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Evolution Of Magic Shows And Why Is Paul Harris The New King Of Magic Acts There are only a few art forms that have survived the test of time and exist even today - magic is one of them. For magicians, it is the passion associated with this art that keeps them on the hunt of newer and better tricks to win the awe of the audiences. There was a time when magic was performed for specific reasons such as paranormal control and rituals. With time, its existence in the black worlds has diminished substantially and today it is practiced for the purposes of entertainment. The feat to achieve for the magicians is to perform illusions and tricks that are seemingly impossible or supernatural using natural means. Magic is a performing art and it is a rather unconventional art form that is quite uncommon among the commoners. Not considered to be a dream career, magic earned its respect through the hands of Jean Eugene RobertHoudini - the father of performance magic. The trend of magic shows being conducted in auditoriums is his giving to the world of magic, and modern magicians owe him the respect and paychecks that they enjoy today. The modern stage acts supported the likes of Harry Houdini a.k.a King of Cards and King of Handcuffs to get closer to his audiences and teach them to appreciate this great form of art as it truly deserves. The kind of hard work that goes into choreographing the high on adrenaline acts is evident by the fact that Roy Horn of the magic act ‘Siegfried & Roy’ was attacked and seriously injured by a seven-year old tiger named Montecore while performing in Las Vegas. Horn was believed to have suffered a stroke and partial paralysis after being in critical condition for several weeks. Such death defying acts and the kind of response they draw from the audiences is what tickles the curious bones of man and some of us feel pulled towards those tricks and the dream of performing them ourselves often crosses our minds. In the modern times, Paul Harris magic has become one of the most sought after magic act by the audiences and even amateur magicians. The kids and the adults are seen to be enjoying his acts equally well. Also, many try to imitate his acts to get a grip on them. One can easily learn the beginner’s tricks using the Johnson magic products that are best props to try a hand at such acts.

Evolution Of Magic Shows And Why Is Paul Harris The New King Of Magic Acts