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Changes on Horizon for State Medicaid Program for Aged / Blind / Disabled Population Lisa Chandler GDA Director of Membership Services

Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) is the current administrator for Georgia’s fee for service Medicaid program, a position the company has held since 2003. However, ACS has lost their contract with the state, and Georgia will turn to EDS (now know as HP Enterprises) for fee for service Medicaid administrative services tentatively effective July 1, 2010. The GDA will know for sure in June 2010 if EDS will hit their targeted July 1 deadline. This transition will not affect the Georgia Families program, a partnership between the Georgia Department of Community Health and the Care Management Organizations Amerigroup, Peach State, and WellCare that provides


health services to many Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids recipients. The CMOs subcontract dental administration to DentaQuest (formerly known as Doral). Dentists who are Medicaid providers may remember the disastrous start to the ACS claims administration program in 2003 that included web site outages, understaffing, and a significant fee recoupment. At that time, ACS took over from EDS to provide fee for service Medicaid claims administration. The current ACS contract with the state expires on June 30, 2010. In 2006, the state Department of Community Health (DCH) initiated a competitive procurement process to identify an agent who could support a new Medicaid Management

Information System (MMIS) for Georgia. The MMIS is an integration of computer systems that work together to process Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids claims and other pertinent information related to the two programs. DCH sought to upgrade its MMIS to meet government regulations and provide more efficient services to Medicaid providers and patients. In March 2008, EDS was awarded the seven-year, $391 million contract to design, develop, and implement the new MMIS. The Georgia Dental Association has been participating in task force meetings with EDS so that the GDA can keep the membership informed of the latest changes as well as notify dentists when EDS will go live. In a task force meeting

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