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THE GAEE FACTBOOK Student-led nonprofits like the Global Association of Economics Education demonstrate the ability of youth generation to take control of their future and radiate positive social progress to their communities. - Apple News

CONTACT US United States Office: 2001 Washington Street Greater Boston, MA 02184 p: +1 (781) 519-9873 e: contact@gaee.org w: https://gaee.org


OUR PROGRAMS GAEE's Home App Known as one of the first mobile applications for learning economics in the market, the GAEE's Home App has been beta tested among hundreds of volunteers and is expected to launch in early 2020. The app features interactive economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship lessons for students both outside and inside its affiliated network.

COUNTRY PRESENCE China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Philippines, South Korea*, Tunisia*, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam *Limited operations as of Jan 2020

GAEE's Academic Clubs We encourage aspiring economists and scholars to establish independent economics and finance clubs in their communities. Guidance, resources, aid, as well as Training-of-Trainers workshops and webinars, are provided to create robust and autonomous GAEEaffiliated learning hubs in ten countries.

GAEE's Academic Conferences Partnered with reputable educational institutions across the world, we have hosted and sponsored free conferences for local educators, students, and policymakers in marginalized communities. In association with VUSTA and AIESEC, GAEE's Southeast Asia Month was hosted in Summer 2019 as a series of conferences hosted in Southeast Asia. Featured one thousand participants, the conferences aimed at raising awareness for the reforms of the education sector amidst the challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution in low-cost Southeast Asian economies.

THE #GAEE MOVEMENT Started as a regional Indochinese network of academic economics clubs, IEEI became GAEE in 2017 and transformed into a global student-led movement in the field of economics education. Joining the likes of Rethinking Economics, Council for Economics Education and ISIPE, GAEE is now recognized as a "major force in the reform of economics education on a global scale" by Yahoo! Finance.


90% of our members reported a satisfactory learning experience*

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Founded by passionate students who fully acknowledge the vitality yet difficulty of learning Economics and Personal Finance. GAEE aspires to develop revolutionary platforms to help empower the youth generations with the fundamentals of these subjects.


60% of our members agreed joining GAEE galvanized their interest in a career in economics, finance or business

*Included the beta testers of the GAEE's Home App. Survey conducted internally by GAEE in Dec 2019.

Every student finishing secondary education deserves to know what opportunity cost is about, how to manage their budget, and the like.

OURÂ GOAL Democratizing the education of economics, both in accessibility and pedagogical philosophy.


We are backed by worldclass partners and patrons


Since 2017, GAEE has counted Amazon Smile, AIESEC, British


Council, Canva, Facebook, Financial Times, Google, Microsoft,

Country Presence

TechSoup, United Nations, Vietnam Union of Technology and Science


Associations, International Association of Economics, Industrial University of HCMC,

Affiliated Chapters

UniEuropa Business School among our supporters.


We have membership in some of the world's most prominent civil society and youth networks

Online Supporters & Volunteers*

“From GAEE in Asia and

Europe, we can be optimistic

AIESEC, the world's largest youth-run organization and World Economics Association, the

that these pioneers will

world's largest platform for pluralism

challenge the status-quo of

in economics to the Civil Society

economics learning.”

Network of the

Africa to CEE in the US and


Rethinking Economics in


United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), GAEE is a part

Gizmodo Blog gaee.org


*Included the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn followers as well as members of the "GAEE Members & Voluneers" Facebook Group.

of greater collectives that strive to make our future a better place.

“This association [GAEE] has one of the most futuristic

“Working with GAEE is so

and innovative educational

much fun, innovative and

movements in the ASEAN

energetic while being so


scholastic at the same time.”

Thich Le, President of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations's QNUSTA Chapter

Mark Chen, Coordinator of GAEE in Hong Kong and Macau



“GAEE is a savior for our school where club activities became boring and inattentive. Its curriculum and debate guidelines are truly exceptional!”

- S. Mei, Vice President of a local chapter of GAEE in Boston

“The program [GAEE's

“I am grateful for the

Southeast Asia Month] did

valuable leadership

an excellent job in raising

opportunities provided

awareness of the threats

through GAEE's affiliated

posed by Industry 4.0.”

academic club program.”

Marie S. Angelas, Development Director of IAE Southeast Asian Chapter -

Thu Nguyen, Co-founder of a local chapter of GAEE in Northern Vietnam -

© 2020 Global Association of Economics Education Inc. No rights can be derived from the contents of this fact sheet.




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The GAEE Factbook | Global Association of Economics Education  

Official Marketing Brochure of the Global Association of Economics Education. Published by the Office of Partnership and Public Relations in...

The GAEE Factbook | Global Association of Economics Education  

Official Marketing Brochure of the Global Association of Economics Education. Published by the Office of Partnership and Public Relations in...

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