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’13 Summer

Mission Guided by the belief that artists are made, not born, Gage strives to educate, enrich and engage artists and the community in the visual arts. Gage offers instruction in the principles of drawing, painting and sculpting and is dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels realize themselves as artists in contemporary society. Benefactors Joyce Allen, Kenneth S. Rosen, Ida S. Cole, Anne Steele Founders Pamela Belyea Executive Director Gary Faigin Artistic Director Board of Trustees Julie Tall President Erin Moyer Vice President Brent Reys Treasurer Ted Kutscher Secretary Gary Bezowsky, Ann Bradford, David Dwyer, Greg Eastman, Anne Steele, Richard V. West Community Advisors Diane Butler, Lane Powell, WA Robert K. Dent, WA Ira Goldberg, Art Students League, NY David Hill, Sonata Capital, WA Zhi Lin, University of Washington, WA Chris Madison, Sierra Investments, CA Alvin Martin, Bader Martin, WA Trina Wherry, WA Artistic Advisors Domenic Cretara, artist, CA Samuel H. Davidson, Davidson Galleries, WA Martha Mayer Erlebacher, artist, PA Antonio Lopéz García, artist, Spain Gregory Hedberg, Hirschl & Adler Gallery, NY Norman Lundin, Prographica Gallery, WA John Pence, John Pence Gallery, CA Don Porter, Pietra Serena, WA For over 20 years, Gage Academy of Art, a 501(c)(3) notfor-profit institution, has been serving the community with inspired programs and events for artists of all ages and abilities. To give online visit, or call our Development office at 206.323.4243 x12.

youth artist Programs



Free Friday & Saturday night studio program for teens



8 weeks of teen drawing, painting, and sculpting



5-week pre-college certificate studio program



Before- & after-school program for kid artists



8 weeks of kids visual & performance arts programs

Student Terms & Policies


GAGE YOUTH PROGRAMS offer practical art instruction in drawing, painting and 3-D design for 6- to 18-year-olds. Our curriculum encourages students to explore new materials and techniques, develop creative problem solving skills and celebrate self-expression. Gage is dedicated to providing professional teaching artists who present engaging, age-appropriate classes that empower young artists to

be seen and heard.



his summer is my sixth year teaching Contemporary Studio in the Portfolio Intensive at Gage Academy of Art. Each summer brings with it the rewarding experience of working with a new group of students who are on the brink of their adult lives, and beginning to make some powerful decisions

about their futures. They are passionate about expressing their ideas outwardly, and hungry for any information that can help them do this with clarity.

As we know, this passion to create begins early in life — most children enjoy drawing, painting, and building as a way of interacting with their environment and asserting their identity. Some connect with this process on a very deep level and never stop. These are our visual thinkers, and they make up a huge part of our society. I believe it is our job, collectively, to make sure that these individuals recognize this intelligence and honor it, develop it, and use it to contribute to our society in profound ways. As a teaching artist, I am often reminded of how important it is to engage with a formal artistic vocabulary — line, shape, value, and color. This language builds the vessel that holds meaning; it is how ideas are brought forth and communicated. Like any language, it requires rigorous dedication and focus in order to learn it. And so I thank you, reader, for picking up this Youth Catalog and for understanding the importance of supporting someone in his or her visual education. We need these creative problem solvers to help us face the global challenges ahead, and to face them with integrity.


To apply, visit

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013*: SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE Notification for award to be sent by Friday, May 31 * Except for Portfolio Intensive scholarship applicants. See below.

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013**: PORTFOLIO INTENSIVE DEADLINE Notification for acceptance to be sent by Friday, May 17 ** Must include scholarship application.

Gage Youth Programs receive direct support from:

CLOUTIER SCHOLARS: Need-based scholarships are available for Gage Youth Programs. Visit to download an application. SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: Friday, May 24, 2013.

All photography by TinyBox Media

Kimberly Trowbridge, Contemporary Studio Teaching Artist, Gage Portfolio Intensive

TAS & TEENS (ages 12–14 & 14–17)

TAS & TEENS (ages 12–14 & 14–17)

teens T een

I learned a lot about drawing that I didn’t know before. I made new friends and I’m now taking art and drawing much more seriously. — Kiani, 14

Art ios Stud ages 13­18 Free

FREE Year-round

Program for Teens! FRIDAYS, 6:30pm-9:30pm





SATURDAYS, 6:30pm-9:30pm





All art materials & refreshments provided! Visit “Like” Gage Teen Artists on Facebook and share the work you make with your friends!


teens ages 12–14 & 14–17

TEENS (ages 12–14 & 14–17) : Overview

ages 12–14 & 14–17 • July 1 – August 23 • Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 3:30pm • Register online starting Monday, March 11, 2013


ummer programs feature three ways for teen artists to experience Gage — and whether you test the waters in a one-week workshop or raise the bar for more intensive study, Gage workshops help you gain the experience you crave.

ONE-WEEK WORKSHOPS One-week workshops allow you to try something new. These classes flex a more creative and conceptual muscle as you learn traditional techniques in drawing and painting alongside methods like kinetic sculpture or screen printing. Professional Seattle artists work with you to find your voice and expand your talent in whatever medium you desire. INTRO

TWO-WEEK INTENSIVES Two-week intensives are hardcore laboratories, allowing you to step up to the next level of your artistic practice. This rigorous two-week curriculum sharpens your skills and gets you ready for some serious portfolio building! These programs are also great for those who have already taken the five-week program but want a refresher for their college portfolios; or those who are ready for a new perspective on classical methods.

FIVE-WEEK PORTFOLIO INTENSIVE The five-week intensive is our top-tier portfolio building program if you are serious about getting ready for a demanding artistic practice beyond high school. Students who take this course want to get ready for college, be considered for an adult atelier program at Gage, or want to jump start their independent artistic practice to begin a professional art career. ADVANCED




(Four-week maximum enrollment per teen)

One-Week Workshops (ages 12-14 & 14-17): $325 / 1 week Two-Week Drawing Intensive (ages 14-17): $585 / 2 weeks Two-Week Painting Intensive (ages 14-17): $650 / 2 weeks Five-Week Portfolio Intensive (ages 16-17): $1600 / 5 weeks • All art materials provided and model fees included. • Register and read about the teaching artists at • NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Visit to download an application. Deadline: Friday, May 24, 2013

9:30am – 12:15pm


12:15pm – 1:00pm

LUNCH BREAK (See p. 12 for campus rules.)

1:00pm – 3:30pm


FRIDAY 3:10pm

ART OPENING for family and friends!

PARENTS: Please save 3:00pm on the final Friday to see your teen artist’s achievements!

Register online at or call 206.323.GAGE (4243)


TEEN WORKSHOPS (ages 14–17)

two-week intensives ages 14–17 DRAWING INTENSIVE* July 1 – 12 [no session 7/4] CAPITOL HILL Gage Academy or Art

1501 Tenth Avenue East


Ryan Finnerty & Jethaniel Peterka

PAINTING INTENSIVE**(the next step after Drawing Intensive!) July 15 – 26 GEORGETOWN Georgetown Atelier

5628 Airport Way South, #330

Sarah Bixler & Kyle Abernethy


ake your drawing skills to the next level in this highly focused drawing intensive. Over the course of two weeks, study with creative, professional instructors who guide you through materials and techniques on the subject of draftsmanship and observation. Learn the basics of charcoal and graphite while studying still life and the figure through sight, line, shape, and shadow; drawing inspiration from photographs as well as old masters and contemporary figurative artists. Explore both classical and expressive gesture while implementing value, color, scale, and analytical observation.

CAPITOL HILL Gage Academy or Art

1501 Tenth Avenue East

GEORGETOWN Georgetown Atelier


Ryan Finnerty & Jethaniel Peterka

5628 Airport Way South, #330

Sarah Bixler & Kyle Abernethy


n this rigorous painting course, learn key elements, including form, light, space, and color; practice sighting, color mixing, and paint handling through a variety of approaches. Work with close attention to color mixing, brush strokes, tone, and color. Discover how to prepare a painting surface, transfer a drawing into an underpainting, work with both “indirect” and “direct” painting, glazing, transparent and opaque applications, varnishing, and limited palette painting. Healthy studio practice is taught, including the disposal and safe handling of materials.

*Strongly recommended to have some observational drawing experience.

**Strongly recommended to have taken the Drawing Intensive or other comprehensive drawing classes as this is a very rigorous oil painting course.

T1311 $585 [9 days] Capitol Hill T1312 $585 [9 days] Georgetown

T1313 $650 [10 days] Capitol Hill T1314 $650 [10 days] Georgetown

Both classes include a field trip to one of Seattle’s high-profile galleries or museums. Both of these classes make a great refresher course for students who have taken the Portfolio Intensive in past years; or as a step for students hoping to build a portfolio for the five-week Summer Portfolio Intensive program at Gage (see pages 6-7).


teens ages 12–14 & 14–17

WEEK 1 July 29 – August 2

WEEK 2 August 5 – 9

WEEK 3 August 12 – 16

WEEK 4 August 19 – 23





Explore different ways of seeing based on the tradition of direct observation and inspired by the artists that have done so in the past. By combining elements of art history, structured projects, and student collaboration, you explore and merge time-honored techniques with contemporary practices to gain insight into the creative process through drawing.

Make your mark — on fabric! Learn to create art from your imagination with needles and thread. Create your own original designs with common household items; and learn to make custom colors and dye a shirt or pillowcase using plants and vegetables. Discover fiber fine artwork from both local and international fiber artists such as Mandy Greer, Paul Komada, Yayoi Kusama, and Lin Tianmiao.

Discover monoprint, a printmaking process that begins with mark-making from other media in order to make unique one-off prints. Work with old prints, photos, or drawings to experiment with marks and textures. Trade prints with friends for a fun “exquisite corpse” project, printing on each other’s old work; or sew, collage and paint over your print for unusual effects.

Explore creativity through your experiences, and generate unique works of art through sculpting, drawing, and painting. Deconstruct and reconstruct information to communicate ideas by using music, poems, or film; and use the “fission” process to inspire your work. Gain a deeper understanding of creative decision-making while developing your skills.



Express the stories from your favorite poetry or songs in your own imaginative illustrations! Using watercolor paint, imagination, poetry, and pens, create a menagerie of expressive and dreamy illustrative images. Learn watercolor techniques and explore the surrealist works of artists like Dali, painting from dreams, all while gaining insight into your own creative process.

Explore several different techniques for creating images with silkscreen, and use stencils to print multiple layered images. Plot and cut out your own designs to print multiple times. Learn to register or line up layers of colors on paper or fabric, creating a final work of art that shows off your new printmaking skills!

Learn sculpture using traditional materials and contemporary methods. Practice carving and clay modeling, followed by projects that reuse materials such as wood scraps, cans, and plastics. Explore form and composition, as well as the importance of surface and texture with a cast sculpture project using multiples of the same object.



COLOR MIXING 101 Kyle Abernethy Dive into color! Train your eye to perceive hue and mix oil paint to match. Learn the qualities of pigment and mixing techniques as you create color wheels and charts as well as work from still-life setups. Explore hue, chroma, and value. Finally, practice laying out a palette, mixing color, and completing studies from observation to create a beautiful work in color. T1315





TEEN WORKSHOPS (ages 12–14 & 14–17)

one-week workshops ages 12–14 & 14–17



Register online at or call 206.323.GAGE (4243)



5-Week Intensive



Tenaya Sims & Kimberly Trowbridge ages 16–18 • July 1 – August 2

must have completed tenth grade as of June 2013

• Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm Class of Summer 2012

Classical Studio Contemporary Studio Independent Studio Week

July 1 – 12 [no session 7/4] July 15 – 26 July 29 – August 2


his five-week intensive is intended for young artists who are serious about building drawing and painting skills and developing a comprehensive portfolio. Study classical drawing and contemporary painting with professional Seattle artists Tenaya Sims and Kimberly Trowbridge. Discover your own artistic expression while learning comprehensive skills in graphite, charcoal, and oil paint, and work from live nude models and still lifes to build a strong portfolio. Critiques, slide presentations, visiting artist lectures, and an off-site field trip with your instructors are all integral parts of this highly focused program. Your studies culminate in a student-organized Portfolio Intensive Exhibition in the Rosen Gallery at Gage on Friday, August 2.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Friday, May 10, 2013 Notification for acceptance into the program will be sent by Friday, May 17.

Please send all required materials at the same time, including scholarship application, essays, letters of recommendation, and images. See information at right.


1. Submit the following at: portfolio-intensive-application-2013/ • 350-word artist statement • Digital images of three to five completed artworks • Completed artist information • If needed, upload a scholarship application (available at • One letter of recommendation from an art teacher or guidance counselor All materials must be received by the application deadline of Friday, May 10.

2. Submit a $25 non-refundable application fee by going to www.GageAcademy. org/youth. On the Gage Portfolio Intensive page, you can pay your application fee.

Applicants must send in Scholarship Form with application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All of these steps must be completed by the deadline of Friday, May 10 to be considered for this program. Notification for acceptance into the Portfolio Intensive is sent to applicants by Friday, May 17.

Certificate of Completion Criteria


Please apply via our online form at

You must attend all five weeks of the Portfolio Intensive, participate in all final critiques, and submit finished works for the culminating exhibition to earn your Certificate of Completion. See page 12 for additional campus rules. Portfolio Intensive graduates are awarded their Certificate of Completion at the Portfolio Intensive Exhibition Opening Reception on Friday, August 2 at 6:00pm.



$1600 [5 weeks] Need-based scholarships are available; visit to download an application. You must submit the completed scholarship form with your online application to the Portfolio Intensive by May 10, 2013.

weeks three & four week five

Tenaya Sims

Kimberly Trowbridge

Classical Studio July 1 – 12

[no session 7/4]

Develop a strong foundation based on the classical tradition of 19th century artists. Working from the figure in the mornings and from plaster casts in your own atelier studios in the afternoons, the first week begins with a short lecture and slide presentation from your instructor Tenaya Sims, demonstrating his body of work and inspiration. Later, focus on the foundation techniques of blocking in the nude figure and rendering form. The second week explores the process of drawing on handtoned paper while applying the principles you learned in the first week.


weeks one & two

Contemporary Studio

Independent Studio Week

Move from drawing into painting by learning to see and mix color from observation under the guidance of Kimberly Trowbridge. Beginning with a short presentation of her body of work, you use a direct painting method (wet-onwet) to focus on understanding color as value, temperature, and saturation. Work from the nude figure in the mornings, and devote your afternoons to working from individual still-life installations. Create a final, large painting as a way to explore individual themes. Prepare to apply your technical skills in an individual direction to create a unique piece of art.

The culminating week of the Portfolio Intensive is devoted to finishing your projects and holding individual critiques with your instructors. After the critiques, your instructors will host two brief visiting artist lectures and take you on a field trip to explore and examine a contemporary exhibition in one of Seattle’s unique artistic institutions. Learn to frame and hang your own exhibition, and invite your friends and family to the Friday opening.

July 15 – 26

Kimberly Trowbridge earned her MFA in painting from Tenaya Sims earned a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Washington and her BFA in painting Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and also from Indiana University. She teaches adult classes at completed four years of full-time study in the Aristides Gage and has taught at Western Washington University Atelier at Gage. Sims has received numerous awards and currently runs the Georgetown Atelier as its primary and the University of Washington. instructor. Read more about Sims and Trowbridge online at

July 29 – August 2


$1600 [5 weeks]


Friday, August 2, 2013

6:00pm-8:00pm Rosen Gallery, 3rd Fl FREE & open to the public!


KIDS (ages 6–8 & 9–11) : Creative Care

kids creative care

Gage made me feel like I really am an artist, not just a kid.

8:00am – 9:30am & 3:30pm – 5:00pm

— David, 8

Gage offers early morning and late afternoon Creative Care before and after Kids Workshops (ages 6 – 11). Note: No Friday afternoon Creative Care. Creative Care includes supervised playtime and structured recreational activities.

• fees* $20/day or $80/week billed after workshop completion. * Free for scholarship students Gage charges a non-negotiable $1 per minute fee for parents who drop their children off before 8:00am or pick them up after 5:00pm.

I loved the combination of the courses — dance and movement with the artistic watercolor course! My daughter found both classes to be excellent! — Kathy, parent 8

kids ages 6–8 & 9–11

KIDS (ages 6–8 & 9–11) : Overview

ages 6–8 & 9–11 • July 1 – August 23 | Eight one-week workshops — in visual and movement-based arts. • Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 3:30pm • Register online starting Monday, March 11, 2013


hether your young artist is drawing, painting, or moving their body in dance or play, kids Summer Workshops at Gage help your child discover exciting new ways to express themselves through art! Professional teaching artists inspire and guide students into new and inventive artistic territory, helping them create art that is motivated by their imagination. Share in the joy of discovery as your young artist learns foundation techniques and skills while developing confidence and creativity — and bring the whole family to see the results of their hard work in a final Friday afternoon art show and performance!

KIDS DAILY S CHEDULE 8:00am – 9:30am

Creative Care

9:30am – 12:15pm


(optional; see page 8 for details and price)

9:30am Artist Drop-off 9:30am – 10:45am (ages 6–8: performance / ages 9–11: visual art)

10:45am – 11:00am (snack / classes switch)

11:00am – 12:15pm (ages 6–8: visual art / ages 9–11: performance)


12:15pm – 1:00pm LUNCH & RECESS

(Four-week maximum enrollment per child)

$325 / week (Week 1 / $260 [4 days]) All art materials and instruments included. Register online and read about the teaching artists at NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Visit to download an application. Deadline: Friday, May 24, 2013

1:00pm – 3:30pm

AFTERNOON 1:00pm – 2:10pm (ages 6–8: performance / ages 9–11: visual art)

2:10pm – 2:20pm (snack / classes switch)

2:20pm – 3:30pm (ages 6–8: visual art / ages 9–11: performance)

Gage workshops are the perfect mix of performance and visual art, and the instructors are engaging, friendly and supportive. — Clarissa, parent

3:30pm Artist Pick-up 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Creative Care (optional / additional fee; see page 8)

FRIDAY 3:00pm

KIDS ART SHOW & PERFORMANCE For family and friends

PARENTS: Please save 3:00pm each Friday to see your young artist’s achievements!

Register online at or call 206.323.GAGE (4243)


KIDS WORKSHOPS (ages 6–8 & 9–11) : Schedule

WEEK 1 July 1 – 5 [no session 7/4]

WEEK 2 July 8 – 12

WEEK 3 July 15 – 19

WEEK 4 July 22 – 26

CLAY MASTERS Beth Zirngible




Learn about the great masters of clay in this hands-on, interactive class. Each day features a different artist whose life, culture, and work are explored and used as inspiration for sculptures and pottery. Take inspiration from local Seattle artists Akio Takamori and Patti Warashina; explore uniquely textured animals a la Adrian Arleo; discover the fantastical wall hangings of Paula Rice, and much more!

Learn to draw photorealistic self-portraits in pencil, using the same grid method as artist Chuck Close. Create several self-portraits throughout the week, drawing from memory, observation, and photographs. This class includes learning about negative space, contour line, shading and light, value, line variation, and composition. Use these basic drawing concepts and materials to draw a fantastic self-portrait in pencil!

Discover the fun of Renaissance art from the 1500s! This class introduces you to anatomy, perspective, hand-made tempera paint, and artistic geometry while learning about the history of the Renaissance and major artists of the era. Learn about these classical exercises firsthand by practicing pencil sketches, making hands with clay, drawing with angles, and painting.

SUPER RAD DANCE Jessica Jobaris

UP HIGH, DOWN LOW Jessica Jobaris


Discover how to combine drawing and painting in order to create your own imaginative composition! Practice new techniques such as wet-on-wet and dry brush painting, mixing colors, and drawing from images and memory. Explore paint with pencils, charcoals and watercolors, acrylic, and fabric dyes. Mix up your media on different kinds of paper, and transform your stories through colorful paintings!

Super Rad Dance is a mash up of dance inspired by the world around us. Take inspiration from learning new moves and the architecture of your world, including Seattle’s own EMP music building and other zany structures. Find ways of making dance using hip-hop and improvisation to create movement based on the world we live in. Bring your favorite music!

Learn the basics of movement to discover your everyday relationship with opposites. How do these opposites play out in all living things? Explore different genres of dance, including hip hop, ballet, modern, and even walking! Connecting our dancing selves to our ordinary bodies to ponder the question, “Can dance be anything?” Get ready to make and learn some amazing dances!

The dancer does with the body what a poet does with words, or painters with a brush — communicate ideas, feelings, experiences, and tell stories. Learn to use dance to connect with the world in new, different ways. Let your senses and imagination guide you as you move like air, wind, water, sand, ghosts, insects — anything! Everyone has a story to tell, and this is your chance to tell yours!

Discover that fun is not frivolous but actually incredibly important! Explore new ideas and create your dance by learning choreography and playing games to help you develop dance skills. Learn to express your creative self through dance, and develop great ideas through singing and creative writing. The audience will be delighted by your energy and creativity at Friday’s final performance!






$260 [4 days]


kids ages 6–8 & 9–11




WEEK 7 August 12 – 16

WEEK 8 August 19 – 23





Create your own pen and pencil characters and the worlds they live in! See people, animals, places, and make-believe creatures spring forth from your hands as you make your own character trading cards, comics, chap books, and more. Explore different ways of combining words and pictures to make your creations come to life. See how the stories you create in art reflect the stories you tell in dance, too!

Design your own t-shirts, shorts, socks, and pants made out of clay! Not just for girls — in this class you learn to work with slab-rolled clay to make ordinary things. Find inspiration in everyday objects that are the closest to us and at the same time learn about color, texture, composition, and pattern. Explore the moldable qualities of clay and sculpture while stretching them to their limits!

Learn how to design and handsew your own one-of-a-kind plush toys, stuffed animals, and puppets complete with superpowers, myths, and legends. Discover how other children around the world create their toys and experience how satisfying it is to construct your own toys out of the softest array of colorful fabrics. Tell a story with the characters you create!

Turn newspaper, torn wrapping paper, and scraps of fabric into fine art! Mix and match found images and objects to make dramatically new textures and patterns. Learn to transform bits and pieces of different materials into works of art that are uniquely your own. Use color, texture, value, contrast, and more to create unique works of art!


DANCE FIGHT GAME Silvio Aleixo dos Reis



Bring movement and storytelling together as you explore the language of dance through Japanese inspired performance art techniques, fiction writing, and comics. Create individual and group movements that reflect real and imaginary worlds of characters, settings, and emotional landscapes — connecting them in a threeact dance composition.

Bollywood is not just a style, but a culture. It’s a combination of the classical, folk, and tribal dance styles of India and the Western traditions of jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and modern dance styles. Bollywood Dance is aerobic, fun, and a great activity! Learn new dance steps and choreography by Katrina Dance of The Bollywood Project in this fun week-long summer camp!

Experience the variety and power of the rhythms of Brazil! Create your own tempo learning traditional and contemporary grooves like samba, baião, afoxé and Samba-Reggae while singing in Portuguese. Enjoy a hands-on experience, and feel the inner workings of Brazilian music in an intuitive and spontaneous way!

Learn the “dance-fight game” of Capoeira Angola, a blend of martial art, dance, music, and theatrical creativity based on a conversation between two people. Some familiar movements include cartwheels (au), hand-stands (bananeira) and the bridge (ponte). Play instruments and learn songs that tell an oral history in Portuguese lyrics, and enjoy your new ability to play capoeira with your friends!









Register online at or call 206.323.GAGE (4243)



WEEK 6 August 5 – 9

KIDS WORKSHOPS (ages 6–8 & 9–11) : Schedule

WEEK 5 July 29 – August 2


Gage Academy of Art is located in the historic St. Nicholas Building on North Capitol Hill.

Questions? Please contact Sharon Arnold, Gage Youth Programs Manager at or call 206.323.4243 x17.

Location Gage Summer Kids & Teen Workshops, unless otherwise noted, are held at Gage Academy of Art, St. Nicholas Building, 1501 Tenth Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102. This facility does not have an elevator. Please contact staff regarding ADA accommodations.

Payment Full payment is required to secure your child’s place in Kids & Teen Workshops. A complete application and a $25 application fee is needed to request your teen’s place in the Portfolio Intensive. Payment plans are available for the Portfolio Intensive; for details, please contact Sharon Arnold, Youth Programs Manager.

Kids & Teen Workshop cancellation Kids & Teen Workshop cancellations must be received at least five business days before workshop start date (i.e., no later than 4:30pm the Monday before start date) to receive a refund, minus a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations received after that time will not be refunded, but transfers are welcome into alternate Summer 2013 Kids & Teen Workshops. All transfers of Kids & Teen Workshop enrollment are based on availability, are not transferable to another student, may not be used for other youth classes and incur a $25 change fee. To cancel or transfer your child’s enrollment, please contact the Gage Registrar at 206.323.4243 x10.

Portfolio Intensive cancellation Portfolio Intensive 2013 cancellations must be received before June 10, 2013, to receive a refund, minus a $375 nonrefundable deposit. Cancellations received after June 10, 2013, will receive a tuition credit minus a $375 non-


refundable deposit applicable only toward transfers into Summer 2013 Teen Workshops (four workshops maximum). Transfers are based on workshop availability. Cancellations received after June 28, 2013, are ineligible for refund, credit or transfer. To cancel or transfer your student’s Portfolio Intensive enrollment, please contact the Gage Registrar at 206.323.4243 x10.

Family discounts Families with more than one child or teen attending Kids & Teen Workshops or the Portfolio Intensive are eligible for a 10% discount for each additional younger sibling. To receive the discount you must register over the phone.

Scholarships Gage offers scholarships based on financial need. Download the scholarship application at and return. Please include the front page of your most recent federal tax return. Scholarship deadline: May 24, 2013. Notification for awarded scholarships to be sent by May 31, 2013. Portfolio Intensive Scholarship Deadline: May 10.

Workshop size In order to provide ample individual attention, enrollment for all Gage Youth Summer Programs are limited to 16 students total.

Dress code Artmaking is messy; please dress accordingly. General summer attire is recommended, but no flip flops, tube tops, short-shorts/skirts or bathing suits. Kids must wear closed-toe shoes and shorts/pants (for ease of movement). Please no shoes with wheels!

General rules If your child or teen displays aggressive or disruptive behavior during the studio program or leaves campus without a note, Gage will ask you to remove your child from the program for the rest of the day. Upon guardian discussion, Gage staff will determine if your child may return. There is no refund for any

Register online at or call 206.323.GAGE (4243)

student removed from Gage programs due to behavioral problems. There is no smoking allowed in the building or on the property. Additionally, Gage is an alcohol and drug-free place for kids and teens. Staff will ask students who break these rules to leave the program for the remainder of the week.

Lunch/snacks All students should bring a sack lunch, beverages and two snacks for the day. Your child or teen will be supervised during lunch and will be encouraged to go outdoors, weather permitting. There is also a vending machine with healthy snacks for purchase.

Sign-in & sign-out Guardians should promptly drop off and pick up students. Unless you wish your 6to 11-year old to attend Creative Care (see below), please do not drop off more than 15 minutes before workshops begin at 9:30am. For Kids: Guardians must sign their child in & out of the program every day. PLEASE NOTE: If you drop off your child before 9:15am or pick up after 3:45pm, Gage will bill you for Creative Care services. Fees are based on usage. Gage is not responsible for children dropped off at Gage outside of actual program hours. Teens: Teens sign themselves in & out of the program on a daily basis. Due to a compressed schedule, teens may not leave the property during program breaks (i.e. for lunch) without a note from a guardian.

Creative Care Gage offers Creative Care before and after our summer Kids Workshops. You will be billed at the end of each workshop. Parents who drop off before 8:00am or pick up after 5:00pm will be charged an additional $1 per minute. See page 8 for more details. PLEASE NOTE: There is no Creative Care on Friday afternoons or for Teen Workshops.

(on a first-come, first-served basis)

3 ways to register






Gage instructors are positive and focus on encouraging students to try new things and express themselves creatively, rather than focusing on achieving some kind of set product. I think that’s great. — Michael, parent

Registration begins Monday, March 11, 2013

Online at

206.323.GAGE (4243) OR fax completed form to: 206.526.5153

Download a registration form at and mail to:

Gage Academy of Art 1501 Tenth Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102

Register online at or call 206.323.GAGE (4243)




St. Nicholas Building 1501 Tenth Avenue East Seattle WA 98102 206.323.GAGE

T een

Art ios Stud ages 13­18 Free

FREE Year-round Program for Teens! (see p. 2)

’13 Summer

youth Artist

pro grams


Summer 2013 Youth Catalog  

The catalog of classes and workshops for summer 2013 Youth Programs at Gage Academy of Art.