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Friday, March 7, 2014


Joyce Allen, Ida S. Cole, Kenneth S. Rosen, Anne Steele

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aUcTion checKoUT Live enTerTainMenT PearL DJango With a history spanning nearly two decades, Pearl Django celebrates the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli with an extensive repertoire that also includes jazz classics and original compositions.

Daydream Cottage at Seabrook


L01 Michael Friel

Mount Rainier from Colman Park Oil on Canvas  12"x16"

Value: $800 “This picture was painted from Colman Park. On this late spring day, the weather cooperated. At first glance, the mountain seemed to fill the sky.”

L02 Joe Max Emminger

Flight of the Bird Fish Acrylic on Paper  22"x35"

Value: $1,200 “This painting is of two figures in a bird. They are not riding the bird — they are the bird. The image represents total freedom of the spirit. But there are two people in the bird so that freedom isn’t solitary.” Joe Max Emminger is represented by Grover/Thurston Gallery, Seattle. Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

L03 Lyle Silver

Figure Oil Bar  23"x35"

Value: $1,200 This figure drawing is painted with an oil bar and occasionally a bit of turpentine. The painting is a 25-minute pose painted on printer’s paper, designed to accept oil paint. Lyle Silver is represented by Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

L04 John Morra

Quogue Oil on Panel  10"x16"

Value: $2,000 “I am a realist painter who draws from two sources — the direct experience of painting from life, and the more analytical activity of looking at the great paintings of the past.” John Morra is represented by Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York



L05 Juan Alonso

Excelsion #2 from Grey Matters Ink and Graphite on Clayboard  24"x24"

Value: $2,500 “I have found that, more than anything, humanity is the driving force in my work. Our fragile existence on this planet, the way we relate, love, isolate and unnecessarily damage ourselves and the world we live in are fascinating topics, no matter how they are ultimately expressed.” Juan Alonso is represented by Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle

L06 Kurt Solmssen

Sunset #16 Oil on Linen  14"x18"

Value: $1,500 “In winter, I can see the sun setting over the Puget Sound from our house at Vaughn Bay. These paintings have to be done quickly as each sunset is unique.” Kurt Solmssen is represented by Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle

L07 David Dwyer

Persimmons Oil on Linen  12"x14"

Value: $1,900 “I’m attracted by the personal nature of still life paintings — the quiet harmony, an opportunity to closely observe and honor the quiet dignity of simply forms.”

L08 Kimberly Trowbridge

Open-In Oil on Canvas  48"x60"

Value: $2,400 “Open-In represents a period in my work where I was exploring interior/exterior space as a means for defining myself in relation to my environment and to others. (This) painting is an attempt to inhabit one of those spaces.” Kimberly Trowbridge is represented by Blindfold Gallery, Seattle



L09 Elizabeth Olbert

The Teachings of St. Paul #2 Fabric Dye, Coffee, Colored Pencil on Paper  44"x30.5"

Value: $1,500 Elizabeth Olbert is known for paintings of fantastic creatures, protagonists in a kind of sci-fi mythology of the artist’s imagination. Like objects recalled from a childhood nightmare, (her) works suggest an apocalyptic fairy tale. Donated by Greg Kucera

L10 Ted Kutscher

Close Hauled — On Puget Sound, Summer Evening Oil on Linen on Board  26"x20"

Value: $2,400 “My work is a contemporary amalgam informed and inspired by the Impressionists and painters of the California School, (including) Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebault, who push the interplay of color, realism and abstraction.”

L11 Tom Hoffmann

Chop Wood, Carry Water Watercolor  22.5"x30"

Value: $2,100 “What watercolor does when given room to assert its nature is never disappointing. In this painting, the rough paper, big brushes and rapid strokes highlight the fluidity and transparency of the paint. ‘Correcting’ the results would be unwise.” Tom Hoffmann is represented by Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122



L12 Juliette Aristides

Camellias Oil on Panel  24"x17"

Value: $5,500 Juliette Aristides is a powerful international voice in classical realism. A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, she leads seminars and workshops around the country and abroad. Juliette Aristides is represented by John Pence Gallery, San Francisco

L13 William Cumming*

Evening Walk *Auction lot includes a copy of Sketchbook: A Memoir of the 30’s and the Northwest School, by William Cumming

Tempera on Board  12"x9"

Value: $5,525 Although a contemporary of the Northwest School, Cumming developed a distinctive style that utilizes contrasting, vibrant colors to move the viewer through the painting and accentuate the main elements. William Cumming is represented by Woodside/Braseth Gallery, Seattle Donated by Charlotte Behnke

L14 Gary Faigin

Containment Vessels Oil on Canvas  28"x36"

Value: $3,000 “Empty vessels are only part of the story. Their form suggests what they might have contained in the past, or what they might contain in the future. (In) the case of most of the vessels I paint, the missing contents are ambiguous, subject to imagination.” Gary Faigin is represented by Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle



L15 GAge academy of art

Fund-A-Need Film Flourishing cultures depend upon thriving artistic communities, and the survival of these communities depends, in part, upon arts education. During the Fund-a-Need, raise your paddles to support arts education in the Northwest, and help ensure a lifetime in the arts for all.

Help Nurture Artists! Support Gage through your Fund-A-Need gift.

L16 Mark Kang-O’Higgins

Head of a Man Oil on Canvas  20"x16"

Value: $1,000 “My work is firmly rooted in the figurative tradition. When I draw and paint I am trying to get closer to whatever it is that makes us tick and gives us our meaning in life.” Mark Kang-O’Higgins is represented by Prographica/fine works on paper, Seattle Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122



L17 Lois Silver

Market Exchange Oil Bar  8"x10"

Value: $1,400 “I paint all my oil bar paintings by drawing on the color with a juicy stick of oil bar and smearing everything around with my gloved fingers. I keep adding on layer over layer until I’m satisfied, adjusting the small shapes of color with the tip of my fingernail.” Lois Silver is represented by Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle

L18 Hamid Zavareei

Jonah Mixed-Media  40"x27"

Value: $3,500 “Escaping a linear interpretation while pointing to an abstract meaning, my paintings reflect my desire for a union in the context of duality, a response to the calling of my soul and venturing a glimpse into the lesser known areas of my psyche.” Hamid Zavareei is represented by Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle

L19 Peter Malarkey

Elwha Valley from Sisson Meadow Oil on Canvas  26"x42"

Value: $5,000 “This painting shows a major work-staging area related to river re-direction as part of the habitat restoration in the Elwha delta. The logs and stones will be used to construct engineered logjams designed to increase river braiding and create shaded salmon migration channels.”



L20 Lin La Mer

Sunday Morning Oil  18"x36"

Value: $1,650 “Sunday Morning is about waking up on Sunday to the smell of bread baking, knowing you will be part of a special day. Out comes the best set of dishes and silver, which you will be polishing right after breakfast. But first, some of that fresh bread.”

L21 Andrew Hare

Location 2 Oil on Canvas  24"x40"

Value: $1,400 Andrew Hare’s paintings seek to capture the play of light, shadow and reflections on buildings, doorways, windows and unexpected objects. Known for his large oil and acrylic on canvas paintings, Hare’s work can be found in private collections across the U.S. and Europe.

L22 Jordan Parietti

White Peonies Oil on Linen  13"x13"

Value: $900 “I am intrigued by the thought that past, present and future are a circuitous whole and any distinction in time is illusory. My artistic intention is to create paintings where time seems to hang suspended, unhurried to move forward.”



S101 Pat Clayton

Madronas at Sunset Oil  24"x18"

Value: $495 “This is a studio piece done from a small plein air study. The light was changing quickly and the rose-hued sky behind the silhouette of the Madronas caught my eye.”

S102 Valencia Carroll

Highlight Oil on Canvas  7"x5"

Value: $250 “I am particularly attracted to work that is painterly yet looks so real and sensitively rendered that it appears to come to life.”

S103 Pamela Robinson

Merry Marchers Oil on Canvas  12"x12"

Value: $150 “Community parades are a traditional part of small-town America. My parade paintings focus on the individual players isolated in brightly colored backgrounds to capture the spirit and upbeat cheeriness of the local community parade.”

S104 Aron Hart

Divine Beauty Oil and Metal Leaf on Linen  18"x10"

Value: $650 “Is beauty divine? I have depicted a redheaded woman, a 3-dimensional beauty standing in a background of radiant gold, to provoke consideration of beauty’s role in the Divine. Is not the human figure sacred?”



S105 Experience Package

Alex Garland

ART ON THE HILL Value: $1,400 BRUNCH: Capitol Cider, including drinks for two PORTRAIT: Private commission in oil with Gage Artist Ulan Moore CLASS: A day in the Kang-O’Higgins Atelier studios at Gage, including drawing session and studio tour MEMBERSHIP: Dual Membership to Northwest Film Forum, plus five Admit-Two passes. TICKETS: Tickets for four to Annex Theatre

S106 Tamara Stephas

Caution Oil on Canvas  14"x11"

Value: $475 “I am influenced by the technical virtuosity and transcendent luminosity of romantics such as the Hudson River School and Caspar David Friedrich, but my landscapes reflect contemporary interventions in the natural world.”

S107 Tenold Sundberg

View from Georgetown (study), 2013 Oil on Panel  7.5"x12"

Value: $500 Tenold Sundberg studied with Mark Kang-O’Higgins and Juliette Aristides at Gage Academy of Art; and at the Emily Carr Art Institute. A League for Innovation National Art Competition winner in 2005, Sundberg also won First Place for the Figure category in the 2011 Best of Gage.


Closes at 7:15 pm

S108 Katrina Wolfe

Draped Figure Clay, Wax and Cloth  13"x8.5"x10"

Value: $650 In this piece drapery is not used in the traditional sense, but rather to conceal the figure, thus giving it a sense of mystery, and allowing it to become a more abstract, organic shape. This abstraction serves to blur the line drawn between human beings and nature.

S109 Gerald Conley

Volunteer Park Chestnut Oil on Linen  10"x8"

Value: $700 “This plein-air painting celebrates the existence of Volunteer Park as well as this lovely chestnut tree. For me this painting is a symbol of the importance of the original vision which procured this land, and kept it from becoming a cemetery or another row of condos.”

S110 Experience Package DOWNTOWN Value: $1,600 HOTEL: Sorrento Hotel for two nights DINNER: $100 Certificate to the Hunt Club Family Membership: Seattle Art Museum TOUR: Tour of the Miró Exhibition with a SAM curator, for 10 HAPPY HOUR: $50 to TASTE Restaurant at Seattle Art Museum Pioneer Square Gallery Tour: Private Tour of Seattle’s Pioneer Square gallery district with Gage Artistic Director Gary Faigin



S111 Christine Geyde

Fog Variations: Two Docks (study) Oil on Panel  6"x12"

Value: $500 “I create images that convey an air of simplicity, space and stillness. My aim is to evoke the feelings of calm, humility and intimacy that can be experienced in a moment of connection with our landscape.” Christine Geyde is represented by Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle

S112 Jennifer Frohwerk

Illustration Study for Use Your Noodle, Doodle! and signed copy of the children’s book Watercolor  8.5"x8.5"

Value: $345 “This piece was the first study I painted for the children’s book, Use Your Noodle, Doodle!”

S113 Elana Winsberg

After Lucian Freud, Young Man, 2013 Oil on Canvas  14"x11"

Value: $500 “This is a master copy of a painting by the self-described ‘expressive realist’ British painter, the greatest artist of our times. The painting has been my unrelenting and loving teacher.”

S114 Ethan Lind

Violinist Drypoint  10.75"x8.25" 

Value: $225 “I make prints depicting local musicians. I feel the addition of the instrument to the subject adds a level of interest and personality to the composition. The tactile nature of printmaking gives a simple dignity to the piece.”


Closes at 7:15 pm

S115 Experience Package

Michael Craft


Value: $1,200 HOTEL: Inn at the Market, two nights starting Fall 2014 DINNER THEATER FOR SIX: Teatro Zinzanni, 5-course dinner and show for six, followed by a VIP backstage tour!

S116 Walker Hall

Satsumas and Cloth Oil on Board  10"x10"

Value: $800 “Small still-life paintings offer me an opportunity to create a feeling — a sense of atmosphere and calm, without belaboring every detail. I also designed and made the frame; a black-overred lightly distressed finish with 12k white-gold liner.”

S117 Jon de Martin

Drawing After Bust of Cardinal Scipione by Giuliano Finelli Black and White Chalk  8"x6"

Value: $400 “Through drawing, I can consider and distill an idea, enabling me to make better creative decisions. Additionally, there is the added joy of simply drawing for drawing’s sake.” Jon de Martin is represented by John Pence Gallery, San Francisco

S118 Ira Goldberg

From the Rialto Oil on Paper  15"x19"

Value: $1,000 “Color, light, space and Venice. Need I say more?” Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122



Closes at 7:15 pm

S119 Charles Spitzack

Omega < 1 Woodblock  19"x22"

Value: $350 “Omega < 1 is the 8th print in a series of 12 woodblock prints called ‘The Big Question Print Series,’ and created at The Project Room in Seattle between 2012–13. The image is meant to show the decay of us all as we tread our short footprint in this world.” Charles Spitzack is represented by Davidson Galleries, Seattle

S120 Julie Paschkis

Catching Butterflies Cut Paper  12.5"x15.5"

Value: $600 “I started playing with cut paper about 8 years ago. I like the restrictions of the form: every shape needs to touch another shape or it will fall off. This particular image shows happy diversion, but there is always good with the bad, so there are bears in the corner.”

S121 Kathleen Moore

Taos Sky Oil on Canvas  14"x11"

Value: $600 Kathleen Moore’s love of nature is a consistent thread through her work. A sensitive and observant artist, Moore’s main goal is to convey a sense of the sublime in the natural world.



S201 Suze Woolf

Eastside Forest Watercolor on Paper  15"x22"

Value: $650 “Asked by The Nature Conservancy to portray the local habitats they’re working to preserve, this painting was one of several studies of eastern woodlands.”

S202 Experience Package Masterpiece Trio Value: $768 Three bottles of Chateau Lynch-Bages, Pauillac, France, years 1990, 1996 and 1999.

S203 Michael Stasinos

Model Study of S. Ink on Scratchboard  10"x14"

Value: $200 “This work is from a session using a sanded scratchboard and ink washes to create a surface effect both rough and refined.” Michael Stasinos is represented by Woodside/Braseth Gallery, Seattle

S204 D. Lisa West

Midnight Basement Oil on Canvas  18"x24"

Value: $800 “I’m drawn to the beauty in simple, everyday items. The energy of the piece is still impacted by the fact there is a painting over a painting, or an image over painted words and numbers.”



S205 Patty Haller

Mountain Lake Nocturne Oil on Wood Panel  12"x18"

Value: $700 “I am a visual analyst. I use landscape as my language because of the infinite ways I can push natural elements around. I love art history, and enjoy interpreting the Northwest landscape using historical traditions such as nocturnes.”

S206 Eduardo Fernandez

Bloom 405 Oil on Linen  11"x14"

Value: $900 “The rain and clouds were getting to me last spring when I pulled off Hwy 405 in downtown Portland. This painting is an homage to the unexpected ways simple things in life can make your day.” Eduardo Fernandez is represented by Nisus Gallery, Portland

S207 Stephanie Johnson

Sunset at Le Casacce Oil on Panel  11"x14"

Value: $600 “A golden Tuscan light illuminated the olive trees as I viewed the sunset from my window. I watched in awe at the swiftly changing colors and was inspired to capture the moment.” Stephanie Johnson is represented by Santa Fe Art Collector

S208 Melissa Weinman

Vanessa Grapes IV Oil on Panel  16"x12"

Value: $2,000 “VANESSA GRAPES IV is from a series of Vanessa Grapes I painted from observation in bright sunlight. Addressing the meaning of the ephemeral nature of life has been the lifelong focus of my work.” Melissa Weinman is represented by Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum


Closes at 7:30 pm

S209 Norman Lundin

Landscape Notes: Sandstorm Oil on Paper  5"x7" Value: $1,200 “In painting . . . for things to succeed, as Wallace Stevens wrote, you need the ‘Necessary Angel.’ That angel may start out sitting on your shoulder, your painting goes wonderfully, then it starts to go bad . . . Sometimes she returns, sometimes she doesn’t. Angels tend to be fickle.” Norman Lundin is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle

S210 Experience Package FAMILY PACKAGE for 4 Value: $1,200 RETREAT: Daydream Cottage at Seabrook for 4 nights FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS: Pacific Science Center, Seattle Tilth + NW Maritime Guide, Center for Wooden Boats + 2-hour boat rental OUTINGS: 4 Admissions to the Woodland Park Zoo and Seafair Family VIP Experience for 4

S211 John Rizzotto

Savon Oil on Canvas  17"x12"

Value: $850 “Why wash with soap when it makes a perfect still life object, full of form and rich color?”



S212 Kathy Liao

Orange Stripe Mixed-Media on Canvas  25.5"x19.5"

Value: $1,100 “My work is about relationships. In the end, I only hope to be truthful to what I see and to build upon that strange, unique, and, I believe, temporary relationship that transpires with each sitting and each moment.” Kathy Liao is represented by Core Gallery, Seattle

S213 Ned Mueller

Snoqualmie Valley Spring Oil on Linen  10"x12"

Value: $1,200 “I love painting outdoors from life as it brings a special bonding and freshness that is often lacking in studio work. I feel fortunate to live in an area that has a lot of great areas to paint.” Ned Mueller is represented by Sharp Art Gallery, Kirkland

S214 Experience Package

VASHON ISLAND ARTIST INSIDER Value: $1,200 STUDIO: Tour of Sculptor Julie Speidel’s Studio LUNCH: With Sculptor and Gage teaching artist Michael Magrath ART MAKING: Studio Tour and Sculpting Session with Michael Magrath, including firing of your artwork post-session

S215 Kathleen Coyle

Archie Bray Foundation #2 Watercolor  15"x21"

Value: $500 “The Archie Bray Foundation is a ceramic school in Helena, MT. A friend brought me a postcard from there that I fell in love with and have painted many times. I enjoyed painting this image with a limited palette.”


Closes at 7:30 pm

S216 Kathleen Wolfe

Greenlake Afternoon Oil on Canvas  16"x20"

Value: $500 “Greenlake Afternoon expresses my deep love for nature. My hope is for you to experience this rich beauty that surrounds and holds us.”

S217 Marita Dingus

Face with Green Leaves Mixed-Media  15"x11"

Value: $800 “African art is the most important influence in my work. This face combines recycled materials (fabric, wire, leather and shells) with oil paint.” Marita Dingus is represented by Traver Gallery, Seattle

S218 Allyce Wood

Process Stages Watercolor on Paper  14"x18"

Value: $425 “I focus on the biological world as a reactive plane: I illustrate ecological consequences and developments as allegories for social situations. Each piece is demanding in its production as well as its layered content which is often as personal as it is representative.”

S219 Bill Evans

Wrinkles Ceramic  8"x8”x13"

Value: $850 “In my work I try to draw a relationship between technical skills, understanding of the medium, the subject and what I want to represent. It’s important to me that the work is expressive and has content.” Bill Evans is represented by John Sisko Gallery, Seattle



S301 Olivia Britt

Snowflake Ink, Watercolor, Paper Collage on Panel  36"x40"

Value: $1,500 “Shape, color, repetition and surface are central to my work. The imagery comes from a lineage of shapes and ideas that explore my relationship to everyday objects, architecture and the industrial landscape.” Olivia Britt is represented by Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle

S302 Experience Package

Curated Collection Value: $768 Twelve bottles of premium wine from the cellars of the Gage Board of Trustees.

S303 Kelly Patterson

Out My Window Oil  18"x24"

Value; $650 “Out My Window reflects the view across Lake Union toward Queen Anne hill and the Aurora Bridge. We have many beautiful, dramatic sunsets, and what always amazes me is the simple perfection of nature”

S304 Chandler Woodfin

The Snake Grass Yawned Watercolor on Paper  30"x22"

Value: $500 “I use watercolor to explore the interference of humans into the landscape. These places are beautiful and bright, but also sick. They bloom and flourish with overabundance, but the soil and water are frail.”


Closes at 7:45pm

S305 Anna McKee

Sycamore Study #4 Etching w/ Chine-collé  24"x12"

Value: $800 “This is an etching from a series of trunks that I created between 2004 and 2006. This group of etchings explores a range of forms and gestures from a tight, cropped point of view.”

S306 Gene Gentry McMahon

Vuelta de Paso con Bolero, 1993 Linocut  30"x 20.5"

Value: $1,200 “As a young girl I was fascinated by the social posturing and manners observed at my parents’ cocktail parties — that interest has always permeated my work.”

S307 Experience Package ROSANNE OLSON PHOTOGRAPHY Value: $600 PORTRAIT: A portrait session of an individual, couple, or family in Rosanne Olson’s Seattle studio and one 8"x10" print from the session. Your winning bid goes to support the Mary Gales Scholarship Fund at Gage.

S308 Charles Prutting

Sunday Oil on Linen  18"x29"

Value: $2,000 “Sunday is about that poetic moment in a day that causes us to stop and reflect on the wonders of the natural world that surrounds us and enriches our lives. I composed (this) painting in the studio in an attempt to capture the impression I felt on that afternoon.”



S309 Richard Kehl

Life is a Horizontal Fall Kehlage  17.5"x10.5"

Value: $1,400 “When disparate images are juxtaposed, other worlds become operative and we regain our sense of possibility and wonder. What I want to do is make the mystery exact...which at its core will always remain a mystery.” Richard Kehl is represented by Frederick Holmes and Company, Seattle

S310 Holly McKinley

Towards Optimism Encaustic on Panel  23.5"x22"

Value: $1,600 “The process of painting is pure delight, where I strive to show the interconnectedness of nature, and mankind’s precarious balance within it.”

S311 Margie Livingston

Color Test with Brown, Black, Rust and Pink Acrylic on Paper on Alupanel on Backing Frame  17"x17"

Value: $2,000 “My art practice has always centered on paint, but experimentation has played a part, too. This work is one of over a hundred color tests. Because when you’re ordering 80 gallons of paint to make an object out of paint, you want be sure the color works.” Margie Livingston is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle


Closes at 7:45pm

S312 Experience Package

ANN MORRIS SCULPTURE WOODS Value: $1,200 TOUR: Guided tour of the Ann Morris Sculpture Woods, led by Ann Morris herself, including lunch and a photography book of the Sculpture Woods. MEMBERSHIP: Family Membership to the Henry Art Gallery GAGE CERTIFICATE: $200 Certificate to Gage Academy of Art

S313 Barbara Thomas

Nightcrawlers and Earthworms, 2006 Linocut  9"x12"

Value: $900 “I am an artist and a storyteller; a recycler of memory and events. I reshape the experience of dinner, reading, fishing, birth and death. I give it back in image, objects, painting and word.” Barbara Thomas is represented by Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle

S314 Philip Govedare

Magnuson Park, 2013 Oil on Paper  13"x10"

Value: $1,500 “I endeavor to create a fictional response to an observed phenomenon, a metaphor that is infused with a blend of celebration, apprehension and doubt about our place in the natural world.” Philip Govedare is represented by Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122



S315 Michael Magrath

Danielle 1 Ceramic/Pigment  12"x14"x10"

Value: $750 “This piece represents a return to ceramics after nearly 15 years of working in bronze and other cast media. I am delighted with the direct response of the clay, and the opportunity it represents to explore ideas with greater freedom to play with form and color.” Michael Magrath is represented by LaBrashe’ Fine Art Gallery, Seattle

S316 Ellen Zeigler

From The Vermillion Series, 2014 Transfer Paper and Burned Holes on Paper  18"x24"

Value: $900 “I work with mirrored glass, tar paper, cyanotype and drawings made with an electrode on a copper table. These arcane materials, with their sometimes unpredictable outcome, allow for accident and serendipity as well as ongoing refinement of technique.” Ellen Zeigler is a member of SOIL Gallery, Seattle Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122


Experience Package

MERCER STREET Value: $1,200 DINNER: for six at Tom Douglas’ Tanakasan HOTEL: Silver Cloud Inn, Broadway TICKETS for TWO: Seattle Shakespeare Company, 5th Avenue Theatre, ArtsWest, A Contemporary Theater, Seattle Public Theater and Balagan Theatre FIVE ADMISSIONS: To the grand opening season of Theater Schmeater, at its newly remodeled location in Belltown! PASSES: Bumbershoot, two three-day weekend passes


Closes at 7:45pm

S318 H. Lee Holcomb

Sanctuary in The Bitterroots Oil on Canvas Board  11"x14"

Value: $500 “This painting depicts one of the ponds located within The Lee Metcalf Fish and Wildlife Preserve in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. Wetlands are a vital part of that system.”

S319 Barbara Fugate

Figure Watercolor and Chalk on Paper  36"x24"

Value: $950 “Drawing and painting as a means of discovery reveals a reality that is ever more authentic and genuine to me. What is most inspirational is the transient nature of life; things dynamic, moving and in transition.” Framing courtesy of Frame Central, Wallingford location: 305 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 Capitol Hill location: 901 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

S320 Meg Holgate

Rock II Oil on Canvas  36"x39"

Value: $3,400 Through her continual investigation of light and dark, stillness and movement, soft focus or strong abstracted shapes, Holgate’s compositional arrangements on her canvases and in her threedimensional work examine the information found in nature. Meg Holgate is represented by Abmeyer + Wood Art Gallery, Seattle

D e ss e r t D a s*Your hArt of Dessert donations are fully tax-deductible! The Art of Dessert* returns in 2014 with a tempting array of culinary delights from Seattle’s finest restaurants and bakeries. Look on your table for the Dessert Menu & Bidding Card for all the details, and happy bidding! Dessert Providers Le Fournil BAKED. Ravishing Radish Le Panier Belle Pastry Simply Desserts Cakes of Paradise Macrina Bakery Tallulah’s Morfey’s Cakes Dahlia Bakery TASTE Restaurant and Events PCC High 5 Pie


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Auc t ion Rul e s General Rules • All guests will be given a bid card on entry. You will use this number to bid with. We suggest you write your name on the back of the card. • Your high bid on live or silent auction items is a commitment to purchase that item. Bidding is only counted when you write your bid number and amount on a silent auction form or by displaying your bid card to the auctioneer in the live auction. • We reserve the right to withdraw items from the auction, or add items to the auction, at any time or without notice. • All items are sold as is, without warranty. The value listed is our best estimate of fair market value. However, auction items have not been professionally appraised. • If you have any questions on procedures, please ask at the cashier’s table.

Silent Auction Rules • Items offered in the silent auction will have silent auction bid forms attached to them. You may bid by simply adding your bid number to the minimum bid, or if that has already been taken, by adding your bid number and a higher bid amount on the line below the existing high bid. Please observe minimum bid and bid increment amounts noted on the form. Please write legibly so that your bid may be properly accounted. You may purchase the item outright by putting your bid number next to the “Buy It Now” amount. • You may bid anytime during the evening up until closing time for the Silent Auction. Closing time will be announced by the auctioneer. On closing, all bid forms will be picked up for processing. You may inquire if you have won something at the cashiers table. Please allow 20-30 minutes time for the cashiers to process the forms after the closing.

Live Auction Rules • To bid on an item, simply show your bid card to the auctioneer. • Bids will be accepted until no one bids further, in which case the item will be declared sold to the high bidder.

Masterp i ece Pay m e n t P l a n At Gage, our mission is to both help develop great artists and help make art accessible for everyone. The Masterpiece Payment Plan is our way of helping connect great collectors with great art in an affordable way. At the auction check out, guests may select this payment option for artwork purchases: • 25% deposit paid at the Gage Collector’s Gala • 25% payments on April 1, May 1 & June 1 2014 • After the artwork is paid in full, guests may take the artwork home

Payment Plan Terms: • A $25 payment plan fee will be charged for each artwork bought at auction. • Artwork must be purchased on a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card • All post-auction payments are charged automatically • Purchasers forfeit artwork that is not paid in full by June 1, 2014 • Masterpiece Payment Plan purchases must be picked up from Gage by June 30, 2014 • Gage will charge no interest using the Masterpiece Payment Plan Please Note: Pledges to the Fund-a-Need must be paid in full the night of the auction.


Alonso, Juan  5

Lundin, Norman  19

Aristides, Juliette  7

Magrath, Michael  26

Britt, Olivia  22

Malarkey, Peter  9

Carroll, Valencia  11

McKee, Anna  23

Clayton, Pat  11

McKinley, Holly  24

Conley, Gerald  13

McMahon, Gene Gentry  23

Coyle, Kathleen  20

Moore, Kathleen  16

Cumming, William  7

Morra, John  4

de Martin, Jon  15

Mueller, Ned  20

Dingus, Marita  21

Olbert, Elizabeth  6

Dwyer, David  5

Parietti, Jordan  10

Emminger, Joe Max  4

Paschkis, Julie  16

Evans, Bill  21

Patterson, Kelly  22

Faigin, Gary  7

Prutting, Charles  23

Fernandez, Eduardo  18

Rizzotto, John  19

Friel, Michael  4

Robinson, Pamela  11

Frohwerk, Jennifer  14

Silver, Lois  9

Fugate, Barbara  27

Silver, Lyle  4

Gedye, Christine  14

Solmssen, Kurt  5

Goldberg, Ira  15

Spitzack, Charles  16

Govedare, Philip  25

Stasinos, Michael  17

Hall, Walker  15

Stephas, Tamara  12

Haller, Patty  18

Sundberg, Tenold  12

Hare, Andrew  10

Thomas, Barbara  25

Hart, Aron  11

Trowbridge, Kimberly  5

Hoffmann, Tom  6

Weinman, Melissa  18

Holcomb, H. Lee  27

West, D. Lisa  17

Holgate, Meg  27

Winsberg, Elana  14

Johnson, Stephanie  18

Wolfe, Kathleen  21

Kang-O’Higgins, Mark  8

Wolfe, Katrina  13

Kehl, Richard  24

Wood, Allyce  21

Kutscher, Ted  6

Woodfin, Chandler  22

La Mer, Lin  10

Woolf, Suze  17

Liao, Kathy  20

Zavareei, Hamid  9

Lind, Ethan  14

Zeigler, Ellen  26

Livingston, Margie  24

Thank you to the artists who so generously donated their artwork! Learn more about the artists at

Thank you to our 2014 Gala Committee! David Dwyer, Julie Tall, Kristine Travaglini, Ted Kutscher, Anne Steele and Scott Schliebner

Event proceeds beneďŹ t educational programs for artists of all ages at Gage.


Gage Academy of Art celebrates nearly 25 years as a vibrant art school and contemporary cultural center. Dedicated to providing excellent and affordable learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities, Gage is proud to enliven the cultural landscape with an inspiring program of ateliers, classes, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, artist support, youth education and special events. A not-for-proďŹ t organization serving more than 10,000 artists and arts-lovers annually, Gage offers a generous program of scholarships, community outreach and free events. 1501 Tenth avenue east | Seattle wa 98102 | 206.323.gage

The 2014 Gage Collector's Gala, presented by Laird Norton Wealth Management - Offical Catalog  
The 2014 Gage Collector's Gala, presented by Laird Norton Wealth Management - Offical Catalog  

The official 2014 Gage Collector's Gala Catalog, featuring artwork and experience packages available for auction at the 2014 Gala.