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UE 2012

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NE 2012

What amounts to right information? Information – That’s what it’s all about (2)

Information collation – putting the puzzle together

Focusing on the right aspects of Operational Performance Management Are CIOs being caught napping?

Giving people what they asked for X-CHANGE 2012 report-back


Editor’s Notes Although this is obvious, the solution hasn’t

hugely important milestone because we now

been at all obvious until comparatively

have a process we can improve. So, what’s

recently. This is because it’s taken a


concerted effort on different fronts to make it all possible.

The immediate information future probably lies in three areas of crucial importance.

One of the main breakthroughs happened

The first is improving the level of decision

when solution vendors realised they couldn’t

support through agents like Artificial

control the market and shut out their

Intelligence and Neural Networks because,

competitors with proprietary solutions. They

in our increasingly complex and competitive

had to develop open systems and make

industrial world, it’s going to take more right

their data available to all and sundry or they

first-guesses to succeed.

would soon not even exist in the very market they tried to monopolise.

The second is applying the principles of industrial automation to the company as

Information – that’s what it’s all about (2) In the last issue of Protocol, we looked at

Another milestone event was the

a whole. Let’s measure what we’re doing

development of hardware and software

so that we can correct it at the human

(e.g. ISA-95) standards which promoted the

and corporate level. We have all these

interconnection of equipment and software

well-disciplined and controlled production

products from all vendors.

processes generating our wealth but who’s

the solutions available for the first half of

controlling them – and how? An information

the information process which dealt with the

Although hardware and software

process at the enterprise level will tell you

capturing and storage of data. In this issue

communication barriers had been breached,

all you need to know about improving the

we look at the second half of the process

this still wasn’t enough. Everything still

processes in charge of your company’s

which deals with collating the right data

had to be integrated under a common

wealth by giving them the feedback they

with the right context to provide information

umbrella. The third breakthrough came with

need to minimise guesswork, make informed

which is then disseminated to those who

the introduction of Invensys Wonderware’s

decisions in real-time and incrementally

need it.

System Platform in 2003. This rapidly

improve efficiency.

became the de facto “operating system” These are crucial processes because they

for the industrial automation industry as it

The third area of importance is probably

turn data into information. Conversely, they

was designed from the start with the needs

virtualisation and cloud computing which

could be wrongly used and turn the same

of that industry in mind. It turned out that

improves accessibility to information and

data into unwanted but great-looking noise.

it wasn’t more applications end-users were

system availability in cost-effective ways but

looking for but a unifying platform that could

more about this in a future issue.

As pointed out in the article titled “What

make full use of their past investments,

amounts to right information?” by Deon van

provide current cost-effective solutions

I hope you find this and the previous

Aardt and Ernst van Wyk, one of the main

quickly and look after their future needs – no

information issue of Protocol useful to cross-

problems with information is that it has to be

matter what they might be.

reference the information function you want

derived from a multitude of often disparate

to address with the Invensys Operations

sources for distribution to an equally wide

So, we’ve come a long way and it’s taken an

Management solutions available to help you

spectrum of users who are each interested

approach that no single vendor could have

achieve your goals.

in different aspects of a common reality.

imagined ten years ago.

Executives and operators, for example, need

Until next time,

to know different things at different times

But are our information, knowledge and

Denis du Buisson

because they will be making very dissimilar

decision-making problems over? Let’s face

decisions. But if the decisions they make are

it; it wouldn’t be fun if they were. We’ve got

based on different versions of the truth, then

most the mechanics of data collection and

we have chaos.

information dissemination licked and that’s a

2 |


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What amounts to “right

Plant Information Management

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Information Collation:

Australia’s QR National chooses

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Information Collation: Wonderware QI Analyst

Operational Performance

58 Management - Focusing on the

Information Collation: Wonderware Historian Client (previously ActiveFactory)

right aspects

Are CIOs being caught napping?

60 – IT Governance and Process Automation

Information collation and

21 contextualisation

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May/June 2012 | 3

What amounts to “right information”?

Deon van Aardt, Divisional Director - Invensys Operations Management Southern Africa

Right information is actionable information

The right context

which depends on real-time reporting and easy analysis of centralised data.

An item of data is largely meaningless unless one also knows the conditions under which it

Right information is characterised as that

was measured and to what it refers. A simple

information which is presented in the right

way of representing this is shown in figure

context to the right people at the right time

1 where what we measure is above the line

and in the right format so that they can take

and the context in which it applies is below

the right action.

the line. The result is the information we want to know.

A production facility is involved with a

Ernst van Wyk, General Manager Technology, Invensys Wonderware

4 |

multitude of activities all of which generate

So, for example, we may want to know

data which have to be collected and turned

about equipment efficiency so Overall

into meaningful information. These activities

Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) goes

can include the monitoring of air, water and

above the line and “equipment” below it.

electricity usage, production and process

We can now change the context to say, the

status, equipment performance (OEE),

“plant”, which now becomes the context

alarms, waste generation as well as time and

against which efficiency is reported. We

money. Analysed in isolation of one another,

may also want to know how OEE varies

these data aren’t anywhere as informative as

with time so “time” is now made the

they could be.

context. In this way, the context can be

What amounts to “right information”?

database. Personnel might be collecting air, gas and water data manually on clipboards before logging their observations in Excel spreadsheets. Speaking of spreadsheets, they have their own set of problems: For example, to calculate wastage, the same data might have been collected by different people at different times and they may each be incomplete to varying degrees as all the data for calculation isn’t yet available. When results are finally presented, which version of the truth is to be believed? And how many man-hours did it take to get there? Is this good information? – probably not because it may be hours or even days too late to do anything about events in the plant. And what about its accuracy? All these disparate data sources are vital, Figure 1: Measuring things within context yields usable information

however, as they are all pieces of the information puzzle which, if assembled

anything of relevance in the plant (people,

means updating all relevant dashboards,

correctly, will give a realistic picture of the

batches, assets, etc.)

reports and analysis tools in real-time – no

company’s performance. So, how do we

problem at all if we’re talking about one

overcome the problem of synchronising and

The real world


collating data and information, irrespective

In an ideal world, all this information would

But this is the real world and here, things are

be available at a central location and to

very different. Electricity consumption might

anyone who needed it. When monitoring

be measured by an energy management

The Wonderware System Platform has

energy usage, for example, measuring the

system that has its own database. PLCs,

the ability of bringing all these sources of

consumption of air, gas, water and electricity

DCS or SCADA systems might be logging

information into a single system and, as we

must happen in real-time so that decisions

real-time plant equipment electricity

just saw, it’s only with a single system that

can be made in real-time but that also

consumption data for storage in a historian

real-time updates and data synchronisation

of its multiple and different sources? The answer is shown in figure 2.

of dashboards, reports and analysis tools is possible. Now that the right information is available in the right context on a single platform, the next step is to make it available to the right people at the right time and in the right format - and that means answering five fundamental questions: • Who needs to know? • What do they want to know? • Where are they? • When do they want the information? • How do they want it delivered?

Figure 2: A single system is required if data from a multitude of disparate sources are to be transformed into current, updated, accurate and contextualised real-time information.

May/June 2012 | 5

Figure 3: The information needs and delivery systems of some key plant personnel

Getting the right information to the right people so that they can take timely action

will lead him into the real-time information he can access on demand (figure 4). Here, he’s confronted with a custom-

The right people include executives, plant

designed information screen showing

Figure 6: Wherever he may be, Smartphone

managers, planning personnel, quality

enterprise-wide KPIs including production

technology can keep the production

assurance personnel, process engineers,

performance and financial status, quality

manager informed of conditions at the plant

maintenance personnel, supervisors and

consistency, maintenance records and an

in real-time.

operators. For the purpose of illustrating

unlimited range of other criteria important

how this is done, however, we only include

to someone in his position. Information can

company’s production status at any time

five groups as shown in figure 3.

be grouped and collated with respect to the

(including that of individual production lines)

entire enterprise, a specific site as well as the

to check if he can take on more work within

production area, process cell and unit within

the specified time constraints of a potential

that site. All the information is available

order. He might also want to check on the

He’ll probably be in his office in front of a PC

through the company Intranet so that he can

production status of their orders when

and he’ll want to know the status of the plant,

have access to it from virtually anywhere.

meeting with existing customers.

The important thing is that he isn’t swamped

The plant manager

The executive

right now. Whatever application he may be running, there will be an icon on his screen that

with irrelevant trivia so that he can focus on the decisions he will have to take.

He wants to know about any problems with the plant at any time so that he can do his

The system engineer

job of sorting things out. He too may be travelling or he could be at home. Whatever

He too might be looking at his PC in his

the case, he should only be called when

office but, apart from engineering work,

there’s no one else available to solve the

he’s only interested in events where

problem (ArchestrA Workflow software is

things have gone wrong. Unobtrusively

there for just that reason).

on the side of his screen are displayed

Figure 4: An example of the executive’s point of view

the real-time parameters of OEE and

Whether by e-mail, or Smartphone, the

production status (among others – figure

plant manager will be alerted of problems,


complete with the context in which they occurred. This will allow him to analyse the

into the enterprise

Any anomaly or alarm condition will

situation with all the real-time facts at his

cause the appropriate icon to flash red

fingertips before taking action. This action

whereupon he can click on it to see more

will most probably involve communication

details and drill down to the cause of the

with other personnel and, since this is part

event and how it is being handled.

of the process flow for this activity, it will be logged by the Workflow software in much

The production manager

the same way as a SCADA system logs its instructions and the response to them.

He may well be out and about visiting suppliers and customers. His only

The operator

contact with the office is his cell phone (or any of the currently available mobile

The important thing about operators is that

Figure 5: Whatever else he may be doing, the system

devices – i.e. Smartphone, iPhone, iPad,

they have to react to a single version of the

engineer can be informed of KPIs of his choosing

etc.) but he might want to assess the

truth and they have to so in real-time. They

6 |

What amounts to “right information”?

will invariably be at the plant and can receive communications by way of e-mail, phone, Smartphone, radio or their own HMI / SCADA screens. Many operators will wander from station to station yet they need to be alerted of all events and alarms wherever they might be. Response to an event will require guidance if that event has occurred before and their solution and response recorded for the future. Operators are most likely to be swamped with data such as an avalanche of alarms and that’s why information screening and prioritisation is most important in their case. One thing needs to be quite clear: If operators are to execute instructions from higher up, those instructions must be based on the same information available to both camps. Hopefully, the decision will not only Figure 7: The plant manager can trace task progress with the help of ArchestrA Workflow software

be based on the available facts but also on the experience and knowledge of the decision-maker.

Conclusion Unless it’s the right information, as per the definition in this article, it’s likely to be more of a hindrance than a help. Any one TV advert, for example, will only appeal to a narrow segment of the watching audience and will be tuned out by the rest as “noise”. Similarly for the “wrong” information supplied to the individuals in an enterprise who all share a common reality but are each interested in a different aspect of that reality. Something else which is apparent from the above is the fact that information collection and delivery is based on a five-dimensional matrix of possibilities (who, what, where, Figure 8: Operators often need access to more than process control information

when and how). So it’s no longer good enough for an application to get data, process it in its own way and output the result for “whoever”. Today, an application must be able to source data from a variety of sources (including other applications), process it in the way the end-user needs and communicate the information through a growing number of media from printers to Smartphones. If all the applications an enterprise needs are built with all this in mind and can cooperate with one another, then so much the better – especially if they all come from the same stable.

May/June 2012 | 7

Selective Retrieval and Information Collation The data retrieved will depend on the application, which will initially

not to say that the data weren’t informative in their own right but that

probably use that in its own database. Thereafter, these applications

they are now aligned and collated in such a way as to be meaningful to

may need other data which will have to be retrieved selectively

a variety of personnel who each have different jobs, goals and priorities.

from other databases and collated in such a way as to provide the information necessary for various reports.

The collation of context-rich information from various sources and applications is the key to less guesswork as well as maximised

These are important steps in the information process where isolated bits of data become context-rich information for the first time. This is

8 |

knowledge and decision support at all levels

Information Collation: Wonderware Intelligence

Information Collation: Wonderware Intelligence


Wonderware Intelligence’s plant model is easy to create, using the

In a nutshell ...

Wonderware Intelligence is the industry’s first

Wonderware System Platform development

EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence)

environment to model both historical

Wonderware Intelligence is a tool that allows

product that leverages the Wonderware

and transactional data as well as to set

you to access, aggregate, contextualise

suite of Reporting and Analysis products.

up the relationships and the information

(provide relationships) and visualise your

Built on top of Wonderware System


plant data, whether it is from Wonderware or

Platform, Wonderware Intelligence creates

other sources.

Create metrics that make sense for your business

Intelligence offers:

database or SAP ERP data) and to

Wonderware Intelligence creates

• Visualisation through an easy-to-configure

format, store and present that data in

personalised Key Performance Indicators,

an intuitive dashboard, allowing you to

allowing you to view the metrics that

make immediate decisions on your plant’s

are important to you to determine plant

performance. Data is updated according to

performance or adherence to operating

your needs, to provide you with a current

goals. Use Wonderware Intelligence to

view of plant asset utilisation; product quality

determine uptime over plants, by specific

and yields, throughput, or labour, resource

lines, shifts and personnel. Look at quality

Indicators to mirror your information

and energy consumption.

plant by plant. Perform ad-hoc analysis of


an information framework to take both Wonderware and non-Wonderware data sources (such as an OSIsoft PI Server

dashboard • Data structure through a comprehensive Information Model • Ability to create Key Performance

• Ability to collaborate and share metrics through a web-based dashboard

any data that is stored in any of your plant applications, whether it’s in a historian, MES, LIMS or SAP ERP system. These analyses are published in a dashboard format, using the Intelligence Analytics Client, allowing you to share your findings over the web for greater collaboration.

May/June 2012 | 9

Intelligence server The Intelligence Server provides core Intelligence functionality, with its contextualisation of data sources into an Information Model. The Intelligence Server is scalable, from a single site/single server to multiple servers for hosting data from multiple sites. The Intelligence Server can aggregate data from other servers, and compare data across sites. You can establish a hierarchical data structure for aggregating multiple databases into one data store.

Intelligence clients Wonderware Intelligence Standard Client Intelligence Standard Clients provide viewing access to published Dashboards, and allow the user to browse and navigate

Self-service product

dashboard reports to determine cause and

the Intelligence content. The Standard

effect relationships.

Clients employ “one click” technology for

Wonderware Intelligence has been designed so that the process or plant engineer can quickly develop and publish to the web their

ease of use in deployment.

For any industry and any type of data

own dashboard views of KPI’s, using existing

Wonderware Intelligence Analytics Client

data from your plant, quality, and enterprise

Wonderware Intelligence is a tool that can

applications. This not only saves valuable

be used in any industry—whether you are in

Intelligence Analytics Clients enable a user

IT resource time and costs, but provides a

food & beverage, primary metals, chemical,

to analyse data, and create and publish

collaboration framework for you to further

oil and gas or energy. It accesses the data

rich, intuitive Dashboards that feature

leverage the investments you have in these

you need to manage your business, whether

drill-down capabilities for root-cause

solutions, not replacing, but supplementing

that data comes from your Wonderware

analysis. The Analytics Clients can configure

with an overlay for more transparency to

system, ERP, LIMS or other enterprise or

reports and dashboards that encompass

your operations.

legacy application.

existing Wonderware Reporting Content

Works with your products

Intelligence components

ArchestrA reports.

Unlock the data in your existing applications,

Wonderware Intelligence is a natural

Operating systems

and share it company-wide! Wonderware

extension to Wonderware’s full-featured

Intelligence provides a framework for easy

reporting and analysis product portfolio.

Wonderware Intelligence Server supports

data access and visualisation, comparing

There are three components of the

Windows XP, SP3 (single node, 32 bit);

important metrics such as quality by shift,

Wonderware Intelligence product:

Windows 2003 SP2 (32 bit only); Windows

from Information Server, Active Factory, or

yields by line, or other parameters that are key to your performance.

2003 R2 SP2 (32 bit only); Vista SP2 Ultimate • Server, creating the information model and doing persistent data storage

Intelligence can be used with Wonderware products, including InBatch, InTouch,

(both 32-and 64-bit, single node); Vista SP2 Business (both 32-and 64-bit, single node); Windows 2008 Server SP2 - Standard and

• Standard Client, for viewing web-

Enterprise (both 32-and 64-bit); Windows

Wonderware MES (Operations and

based dashboards, as well as reports

2008 Server R2 SP2 - Standard and

Performance) and Energy Management

from Wonderware ActiveFactory or

Enterprise (both 32-and 64-bit); Windows

for a single view of your plant wide

Wonderware Information Server

7 Professional (both 32- and 64-bit, single node) and Windows 7 Ultimate (both 32- and

process data. Utilise existing Wonderware Reporting Products—HMI Reports,

• Analytics Client, creating and publishing

64-bit, single node).

ActiveFactory, ArchestrA Reports and

dashboards that provide real-time

Wonderware Information Server by viewing

analytical capabilities on Intelligence-

Wonderware Intelligence Server supports

this source data when drilling down into

gathered data.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with SP1: Express,

10 |

Information Collation: Wonderware Intelligence

Standard, and Enterprise editions, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Wonderware Intelligence Clients support Windows XP, SP3 (32- bit); Windows 2003 SP2 (32 bit only); Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (32 bit only); Vista SP2 Ultimate (both 32- and 64-bit); Vista SP2 Business (both 32- and 64-bit); Windows 2008 Server SP2 - Standard and Enterprise (both 32- and 64-bit); Windows 2008 Server R2 SP2 - Standard and Enterprise (both 32- and 64-bit); Windows 7 Professional (both 32- and 64-bit) and Windows 7 Ultimate (both 32- and 64-bit).

Look to Wonderware to make EMI as easy as HMI Wonderware Intelligence is the latest in the

Wonderware Intelligence was chosen as the Best Dashboard of 2010 by the readers of Control Engineering magazine.

family of operations management solutions from Invensys, providing you with software to help you get more out of your existing assets and resources. We unlock the value of your existing data to make Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence easy, scalable and with fast time-to-benefits.

May/June 2012 | 11

Information Collation: Wonderware QI Analyst

Improve product quality and accelerate margins

Manage product quality to increase plant performance

Manufacturing high-quality products

Wonderware’s QI Analyst software gives

at a competitive price requires a

manufacturers the ability to monitor process

team effort. Wonderware’s QI Analyst

variation in real time — an important

software provides a versatile tool for

indicator of product quality. Using powerful

collaborative decision making. QI Analyst

SPC analysis techniques, operators and

software connects your entire quality team

plant decision-makers can make immediate

with near real-time Statistical Process

online adjustments to proactively ensure

Control (SPC) information, enabling

production quality and consistency.

everyone to proactively reduce excessive

Get your first line of defence into the game

process variations —instead of reacting to

The software gives your production team

them after a problem occurs. In fact, with

the quality information and notifications it

Operators are a plant’s first line of

real-time SPC data, QI Analyst software can

needs to adjust process parameters on the

defence when if comes to product quality.

help you “predict” problems, before they

fly — lowering costs and improving product

However, operators demand software

cost you time and money!

quality. Contrast with traditional off-line SPC

solutions that do not adversely affect their

systems—they use historical process data

activities. QI Analyst 8.0 software can be

and don’t allow real-time corrections of

easily configured to provide the real-time

process excursions.

SPC information operators need to visualise and “steer” real-time product quality. SPC

12 |

In addition, QI Analyst software can leverage

information can be tailored to each user’s

historical data from most data sources within

individualised needs, so there is less to learn

the plant, empowering manufacturers

and less resistance when implementing a

to transform common process data into

real-time SPC system. The bottom line is that

actionable process information. The software

QI Analyst 8.0 software can give operators

can quickly analyse data, plot variations and

the quality information they need in real

provide information about the performance

time, to positively affect product quality and

of your critical plant processes. 

plant profitability.

Information Collation: Wonderware QI Analyst

Make consistent, real-time decisions organisation-wide

Users across the globe rave about the QI Analyst software’s ease of configuration

In a nutshell ...

and use. You don’t need to be an expert Wonderware’s QI Analyst software

in statistics to use the product. Set up

Useful in nearly any vertical industry,

offers a rich selection of communication

functional charts in minutes. The new

Wonderware QI Analyst Statistical Process

options, giving each member of your

Products/Parts feature empowers you

Control (SPC) software is an important part

team immediate access to the same

to configure charts for hundreds of your

of any quality management programme.

information — for consistent decision-

products quickly and efficiently. Help is

making throughout the organisation.

always just a click away, with an online

Performing both on-line and historical

Customisable alarms can immediately alert

tutorial and glossary to accelerate results.

SPC, QI Analyst supports real-time process

key plant personnel regarding important

monitoring and alarms as well as historical

quality issues (e.g., by sending dynamic

reports to view process “health” over any

messages to a pager).

period of time. Real-time SPC, analysis and reporting are equally easy.

View SPC charts from anywhere in the plant

By storing process data in the QI Analyst database and linking to external data

QI Analyst’s ChartService, a Microsoft

sources, users can leverage enterprise-wide

Windows service, automatically monitors

SPC to reduce variation, reduce costs of

your process data and reports on alarm

manufacturing and increase productivity.

status via a new alarm dashboard. This

Business value

control can be embedded in an HMI, like Wonderware’s InTouch HMI or a customised industrial application to

QI Analyst software can help you “predict”

automatically communicate SPC alarm

problems, before they cost you time and

status. It can accommodate a large number

money! The results — improved product

of critical process parameters and send

quality, increased productivity and reduced

information to a wide range of plant

costs — can be dramatic. And they all can


lead to higher profits!

A comprehensive selection of SPC charts and powerful statistical tools

• Real-time data charting, calculations and alarms

alarm dashboard control can be configured

QI Analyst software automatically tests real-

• Quick operator reaction to process problems

to meet each user’s unique information

time process data against statistical rules to


detect trends, runs, patterns and outliers.

Operators and plant decision-makers can keep tabs on key process parameters, enabling them to proactively manage

Key benefits

product quality and plant performance. The

• Predict problems that are about to happen

When a rule violation occurs, QI Analyst

You don’t have to be a statistics expert to use QI analyst software

software immediately charts the point in red. In addition, customisable alarms alert you

• Report the “health” of manufacturing processes

whenever key data goes out of specification; so you can start solving quality problems

Wonderware’s QI Analyst 8.0 software was

immediately. For example, if a rule violation

created with ease of use as a primary goal,

occurs, the software can call your pager or

resulting in a product that is intuitive and is

send you an email. QI Analyst software is

very easy to configure and use. Based on

also integrated with Wonderware’s InTouch

the Microsoft Windows operating system,

HMI and the Industrial Application Server’s

QI Analyst software usually offers more than

alarm management features. So, if an SPC

one way to accomplish the same task —

rule is violated, QI Analyst software can

minimising training time.

serve alarm information to these important

Key capabilities • Full complement of SPC charts • Real-time and historical SPC • Link to virtually any existing data source • Database backbone

plant information systems. • Enterprise SPC, accommodating many You’re never more than a glance or an

users at once

alarm away from critical information. A large library of statistics can be displayed

• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

for the overall process, or for any individual process parameter — aiding in continuous improvement efforts. Limit

• Integrated to InTouch HMI, Historian and System Platform

May/June 2012 | 13

sets allow for the easy comparison of two

• np

sets of data, accelerating process analysis efforts. Lastly, save charts and workspaces as

including Western Electric, AIAG, Juran, Hughes, and Gitlow & Duncan. These rule

• c

HTML files for easy posting within web-

sets automatically detect process excursions for a host of different industries. QI Analyst

based applications.

• u

All standard SPC charts are included in QI

• Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO)

software also facilitates the modification of supplied rule sets — or you can design your

Analyst software:

own rule sets to achieve the most precise statistical analysis of your unique processes.

Special Charts and Analysis Tools • Variable Charts • Run • X-bar and Range or Sigma

Put your product quality and process capabilities in context

• Histogram (view the data distribution) • X-individual and Moving Range

The tighter integration of QI Analyst 8.0 • Scatter plot (view the correlation between

• Moving Average and Range or Sigma


software with Wonderware’s InTouch HMI, Wonderware Historian and the state-of-theart ArchestrA System Platform enhances your

• Cumulative Summation of Means or Individuals

• Paretos of nonconformities, causes, actions or rule violations

system visualisation capabilities. QI Analyst software can also relate production and process-quality information to traceability,

• EWMA of Means or Individuals

Tailor statistical rule sets to fit your unique application

Attribute Charts: • p

14 |

equipment performance and overall manufacturing success. This integration of production information enables improved

A number of industry-specific rule sets

documentation and improved production

are delivered with QI Analyst software,

processes. So, in essence, QI Analyst

Information Collation: Wonderware QI Analyst

8.0 software facilitates improvements in operational excellence and brand integrity,

Integrate QI analyst software with your IT system

Achieve enterprise-level scalability with one, consistent SPC solution

Using the QI Analyst Workstation, plant floor operators can watch the various

and fosters an integrated approach to production and performance management.

• Plant-floor operators

You can integrate the software with your IT

process charts, enter data — manually

system using centralised setup and security

if not already automatically collected

features, with the extra benefit of flexibility

via direct communication links — and

for system customisation.

receive alarm notification if any of the charts they are monitoring violate

Wonderware’s QI Analyst software is

statistical rules. User workspaces can be

QI Analyst’s architecture can integrate with

designed for organisations with large

set up for each operator so that, upon

your current IT set up, enabling enterprise-

and varied data sets, a complex IT

login, the software automatically pulls up

level scalability. As a result, all of your plants

structure and a need for flexible system

that operator’s charts, re-establishes data

can use the same SPC solution, minimising


links, and begins charting and alarming.

long-term ownership costs. The distributed architecture of Version 8.0 can place

Alarm dashboards linked to the new

FDA 21 CFR part 11 ready

real-time information at the fingertips of

to enable quick verifications of SPC alarm

every person in your organisation — without

Product quality is a key manufacturing

disrupting your current IT infrastructure.

concern in today’s regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical and food and

Power users and system operators can access SPC information

Alarm Status Service can be configured status via red-light/ green-light displays. • Quality personnel

beverage industries. Regulated industries

The QI Analyst Workstation enables

have special recordkeeping requirements

quality personnel to take measurements,

that must be built into a SPC tool to allow

enter data automatically through their

for validating SPC applications. QI Analyst

gages, or enter data manually to verify

The QI Analyst Controller assists power users

8.0 software provides audit trails for changes

that the variables or attributes entered

to create a broad range of SPC charts, and

in parameters, alarms and data. Version 8.0

yield a process that is stable and in

to perform many types of statistical analysis.

also supports Windows Integrated Security,

control. Custom SPC reports using

The Controller also enables setup and

making QI Analyst 8.0 software a good fit for

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software or

maintenance capabilities. The QI Analyst

your plant’s existing user security model.

Word can be created and distributed to

Workstation helps less technical users like

plant personnel.

system operators get access to real-time

That’s why Wonderware’s QI Analyst 8.0

SPC charts and alarms, enabling them to

software is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 ready. It

act on process issues before they get out of

simplifies and lowers the costs of creating

Using QI Analyst Controller, IT managers can


SPC systems in regulated industries such as

use QI Analyst software to manage all user

pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power-

accounts. The manager can set rights, define

generation and others.

log-on profiles, and maintain the QI Analyst

Connect to legacy data sources Virtually any open process database that’s accessible on your plant or enterprise

• IT managers

network through a few intuitive, easy-to-use

A variety of plant personnel can benefit from QI analyst software

network can be used as a data source by QI

dialog boxes. The flexible security model is also easy-to-use. Also, because all the administrative data is maintained in one database, one person should be able to

Analyst software. As a result, the majority

QI Analyst 8.0 software is designed to

easily manage the QI Analyst network,

of your plant’s legacy plant sources can be

enhance today’s most powerful enterprise-

regardless of how large it gets.

tapped for valuable SPC monitoring and

wide manufacturing systems, benefitting a

analysis. Plant performance monitoring

wide range of functional groups.

efforts can therefore be increased — driving greater awareness of real-time product quality and plant performance.

Use QI analyst software throughout multinational manufacturing enterprises

• Corporate personnel Corporate personnel can use QI Analyst

• Quality managers

charts, alarms and tables to analyse

Using the QI Analyst Controller, Quality

real-time SPC information when making

Managers can set up data tables (logical

decisions about valuable plant assets and

groupings of variables and/or attributes

how to increase profitably.

to be collected and analysed), charts, statistical rules, and alarms to maintain

QI Analyst product highlights

real-time control of online manufacturing QI Analyst software has been localised in

processes. They can also analyse “old”

many major languages so that applications

process data off-line, manipulating limits

can be used throughout modern multi-

and probing the data for useful process

national manufacturing enterprises.

improvement information.

• Complete range of real-time and historical SPC charts and alarms • Broad connectivity to plant data sources

May/June 2012 | 15

• Integration to ArchestrA Industrial

QI Analyst 8.0 consists of:

Application Server data sources

• Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (x86 & 64 bit);

• QI Analyst 8.0 Controller — A full• Enhanced access to data in the InTouch HMI and Wonderware Historian

featured desktop application enables all basic SPC activities (data entry, charting,

• Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (x86 & 64 bit);

statistical calculations, rule evaluations • Rapid system and chart configuration

and alarming), as well as complete set up, configuration and administration

• User-configurable SPC rules

Service Pack 3;

capabilities. The Controllers are recommended for Power Users, Quality

• Versatile ActiveX SPC chart control for

• Microsoft Windows XP Professional with

Engineers and Administrators. The

• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2.

integration into the InTouch HMI, Internet

Controller can run on a specific device

Explorer browser and other applications

(PC) on a concurrent basis or on a

Database Requirements (for QI Analyst

Terminal Services Server.

Admin and Process Databases): Access 2000

• Powerful background monitoring of process data and alarms • ActiveX alarm status and dashboard control

and 2003 (for single node systems) SQL • QI Analyst 8.0 Workstation — Typically

Enterprise, and R2 editions); Oracle 9, 10,

enables basic SPC activities like data

and 11G R2.

entry, charting, statistical calculations, rule evaluations and alarming.

• Rapid set up support for large numbers of products and parts

The Workstation can run on a specific device (PC), on a concurrent basis or on a Terminal Services Server. 

• Multi-lingual support

Operating Systems • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 ready • Microsoft® Windows® 2008 Server with • Powerful system administration functionality

16 |

Server 2005 and 2008 (Express, Standard,

used on the plant floor, the Workstation

Service Pack 2;

Information Collation: Wonderware Historian Client (previously ActiveFactory)

Information Collation: Wonderware Historian Client (previously ActiveFactory)

Make intelligent plant decisions in real time with Wonderware Historian Client

viewed, analysed, consumed and reported in various industry standard software such as desktop applications, web browsers and external applications, such as Microsoft Office, Wonderware’s InTouch® HMI or

Wonderware Historian Client delivers production and performance ®

even custom clients.

information quickly and easily in visually informative formats enabling operations, engineering, quality, and management to make critical real

Data analysis and reporting

time decisions improving productivity, rapidly adapting to change, and optimising production and performance of the operation.

The rich, desktop-based analysis and reporting experience gives engineers ad hoc query capabilities and preconfigured trending

A versatile client architecture

tools needed to drill down into data details and evaluate trends, find problem root causes and determine the best solutions.

Wonderware Historian Client is versatile and open so data can be Wonderware Historian Client includes multiple applications designed to maximise the value of data stored in Wonderware Historian. These applications give you access to plant and process data through easy to use interfaces. Using information from these powerful tools, p lant workers can quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential operational inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating data.

Trend Client The Wonderware Historian Trend client is a powerful desktop data graphing tool. Providing a range of charting and formatting capabilities, it is designed to allow users to create highlyinformative data analysis charts for real-time and historical data trend analysis, faster troubleshooting and process improvement.

May/June 2012 | 17

In a nutshell ... Wonderware Historian Clients (previously known as ActiveFactory) provide rich data analysis and reporting capabilities to maximise the value of your information stored in the Wonderware Historian. Wonderware Historian Clients are integrated with Microsoft Office components to deliver data-trend and numerical data analysis using Microsoft Excel, comprehensive data reporting using Microsoft Word, and the capability to publish real-time and historical plant information to the Web or company intranet site using Wonderware Information Server. Plant knowledge workers using information derived from the Wonderware Historian can quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential process inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating the data. Wonderware Historian Clients make the

Multiple types of analysis displays and reports are available as standard,

delivery and visualisation of this information easy to implement and


deploy. • Trend charts

Business value • X-Y Scatter plots Wonderware data analysis and reporting clients deliver information from the primary information flows found in any manufacturing

• Batch trend charts, including ‘Golden Batch’ comparison

or industrial operations environment: Production Management information from your business systems to the plant floor and

Report Client

Performance Management information from your assets and activities to your business systems.

This add-on for Microsoft Word® enables users to create custom production reports using Wonderware Historian data and save/

Key benefits

publish in standard document formats. The Report client can use the Wonderware Historian Query client to allow the creation of highly

• Improve plant productivity, agility and performance

focused reports tailored to specific user requirements.

• Proactively identify process inefficiencies and simplify plant performance

Workbook Client

reporting • Produce on demand and scheduled reports for regulatory compliance and management • Publish reports easily to intranet or Internet servers

Key capabilities • Real-time and historical data trends and reports • Integrate diverse HMI and ArchestrA namespaces within a single interface • Simplified data queries which understand your process and information needs • Integration with and support for Microsoft Office® via Excel® and Word® add-ins

This Microsoft Excel add-on is designed to simplify the creation of process-data reports using Wonderware Historian data. Wonderware Historian Workbook reports can be published to the

• Integration with Wonderware System Platform components including Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Information Server

18 |

Wonderware Information Server portal for broad distribution across the plant, intranet or Internet.

Information Collation: Wonderware Historian Client (previously ActiveFactory)

Query Client This easy-to-use desktop tool for creating database queries removes the need for SQL expertise. Query can be used in tandem with the Wonderware Historian Trend, Workbook or Report clients. It can also be used as a standalone querying tool for the Wonderware Historian or any SQL-compliant database.

Web Reporting Wonderware Historian Trends, Reports and Workbooks can be published via a simple menu selection to the Wonderware Information Server. Using Wonderware Information Server aggregates plant and business data into a powerful Web-based production and performance management solution.

Extensibility To enable seamless integration within your enterprise applications, the Wonderware Historian Clients also have componentised objects which enable you to integrate the powerful analytical and visual capabilities of the suite within your own applications. Wonderware Historian Client is built on ArchestrA® technology, which allows unprecedented scalability and functional richness in industrial applications. Using ArchestrA technology, manufacturers can build complete production and performance management solutions using the single, integrated development platform that ArchestrA delivers — saving time and development resources. Applications can start small and grow into a complete plant-wide or enterprise solution as requirements dictate or evolve.

Client Control Objects In addition, valuable process and operations data can be used Invensys provides a powerful library of component-based .NET and

t o annotate your process data. This contextual information is

ActiveX control versions of the Wonderware Historian Client, enabling

invaluable for understanding process performance and becomes part

extensibility options for customers wanting to build custom industrial

of your plant’s data record — making future optimisation and

applications. These client components also are able to be used

troubleshooting activities more efficient and effective. Annotation

with Wonderware’s flagship HMI, InTouch, and third-party container

automatically captures the user name and the time and date of the

applications, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the Visual Studio


development system.

Powerful data retrieval modes Toolkits Plant IT personnel tasked with creating and maintaining production Wonderware Historian Client control objects are developed using .NET

reports and regulatory reports can streamline data queries needed

and C# software technology, enabling them to be seamlessly integrated

to pull important information out of the huge volume of plant

into today’s .NET-based custom industrial applications. Should you

process data stored in Wonderware Historian. Users can add new

further wish to integrate elements within custom applications, a range

content to existing production reports or create new production reports

of toolkit options are available to save you significant development

that were difficult or impossible to create in the past.


Powerful analysis

Easy real-time data mining Using the Query client enables you to easily and rapidly mine data

Easily access summary information about all displayed tags, including

stored in Historian and other SQL data sources. No prior knowledge

minimum and maximum values, the times associated with those

of SQL is required since a simple tag browser is used to find and

values, average values, ranges, etc. Summary statistics can be

select individual tags or entire public or private tag groups. Query

calculated for the entire trend interval or for only the period between

provides a wide range of standard query types and also allows users to

time cursors. Summary statistics data can be saved or printed.

save favourite queries.

May/June 2012 | 19

client components within Wonderware’s Information Server delivers a rich and flexible portal experience. Sample reporting solutions include: • Table Weaver - dynamic, drill-through reports and data displays • Wonderware Performance - OEE and equipment downtime reports and KPI dashboards • Wonderware Operations – multiple reporting options including: ƒƒ Production events and formula reporting (usage and set-points) ƒƒ Material consumption including comparisons of “plan vs. actual” ƒƒ Consumption and genealogy of materials, equipment, personnel

Wonderware information server Reports from other Wonderware software solutions can be integrated with those created by Historian Client and made available over the Web using Wonderware Information Server. This ensures the proper information formatted appropriately can be made available to the right individuals wherever they are located. Using

20 |

and production events related to a lot, batch or serial number ƒƒ Complete traceability and genealogy reporting to help you comply with government regulations

Information collation and contextualisation

Information collation and contextualisation This is where context is married to data and everything becomes information for the first time. The right bits of data are coaxed from their respective databases, synchronised with a time stamp and shipped off for dissemination. But, until comparatively quite recently, this was a very difficult exercise. Locked and proprietary databases as well as the lack of data exchange standards accompanied by company politics and security concerns precluded the collation of information from many valuable contextual sources. Solutions like Wonderware Intelligence have overcome these barriers and today provide layered, contextualised information at many levels with what has become known as Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence or EMI. In fact, the value of EMI and Business Intelligence (BI) lies in the context they provide – otherwise they would simply be reporting tools

May/June 2012 | 21

Information Dissemination In a way, the information process can be regarded as a karaoke system:

You may have the finest Hi-Fi components in the world but if the

The microphone picks up the singer’s voice (data collection), merges

speakers aren’t working, how could you tell? The dissemination aspect

it with a pre-recorded soundtrack (contextualisation) and outputs the

of the information process has to be able to communicate the result of

result (dissemination).

all the hard work that’s gone into aggregating the required knowledge for informed decision support otherwise it’s all been for nothing.

But the karaoke system has an easy job: It only has one audience and one message. Real-life information systems have a much more

Thankfully, today we have hardware and software technologies well up

demanding task. They have to cater for a wide variety of audience

to the task.

interests and they must be able to deliver the required information through an increasing number of communication channels – and they must do it in real-time.

22 |

Information Dissemination: Wonderware Information Server

Information Dissemination: Wonderware Information Server

Key production/process information anywhere

Wonderware Information Server Web Clients are designed for the more casual user who relies on a Web browser to access real-

Wonderware Information Server provides the full spectrum of industrial

time dashboards, pre-designed reports of industrial activities as

information content including process graphics, trends and reports

well as the occasional requirement for ad-hoc analysis or write back

on a single web page. It acts as a unified web server source for all

capabilities to the process.

System Platform, InFusion, Historian, Intelligence, Batch, and MES online client and reporting capabilities. This enables employees across the enterprise to make better-informed decisions based on the real-

Easy access to information enables productivity and cost improvements

time status information and historical data they need to improve operations. Wonderware Information Server software also helps connect

Keeping costs to a minimum is vital in today’s competitive marketplace.

personnel with non- Wonderware data sources so they can access overall

One important way to reduce costs is through the optimisation of

perfo rmance records using a single source of information.

production processes. To do this effectively requires accurate process data and a way to easily expose it to key operators, engineers and managers. Through better understanding of production processes, workers can improve their operations intelligence and the ability to improve performance. Data Analysis and Reporting Software from Wonderware can deliver production and performance information. Wonderware Information Server easily distributes this information to all groups within your organisation such as operations, maintenance, engineering, planning, quality, purchasing and receiving. These analysis and reporting software solutions are ideal for delivering decision making information to groups tasked with plant-wide initiatives such as asset management, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma or other productivity improvement programmes.

May/June 2012 | 23

In a nutshell ... Wonderware Information Server is an easy-to-implement solution for aggregating and presenting plant production and performance data over the web or company intranet. Operations, facilities management and engineering personnel have a direct view into critical processes, enabling better collaboration and troubleshooting. Plant personnel, with a minimum of training, can install, configure and implement a highly effective plant information portal without the need for custom web programming. Real-time visualisation of the production process can be viewed anywhere – via the Web or company intranet. Information Server aggregates a wide range of operations and performance information, including process trends, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards, production reports, equipment downtime, equipment efficiency, operations events and history, including product

Enable process improvement collaboration

traceability and genealogy information. To be most effective, managers need to engage the entire workforce Content from the Wonderware Information Server can be incorporated

in process improvement initiatives. Information is key to unlocking

into other web portals, making existing corporate IT portals more

the creative talents of workers. Armed with up-to-date and accurate

informative and valuable.

performance information, workers can solve process issues faster and discover hidden opportunities. Wonderware Information Server

Business value

software is the essential tool needed to deliver this vital information to the entire enterprise cost effectively.

Wonderware Information Server software enables workforce collaboration across the enterprise based on accurate, real-time information, anytime,

This Wond erware web-based solution aggregates a wide range

anywhere, to solve process issues faster and discover hidden opportunities.

of operations performance information including process trends,

Wonderware Information Server minimizes the cost of publishing operations

Wonderware Intelligence dashboards, production reports, equipment

reports and web clients into your company network, by an IT friendly web

downtime, equipment efficiency, operations events and history,

server concept and configuration tools out of the box.

including product traceability and genealogy information. This can help reduce the time spent in department meetings because everyone has

Key benefits

access to complete and accurate process information and the reasons for production losses. Wonderware Information Server software enables

• Easy to implement web information portal

each worker to view just the information they need via personalised Web content — even in multiple languages.

• Access to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) anywhere, at any time • Keeps everyone better informed on plant performance

Reduce total cost of ownership with a solution designed for operators, engineers, operations managers and IT

• Accelerates troubleshooting and decision making Wonderware Information Server software helps significantly reduce the • Facilitates productivity and workforce improvements

need to have IT staff design, implement and maintain web applications. Wonderware Information Server is easy to install. While it provides all

Key capabilities

capabilities ready to start out of the box, typically IT will support the

• Real-time and historical plant data

compliance with corporate policies. Wonderware Information Server is

setup by providing the server and security infrastructure to ensure built on top of industry-standard Microsoft technology and security, and • Online access to plant process graphics

embeds smoothly and compatibly in corporate IT system landscapes. Once established, plant personnel, with a minimum of training, can

• Integrated data trending and analysis

configure and implement a highly effective plant information web site without the need for custom web programming. Layout and content

• Production and performance reporting

management are designed to be performed by Operations, leveraging their process and production know-how to share the information

• Integration with existing IT infrastructure and web portals

which really impacts operational efficiency. It helps reduce the burden on plant IT personnel by lowering the technical barriers for creating

• “Container” for Wonderware Intelligence reports

24 |

and maintaining an operations information website, enabling users to

Information Dissemination: Wonderware Information Server

• Real-time and historical information from supervisory systems via charts, trends, data tables and graphical displays from the Wonderware System Platform, Invensys InFusion ECS and InTouch HMI software. • Rich Data Analysis is provided with Wonderware Historian Client capabilities, including feature-rich trend charts and X-Y scatter plots. • Reporting content is out of the box, included with Wonderware MES and Wonderware InBatch software; flexible and extensible, based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. • EMI dashboards and drill-down analysis can be provided by Wonderware Intelligence Software. • Any database or historian that supports A DO/ODBC connections can be displayed in universal charts or data tables. perform ad hoc analysis and reporting using their Microsoft® Office® skills to dramatically increase visibility into actual operations and processes.

• Third-party systems via open interfaces such as HTTP or content available as HTML reports, designed to be displayed over a browser,

Add operations information context to corporate portals

can be incorporated into Wonderware Information Server.

Process graphics anywhere

Content from the Wonderware Information Server can be incorporated into other web portals, making existing corporate

Real-time visualisation of the operations process can be viewed

IT portals more informative and valuable. Knowledge about the

anywhere – via the Web or company intranet. Operations, facilities

actual status of production, performance or cost impact can

management and engineering personnel can have a direct view into

improve production planning to be more profitable. Operations

critical processes, enabling better collaboration and troubleshooting.

management and supervisors do not need to consult several sources of

InTouch HMI process graphics as well as ArchestrA Graphics used in

information if they are required to bring the business information

Wonderware System Platform and Invensys InFusion can be easily

in context with operational information. Wonderware Information

published into the Wonderware Information Server software, and

Server content is ready to be integrated with any system, based on

viewed in a browser acting as an Information Server Web Client.

Microsoft SharePoint technology, to enable a single enterprise- wide

Process adjustments can be accomplished remotely using the

information system.

Wonderware Information Server’s optional write-back functionality. Wonderware Information Server 2012 leverages Microsoft Silverlight

Wonderware information server features

technology to provide high performance and functionally rich information displays within a web-oriented solution.

Wonderware Information Server software helps deliver accurate, timely data in a very cost-effective manner, enabling personnel to be better

Secure and easy-to-implement web solution

informed on operations. Wonderware Information Server software can facilitate access to a broad range of real-time data sources, including:

To keep operations information safe and secure, Wonderware Information Server software is delivered with built-in safeguards to

May/June 2012 | 25

protect information from unauthorised access, and prevent users

Web Clients

without privileges from performing certain functions. Security features include:

Personnel can use Wonderware Information Server software to access the broad range of operations information delivered

• Integrated Microsoft Windows® operating system authentication

by the Wonderware Information Server software Web Content Server. Client access is possible from any Web-enabled PC. In

• Encryption/security - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Digital Certificates and Single Sign-On protections

this way, personnel can participate in process improvements and troubleshooting, even when they are away from the facility.

• Firewall-friendly - The portal can be placed inside a DMZ


• Portal roles - The portal administrator assigns Read, Write and

• Microsoft SharePoint Services

Administration privileges • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Intelligent Content Linking • Publishing rights - Users must be assigned remote and local publishing privileges

• Wonderware Table Weaver, which provides streamlined content linking & powerful drill-through capabilities

Wonderware information server 2012 software consists of:

• Alternative data displays for richer data visualisation

Web Content Server

• Trends

The Web Content Server provides a software infrastructure for

• Bar charts

building operations information website content by publishing information views, dashboards and reports from other Wonderware or

• InTouch SmartSymbol displays

Invensys Operations Management software applications, or it can use graphs and tables with a database query. The generated information content can be used within the included Portal for navigation and administration, or via web parts or links inside exiting portal infrastructures customised to your company’s requirements. Userspecific views can be tailored to particular work responsibilities.

Web Server framework • Home Page • Portal personalisation • Centralised administration & management • Integrated Security • Extensive Search • Multi-language Support

26 |

• ArchestrA graphics

May/June 2012 | 27

Information Dissemination: Wonderware HMI Reports

Easily create reports from information in Wonderware InTouch HMI and other data sources A common problem

Simple, smart, secure

Take control of your data

Wonderware HMI Reports is the most

• Quickly and easily consolidate your

intuitive and easy-to-use reporting

InTouch HMI or Historian data into

solution available on the market

concise visually appealing reports to

today. It is specially designed for

better understand your processes and

industrial automation. Wonderware


Accurate and visually-appealing reports can

HMI Reports doesn’t require any IT or

be difficult to create, take time to configure,

programming skills. Configuration is

and typically require work from the IT

done through simple interfaces, menus,

department or an outside resource at added

intelligent report objects, and

cost. Even minor changes can take days.

friendly dialog boxes. Wonderware HMI

• Create reports up to ten times faster than Crystal Reports or Excel • Generate and distribute custom Reports

Reports significantly reduces Report

automatically in Excel, Adobe Acrobat

Wonderware HMI reports is the solution

development time and simplifies Report

format (PDF), email and HTML formats

Wonderware HMI Reports significantly

Make reports available to any authorised

fast and easy report creation. Or, create

reduces report development time, simplifies

person over a Web portal. Built-in security

your own report templates in minutes.

report modifications, and empowers users to

makes it is easy to define who has access

transform raw data into usable information.

to reports and who can create, modify, or

Create visually appealing and informational

generate reports. Even customise these

reports using data driven tables, pie

setting on a per-report basis.

modifications. • Industry report templates are included for

charts, bar charts, XY plot charts. Custom

How simple can it be? Drag and drop ‘intelligent’ report objects into the Report Template, the data

reports can be created easily, quickly,

Easily comply with regulatory and internal

manipulation is done for you. It’s that simple.

and inexpensively and made available to

reporting requirements.

Unique statistical objects make is easy

anyone, anywhere, anytime because it

to extract specific processes metrics and

includes a web portal. Wonderware HMI

perform data analysis.

Reports includes simple integration tools for easy data extraction from InTouch HMI, Wonderware Historian/IndustrialSQL Server, and any data source using OPC, OLEDB, ODBC, as well as other HMIs.

28 |

Figure 1: Object toolbar

Information Dissemination: Wonderware HMI Reports

Object toolbar

In a nutshell ...

See Figure 1 Wonderware HMI Reports is the most intuitive and easy-to-use reporting solution available on the

Intelligent report objects can automatically generate:

market today. It gives you the power to quickly and easily create reports from Wonderware InTouch HMI and many other data sources. Wonderware HMI Reports requires no IT or programming skills to design, schedule and produce appealing and informative dynamic reports. You can easily configure

• Current value

HMI Reports through simple drag-and-drop operations within the Report Studio. The design Studio also gives you ease-of-use features such as intelligent report objects and friendly dialogue boxes.

• Last value Wonderware HMI Reports will help you significantly reduce report development time, simplify report • First value

modifications, and empower you to transform raw data into great looking, information-filled reports. Custom reports can be created easily, quickly and inexpensively, with scheduling tools to help you

• Minimum value

deliver them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

• Maximum value

Wonderware HMI Reports works with Wonderware Information server or an included web portal to extend the availability of reports throughout your enterprise network and beyond.

• Average

Business value • Weighted Average • Reduce time and effort to create, distribute, and revise reports • Sum • Quickly and easily transform raw data into great looking reports • Integral • Requires no IT or programming skills • Duration • Make reports available easily and securely on the Web portal. • Uptime

Key benefits • Downtime • Reduce time and effort to create, distribute, and revise reports • Runtime • Create reports significantly faster than Crystal Reports or Excel • On Counter • Quickly and easily consolidate your InTouch or Historian data into concise, visually-appealing • Off Counter • On/Off Counter

reports to better understand your processes and your business • Configure through simple interfaces, menus, intelligent report objects, and friendly dialog boxes. Requires no IT or programming skills.

• Status • Make reports available easily and securely to any authorised person with the built-in Web portal • Alarm Counter

Key capabilities • Logged Counter • Enjoy versatility - Intelligent Report objects include data-driven Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line • Availability • Deviation

and XY Plot Charts • Easily define who has access to reports and who can create, modify, or generate reports with built-in security. You can even customise these settings on a per-report basis.

• Timestamp • Generate and Distribute custom reports automatically in Excel, Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) and • SQL Query

Table Objects

email format • Configure reports to be generated based on Events (e.g. Batch Complete), Schedules (e.g. Shifts) or on demand (ad-hoc)

Wonderware HMI Reports offer multiple options to extract Data and Alarms in different tables. Users can select

• Easily extract data from InTouch, Wonderware Historian/InSQL, and any data source using OPC, OLEDB, ODBC, including other vendor HMIs

May/June 2012 | 29

time frames to visualise and compare results fast (production and processes). The

• Wonderware HMI Report Studio: develop and configure report projects

chart objects support different types of data value, average value and linear regression. Users can display and adjust

• Wonderware HMI Report Run Time: execute report projects

multiple scales automatically or manually. • Wonderware HMI Report Generator:

Report Formatting Objects

generate new reports on demand

Customise the look of your report. Drag

• Wonderware HMI Report Web Portal:

and drop simple formatting objects for

access reports from a web browser

date and time, project name, report name and page numbers.

Wonderware HMI Reports Studio

the SQL table.

Time and batch-based reports

STEP table enables users to extract and

The Invensys Customer First Services

enables users to develop multiple reporting

display analytics from any step period in just

Programme makes it easy to receive

projects. The Studio is divided in two

a few clicks.

up-to-date Wonderware software and

sections, Logger and Designer, to facilitate

associated applications. To learn more

project engineering and protect critical

There’s even a ‘FREE’ Table object that gives

about this valuable programme, which

configuration such as communication

you freedom to customise as much as you

maintains and often increases the value



of your industrial software applications,

preformatted tables or create their own with

Wonderware HIM Reports Studio is multilingual and secure software that

please contact your local Invensys sales

Bar and Pie Chart Objects


Wonderware HMI Reports Bar and Pie

Enterprise integration

Logger Studio Using Logger studio, connect HMI Reports

charts allow users to display various

to any Smart Device, any RTU, PLC, but also to any manufacturing application such

statistical values and Alarms in clear views

Wonderware HMI Reports enables the

as SCADA Systems, DCS Systems, MES

with advanced visualisation (%, legend and

archiving of data in specified databases for

applications and more. It can also leverage


further Enterprise Information Integration.

any data logged in any standard database.

XY Charts Objects

User-friendly interface

With HMI Reports Logger Studio, users

Users can define time-based values on XY

Wonderware HMI Reports unique user

sources to finally aggregate all their data

charts. They can combine charts from different


in one strategic information management

can mix real time and historical data

application. The Logger studio also allows users to visualise all real-time data exchanged between Wonderware HIM Reports and the data sources.

Designer Studio The Designer Studio offers an intuitive interface with powerful toolbars enabling users to easily create accurate and visually appealing report templates. All data extraction is done with the HMI Reports Object Toolbar. This object library integrates dedicated Object for industrial automation reports. Also, define the generation and distribution report settings for each individual report.

30 |

Information Dissemination: Wonderware HMI Reports

Wonderware HMI Reports Run-Time Reporting projects are executed by

• Optionally, Wonderware HMI Reports

display PDF reports from the current running

and to generate new reports over the

project or generate new reports on demand


using Web DRG. Also, it can be customised

Wonderware HMI Reports Run-Time. It also enables users to select any report and

and integrated with other web portals.

Dynamic Report Generator

generate it instantly with the latest updated values.

Authorised users can easily browse and

Web Portal to visualise all reports archived

Wonderware HMI Reports Web Portal With Dynamic Report Generator (DRG),

is ideal for improving global asset

authorised users can select any report

management and facilitating business

template running in Run Time and generate

decisions by providing proactive up-to-

a new report “on demand” instantly. This

date reports. It can be used by operators,

module is available as a standard windows

managers and executives as well as

application, a Web application, and as

customers, organisations and suppliers that

an Active X component to be integrated

elect to be permanently connected and

• Data acquisition of real time sources

into InTouch HMI applications.

interact with the field. And because HMI

• Data logging in any standard databases

• Generate reports with original settings to

Wonderware HMI Reports runtime manages: • Security and all access rights

Reports is multi-lingual, the Web Portal can (by default MSDE)

be used across the globe.

get up to date values It enables any authorised user to:

• Data extraction from Historians or from Wonderware HMI Reports History

• Or generate reports with modified settings such as custom time period,

• Visualise all reports archived

relative time, fixed period, or per batch • Permanent calculations of all analytics


• Generate new reports on demand

defined in reports • Proactive report generation

Wonderware HMI Reports Web Portal

• Automatic report distribution

Wonderware HMI Reports Web Portal is

• Change report settings before generation

ideal for distributing and sharing reports • Dynamic Report Generator to generate reports on demand

over the Internet/ Intranet. Customised security manages access rights for users.

May/June 2012 | 31

The power is in the innovative design

any standard database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MYSQL Access.

Report Generation and Distribution

Data Collection

This unique feature positions HMI Reports

HMI Reports enables you to generate

not only as a reporting tool, but also as the

reports manually and automatically. The

HMI Reports integrates a robust

ideal solution of field data integration for

automatic mode executes reports on

communication kernel to collect data and

enterprise applications.

event and on schedule. Reports can be

alarms from InTouch HMI and Wonderware Historian, as well as other data sources. It

automatically printed, emailed, stored and

Data Extraction and Analysis

uses OPC, OLE and ODBC standards to connect and collect data from different

HMI Reports integrates a user friendly

suppliers. In addition, special drivers

object library to extract data statistics and

are included to leverage native history from

analysis to be displayed in multiple views like

SCADA systems, DCS, RTU, other HMIs, and

tables, bars, pies, charts and more.


Report Design Data Logging HMI Reports studio module integrates an HMI Reports integrates an historical

intuitive graphical editor to create and save

database to log clean and accurate data in

state of the art reports as templates.

32 |


Information Dissemination: SmartGlance and Wonderware Mobile Reporting

Information Dissemination: SmartGlance and Wonderware Mobile Reporting

Today’s complementary communication and computer technologies mean that you need never be far away from anyone or anything – one of those things being your manufacturing plant. Now you can be as informed as anyone on site wherever you may be.

Wonderware Mobile Reporting is comprised of

leverages this technology so your plant data

SmartGlance, Sarla Analytics’ smart

is always available on your phone.

phone reporting service and the Wonderware Mobile Reporting Connector, which provides

Many of today’s top companies are

data connectivity to the Wonderware Historian

using cloud computing to provide their

and other data sources.

workers with important company information in a highly cost effective and secure

Working together, data reports are sent to

manner. SmartGlance leverages the cloud to

your phone and are updated automatically,

provide you with critical plant performance

so they are ready when you need them.

data at the lowest possible cost.

SmartGlance supports state-of-the-art

Smart decisions, anywhere, anytime

mobile devices as the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and many of the Blackberry

Key capabilities of mobile reporting

devices. Android and Microsoft Phone 7 are Imagine having access to your most

also on the way.

Critical data at your fingertips

Innovative technologies drive mobile reporting

SmartGlance connects your mobile phone

important plant floor data from anywhere, at any time, using your smart phone. Not browser based reports with their inherent delays and viewing problems, but a native

with any corporate or production system data source. Virtually any electronic data

phone application that presents your

Two of today’s hottest technologies

t hat is delivered to your desktop can be

data in a format you can easily read and

drive our Mobile Reporting solution –

transformed into a graphical report for real

manipulate using your phone’s screen

cloud computing and smart phone apps.

time viewing on your mobile smart phone

navigation features.

Just about everyone has a smart phone

or device. There is no limit to the number of

today and the SmartGlance phone app

reports or number of rows in a report.

May/June 2012 | 33

In a nutshell ... Decision makers and mobile workers in the process, power and manufacturing industries can stay informed of their facilities’ operational performance through SmartGlance reports. Wonderware Mobile Reporting is comprised of SmartGlance, Sarla Analytics’ smart phone reporting service and the Wonderware Mobile Reporting Connector, which provides data connectivity to the Wonderware Historian and other data sources. Leveraging two of today’s hottest technologies, cloud computing and smart phones, SmartGlance can send reports to subscribed smart phones automatically or on-demand. SmartGlance reports are always fresh and ready to use. Our secure, cloud-based data server eliminates the need for costly local data servers so you can get your whole team receiving SmartGlance reports without a major IT investment. The SmartGlance phone app also takes full advantage of the powerful touch screen navigation features of today’s smart phones so reports are easy to read and easy to navigate. No “keyhole” effect common with web-based reports. SmartGlance supports state-of-the-art mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and many of the Blackberry devices. Android and Microsoft Phone 7 are also on the way. You can try SmartGlance on your own smart phone by going to either the Apple App Store or Blackberry App World and downloading the free phone app. Just search for “SmartGlance”. Once you install SmartGlance you will be able to view demo data and learn how easy SmartGlance is to use.

Key benefits • Improved operational awareness • Improved decision-making • Accelerated troubleshooting • Enhanced collaboration • Improved agility • Lowered costs

Key capabilities • View real time or historical data reports • Critical KPIs and Reports available anywhere, anytime • View KPIs, track changes, take action • Powerful, analytic displays for easy troubleshooting • Arrange, sort and filter reports based on • Supports powerful touch screen navigation

your priority

• Email reports or graphs to colleagues

Graphical reports

• Secure, low cost cloud-based report generation and delivery

You choose which reports you want and view them as tables, pie charts, bar charts, line graphs or other formats. SmartGlance displays your information in a graphical format optimised for the small screen of your mobile phone without having to scroll left and right to view the entire report. Simply swipe the screen to view the next report.

34 |

Information Dissemination: SmartGlance and Wonderware Mobile Reporting

• Automatic data updates • Connect to any SQL compatible database • View familiar report styles • 24 x 7 access from anywhere

In-depth analysis SmartGlance uses the convenience of your smart phone “touch screen” functions (if available) to let you manipulate your graphs or charts for further analysis. You can zoom into areas of interest or zoom out to see the big picture. You can even view two reports or two elements within a report at the same time for easy comparison. • Powerful touch screen analytics • Easily compare your data with Target or

• View rich graphics – tables, line charts, bar charts, pie charts

• Choose and expand data element s to


identify trends • Instantly flip through hundreds of

• Optimised for easy viewing on a small screen

• Compare data by time, data, or other criteria

reports comparing data to help pinpoint problems

• No left-right scrolling to view reports • Customise reports

Tools to take actions

• Share reports with your colleagues

Share feature allows a report or data graph

• Navigate using your phone’s native ”touch” features

to be sent by email to someone else on your • Versatile viewing options

Make more informed decisions

Real-time data

team. So, regardless of where you are, you can initiate action on a potential problem. Another feature is a dynamic “i” button

Just because you aren’t in the office, you

that provides hot links to a phone number

SmartGlance delivers data from your data

shouldn’t be at a disadvantage. This is

or email address of a specific person.

sources to your mobile phone in real-time.

the power of SmartGlance. Make better,

Operating procedures/instructions or a

SmartGlance displays up-to-the-minute

more informed decisions based on real-

system diagram can also be made available

information so you always have the most

time information accessible from anywhere,

through the “i” button via a web link (URL).

accurate information on hand. SmartGlance

at anytime. While you may be on the road or

can also be configured to automatically

away from your office, your critical business

update the screen while you are viewing it.

information is always available.

May/June 2012 | 35

“SmartGlance, with its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics, gives our core leadership team up-to-date information and analytics of our business. Our team count on this information and take decisions that have a positive impact on our business.” Adi Shroff, CIO and Sr. VP, Corporate Human Resources, Eureka Forbes

“We are very pleased with the support and training we got from SmartGlance. They have made it easy for us to bring the solution to our customers...” Dave Wilson, Software Application Specialist, Process and Data Automation

Authentication SmartGlance users achieve authentication by registering the phone hardware with your login in the service. This registration ensures that only a “Registered and Authenticated” phone can access the SmartGlance service. Each communication message has built-in authentication.

Authorisation Mobile-Level authorisation – In addition to device authentication mentioned above,

Administration of users and user groups

the user must be authorised to use the

is also included enabling specific users or

service. Unless a user has a password, they

user groups to receive only the reports

will not be allowed to use the service and

related to their job function. The cloud-

access data. So, the user must log in from

based SmartGlance SaaS Business Report

their registered and authenticated phone

Generator then manages the secure delivery

and must have their password to access

of the prepared reports to authorised

the service. This level of authorisation is

The Wonderware Mobile Reporting Connector

mobile devices for real-time data review and

particularly important if the user loses their

provides report configuration, formatting and


phone hardware.

Wonderware Historian data is supported along

The Wonderware Mobile Reporting

Report-level authorisation

with data from any ADO.NET compatible data

Connector is fully supported by

source for enhanced data access to third party

Wonderware’s award winning Technical

When your system administrator sends plant

data sources/systems.

Support organisation.

data to SmartGlance’s hosted service, they

Data security features are built-in and

Data security

Wonderware mobile reporting connector

data connectivity services to SmartGlance.

are required to enter the email addresses the connector allows easy browsing and

of authorised viewers. So, each report that comes to the host system will have a list of

selection of data tags for SmartGlance

Today, data security is a primary concern.

email addresses that are authorised to view

reports from multiple Historians – no special

SmartGlance has been developed using

that report. So, if a user is not authorised to

SQL queries are needed saving valuable IT

the three pillars of secure connectivity

view a particular report, their email address

resources. The connectivity is robust with

– Authentication, Authorisation and

will not be in the report.

“Store and Forward” functionality built-in to


ensure that only complete reports are sent


to your smart phone. All SmartGlance data is encrypted (128 bit encryption) prior to transmission to ensure security. The SmartGlance SaaS Business Report Generator hosting service operates under full encryption using a secure site (HTTPS) verified by a third party (VeriSign Thawte) security certificate. Additionally, all data aggregation for your SmartGlance reports is done within your internal network and behind the firewall.

Other options If a non-hosted approach is required, a secured plant-wide Wi-Fi network can be used as an alternative to cellular networks to still enable mobile reporting within the confines of the facility. This solution, although requiring a higher investment in IT resources and capital, would still allow

36 |

Information Dissemination: SmartGlance and Wonderware Mobile Reporting

the benefits of a SmartGlance Mobile

BlackBerry Products:

• Custom Ad-Hoc SQL Query support

Reports implementation, while keeping all

for Wonderware MES, Wonderware

data exchange and mobile reporting in a

Intelligence, Wonderware Corporate

restricted space.

Energy Management (CEM) or other Microsoft SQL based database

Supported mobile devices

Where to learn more

Apple Products: Already have an iPhone, iPad or Blackberry? Start using SmartGlance right away! Log into the Apple App Store or BlackBerry App World directly from your phone and search for “SmartGlance.” Download the app (iPhone or Blackberry) and log in as a registered user with the following credentials: • BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330,

• Username:

8350i • iPhone – 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4,

• Password: password • BlackBerry Curve 8500, 8530, 8520

• iPod Touch – all versions

For more information on how the • BlackBerry 8700, 8703e, 8707

• iPad

SmartGlance Reporting Solution can help you, visit

• BlackBerry 8800, 8820, 8830

Android devices

SmartGlance is also available on Facebook, Linkedn and Twitter

• BlackBerry Curve 8900 and 8910

Conclusion • BlackBerry Curve 9300, 9330 The SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Solution • BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9700, 9780

is a convenient and simple way to bring meaningful real-time plant intelligence to

• BlackBerry Tour 9630

both production workers and executives in your organisation who already use smart

• BlackBerry Storm 9500, 9530

phones and mobile devices.

• BlackBerry Torch 9800

The hosted solution keeps your data safe and protected and is easily scaled and

Supported data sources

modified without the need for additional infrastructure investment to support your

Windows Phone 7 devices

• Native support for Wonderware Historian

ongoing or future information needs.

V9.0 and V10.0

May/June 2012 | 37

Information Dissemination: Remote Response Objects

With increasing demands on time and

Key Benefits

resources, Wonderware Remote Response Objects enable alarm and event information

• Build as ArchestrA Objects –

to be delivered to your mobile and offsite

allowing for easy extension to

engineering personnel, keeping them

your existing application

informed of significant production or process changes regardless of their location.

• Email and SMS (via appropriate gateway) support

By integrating the two most common mobile message based technologies (email and

• Operator response

SMS), your engineers are never more than a

(acknowledgement) via email

handset away from being informed and able

or SMS

to acknowledge critical events. • Low cost Incorporating a powerful yet easy-toadministrate scheduling system, your

Key Capabilities

operations staff are in contact 24 hours a day, and escalation rules give built-in backup

• Built-in scheduler

notification for super visors and reserve personnel.

• PIN-based security option • Configurable escalation in case of non-response • Operates with redundant (failover configuration) of System Platform

38 |

Information Dissemination: Wonderware SCADAlarm alarm and event notification software

Information Dissemination: Wonderware SCADAlarm alarm and event notification software

SCADAlarm serves as a telecommunications

and deployment of messages, 24/7, can

SCADAlarm software intelligently vocalises

link to industrial automation software

significantly reduce personnel costs and

alarms over speakers, intercom systems,

systems. SCADAlarm software provides

improve response times.

radios and telephones. It can also send

real-time intelligent al arm notification, data acquisition and remote control from a multitude of telecommunication devices.

alphanumeric text messages and/or e-mail. • Speed – Users can quickly gain remote access to live information.

As an enterprise-wide telephony and messaging system, SCADAlarm software

Users telephone in and, after acquiring authorisation from the security system, can receive privileges to remotely respond to

• Reliability – SCADAlarm software has

alarms. SCADAlarm software enables the

can transform any PC into a communications

a proven track record for reliability with

user to navigate through secure voice menus

command centre that can monitor the

some of the most prestigious corporations


entire network 24/7 and deliver the right

in the world.

information to the right person at the right time. 

Product highlights

• Listen to and acknowledge alarm details

Powerful remote alarm and event management

• Change analogue tag values and/or discrete tag states

SCADAlarm software is the most powerful • Convenience – Users can interact with process systems from any telephone.

and flexible product of its kind, ushering in a new generation of intelligent alarming.

• Access HMI and/or Industrial Application Server information 

Wonderware’s popular SCADAlarm • Freedom – Alarm information can be

product is unique because it’s not just an


accessed from any HMI or the Industrial

alarm-and-event messaging system, but an

Application Server.

interactive extension of human-machine

SCADAlarmsoftware supports

interface (HMI) software systems and the

TAPI (Telephony Application

Wonderware Industrial Application Server.

Programming Interface). This is a Microsoft

• Cost Savings – Continuous monitoring

May/June 2012 | 39

In a nutshell ...

programming standard that enables telephony software to work with any TAPI-compliant modem. As a result, SCADAlarm software is device-independent and allows users to choose standard, inexpensive

SCADAlarm alarm and event-notification software provides a

off-the-shelf modems in their local areas. In addition, users benefit from

telecommunications link to industrial automation software systems.

a host of other features such as:

SCADAlarm software seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive

• Support for standard RIFF (or .WAV) files

Wonderware product family and has built in browsers to enable fast configuration of information from Wonderware System Platform and InTouch

• Audio files leverage the latest technology

HMI software. • No VOX conversion required Alarms can be vocalised over speakers, intercom systems, radios, multimedia speakers, PA systems and telephones. Users can listen to and

• Simplified audio recording

acknowledge alarms, change set points, hear exact values of variables, and operate equipment via telephone from remote locations, saving valuable

• Local annunciation over multimedia hardware

time and money. Included in the SCADAlarm product case is a tested fullduplex voice modem to enable you to get up to speed right out of the box.

• Support for multiple-channels

SCADAlarm is an essential tool for SCADA systems in all fields, from Water

• Multiple modem support for one SCADAlarm system

and Wastewater through Facilities Management to general plant alarm automation.

• Independent device configuration

Key benefits

• Modems can be configured independently for different uses, such as incoming and outgoing calls Setup for using TAPI is as easy as

• Remote Alarm Notification for geographically isolated workers

installing and configuring the modem’s driver.

• Reduce need for 24 hour staffing at all facilities

Wide-ranging industry applications

• Local voice annunciation for plant-wide status broadcasting

Industries around the world are realising the benefits of SCADAlarm software and achieving a new dimension in remote connectivity,

• On-demand information on process conditions and variables


• Included PCI modem tested and validated for use with SCADAlarm

• Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas - Redundant SCADAlarm systems monitor manned and unmanned plants, pipelines and offshore oil

Key capabilities • Text-to-speech capability for maximum flexibility

rigs 24/7. • Pharmaceutical - Plant personnel broadcast process-quality information over pagers and plant PA systems.

• Multiple delivery mechanisms (phone/voice, PA/speaker, pager, email etc.)

• Building Automation - Operators can adjust temperatures, turn lights on and off, and receive and acknowledge security and fire

• InTouch HMI and ArchestrA alarm acknowledgement capability • Voice recorder allows maximum customization

alarms from telephones. • OEMs / Machine Builders - The software alerts maintenance personnel about machine malfunctions.

• Flexible scheduler allows message delivery based on shift, day or time

• Semiconductors - SCADAlarm software can be used in gasmonitoring systems. The simplicity and flexibility of Wonderware’s SCADAlarm software has enabled thousands of customers to realise the power of advanced telecommunications for their unique applications. The application possibilities are virtually endless.

ArchestrA integration SCADAlarm software is an integral part of Wonderware’s ArchestrA technology for industrial automation. SCADAlarm software includes built-in browsers that can connect to Wonderware’s award-winning

40 |

Information Dissemination: Wonderware SCADAlarm alarm and event notification software

Support for caller ID Security is a primary concern when implementing systems that enable control via external devices. Version 6.0 expands the capabilities for increasing system security by supporting Calling Party Identification (CPID). This feature increases flexibility and security when authenticating callers, such as: • Automatic logins based on the caller’s phone number • Restricted logins based on the caller’s phone number • Hacker detection InTouch HMI and the Wonderware Industrial

SCADAlarm 6.0 software supports text-

Application Server software systems to

to-speech technology. Now, instead of

enable faster system configuration.

manually recording voice files, you can

• Restricted access if no caller ID is presented

generate sound output directly from SCADAlarm software can be configured

text and save a tremendous amount of

to alert operators to more than just alarms.

configuration time. The text-to-speech

For example, a message to the operator

capability can also help you standardise your

can be sent when someone generates

company’s text and audio messages.

about inventory levels, part numbers,

Integrated industrial application server features

options, including supervisory e-mail acknowledged and/or cleared • Support for global alphanumeric paging

supplier contact information, etc. to personnel on the plant floor.

• Extensive e-mail support and notification reports when alarms are activated,

an emergency work order. In addition, SCADAlarm software can send information

Standard features

The Wonderware Industrial


Application Server and SCADAlarm SCADAlarm software combines

software are a winning combination for

the convenience of mobile communications

quickly alerting personnel to changes and

with the power of Wonderware -

alarms in the control system. SCADAlarm

giving you control, information and

Version 6.0 enables native communication

intelligent messaging at your fingertips.

to the Industrial Application Server using MX and a built-in attribute browser for

Additional features Text-to-Speech

• Four contact devices per operator • Enhanced Tag-Vue spreadsheet provides convenient alarm editing and sorting • Aware of Wonderware’s SuiteLink and

fast configuration. Industrial Application

DDE (Digital Data Exchange), OPC

Server Alarm Acknowledgement Alarms or

(in conjunction with OPCLink) and MX

events that occur in an Industrial Application


Server system can be acknowledged easily through a new configuration window in version 6.0 of the SCADAlarm

• Integrated logger can e-mail SCADAlarm log file at scheduled intervals

software. Plant personnel can acknowledge and listen to alarms and events using all the standard

• Content-sensitive help at any time by pressing F1

SCADAlarm methods. • Alarms broadcast over speakers,

InTouch batch tag imports

intercoms, PA systems, radios and multimedia sound systems

SCADAlarm 6.0 software includes an InTouch tag browser that supports batch import of InTouch tag definitions into the

• Alphanumeric and numeric messages to pagers and mobile telephones

SCADAlarm software, enabling faster configuration of alarms and events.

May/June 2012 | 41

The route to a simple solution is usually extraordinary Get an end to end solution tailor-made for your business with Business Connexion’s Professional Services When it comes to making extraordinary connections, nothing comes close to the human brain. That’s why it’s the inspiration behind our Professional Services. With our unique understanding of your business model, value chains and strategy, we can supply you with an end to end solution that helps you make the most of your Business Processes, Applications Portfolio, Application Management and third party solutions. With our unique integrated solutions, we can help you build systems that enable you to enhance and grow your business. We call it the amplifying power of Connective Intelligence™. 42 |

May/June 2012 | 43

• Voicemail menus simplify the

System requirements

SCADAlarm Demo Version

The following minimum system requirements

SCADAlarm software includes a

are recommended:

“demo version.” This is simply a pre-

manipulation of industrial automation software systems • Works with all major software systems and Wonderware’s Industrial Application

configured SCADAlarm application that • At least 100 MB of free hard disk space


can select to install the demo version • At least the minimum amount of RAM

• Contains system scheduler for all the days

required by the operating system

of the week and holidays

during the installation. If you have a valid SCADAlarm license installed, the demo version will run until the license expires. If

• Any of the following Microsoft operating • Alarms can be grouped and prioritised

includes a simulated pager/phone. You

not, the demo version will shut down after


two hours.

ƒƒ Windows XP Professional, SP2

Supported Software

ƒƒ Windows 2000 Professional

The following software packages have

individually • Human voice recording in any language • Multiple operator clearance levels

been tested and are supported by ƒƒ Windows 2000 Server

Wonderware’s SCADAlarm software:

ƒƒ Windows 2003 Standard Server

• Wonderware InTouch 9.0

• Extended on-call, back-up and courtesy notification groups • Daily schedule and personal calling

• Voice modem that supports TAPI

preferences for each operator

• Wonderware Industrial Application Server 2.0

• Available EIA-232 Serial Comm Port • On-demand self-documentation • Text-paging terminal for operators to type

(external modem)

• Intellution iFix 3.5

• Available PCI or ISA slot (internal modem)

• Siemens SIMATIC WinCC 6.0

• Receiver (e.g., pager, e-mail server, phone)

• Rockwell RSView32 6.3

• 800 x 600 video resolution or higher

• Ci Technologies CiTect 5.40

and send messages to any pager • A single SCADAlarm system can monitor the entire LAN • Redundant configuration on Master and Standby nodes

44 |

Staying competitive means continuously improving the assets of your plant, throughout its productive life. Invensys provides a path to keep your automation and control system continuously current with cost effective modernisation solutions, regardless of your system’s age or vintage.

Find out how Invensys can help secure your future: Logon to for a whitepaper, brochure, customer success stories and migration video.

May/June 2012 | 45

Plant Information Management System at Petro Rabigh Orchestrating complex systems to work as one By Patrick D. Murray, Principal Engineer, Invensys & Yadukulatilakam Ramaswamy, Senior Director, Consulting Services, Invensys

46 |

Plant Information Management System at Petro Rabigh

1. Abstract The refining of crude oil to produce fuels and petrochemicals encompasses a variety of process technologies. Automation systems used to manage these systems work to operate in a safe environment and to optimise production quantities and quality at a competitive cost. These disparate systems strive to reach a common goal by serving managers, engineers and operators but are extremely complex as each subsystem is best-in-class and focusing on a narrow aspect of the business. Integrating them into an enterprise-wide solution is often

Typically, the return on investment (ROI) from integrated Operations Management Systems is 6 to 12 months, but often the real savings is realised for years after the go-live date through the ease of implementing changes and adding additional systems. Want to add a backup pump for waste water disposal? Not a problem, just copy an existing template with most of the parameters installed

difficult. The InFusion™ Integration Infrastructure proved to be an ideal platform for the integration, orchestration and reporting/visualisation framework for this overall solution.

applications and KPIs within the InFusion environment are reviewed as described in the functionality of the InFusion Foundation edition

With such a powerful platform, the barrier between the business side


and the engineering and production side of the plant is completely removed. SAP, which is used to manage business data (such as

3. Project rationale and expected benefits

production orders, schedules and material costs), can now receive quality production data from the Operations Management layer through one seamless interface with the InFusion infrastructure. Such

Diverse systems working on their own (islands of automation)

high quality, reconciled production information and other operating parameters can also be used for performance management.

The Petro Rabigh refinery was similar to other large-scale processing plants with cell technology working well to complete its function but

This paper explains how the implementation of a Plant Information

unable to communicate well with other areas in the plant, much less

Management (PIM) System was integrated with SAP in one of

business systems. Obtaining discrete or analogue output to trigger

Invensys’ major customer sites in the Middle East. Winning this

an alarm or perform a function within that cell (such as PLC/SCADA)

ground-breaking project required a paradigm shift in changing the

has been the domain of the controls engineer. Sharing that data with

integration philosophy from using Real-Time Database (RTDB) as the

production control (ERP) is still somewhat tedious and the redundant

integration platform to using an object oriented, service-oriented

task of manually transferring data is fraught with opportunities to make

integration technology offered by InFusion. The customer understood


the benefits of using such an expandable and scalable architecture, which also allows user-modifiable objects to be developed remotely

The Petro Rabigh complex is similar to other large scale processing

and then integrated into the production environment after testing. The

plants that require robust integration of information to be

PIM System was implemented using best-in-class applications from

communicated between several entities within the organisation and

several vendors including Invensys integrated through the InFusion

business systems.

Infrastructure. Time is critical in complex projects because the systems often become

2. Scope

obsolete before implementation is complete. This is where an open, object- oriented system allows the development continuum to proceed

Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Company (Petro Rabigh), Saudi

as the InFusion model based on ArchestrA® does not need to be

Arabia, a Joint Venture between Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo

recreated each time a change takes place. Just a few years ago, the

Chemicals of Japan, took on the expansion of the original Topping

pressure gauge required that analogue signal conditioning be done

Refinery into a conversion refinery and a huge Petrochemical Complex

downstream in a feedback loop and be packaged entirely inside the

to produce fuels, monomers and polymers at a single facility with a

device. This is where the flexibility and power of ArchestrA’s open

vision to establishing itself as a world leader in the industry. With the

structure pays off. Unanticipated changes at the sub-system level are

commissioning date set for early 2009, they required the PIM System

easily handled with only a few mouse clicks.

integrated with SAP. The scope of the project was to develop the business processes supported by a suite of technologies to perform

The inseparable bond between time and money were key drivers in

planning, scheduling, operations management, production accounting

the customer selecting InFusion as the platform for enterprise-wide

and performance management functions in an integrated manner.

solutions. The global economy at the start of this project (October

The PIM System seamlessly integrates with SAP to perform the higher

2007) was demanding products, yet keeping cost in line with a lean

level business functions with reliable information from the refining and

budget was key. Fast-forward to the market collapse a year later,

petrochemical complex.

product demand plummeted, necessitating agility to changing marketing environment. Now the decision to pick an infrastructure to

This paper briefly discusses the site-wide expansion and new

support this requirement with modular flexibility and providing reliable

development, focusing on the aspects of the enterprise management

information to the business system, makes the choice look even more

system and demonstrating the power of InFusion as the integration

brilliant and speaks volumes for the customer’s vision to adopt such a

infrastructure. The ease of setup, configuration and testing of the


May/June 2012 | 47

“Petro Rabigh’s key requirement was to integrate their control systems tightly with production and corporate business functions, thereby enhancing planning, scheduling, directing and managing activities across the Rabigh Refinery and Petrochemical Complex. The specifications called for a Real-Time Database (RTDBbased integrated solution while Invensys convinced them of the disadvantages of such an approach and proposed an Object Oriented, Service Oriented integration infrastructure which became the rationale behind the Customer’s selection of Invensys solution. We based our solution on Invensys’ flagship Enterprise Control System product, InFusion that integrates tightly with the specified Exaquantum real-time database and historian, while providing the integration, orchestration and reporting/visualisation framework for the overall solution. The InFusion-based PIM solution at Petro Rabigh enables consistent, accurate performance feedback – a key driver to consistent execution of the business. InFusion’s open, structured but user-modifiable object oriented architecture precisely fosters this: ongoing changes can be centrally effected and remotely deployed to keep the system always up to date, with the expertise of internal resources encapsulated and automated within the system. In our experience, Invensys PIM solutions have demonstrated consistent ROI – sometimes paying for themselves in as little as 6 months, but with 12 months being the norm. By harnessing the capabilities of our proven industry solutions under a single, integrated environment, Invensys’ solution provides Petro Rabigh significant improvement in the management of its Rabigh Complex and substantial financial savings into the future.” Yadukulatilakam Ramaswamy, Invensys, May 2009

comes on line, it will be able to produce 2.4 million tons/year of polyolefin’s petrochemical derivatives.

Geography Lately, you hear the term ‘Global’ used quite often; With a customer located in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, the development team located in the Netherlands, with concurrent efforts taking place in the US, HyderabadIndia, Dubai, Tunisia and Montreal, this project took on a legitimate ‘global’ claim. Invensys is no stranger to global-sized projects, yet bringing the best people and technologies together was quite unique. The decision was made to centre the team in the Invensys Advanced Application Services Division, located in the Netherlands where the applications developers, programmers and managers could collaborate and communicate. Quick and easy solutions were reached with input from the site in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, east and west locations could be coordinated in a balanced time zone, using web meetings.

5. Solution Highlights Figure 1: ArchestrA model

The breadth of a project of this magnitude took a great deal of

4. The Refining and Petrochemical Complex

coordination between different team members. Everyone working on different applications to the same set of development standards,

New build for capacity

specifications and drawings required close coordination and good communication.

The Rabigh facility is an upgrade of an existing 400 MBD topping refinery and construction of a new petrochemical complex. A range of refined products (130 million bbl per year) will be produced including, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, jet fuel and kerosene. This showpiece upgrade includes the high olefins fluid catalytic cracker complex integrated with an upscale ethane-based cracker. When this facility

48 |

Plant Information Management System at Petro Rabigh

Figure 2: An overview of the Petro Rabigh facility

The following is a list of applications constituting the integrated

• Data Reconciliation

solution coming online at rollout of the PIM System: • KPI collection and calculation • Data Acquisition and Historian • Integration with SAP • Alarm and Event Monitoring While all sub-systems were included in the setup of the integrated • Plant Data Modelling

system, only the last four items are discussed in further detail below in order to keep the length of this paper within reasonable bounds.

• Mass and Energy Balances including data reconciliation

InFusion, the right tool for the job • Plant-wide material balance and production accounting Today, the need for platform-independent solutions can’t be • Tank Information System (TIS)

overemphasised. Alliances have been formed and the lines drawn but these relationships last only as long as the project they are serving and

• Order Movement Management (OMM)

customer needs are met. These dynamics are even more pronounced in the commodity market such as petroleum products. The choice

• Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

came down to the static uniformity of using one vendor’s suite or the flexibility of picking the best-in-class solutions for each application from

• Operations Logbook

multiple vendors.

• Emissions monitoring

Invensys’ InFusion object and service-oriented framework has proved to be an ideal platform that had the flexibility of easily

• Downtime monitoring

modified objects that showed remarkable promise for adapting to the dynamic environment within the market. Both solutions

May/June 2012 | 49

“Petro Rabigh’s first priority was the collection of production progress data needed to fulfil the SAP data requirements. The result shows that the data in SAP is much more reliable than manually-entered data. To achieve this, the production tracking module collects data from various sources (such as DCS, TIS, and OMM) and, using an object-oriented plant model, transforms this into production tracking data, like materials consumed and produced per production order and a history of tank levels. The mass balancing applications (MBM and GERA) then serve to enhance the quality of the data by validating its consistency and applying, statistically plausible corrections to the raw data. Any inconsistencies, which cannot be explained by the known inaccuracy of the various meters and sensors, are signalled and corrected manually by the production accountant. The result is a set of formallyapproved and consistent data, which is sent to the SAP system. Furthermore, the PIM system supports the daily operation in reporting various production events (such as start/end of importing/shipping and product tank filled) which, among others, automatically instruct the lab to take and analyse material samples. In the near future PIM will also serve as a source of data for an advanced planning and scheduling system, which will convert the rough monthly planning in SAP to a daily production planning. The results of this planning will be sent to PIM to be shown as operator instructions in the operator logbook and as a basis for the creation of planned orders in the OMM system.” Udo Zwart, Senior MES Consultant, May 2009

Control Systems) and SAP. These interfaces are defined in the design specification’s internal interfaces.

6. PIM System – functional overview The InFusion integration layer is the core to the PIM System and access to all PIM applications listed above, data storage and retrieval are available from this domain. The data definition is done in the InFusion Engineering Environment (IEE). The real-time data from the Process Control Systems and the Utilities plants, IWSPP are received in the PIM system through an OPC interface and stored in the Data Acquisition and Historian System (DAHS_ Exaquantum). The legacy data from an old PI system in the Refinery was migrated to the DAHS, with the DAHS as the primary storage of process data. Only the data is required by applications that connect to InFusion; objects are copied from the InFusion Environment. The particular application that requires DAHS data, accesses the specific InFusion object, representing the data. Real-time data required by the applications is made available using InFusion Data Access Servers (DAS). The OPC and required historical data are retrieved using an InFusion proxy to retrieve the data. Both of these methods are transparent to the users of the data. The results are created by an application and stored in the InFusion Historian. The functionality of the supporting applications is tabulated below. Each application is fully autonomous, has the interconnectivity capability without the need of OPC setup, and has the uniformity of design from the ISA-95 protocol. These systems where configured independently and then incorporated into the InFusion integration environment. This flexibility of InFusion enabled concurrent design efforts while ensuring that all systems met the customer’s requirements in design and testing. The PIM system has a unified user interface which provides access to all PIM System applications. A web environment is used to display mimics and trends in which a combination of overview (InFusion) and detailed mimics (Exaquantum) and trends may be viewed and analyzed. A series of predefined reports may be created using the reporting interface. The data are collected using ‘SQL-stored procedures and views’ and formatted by InFusion Reporting (based on the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services infrastructure). The final result can be stored as various types of files (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, etc.) and displayed

work to integrate the production and business operations sides of

in the web environment. The stored files may be accessed later on

the business, but the difference is in how this was achieved. The

demand. Stored MS Word files can be edited or combined into new

InFusion model uses a bridge layer from operations in the structure

reports by the user.

that lends endless capabilities for modular expansion and works with real-time data requirements and historised data, while meeting the

Plant model design conventions

requirements for conformance to standards (such as ISA-95). OMM, TIS, SAP and LIMS now have the flexibility to bolt on additional

The basis of the PIM System design is the ISA-95 terminology and


plant model concept. Using this model, the site can be regarded as built from areas and production units, process cells and units. ‘Units’

System description

in the ISA-95 structure can be part of only one plant. However, the Petro Rabigh structure may have a unit defined in several Plants. For

Figure 3 shows the functional components of the PIM System. They

example, CT_123 (cooling towers unit) is part of five different plants.

communicate with each other and relate to the external systems

In the InFusion plant model, the CT_123 unit has been separated into

IWSPP (Independent Water, Steam and Power Provider), PCS (Process

sub-units, each belonging uniquely to one plant. The unit name of the

50 |

Plant Information Management System at Petro Rabigh

Figure 3: System architecture

sub-unit is created from the unit name by adding an underscore (such

structure to allow information to flow from the subsystems and field

as CT_123) and mnemonics to specifically identify the plant. In the

devices into the DCS and Historian. The performance monitoring

InFusion plant model, the sub-unit is used and accessed just as any

system is the feature diagnostic and analytical area of the system.

plant unit. Petro Rabigh truncated the industry standard ‘KPI’ to ‘PI’ as they saw no ISA-95 is the standard for the integration of enterprise and control

significance in monitoring an unimportant performance indicator. The

systems. ISA-95 consists of models and terminology used to determine

areas of focus for traditional disciplines (such as quality, cost, schedule

which information must be exchanged between systems for sales,

and safety) can be distinguished at the user level through reporting and

finance, logistics and systems for production, maintenance and quality.

user screens.

This information is structured in the UML models and provides the basis for development of standard interfaces between Operations

System Engineers made this build very simple with spreadsheets that

Management and ERP systems.

were used to lay out the design intent from design specifications then search the Exaquantum historian to find the input tags to generate

7. InFusion – Easy to use and a flexible platform

the parameters necessary for InFusion to create an output (such as trigger an alarm for H2 consumption – too high, as shown in table 2). The spreadsheets where then used to generate performance indicator

The ease of use and flexibility of InFusion can best be described by

templates. InFusion allows the engineer to build, assemble and design

understanding performance as illustrated in the following example:

requirements and specifications into standard instances (such as a template in the InFusion environment).

$PI Performance Indicators Once the template was ready, all configuration information (such as $PI The inherent flexibility to adapt to changes in the system will provide

name, the unit it belongs to, input tags and alarm limits) was populated

future benefits to the system expansion and scaling. The PIM System

into a spreadsheet. The text format or *.csv (comma delimited) files

initial build required a systematic approach to extracting information

were imported into the InFusion Platform resulting in ready- to-run $PI,

from the process flow diagrams, specifications and building the tag

called instances in InFusion.

May/June 2012 | 51



Mass Energy


Balance LIMS organises

The Logbook

The complex wide

Key Performance

multiple lab

application is

mass and energy

Indicators (KPIs

processes into one

integrated with

balance and data

or PI’s) are

cohesive database.

InFusion for



Analytical data is

the purpose

application is

in the InFusion

entered, stored, and

of visualising

run every day to

environment. The

managed in LIMS.

production orders,

provide reconciled

required input

SAP QM IDI serves

handling KPI

production data. The

data is retrieved

as the interface.

excursions, sample

input data consist

from the InFusion

Lab results that are

failures, off-spec

of aggregated

environment and

related to a plant

sample results,

mass flow data

the calculated

sample locations

downtime and

from the InFusion

results are stored

are made available

mass balance error

integration layer

in the InFusion

to the other PIM

events. The operator

and the output data

environment. These

System applications

may include data

is available for the

values are available

with the help of an

from the InFusion

KPI calculations and

to the SAP system.

InFusion proxy.

environment by a

the SAP interfacing.

selection feature

The unit based mass

in the Logbook to

and energy balance

collect real-time

application is run

data from tags in

every hour to detect

By starting with an initial $PI template, the following configuration

the InFusion plant

measurement and

model (including lab

model errors and to

information was required to provide full functionality:

sample data). It also

provide input data

acts as an electronic

for the complex wide

medium for

mass balance and

managing operations

data reconciliation.

Figure 4: Derivation (tree) and field attributes

• Field Attributes


• Object Information

instructions, shift logs, shift handover etc.).

• Scripts


Prod. Movement


& mgt.

Alarm Management

Planning &

Down Time

Oil movement within

The alarm and

Long range planning

monitoring or ‘Run

the refinery and

event monitoring

and medium/ short

Time’ monitoring

monomer complex

application has been

term planning are

is implemented

is aided by the TIS/

designed to have a

performed using LPs

in the InFusion

OMM functionality

direct connection

and the approved

environment. For all

and control systems.

to the PCS OPC

plan is broken down

simple spreadsheet that captures the design intent, H2 Consumption

plants and units and

Tank inventory,

servers as the DAHS

into daily production

critical equipment

order management,

(Exaquantum) does

requirements in

in this case, with a logical flow of the formula to be used as the key

the ‘Running’ or

blend optimisation,

not support an OPC

the schedule.

performance indicator, followed by the inputs. The engineering units

‘Stopped’ status is


AE server, nor does

Targets are set for

determined from

automation, analyser

InFusion have an

production based on

are then labelled below along with ancillary information such as

the process. The

management, batch

OPC AE client. There

shift requirements

functional notes that allow the engineer to configure the point’s value in

number of starts and

tracking and other

is no integration

and resource

run time is stored

functionality can

with the InFusion

availability. Actual

the terms that the end user will want to see as output.

in the InFusion

be controlled as a

environment apart

yields are balanced

environment and

key feature of the

from the launch pad

against production

each time an object

PIM System suite of

in the PIM System

requirements to

changes states to

process control.

user interface.

maximise output.

the ‘Stopped’ status

The alarm and

The schedule is the

a downtime event

event monitoring

main focal point

is reported to the


for production


is capable of

and performance

presenting the


alarms and events

(against the plan).


• UDAs (User Defined Attributes) • Extensions A sample $PI design spreadsheet is shown in Table 2. This tool is a

The tags (instances in InFusion language) were populated into the shell structure of the InFusion site-specific environment of the galaxy, as

combined with process trend data. The data are retrieved from DAHS using OPC HDA on demand.

Table 1: Application components

The $PI instances select their input values from Exaquantum tags. These inputs are usually aggregated values (average and sum) over 24-hours. When the aggregation is unavailable from the DCS, it is handled by the InFusion System at the Historian level. Event tags and stored procedures were developed to submit this information to the running PI.

Figure 5: User Defined Attributes

52 |

Plant Information Management System at Petro Rabigh

Table 2: Engineering design worksheet

shown in Figure 5. Most of the work involved dragging-and-dropping

Additional functionality can be found in the ‘Extensions’ tab (not

many of the redundant attributes. InFusion allows the designer to

illustrated here) that allows the engineer to drive the inheritance

replicate these redundant attributes by inheriting tag instances (such

relationships of inputs and outputs, customise the engineering units

as parent to child relationship). The attributes, shown as instances in

of measure, lock the linked sources of outputs and alarms and change

Figure 5, were pulled into the InFusion model using a *.csv file, saving

other variables for fully customised control.

data entry time and errors.

Scripting UDAs (User Defined Attributes) Finally, scripting capability enables the engineer to develop calculated Once the instances are set up, UDAs help to implement the full

functionality right into the development interface (see figure 7). Simple

functionality of InFusion. The UDA allows the designer to satisfy

Boolean scripts, logical expressions or complex arrays can be used to

process variables for the cost and quality requirements. Design and

drive the output and linked tags to yield desired results.

testing can be done concurrently by deploying whole sections of the Galaxy without interruption to production. Galaxy is a term InFusion

Scripts developed for Petro Rabigh PIs, made sure that engineering

uses to define the entire application. It encompasses the complete

units for the DCS value falls in line with the mandatory formula

ArchestrA system consisting of a single logical name space (defined by

requirements. In some cases, the conversion multiplier was used

the Galaxy Database) and a collection of platforms,

to factor the values from the DCS and in InFusion (such as unit of measure).

As the name implies, the UDA allows adding and customising parameters through the $PI configuration. The $PI acquires data from

The script executes the formula and then handles all possible

disparate sources and routes the data throughout the $PI system’s

exceptions such as a mathematical logic error that is encountered from

infrastructure. These parameters can be a variety of types: Boolean,

a division by zero. Additional parameters handled by scripting are

double, elapsed time, float, integer, string and time. For each UDA,

based on certain conditions (such as exceeding upper and lower limits

the engineer can specify an initial value and category. This is similar to

of a parameter). The script sends a message to the Operator LogBook

securing access to the UDA (such as read/write), with each $PI instance

applications for notification and alarming.

having two sets of UDAs – a set inherited from the parent template and a set of UDAs defined for the specific $PI.

But enough about the design aspects! Who were the people that pulled the design requirements together and carried out the mission of


designing and building the system? The people side of the project was at least as interesting as the technical aspects outlined above.

The systems engineer can extend UDA functionality by: adding input and/or output extensions, locking the linked sources of outputs and

8. Key to mission success – the people involved

alarms, historisation, customising the engineering units of measure per UDA and changing other variables for fully customised control.

Working on an international project can be an experience of a lifetime.

May/June 2012 | 53

“From an engineering work effort perspective, InFusion altered the track from exigent to lenient. The multi-disciplined environment helped our engineers contribute from across the globe. This increased efficiency and minimized cost while the centralized database ensures that maintenance effort and cost will be reduced. With the large number of points and the continuously changing requirements as we proceeded, the different system features made it possible to accommo-date bulk changes in minimum time. The InFusion Integration capability is humongous, there’s no single application we could not plug in, not a single requirement we missed. It was thrilling seeing this grow to what it is today.” Eva Hachem, Lead Engineer, Invensys Middle East FZE, June 2009

Figure 6: Scripts tab

The rewards are many but the challenges can be taxing. Assuming you can surmount the language barriers and navigate through cultural differences; you still must complete tasks and meet deadlines. Projects are inherently collections of divergent people with different needs and perceptions. Luckily, the ‘work of it’ (things to be completed) can draw people together toward a common end. Relationships get formed, people help each other and the job gets done. Having a workable location and supportive leadership will help keep things moving along and leave you with lasting work relationships while accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. The key is to open your mind to things that you do not know or understand and soak in the world. The project will keep you centred on the things that lead to success. A project of this magnitude required an eclectic mixture of people from across the globe. Once the project started, the Invensys project management team pulled together the resources required to get the job done.

The customer Being a joint venture with Sumitomo and conceiving a business driven Plant Information Management System in the early phase of construction, Petro Rabigh has been unique in taking a bold and challenging initiative to implement an integrated enterprise-wide system that is fully operational as the plants come on stream. They

54 |

Invensys provides the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions—designed to measurably improve business performance and value in real time. Enabled by our industry and production expertise, and accelerated by an open software platform and partner ecosystem, our flexible approach perfectly blends automation and information technologies, services and expertise into highly effective solutions. Solutions that solve problems and optimise the profitability of operations—from single plant devices, to multi-plant assets and locations, up through global supply chains and enterprise business systems. Invensys offers the most holistic and cost effective way to optimise the business impact of your operation’s performance and overall profitability. We help improve the performance of your key resources (people, equipment, energy and materials) in real time—with dramatic, measurable results—using a collaborative and open approach.

Plant Information Management System at Petro Rabigh

Construction status as of July 2009:

The systems programming solutions provided the technical expertise

The start-up of the Company’s New Facilities was originally scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2008. However, start-up was delayed to the 1st quarter of 2009 due to the delay in the completion of construction work that was generally caused by the tight labour market and the shortage in skilled labour. The construction activities were substantially completed by the end of December and the Project is in its start-up and commissioning phase. The ethane and butane gas pipelines, from Yanbu to Rabigh, that provide the Company with its feedstock, are now fully operational. All process plants have now been completed and handed over to the Company’s operation team. Construction work force, which peaked at nearly 40,000, is now below 2,000. Start-up preparation activities are well under way and hydrocarbon has been introduced to several facilities as part of this exercise. At the time of writing this article all but the last polymer plants have been started up successfully.

customer’s screen and process engineering expertise came from the

Solution partners

PR 2008 - Annual Report to Board of Directors

construction level with much of the systems supplied by other

for the mass of code underlying the simple symbols showing up on the Invensys Development Centre, Pvt. in Hyderabad, India. Project management and additional systems development had contributions from Invensys locations in Houston, Texas and Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA. Much of the project was conducted remotely via network connections to optimise team efficiency and minimise travel costs. Clearly, this was an international effort in the true sense of the word.

In a project such as this, no man is an island and no company works in isolation and so, Invensys had help from other companies. This included competitors and consultants who worked in an open office environment where sharing information was of paramount importance. This was completed in deference to traditional sequestered development projects to quickly get the job done and with the collaboration of different technical experts. Even tasks of higher order of magnitude such as project management and technical specification definition was done with the help of non-Invensys partners. The project reflected the multi-contractor effort at the plant companies. Great synergy was realised by adding people and companies of varying origin so a process flow diagram could be built

were undaunted by the challenges posed by the lack of actual data to

into a working Operations Management System. No elaborate prizes

validate the solution while the complex was still under construction and

were given or needed - suffice it to say that their contributions were

were quite appreciative of the difficulties in commissioning the system

invaluable (see references).

under such circumstances, proving themselves to be a wise and well disciplined customer.

9. Conclusions

The project management team demanded excellence and set high

Pulling all this together is exactly what the InFusion Operations

expectations at every stage of the project. They exhibited technical

Management can do for very complex systems. The interactions of

competence and the spirit of cooperation throughout the project

people and technologies can make for either a very difficult or very

life cycle that proved invaluable in commissioning the solution in a

successful implementation; the degree of difficulty depends on

challenging environment.

bringing the right tools and hands together.


This article describes the combination of technical challenges and personal efforts of a well-meshed team that contributed an enormous

Application engineers from the Invensys Middle East, Europe, India

effort to deliver a best-in-class integration of the large range of

and North American divisions accomplished the construction and

advanced systems that the customer demanded. Integration was the

development of the system. The project was managed with the help

key; No other model fitted the tall order for a profit-driven market that

from local professionals and managers with the mixture of people

required advanced applications that were made easy to deploy.

assigned to the project from various locations. The hosting location for this project was Invensys Systems N.V. (Baarn, The Netherlands) which specialises in designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing instruments and systems for process management and control for the process industries. The senior technical lead insisted in bringing the resources to the Baarn hub to effectively launch and drive the project through to completion. Baarn also served as a host site for the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Invensys offices in Dubai, UAE, became the next stop for the project team as development migrated toward commissioning.

May/June 2012 | 55

10. Glossary of terms and abbreviations

11. References

Term or acronym

Meaning or Petro Rabigh equivalent wording

The list below is by no means comprehensive but rather just a listing of


Data Acquisition And Historian System

people who contributed to both the project and this paper. Additional


Distributed Control System


Enterprise Control System


Enterprise Resource Planning


Functional Design Specification


High Density Polyethylene






The complete ArchestrA system consisting of a single logical name space


International Standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems


Company providing Combined Heat and Power services to all new plants at Rabigh (Independent Water, Steam and Power Provider)


Key Performance Indicator


Laboratory Information Management System


Liquid Petroleum Gas


Mono Ethylene Glycol


Manufacturing Execution System


Microsoft Structured Query Language database


Open Database Connectivity


OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) for Process Control


Process Control System


Polyethylene glycol


OSISoft Plant Information

PIM System

Plant Information Management System


SAP Quality Management Inspection Data Interface


System Analysis and Program Development


Site Acceptance Test


Electric power company


User Defined Attribute

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contact information can be obtained through the Invensys Public Relations Department.

Contributing authors/reviewers: • Amol Bodhale, Process Engineer, Invensys • Eva Hachem, Lead Engineer, Invensys • Hans Otzen, Senior Engineer, ATOS Origin • John Hernandez, Managing Consultant, Invensys • Mhanna Awari, InFusion Engineer, Invensys • Yadukulatilakam Ramaswamy, Senior Director, Consulting Services, Invensys

Consulting subject-matter experts: • Rene Heijenberg, Invensys • Ryan Van Slooten, Invensys • Udo Zwart , Senior Consultant and Director of SUMMIT Holding B.V.

Company weblinks: • Invensys: • Petro Rabigh:

Australia’s QR National chooses Invensys Rail to cope with soaring mining freight needs

Australia’s QR National chooses Invensys Rail to cope with soaring mining freight needs If there is one objective common to all mining operators, it has to be

The project included:

their ability to increase their mining export capacity. • An extra loop and additional holding roads at the Port of Hay Point One of the largest rail infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the State of Queensland, Australia was recently completed for QR National – the largest rail freight/heavy haul operator in Australia. The objective of the $1.1 Billion project was to increase coal capacity

• Duplicated track and new bridge construction between the port and Pring Rail yard • Upgrading Pring Rail Yard with new holding roads and yard lighting

from a number of mine sites to port, to match the expansion of its

to allow for increased rolling stock needed to handle the anticipated

feeder Coal Terminal in Central Queensland, Australia.

growth in coal production and

The result was a doubling of throughput capacity from 25 million tons to a staggering 50 million tons per annum. Invensys Rail’s

• Track formation renewals, track slewing, bypass loops, crossovers and a new bridge between the yard and Bogie River.

scalable solution resolves its mining operators’ coal freight capacity requirements now and into the future with the platform for potential

A true end-to-end solution provider, Invensys Rail’s scope of works

expansions to more than 200 million tons.

included the design of a new and modified signalling infrastructure, the supply, assembly, installation, modification, upgrading, staging, testing

Invensys Rail’s close partnership with its customer allowed performance

and commissioning of the new and modified signalling system as well

improvements and innovation to flow easily between them which saw

as the installation and upgrading of five level crossings.

the 20-month project completed a month ahead of schedule and on budget, despite having to contend with numerous adverse natural

Infrastructure works included a second balloon loop at one location,

weather conditions.

two new passing loops and two extended passing loops with new interlocks, new holding roads, duplicated track sections necessitating nine Westrace interlocking installations and additional hot bearing asset protection requirements. As the principle contractor, Invensys Rail delivered its project works with an impeccable safety record of zero lost time injuries in nearly 200,000 exposure hours worked. Invensys Rail, a division of the global technology company, Invensys plc, employs over 4,000 people and is operational in over 30 countries around the world delivering state-othe-art railway control and communication solutions.

To see what Invensys Rail can do for you, contact Mike le Plastrier at or call him on 011 607 8269. For more information on Invensys Rail’s systems and capabilities, visit

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Operational Performance Management - Focusing on the right aspects Introduction

accepted under current economic pressures and competition within manufacturing

Technology is defined as the sum total of

and processing. Poor decision making in

knowledge and information that society has

this environment erodes operating profit,

acquired concerning the use of resources

sustainability, predictability, quality and the

to produce goods and services. Technology

ability to comply with environmental and

affects the technical efficiency with which

safety requirements.

resources are combined in production. An improvement in technology therefore

Operational variance impacts on many

means an increase in the technical efficiency

areas of a manufacturing business and

of production - more output with given

probably most visibly on profitability.

inputs or fewer inputs for a given output.

Significant performance variation is,

Technology is often embodied in capital

however, synonymous with limited or lack

goods but from an operational performance

of appropriate performance measurements.

management point of view, technology

The following case study illustrates the

also exists as human capital. Within the

following aspects:

production and manufacturing environment,

Dr. Kobus van der Merwe of Industrial Management Enhancement

performance i s a function of operational

(a) The implementation of appropriate

personnel’s knowledge and experience

performance measurements provides a

applied across different production units and

platform for improved process management

functional components.


Human capital exists in most organisations

(b) Delivering insight and understanding

as unstructured and undocumented

(training) of the production process

knowledge. Experiential knowledge

generates significant value.

is gained over time and the loss of experienced personnel pose a significant

This case study provided an accurate

long-term risk in the absence of programmes

definition of the opportunity and also

aimed at continued training, development

provided information allowing for

and capturing of validated knowledge.

progressive performance tracking and project risk management.

Experience-based learning consists of sequenced activities described as

Case study

observation, interpretation, choice (action implementation) and subsequent evaluation,

Revenue, contribution margin, cash flow

via a feedback mechanism which is the

and stock price are among the top financial

system’s response to the action. In the

performance metrics used to state an

absence of effective feedback mechanisms,

organisation’s financial performance.

the experiential learning cycle is much

Performance measurements are structured

longer and / or knowledge becomes biased

and implemented to direct attention to

or inaccurate. The quality of decision-making

specific aspects of the business that may be

consequently deteriorates.

of concern. The complexity of performance management increases substantially

Poor decision making cannot be tolerated or

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for organisations that have process and

Operational Performance Management - Focusing on the right aspects

manufacturing plants as part of their


portfolio. These organisations require insight into production-related inefficiencies and

As illustrated in figure 1, substantial

how they will impact on strategic decisions

improvements were realised subsequent

and sustainability of the operation.

to the implementation of initial solutions.

About Industrial Management Enhancement

Information generated by the Operational

Experience has shown that most

Ideal operating conditions are characterised

Performance Management programme

production plants operate in an unstable

by higher energy efficiency, operating

assisted with the definition of initiatives

or high risk state for 60% or more of the

asset reliability, effective asset utilisation

and critical areas. Team learning, change


and adherence to quality / environmental

management, innovation, systemic thinking

standards – in general, higher efficiency. In

and reliable definition of the future state

Operational risk encompasses the

most cases, operating cost are reported as

all contributed towards the value that w as

potential loss due to the breakdown of

an aggregated value which, by implication,


controls. Breakdown of control results in

masks the impact of varying efficiency. Many

unpredictable and unstable production

operations have limited or no knowledge of

Improvements were realised through

processes. By implication, this condition

the periods during which their production

effective management of the production

results in an inability to meet production

processes operate in an ‘ideal’ state. Our

process. The latter was achieved by


research shows that most production

leveraging existing infrastructure and assets

processes operate in an ideal state less than

as well as people development. The total

IME delivers Operational Performance

40% of the time and that significant losses

operating profit increased subsequently by

Management solutions to the process

are directly attributable to this situation (it is

more than 10%. This project realised a better

and manufacturing industry. A structured

also confirmed in this case study).

than four-fold payback within the first year.

and proven methodology is utilised to

Insight into the time that production

For more information contact:

analyse and troubleshoot the process to

processes don’t operate in an ideal state

Dr. Kobus van der Merwe

quantify Operational Risks. Projects are

helps to quantify operational risk exposure.

Industrial Management Enhancement

characterised by high returns, a strong

A platform is therefore established to plan

Mobile: +27 (0)82 656 5601

emphasis on training and development,

and structure improvement initiatives that


and solutions facilitating asset sweating.

construct process status maps and to

will contribute best toward operational efficiency.

Application Environment From a strategic planning point of view, the client required insight into the installation’s ability to sustain high performance. This installation is utilised to produce different product grades, each with a unique chemical composition. An assessment was requested to quantitatively describe process conditions, quantify the time that the process operates under each condition and to establish solutions facilitating effective process management. A structured programme was followed to characterise different operating conditions and matching operational performance. Information generated by this project delivered insight into the relevant aspects to be addressed and helped to define solutions that led to pro-active process management (i.e. managing the production process to maximise the time in the ideal state).

Figure 1 – Impact of focusing on the right aspects (after providing relevant information)

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Are CIOs being caught napping? – IT Governance and Process Automation Introduction networks, patches, databases as well as Traditionally Corporate IT and Industrial IT

backup and recovery procedures. An even

(Automation) have been the oil and water of

greater challenge has been the opening of

computer systems. Automation (and the IT

the factory black box to the ERP systems.

equipment used by Automation) has been

This has required more and more forced

the realm of the engineers and the increased

integration of the two worlds. So how will

focus on Corporate Governance has largely

this space evolve in the future? We attempt

gone unnoticed in this domain.

to describe some predictions below. Regardless, going forward, CIOs will have an

Simultaneously, IT technologies, processes

interesting time explaining to shareholders

and complexity have now become

and the board why IT equipment utilised

pervasive in Automation systems including

in Automation is not under their control,

virtualisation, anti-virus management,

governance and management.

John Coetzee – Business Development Director, Aristotle Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Figure 1: CobiT content diagram

60 |

Are CIOs being caught napping? – IT Governance and Process Automation


nor feathered, but burying his head in the

Plan and Organise

sand). A major corporate incident, as a It is almost impossible to have automation

result of a failure in the technology platform

The Plan and Organise domain considers

systems without significant dependency

of automation, will eradicate all debate

the strategic direction to be applied to

on “IT technologies”. Examples of these

as to who is accountable and a task team

Acquisition and Implementation as well as

abound: networking is common to allow

will likely be established with a request to

to Delivery and Support. The elements we

information flow from shop floor control

drive IT governance processes rapidly into

consider mostly significant to management

devices to databases, visualisation systems

the automation systems layers. A strong

of Automation IT are:

and cross-process controls. It is also a

suggestion is that the CIO and Engineering

growing requirement for this information

proactively bridge this gap before an

to flow (in pseudo real-time) into business

incident forces them into actions that may

strategies should consider requirements

ERP and other transactional processing

result in red faces.

and direction of Automation IT and

systems. Applications run on servers and client PCs. Information is logged in

• Systems Strategy – Corporate IT

provide an integrated strategy for the

Is there a better way?


SQL databases and reported across the • Investment Plan – Automation IT should

enterprise. The list is long and growing

Simply put, it depends. A collaborative


model where IT technologies are governed

have a consistent forecasting investment

by central management procedures can

plan for the 3-5 year window. This plan

The “Corporate IT” environment is now

yield labour productivity and improved

should be integrated to the Corporate

dominated by integrated business and

reliability. Consideration needs to be given

IT plan to leverage scale and ensure no

governance processes. These are commonly

to maturity of Corporate, Automation


based on ITIL, CobiT, ISO 27001 and/or ISO

as well as the skills and personalities

31000. Requirements are also laid down

involved. Implementing collaboration here

by King III and Sarbanes-Oxley and are

is very definitely a challenging Change

planning human resources and integrated

particularly onerous on the CIO. The CIO,

Management problem. CobiT provides

career paths between the two functions

by specifically excluding the control and

a good point of departure from which to

provides many more options for

automation environment, is behaving like

analyse areas where common management

development and growth (and therefore

the metaphoric ostrich (neither flightless

can be achieved (figure 2).

motivation and skill) of employees in

• Human Resource Management – By

Figure 2 – Proposed focus areas for PCS vs IT Integration

May/June 2012 | 61

both functions. The opportunity for

• Ensure Continuous Service – Continuity

cross-function specialisation can yield new

planning is critical to ensure reliable

opportunities for value and optimisation.

and efficient service delivery. Shared knowledge between the two functional

• Risk Management – The risk management practices of Corporate IT

teams can improve integrity and completeness of these plans.

About Aristotle Consulting

have matured over the decades and with the likes of King III, become essential for

• Service Level Management – Typically,

Aristotle Consulting offers consulting and

good management. These practices can

Corporate IT is expert in managing

training services to the Manufacturing

readily be applied to Automation IT and

service level agreements (SLAs). Vendor

Industry. Training courses include: WCM

will bring an added level of risk mitigation

support to automation can be significantly

Goal Development, WCM 5S, WCM Service

above change management and backup

improved by the implementation of

Management, WCM Problem Solving, WCM

and recovery practices.

professional, measurable SLAs.

Value-stream mapping and workflow as well as Technical and Management Courses for

• Project Management – Both functions

Monitor and Evaluate

can benefit from sharing expertise

Service-Level Agreements, Automation Project Management, Management for C&A teams,

and quality assurance management

The Monitor and Evaluate domain is to

Maintenance Management, SQL Basics as well

of projects. Developing an integrated

ensure compliance with the strategic

as Intermediate and Business Statistics.

approach to project implementations

direction provided and to drive continuous

across both can provide significant

improvement. requirements. Detailed paper trails can

improvement in project success and the proactive rather than retrospective

• Performance Management – The

be developed and linked to the specific

alignment of IT and Automation

development of a balanced set of

equipment which can prove helpful in


performance targets and tracking

problem solving and analysis.

performance against each of these should

Acquire and Implement

be transparent across both functions.

These are just some of the areas where value

Visual management of these metrics will

and synergy can be pursued.

The Acquire and Implement domain is the

add to the awareness and drive action to

provisioning of solutions to be managed by

ensure compliance and rectification of

Delivery and Support.


Conclusion There are likely numerous additional

• Procurement Management –

• Governance Management –

areas where collaboration and integration

Centralising procurement can result in

Leadership, structures, roles and

between Corporate IT and Automation

better scale benefits as well as more

responsibilities and processes all

IT can be extracted by moving towards a

consistent adherence to hardware and

need to be defined, especially when

totally-integrated IT management solution. It

software standards.

operating in a more tightly integrated

is recommended that organisations perform

management environment. Ensuring

a critical self-review and ensure that the most

single accountability is critical to ensure

value is extracted and greater alignment is

successful operation and delivery.

created between these two functions. It will

• Change Management – Coordination of changes in Automation and Corporate IT are becoming increasingly critical due to increasing data and application integration between the two functions.

become a competitive advantage for the

Other opportunities for synergy

The change control processes need

leaders and an anchor for the stragglers. It’s time for CIOs to stop napping and awaken to the possibilities!

to be carefully engineered to allow for

Corporate IT could learn a lesson from

an appropriate method of approving

manufacturing plant maintenance solutions

For more information contact:

emergency changes and also to ensure

and processes, particularly where a

John Coetzee

that general change control is not too

philosophy of total productive maintenance

Business Development Director

bureaucratic or onerous.

has been adopted. Maintenance systems

Aristotle Consulting (Pty) Ltd

for plant equipment are often distinct to

Landline: +27 79 517 5261

the maintenance systems (if any exist) for


IT assets. Adoption of these systems for


Deliver and Support Deliver and Support ensures usability of

management of IT assets has been done at

solutions to the end customer. The skills

organisations with great success.

required by the two domains are likely to differ when it comes to software support,

Linking Document Management systems to

but hardware support can easily be common

maintenance systems allows for particular

and shared.

testing of procedures and governance

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Information dictionary Acronyms



American Standard Code for Information Interchange


Business Intelligence


Control OBjectives for Information and related Technology


Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence


Enterprise Resource Planning


Food and Drug Administration


Field Device Technology


File Transfer Protocol


Human-Machine Interface


Integrated Development Environment (ArchestrA)


International Organisation for Standardisation

The American Standard Code for Information Interchange is a characterencoding scheme based on the ordering of the English alphabet. ASCII codes represent text in computers, communications equipment and other devices that use text. Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they support many more characters than ASCII does.

Context The circumstances that form the setting for an item of information and without which, that information could be misinterpreted or not fully understood.

COBIT First released in 1996, COBIT is a framework created by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) for information


Information Technology Infrastructure Library


Laboratory Information Management System


Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Manufacturing Execution Systems


Remote Terminal Unit


Relational Database Management System


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


Statistical Process Control


Structured Query Language


Transmission Control Protocol


Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol


Telephony Application Programming Interface

technology (IT) management and IT Governance. It is a supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks.

Data Data are typically the results of measurements and can be the basis of graphs, images, or observations of a set of variables. Data are often viewed as the lowest level of abstraction from which information and then knowledge are derived. Raw (unprocessed) data refers to a collection of numbers, characters, images or other outputs from devices that collect information to convert physical quantities into symbols.

Database A database is an organised collection of data for one or more purposes, usually in digital form. The data are typically organised to model relevant aspects of reality (for example, the number of on-off valve operations in a plant), in a way that supports processes requiring this information

Aggregate data - Data combined from several measurements

(for example, determining the supplier whose valves tend to fail more

ArchestrA – Released in 2003, ArchestrA™ technology is a

Business Intelligence (BI)

frequently than others).

comprehensive plant automation and information architecture designed from the outset to extend the life of legacy systems by leveraging the

This mainly refers to computer-based techniques used in identifying,

latest software technologies like Microsoft.NET. Offerings built upon this

extracting and analysing business data, such as sales revenue by

architecture empower decision-makers to achieve their business goals,

products and/or departments, or by associated costs and incomes. BI

without abandoning prior investments in automation systems, production

technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business

processes or intellectual property. In the ArchestrA environment, software

operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies are

applications can be rapidly assembled rather than programmed. New

reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, process

applications can also be created simply through the reassembly of

mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining

existing applications.

and predictive analytics.

64 |

Information dictionary


implement controls, including audits, system validations, audit trails, electronic signatures, and documentation for software and systems

The bringing together of various interlinked items of information in order

involved in processing electronic data that are (a) required to be

to get a more holistic understanding of the matter under investigation.

maintained by the FDA predicate rules or (b) used to demonstrate compliance to a predicate rule. A predicate rule is any requirement set


forth in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Public Health Service Act, or any FDA regulation other than Part 11.

In terms of the field of communication, this means to broadcast a message to the public without direct feedback from the audience.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

This is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. FTP is

Iis a term which applies to software used to bring a corporation’s

built on a client-server architecture and utilises separate control and data

manufacturing-related data together from many sources for the purposes

connections between the client and server. FTP users may authenticate

of reporting, analysis, visual summaries and passing data between

themselves using a clear-text sign-in protocol but can connect

enterprise-level and plant-floor systems. As data is combined from

anonymously if the server is configured to allow it.

multiple sources, it can be given a new structure or context that will help users find what they need regardless of where it came from. The primary

Galaxy (ArchestrA)

goal is to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into real knowledge and drive business results based on that knowledge.

Galaxy is the term used to describe the complete ArchestrA system database − consisting of a single logical name space (defined by the

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Galaxy database) and a collection of Platform objects, Engine objects, and other Application objects. The Galaxy database is a relational

ERP integrates internal and external management information across

database containing all persistent configuration information like object

an entire organisation, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing,

templates, instances, security, etc.

sales and service, customer relationship management, etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. Its purpose


is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organisation and manage the connections

A device that logs all real-time values and events in a production facility

to outside stakeholders.

and which makes these data available for analysis and reporting.

Fieldbus This is the name of a family of industrial computer network protocols used for real-time distributed control, now standardised as IEC 61158. A complex automated industrial system — such as manufacturing assembly line — usually needs an organised hierarchy of controller systems to function. In this hierarchy there is usually a Human Machine Interface (HMI) at the top, where an operator can monitor or operate the system. This is typically linked to a middle layer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) via a non-time-critical communications system (e.g. Ethernet). At the bottom of the control chain is the fieldbus that links the PLCs to the field devices that actually do the work, such as sensors, actuators, electric motors, console lights, switches, valves and contactors.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

InTouch HMI screen showing a user-defined interface for access to OEE information in real-time

Title 21 CFR Part 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations deals with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines on electronic records

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

and electronic signatures in the United States. Part 11, as it is commonly called, defines the criteria under which electronic records and electronic

An evolution of the more gender-specific MMI (Man-Machine Interface).

signatures are considered to be trustworthy, reliable and equivalent to

HMIs run on PCs or thin clients that are connected to Programmable

paper records (Title 21 CFR Part 11 Section 11.1 (a)).

Logic Controllers (PLCs) which are physically connected to sensors and actuators in the machinery of the shop floor. The combination of HMI and

Practically speaking, Part 11 requires drug makers, medical device

PLC is referred to as a SCADA system.

manufacturers, biotech companies, biologics developers, CROs, and other FDA-regulated industries, with some specific exceptions, to

An HMI is a graphical way of allowing operators to interact with real-time

May/June 2012 | 65

production processes by presenting them with monitoring information

The King Report on Corporate Governance has been cited as “the

such as the state of the process parameters, alarms, etc. and also

most effective summary of the best international practices in corporate

providing a way to control the process via the PLC. HMIs like InTouch can


be linked to other applications such as Asset Management to provide overlaid maintenance information and procedures either locally or

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

remotely through applications such as Wonderware’s IntelaTrac. HMIs can also show real-time trends through analytical applications such as

This is a software-based laboratory and information management system

Wonderware’s Historian Client (previously known as ActiveFactory). HMI

that offers a set of key features that support a modern laboratory’s

information can be viewed remotely through the use of solutions such as

operations. Those key features include — but are not limited to —


workflow and data tracking support, flexible architecture, and smart data exchange interfaces, which fully “support its use in regulated


environments”. The features and uses of a LIMS have evolved over the years from simple sample tracking to an enterprise resource planning

Fact or knowledge provided or learned and that can be acted upon and

tool that manages multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.

which is derived from raw data. This provides the first level of actions derived from the correct aggregation of data.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Information Technology (IT)

MES provides the bidirectional link between business and production functions by providing real-time and near-real-time information about the

The computer, telecommunication, network and other technologies

status of production, maintenance, quality and inventory.

necessary to gather, store, collate and disseminate information.

Modbus Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Modbus is a serial communications protocol published by Modicon This is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses

in 1979 for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

on aligning IT services with the needs of business. In its current form

Simple and robust, it has since become one of the de facto standard

(known as ITILv3 and ITIL 2011 edition), ITIL is published in a series of five

communications protocols in the industry and it is now amongst the most

core publications, each of which covers an ITSM lifecycle stage. ITILv3

commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices.

underpins ISO/IEC 20000 (previously BS15000), the International Service Management Standard for IT service management, although differences

Modbus RTU

between the two frameworks do exist. This is used in serial communication and makes use of a compact, binary ITIL describes procedures, tasks and checklists that are not organization-

representation of the data for protocol communication. The RTU format

specific, used by an organization for establishing a minimum level of

follows the commands/data with a cyclic redundancy check checksum as

competency. It allows the organization to establish a baseline from

an error check mechanism to ensure the reliability of data. Modbus RTU

which it can plan, implement, and measure. It is used to demonstrate

is the most common implementation available for Modbus. A Modbus

compliance and to measure improvement.

RTU message must be transmitted continuously without inter-character hesitations. Modbus messages are framed (separated) by idle (silent)



The ability to gain and apply knowledge and skills and to use original

Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus TCP

thinking to address the task at hand. This is a Modbus variant used for communications over TCP/IP networks,

International Organisation for Standardisation

connecting over port 502. It does not require a checksum calculation as lower layers already provide checksum protection.

Widely known as ISO, this is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organisations. Founded on February 23, 1947, the organisation

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

promulgates worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is a measurement (the product of Availability, Performance

King III

and Quality) which evaluates and indicates how effectively a

The King Report on Corporate Governance is a ground-breaking code

manufacturing operation is utilised.

of corporate governance in South Africa issued by the King Committee

The results are stated in a generic

on Corporate Governance. Three reports were issued in 1994 (King I),

form which allows comparison

2002 (King II) and 2009 (King III). Compliance with the King Reports is a

between manufacturing units

requirement for companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

in differing industries. It is not

66 |

Information dictionary

however an absolute measure and is best used to identify the scope for

usage term varies with the application area generally.

process performance improvement and how to get the improvement. If, for example, the cycle time is reduced, the OEE can also reduce, even


though more product is produced for less resource. Another example is if one enterprise serves a high volume, low variety market and another

The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002, also known as the ‘Public Company

enterprise serves a low volume, high variety market. More changeovers

Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act’ (in the Senate) and

(set-ups) will lower the OEE in comparison, but if the product is sold at a

‘Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act’ (in the

premium, there could be more margin with a lower OEE.

House) and more commonly called Sarbanes–Oxley, Sarbox or SOX, is a United States federal law which sets new or enhanced standards for


all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms. It is named after sponsors U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes and U.S.

(1) A process typically describes the act of taking something through an

Representative Michael G. Oxley.

established and usually routine set of procedures to convert it from one form to another such as in manufacturing where aluminium is turned into


aircraft or processing paperwork to grant a mortgage loan, or converting computer data from one form to another. A process involves steps and

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. A system that is comprised

decisions in the way work is accomplished. A process monitors and

of one or more Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) as well as one

controls workflows to make sure that each step in the workflow (sub-

or more visualisation and control facilities (HMI) to oversee and control

process) conforms to set performance criteria. Depending on conditions,

real-time production processes.

process objectives may change, leading to a change in their operational requirements and performance criteria. This will result in a new or

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

modified process to meet the new objectives. Because of the “feedback, learn, redesign” loop, processes tend to be largely self-correcting (e.g.

SPC is the application of statistical methods to the monitoring and

the process of evolution).

control of a process to ensure that it operates at its full potential to produce as much conforming product as possible with the least possible

(2) A process is a series of controlled and measurable actions that

waste. SPC can be applied to any process with a measurable output. Key

involves feedback, learning mechanisms and contingency plans to

tools in SPC are control charts, a focus on continuous improvement and

transform energy and / or matter from one form into another (e.g. a

designed experiments.

manufacturing process transforms raw materials into finished goods. A sales process transforms prospects into customers.)

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Programmable Access Controller (PAC)

SQL is a programming language designed for managing data in relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

A high-performance automation controller and I/O subsystem that marries high performance, reliability and high I/O density with costeffective redundancy options. The process modules and I/O system form the basis of a complete distributed control and recording environmen t capable of continuous analogue, logic and sequential control combined with secure data recording at the point of measurement. This shows several of the SQL language elements that compose a single

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)


This is a database management system that is based on the relational

Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI)

model as introduced by E. F. Codd. Most popular databases currently in use are based on the relational database model. A short definition

This is a Microsoft Windows API, which provides computer telephony

of an RDBMS is: a DBMS in which data are stored in tables and the

integration and enables PCs running Microsoft Windows to use

relationships among the data are also stored in tables. The data can

telephone services. Different versions of TAPI are available on different

be accessed or reassembled in many different ways without having to

versions of Windows. TAPI allows applications to control telephony

change the table forms.

functions between a computer and telephone network for data, fax, and voice calls. It includes basic functions, such as dialling, answering,

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

and hanging up a call. It also supports supplementary functions, such as hold, transfer, conference, and Call Park found in PBX, ISDN, and other

This is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device that interfaces

telephone systems.

objects in the physical world to a distributed control system or SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system) by transmitting

Acknowledgements: Many of the above definitions are sourced from

telemetry data to the system and/or altering the state of connected


objects based on control messages received from the system. Another term that may be used for RTU is remote telemetry unit, the common

May/June 2012 | 67

Report-back From the 15th to 18th April, Sun City was host to Invensys Operations Management’s annual User Conference as well as a record-breaking audience of over 400 local and international industry professionals. X-CHANGE has a justly-earned reputation as the largest and longestrunning conference of its type in South Africa and this 20th anniversary event was no exception. Notably, this was the first year that X-CHANGE represented the full range of products and solutions from Invensys Operations Management.

68 |

X-Change 2012 Report-back

Keynote presentations

“When a variable is constant, you don’t have to control it.”

There isn’t enough room to document the full extent of the information shared by our four brilliant speakers but what follows is the gist of what

objective, highly-constrained optimisation problem “and we’ve never

they had to say:

figured out a way to solve those but if we can empower operators with the exact information they need in the timeframe they need it, they

Dr Peter G. Martin, Vice President

can solve the problem. How? We don’t know. What we do know is

Strategic Ventures, Invensys

that if engineers and IT people can collaborate on solving a business

Operations Management, talked

problem, the 100% ROI on such a project is about six weeks. CFOs

about minimising time to experience

can’t get a better deal and will soon recognise that you (the delegates) are the best investment your companies can make.”

and maximising performance. In its goal to be the innovator of industry,

Dr Peter G Martin

Invensys Operations Management

In short, operations excellence consists of four components:

has maintained a steady growth and achieved approximately a 4% growth in orders and 21% increase in revenue over the last year. “You (the delegates to this conference) need to know that you have a

• Control excellence – This includes plant floor AND business control with the objective of real-time profit control.

partner that is financially strong but more important than that, you also have a partner that is innovative,” said Dr Martin, showing the many

• Asset excellence – Asset performance control bearing in mind the

awards Invensys has achieved in this area as well as the nomination for

relationship between asset utilisation and availability. Executives

Microsoft Industry Software Partner of the Year.

consider assets to not only include equipment but people, raw material, energy and product as well.

In the largest survey ever conducted world-wide in industry, the majority of over 2000 executives said that their most valuable assets were talent,

• People excellence – As an example, operators have to make 150

information and the plant floor. Of the many factors that affected their

times more decisions than CEOs – the correctness of these decisions

businesses, Dr Martin expanded on three:

is based on the expertise of the people concerned and the quality of information they are provided.

• Downsizing – Over the last twenty years, this has most affected maintenance, operations, engineering and IT and the general consensus is that it’s gone too far. There are no longer enough

• Safety excellence – This is about safety initiatives that can measure risk and that are profitable because they ensure ongoing production.

people to do the jobs that have to be done. The result is that the industry has to change its mindset from downsizing to empowerment

To put all this together and bridge the

in order to retain valuable talent.

gap between operational and business systems, Invensys has introduced

• Profitability control – Up until now, the focus has been on process

the Enterprise Control System

control and efficiency control. This is no longer good enough. Today

called InFusion. The result is greatly

the focus must be on profitability control because the business of

improved operational excellence and

industry has changed from highly transactional to real time.

profit control.

• Transactional to real-time business – A number of years ago, the

Tim Sowell, Vice President Solution/

price of electricity (in the US) was regarded as constant so much so

Product Strategy and Grant LeSueur,

that customers had year-on-year contracts with their energy suppliers

Director Product Management,

and so energy consumption didn’t have to be controlled because

Invensys Operations Management,

it was constant – “When a variable is constant, you don’t have to

spoke about Invensys’ vision and

control it.” But when deregulation was introduced, suddenly there


Tim Sowell

was competition. “In the United States today, the price of electricity changes every fifteen minutes and this started to affect every other


commodity that was energy-intensive. The price of copper, for example, changes three to four times a minute.”

The trend for the evolving industrial

And so the business of industry has changed from stable and

operational landscape is to focus

transactional to real-time. While executives believe this to be a chaos

on agility and empowerment. This

problem, it’s simply a control problem and one that the real-time

is happening at a time of transition

world of process control deals with routinely.

from a relatively aged workforce to a younger one with a different reality.

There are few variables that contribute to business profitability and they

Previously, people would stay in their

include production value, energy and materials as well as the safety of

jobs for five years or more but this

people, the plant and the environment. But this represents a multiple

is no longer the case. So, one of the

Grant LeSueur

May/June 2012 | 69

challenges is to get people productive and knowledgeable in the space

That means that we don’t replace but align the existing applications,

of one or two years.

assets and systems and make them work together as if they were unified,” says Sowell. “Interestingly, Invensys Operations Management

Another challenge involves coping with the evolving real-time digital

has realigned itself to its own Enterprise Control Systems philosophy by

world where information and collaboration can be sourced from

aligning its solution offerings to that structure.”

anywhere in the world and collated with meaningful context before decisions are made – once again, anywhere in the world. They showed how the aim of current and future solution initiatives was to address improved operational control and decision support and to reduce the time-to-experience and time-to-performance of operational

“That means that we don’t replace but align the existing applications, assets and systems and make them work together as if they were unified,”

personnel. A second trend is that of addressing the following critical project

New releases and concepts

opportunities: All current and future releases focus on the simplification and • Network asset management - This involves measuring the

unification of resources as well as improved decision support, scalability

performance of all assets which may be at different plants all built by

and fault tolerance. There simply isn’t enough room in this article to

different people, in a consistent manner in order to compare apples

list what’s coming down the pipeline to support Invensys’ Enterprise

with apples.

Control Systems concept but here are a few examples:

• Managing multiple assets as part of a supply chain – Assets are not isolated entities but collaborative components in a supply chain

• The implementation of a high-security communications bus structure between variously-sized System Platform implementations.

and that’s the way they should be perceived and managed. • The release of a Historian that will cope with a tag count ranging • Flexible operational team coordination – With available technology, the operational team takes on a new and global

from 125 to more than 400 000 as well as the simultaneous operation of two Historians.

collaborative dimension with the sourcing of knowledge from anywhere and at any time.

• A new ArchestrA service bus to enable secure inter-Galaxy communications.

• Standardised operational control loops – With this in place, it would eliminate the inconsistencies of how operations are executed

• Quality Management in MES 2012

and provide a baseline for measurement and improvement. • Model-driven operations management to provide a unified approach These and other industry trends dictate the way forward for the

to model-driven (embedded) operations execution.

development of Invensys Operations Management solutions. “One of the key factors is that we must provide unification through federation.

70 |

• Empower operators to contribute to operational innovation through

X-Change 2012 Report-back

on-line training and simulations (virtual reality), not as an add-on but

somewhere for something,” says Baumhardt. “So, whether you know

embedded within products.

it or not, you already live in the cloud because you don’t care where something is stored or where it comes from – nor does it matter.”

• Empower roaming workers wherever they may be through Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence on tablets and smart phones. This

But it does matter to some at the strategic and security levels and that’s

will lead to effective task management, planned inspections and

why provision has been made for private and public clouds. According

contextualised alarms.

to Baumhardt, virtualisation and cloud computing are critical to the future because of the cost savings and information access benefits that

• Major release of Information Server that will allow for the collation and contextualisation of data from multiple sources

can be realised from these technologies which combine computing and telecommunications in highly beneficial ways such as guiding people through crisis situations. “Already, manufacturing and mining

• Extending the capabilities of the ArchestrA-based System Platform

companies are adding bandwidth to their production centres where

to improve flexibility and the lifetime of implementations to the

they create wealth instead of their business centres where they spend

20-year timeframe.


• Evolving the multi-systems environment through multi-site runtime

Clem Sunter, legendary futurist,

systems, enterprise-wide standards management and the ability to

strategist and visionary, gave a

handle large integrated and configured systems.

stunning talk on the identification of factors that could influence the future

To summarise, future developments will focus on enabling operational

outcome of given scenarios. But more

excellence and unifying enterprises through facilitating workforce

than that, the actual early detection

collaboration and contribution by using solutions that add value

of these factors or flags pointed to a

because they are designed to address the broader business landscape.

major terrorist attack against the U.S. (see the letter sent to President Bush),

Fred Baumhardt, Head of Specialist

the current dire global economic

Team Unit and CTO, Microsoft SA,

situation and a number of other major

made a presentation that looked at the

political and economic possibilities.

Clem Sunter

future of technology and infrastructure. We cannot hope to do Mr. Sunter’s presentation justice here and urge In his book Technology of the future,

you to visit the web site: where you will discover

English physicist and science fiction

fascinating facts about the past and even more interesting information

author Arthur C. Clarke stated that

about the world and South Africa beyond 1912.

“The only way to discover the limits of There you will find why the agility of the fox mindset is infinitely more

the possible is to go beyond them into

preferable than the doggedness of the hedgehog mindset that will do

the impossible.” Fred Baumhardt

anything to justify its viewpoint which it imposes on everyone. You’ll

At the human interface, information

be surprised at what politicians and CEOs with such a mindset have to

access and application selection side of things, the video shown at the

answer for – because they simply won’t listen.

conference seemed to do just that although most of the technology depicted exists already (affordable 3D desktop projections, on the

It’s all well written, easy and enjoyable to read and an eye-opener like

other hand, are probably at least ten years away).

no other.

It’s indisputable that what we can do with technology has grown as a

Mainstream presentations

result of our ability to interact with them. For example, trying to do on-line banking with a DOS green screen and a command line interface

45 presentations covered a wide range of topics ranging from

can be challenging to say the least whereas all the complexity goes

technical to strategic while addressing the evolving and increasingly

away with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a mouse.

sophisticated and complex information needs of operational and business management at all levels of the enterprise.

The next move is towards the Natural User Interface (NUI) which will make technology a lot more natural and logical. For example, a unique


PIN was meant to identify a credit card holder as its legitimate owner. But this can be a flimsy security measure which can now be replaced

Invensys Operations Management is the first industrial automation

with any combination of RFID, face, iris and voice recognition (the last

provider to be certified for high availability, disaster recovery and fault

three being natural “PINs”).

tolerance in supervisory control applications through the leveraging of virtualisation technology. Historically, high-availability and disaster-

With the evolution of simpler access to computing environments, data

recovery solutions in supervisory control systems were expensive to

centres have also had to evolve to keep up with functional demands.

implement, not only because of hardware and software costs, but also

“Today, personal and other systems are next to useless if they can’t go

because of additional administrative burdens. Virtualisation and cloud

May/June 2012 | 71

computing go a long way to overcome these problems and Invensys Wonderware solutions now support both these technologies.

• Dynamic simulation and operator training simulator solutions for the minerals, metals and mining industries – Simulation saves colossal amounts of money, improves safety and prepares operators

SmartGlance cloud-based mobile reporting is becoming a must for

for the unexpected – especially when it’s as real as this!

the manager on the go while ArchestrA-based System Platform 2012, Historian 2012 and InTouch 2012 not only support virtualisation but

• Virtualisation for Wonderware: Soon to be an IT MUST have -

also now feature an impressive array of enhancements ranging from

How to create High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions using

Enterprise Control and Process Analysis (System Platform) to new

virtualisation and using the new technologies available.

reporting functions (Historian) and strengthened security, increased operator and engineering productivity and efficiency as well as support

Ecosystem partners

for the latest remote desktop services and virtualisation technologies from Microsoft (InTouch).

Invensys Wonderware’s ecosystem partners have always brought a level of added value that has made the difference between simply

Another development is Wonderware MES 2012’s new features which

having a solution and using it to its best advantage. Managing change

allow it to be used for quality and asset performance management

and disaster recovery (AutoSave for System Platform from MDT

while an increasing number of end-users are starting to realise the

Software), improving connectivity and network diagnosis (Software

incredible power of centralised and contextualised information

Toolbox), implementing thin client architecture (ACP ThinManager),

available through Wonderware Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence.

providing quick and informative reports (Ocean Data Systems), easy production planning (Preactor), electronic logbooks to minimise risk

Also on the agenda were ArchestrA Workflow, which guides and

and downtime during shift changes (St. James Software) as well as

monitors human-level processes and Corporate Energy Management

improved plant safety, alarming and data security are all part of a tried

which transforms energy data of all types into operational information.

and proven range of professional solutions that integrate fully with Invensys Wonderware solutions. Don’t waste money on expensive


experimentation. Call in these professionals who have been there, done that and aptly demonstrated how they can prevent customers from

Some of the solutions presented included:

repeatedly reinventing an expensive wheel.

• AutoSave for System Platform – The world’s most popular change

Invensys Operations Management

management and disaster recovery solution is tightly integrated with System Platform to provide automatic and systematic backup of PLC

An entire presentation stream was dedicated to showcasing the

code, objects, graphics and templates.


• Mobile Solutions – With the advent of smart phones, tablets and

Foxboro offers clients process automation and control solutions to

handheld industrial computers, information is available on tap

meet the needs of virtually any enterprise in the process industries –

anywhere and in the most meaningful format

from stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality, to complex integrated plants that control critical or hazardous operations.

• Invensys Sentinel Services - This new service from Invensys

Various presentations focused on the latest Foxboro I/A series DCS

Wonderware involves the remote 24X7monitoring of the health of

and its exciting future, the Programmable Automation Controller (a

customers’ Wonderware assets and warning of issues before they

powerful DCS in a PLC package) as well as an introduction to the

become a problem. Surely a no-brainer if optimal production is high

Foxboro Measurement and Instrumentation range of products which

on your agenda.

have almost become a global standard.

• Wonderware Software Asset Manager - This is an

An introduction to GeoSCADA hardware and software solutions

application designed to help customers manage their inventory

– This presentation was about the company strategy and rollout of

of Wonderware licences and software updates

SCADA products for the Invensys Operations Management portfolio. A great presentation for all involved in utilities and power.

• Advanced alarm management – Seeing the wood for the trees and setting priorities so that operators as well as all responsible

Triconex provides safety shutdown and critical control systems

personnel can respond more effectively.

that provide high-value solutions for critical control and safety applications including emergency shutdown as well as burner, fire

• Value engineering for production plants – Dr Peter G Martin showed how to extract maximum value from plant operations.

and gas and turbo-machinery control and protection. Triconex has been acknowledged as the world leader for more than 10 consecutive years and this presentation was an introduction to its world-leading

• SimSci-Esscor: Integrated process simulation, optimisation,

triple redundancy systems

training and advanced process control - This presentation showed how process simulation can help to improve the plant design process

Eurotherm was introduced to delegates as a leading global supplier

and plant control as well as operator training.

of control, measurement and data recording solutions and services to industrial and process markets. Eurotherm’s product range includes

72 |

X-Change 2012 Report-back

distributed process automation systems and machine control

wasted energy while instilling a culture of efficiency.

incorporating single and multi loop control, operator displays, data management and graphic recorders, power control and signal

With the volumes that SAB handles, increasing packaging line


efficiency is high on the agenda of cost reduction and this was achieved using Wonderware solutions which also helped TSB Sugar migrate

Vertical Industry and end-user applications

from its legacy control system to newer technology.

14 industry-specific presentations showed how end-users and their

Regarding utilities, Eskom’s Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant

system integrators successfully implemented Invensys solutions.

implemented a remote notification system that provides key decision makers with up-to-date plant status information within their specific

On the metals and mining front, ArcelorMittal and Lonmin are

areas of expertise – wherever they may be.

both migrating their legacy control systems to the ArchestrA-based Invensys Wonderware System Platform and Lonmin also implemented

Collaboration Expo

a fingerprint identification solution to secure access to InTouch applications.

22 hardware and software solution vendors from across Southern Africa and beyond demonstrated their real solutions to real problems.

Debswana Diamond Mining Company has completed a data mining exercise to consolidate all critical plant equipment information for

Invensys solutions alone may not be able to fix the problem. They may

Debswana mines into a single, user-friendly, easily-manageable and

require the expert implementation of professional system integrators

high-availability system while Exxaro Coal implemented a System

who are keenly knowledgeable of the problems their end-users are

Platform-based quality monitoring system to replace a legacy solution

facing. And then there are the complementary hardware and software

and Southgold Exploration is making use of an extensive suite of

solutions required to provide end-users the cost-effective value and

Wonderware solutions for its Great Basin Gold site

customised solutions they’re loo king for. This is the world of Invensys Ecosystem Partners who chose X-CHANGE 2012 to showcase their

Developments in the food and beverage industry include Nestlé’s

professional solutions. After all, they’re mostly responsible for the

Harrismith-based infant formula factory converting its continuous

information sourcing, processing and delivery aspect of most mining

mixing plant to batch processing mode (with results that surpassed

and manufacturing organisations.

product efficiency and accuracy expectations) and Entyce Beverages successfully completing a shop floor to top floor enterprise integration exercise. Mindful of escalating energy costs, Pastas Gallo and Conco (also known as Coca Cola Swaziland) implemented Wonderware’s Corporate Energy Management solution which highlighted the roots of

May/June 2012 | 73

Awards System integrator awards • Top SI: Control Systems Integration who also achieved “Invensys Endorsed System Integrator” status • Runner-up: Advansys • 2nd runner-up: Bytes Systems Integration • 3rd Runner-up: Iritron Casper Naude of Nestlé (2nd from right) and Juan le Roux of • 4th runner-up: Systems Anywhere

Convenient Software Solutions (left) receive the Best SCADA / HMI Implementation award from Tim Sowell and Deon van Aardt.

(From the right) Dries van Schalkwyk, Samantha Rabe, Tinus Botes

Wiseman Magagula of Conco (centre), Andre Vuilleumier (2nd from

and Jaco Malan (2nd from left) of Control Systems Integration

left) and Gordon Schoombie (2nd from right) of Systems Anywhere

receive the Top System Integrator award from Deon Barnard (left),

receive the Best EMI Implementation award.

and Fabrizio Orlando.

Invensys Operations Management Open awards • The Best SCADA / HMI Implementation award went to Nestlé and system integrator Convenient Software Solutions for the conversion of the continuous mi xing plant to batch processing mode at Nestlé’s infant formula factory in Harrismith. • The Best EMI Implementation award went to Coca Cola Swaziland (Conco) and system integrator Systems Anywhere for the implementation of a Corporate Energy Management system which resulted in excellent results for the company. • The Best MES Implementation award went to TSB Sugar and

Piet van Tonder of TSB Sugar (2nd from right) and Samantha

system integrator Control Systems Integration for the DCS migration

Rabe of Control Systems Integration receive the Best MES

project at TSB Sugar’s Komati mill.

Implementation award.

• The Best EI Implementation award went to Southgold Exploration and system integrator Systems Anywhere for the extensive enterprise integration project at Southgold’s Great Basin Gold greenfield site.

74 |

X-Change 2012 Report-back

International award Eskom and system integrator Bytes Systems Integration won the Invensys Operations Management Open 2011 Environment and Safety award for the implementation of an emission monitoring system at Eskom’s power stations. The installation monitors stack emissions and helps Eskom stay within legal limits while minimising the impact on the environment and helping to ensure continuity of supply.

Media partner South African Instrumentation and Control magazine (Technews Publishing (Pty) Ltd.) Mdu Mthethwa of Southgold’s Great Basin Gold site (2nd from right) and Andre Vuilleumier of Systems Anywhere accept the Best


EI Implementation award. An event like X-CHANGE takes more than six months to plan and

Innovation award

organise. From the invitation of international guests and call for presentations to venue logistics and awareness campaigns, this is no

The award for the most innovative use of Invensys Wonderware

casual event and Wonderware Southern Africa would like to thank

solutions went to ICS Automation for their implementation of

everyone who contributed towards making X-CHANGE 2012 the

Wonderware Enterprise Integration at Entyce Beverages.

success it deserved to be on this, the 20th anniversary of the longest running and most successful conference of its type on the continent.

Conclusion Hardware, software and turnkey solutions are only effective to the degree that they are accepted, implemented and proved to deliver their intended results. And that’s where end-users come in. Looking at the end-user presentations alone, it seems that migration from legacy DCS and other control systems is high on the agenda of forward-looking companies who realise that control systems, far from being isolated “black boxes” in the bowels of their organisations, are vital to the enterprise information delivery chain and need to be as current, flexible and scalable as possible. Brian Swindells of ICS Automation (centre) receives the Innovation award from Deon van Aardt and Tim Sowell.

Another end-user trend is the recognition that their companies should be unified entities focusing on the enterprise goal and that they should evaluate potential solutions in that light (this is evidenced by the selection of multiple solutions in a number of cases and the capitalisation on existing Wonderware solutions in others while making best use of past investments in all scenarios). The merging of industrial IT with business IT is at last making unified companies a reality ... because it’s all about information.

Nontle Nyombolo of Eskom (right) and Neels van der Walt and Machiel Engelbrecht (2nd and 3rd from left) of Bytes Systems Integration receive the International Invensys Environment and Safety award from Jaco Markwat (left) and Tim Sowell.

May/June 2012 | 75

76 |

X-Change 2012 Report-back

May/June 2012 | 77

Use Protocol Magazine to generate business opportunities Protocol magazine continues to be well

you’re a solution supplier) or recognition

The Guideline is in the form of prompts to

received on a bi-monthly basis by 6500

(if you’re an end-user)

which you supply the answers to the best of

industry professionals like you, at every level of the country’s leading mining and manufacturing companies. You can

your ability. This, together with the graphical • It must generate market awareness of your capabilities

leverage this highly-qualified readership

information required, will be used to write the article which will be sent back to you for editing, approval, etc.

to be heard.

• It must do all that at a reasonable cost

How do you promote yourself right now?

Protocol magazine meets all these criteria.

The Permission to Publish form must be Some of the things you might be doing

signed by the end-user of the installation and system integrator / solution vendor

could include inserting opinion pieces,

If you’re an end-user, your stakeholders are

(if applicable) before work on the article is

adverts, editorials and other material

most interested to know how well you’re

started. This ensures that all the work that

into South Africa’s leading manufacturing

looking after their interests by lowering costs

goes into compiling the story will not be

and mining magazines. A good choice

and improving efficiency. Your colleagues


since these are excellent and professional

in the industry are keen to see how you’ve

publications that land on decision-makers’

implemented Wonderware solutions so that

You are free to use the completed success

desks every month.

they can evaluate if these will have the same

story in any marketing sense you wish and

benefits in their environments.

you have hundreds of examples on our

What Protocol offers is all the advantages

web site and in past issues of A2ware and

of a professional magazine with a large

If you’re a system integrator, end-users

circulation but the cherry on the cake is

want to know what you’ve done so that they

that all the readers of Protocol have one

can consider you as a solution supplier for

thing in common – Wonderware solutions

their next project.


Opinion Pieces: Once again, there’s no cost involved and

in the areas of SCADA, MES, EMI, BPM and enterprise integration – in fact, anything to

If you’re a hardware or software vendor,

you don’t have to worry about probably

do with industrial and corporate production

end-users and system integrators want to

not having majored in English. Decide on a

IT. Everything in Protocol is aimed at helping

know about how well your offerings work

central theme and the idea(s) you want to

end users get more from their Wonderware

in the Wonderware environment and how

put across, then jot down all the reinforcing

investment and trigger them to look at new

they can help them do a better and more

arguments you can think of (as well as

possibilities. Nobody wants to reinvent a

cost-effective job.

references if applicable). Also include any supporting graphics you feel will better

costly development or investigation wheel to stopping that happening.

What medium will work best for you?

Let’s think for a minute about your perfect

Success stories:

and what you have to offer will go a long way

illustrate the point. Send your draft article to your account manager


They won’t cost you a cent and you don’t have to write them. Simply send an e-mail

• It must convey your message in a

to your account manager stating that you

professional manner to a large, targeted

have the makings of a good story and why

and qualified audience

you think it is so. You will then be sent a

• It must generate incremental business (if

78 |

and, if necessary, we’ll make the necessary edits before returning it to you for approval.

promotion vehicle and what it should do for

Comments to the editor, Q&As, Product and/or service information:

Guideline and a Permission to Publish form

Send your submissions to Denis your

to complete and return.

account manager and they (as well as the

Use Protocol Magazine to generate business opportunities

answers) will be published in the next issue


That makes you pretty special.

For all your advertising requirements –

That makes what you have to say significant

including the drafting of effective adverts

and important.

(if interesting and relevant).

Material formats

from scratch – contact Heather Simpkins at Text – In Microsoft Word format

The Marketing Suite.

Graphics – In PowerPoint, Bitmap or JPEG format (the last two in the highest possible

In other words, what you have to say matters and we have made it as easy as possible for

So what are we really saying?

you to say it!

As an end-user or supplier of Invensys

You will be talking to people with the same

Wonderware and associated solutions, you

reality as you and who have the same

form part of the world’s largest ecosystem

problems and concerns.

resolution you have)

of professionals in the fields of industrial


automation and the delivery of actionable

So, what we’re really saying is, use Protocol

intelligence from the shop floor to the top

magazine to say what you believe needs


to be said.

Did you know that if you don’t talk to anyone, they’re not likely to talk to you or send orders? May/June 2012 | 79

2012 Training Schedule (Johannesburg)


Did you know that your bottom line is directly proportional to the effectiveness of your workforce?

InTouch Part 1 Fundamentals (includes New Graphics)

System Platform – Application Server (includes new graphics)

• 2 - 6 July

NOTE: The dates shown apply to training

• 7 – 11 May • 30 July – 3 August

at our offices in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Regional training is

• 25 – 29 June • 3 – 7 September

presented on demand. A minimum of six delegates is required to arrange

• 23 – 27 July

a course.

• 27 – 31 August

Regional training venues:

• 1 – 5 October

Durban: Khaya Lembali,

• 8 – 12 October • 29 October – 2 November Morningside.

• 26 – 30 Novemberr • 19 – 23 November

InTouch Part 2 Advanced (includes New Graphics) • 4 – 8 June

Cape Town: Durbanville Conference

Historian (includes ActiveFactory and Wonderware Information Server)

Centre. Port Elizabeth: Pickering Park Conference Centre, Newton Park.

• 9 – 13 July • 14 – 18 May • 10 – 14 September • 18 – 22 June

As the owner of some of the world’s most popular, advanced and versatile industrial

• 5 – 9 November • 20 – 24 August

automation, information and MES software solutions, you’ll want to get the most

• 17 – 21 September

from your investment and that includes getting the best training in the business.

• 15 – 19 October

We routinely train about 600 professionals like you every year not only on how to use

• 12 – 16 November

our solutions but how to turn our product features into real business benefits.

• 3 – 7 December So, let us suggest a training curriculum best suited to your needs. For all your training requirements, contact Emmi du Preez at or call her on 011 607 8286

80 |

Support – Customer FIRST

Support – Customer FIRST Maximise asset performance

to meet contractual obligations to your customers and the loss of business that

Downtime costs businesses millions of Rand

Comprehensive Services

- Customer FIRST support gives you options to maximise productivity by keeping your

In a nutshell ...

may ensue. • Customer FIRST also gives you access

operations running smoothly.

to Invensys technical resources to

Customer FIRST is not just technical

help you ensure that your system is

support, it’s a comprehensive

Outages, both planned and unplanned,

back to capacity in as short a time as

programme to help you manage your

are costly; businesses increasingly need to

possible. Our world-class global service

systems and protect your investments.

employ effective pre-emptive strategies

organisation is available locally, so the

to reduce risks and employ efficient and

help you need is never far away.

Real Value

effective resourcing strategies to ensure that non-productive time is kept to a minimum.

Asset performance is not just about

Customer FIRST members enjoy the

maximising availability though; you need

many benefits of a closer collaborative

Customer FIRST is not just technical support,

to ensure that your assets are working to

relationship with Invensys.

it’s a comprehensive programme to help

their maximum potential. You also need

you manage your systems and maximise the

to minimise the risk to your business of

performance of your assets.

missed schedules, poor quality or regulatory violations, with the business consequences

Downtime hurts - Customer FIRST can help

• Responsive services • Depth of expertise

that may follow. • Proactive planning Customer FIRST gives you proactive remote

Even the most reliable equipment requires

health monitoring services to spot warning

downtime, perhaps for routine maintenance,

signs before problems occur and advanced

preventative maintenance, upgrades or

consulting services to tune your systems to

replacement. You need to ensure that

maximum performance.

downtime is kept to a minimum and to

• Continuous performance monitoring • Emergency contingency provisioning • Deep discounts on hardware

as a result.

Customer first – our mission: your success

• Software and services

• Customer FIRST provides you with

ensure that there is minimal production loss

Customer FIRST membership gives you

These important elements make the

access to great hardware maintenance,

access to award-winning technical support,

Customer FIRST membership an

software maintenance and comprehensive

hardware and software maintenance

essential part of your business success.

lifecycle management services to help

services, lifecycle management and remote

you optimise your planned downtime and

Services, training and consulting services

minimise unplanned downtime events.

and much more. The programme provides you with comprehensive services and flexible

Recovery time is critical and any delays

options to choose exactly the right kind of

in acquiring either replacement parts, or

programme to suit your business needs and

the expertise required to quickly resolve

help you to maximise asset performance.

problems, can have a significant financial impact on your business.

Contact information

• Customer FIRST provides you with timely

Support Telephone Number:

access to critical spare parts with the

0861-WONDER (0861-966337) or

ability to manage spares more easily and

0800-INVENSYS (Toll Free)

ensure the reliability of your systems. What’s more, extended downtime presents

E-mail: or

other risks to your business such as failing

May/June 2012 | 81

On the lighter side Warnings found on retail goods

• On Tesco’s Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom of the box) - DO NOT TURN

• “Some women get excited about nothing and then marry him.”

UPSIDE DOWN (Too late! You lose!) • On Taiwanese packet of space dust confectionery - FOR PLEASURE FROM

• “It’s not an optical illusion, it just looks that • On Marks & Spencer Bread




AFTER HEATING (are you sure? Let’s experiment.)

way.” • “A leading authority is someone lucky who guessed right.”

• On a blanket from Taiwan - NOT TO BE USED AS PROTECTION FROM A TORNADO. • On a helmet mounted mirror used by US

• On a Korean kitchen knife - WARNING KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN. • On a string of Chinese-made Christmas





• On a Taiwanese shampoo - USE REPEATEDLY FOR SEVERE DAMAGE.

• On a Japanese food processor - NOT TO BE USED FOR THE OTHER USE (now I’m

• “Hard work never killed anybody ... but why take chances?” • “Hire a teenager while they still know it all.” • “One good turn gets most of the blanket.” • “I had an IQ test. The results came back negative.”

curious.) • On the bottle-top of a (UK) flavoured milk drink - AFTER OPENING, KEEP UPRIGHT.

• “Remember: ‘i’ before ‘e’, except in • On Sainsbury’s peanuts - WARNING -



• “Inside every short man is a tall man • On a Swedish chainsaw - DO NOT

doubled over in pain.”

ATTEMPT TO STOP CHAIN WITH YOUR • In a US guide to setting up a new computer - TO AVOID CONDENSATION

HANDS OR GENITALS (what kind of consumer phone-call led to this warning?)

• “If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.”


• On a child’s superman costume -

BEFORE OPENING. (Sensible, but the


instruction was INSIDE the box.)


• “Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defence.” • “Drag the Joneses down to your level. It’s

• In some countries, on the bottom of Coke bottles - OPEN OTHER END.

• Packet of biscuits Australia - CONTENTS: THINGS

• On a packet of Sunmaid raisins - WHY NOT TRY TOSSING OVER YOUR

of payments.” • “Murphy’s Law only fails when you try to • “Reality is an illusion created by alcoholic

• “Love thine enemies... it really pisses them • “If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re a




demonstrate it.”


WHILE SLEEPING. • On a bag of Fritos - YOU COULD BE A

• “If you think nobody cares, miss a couple





• “Sex is nobody’s business but that of the • “Marriage is one of the chief causes of

three people involved.”

divorce.” • On a bar of Dial soap - DIRECTIONS USE LIKE REGULAR SOAP (and that would be - how?)

82 |

• “A Freudian slip is when you mean one • “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, let the machine get it.”

thing and say your mother.”

On the lighter side

• “Start off every day with a smile and get it over with.” • “A good pun is its own reword.”

• “The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up” • “Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.”

• “Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.”

• “What goes around usually gets dizzy and falls over.”

• “When it comes to thought some people stop at nothing.” • “All general statements are false.”

• “When in doubt, give advice.” • “After all is said and done, usually more is said.”

• “Hellrung’s Law: If you wait, it will go away.” • “Complex problems have simple, easy-to• “Every silver lining has a cloud.” • “The real world is a special case.”

understand wrong answers.” • “The Two Rules of Success: 1. Don’t tell everything you know.”

• “Most people deserve each other.” • “A man who smiles when things go wrong • “Nostalgia is okay but not what it used to

knows who to blame.”

be.” • “Behind every successful man stands a • “The hardness of the butter is proportional

woman waiting for his job.”

to the softness of the bread.” • “After things have gone from bad to worse, • “Seen it all, done it all, can’t remember

the cycle will repeat.”

most of it.” • “Adolescence is when children start • “If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all

bringing up their parents.”

evidence that you tried.” • “Be alert...the world needs more lerts.” • “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.”

• “We are the people our parents warned us about.” - Jimmy Buffett

• “There are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can’t”

• “For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.”

• “The colder the X-Ray tube the more of your body is required on it”

• “No one is listening until you make a mistake.”

• “Being superstitious brings bad luck” • “If you can remember the ‘60s, then you • “Get the facts first, then panic.”

weren’t there.”

• “The reward for a job well done is more work”

May/June 2012 | 83

Protocol Crossword #54 When you’ve completed the crossword, the letters in the coloured boxes spell out what Invensys Operations Management calls its all-inclusive enterprise control system. Note: This magazine contains the answers to a number of the clues. E-mail your answer to: The sender of the first correct answer received will get a hamper of Invensys Wonderware goodies.

Clues across: 1. The combination of information, knowledge and experience necessary to make the right decision (12) 9. Wonderware solution for quick and easy production reports (follow the arrow) (3,7) 11. Gas that can be colourful (4)

64. Aluminium symbol (2)

50. Roman Catholic (2)

65. The act of broadcasting information to those who

51. Eskimo (6)

need it (13)

52. Pro (3)

70. Wonderware SPC solution (2,7)

54. Second world war threat to allied naval supply lines

71. Blood suckers (4)

(1-4) 55. The book “The Hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy”

12. The material from which metals are extracted (3)

Clues down:

13. Time interval (4)

1. System Platform component responsible for the

14. Frequently flooded area of land (3)

distribution of information (follow the arrow) (11,6)

15. Application that provides reports on virtually any

2. Indicates maiden name (3)

mobile device (10)

3. 1000kg (3)

18. A guy could be said to have them for a girl he likes

4. Printing measure (2)

(slang) (4)

5. If a workman was to mislay his hammer, for example,

20. This country initially (2)

it would be known as a ____ ____ (4,4)

21. Liquid meal starter (4)

6. Smallest Indian state renowned for its tourism (3)

22. The part of the information process described in this

7. To sin (3)

issue of Protocol deals with this (9)

8. They catch fish (4)

25. Low Tension (2)

9. High regard or great respect given, received or

27. Submerged version of UFO (3)

enjoyed (6)

28. Come together with (someone) (4)

10. Slimy substance generated by humans or animals

29. Transparent (5)

(yecch!) (5)

31. Operators often can’t do their jobs properly because

13. Possesses (3)

of too many reported emergencies. This can be

16. Magnetic Source Imaging (3)

described as __________ _________ (5,7)

17. Imperial measure of approximately 5 litres (6)

36. High Tension (2)

18. Car tweaked for extra speed (6)

37. The act of bringing together diverse bits of

19. Alternative word (2)

information (9)

23. Slippery fish (3)

38. Flower (4)

24. This as opposed to war (5)

40. Cooled to freezing point (5)

26. Beverage (3)

41. Throws or hits in a high arc (4)

29. Gay cupboards? (7)

42. Constricting throat wraps? (4)

30. Spanish for “’til God” (5)

43. Not odd (4)

32. Small liquid measure (abb.) (2)

45. Large flightless birds (4)

33. Girl’s name (7)

46. Transport Protocol (2)

34. English Public school (4)

51. Information Technology (2)

35. Woman was allegedly made from one (3)

52. Enemy (3)

36. It stores process data in real-time (9)

53. Knowledge based on sound information leads to

39. Egyptian sun god (2)

improved ______ ________ (8,7)

42. Belch (4)

57. Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (3)

43. Not good (4)

58. Operatic solo with instrumental accompaniment (4)

44. Undershirt (4)

59. Retirement Annuity (2)

47. Flower part (5)

61. Pay or persuade someone to commit an unlawful act

48. Storage Device (2)

such as perjury (6)

49. Same as 23 down (3)

84 |

says not to do this on its front cover (5) 56. The US-led war effort there ended in December 2011 (4) 57. Noise (3) 61. Cell phone message (3) 62. Binary Number (2) 63. Real Time Integration (3) 65. District Attorney (2) 66. Scientific American (magazine) (2) 67. Software Library (2) 68. Ernst & Young (accounting firm) (2) 69. Bone (2)

Answer to Protocol crossword #53: Question: What’s the goal of the information process? Answer: KNOWLEDGE

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Invensys Protocol Magazine – "Information – that’s what it’sall about (2)"  
Invensys Protocol Magazine – "Information – that’s what it’sall about (2)"  

Invensys Protocol Magazine - Issue 9, May/June 2012. In the last issue of Protocol, we looked at the solutions available for the first half...