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WE ARE ONE GDA The GDA Annual Meeting is July 17-20, 2014 at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island in Florida Register @ or use the form in center.

President Marshall Mann and Leanne Mann Invite You to the GDA Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting is July 17-20 in Amelia Island, Florida, at The RitzCarlton. This resort is a great favorite among GDA dentists! The Ritz-Carlton has created a booking web site especially for our meeting. Visit today and register for your room. The cutoff date for reservations is May 27, 2014, but rooms will sell out well before that date. Dr. Donna Thomas Moses is our general chairman, and she and her meeting committee have planned a fun and fantastic time for our GDA family. Register today so you and your guests can learn, engage, relax, and get involved!

Marshall H. Mann, DDS

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Economic, demographic, and political forces are colliding to reshape the practice environment for Georgia’s dentists. On Friday, the GDA brings you two of the most informed dentists in our profession, Dr. Roger Kiesling and Dr. David Preble, to discuss the challenges and opportunities awaiting the practicing dentist. This is just one of several valuable CE courses planned for dentists and dental staff on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!


Events perfect for engaging with colleagues are waiting for you. The Kickoff Breakfast on Friday will kick your motivation sky high! Friday’s Playa Paraiso Fun Night provides attractions for all ages, including Zip Lines and the Heaven in a Hammock spa treatment. The ‘Buena Vista Social Club: A Night in Old Havana’ President’s Party will get you moving to a Cuban beat on Saturday. Sunday’s Awards & Installation Breakfast gives you a chance to honor deserving colleagues and celebrate a great Association year.


The GDA offers golf and tennis tournaments, a 5K beachside run, and fishing excursions. Exclusive this year kids ages 6-15 can attend a Friday surf fishing event. Kids 5-12 may also participate in their own Friday and Sunday breakfast events and Saturday dinner event. Meanwhile, a Ritz-Carlton salt barista will help registrants blend a ‘Salt of the Earth’ product on Saturday.


Attend receptions and events hosted by the New Dentist Committee, Alliance spouses, and GRU CODM. Take part in the GDA House of Delegates and Business Meetings. Visit the Exhibit Hall for Thursday’s Welcome Reception and enjoy great deals and events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! The PFA, ICD, ACD, and NWDDS will host by-invitation events.

LEARN Thursday, July 17 (1-5 p.m.) “Endodontic Solutions: Strategies for Performing Endodontic Treatment Predictably, Profitably, and Painlessly.” Gary Glassman, DDS (4 CEUs) Sponsor: Axis SybronEndo. This hands-on course is limited to the FIRST 30 dentists who REGISTER for the meeting AND indicate they will attend the course. See meeting registration form for details. Confirmed attendees will be asked to bring special materials to class. This course addresses breakthrough concepts and details the skills necessary for acquiring the expertise and confidence to perform the highest quality endodontics. As a participant in our program, you will become familiar with the use of the “apex last” approach to canal shaping with nickel-titanium instrumentation using the TF™ (Twisted File) Adaptive System, using Adaptive Motion Technology, predictable irrigation protocols using Apical Negative Pressure, and vertical condensation of thermo-softened gutta percha using The Continuous Wave of vertical condensation and the Elements™ Obturation System. During this exciting, fast-paced presentation the attendee will experience Hands-On Sessions. This program is taught digitally by combining Keynote™, Flash™ animations, and Quick Time™ video clips. Join us and learn how to: 1) Assess the criteria for a successful endodontic procedure; 2) Accurately locate the apical constriction; 3) Shape the root canal space using NiTi technology in a safe and efficient manner—canal negotiation, apical finishing techniques. The TF™ (Twisted File) Adaptive NiTi system will be discussed in detail. A NEW multi-setting motor utilizing Adaptive Motion Technology will be introduced; 4) Remove the Smear layer and Biofilm using state of the art Irrigation Protocols. Apical Negative Pressure using the Endo Vac™ Irrigation System; and 5) Obturate the root canal system in 3-D to capture the natural anatomy with the continuous wave of condensation using the Elements™ Obturation System.

(L to r, top): Dr. Gary Glassman, Dr. Roger Kiesling, Dr. David Preble, Ms. Jody Urquhart, and Dr. Gordon Brady. (L to r, lower): Dr. Lee Silverstein, Dr. Jeff Pafford, Mr. Terry Fohey, and Dr. Thom Kauffman. Speaker bios at

You will receive a name badge in your registration materials. Please wear your name badge at all times during the meeting. This badge serves as your entry ticket for all GDA continuing education courses, unless differing attendance requirements are stated in the course description.

Friday, July 18 (10 a.m. - Noon) “The FACE of Comprehensive Clinical Dental Care in 2024: Is There Room to SMILE?” Roger Kiesling, DDS, and David Preble, DDS (2 CEUs)

The delivery of optimal comprehensive clinical dental care has always faced many challenges. It is expensive, time consuming, requires special expertise, and may require interdisciplinary coordination. Third party payers, among others, question its value. That may in turn lead to the perception that optimal care is unattainable by the average person requiring such care. Dental benefits have increasingly been shifted to reduced or limited annual allowances. Conventional dental benefits may disappear altogether or be modified in their construction and oversight. Prevention of dental disease has reduced the need for complex care in younger adults. Demographic changes may further reduce need for complex dental care by 2024. To add to the confusion, necessary comprehensive dental care could be confused or misinterpreted as over-treatment by the public and at times even by the profession. Dental education at the undergraduate and graduate level is expensive and student




debt burdens have skyrocketed. Options for young practitioners may also be limited for those who seek to provide comprehensive care by the added burden of the cost of technology and the most current dental equipment. Major changes in the health care landscape have influenced how dental care is perceived and delivered. Solutions to reign in catastrophic medical costs have often been applied as methods to reduce or limit access to more complex dental care. Join us as Dr. Kiesling and Dr. Preble accomplish these Learning Objectives: 1) Present information that will serve to help dentists better understand current trends. Those trends will potentially have major impacts on the ability to deliver needed comprehensive clinical dental care in the future. 2) Improved awareness of these trends will help comprehensive care dentists navigate through obstacles to improve their ability to provide optimal care. 3) Significant need and demand for comprehensive care exists now and will continue to be relevant for many dental patients in the future. Providing comprehensive dental care will remain an option for those dentists willing to understand and respond to these future trends.

Read about our GDA speakers at Register there today!

(10 - 11:30 a.m.) “I Love My Job ... It’s the PEOPLE I Can’t Stand!” Ms. Jody Urquhart (1.5 CEUs)

This hilariously practical and inspiring course shows you how to develop healthy communication patterns with anyone. You can learn to handle the most difficult situations and the most challenging people by understanding more about personality styles and how to get through to others without giving in. Never again fall victim to those who love to make life miserable for the rest of us! Accomplish these Learning Objectives: Knowing how to deal with difficult people at work will allow you to approach your job with more enjoyment and your co-workers with greater confidence. Cooperation, collaboration, and compromise will improve your workplace satisfaction and productivity! Learn to build a more productive, enjoyable, and efficient workplace for everyone. Learn the 4 Basic Personality Styles, what they need, and what they mean.

Saturday, July 19

(8:30-9:30 a.m.) “Teeth in a Day, Teeth in An Hour: What is THAT All About?” Gordon Brady, DMD (1 CEU)

Receive an overview of full-mouth rehabilitation with implants in a fixed hybrid immediate bridge that can be done the same day as full-mouth extractions. Your Learning Objectives are: 1. Become familiar with the concepts of immediate full arch reconstruction with implants and immediate loading with a fixed hybrid prosthesis, and 2. Become confident that this is a viable and valuable treatment option for many patients with end-stage dentition.

(9:40-10:40 a.m.) “Pearls for Soft Tissue Grafting Around Natural Teeth and Dental Implants.” Lee Silverstein, DDS (1 CEU)

A clinician with a hammer for an arm views the entire world as a nail. When evaluating and placing restorations in the anterior region of the mouth there are many critical and vital clinical parameters that should be realized and addressed. This course will explain and describe in a user friendly fashion these as it relates to soft tissue grafting in the aesthetic zone. Your Learning Objectives are: 1. Learn when an Acellular dermal type graft material is indicated and when is it not, 2. Understand the influence Occlusion and Abfractions have on grafting, 3. Learn the tooth mobility issue, 4. Understand when it is or it is not predictable to obtain root coverage, and 5. What to tell patients before a tissue grafting procedure about expected clinical outcomes.

(12:30-1:30 p.m.) “Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics: Uses and Abuses.” Jeffrey Pafford, DMD (1 CEU)

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is revolutionizing the way we practice dentistry. This technology allows the interdisciplinary team to make more accurate diagnoses, administer treatment with more precision, and provide better recommendations for our patients. However, CBCT has its limitations, and this technology is prone to over-interpretation and over-diagnosis. Danger lies in wait for the lay user and our patients. In this course, we will discuss both the appropriate uses and major pitfalls of CBCT technology in endodontics. Your learning objectives are: 1. Understand the uses of CBCT technology for endodontics, and 2. Understand the existence of complexity of CBCT volumes and their limitations.

(1:40-2:40 p.m.) “The Future of Dentist-Technician Partnerships.” Terry Fohey, CDT (1 CEU)

Mr. Fohey will share his views on the current outlook for dental technology and the effects on the future of dental practice. He will discuss current challenges and opportunities with the dental laboratory labor force, exciting new technologies, and a modern approach to implant dentistry. Clinical cases will demonstrate how bright the future can be for the dentisttechnician partnership. Your Learning Objectives are: 1. Understand the value of high-level communication between the dentist and laboratory for excellent patient treatment outcomes; 2. Appreciate the current status of dental laboratory technology and how dentists can support the educational system for the future of our professions; and 3. Recognize the current level of interactive, high-tech diagnostic and treatment systems for implant dentistry utilizing new technology in the modern dental laboratory.

(2:50-3:50 p.m.) “CBVT In a General Practice: It Came, I Saw, We Conquered!” Thomas Kauffman, DDS (1 CEU)

This presentation will document the transition that occurred in this general practice from 2008 to 2014. The incorporation of the Sirona Compact CBVT was based on the decision to include implants but the path took a different direction when with increasing frequency routine scans revealed asymptomatic pathology of significance. Incorporation of CEREC CAD dentistry and subsequent upgrade to the large FOV Comfort brought even more changes. There are an increasing number of options for dentists to consider for their imaging needs, and questions abound regarding the investment necessary for implementing this technology, its versatility, usefulness, and application in a general practice. Cases of non-resolving chronic sinus disease with significant morbidity successfully diagnosed and treated in a general practice will be discussed. Practical suggestions will be offered for ensuring a profitable and satisfying journey for your practice to benefit all players – dentist, staff, but most importantly, your patients. Your Learning Objectives are: 1. Demonstrate the treatment and diagnostic advantages of CBVT in a general practice, 2. Document the financial benefit of incorporating CBVT in a general practice, and 3. Illustrate the practice expansion possible when CBVT is incorporated in a general practice.

The GDA thanks the Hinman Dental Society for their support of the Association’s continuing education program.

The GDA is an American Dental Association (ADA) Continuing Education Recognized Provider (CERP) and expects its presenters to be in compliance with ADA CERP standards. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. As a national continuing education accreditation system, CERP recognized providers are approved providers of dental continuing education, and are recognized as approved CE providers by the dental licensing boards of most states, the licensing agencies of most health-related fields, and certification requirements of most health-related fields. Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at

ENGAGE Friday, July 18 Kickoff Breakfast

Attend the breakfast to hear how you, your family, and your dental staff can learn to use humor to deal with life’s challenges. Start your meeting at 8 a.m. with laughter (and a delicious buffet breakfast). Keynote Speaker Ms. Jody Urquhart will keep you entertained by addressing the topic “The Nerve to Serve ... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!” “The ability to laugh at life helps us deal with daily disappointments and setbacks,” said Ms. Urquhart. “Humor gives all dental professionals the nerve to serve in our increasingly complex and challenging environment.” Join the GDA on Friday morning and learn how humor helps you stay in control, stay positive, and maintain balance and perspective.




Friday, July 18 Fun Night! Playa Paraiso: “An Evening by the Sea” All ages are invited to join the GDA from 6-9 p.m. and engage with extreme rides, giant slides, games and prizes, snacks, ZIP LINES, and an exclusive spa event! The GDA will take over The Ritz-Carlton Friday evening from the ballrooms to the hallways, and outside onto the oceanfront lawn. Get your tickets early or your family will be begging you to let them attend as they see the rides set up on the lawn and around the resort on Friday! Save money and buy your tickets before June 27. Some of the fun and tasty attractions in store: GDA Zip Lines Stuff-A-Bear Name Art Station Airbrush Tattoos Dixie Twister Ride Virtual Graffiti Wall Air Hockey Foosball Tables Skeeball Arcade Big Buck Hunter Bumper Cars

Shark Attack! Boot Camp Course Tiki Time Rock Climb Atlantis Fun Park Wrecking Ball Ride Giant Alligator Slide Pac-Man Battle Royale Double Shot Basketball Strike a Light Arcade Snack Food Bar Signature GDA Drink

For attendees over 18, the GDA will have three private “Heaven in a Hammock” stations set up during Playa Paraiso! This one-of-a-kind experience is performed by a licensed therapist who will use techniques such as pressure point touch, gentle yoga stretching, and reflexology to instill deep relaxation, release tight muscles, and restore balance and calm as you engage and relax.

Saturday, July 19 President’s Dance “Buena Vista Social Club: A Night in Old Havana” Dine and mambo the night away starting at 6:00 p.m. at an event hosted by President Marshall and Leanne Mann. Join President Marshall Mann and his first lady, Leanne, for “Buena Vista Social Club: A Night in Old Havana!” La Habana Vieja (Historic Havana) will come alive as we transform the Ritz into the streets of Havana leading to the famed Buena Vista Social Club.

Thanks Meeting Chairs! Alliance Liaison Awards Breakfast CE Program Door Prizes Exhibit Hall Family Fun Zone Fishing Excursions 5K Beach Fun Run Golf Tournament Havana Night Hospitality Kickoff Breakfast Kid’s Program Meeting T-Shirts Memories Video Playa Paraiso Registration Tennis Tournament Tickets Special Activities Volunteer Party

Mrs. Janelle Kauffman Dr. Richard A. Smith Dr. Tom McDonald Dr. Henry Benson Dr. David Bradberry Dr. Robin Reich Dr. Linda King Kohl Dr. David Drew Dr. Jamie Mitchell Dr. Matt Benson Dr. Nelson Conger Dr. Daren Becker Dr. Brenda Fritz Dr. Kara Moore Dr. Matt Mazzawi Dr. Tejal Kakade Dr. Kumar Patel Dr. Jason Oyler Dr. Annette Rainge Dr. Neal Shah Dr. Bill Carroll Dr. Jack Bickford Dr. Greg Goggans

This casual social event will feature a live band playing your favorite fast and slow dance tunes along with a few spicy Cuban and Latin tunes thrown in for good measure. Cuban food stations located throughout the party space will allow you an opportunity to mix and mingle all night long. Fill your plate with traditional Cuban-inspired foods like grilled skirt steak with sour orange mojo, sweet plantains, bronzed local fish and coconut rice, and black bean and jicama salad. What’s that you say? This night only needs an authentic Cigar Roller and a “Make-Your-Own” Mojitos Bar to make it perfect? You can enjoy both on this special night! Impress your fellow party goers with your talent at combining mint, limes, rum, sugar, club soda, and ice into the perfect refreshing summertime drink. Even though the evening is casual, don’t plan on showing up in your flipflops! The “Buena Vista Social Club: A Night in Old Havana” is a fun and festive but resort elegant event. Guayaberas (traditional Cuban shirts) for gentlemen and tropical chic attire for the ladies is preferred. Tickets are limited so get yours early! Remember, the lowest per person pricing ends June 27. Plan ahead and prepare to get your MAMBO on!

Sunday, July 20 Awards & Installation Breakfast Honor GDA dentists who are accomplishing great things for their profession and patients. Engage with good people this morning!

This morning is one for beginnings and honoring those dentists who have done great things for the profession and their patients. This breakfast at 8 a.m. on Sunday features the recognition of currently serving GDA leaders and the installation of 2014-15 officers for the GDA, Alliance dental spouses, and districts. The GDA will also honor past state presidents. Honorees include an outstanding class of GDA Honorable Fellows, ADA Life Members, 50 Year Members, and 25 Year Members. GDA President Dr. Marshall Mann will look back at his year and the GDA will welcome Dr. Doug Torbush as the new president.

Your Kickoff Breakfast buffet includes fruit, bakery items, scrambled eggs, brioche French toast, hickory smoked bacon, sausage links, hash brown potatoes, juice, coffee, and tea. Your Awards & Installation Breakfast buffet features Belgian waffles and Lyonnaise potatoes for the French toast and hash browns.


The Registration page contains early ticket purchase deadlines and other special requirements for these events.

GDA Events for Our Young Attendees Children ages 5-12 have their own ticketed events opposite the Kickoff Breakfast, A Night in Havana Dinner, and Awards Breakfast. Children will enjoy their own meals and activities in separate rooms while you relax. We also have a Surf Fishing course for kids ages 6-15 on Friday! Children’s Breakfast & Events Friday, July 18 (8-10 a.m.)

After breakfast and some totally fun crafts, your children ages 5-12 will have a blast going on a supervised, guided scavenger hunt across the Ritz with the local Pirate of Amelia Island! Who knows what kind of treasures they will find?! The meal is mini waffles with syrup, cereal with milk, sausage links, fruit, water, and juice.

Surf Fishing for Ages 6-15 Friday, July 18 (8-11 a.m.)

Children and teens can enjoy Surf Fishing lessons on The Ritz-Carlton beach. Each participant will receive instruction, bait, and an 8’ rod and reel they may take home. Note: Due to the size and weight of the rod, children must be 6 years of age or older to participate. We must have 15 registrants for this event by 6-16-14.

Children’s Dinner & Events Saturday, July 19 (6-11 p.m.)

It’s a fantastic Ritz Kids Night Out! Who says the adults get to have all the fun? Activities for this evening for kids ages 5-12 include dinner, freeze tag, four corners, crafts, and a movie and snacks to round out the night. The meal is chicken fingers, French fries, celery sticks, carrot sticks with ranch dip, green beans, cookies, milk, water, and juice.

Children’s Breakfast & Events Sunday, July 20 (8-10 a.m.)

Ritz Kids Explorers have planned a fun (and safe) field day for your kids ages 5-12! They will participate in relay races, jump rope competitions, and other fun activities. The meal is silver dollar pancakes with syrup, cereal with milk, sausage links, fruit, water, and juice.

Families with children under 5 can utilize Nanny Services provided by The Ritz-Carlton. To obtain a list of local nannies, please call The Ritz-Carlton Concierge Desk at (904) 321-5019 or email ameliaisland. Rates average $20-$25 / hour with a 3-hour minimum (subject to change).

Saturday, July 19 ‘Salt of the Earth’ Product Blend Bar A Salt Barista helps you create a custom ‘Salt of the Earth’ product!

From 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., your very own “Salt-Barista” will demonstrate how to create your own body products using the Salt of the Earth Blend-Bar. Participants will learn to mix scents to create their own special fragrance and bottle two 6-ounce Salt of the Earth products of your choosing. Enjoy a HerbaSway Health & Beauty Drink and light Spa snacks during your visit. Participants will also receive free access to Spa amenities the day of the activity (a $25 value) as well as a $10 gift certificate toward a Spa or Salon service of their choice and 10% discount on any retail items in the Spa Boutique. We must have 10 registrants for this event by 6-27-14.

Sporting Events Saturday, July 19 5K Fun Run (6:30-7:30 a.m.)

Each ticketed runner will receive a GDA meeting T-shirt. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest male and female runners, and the male and female runners who finish closest to a time guessed before the race. The GDA requires a minimum of 10 registrants for this early morning fun run on the beach.

Offshore & Inshore Fishing Excursions (6:30-11:30 a.m.)

Do you hanker to fling a hook into the ocean blue or the Amelia Island backwaters? Reserve a spot on a GDA fishing boat. Once you have your ticket, drive to the Fernandina Harbor Marina by 6:30A Saturday and go fishing. Offshore boats must have 6 persons per boat; inshore boats must have 4 persons per boat. Registration for fishing closes on 6-20-14.

Golf Tournament (12:30-5:30 p.m.)

Tee off at The Golf Club of Amelia Island. Designed by Mark McCumber and Gene Littler, this course’s breathtaking landscape is as beautiful as it is challenging. Meticulously maintained greens, strategically bunkered fairways, and the ever-shifting ocean breeze ensure a challenging but satisfying round. The GDA tournament format is a Modified Shamble. A minimum of 32 players is required for a shotgun start. Your fee includes green fees, cart, and range balls. Join your colleagues for a bit of friendly competition on the links before preparing for the “Buena Vista Social Club: A Night in Havana” dinner dance!

Tennis Tournament (1-4 p.m.)

Register for the GDA round-robin format tournament that takes place on the Ritz courts. Three new clay courts use stateof-the-art Hydro-cool technology that keeps the courts play-ready. We would like to have a minimum of 8 players registered for the event.

INVOLVE Business Meetings

Get involved in GDA events! GDA House of Delegates Thursday, July 17 (8:30 a.m.)

The House of Delegates will be prefaced by seven district caucus meetings starting at 7:30 a.m. President Dr. Marshall Mann will address the House, as will new Executive Director Frank Capaldo.

GDA Business Meeting Friday, July 18 (7-8 a.m.)

Attend this morning to elect GDA state officers. District Challenge: We will count the number of dentists present here from each district and figure a percentage based on the number of dentists from each district registered for the GDA meeting. One dentist from the district with the highest calculated percentage will win $100 cash.

New Dentists

Welcome dentists 10 years or less out of dental school Friday, July 18: 4 p.m. Cocktail Reception (by invitation)

GDA Alliance

Welcome dental spouses! Thursday, July 17: 5 p.m. Reception in Exhibit Hall Friday, July 18: 3 p.m. Officers Board Meeting; 4 p.m. Past President’s Tea; and 5 p.m. Drop-In Social (by invitation) Saturday, July 19: 9 a.m. Business Breakfast (ticketed event) Sunday, July 20: 8 a.m. President Janelle Kauffman speaks at Awards & Installation Breakfast.

The GDA Exhibit Hall at the Meeting Thursday, July 17 from 5-7 p.m. Friday, July 18 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, July 19 from 8 a.m.-Noon Get involved with receptions, prize drawings, and The Fun Zone. Pick up your registration materials during Hall hours, and shop for great exhibitor deals. Welcome Reception Thursday, 5-7 p.m.

Visit the Hall at 5 p.m. to enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cash prize drawings from Georgia Dental Insurance Services, a Georgia Regents University reception, an Alliance reception, and special deals. Dentists, make a purchase from an exhibitor to be eligible for a $1,000 cash drawing on Saturday!

Exhibit Hall Friday July 18, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Stop by after the Kickoff Breakfast. We will have cash drawings on the hour from the GDA and GDIS as well as Massage Therapy Stations presented by The Ritz-Carlton. Dentists, visit with an exhibitor and receive a GDA scratch-off ticket! See if you win cash or other prizes. Make a purchase from an exhibitor, and enter the GDA Grand Prize Drawing held on Saturday for a chance to win $1,000!

Exhibit Hall Saturday July 19, 8 a.m.-Noon

We will have Ritz-Carlton pastries at 8 a.m. while supplies last. We will have cash drawings on the hour from the GDA and GDIS as well as Ritz-Carlton Massage Therapy Stations. The GDA Grand Prize $1,000 cash drawing happens at noon. Make a purchase in the Hall during the meeting to enter!

The Family Fun Zone Friday and Saturday

Stop by “The Zone” with your children 12 and under! Artist Kathryn Flocken will be on hand to create a custom silhouette of your child in TWO minutes or less! Enter drawings for “black and white” prize baskets. Siblings waiting their turn for a silhouette can draw a portrait of mom or dad for display in the GDA gallery!

Thanks to Our Exhibitors

We are happy to provide a preliminary list of exhibitors for the GDA Annual Meeting. More are signing on regularly! Visit www. for an updated list. ADS South Affinity Bank AFTCO Atlanta Dental BCBS of Georgia Benco Bobby Morse / Zoll Dental Carestream Dental CREST Oral-B Dental Services Group DentalVibe EnviroPouch Find Local Company Georgia Dental Insurance Services

Georgia Mission of Mercy (GMOM) Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP Heartland Dental Care LumaDent Medical Protective Patterson Dental Planmeca USA, Inc. RGP, Inc. Straumann USA 3M ESPE UBS Ultralight Optics Ultradent Products

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks to these exhibiting companies that have provided additional support and funding for meeting activities. If you know a representative from one of these companies, please say thank you!

GOLD Patterson Dental BRONZE Atlanta Dental Medical Protective


REGISTRATION About Continuing Education:

+ Speaker presentations do not imply GDA endorsement of any product, service, or technique presented. The GDA disclaims responsibility for any materials presented. Speakers may be subject to change due to factors beyond the control of the GDA. + Dr. Gary Glassman will present “Endodontic Solutions: Strategies for Performing Endodontic Treatment Predictably, Profitably, and Painlessly” on Thurs, July 17. The GDA must limit registration for this hands-on course to the first 30 dentists who REGISTER for the meeting AND indicate they will attend the course. Those 30 attendees will receive an email confirmation and will be asked to bring special materials to the class. + Your name badge is your entry ticket for all GDA CE courses, unless differing registration requirements are stated in the course description.

About Payments and Refunds:

+ Attendees who register on or before 6-27-14 will automatically enjoy Early Bird pricing. Your registration must be received in the GDA office or completed online by 6-27-14 to receive Early Bird pricing. Please allow ample time if you choose to mail your registration so it is received in the GDA office on or before 6-27-14. + If you pay for your registration and event tickets with a Visa or MasterCard, a $5.00 convenience fee will be added to the credit card transaction. + The GDA will issue FULL refunds for WRITTEN cancellations received in the GDA office on or before 7-01-14. The GDA will issue 50% refunds for WRITTEN cancellations received in the GDA office between 7-02-14 and 7-10-14. The GDA will issue NO REFUNDS on or after 7-11-14. All refunds are subject to a 20% per registration fee that will be processed within 15 business days to the primary registrant.

About Dentists and Membership:

+ All dentists attending the meeting must register as dentists. If you are registering as a GDA member, your 2014 dues must be paid in full. To pay your dues or inquire about membership, contact Pamela Yungk at (800) 432-4357 or + The GDA will waive the $195 registration fee for this meeting if you are all three of these things: 1) A New Dentist (one who graduated from dental school 10 or fewer years ago); 2) A current GDA member; and 3) A dentist who has never before attending a GDA Annual Meeting. Not sure if this is you? Contact Pamela Yungk at (800) 432-4357 or

About Materials, Hotel, and Promotions:

+ Vist the GDA Registration Desk at the meeting to obtain all meeting materials. The GDA will not mail any registration materials.

Event Registration:

- All Early Bird pricing ends 6-27-14. - Standard pricing runs from 6-28-14 until the time of the meeting unless otherwise noted: - Fri. Kids Surf Fishing: Registration Closes 6-16-14. - Fri. Kid’s Breakfast: Registration Closes 6-20-14. - Sat. Offshore Fishing: Registration Closes 6-20-14. - Sat. Inshore Fishing: Registration Closes 6-20-14. - Sat. Salt of Earth Bar: Registration Closes 6-27-14. - Sat Kid’s Dinner: Registration Closes 6-20-14. - Sun Kid’s Breakfast: Registration Closes 6-20-14.

Schedule of Events THURSDAY, JULY 17 7-8:30A 8:30A-1P 1-5P 1-5P 5-7P 5-7P 5-7P 5-7P 7:30P

Event Minimums/Maximums:

- Thurs. Endo CE: Maximum 30 registrants. - Fri. Kid’s Breakfast: Minimum 10 registrants. - Fri. Kids Surf Fishing: Max / min 15 registrants. - Sat. 5K Run: Minimum of 10 registrants. - Sat. Tennis: Minimum of 8 registrants. - Sat. Salt of Earth Bar: Minimum 10 registrants. - Sat. Offshore Fishing: Min 6 registrants / boat. - Sat. Inshore Fishing: Min 4 registrants / boat. - Sat. Kid’s Dinner: Minimum 10 registrants. - Sun. Kid’s Breakfast: Minimum 10 registrants.

+ The GDA will compile a list of attendees’ mail addresses for provision to exhibitors. Exhibitors may use this list only to provide pre-meeting promotions. You may opt out of this list during registration. This option applies only to pre-conference materials sent by 2014 GDA exhibitors. + The GDA meeting hotel is The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, FL. Reserve your hotel room via a link on the GDA web site. If you reserve a room in the GDA block, but do not register for the meeting, you must pay full rack rate for accommodations. All registrants acknowledge having read and agreed to this statement: “This function’s planners claim and assume no liability for the acts of meeting suppliers nor for the safety of any registrant or attendee while in transit to or from the GDA Annual Meeting (GAM), or while attending the GAM or any event that is part of the GAM. Registrants, attendees, and participants in any event during the GAM, including but not limited to those which may require or feature physical activity, assume all risk and liability associated with such activity. Parents of any child attending or participating in any event during the GAM assume all risks and liability associated with such activity. The total amount of GDA liability, if any, shall be limited to an attendance fee refund. Your registration acknowledges acceptance of these provisions above, and by doing so you release the GDA, its employees and staff, and all others involved in the organization of this meeting from any liability in case of injury or accident to yourself, your guests, and/or your children, if any, during the 2014 GAM.”

District Caucus Meetings GDA House of Delegates ADA Delegation Meeting CE: Dr. Glassman: Endodontics GDA Exhibit Hall Open GDA Registration Open Welcome Reception in Hall GRU Alumni Event in Hall NWDDS Event (by invitation)

FRIDAY, JULY 18 7-8A 8-10A 8-10A 8-11A 10A-2P 10A-2P 10A-12P 10-11:30A 3-4P 4-5P 4-5P 5-6P 6-9P

GDA Business Meeting GDA Kickoff Breakfast Kid’s Kickoff Breakfast (ages 5-12) Kid’s Surf Fishing Event (ages 6-15) GDA Exhibit Hall Open GDA Registration Open CE: Drs. Kiesling and Preble: The Future of Dentistry CE: Ms. Urquhart: Staff Motivation Alliance Board Meeting Alliance Past President’s Tea New Dentist Social (by invitation) Alliance Social (by invitation) Playa Paraiso: Evening by the Sea

SATURDAY, JULY 19 6:30-7:30A 6:30-11:30A 7-8:30A 8AM-Noon 8AM-Noon 8:30-9:30A 9-11:30A 9:40-10:40A 12:30-1:30P 12:30-5:30P 1-4P 1:40-2:40P

5K Beachside Fun Run Inshore / Offshore Fishing PFA / ACD / ICD Breakfast GDA Exhibit Hall Open GDA Registration Open CE: Dr. Gordon Brady: Rapid Bridge Alliance Business Breakfast CE: Dr. Lee Silverstein: Tissue Grafts CE: Dr. Jeff Pafford: CBCT GDA Golf Tournament GDA Tennis Tournament CE: Terry Fohey, CDT: Future of Dentist-Lab Tech Relationships 2:30-3:30P Salt of the Earth Blend Bar 2:50-3:50P CE: Dr. Thom Kauffman: CBVT 6:00-11:00P Children’s Dinner & Events 6:00-11:00P President’s Dance: Buena Vista Social Club: A Night in Old Havana

SUNDAY, JULY 20 8-10A 8-10A

Children’s Breakfast & Events Awards and Installation Breakfast

Georgia Dental Association Meeting 2014  

The 2014 GDA Annual Meeting is July 17-20 in Amelia Island, Florida

Georgia Dental Association Meeting 2014  

The 2014 GDA Annual Meeting is July 17-20 in Amelia Island, Florida