Angeles, featuring some of the best modern and contemporary art the West Coast has to offer! For four days, join Gage teaching artist Charles emerson for a guided tour through LA’s major museums and contemporary galleries, including LA County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art LA, J. Paul Getty Center, Pasadena Museum of California Art and UCLA Hammer Museum.

Ed Ruscha

paces Limited S

saturDay, DeCeMBer 7, 2013

s $10/Adult ID tudent $5/with S ! id K s FREE



Your tour includes an evening cocktail hour at our luxury boutique hotel, the Angeleno, with guided art tour commencing Friday morning through Monday noon. Tour with Hotel includes 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in Brentwood, plus all museum admissions, group dinner in downtown LA, plus local transportation to all museums and galleries. Not included: meals not mentioned, airfare and airport transfers.


drawing jam® 2013

r7 e b m e c e D , y a turd

Charles emerson in la: Looking at Modern & Contemporary Art

atr1401 Reserve your place online with a $250/person non-refundable deposit!

9am–9pm Drawing Jam® returns to Gage for its 14th year! Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 7 for the all-day family-friendly celebration of art and music — featuring dedicated spaces for kids and teens and free art supplies for all. Join us for one of the Northwest’s most talked about and unique art experiences! Read more about the Drawing Jam at GageAcademy. org/drawingjam, and we’ll see you there! 7pm–9pm

new york, new york!

Aft e r Dar k !

Sunday, March 23 to Saturday, March 29, 2014 (6 nights) Workshop Instructor: Michael Grimaldi Tour Guide: Gary Faigin

Drawing Jam® after Dark is a swanky mixer for the 21+ crowd, and features cocktails, inter-active and video art, artist demos, live music and more! $5 suggested donation — see page 1 for more.

tour only: $925/person tour with Workshop: $1,475



Gage Teaching Artist, Steven Reddy PRESENTING SPONSORS

For one inspiring week, spend your mornings at the venerable Art Students League, and your afternoons discovering the city’s excellent galleries and museums. Michael Grimaldi, one of America’s foremost contemporary realists, leads a morning portrait drawing workshop during the weekdays. Your afternoons are spent with art critic and historian Gary Faigin, touring the Big Apple’s most important museums and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and up the Hudson River to the remarkable new contemporary museum DIA-Beacon and more. Your tour includes a cocktail party and group dinner; Art Students League portrait drawing workshop (students only); all museum admissions, local and inter-city travel. Not included: meals not noted; airfare, airport transfers and accommodations. Gage has prepared a list of hotels, from inexpensive to luxury, to meet the needs of our students. Please contact the Gage office (206.323.4243 x10) for more information.

atr1402 To reserve your spot, contact tour coordinator Margaretta Campagna at 206.323.4243 x32,

Michael Grimaldi

or email

northern italy, March 2015 North to adventure! Experience the rich art, food and architecture of Northern Italy with Gage Art Tours. Mark your calendars for March 2015, when Gage Artistic Director Gary Faigin leads a select group of art lovers through the historic towns, breathtaking vistas and iconic art collections of this fascinating region. Pre-register now to receive updates and itinerary details by sending an email to — or stay tuned to for full details. Courtesy

atr1403 To reserve your spot, contact tour coordinator Margaretta Campagna at 206.323.4243 x32, or email

GAGE COLLECTOR’S GALA Friday, March 7, 2014 | Doors at 6pm St. Mark’s Cathedral Sanctuary Don’t miss everyone’s favorite art auction and party featuring original works by emerging talent and regionally and nationally recognized artists. Proceeds benefit educational programs at Gage. invitations to follow — Stay tuned to for more details.

Leonardo da Vinci 22

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


Teaching artists


aBout GaGe: teaching artists

juliETTE arisTidEs Training: Barnstone Studio, PA; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, PA; The Atelier, MN; Water Street Atelier, NY. Representation: John Pence Gallery, CA; Le Quire Gallery, TN; Wendt Gallery, NY. Author: Classical Painting Atelier, Classical Drawing Atelier, Lessons in Classical Drawing. suZannE brooKEr MFA-California State University at Long Beach, CA; BFA-California Institute of the Arts, CA; Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, NY. Author: Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications. larinE chunG BFA-Chinese University of Hong Kong. Training: Gage Classical Atelier, WA. Taught: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio, WA. Exhibitions: Grey Gallery, WA. Representation: The Fountainhead Gallery, WA. Awards: First Place in Still-Life, 2010 Best of Gage; First Prize, 2008 Gage Self-Portrait Competition. marGarET daVidson MFA-University of Washington, WA. BFA-University of Michigan, MI. Taught: Pratt Fine Arts Center, WA; Cornish College of the Arts, WA; Indiana State University, IN; University of Washington, WA. Representation: SAM Gallery, WA; Edison Eye Gallery, WA. Author: Contemporary Drawing, Key Concepts and Techniques. charlEs EmErson MFA-Yale University, CT; Graduate Studies: Boston University, MA; BFA-University of Southern California, CA. Fulbright Scholar in Venice, Italy. Artist in Residence at La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art. Publication: The Art of Drawing by Bernard Chaet. Exhibitions include Sisko Gallery, WA. bill EVans BA Architecture-University of Washington, WA. Taught: Cornish College of the Arts, WA; Pottery Northwest, WA. Exhibitions: Art Stop, WA; Kebanu Gallery, OR; Allied Arts Invitational, WA; Fountainhead Gallery, WA; Frye Art Museum, WA. Awards: 2004 Best in Show at Washington Potters Association Show; WCA Juror’s Award at 2008 Art Stop. Representation: Sisko Gallery, WA. Gary faiGin Training: Art Students League, NY; École des Beaux-Arts, France. Taught: Art Students League, NY; New York Academy of Art, NY. Co-founder and Artistic Director, Gage Academy of Art. Art Critic, KUOW public radio, WA. Exhibitions: Frye Art Museum, WA; Woodside/Braseth Gallery, WA; Tacoma Art Museum, WA; Coos Art Museum, OR. Representation: Linda Hodges Gallery, WA. Author: Artists’ Complete Guide to Facial Expression.


barbara fuGaTE MFA Painting-Miami University of Ohio, OH. Taught: Seattle Art Museum, WA; Seattle Pacific University, WA; Troy Art Center, NY; Western Kentucky University, KY. Exhibitions: ArtSpace, WA; Bellevue Art Museum, WA; Fountainhead Gallery, WA; Martin-Zambito Gallery, WA. Author: The Best of Sketching and Drawing. TErry furchGoTT BA-Radcliffe College, MA. Training: Camden Arts Center, England. Awards: Artist Trust Fellowship, King County Arts Commission, WA State Arts Commission. Numerous public art murals. Representation: Lisa Harris Gallery, WA. michaEl Grimaldi, Guest Teaching Artist Training: Art Students League, NY; National Academy, NY; New York Studio School, NY; École Albert Defois, France. Taught: Janus Collaborative, NY, Art Students League, NY; National Academy, NY, Water Street Atelier, NY; Studio 126, Grand Central Academy, NY. Exhibitions: Arcadia Gallery, NY; Forum Gallery, NY; John Pence Gallery, CA; Hirschl & Adler Galleries, NY; National Academy Museum, NY. aron harT Training: Kang-O’Higgins Atelier, WA. Exhibitions: Up Front Gallery, WA; Semantics Art Gallery, WA; Flatcolor Gallery, WA; Art/Not Terminal Gallery, WA; Colombia City Gallery. Awards: First Place, Burien Arts Juried Exhibition, First Place, Drawing, Edmonds Arts Festival; First Place, Portraiture, Best of Gage; Third Place, Painting, Edmonds Arts Festival. amanda hallEnius, Guest Teaching Artist BA/BFA-Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. Trained: Aristides Atelier, Gage Academy of Art; Corry Studios, Salt Lake City, UT; Academy of Classical Design, Southern Pines, NC. Exhibitions: Yellowstone Arts Museum, Billings, MT. Tom hoffmann MA-Art Education, University of London Institute of Education, England; BFA-Amherst College, MA. Hoffmann has taught extensively nationally and locally. Exhibitions: Frye Art Museum, WA; Seattle Art Museum, WA; Tacoma Art Museum, WA. Representation: Fountainhead Gallery, WA. Author: Watercolor Painting: A Comprehensive Approach to Mastering the Medium. marK KanG-o’hiGGins MFA, New York Academy of Art, NY; MA, University College Galway, Ireland. Training: Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. Exhibitions: Columbia University, NY; New York Public Library, NY; SAM Gallery, WA; Linda Hodges Gallery, WA.

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Eran wEbbEr, Guest Teaching Artist Training: Florence Academy of Art, Italy; Accademia di Belle Arte, Italy. Principal Instructor: Florence Academy of Art Sculpting Program. Exhibitions: Galerie Michael, CA.

michaEl lanE Education: Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial, PA; The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, PA; mentored by Nelson Shanks. Taught: Moore College of Art and Design, PA; Mural Arts Program, City of Philadelphia, PA. Exhibitions: Vain Gallery, WA; Form/Space Atelier, WA; Artists’ House Gallery, PA.

mElissa wEinman MFA-2-D Media, University of Southern California, CA. Taught: University of Puget Sound (Art Department Chair), WA; University of Maryland, MD; University of Richmond, VA. Exhibitions: Kittredge Gallery, WA; Wesleyan Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.; Seattle Pacific University, WA; Frye Art Museum, WA; Linda Hodges Gallery, WA.

GEoffrEy laurEncE, Guest Teaching Artist MFA-New York Academy of Art, NY. Training: Byam Shaw School of Art, England; London College of Printing, UK. Taught: Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, CA; Andreeva Portrait Academy, NM. Exhibitions: Skotia Gallery, NM; LewAllen Contemporary, NM; Forbes Galleries, NY. Representation: 101/Exhibit, FL; John Pence Gallery, CA. KaThy liao BFA-University of Washington, WA; MFA-Boston University, Ma. Taught: Boston University, Ma, Grand Image, Ltd., WA, Wing Luke Asian Museum, WA. Exhibitions: Fuel, WA, Commonwealth Gallery, Ma, La Familia Gallery, WA, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, WA, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, WA.

KaTrina wolfE Training: Florence Academy of Art, Italy; Gage Academy of Art, WA. Exhibitions: 619 Gallery, WA; Georgetown Arts Center, WA. Awards: 2nd Place Sculpture, 2007 & 2011, Best of Gage. Competitor: 2009 National Figure Modeling Competition, NY.

Jordan Sokol

michaEl maGraTh MFA Sculpture and Public Art-University of Washington, WA. Training: Florence Academy of Art, Italy. Taught: Reed College, OR; Sculpture Academy of London, United Kingdom; University of Washington, WA. Public and private commissions: UW Medal of Honor Memorial; Microsoft; Dwayne Clarke Residence. Awards: IFRAA Best Sculpture Award, GAP Award, 4Culture, Art Renewal Center Best Sculpture 2009.

jim phalEn MA & MFA-Painting, University of New Mexico; BFA-Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute, CA. Taught: University of Washington, WA; University of Puget Sound, WA; Cornish College of the Arts, WA; Bowdoin College, ME. Exhibitions: Frye Art Museum, WA; Darby/Cardonsky Gallery, CT; Albright-Knox Art Gallery, NY; Humbolt State University, CA; Dolby Chadwick Gallery, CA.

KaThlEEn mcKEEhEn Training: Natural Science Illustration-University of California, Santa Cruz, CA; Freelance: Organic Gardening, The Herb Companion, Gardener’s Companion. Member: American Society of Botanical Artists; Guild of Natural Science Illustrators; Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

nicholas raynolds, Guest Teaching Artist BFA-Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Canada. Training: Dusseldorf Academy of Art, Germany; Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada; Vancouver Academy of Art, Canada; Water Street Atelier, NY. Exhibitions: New York, Seattle, Washington, D.C. Representation: John Pence Gallery, CA.

annE pETTy MFA-Painting & Drawing, University of Washington, WA; BFA-Drawing & Painting, Missouri State University, MO. Taught: University of Washington, WA. Exhibitions: Sandpoint Gallery, WA; SAM Gallery, WA; Henry Art Gallery, WA; Jacob Lawrence Gallery, WA. Awards: University of Washington de Cilia Teaching in Excellence Award, WA. franK o’cain, Guest Teaching Artist Training: Art Students League, NY. Exhibitions: Purdue University; the Miriam Perlman Gallery IL; the Miriam Perlman Gallery, Inc., MI; the Princeton Art Association, NJ; Levitan Gallery I and II, NY. Representation: Midwest Museum of American Art, IN; Saginaw Art Museum, MI. in Europe by the Theano Stahelin Kunstsalon, Zurich, Switzerland; presently in New York with the D. D. and B. Gallery.

aBout GaGe: teaching artists

age teaching artists are working artists chosen for their depth of technical knowledge, artistic curiosity, and generosity of spirit in the studio. Find artist statements, teaching philosophies and extended biographies of Gage teaching artists online at

sTEVEn rEddy, Guest Teaching Artist BFA-Visual Design, University of Oregon, OR; certified K-12 Art teacher. Board: The Urban Sketchers. Author: An Illustrated Journey (HOW Books 2013). julia ricKETTs BFA-New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, NY. Taught: Kirkland Arts Center, WA; Pilchuck School of Glass, WA; Pratt Fine Arts Center, WA. Solo Exhibitions: Alysia Duckler Gallery, OR; Friesen Gallery, ID; Fulcrum Gallery, WA; Representation: Patricia Cameron Gallery, WA. john riZZoTTo Training: Classical Atelier, Gage Academy of Art, WA; The School of Visual Concepts, WA. Recipient: ARC Scholarship. Exhibitions: Frye Art Museum, WA; Bellevue Art Museum, WA. Representation: Rhodes Stringfellow Gallery, OR.

jordan soKol, Guest Teaching Artist Training: Kansas City Art Institute, MO; Florence Academy of Art, Italy. Taught: Florence Academy of Art, Italy. Exhibitions: Brigham Galleries, MA; Florence Academy of Art, Italy; WH Patterson Gallery, UK; Grenning Gallery, NY. Awards: Art Renewal Center. Vonn sumnEr MFA-University of California, Davis; BA-University of California, Davis. Exhibitions: Merry Karnowsky gallery, CA; Phillips Museum of Art, PA; Paul Thiebaud Gallery, CA; Northern California Center for the Arts, CA; Tahoe Tallax Association, NV. Publications: The Washington Post, Poets and Artists Magazine, The Huffington Post, Artweek LA, Juxtapoz. Tip Toland MFA & BFA Ceramics-Montana State University, MT. Taught: Seward Park Art Studio, WA; Pottery Northwest, WA; University of Washington, WA. Exhibitions: Bellevue Art Museum, WA; Pacini Lubel Gallery, WA; Tacoma Art Museum, WA; Nancy Margolis Gallery, NY. Awards: First Place, Virginia A. Groot Foundation, 2004; Artist Trust Award, 2007; Jean Griffith Fellowship Artist Award, 2009. KimbErly TrowbridGE MFA-Painting, University of Washington, WA; BFAPainting/BA English Literature, Indiana University, IN. Exhibitions: Grey Gallery, WA; Ouch My Eye, WA; Crawl Space Gallery, WA; The Kinsey Institute, IN; University Alumni House, WA; MFA Thesis Exhibition, Henry Art Gallery, WA; Jacob Lawrence Gallery, WA.

hamid ZaVarEEi BS-West Virginia Institute of Technology, VA. Taught: Seattle Pacific University, WA; Kirkland Art Center, WA. Exhibitions: William Traver Gallery, WA; Gallery Bershad, MA; SAM Gallery, WA; Fountainhead Gallery, WA; Carnegie Art Museum, CA; Palos Verdes Art Center, CA. Residency: Lantern of the East Art Camp, South Korea. Representation: Linda Warren Gallery, IL.



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Painting Classes: Beginning, continued Aristides Atelier Kang-O’Higgins Atelier Faigin Atelier

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Aristides Mon-Fri Kang-O’Higgins Mon-Fri Faigin Mon-Fri

9/16-6/13 9/16-6/13 9/16-6/13

9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm

p. 3 p. 3 p. 3

All All All ALL All All Int All All All All

Furchgott Lane Reddy Furchgott Reddy McKeehen Liao Hoffmann Furchgott Chung Hallenius

Tues-Thurs Fri-Sun Sat-Sun Sat-Sun Sat-Sun Sat-Sun Sat-Sun Sat-Sun Sat-Sun Fri-Sun Sat-Sun

1/7-1/9 1/10-1/12 1/11-1/12 1/25-1/26 2/1-2/2 2/8-2/9 2/22-2/23 3/1-3/2 3/8-3/9 3/28-3/30 2/15-2/16

9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm

p. 4 p. 4 p. 4 p. 4 p. 4 p. 4 p. 5 p. 5 p. 5 p. 5 p. 5

Int/Adv All All INT All All

Laurence Raynolds Weinman Sokol Webber O’Cain

Mon-Sat Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri

1/6-1/15 1/6-1/10 1/6-1/10 3/24-3/28 3/24-3/28 3/31-4/4

9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm 9:30am-4:30pm

p. 6 p. 6 p. 6 p. 7 p. 7 p. 7

All Beg All Beg All All All All Beg All Beg All All Beg

Trowbridge Sumner Brooker Sumner Evans Brooker Lane Chung Hart Davidson Hart McKeehen Lane Hart

Mon Mon Tues Tues Wed Wed Wed Wed Thurs Thurs Thurs Fri Fri Sun

1/13-3/17 1/13-3/17 1/14-3/18 1/14-3/18 1/15-3/19 1/15-3/19 1/15-3/19 1/15-3/19 1/16-3/20 1/16-3/20 1/16-3/20 1/17-3/21 1/17-3/21 1/19-3/23

9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 10:00am-1:00pm

p. 10 p. 10 p. 10 p. 10 p. 10 p. 10 p. 11 p. 11 p. 10 p. 11 p. 11 p. 11 p. 11 p. 11

Int Int Int Int Int Int Int Int

Davidson Davidson Furchgott Weinman Weinman Fugate Lane Liao

Tues/Thurs Tues Tues/Thurs Tues/Thurs Tues/Thurs Wed Wed/Fri Wed

1/14-3/20 1/14-3/18 1/14-3/20 1/14-3/20 1/14-3/20 1/15-3/19 1/15-3/28 1/15-3/19

6:30pm-9:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm times vary 1:30pm-4:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm

p. 11 p. 11 p. 11 p. 12 p. 12 p. 12 p. 12 p. 12

All Beg All All All All All All All

Rizzotto Hoffmann Zavareei Trowbridge Liao Furchgott Phalen Petty Petty

Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon Tues Wed Wed Tues

1/13-3/17 1/13-3/17 1/13-3/17 1/13-3/17 1/13-3/17 1/14-3/18 1/15-3/19 1/15-3/19 1/14-3/18

9:30am-12:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm

p. 13 p. 13 p. 13 p. 13 p. 13 p. 13 p. 14 p. 14 p. 14

P1410 P1411 P1412 P1413 P1414 P1415 P1416 P1417 P1429 P1430

Weekend Workshops WW1401 WW1402 WW1403 WW1404 WW1405 WW1406 WW1407 WW1408 WW1409 WW1410 WW1411

Painting the Circus The Portrait Sketch in Oil Illustrative Drawing I Painting the Pinecone Illustrative Drawing II Botanicals in Watercolor Mixed-Media Figure Drawing Abstract Watercolor Drawing the Clothed Figure Still-Life in Oil Perspective for Art Educators Portrait Ptg in the Renaissance Trad Portrait Drawing in Pencil Trompe L’Oeil Painting Figure Drawing w/Charcoal & Chalk Sculpting the Figure from Life Spatial Concepts & Color as Light

P1418 P1419 P1420 P1421 P1422 P1423 P1424 P1426

Design Concepts Drawing for Beginners Portrait Drawing: Anatomy Beg. Portrait Drawing The Quick Sketch Landscape Drawing Perspective Drawing Cast Drawing Drawing for Beginners Composition Beg. Figure Drawing Botanical Drawing Portrait Drawing Beg. Figure Drawing

P1427 P1428

Foundation Drawing II Int. Color Theory Foundation Drawing II Anatomy for the Artist Foundation Figure Drawing II Mixed-Media Figure Drawing Foundation Figure Drawing II Expressive Figure Drawing

S1401 S1402 S1403 S1404 S1405 S1406 S1407


Painting with Value Beginning Watercolor Mixed-Media Painting Color for Painters Color for Painters Pastel Still-Life Beginning Still-Life Portrait Painting Figure Painting in Oil

1/15-3/19 1/16-3/20 1/16-3/20 1/17-3/21 1/17-3/21 1/18-3/22 1/18-3/22 1/19-3/23 1/13-2/10 2/17-3/17

1:30pm-4:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 10:00am-1:00pm 2:00pm-5:00pm 2:00pm-5:00pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm

p. 13 p. 14 p. 14 p. 14 p. 15 p. 15 p. 14 p. 14 p. 12 p. 12

Portraits in Watercolor Foundation Still-Life II Acrylic Still-Life Color & Abstraction Intermediate Watercolor Trad. Still-Life Direct Figure Painting Abstract Painting II

Int Int Int/Adv Int Int Int Int Int

Zavareei Rizzotto Furchgott Emerson Hoffmann Emerson Fugate Ricketts

Mon Mon/Wed Mon Tues Wed Thurs Thurs Sun

1/13-3/17 1/13-3/19 1/13-3/17 1/14-3/18 1/15-3/19 1/16-3/20 1/16-3/20 1/19-3/23

9:30am-12:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 10:00am-1:00pm

p. 15 p. 15 p. 15 p. 15 p. 15 p. 16 p. 16 p. 16

Advanced Watercolor Painting Seminar

Adv Int/Adv

Hoffmann Ricketts

Wed Sun

1/15-3/19 1/19-3/23

9:30am-12:30pm 2:00pm-5:00pm

p. 16 p. 16

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Figure Sculpture Expressive Portrait Foundation Figure Sculpture II Figure Sculpture Studio Écorché Animal Form & Motion Figure Sculpture

Beg Int Int/Adv Int Int/Adv All Beg

Wolfe Toland Magrath Magrath Magrath Evans Wolfe

Mon Tues Tues/Thurs Tues Thurs Fri Sat

1/13-3/17 1/14-3/18 1/14-3/20 1/14-3/18 1/16-3/20 1/17-3/21 1/18-3/22

9:30am-12:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 6:30pm-9:30pm 9:30am-12:30pm 10:00am-1:00pm

p. 17 p. 17 p. 17 p. 17 p. 17 p. 17 p. 17

All All All

none none none

varies Fri/am Fri/pm

9/16-11/24 9/20-11/22 9/20-11/22

See p. 18 for times See p. 18 for times See p. 18 for times

All All

Magrath West

Wed Mon

1/22-3/19 3/17

7:00pm-8:30pm 7:00pm

p. 19 p. 19

Emerson Emerson

Wed Wed

3/26 4/23

3:00pm 3:00pm

p. 19 p. 19

Lucas Rynearson Dall’Osto Jorgensen Herth Wood Abernethy

Sat Sat Sat Tues/Sat Tues/Sat Tues/Sat Tues

10:00am-noon 10:00am-11:00am 10:00am-11:00am times vary times vary times vary 3:00pm-5:00pm

p. 32 p. 32 p. 32 p. 33 p. 33 p. 33 p. 33

Open Studios ST1301 Drop-In Figure Studios STR1302 Reserved Figure Studios STR1303 Reserved Figure Studios

Lecture Series L1401 L1402

Anatomy for the Artist Fooling the Eye, Engaging the Brain

Gage Guided Tours : Seattle Art Museum MAT1401A Miró: The Art of Seeing MAT1401B Miró: The Art of Seeing

All All

Youth Classes K1401 K1402 K1403 T1401 T1402 T1403 TI1401

Painting Classes: Beginning P1401 P1402 P1403 P1404 P1405 P1406 P1407 P1408 P1409

Wed Thurs Thurs Fri Fri Sat Sat Sun Mon Mon

Sculpting Classes

Drawing Classes: Intermediate D1414 D1416 D1417 D1418 D1419 D1420 D1421 D1422

Hoffmann Brooker Brooker McKeehen Phalen Lane Lane Chung Zavareei Zavareei

Painting Classes: Advanced

Drawing Classes: Beginning D1401 D1402 D1403 D1404 D1405 D1406 D1407 D1408 D1409 D1410 D1411 D1412 D1413 D1415

Beg All All All All All All All All All

Painting Classes: Intermediate

Weeklong Workshops WA1401 WA1402 WA1403 WA1404 WA1405 WA1406

Beginning Watercolor Landscape Oil Painting Language of Paint Botanical Watercolor Portrait Painting in Oil Portrait Painting in Oil Figure Painting in Oil Beginning Still-Life Encaustic Techniques Mixed-Media Painting

About Gage: Program Schedule

About Gage: Program Schedule


Comic Illustration All Crazy Creatures All Fantasy Creatures All Gold Leaf Drawings All Multimedia Painting All Papercut All Gage at Ingraham (N End HS students) All

1/4-1/25 2/1-2/22 3/1-3/22 1/4-1/25 2/1-2/22 3/1-3/29 1/7-3/4

Gage offers a range of payment plans and discount options for adult classes and workshops. Visit for more.

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


student information



faciliTy Gage is located in the St. Nicholas school building, 1501 Tenth Avenue East beside St. Mark’s Cathedral on North Capitol Hill. The Gage main entrance is on the south end of the building. Please contact Gage staff regarding ADA accommodations. buildinG & officE hours Office hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm Building hours: Weekday Hours: 8:30am-10:00pm Saturday Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm Sunday Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm The Belyea Library and galleries are open at all times the building is open. parKinG Free parking is available weekdays along the south wall of the St. Nicholas building and behind St. Mark’s Cathedral. For evening and weekend programs, students are invited to park behind the St. Nicholas building, as well.

TransporTaTion Gage is located east of I-5, south of 520 and four blocks north of Broadway on Capitol Hill. For public transportation, take Metro bus line 49. For driving directions, visit

Garfield St

E Galer St

10th Ave E S


For Youth Scholarship info, please contact Sharon Arnold, Youth Programs Manager, at 206.323.4243 x17 or email Sharon@

arT suppliEs Class and workshop materials lists are posted on the web. Students may also request that a copy be faxed or mailed. Adult students provide all art supplies and should expect to pay $50 or more to purchase the required materials. Gage provides odorless solvents for all oil-painting programs. Gage does not allow the use of Liquin or any other highly toxic mediums in the studios. Gage Youth Programs include all art supplies.

frEE wifi Free wireless internet is available on all three floors of the school. Network: GAGE. Password: gage_wifi

For all your art supply needs,

pick Blick.



Phone 206.323.GaGe(4243) x10 or 800.880.3898


sCholarshiP oPPortunities Year-round, Gage offers full- and partial- need– based tuition scholarships to youth and adult students on a reserved and space-available basis. In addition, Gage offers more substantial need- and merit-based adult scholarships annually with applications due each July. To learn more and to receive our adult Scholarship Forms, please visit the Gage website, or contact the Registrar at 206.323.4243 x10 or email

noTicE of nondiscriminaTion Gage does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion or ethnic origin in administration of its educational and admissions policies, scholarships and any school-administered programs.


GAGE (in St. Nicholas


Harvard Ave E


three ways to register:

5 St. Marks Cathedral

Winter 2014 registration begins Monday, november 18, 2013.


aBout GaGe: registration

aBout GaGe: student information

1501 Tenth Ave E

Download a registration form at and mail to: Gage academy of art 1501 tenth avenue east seattle, Wa 98102

Gage accepts Visa, Mastercard and American express as well as checks or cash. note: There is a $12 nonrefundable registration fee for each registration, regardless of number of programs booked. Registration fee is waived for ateliers, lecture series, and open studio passes.

tuition DisCounts

cancEllaTion dETails

Gage welcomes artists of all abilities to attend the myriad programs available through the school. In addition, Gage offers the followings tuition discounts for all of our adult classes and workshops:

Students who wish to cancel their place in a program must notify the Gage office by telephone or email to qualify for tuition refund or tuition credit. Tuition credits must be applied toward Gage programs within one year and are available on a stand-by basis only. All tuition credits are nontransferable. See Atelier and Student contract for cancellation terms.

25% discount for adult student 25 years old and younger 10% discount for new adult students 10% discount for registering with a new adult student 50% discount for K–12 educators (stand-by) 50% discount for professional artists (stand-by)

class and wEEKEnd worKshop cancEllaTion TErms

Please go to for payment and discount terms.

PayMent oPtions When you register for any adult class or workshop at Gage, you may choose a monthly two- or three-payment option on your credit card at no extra charge. All class and workshop cancellation terms apply. Please call our Registrar to enroll in a payment plan. Questions? Email

stuDent ContraCt Submission of your registration constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions stated in this catalog and agreement that Gage Academy of Art (Gage) cannot be held responsible or liable for any act or for any injury, illness, death, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may occur during the course of any program. Gage assumes no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to influences beyond its control. Personal effects, artwork and art supplies are students’ sole responsibility at all times. Gage reserves the right to cancel any program in which case it is liable only for any fees paid to Gage Academy of Art. Gage reserves the right to reschedule any program or replace any instructor without refund. Gage reserves the unconditional right to terminate enrollment in the event of unreasonable or disruptive conduct or failing to follow Gage’s student policies and rules; and Gage may do so without any refund. No refund will be made for early departure or deviation from the Gage schedule and program registration shall be nontransferable. Publicity waiver: Unless informed otherwise, Gage considers photographs taken of students and their artwork to be permissible for publication in Gage informational materials, including the web.

Program cancelled by Gage:

100% refund of all fees

Cancel more than three business days before program start date:

Partial refundt

Cancel three business days or fewer before program start date:

Tuition creditt

Cancel on or after first session date, but before second session date: Prorated tuition creditt* Cancel on or after date of second session:

0% refund


$25 deposit will be withheld from your nontransferable tuition credit or refund. Tuition credits are nontransferable and must be used within one year. *Prorated credit not available for weekend workshops.

wEEKlonG worKshop cancEllaTion TErms Workshop cancelled by the Academy:

100% refund of all fees

Cancel more than four weeks before workshop start date:

Partial refundtt

Cancel four weeks or fewer, but more than five business days before workshop start date:

Tuition credittt

Cancel five business days or fewer before workshop start date:

0% refund


$75 deposit will be withheld from your tuition refund or nontransferable tuition credit. Tuition credits are non-transferable and must be used within one year.

Youth Program photography by Spectrum House Salon & Photo.

Gage, a not-for-profit institution, relies on support from the following generous organizations and foundations. discover more ways to support Gage: contact alison dawson, development director, at MARK & SUSAN




30% OFF


Blick Art Materials and Utrecht Art Supplies, coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase; no copies will be honored. Limit one coupon per day. In-store promo only. Valid only on non-sale, in-stock items. Offer not valid with any other discounts or promotions, phone/mail/internet orders, Custom Framing/Printing orders, and purchases of gift cards or school kits.



Artists’ Materials The Northwest’s Largest selection of art supplies—over 18,000 items for the artist

800-426-6740 800-426-6740 •• SEATTLE STORE SEATTLE 4150 First STORE Ave. S. 4150 First Ave. S. (206) 223-9599 (206) 223-9599

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

BELLEVUE STORE BELLEVUE 15112 NE STORE 24th St. 15112 24th St. (425)NE 643-1781 (425) 643-1781

Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation • The Baltimore Foundation • Boeing Gift Matching Program JP Morgan Chase Employee Giving Program • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gift Program Leon Lowenstein Foundation • Microsoft Matching Gift Foundation • Seattle Foundation — Donor Advised Funds Saltchuk Resources Matching Gift Program • Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation


Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


introductions Meet allyce Wood, youth teaching artist “I have been teaching at Gage Academy of Art since 2010, but my experience began in 2004 when I was a Teen Art Studios attendee. As a public school student, I was interested in art but wanted more comprehensive skill-building. These Friday night sessions were the spark that lit my passion, freed my ambition and unleashed my creativity. TAS was, and still is, the place where dedication blooms. Now as an instructor, it is my greatest thrill to see that spark of artistic liberation and joy in a young student as they respond to new media, processes or Allyce Wood historical examples of what art can be. To have a space that celebrates a student’s role as a creator is something to be treasured.”

T een

Art S t u dgieso13­s 18 Free a


teen art studios will be closed for the holidays on December 27 & 28.

teen art stuDios (TAS) is a FREE weekly drop-in program for teen artists ages 13-18. Hosted by Gage Academy of Art and led by professional teaching artists, each month offers a dynamic opportunity for creativity and discovery. Whether experienced or brand new to art, TAS welcomes all young artists looking for new ways to express themselves!

art materials, snacks and refreshments!


3d papEr sculpTurE Trevor Johnson

spinninG a coVEr sTory Willow heath

Treehouse Building | 2100 24th Avenue South | 6:30pm-9:30pm

Gage Academy of Art | 1501 Tenth Avenue east | 6:30pm-9:30pm


* Join Allyce for her weekend class for teens, Papercut, T1403, p. 33.

Willow Heath


Focus on basic drawing skills with a three dimensional twist, and learn how to sculpt with paper! Fold, rip, cut and form paper shapes that can be hung or even worn using traditional and non-traditional folding techniques. In addition to more customary forms, create pop-up images, lanterns, cut patterns, masks and more!

Recreate the cover art on your favorite novels or stories using watercolor, pencil and pen. Create a series of book covers exploring elements of design, watercolor technique, illustration and lettering. Imagine your own versions of old stories, literal or whimsical interpretations and spoofs on the cover art of famous novels.



color, paTTErn, absTracTion Madeline Crowley Discover new ways to use old tools for expression and discovery. Explore patterns to create layered texture, learn how color carries deep symbolism in art history, and play with abstraction to express pure emotion or form. Study both historical and contemporary artists using these elements in their work to guide and inspire your own original drawings, collage and mixed media.


ExprEssiVE porTraiT Alisha Dall’Osto

Trevor Johnson

JANUARY inK uniVErsE Allyce Wood

Explore the detailed worlds of still lifes and your imagination through ink on paper. Study pattern making, layering, scale and composition as they relate to scenes you can see before you and from what your hand can exaggerate and build from scratch. Experiment with large-scale sumi brush drawings, small-scale micron drawings, and permanent markers using rice paper, Bristol board and acetate.


Use a variety of materials and techniques to capture the human face in accurate and dynamic ways. Practice gridding a photograph to create a larger drawing or painting. For a powerful effect, render your subject in a simplified two-value drawing, capturing depth and movement. Play with charcoal, pencil and ink, to express a range of energy and styles through new mark-making techniques. Madeline Crowley

youth ProGraMs: teen art studios

youth ProGraMs: introductions


All photos courtesy SpectrumHouse

absTracTEd sTill-lifE painTinG Julie Alpert Work from unusual still-life arrangements to capture the essence of the scene without worrying too much about the details. Focus on creating great compositions that are mysterious and not too literal. Learn to pull out the major shapes and colors using watercolor, collage and drawing materials.

Allyce Wood


Learn how experimentation turns the unpredictable into amazing art! Examine how artists throughout history have broken boundaries with their work, and how you can use that experience to grow as an artist. Use multi-media, drawing, sculpture and photographs to turn your art studio into a laboratory for experimentation and discovery.

Learn about famous artists who created abstract, surreal, and impressionist portraits and the techniques and whimsy that make them so recognizable. Use acrylics, watercolor or oil pastel to compose your own bold, unique and peculiar portraits. Explore the classical and contemporary techniques and eccentricities of Picasso, Kahlo and Van Gogh to create beautiful, strange works of your own.

ExpErimEnTal arT Pete Fleming

pEculiar porTraiTs Willow heath

Young artists explore new ways to express themselves at Gage. 30


Alisha Dall’Osto


Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE

Julie Alpert

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


youth classes


age Youth Programs offer practical art instruction in drawing, painting and 3-D design for kids and teens throughout the year. The curriculum encourages young artists to explore new materials and techniques, develop creative problemsolving skills and celebrate self-expression. Learn more about all of the Youth Programs teaching artists at


206.323.GAge for more info. or call Download an application at GageA

All Youth Program supplies and materials are included!

All Youth Program supplies and materials are included!

teen Classes: tuesdays & saturdays ages 13–17

KiDs Classes: saturdays ages 7–12 January


Take apart and rebuild stuffed animals! After constructing your crazy creature with needle and thread, draw and paint a series of images of the creature in its imagined environment. Paint a portrait of it in a setting of your choosing, using pencil, pastel and paint in this 2-D and 3-D class.

Discover how to draw a multitude of comic styles from manga to graphic novels, and put words and pictures together to tell an amazing story. Learn how to draw faces and figures that express emotion and action, using pencil, pen and ink to render and color your comics. Develop an exciting story about your characters, creating a world of adventure and excitement!

craZy crEaTurEs Britt Rynearson Ages 7-12 Saturday 10:00am-11:00am 2/1-2/22 [4 sessions]

comic illusTraTion lin lucas Ages 7-12 Saturday 10:00am-noon 1/4-1/25 [4 sessions]




Britt Rynearson is a Seattle artist who designs and sells clothing and textiles at the top trade shows and galleries in the country. She teaches at Coyote Central, Kirkland Arts Center and Cornish College of the Arts

MarCh fanTasy crEaTurEs Alisha Dall’Osto Ages 7-12 Saturday 10:00am-11:00am 3/1-3/22 [4 sessions] Discover how artists draw and paint imaginary creatures. Build miniature mock scenes to construct ideas and draw or paint from them. Sculpt fantasy creatures out of clay and place them in your sets with lighting to create drama and atmosphere. Then draw and paint your figures in their environment to create realistic scenes out of invented creatures, characters and action. K1403


Lin Lucas has taught comics workshops in Seattle since 1995, and is a member of the visual arts faculty at The Northwest School. His own work has appeared in the Stranger, Top Shelf Comics, the Xeric Award winning Two Fisted Science and the French anthology Le Dernier Neurone.



Create work that uses both sides of a clear surface like mylar, vellum, clear sticker paper and recycled plastics. Draw or trace images and designs, or work from your imagination to create a layered image with rich texture. Learn how acrylic glazes give depth and color to your work while using familiar tools such as permanent markers and paint pens.

Explore art by contemporary and historical artists who work with the exciting, beautiful and symbolic medium of gold leaf. Learn the basics of planning a design, preparing paper and panels for leafing, painting on the size and applying the gold leaf to your finished work.

Ages 13-17 2/1-2/22 [8 sessions] Tues 4:00pm-6:00pm / Sat 1:00pm-3:00pm

Ages 13-17 1/4-1/25 [8 sessions] Tues 4:00pm-6:00pm / Sat 1:00pm-3:00pm

mulTimEdia painTinG Nate herth

Gold lEaf drawinGs Jessica Jorgensen





Alisha Dall’Osto received her BA degree from Kenyon College. She has taught throughout Seattle Public Schools, at the Rotary Boys & Girls Club, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Artworks for Milwaukee, and as a guest artist at Northwest College in Powell, WY.

Jessica Jorgensen graduated in 2008 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from BIOLA University. She was the recipient of the Award for Artistic Excellence for the painting “Esther,” which was purchased by the City of Pleasanton as part of the City Fine Arts Purchase Program.


All photos courtesy of Spectrum House Salon & Photo,

MarCh papErcuT Allyce Wood Ages 13-17 3/1-3/29 [8 sessions] Tues 4:00pm-6:00pm / Sat 1:00pm-3:00pm Explore paper as a cut, formed and otherwise manipulated material for sculpture and image making. Lessons include a group installation featuring individually made lacework compiled into a single piece, wearables (or paper jewelry/garments), formal collage, and building wire armatures to create evocative and transformative sculpture. t1403

Nate Herth is a multi-disciplined visual teaching artist who has created arts environments as an educator for the Seattle Art Museum, Arts Corps, School of the Arts Tacoma and Stewart Middle School. He is currently working with Arts Corps on the Creative Schools Initiative in partnership with Seattle Public Schools.

GAGE@ INGRAHAM oil painTinG principlEs Kyle Abernethy Tuesdays 3:00pm-5:30pm 1/7-3/4 (no class on Tues, 2/18 for mid-winter break)


Allyce Wood is a former student of Teen Art Studios; she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts. Wood also studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland and the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California.

opEn To all norTh End hiGh school sTudEnTs!

[8 sessions]

Learn the ins and outs of oil painting through a step-by-step approach to classical still-life painting. Learn to utilize the rich, painterly qualities of oil paint through color-mixing and paint-handling exercises. Composition and lighting are also explored, in order to create a picturesque still life of your own at home.

Sponsorship logo standards The Wells Fargo logo appears in Wells Fargo red and Wells Fargo yellow. Use the black 1-color version only for one- or two-color (black plus one color) applications such as newspaper advertising or forms. Preferred

Kyle Abernethy studied in the Kang-O’Higgins Atelier and has taught courses in Gage Teen Art Studios, as well as offering private instruction. His work was awarded first prize in the 2007 Identity Theft exhibition at Gage, and he received the John Jude Palencar Guest of Honor Award at Norwescon 33.

1-Color 100% Black

CMYK logo

Gage youth programs receive Generous support from:

youth ProGraMs: teen Classes

youth ProGraMs: Kids Classes



Kyle Abernethy




Print logo colors


Our logo colors must appear exactly the same every time they are used. On printed materials, Wells Fargo logo colors — Wells Fargo Red and Wells Fargo Yellow — must always match their CMYK formula respectively, whether printing Register online at beginning Monday, November 18,other 2013colors. or call on coated or uncoated stock. Never substitute This206.323.GAGE is especially important since certain paper stocks and different types of media may alter the way a color looks when reproduced. For this reason, a color check while the job is on press or in final production is essential. Drawdowns are strongly recommended in all cases. For print jobs

Register online at beginning Monday, November 18, 2013 or call 206.323.GAGE


YOUTH PROGRAMS@GAGE Tess Havas, 17, created this study during the 2013 Portfolio intensive, a ďŹ ve-week summer program led by teaching artists Tenaya Sims and Kimberly Trowbridge. Learn more about the year-round programs for kids and teens at, and check out Winter 2014 classes on pages 32–33.

Classical Training for Contemporary Artists 206.323.GAGe (4243) 800.880.3898 1501 Tenth Avenue east Seattle WA 98102

Gage 2014 Winter Quarter Catalog  

Classes, workshops, exhibitions and related programs for winter quarter 2014 at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA.

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