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GDA Public Relations Campaign Emphasizes Importance of Dental Home The Georgia Dental Association’s annual public relations campaign runs from January 5 until February 7, 2010. The Public Relations Committee researched several approaches to this year’s radio message, and elected to focus on the ongoing GDA Dental Home Initiative. The long-term goal of this initiative, you may recall, is to give every child in Georgia access to a dental home by age one. A dental home is defined as the ongoing relationship between the dentist who is the primary dental care provider and the patient, which includes comprehensive oral health care beginning no later than age one in a continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way. Unfortunately, many general dentists do not regularly examine patients under age three. Therefore, the GDA started this initiative to educate general dentists and their staff members on how to welcome and examine very young patients in the general dental practice. Now with this public relations campaign, the GDA is inviting the public to visit a GDA member dentist and find a dental home. The GDA will conduct the radio campaign by utilizing the GAB-Time buy through the Georgia Association of Broadcasters. The GAB-Time buy is a program for non-profit organizations who could not otherwise afford to purchase advertising. The cost to the GDA is $35,000 versus a “retail” cost of $199,000 if the GDA purchased radio spots separately and not as a part of this buy. Typically, listeners will hear the GDA message broadcast on 164 radio stations and 22 TV stations statewide over 6,500 times during the six week campaign. All spots are scheduled to air Monday through Saturday between 6 a.m. and midnight. Read the script of the radio message below and listen for the spot to air in your area starting January 5. You may also visit the GDA web site at to hear the spot.

2010 GDA Dental Home Radio Script Sound Effects: (Outside in a neighborhood park with kids playing in background.)


Barb: Ann, let’s see it’s been a few months now since you all moved in, are you finding everything okay? Ann: Oh this move has been great. We love the new house, and the kids really like their school. Barb: Sounds like you guys are planning on sticking around then. Ann: Absolutely. Oh I do need to find a dentist, so if you have any recommendations… Barb: You got it. We’ve been going to the same dentist for years. We call it our “Dental Home.” Ann: Why is that? Barb: Oh we started taking the kids to the dentist right after they turned a year old. It was important to find somebody we could trust and one the kids could grow comfortable

with. Another reason I chose a Georgia Dental Association Member dentist. Ann: I know how kids are, they need that familiarity. Mine are the same way. Barb: Actually our entire family realized the importance of having a dental home, Bob and I, the kids, and even the grandparents. Ann: I never thought about it that way. (Toward kids) Come on kids, time to go. Barb thanks for everything, now we have a new home and soon a new Dental Home. Announcer: For the overall health of your entire family, let the Georgia Dental Association help you and your loved ones find a family Dental Home. For a referral to a GDA member dentist visit today.

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