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6. Exempts small business employers from any mandate to provide health coverage; 7. Include incentives for individuals and employers to provide health insurance coverage; 8. Contain medical liability (tort) and insurance reforms; 9. Encourage the use of electronic health records with rigorous privacy standards; 10. The ADA opposes limits on or elimination of Health Savings Accounts because they are proven successful health care coverage alternatives enjoyed by many who value choosing their own providers without restrictions or penalties.

Membership and Planning Reference Committee GDA Representatives: Drs. Brad Greenway (summary author), Joe

Dufresne, Jonathan Dubin, Ed Green, and Kara Moore Four resolutions came out of our committee that passed the House of Delegates. In an attempt to address all age groups, one resolution promoted and encouraged new dentist involvement and another promoted activities for dentists nearing retirement. The other two resolutions may have more immediate implementation. As a result of Resolution 20, the ADA will optimize its “Find a Dentist” search engine on its web site. Resolution 32 creates an ADA logo for accredited dental specialties. The purpose is to help educate the public about who is truly considered a dental specialist. The most debated resolution regarded the hiring of an outside consultant to evaluate how the ADA operates or governs itself. California, the resolution presenter, felt it was a timely proposal to provide the new executive director, along with new Board of Trustees members, important

information to evaluate how the ADA works and how it could improve. Our Delegation was successful in adding some controls. This resolution was defeated by a narrow margin. The House, after hearing new ADA Executive Director Kathleen O’Loughlin speak, believed that she was evaluating and reorganizing the ADA and wanted to give her an opportunity to complete her ideas without interference. Some delegates may also have rejected the proposal due to the cost involved.



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