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GAC Past and Future


still remember a cuckoo clock from my childhood. There it was, in my aunt’s kitchen, with its rhythmic tick... tick... tick… and I’d anticipate The Moment. Out would come the cuckoo bird, chirping and chiming! No matter how closely I watched for it, I was always surprised.

make it happen; for those who raised the funds, held us accountable to stewardship, and – where the rubber really meets the road – those amazing GAC teachers, counselors, coaches, and directors who still are advancing, shaping our children today, and the thousands yet to come. Yes. Profound gratitude. To you. To God.

In my entire adult life at GAC, whatever my role, I’ve never watched the clock. Even though I’m the one who set the time to step out as President in summer of 2018, I think I’ll still be surprised when I hear that chirp and chime. Fortunately for me (and I hope, the school family), the Board of Trustees along with our next President and my colleague Scott Harsh, don’t seem to want to send me into exile. I’ll still be engaged as Chancellor of the school, frequently on campus, providing advisement to the Board, to Scott, and likely speaking up for GAC’s next vision – which is exciting to me.

When I became GAC President, my first little essay to our community had a cute title – at least I thought so: “Who’s in Charge Here?” I asked. And the point – It wasn’t going to be me. Let's remember that Jesus has always been in charge of GAC. And He calls us to all the excellence that “The Master Teacher” implies. I’ve been here to share His compelling dreams and help bring them to life in a remarkable, singular world of learning, for Atlanta and beyond.

Why exciting? Because I've seen very few schools that have both the capacity and commitment of the Greater Atlanta Christian School community. Many schools have hopes and future dreams and that’s good. Yet GAC has the track record, traction, and the tools to pursue her goals. Our platform for building superb learning and ethical, godly young men and women is difficult to match. Add to that the extraordinary resources, incredible teachers, directors, and coaches, the dreamers who constantly change GAC and her students for the better, and you have a one-of-a-kind place to shape children and families. Do you see why I’m excited for what’s ahead?

The future? Here’s a prediction: K-12 Education will go through major changes nationally and locally in the next two decades. Methodologies, models, and even schools we recognize today will cease to exist, and new ones will be birthed. Yet GAC will continue to lead the way with the absolute best new practices and formats. With immense quality. With the ethics of Jesus. And thousands of children, today and tomorrow, will find amazing preparation, rising world-class leadership skills, and a joyful, abundant life in one of the nation’s leading schools…called GAC. Now that’s worth a lifetime, wouldn’t you say? Let’s keep working for that future – for their sake.

Sharing in GAC’s rise through the decades has been my joy. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the board members who ran with me every step of the way; for a community that saw power in our vision for GAC, and invested to





Dear GAC Family, As I shared in August, we have long been thankful for the countless ways GAC is a unique and special place. Almost unheard of among schools and colleges is that as we celebrate our milestone 50th anniversary, we’ve had only two presidents. As chair of the GACS Board of Trustees, it’s been my honor and privilege to work more closely with David over the last several years. David’s visionary leadership is legendary and the Board is grateful he has agreed to continue as Chancellor. Yet David will be the first to acknowledge the rapid changes taking place in the world of education. This is a reality GAC must embrace and successfully navigate in order to continue to better prepare and equip today’s students for the world they will soon encounter. Leading us into that new future is Scott Harsh, a man with a heart for God with a deep love for GAC and its mission. Scott is ideally suited and prepared to lead us into this next period in GAC’s history to accomplish its mission to grow our students as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Scott’s near-term focus will be on implementing the newly-codified strategic plan, approved by the Board of Trustees last April, which articulates GAC priorities for the coming years. Called Foundations and Futures, you’ll find more on this forwardlooking plan and its primary goals in this edition of GACS Today. Should you wish to review a more detailed elucidation, I invite you to visit the President’s Office, where we have printed copies available for you. Know that the Board and I are grateful for your faithful and loving support of GAC. Fernando Nasmyth Chair GACS Board of Trustees 2



Mr. Fernando Nasmyth, Chair Mr. Andy Adams Mr. Allen Nichols Mr. Joe Arnold Mr. Ned O’ Brien Mrs. Michelle Brechbühl Mr. Steve Phillips Mr. Jim Combee Mr. Russ Reynolds Mr. Jim Conkel Mr. Billy Schroer Mr. Steve Eaton Mr. David Scobey, Jr. Mr. Steve Elrod Mrs. Carrie Shumard Mr. Jeff Foxworthy Mrs. Joyce Shumard Mr. Lee Freeman Dr. Todd Stewart Mr. Bart Harper Mr. Jeff Street Mr. Bill Long Mr. Tom Tabor Mr. Gary Long Mr. Jim Tidwell Mr. Don McLaughlin Mr. John Wood

GAC FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Steve Eaton, Chair Mr. Andy Adams Mr. Joe Arnold Mr. Ed Bastian Mr. Ulrich Brechbühl Mr. Gary Chamblee Mr. Jim Combee Mr. Jim Conkel Mr. Brad Dinsmore Mr. Lee Freeman Mr. Bart Harper Mr. Carl Hoover Mrs. Angela Lewis

Mr. Bill Long Mr. Fernando Nasmyth Mr. Terry Nichols Mr. Mac Schneider Mr. Billy Schroer Dr. Todd Stewart Mr. Jeff Street Mr. Tom Tabor Mr. Jim Tidwell Mrs. Melanie Walton Mr. John Wood

The GACS Board of Trustees “guards the trust” for God’s school, charts the course, ensures the fiduciary stewardship, and sees that the institution has the resources needed to fulfill and expand its mission. The GAC Foundation is a separate 501c3 organization under the auspices of Greater Atlanta Christian School. The Chair of the Board of Trustees serves as the Vice Chair of the GAC Foundation which supports the mission of GACS by financial governance of the school endowment for short and long-term benefit of the school, faculty, students, and total programs.

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he good news is that David Fincher, GAC’s President since 1998, will still be in our midst when he moves from President to Chancellor in July 2018. The Board of Trustees has asked him to stay to work on special projects and continue his efforts in the broader community on behalf of GAC. Some of his grandchildren are GAC students, so we know we'll see him on campus for a variety of events. But still, it’s bittersweet, isn’t it? This is a significant shift – for him and for GAC where his considerable gifts have been used to bless a generation of students and families since he came here to teach at age 22; where his imprint and influence are evident in the very brick and mortar of our buildings; where his humble servant’s spirit and endless interest in others shaped the GAC culture into the kind and open-hearted place we know it to be. Rather than a list of “things” he’s done over his tenure – money raised, or buildings opened – we offer instead the insight from a few of those he's influenced and who consider themselves richly blessed for the experience of working alongside of him.

David, like King David of old, is a man after God's own heart who relies upon the Lord to bring great dreams to reality. During my years in various roles at GAC, I was mainly focused on “this week” and “this school year,” but David's wheels were always turning about what GAC could be like, with God's help, in five, 10, even 20 years. Looking back, we can now see how David's vision for excellent programs, 4



facilities, and personnel have helped shape our school into one of the nation's model Christian schools. David has never been satisfied with the status quo: he has had the boldness to challenge conventional ways of teaching and learning with fresh thinking to enable our students to be successful as adults. I also appreciate the way David is completely unselfish with his time when an administrator

from another Christian school needs advice or encouragement. David is constantly sought after for assistance and is always willing to share his insights with others. Bill Burton Administrative Vice President, Retired






It was not all that long ago that David was “Mr. Fincher,” my Junior High Principal. Even as a young teenager, I found him an inspiring teacher and leader. But I’m even more fascinated and inspired by his example now that I’m an adult, or perhaps I just appreciate it more. Upon joining the leadership team, I discovered what a voracious reader David is and he has encouraged me to be one as well. Constantly sharing (and often assigning) books to read on faith, leadership, the future of education and other topics, he’s constantly learning and has set an example about keeping current with research and trends. Often his recommended books on leadership and service have become topics of energetic debate and conversation at our dinner table and books that my husband, Todd, now passes on to his friends and colleagues. After meetings or retreats, the hot topic around our house is always “So what’s David reading this week?” What a privilege it has been to be a member of the David Fincher Book Club. Mary Helen Bryant '87 Director of Admissions

Over the past 22 years, David was first my supervisor, later my model for leadership, then mentor, and finally friend. More than a professional relationship, David has demonstrated his deep care for me personally at many points over the past two decades. When my wife and I struggled with infertility, David was there to listen and pray. When God gave us our first child, it was David whom we asked to dedicate our son to the Lord in a special ceremony. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, David was one of the first to know and he immediately put other 6



things aside to be by my side for support and prayer. In these last years, David has been so gracious to invest in me and to also give me the space I’ve needed to lead in my own way. I have been deeply blessed by David’s influence and investment in my life and I will be forever grateful. Scott Harsh Academic Vice President

Board meeting, he is full of wisdom of perspective and yet humble; he allows us each to grow in our own areas of interest and can stretch us when needed. Steffanie Garner Executive Project Manager

GAC has been blessed to be led by two godly men – one who initially gave birth to a vision and then the one who furthered and fineDavid is forever asking the tuned that vision of being “God’s question, “How are you growing?” school”. The young David Fincher I take that to mean, how am I who wanted to make a difference, growing both professionally and embraced a call that carried the personally because David certainly early vision of GAC known as a knows the importance of family and school of excellence, to the GAC how that relates to and supports of today offering preschool-age one's professional life. When we through 12th grade students an talk, David prompts me to reflect incredible breadth and depth on my priorities and be intentional of program. His two decades about what I am doing. It helps as President were committed me pause to take inventory. That to providing state-of-the-art question, when I served as Lower facilities based on research in School Assistant Principal, helped best practices for learning. And me to entertain new ideas of how David’s tenure as President is I could grow myself as a leader. also a reflection of the energy he David embodies the concept dedicated to that early missional that Jim Collins popularized: that vision of a school that reflected good is the enemy of the great. To and served all of Christian Atlanta progress, he’s taught us, we need to with a diverse and inclusive GAC continually ask “what’s next?” community. Specifically, he set up a Diversity Council, comprised of Rhonda Helms representatives of the entire GAC Lower School Principal community, and he provided the essential leadership required for difficult initiatives such as this to be successful. David’s work in all these To me, David is a model of Micah areas from curriculum, to facilities, 6:8 – “…and what does the Lord to the embodiment of spirit that we require of you? To act justly and are all God’s family has inspired a love mercy and to walk humbly generation of students and families with your God.” He has a gift that serve Atlanta and around the of consistency of spirit that I’ve world. And I consider it a privilege encountered but a few times in my to have worked with him on life. I have had the pleasure and fulfilling his part in these efforts. opportunity to tell others that the Fernando Nasmyth David you see around campus is the same David I have the pleasure Chair, GACS Board of working with every day. Whether of Trustees he's on stage at an event, sitting in a parent group meeting or in a


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n a time of substantial educational change, GAC continues to develop plans to ensure our students benefit from the best practices and methods in ways that honor God and build young men and women of character. On a campus with motivated, aspirational faculty and staff – always learning and eager to share the next great idea – it’s vital that we articulate our goals and priorities and continually reexamine how well we are doing in service to those goals. A coherent strategic plan helps us do that. While fresh pedagogies and new methods will emerge and economic realities develop that affect progress, a strategic framework ensures we stay focused on what we’ve deemed most important. Thank you to the many members of our community who responded to surveys, shared insights, and contributed in other ways to shape the plan that will guide our work into 2022. This strategic plan is dedicated to God; we believe it to be His plan, not simply “ours.” We recognize that our work at GAC today plays a vital part in shaping the next generation of Christian leaders who will be called upon to serve an increasingly complex, rapidly-changing world. And we must equip them with every tool for their time of leadership.








HOW WE GOT HERE Since late 2015, the Strategic Planning Committee of the GACS Board of Trustees and GAC administrative leaders have been engaged in review and planning for GAC’s next steps. Trustees spent more than a year of prayer, vision-casting, and deep research into factors both internal and external to arrive at the Foundations and Futures Strategic Plan, designed to guide our work for the next five years. Parent and community input has been vitally important, encompassing two years of surveys, focus groups, external consultant support, and larger community input, as well as analysis of the direction of K-12 education nationally and globally. Our faculty and staff contributed crucial ideas and directions as well. In April 2017, the Board approved the plan with these four key priorities supported by dozens of action items. From all these sources, and guided by the wisdom of God, we believe an even more vibrant and unified GAC community will emerge. GAC is strong...and is about to advance once again. Here, we provide only a brief overview of the Foundations and Futures Strategic Plan. Copies of the detailed plan as adopted by the Board are available in the President’s Office.




Continue to improve vitality and long-term well-being for students and families as well as the community by strengthening our mutual bonds, offering more opportunities for spiritual growth, finding ways to serve together, and ensuring/expanding campus safety.

We are a source of “Leaven and Light” as Jesus commands in scripture, as we actively engage students, more intentionally with the surrounding community and beyond to further Christ’s redemptive story.



Highly engaged learning, guided by the best research and characterized by dynamic approaches that develop proactive learners and produce transformative outcomes. Enriched learning experiences that incorporate the best elements in STEAM education; ensure K-12 curricular alignment; and promote mastery of soft skills graduates will need for college and career success.

Updated buildings and spaces, including GAC’s two Media Centers, and health/performance spaces.

Next level academics, guided by a rising generation of phenomenal Christian educators.

Professional development that takes teachers further, into the best, most current, and proven practices, methods, and technologies.

Adopt the best new vehicles for education that serve the mission of GAC.

Embrace careful stewardship of God’s planet and accept responsibility to further an environmentally-attuned campus.

Ensure the lasting mission of GAC through trust in God’s providence and the wisdom and forward-thinking efforts of the GACS Board of Trustees and the GAC Foundation Board of Directors, cultivation of strong resources, effective student recruitment strategies, and fostering a spirit of shared sacrifice.



Echo the core beliefs of the GAC Statement of Faith and the ethical living practices of our Community Covenant.

Intentionally share and reaffirm our faith in God’s good news for students and families.

Ensure that faith-filled Board members, teachers, staff, and

administrators grow and live out their faith, and shape GAC accordingly.

Offer a program of experiences that call students to leadership through service, worship, philanthropy, community, and church opportunities.





Collaboration From Top to Bottom By Dr. Betty Morris, K-12 Curriculum and Instruction Dean

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." –Proverbs 27:17


ith Jesus as an example of the Master teacher, superb teaching is especially important in a Christian school. At GAC, that commitment to excellence and continuing education is strong. We're readers and debaters, analysts and deep observers. Even though our job is teaching, it is also our job to keep learning. We should never stop learning regardless of how old we grow or how many degrees we earn. In addition to teaching our students, teachers are required to update and upgrade their teaching credentials each year. As times change, so does teaching; we serve our students best when we utilize the most up-todate teaching methodologies, modalities, and technologies. As Dean of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction, my task is to ensure all GAC teachers leverage opportunities to develop and master their instructional craft. We have a strong history of supporting faculty in graduate school and providing 12



an engaging professional development program for all teachers schoolwide. What’s new this year, is that GAC will be providing increased educational opportunities for our teachers on campus. The courses will be rigorous, data-driven, and research-based.

With Jesus as an example of the Master teacher, superb teaching is especially important in a Christian school. – Dr. Betty Morris We need to challenge ourselves and take risks as teachers; otherwise, we become the teachers that are doing the “same old things” day in and day out from the beginning of our careers until the end. Instead, here at GAC teachers thoughtfully align themselves with the profession’s ever-changing “best practices.”

We know it’s critical that the instruction we provide to our students from K-12 is seamless. That means a constant examination of the curriculum to obviate any holes. For example, our K-12 math teachers now meet as a group across all 13 grades to look for instructional gaps and opportunities to increase growth. This concept, called vertical alignment, ensures that what students learn in one grade level prepares them for the next grade level. Teaching is purposefully structured and logically sequenced so that students are learning standards that will progressively prepare them for more challenging, higher-level work. At our last science K-12 alignment meeting, Middle School Academic Dean Lauren Hollier noted that science teachers in the middle and elementary school were able to collaborate and write specific curriculum plans for the 5th grade elementary student transitioning into physical science for 6th grade in middle school. “Knowing what teachers are teaching at all

DID YOU KNOW? PROFESSIONALLY, GAC FACULTY & STAFF: The number of different institutions of higher education from which our incredible faculty have degrees


GAC classrooms are filled with teachers with unique professional backgrounds and experiences including but not limited to: marine biologist, mechanical engineer, zoologist, agri-scientist, astrophysicist, kinesiologists, environmental attorney, concert musican, professional dancers, journalist, published authors, theologians and former missionaries – just to name a few.

76% hold an advanced degree

10 11

hold a doctoral degree;

levels in the discipline allows for more opportunities to activate prior knowledge and build upon previous experiences,” she said.

our school…Together we are charting a course that best prepares each student for his or her educational journey.”

entoring for new teachers and academic coaching programs will continue to exist as they have at GAC for a long time. A focus this year will be delving into assessments and designing and interpreting them to improve instruction. In short, teachers will study their students’ knowledge before, during, and after teaching the standards to ensure mastery of the content.

Thank you for entrusting us with your your child's education. As GAC shifts its focus to the next 50 years, it will do so with the same unwavering passion for excellence that has always been a part of our DNA. With more resources than ever before, the commitment to our mission "to help each child grow as Jesus did ..." will continue to be the lens through which excellence in teaching and a breadth and depth of program will be pursued. We are developing the next generation of Christian leaders with a foundation of faith and a bright future ahead of them.


Lower School Assistant Principal Jill Baker remarked, “Teachers are sharing ideas that will impact learning and help us to attain powerful results for our students, our community, and

are currently pursuing a doctoral degree


are Apple Certified Educators

2 are Apple Learning Specialists IN THEIR PERSONAL LIVES: The number of different church congregations around Atlanta with which our faculty and staff are involved




are involved in small group Bible studies and/or a small group ministry program

245 2

are engaged in specific ministries and outreach programs hosted by their church serve in the National Guard GACS TODAY






Sustainable Agriculture


Elementary Science


rom the road that winds through campus, all you can see of the Nasmyth Environmental Center (NEC) are the enormous leaves of banana trees pressed against the glass of the 2,300 square foot greenhouse. But GAC students see one of their favorite classrooms. Each week, every Lower School student spends valuable time within those glass walls, learning aspects of chemistry, biology, environmental sustainability, and so much more. Before the children get inside to see the tiny bunches of green bananas, they first must pass through the Food Forest. More than just an average garden, it is a product of modern-day permaculture: A collaboration of multiple systems working together to create one mega self-sufficient, sustainable cycle. The forest has varied species of shrubbery, fruit trees, seasonal raised garden beds – everything a hungry, growing child could imagine was once in the Garden of Eden. Figs. Persimmons. Muscadines. Limes. There are even foods that many adults might not have ever encountered before: Taro root, elderberries, and moringa.

These new and unusual foods guide the young palates of those picky eaters to unusual flavors. The weekly special class incorporates nutrition and cooking lessons, emphasizing the importance of a diverse diet for the overall health of not only the self but also for the food cycle as a whole. After the students are done munching either in the NEC or in the cafeteria, the food scraps go back into the food cycle – as compost or chicken feed. While the chickens have their own regular diet of weeds and grubs from the Food Forest, they are regularly treated to a snack of leftovers from the salad bar thanks to SAGE, GAC’s food service provider. When it isn't feeding chickens, it's going to the worms in the vermicompost bin. Or to the microorganisms in the other compost bin. Nothing goes to waste at the NEC. Each week, NEC Instructional Specialist Leah Kelly and NEC Assistant Lisa Chase incorporate scripture like Psalm 24:1 to reinforce an understanding of our responsibilities as stewards of God’s creation. “We focus on noticing how we can be stewards of God's creation by composting and reducing our food

Editor’s Note: In late 2017, the Environmental Learning Center was renamed in honor of GACS Board of Trustees Chair, Fernando Nasmyth and his wife Donna. Fernando and Donna give generously of their time and resources. The new designation – Nasmyth Environmental Center – will be in place in the near future. GACS TODAY



waste. The U.S. wastes an average 40% of food! We're proud to be challenging all our students to find creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle." Composting is more than just a clever way to reuse your old scraps; it creates one of the richest soil fertilizers at no financial cost. If the gardens begin to over-produce, they have a plan for that, too. Over the summer, the NEC produced over 20 pounds of squash that couldn’t be used and shouldn’t be thrown away. The NEC assistants took it to the Norcross Co-op.




"We need to do better with managing our resources," said Mrs. Chase. "Not that long ago, we weren't wasting as much but now we are driven by our consumer society. Our goal is to get back to the Garden of Eden...but with clothes."


Freshwater Ecologists During the fall, the NEC gets a special package in the mail – a package filled with pink, rolling trout eggs.

WATER TESTING Not Just a Day on the Lake Pollutants and other toxic chemicals in water aren't good for anyone. Even a third grader knows that. But the students who experience Lake Lanier in GAC’s Floating Labs see it with their own eyes. After measuring the pH of the water in Lake Lanier, students understand the consequential impacts of pollution in our waterways. The lake water is fairly clean for the most part, but the students wouldn't know that by looking at it. They think the brown or green tint signifies pollutants. But when they begin running experiments to examine the nitrate and phosphate levels, they realize how clean it really is. It's the reflection of the trees and the shore, they discover, that makes the water look off-color. Gas spill from a boat on the marina? Not a good thing for the turtles Jacob spotted sunbathing on a rock. Campers didn't clean up their campsite? A littered campsite could be deadly for the grand Osprey Madison pointed to flying overhead. The students agreed: It was a great day to not be in a classroom. Lake Lanier is a pretty neat place, but they realized the reasons we need it extend far beyond recreation. The hydroelectric dam that gives thousands of people electricity – that’s pretty important. The clean water that we use every day – even more important. They discovered why people, governments even, can have a hard time sharing such an important resource. But they'll leave that to the adults. For right now, they're just kids enjoying a day of experiments with Mrs. Chase.

Students discover how life cycles work through observing their own hatchery. From eggs to fullfish release, students watch the trout develop from the pea-sized beads. And that's not the only finned class pets. Nestled in the back corner of the greenhouse, there are 100 aquatic creatures traversing a 110-gallon aquaponic tank. They are a small circus of 25 catfish, 25 tilapia, 25 shrimp, and 25 Australian Blue Claw Crayfish. The idea of lower school students safeguarding hundreds of aquatic lives sounds daunting, but these students demonstrate an accelerated level of responsibility in the NEC. The upkeep for the critters isn't too much if you know how the systems work. A series of pumps and microbe filters clean the water and push it into a tray of lettuce leaflets and other greens. After the plants use up the water, it goes right back to the fish and feeds them with the proper minerals that the plants can't use. Simple, even for an elementary schooler to grasp. Once the catfish grow big enough from ingesting all the nutrients in this system, they'll move into the goldfish and koi pond outside the greenhouse. The next step: Freshwater biology with Mrs. Chase. With the proper tools, they conduct their own water quality experiments on the Floating Labs at Lake Lanier. Learning about fish and water go hand-andhand. Everything they learn from the water quality testing goes back to their friends with fins in the aquaponic system.






LOWER SCHOOL Jordan Andrews (5th Grade) Jordan is a graduate of the University of North Georgia and holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood and Special Education, with a reading endorsement. She has a wide range of experience in various classroom settings, recently enjoying the opportunity to intern at a school in Gloucester, UK. Jordan attends Sovereign Grace Church in Woodstock. Sarah Grant (2nd Grade) Sarah’s love of learning is demonstrated by her current pursuit of a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction at Mercer University. She holds a Master’s from Mercer and Bachelor’s from University of Georgia, both in Early Childhood Education. She also holds an early childhood endorsement in mathematics and Project WILD Certification related to conservation and environmental education. Sarah previously taught 4th and 5th grade at Fifth Avenue Elementary in Decatur. She’s involved at Buckhead Church as a volunteer and small group leader for newly marrieds.




Ansley Keiser (5th Grade Science) Ansley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia and brings a wide range of experience in teaching, developing curriculum, and implementing smallgroup studies. Adept at cultivating relationships with colleagues, students, and families, this 1986 graduate of GAC served here last year as a Teaching Assistant. She and her husband attend Church of the Apostles.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Tyler Lang (Language Arts, Math) A GAC alum from the Class of 2003, Tyler is delighted to be back on campus. Tyler holds a Bachelor of Education in Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies from Kennesaw State University and is Orton-Gillingham Certified. She taught most recently at Providence Christian School where she coached the varsity softball team. Tyler attends Northpoint Community Church.

So then, welcome him in the Lord with great joy, and honor people like him. Philippians 2:29

Josh Lee (Academic Support) Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Health from Lipscomb University and a Masters of Education in Education and Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri. A college baseball player at both Vanderbilt University and Lipscomb University, Josh has served as an assistant coach at the college-level. He was named the 2015 recipient of the James R. Byers Award at Lipscomb for outstanding Christian leadership and excellence in academics and athletics. Josh has been involved in missions to the Dominican Republic and participates in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

HIGH SCHOOL Jake Burton (Bible, Assistant Football Coach) A 2005 GAC graduate, Jake returns to GAC as Bible teacher and assistant football coach. Jake is a graduate of Lipscomb University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Ministry and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. He previously worked at Lipscomb as a Campus Minister and directed a spiritual mentoring program that grew to 700 participants across the Lipscomb community.

Jessica Guarneri (Math, JV Volleyball, Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball) A graduate of Wingate University in North Carolina, Jessica comes to us from Florence, South Carolina where she served as mathematics department chair and coach of girls basketball and volleyball at Kings Academy. A former NCAA Division II Kodak All-American and SAC Conference Player of the year, Jessica also enjoyed a stint as a sports writer for the Lee County Observer. Mary Lynn Huett (Chemistry) Mary Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Wake Forest University, a Master of Education from George Mason University, and a J.D. from University of Houston. She practiced law in Washington DC and Texas before making the move to education. She comes to us from Whitfield Academy where she was named the 2016 Teacher of the Year. Mary Lynn and her family attend Johns Creek Baptist Church.




Russell Lawless (Math, Middle School Track, Middle School Soccer) A graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education, Russell has also worked toward a Master of Divinity degree at New Orleans Baptist Seminary in Marietta. He previously served as a campus minister at Georgia State University. The experience allowed him the opportunity to mentor students even as he helped them strengthen math skills. Russell attends M28 Church in Midtown. Michael Saari (Math, Girls Tennis) After graduation from Davidson College with a degree in Economics, Michael spent a year as a professional golfer, then turned to a career in accounting and finance. His proficiency with advanced math and science led to work as a math tutor and ultimately to work that allowed him to help students with math and science and mentor them on a personal and spiritual level. Michael and his wife attend Gwinnett Community Church.

Joe Sandoe (Chemistry, Health, Assistant Football and Basketball coach) Joe holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Education from Dickinson College and a Master of Science Education from Lebanon Valley College. He has served as Assistant Dean of Students and taught chemistry at Pace Academy, where he chaperoned students on global Habitat for Humanity trips to locations including Chile, Romania, and Vietnam. Joe is involved at Passion City Church. Kristy Winkes (Drama & Theatre Director) A beloved High School English teacher at GAC several years ago, Kristy Winkes returns to teach High School Drama and serve as Theatre Director. A graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Language Arts, Kristy holds a Master of Education from St. Mary’s University. Kristy and her family returned to to Atlanta from Minnesota where she was English Department Chair and built a recognized theatre program at Legacy Christian Academy.

So if you consider me a partner, welcome him as you would welcome me. Philemon 1:17 20





n the summer of 2016, Nasmyth Environmental Center (NEC) Assistant Lisa Chase could have spent her time off in flip-flops at the pool with a book. Instead, she spent much of her summer in leather boots deep in the woods of a state park in Helen, Georgia, as she engaged in an eight-week course to become a certified Georgia Master Naturalist. Far from a classroom, she was still immersed in research – about bees, insects, reptiles, mammals, and birds in their natural habitats. “This area has always been my interest and background. My passion, really,” says Mrs. Chase. Designed by the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, the Georgia Master Naturalist certification program provides hands-on environmental education that explores habitats and

ecosystems in Georgia. Through a combination of lectures and field studies, Mrs. Chase studied habitats such as swamps, ponds, rivers, wetlands, mountains, forests, and farms. She shares this knowledge with GAC students each day in the NEC. Mrs. Chase majored in zoology at The Ohio State University and went on to do research at the Cincinnati Zoo. She is also a graduate student at Georgia College and State University pursuing a master’s degree in middle grades math and science education. She looks forward to introducing beehives to the NEC this spring and planning student lessons about their life cycle, honey-making abilities, and their role in our food supply. “There’s not enough time to teach everything we want to teach,” she smiles. But thankfully for our students, she fits in plenty.

On outings in the Floating Science Labs at Lake Lanier, Mrs. Chase drives the boat as students learn about water quality, sustainable water use, aquatic life and the human impact on water resources.




Hallway Heroes


2017 Celebration Dinner

ur "heroes" are the great people who give their heart to the work of GAC transforming students' lives. One of the markers that sets GAC apart is the incredible caliber of our people – whether on the stage, in the classroom, on the field, or in support of our GAC family ensuring every detail is handled with care and excellence. We give "honor to whom honor is due," expressing appreciation for accomplishments achieved and for going the extra mile. The theme this past year was Salt & Light, reminding us of the passage in Matthew 5 to be a difference maker to those around us, as individuals and as a school community. 22



2017 H.A. Fincher Spirit of Excellence Award: Scott Harsh The recipient of this award exemplifies the following traits:

• • • • • •

Exhibits selflessness and devotion to students Demonstrates outstanding professional qualifications Inspires excellence in students Provides many years of service to GAC Promotes spiritual direction for students Goes above and beyond his/her responsibilities

2017 Outstanding Lower School Educator of the Year Marla Boren, Lower School Academic Support

2017 Outstanding Middle School Educator of the Year Chase Parks, Middle School Science

2017 Outstanding High School Educator of the Year Matt Fincher, High School Social Science

Marla's outstanding work ethic and “open door” policy for teachers, parents, and students alike have long impressed her colleagues. Known for her creative, multi-disciplinary techniques, Marla is passionate about teaching and reserves a special place in her heart for all students past and present. She daily inspires students to achieve their fullest potential.

Chase is known as an authentic leader with the ability to influence and impact students in a way they will remember their entire lives. Outside of the classroom, he is committed to furthering his relationships with students through coaching. Chase uses an empathetic and creative approach to challenge students and athletes to achieve excellence in all of their endeavors.

Passion is a word that came up often when Matt’s peers were asked about him. Matt is committed to preparing students for what’s ahead both spiritually and academically; he is respected and admired by all who know him. Never asking his team members to do more than he requires of himself, Matt recently coached the JV Academic Team to a state championship.

2017 RETIREES Thank you for your years of service

Elaine Adams 16 years

Cindy Lawrence Jeanne Giager 19 years 20 years

Barbara Porter 27 years

Beth Christian 31 years

Sandra Baggett 31 years

Diane Jones 34 years

Clif Jones 40 years GACS TODAY



One Last Walk By Cammie Caldwell, Class of 2017


he Class of 2017 walked with pride on May 25 as they said goodbye to Greater Atlanta Christian School and headed off into their futures. Graduation this year was a time of reflection, laughter, and a lot of excitement. From the early halls of the Village to the final strut across the stage in Long Forum, GAC was home to many of these students their entire lives. The Class of 2017 loved walking together from the Student Family Center to Long Forum, as they reminisced and took one final look around the campus they were leaving behind. Memories like

Abigail Kettle Class of 2017 Valedictorian Stellar Spartan Award Scholar Athlete Award

football games, the spiritual retreat, cramming for tests, chapels, and Project Graduation were just tidbits of amazing times this class had together. Their impact on GAC will never be forgotten. Being handed the diploma was a bittersweet moment for students. As they looked back on all the times shared through the halls of GAC, they were able to smile and go confidently into the world. Everyone was excited to see what the future had in store for the 188 thoughtful, talented, memorable, adventurous, and headstrong students of the Class of 2017.

Alexandra Hines Class of 2017 Salutatorian National Merit Commended Award Governor's Honors Award




Mason English National Merit Finalist Scholar Athlete Award Star Student Award Stellar Spartan Award

Scholarship offers including HOPE and ZELL MILLER

$15,058,450 Scholarship offers excluding HOPE

$10,994,815 HOPE and ZELL MILLER total

$4,063,635 *These amounts are estimated by offers students have reported. Students may or may not have accepted all these offers.

College Choices: Class of 2017


Agnes Scott College American Musical & Dramatic Academy Arizona State University Auburn University Augusta University Belmont University Berry College Bryn Mawr College Case Western Reserve University Clemson University College of Charleston Columbia University Converse College Covenant College Davidson College Elon University Florida State University Furman University Gardner-Webb University Georgia College and State University Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Perimeter College Georgia Southern University Georgia State University Hampden-Sydney College Harding University Howard University Kennesaw State University Lanier Technical College Lee University Lipscomb University Loyola Marymount University Mercer University Michigan State University Mississippi State University New York University Oakwood University Oberlin College Pennsylvania State University Pepperdine University Prairie View A & M University Purdue University Reinhardt University Rhodes College Samford University Santa Clara University

SCAD- Savannah College of Art and Design University of South Carolina Upstate University of Southern California Southern Methodist University University of Southern Mississippi Spelman College Stanford University Stetson University State University of New York, Stony Brook Tennessee Technological University University of Tennessee, Knoxville Texas A & M University The New School University of Alabama University of California, Los Angeles University of California, San Diego University of Florida University of Georgia University of Hawaii, Manoa University of Illinois University of Miami University of North Carolina, Asheville University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill University of North Georgia University of Notre Dame University of Texas, Austin University of Utah University of Washington University of West Georgia U.S. Air Force Academy Washington University, St. Louis Western Kentucky University





When Irish Eyes are Smiling… The Greater Atlanta Christian School Marching Spartans are headed to Ireland! The band, under the direction of Megan Williams, applied last fall to perform in the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. After submitting videos

of their past performances in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the London New Year’s Day Parade – and enduring a lengthy wait – the band learned this fall it had been accepted to perform in this prestigious parade. The band trip in

2019 will span six days, and include sights like the Blarney Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and a Gaelic football match!

Singing Brothers Selected for National Choral Ensemble Gavin and Ethan McDonnell, identical twins and juniors at GAC, were recently accepted into the prestigious All-National Choir of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). They are two of only 15 students who successfully auditioned from the state of Georgia. Selection to the All-National choir is considered one of the finest achievements available to high school choral students in the United States. The McDonnells performed at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida, November 28-29 along with other top student choristers in the country. Internationally renowned director Dr. Z. Randall Stroope, professor of music and director of choral/vocal studies at Oklahoma State University, conducted. “The honor to sing under such a well-renowned director and among the best high school choral singers in the country feels almost too 26



good to be true,” said Gavin. The brothers have been taught and led by Dr. Marcus Miller, GAC’s Director of Choral and Vocal Activities. Miller was instrumental in the audition process for the boys, working with them before and after school so that they mastered the necessary skills and techniques. Noted Miller, “At GAC, they have grown tremendously because of their work ethic, dedication to their craft, and passion for music.” Students first had to earn admission into the Georgia AllState Chorus, which involved multiple rounds of auditions to demonstrate various musical skills and knowledge, to be eligible to audition for the All-National Choir. Students submitted

unedited, unaccompanied video auditions to be considered for the choir. This marks the first time a GAC student has been selected for this choral award. The All-National Honor Ensembles are comprised of concert band, symphony orchestra, mixed choir, and jazz ensembles.

Antigone High school actors staged a dystopian version of Sophocles classic “Antigone� in October, drawing close to 700 enthusiastic audience members. The darkly-lit post-apocalyptic staging set the perfect tone for this tragic tale. In cast talk-back sessions after the show, students shared the lessons they learned from studying this particular script: that standing up for what is right is always right. The first production directed by Kristy Winkes, the show received superior ratings at the Georgia Theater Conference and took First Place in our region.





Spartans Level Up FALL 2017 SIGNEES


Left to Right

Adam Carver Covenant College Baseball Johns Hamilton GA Southern Univ. Baseball Erik Smith Prairie View A&M Baseball Tamiah Lewis UNC Asheville Basketball

Front to Back, Left to Right

JP McGuire Gardner Webb University Baseball Bo Powell University of Utah Lacrosse Jonathan Rose University of Utah Lacrosse

Amanda Briskin Samford University Softball

Jada Jones Harvard University Track

Caria Reynolds Hofstra Basketball

Maddie Marchiando Stetson University Softball

Robyn Benton Auburn University Basketball

Tony Stewart University of Louisville Dive

Taylor Sutton Middle TN State University Basketball

Mary Martha Turner Wofford College Basketball

Carson Taylor Virginia Tech Baseball

Jonathan Stuckey Queens College Wrestling

Bruce Davis Smith Jacksonville University Golf

McMichael: U.S. Army Strong If you’ve seen Kyler McMichael run the ball, you know of his astonishing speed. More than a steadfast running back, he is known for his escapes across defensive lines with agility that caught the attention of Clemson University coaches. Before he transitions to play for the Tigers, McMichael has been selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl – a perfect capstone for his high school football career. Over the past four years GAC head football coach Tim Hardy and staff have produced three players that progressed into this arena. The prestigious U.S. Army Bowl elects the most talented 28



players in high school football who typically continue on to the NFL such as bowl alumni Odell Beckham Jr., Tim Tebow, and Eric Berry. The 2018 game will be held on Saturday, January 6th in San Antonio, Texas and will be aired live on NBC at 1:00 p.m. ET/ 12:00 p.m. CT.

GAC Alumnus wins NBA Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon is showing the NBA what we at GAC have known for a while: Brogdon is simply invaluable. In June, the 2011 alumnus won the NBA Rookie of the Year award for his first season with the Milwaukee Bucks. Before his star turn for the University of Virginia, where he earned both a Bachelor of History and Master of Public Policy, he led the Spartans to back-to-back state championships in 2010 and 2011. Prominent in the

Spartan Hall of Fame, he holds the records for most points in one season (821) and most free throws made in a season (213). Malcolm is also a force off the court. His motivation to pursue Public Policy was fueled by his devotion to service. Athletes for a Better World honored his involvement with foreign service trips and mentoring young athletes.

his determination,” said GAC retired Administrative Vice President Bill Burton. In fact, he’s the first player drafted in the second round – 36th overall – to win this award. “For those of us who know Malcolm” continued Bill, “we swell with pride when many recognitions coming Malcolm’s way include the phrase ‘GAC Graduate Malcolm Brogdon.’”

“The teams that chose to pass on Malcolm definitely miscalculated GACS TODAY



So nice, they won it twice Last Spring, the GAC Girls Track and Field team won the State Championship for the second year in a row. After competing against more than 70 different teams in Class AAA, the Spartans had one team left to beat: Monroe Albany High School. Enduring a tough three-day meet, the Spartans prevailed, toppling the Tornadoes in the ultimate race with a final score of 109-105. During the competition the team shattered six school records with performances by Abby Kettle (’17), Nia Brown (’18), Jada Jones (’18), Chloe Fair (’20), and Jasmine Jones (’20).




Spring Sports Results: GAC’s first Class AAA State Championship Girls Track & Field 1st Region / Final Four Appearance Girls Soccer Boys Tennis Girls Basketball 1st in Region Boys Soccer Boys Track & Field Baseball 2nd in State, 2nd in Region Boys Golf




#SPARTANSTORIES #HowBoutThemApples It’s a sweet treat when the Academic Vice President personally delivers a candy apple to your door! Our teachers deserved it: 100% of the faculty are now Apple Certified Educators so once we reached that threshold this fall, Scott Harsh chose a fitting way to mark the occasion. Many faculty members spent a portion of their summer working toward certification that ensures we leverage Apple devices in the most effective ways possible to maximize student learning. GAC has been designated an Apple Distinguished School continuously since 2010 because of its innovative use of technology in the classroom.

#Spartan #NationalMerit Academics come second-nature to this group of nationally-acclaimed scholars. Congratulations to the Commended Scholars and Semi-Finalist Lacey Shaffer. Back row (l-r): Jack Hollier, Sloan Pruitt Martin, Kathryn McGaughey, Jacob Brechbühl Front row: AnnaBelle Hellinger, Caroline Bower, MaryEmma Hughes, Lacey Shaffer

#SoManyBooksSoLittleTime What happens when you mix GAC 8th graders, topics they’re passionate about, and community? The 8th grade book project. Each year 6th and 7th grade students cluster together in the nooks and crannies of the Liles Media Center for a different kind of story time. Their 8th grade counterparts tell tales of early American pioneers to World War I sagas. In the end, middle schoolers communed in the joys that reading nonfiction can bring. 32



#Eclipsin’ Sporting our NASA-verified and certified glasses, GAC students and faculty welcomed the August 21 eclipse. In the days leading up to the phenomenon, K-12 STEM Director Tom Meeker and GAC science teachers constructed specially-tailored lessons to ensure students fully understood this semi-rare occurrence. High School chapel for the day incorporated the theme of light and dark, asserting the reassuring truth that the light has come – and the darkness has not overcome it.

Stories #DontGoBaconMyHeart

In September, GAC 5th graders were in “hog heaven” as they had the chance to hold and touch a pig heart. The pig dissection was led by elementary school science teacher Ansley Keiser. “Isn’t God amazing!? Who would ever think that parts of a pig’s heart would work in a human heart?” she asked them with exuberance. Teaching pig-human heart compatibility was one of her learning objectives for the day. Students had the opportunity to poke their fingers into the superior vena cava; touch and count the heart chambers; and open the organ up to see the tendons (also known as “heart strings) and ventricles. Some students were more tentative than others about touching the heart, but even the onlookers could not take their eyes off this animal wonder.

#AhoyMatey Not one to do anything half way, Lower School music teacher Dr. Robin Hensley was appropriately attired for Talk Like a Pirate Day in September. Here, she's teaching pirate songs to K4 students in music class, a lesson that culminated with a peek inside a pirate treasure chest. And we're happy to report, with these always-attentive children, nobody was made to walk the plank. GACS TODAY



Bereaved Students Nurtured During


Life can be hard – this is an unpleasant but inevitable realization. Unfortunately, some young GAC students experience heartache much too early through the loss of a parent, sibling, or loved one during their time on our campus. They may struggle for weeks, months, and even years after this loss.

GAC’s focus is on the whole student. When students face difficult times, as we all do at some point, GAC has the opportunity to show Christ and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

An informal but powerful program, “Growing Time” uses the natural metaphors for death and re-birth that occur in nature and in Scripture to provide a comforting, intimate environment for bereaved GAC students. NEC Instructional Specialist Leah Kelley meets with students one-on-one so she can tailor the time to suit each child’s unique needs and grieving process. Each student plans, plants, and maintains a small memorial garden for their loved one, designing and adorning it to remember the relationship. Time for reflection and prayer are also key components of the program. “They’ve experienced so much loss of control in their lives at such a young age,” Leah notes. “Their memorial gardens are a place for them to control something and make it their own.”

Leah earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Agriscience from Michigan State University and certification in horticultural therapy from the Horticultural Therapy Institute in Denver. She works to ensure a positive, nurturing experience for the children. She says, “It’s really tough to watch kids go through this, but I believe that it’s easier to talk about things and people feel happier when they are in a natural setting. We are making time and space for them to grieve here.”

God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars. -Martin Luther

#ForeverSpartans Seems like just yesterday these guys were doing their thing in Spartan Stadium! When Rhodes College faced off against Berry College September 16, there were GAC alumni on both sides of the ball, and their former coaches in the stands, to enjoy every moment. l-r: Tim Hardy, Head GAC Football Coach Conner Cox, GAC Class of 2012 Carson Cox, GAC Class of 2015, player at Rhodes College Will Kenworthy, GAC Class of 2015, player at Berry College Kendall Knight, Assistant GAC Football Coach DJ Coker, GAC Class of 2015, player at Rhodes College Clay Cox, Assistant GAC Football Coach 34




Spartan Spirit sparkled on campus October 6, just like the glitter used to decorate T-shirts at the Campus Church tailgate before the game. There was something

for everyone on this Homecoming Weekend, made even more memorable because it marked GAC’s 50th anniversary. Gold was the color of choice for attire among attendees at the game. Alumni hugged and caught up with one another as they surveyed a campus that has continued to grow and flourish. Lower school children raced through an inflatable obstacle course and bouncy house beside the football field. Their older counterparts raced against the game clock to put the finishing touches on their masterpieces of face and body paint. The Homecoming Court elevated the level of glam on this night. Queen Jada Jones and King Cameron Brasher dazzled the crowd before the team secured the win against East Hall, 59-0. GACS TODAY









Annual Fund 2017-2018 Gifts and Pledges in the Parent Campaign as of October 27, 2017 We are truly grateful to the Greater Atlanta Christian School families who participated in the 2017-2018 Annual Fund. It takes consistent support from all of our community to build and sustain the GAC we know and love. Every aspect of student life at GAC is impacted by your generous gift. Thank you!

YOUNG LEARNERS 96% Farhan and Razia Ali Asfaw and Lily Ambaye Cory and Rubia Anderson Anonymous (3) Olufunsho and Morenike Bankole Matthew and April Beasley Lanny and Meg Blackwood Phillip and Valeria Boazman Chip and Kelly Carter Kyle and Rachel Chandler Todd and Bonnie Clear Sandeep and Priscilla Das Tracy and Cheryl Dillon Serge and Kiesha Doh Matt and Abbie Doran David and Brandi Eaton Joe and Stephanie Edlhuber Raphael and Joi Fairell Kevin and Deannah Fiebelkorn Sean Foote and Crystal Cardwell Eric and Mariah Harris Daniel and Izabela Helms James and Shannon Henderson Harvey and Allison Hillyer Kenn and Courtney Huggins Michael and Kayla Hughes Scott and Kristy Hutchinson Clint and Shay Jenkins TJ and TK Johnson Eric and Sandy Johnson Haley Kemp Adam and Shelley Lloyd Addison Long David and Jessica Ly Amanda Malayter Chris and Amy Marion Gerald and Laureen McFadden Tom and Rachel Meeker Eric and Courtney Middleton Robert and Alisa Moloney

Van and Michelle Nguyen Henry and Layla Nguyen Caleb and Addi Panter Mike and Sarah Park Sergio and Justina Pengel Chuck and Deborah Pinson Joel and Courtney Ransom David and Savannah Roberts John and Amy Shaw Mike and Mary Beth Sierra Sean and Reva Sue Josh and Ashley Thomason Jeff and Cathy Tsai Salim Osabiya and Safeena Virani Thomas and Shelly Vorpahl Rodney and Julia Walley Dustin and Sara White James and Megan Williams Rinnel Williams and Ashley Wells Brandon and Rebecca Williams Jimmy and Tricia Wilson Robbie and Kristen Wilson Joe and Kelley Woo Zhaoxi Zeng and Lisa Chen

K4 82% Anonymous Charles and Leah Berry Tim and Julianne Birt Troy and Creona Byrd Frank and Christine Clark Lulu Crenshaw Nick and Ashley Davis Tracy and Cheryl Dillon Raphael and Joi Fairell Jose Fernandez and Vanessa Cabrera Nick and Stephanie Hokkanen Andy and Alice Kim Tae Kim and Heesun Jun Bryan and Lindsay Mason

Moises and Natalia Medina Brett and Joy Mitchell Tolu and Deslyn Olunuga Erol and Sandra Onal Jitesh and Shital Patel Robert Porter and Eliana Gonzalez George and Natalia Rafeedie Timothy and Sharla Richardson Rochelle Richardson Dominic and Dion Stokes Nikita Thomas Daniel and Megan Wyatt Tae and Miju Yu

K5 100% Sam and Cherie Ameyaw Anonymous (2) Josh and Leigh Arwood Shariq and Amna Ashfaq Steve Barresi and Anique Whitmore Maurice and Hope Barton Matthew and April Beasley Terry and Alison Beasley Ken and Kim Blackshear Brandon and Annalisa Bloodworth Mike and Laurie Brosius Ryan and Syndy Buchanan Matthew and Katherine Carr Sam and Sunny Chung Craig and Pam Cormack Thomas and Elizabeth Duttera Quentin and Kimberly Foxworth Ashleigh Hewatt Jeff and Mary Lynn Huett Travis and Stephanie Jennings Barrett and Kay Johnson Keedai and Susan Kim Jason and Andrea Krause Hyder and Zehra Lalani Colin and Tammy Leitch GACS TODAY



Adam and Shelley Lloyd Michael and Sarah Nichols Tolu and Deslyn Olunuga Ashish and Binal Patel Rodney and Erica Pierre Eric and Tavala Poole Greg and Jennifer Schroeder Kevin and Betsy Sessions Antwawn and Kameron Sheats Amin and Karishma Surani Sean and Christine Tang Craig and Britt Thomas Robert and Jennifer Turner Thomas and Shelly Vorpahl Derek and Dee Wade Michael and Kathy Washington Brandon and Rebecca Williams Robbie and Kristen Wilson George and Jean Yu

PRE FIRST 100% Tony and Angie Campagna Josh and Jennifer Crisp Bob and Susan Greene Tromell and Tshai Henry Corey and Kathleen Korpita Ryan and Lauren McSwain Maurice and Lillian Phelps Marissa Stephens Matt and Rebecca Trayler Paula Washington Matt and Danelle Wilson

1ST GRADE 99% Doug and Christina Able Sam and Sophia Adams Brandon and Lindsey Barron Charles and Leah Berry Dawn Brown Damon and Chrishonda Burgess Nathan and Britney Burton Larry and Debbie Butler Jason and Stephanie Caine Vincent and Felicia Campbell Ryan and Amy Chamblee Dennis Chan and Alice Lin Eric and Brooke Charron Jim and Chris Costas Lanier and Allison Coulter John and Leah Dye 38



Bob and Bonnie Espy Kevin and Deannah Fiebelkorn Matt and Jessica Fincher Nelson Harris and Elizabeth Gitata Dustin and Rae Hewatt Harvey and Allison Hillyer Nick and Stephanie Hokkanen Tyson Jackson and Arin Jones Jocelyn Johnson Monty and Melanie Joseph Choohyun and Sunny Kim Ameet and Smiran Lilani Ben and Christie Maloch Whit and Barbara Marschalk Ruddy and Tina Matherson David and Suzanne Miller Kimberly Minter Brett and Joy Mitchell Faiyaz and Shirin Mitha Rob and Lisa Moffa Eric and Kara Musser David and Tiffany Nash Sonny and Kelly No Ola and Modele Ogunniyi Jitesh and Shital Patel George and Natalia Rafeedie Gary and Mandy Richey Segun and Michele Salami Gabriel and Kortney Shababy Marcus and Melanie Sims Dustin and Ashley Skidmore Izzy and Bee Sparks Julius Green and Taryn Taylor Craig and Britt Thomas Anna Trofimova Michael and Rosa Vestal Derek and Dee Wade John and Jodi Webb James Wildenburg Revi and Amy Williams Jon and Michelle Williamson Robbie and Kristen Wilson Jimmy and Tricia Wilson Mark and Janice Wszolek Emery and Jenise Yawn Tae and Miju Yu Christopher and Melissa Zornes

2ND GRADE 100% Derly Alvarez Anonymous (3)

Terry and Sholanda Armstrong Dwight and Nichole Austion Terry and Alison Beasley Jeremy and Ashlee Beauchamp Barry and Brandy Blount Mark and Gloria Boyd Ryan and Syndy Buchanan Damon and Chrishonda Burgess Thomas and Katie Chae Vikram Chaudhary and Gaganjot Sambi Sam and Sunny Chung Eder and Manuela Cifuentes Josh and Jennifer Crisp Jarrod and Melissa Crisp Jad and Sonja Daye Brad and Jami Denton TJ and Christy Dixon Thomas and Elizabeth Duttera Myron and Pam Freeman Usman and Hiram Gandhi Jesus and Toshi Garcia de Las Bayonas Cespedes Mark and Lauren Gary Ravinder Grewal and Sona Sambi Nate and Sara Harrell Will and Garnett Henderson Orpheus and Sony Heyward Paul and Nancy Holland Michael and Sandra Ichwan Stephanie James Kurt and Kara Koons Ben and Christie Maloch Moises and Natalia Medina Eric and Courtney Middleton David and Suzanne Miller Kimberly Minter Brett and Joy Mitchell Joshua and Claudia Morris Meaghan Morrison Eric and Kara Musser David and Tiffany Nash Seng and Amy Ng James and Stephanie Niles Matt and Heather Paden Rob and Stephanie Payne Amy Pittman Eric and Tavala Poole Karim and Salima Sangani Marc and Pam Scheipe Antwawn and Kameron Sheats Wes and Vanessa Shoop

Eric and Angela Stewart Nev and Veronica Street Quang and Tho Tran Jeff and Cathy Tsai Jimmy and Sonal Valiani Dan and Brooke Voelzke Neil and Lauren Walls Kimberly Wilson Wells and Shelley Woodward Sang Yi and Nancy Kil George and Jean Yu

3RD GRADE 92% Jenny Aden Sam and Penny Aguirre Anonymous Josh and Leigh Arwood Scott and Alyssa Barbour Leah Bates Charles and JoAnna Beasley Matthew and April Beasley Mike and Laurie Brosius Thom and Molly Burke Marvell and Kristi Butts Terry Carothers Matthew and Katherine Carr Ryan and Amy Chamblee

Dennis Chan and Alice Lin Philip and Kim Civins Kevin and Michelle Cook Lanier and Allison Coulter Jarrod and Melissa Crisp Booker and Jessica Daniels TJ and Christy Dixon Marcus and Crystal Downs Aziz and Inara Farishta Shea and Heather Futral Allen and Rebekah Gilliard James Gray Elisha Gray John and Melissa Harris Scott and Teresa Harsh Harvey and Allison Hillyer Charles and Tara Jenkins Thad and Emily Joiner Aaron and Megan Keyes Howard and Esther Kim Corey and Kathleen Korpita Sean and Rachel Lynch Mike and Kristen MacKenzie Jonathan and Kip Matas Ryan and Lauren McSwain Cory and Lavetra Milton Rob and Lisa Moffa Patrick and Joby Moore

Amin and Dilshad Narsindhani Lisa Nguyen Chau and Melissa Nguyen Reginald and Chandra Norton Chima and Ugochi Ohuabunwo Arturo and LaVonne Ortega Brad and Heather Paul Todd and Simone Phillips Paul and Sunny Pi Rodney and Erica Pierre Rob and Julie Plowden David and Elizabeth Ridenour Jeremiah and Missy Romack Jacob and Judy Scott Gabriel and Kortney Shababy Wes and Vanessa Shoop Paul and Mayuari Singh Eric and Lani Staebell Bill and Kelly Strong Eric and Stephanie Stuckey Amin and Karishma Surani Richard and Laurie Swope Sean and Christine Tang Marcus and Shaunette Taylor Chris and Grace Trepasso Jeff and Cathy Tsai Robert and Jennifer Turner Thomas and Shelly Vorpahl




James Wildenburg Revi and Amy Williams Jon and Michelle Williamson Michael and Rita Wilson Matt and Danelle Wilson Jimmy and Tricia Wilson Christopher and Melissa Zornes

4TH GRADE 95% David and Cameron Alkhazraji Anonymous (6) Hope Ashby Mitike Berhanu Katrina Bilal Peter and Kimberly Boehm Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bowling Mark and Gloria Boyd Steve and Jennifer Bragg George and Linda Brathwaite Conrad and Jessica Brooks Tony and Angie Campagna Philip and Kim Civins Nic and Roza Clempus Chris and Misha Collinson Adam and Lena Crump Desiree Delacruz Kurt and Maria Diedrich Anthony and Sandy Duncan Daniel and Samantha Duong Gentry and Lynn Ganote Jesus and Toshi Garcia de Las Bayonas Cespedes Mark and Lauren Gary Brad and Katie Gates Walter and LaSeane George Richard and Beth Griffin Ken and Amorette Halley John and Melissa Harris Tromell and Tshai Henry Dustin and Rae Hewatt Stephanie Hills Nick and Stephanie Hokkanen Carl and Paige Hoover Sadek and Amira Hussain Michael and Sandra Ichwan LaKesha Johnson Sabrina Johnson Bryan and Heni Jordan Sean and So-Young Kim John and Angela Mains Ravi and Margot Mallik 40



Chris and Amy Marion David and Mary Marshman Jonathan and Kip Matas Winston and Nancy McDonald Carmen McGee Cory and Lavetra Milton Meaghan Morrison Rodney and Cheryl Neal Chau and Melissa Nguyen James and Stephanie Niles Marc Odike Matt and Heather Paden Rob and Stephanie Payne Rob and Julie Plowden John and Sarah Pritchard Wallace and Nicora Prude Rey and Teresa Regalado Peter and Victoria Ruf Tevester and Lisa Scott Marcus and Melanie Sims Mehmood and Sameera Sohani Felipe Trejo and Monica Londono Dell and Nicole Turner Daryn and Sabrina Veney Chinh and Huynh-Nhu Vo Neil and Lauren Walls Jenelle Walthour Will and Yolanda West Compton and Jennifer Wharton Chris Willis Dennis and Misty Wilson John and Alicia Wood Don and Lisa Woodard Mark and Janice Wszolek

5TH GRADE 94% Doug and Christina Able Sam and Sophia Adams Anonymous (6) Josh and Leigh Arwood Mario Asiain Diaz and Gabriela Ayala Scott and Alyssa Barbour Clifton and Sheila Baskerville Terry and Alison Beasley Brad and Laurel Beckham James and Kelly Brandon Courtney and Martha Braswell Adrian and Kristi Britt Kendric and LaToya Brumfield Andrew and Dionne Butler

Vincent and Felicia Campbell Jose and Karissa Cangiano Ron and Leeanne Clarke Frank and Yuri Cobia Blaine and Lianne Cole John and Suzanne Connel Malcolm and Dee Dee Cunningham Dave and Andrea Daniels Nick and Ashley Davis Burt and Sherri Deardorff Kurt and Maria Diedrich Serge and Kiesha Doh Antoine and Rita El-Khoury Nick and Feona Frager Farooq and Salma Gandhi Max and Fatima Gonzalez Bob and Susan Greene Marlon and Veronica Grey Alfred and Tonya Griffin Erin Gulish Roberto and Rocio Gutierrez Nelson Harris and Elizabeth Gitata Gary and Sheri Hays Nate and Tonya Henry Orpheus and Sony Heyward Tammy Ho Paul and Nancy Holland Kenn and Courtney Huggins Michele Huggins Jason and Hollie Huynh Lisa Jackson Thom and Jennifer Jacquet Robert and Virginia James Thad and Emily Joiner Monica Jones Aaron and Megan Keyes Khaja Ahmed and Saima Khan Guy and Pamela Logan Khang Martin Romeo and Beverly Massoud Glen and Paula McDonnell Moises and Natalia Medina Mike and Heather Miars Fritz and Tami Miller Faiyaz and Shirin Mitha Karthik Muthiah and Mona Batra Chris Newton Elizabeth Newton Reginald and Chandra Norton Terry and Angie Parks Vipul and Kataki Patel

Todd and Simone Phillips Ruddy and Rhonda Polhill Peerless and Neisha Price Jason and Tiffany Rash Jovan and Sheri Riley John and Marci Rosselot Piper Roussell Gabriel and Kortney Shababy Zachary and Charlene Smith Paul and Cherie Syiek Todd and Amanda Syprett Chris and Jennifer Taylor Michael and Kanika Thomas Felipe Trejo and Monica Londono Jimmy and Sonal Valiani Phuong and Khanh Vo Michael and Kathy Washington Chip and Becky Wells Adam and Shannon Wickley Herbert and Michelle Wild Brett and Chanda Williams Chris Willis Endrias and Sofia Woodeneh

6TH GRADE 99% Jenny Aden Zulfiqar and Zee Ahmed Derly Alvarez Anonymous (4) Tim and Natasha Baker Brian and Cathy Baker Leah Bates Brent and Heather Beckham Ken Benson Rob and Mary Benton Zulan Berry Peter and Tabitha Beverly Diamond Blackmon Mark and Lisa Bowling Mark and Gloria Boyd Steve and Jennifer Bragg Clayton and Donna Braswell Terry and Joy-Ann Brown Michael and Susan Bryant Damon and Chrishonda Burgess Andrew and Dionne Butler David and Allen Butler Dean and Tarsha Calloway Alex and Stacy Campos Andrew and Jenean Carlton Jon and Tasha Carr

Aaron and Janelle Cason Dan and Lisa Chase Jonathan and Elizabeth Choe Craig and Melani Chumley Michael and Jen Clark Chris and Misha Collinson Malcolm and Dee Dee Cunningham Ted and Catherine Davidson Brad and Jami Denton Tonya Dorsey Jeron and Suzy Evans Jose Fernandez and Vanessa Cabrera Matt and Jessica Fincher Shea and Heather Futral Oscar Garcia and Lizeth Gomez Sam Ghaffari and Melissa Love-Ghaffari Ashish and Vani Ghanate Mauri Goens Mark and Regina Guinn Ken and Amorette Halley Mark and Sarah Hallock Jay and Leanna Hamilton John and Mel Hanna Tim and Lindsey Hardy Tom and Fumiko Hawkes Girvan Henry Gary and Irene Higgins Allen and Christy Hill Stephanie Hills Russell and Jana Hufham Monica Jones Morey and Jelaine Joseph Sean and So-Young Kim John Kim Kurt and Kara Koons David and Limari Krebs Jimmy Kwok and Irene Pan Calvin Lewis and Kay Owens-Lewis Brian and Angela Lewis Shuo Liu and Rosie Li Roy Williams and Grace Lopez-Williams Frank and Danielle Lucas Orrett and Tanisha Maine Ruddy and Tina Matherson Winston and Nancy McDonald Mac and Alexis McIntosh Steve and Sepeed Michaels Brett and Joy Mitchell

Mark and Dimitra Moraitakis Paul and Jackie Neilson Allen and Melanie O’Brien LaJune Oliver Kim Osborne Daniel and Daniela Parasca Sunita Perro Alpesh and Kavita Purohit Alan and Mia Rainge James and Sonia Redding David and Elizabeth Ridenour Cy and Thayra Riley Terrance Riley and Alesha Warren Devon and Felicia Robinson Roberto and Catherine Romero Piper Roussell Anton and Felicia Rowe David and Andi Rutland Todd and Michelle Ryman Segun and Michele Salami Ravi and Sushma Sarikonda Matthew and Mikki Schlueter Harold Shinn Madeline Sutton Dan and Brooke Voelzke Paula Washington Mark and Kristine Wasiele Compton and Jennifer Wharton Kenneth and Rosemary Wickham Jimmy and Tricia Wilson Jianxiong and Xinxin Wu

7TH GRADE 94% Sam and Penny Aguirre Steve and Lynn Albright Jorge and Rebecca Alvear Anonymous (5) Michael and Anita Ashmore Derek and Staci Bakarich Brad and Laurel Beckham Tiffany Blassingame Marcus and Marcella Blocker Jim and Marla Boren Mike and Kathleen Braswell Dave and Cheri Brewster Walter and Donna Brown Philip and Carla Brown Drew Bulkin and Patricia Pena-Bulkin Charles and Lucinda Burts Marvell and Kristi Butts GACS TODAY



Alex and Stacy Campos Michelle Cheshier Emeka and Adanna Chijioke Gold and Alexandria Chyrack Frank and Christine Clark Scott and Kari Clark Casey and Ene Coffey Lonnie and Shawn Coleman Christopher and Lois Collins Joe and Shannon Collins John and Suzanne Connel John and Pam Crawford Aaronde and Jennifer Creighton Paul and Kelly Crum Buddy Weir and Tammi Cummings Lisa Davis Betty Dillon Greg and Jill Edwards Ian and Claudia Ellis Tommy and Elyse Ferrell Lee and Crystal Garrett Allen and Rebekah Gilliard Max and Fatima Gonzalez Richard and Beth Griffin Dell and Lady Grooms Rob Hanson Scott and Teresa Harsh John and Marisa Hedgcock Ted and Rhonda Helms Tommy and Holly Hidell Charles and Tara Jenkins Scott and Rachel Justice Matt and Stacy Keadey Vijay and Meenu Kumar Michael and Susan Lake Hyder and Zehra Lalani Ben and Yvette Leslie Guy and Pamela Logan David and Martha Lovell John and Leigh Lowman Bob and Connie Lussier Shridev and Khyati Makim Kevin and Katherine Malone Robert and Nancy Martin Bryan and Lindsay Mason Sean and Coleen Matthews Rick and Ashleigh Maxa Tiffany McKinnie Nyree McQueen Nitin and Beena Meshramkar Mark and Lorri Milovich 42



Kirk and Malia Mixon Matt and Heidi Mooney Mary Mooney Gairy Moore Tracey Morrison Randy and Angela Naegele John and Aprile Newsome Ben and Kelly Nguyen Paul Nguyen and Tiffany Dang Simeon and Rachel Niolon Chima and Ugochi Ohuabunwo Kim Osborne Alex and Judy Osowa Vipul and Kataki Patel Pete and Machelle Pellegrini Dinh and Phuong Phan Allen and Lilly Phan Patrick and Florence Phillips Jeff Ping Jim and Sandy Read Stephen and Carol Rickaby Carl and Yolanda Robinson Jeff and Jackie Salvatore Torry and Sheila Sanford Tevester and Lisa Scott Chandler and Sam Scott Patrick and Kris Shea Cliff and Seana Simpson Laurie Sobh Kathy Staggs Tom and Julie Stewart Andy and Trish Sumpter Richard and Laurie Swope Rich and Deborah Thomas Chris and Jennifer Thomas Joseph and Tina Thompson Brian and Patty Thumann Matt and Rebecca Trayler Chris and Grace Trepasso Paul and Denise Tso Peter and Kiki Wan Bill and Tracy Waugh Andrew and Nicky White Floyd and Jessica Williams

8TH GRADE 99% Harold and Allison Anderson Duncan and Jill Angove Anonymous (6) Oscar and Cecilia Barillas Catresa Barlow

Brent and Heather Beckham David and Christine Belknap Darnell and Carlis Bender Charles and Leah Berry Peter and Kimberly Boehm Janine Bowen Curtis and Lori Bradley Jackie Bradley Clayton and Donna Braswell Obie and Jacquelyn Bryant Michael and Susan Bryant Anthony and Tanya Bryant Patrick and Hope Bussenius David and Allen Butler Jose and Karissa Cangiano Kevin and Jamie Castro Thomas and Katie Chae Will and Jocelyn Challas Dan and Lisa Chase Jonathan and Elizabeth Choe Craig and Melani Chumley Michael and Jen Clark Nic and Roza Clempus Blaine and Lianne Cole Jim and Chris Costas Paul and Kelly Crum Christina Cutchins Ted and Catherine Davidson Dana and Susan Davis Sean and Susan Delaney Marcus and Crystal Downs Chad and Chrissy Dybdahl Steve and Jackie Easley George Emmert and Cindy Patrick Bryan and Marci Fair Matt and Jessica Fincher Mark and Lauren Gary Brad and Katie Gates Michael and Oksana Gomas Murray and Suzanne Granger Mark and Sarah Hallock Tim and Lindsey Hardy John and Melissa Harris Jack and Heather Hawkins Ted and Rhonda Helms Nigel and Stefanie Henry Mark and Nancy Herbert Jeff and Sherriann Hicks Gary and Irene Higgins Greg and Judy Holloway Shawn and Anne Holtzclaw Russell and Jana Hufham

Vinh and Pamela Huynh Thom and Jennifer Jacquet Vicki Jarboe Mike and Brenda Johnson Stanford and Tonjela Johnson Jeffrey and Tara Jones Bruce and Zahra Karinshak Gathon and Cheryl King Anthony and Kathy Lee Daniel and Michelle Lee David Lin and Diane Tan Jay and Jill Lowe Frank and Danielle Lucas Will Luckey Jeffrey and Tonia Malone Don and Terry Maness Michael and Nicole Mapstone Amy Marler Whit and Barbara Marschalk David and Mary Marshman Bryan and Lindsay Mason Sean and Coleen Matthews Greg and Shelly Mauldin Donald and Nga Maynard Joe and Adrienne McGhee Brett and Joy Mitchell Derrick Moody Mark and Dimitra Moraitakis Mike and Carol Morris Bill and Neely Musgrave Karthik Muthiah and Mona Batra Brian and Missy Nichols Rafael and Marina Ochoa Jennifer Osbon Keith Osbon Samuel and Aracelis Otero Daniel and Daniela Parasca Thomas and Regina Parker Maisha Polite John and Sarah Pritchard Wallace and Nicora Prude Scott and Laura Pryor Brian and Leah Pugh Jason and Tiffany Rash Jean Rawls Randy and Bonnie Rich Ronnie and Nekki Rochell Anton and Felicia Rowe Dusty and Crystal Rush David and Andi Rutland Segun and Michele Salami Matthew and Mikki Schlueter

Shane and Tiffany Sharpe Edward and Jamie Shinn Bob and Carrie Shumard Robb and Kelly Smith Rod and Jane Smith Eric and Jessica Smith Rahim and Surraiya Sivji Peter and Emily Song Mickey and Jill Stewart Mike and Lorie Stogner Paul and Cherie Syiek Todd and Amanda Syprett Kevin and Narrene Taffe Chris and Jennifer Taylor Marcus and Shaunette Taylor Ed and Amy Thomas John and April Thompson Jack and Audrey Tolson Matt and Rebecca Trayler Sonia Tucker Dell and Nicole Turner Garrett and Nicole Utley Parvez and Sabeena Velani Jon and Juliette Viner Chinh and Huynh-Nhu Vo Chris and Laura Wagnon Jenelle Walthour Peter and Kiki Wan Chip and Becky Wells Herbert and Michelle Wild Shane and Julie Williams Jasper and Alecia Williams Dennis and Misty Wilson Dale and Julie Wiseman

9TH GRADE 95% Jorge and Rebecca Alvear Anonymous (6) Paul and Renee Babaz Jim and Therese Bailey Mahmoud and Tangela Barrie Matthew and April Beasley Jeremy and Ashlee Beauchamp Ken and Kim Blackshear Richard and Kim Blackwell Laura Lee Blake Bob and Kim Blanz Bruce and Cynthia Bower Walter and Donna Brown Lydia Brown-Rankine Don and Sundee Browning

Bill and Tina Bruning Hasan and Farida Budhwani Paul and Leslie Bugg Charles and Margarette Burnette Scott and Alison Butler Andrew and Dionne Butler Marvell and Kristi Butts Alex and Stacy Campos Jon and Tasha Carr Todd and Marie Castleberry Larry and Ada Chidi-Maha Scott and Kari Clark Rich and Angela Clay Tom and Betsy Clement Blaine and Lianne Cole Todd and Kim Cole Cary and Karen Coleman Lonnie and Shawn Coleman Joe and Shannon Collins Brent and Julie Collins Christopher and Lois Collins John and Pam Crawford Adam and Lena Crump David and Cyndi Curland Mark and Gwen Danner Seth and Ann Davies Jad and Sonja Daye Curtis Dean Burt and Sherri Deardorff Stephen and Sandi Dennis Mike and Michelle Dickinson TJ and Christy Dixon Mike and Elaine Dorr Drake and Beth Durnell Chad and Chrissy Dybdahl Trip and Lori Eberhart Chris and Ginger Echols Antoine and Rita El-Khoury Scott and Monique Evans Jeron and Suzy Evans Cheryl Fairbanks Pete and Kimberlee Finazzo Deymon and Alesia Fleming Gisela Fritzen Farooq and Salma Gandhi Usman and Hiram Gandhi Barkley and Dee Geib Javier and Meylin Gonzalez Jim and Angela Grant Brian and Lesley Gray Richard and Beth Griffin Ron and Micki Gulley GACS TODAY



Mark and Sarah Hallock Darryl and Terri Harmon Nate and Tonya Henry Rick and Betsy Higgins Allen and Christy Hill Chris and Leslie Hosfeld Jim and Gollie Hunt Vinh and Pamela Huynh Michael and Sandra Ichwan Walter and Elisa Jackson Charles and Tara Jenkins Samir and Carol Joglekar Andre and Carol Jones Morey and Jelaine Joseph John and Cathy Kahn Matt and Stacy Keadey Clay and Julie Keller Aaron and Megan Keyes Susan Kincade Woody and Meridy King Kenny and Ann Knipschild Jody and Nancy Lail Fran Lanza Dale and Rose Lebder Keun Woo and Hee Soo Lee Brian and Angela Lewis Guy and Pamela Logan John and Leigh Lowman Will Luckey Shridev and Khyati Makim John and Wendy Martin Rick and Ashleigh Maxa Gerald and Laureen McFadden Mike and Heather Miars Fritz and Tami Miller Ken and Elizabeth Miller Kerry and Monica Mitchell 44



Kirk and Malia Mixon Rob and Lisa Moffa Matt and Heidi Mooney Mary Mooney Miguel and Marilu Montoya Wayne and Phillippa Moss Andre and Annette Moxie William and Danielle Murphy Randy and Angela Naegele Skip and Sheila Nelloms Ben and Kelly Nguyen Paul Nguyen and Tiffany Dang Norm and Nan Nicholl Simeon and Rachel Niolon Allen and Melanie O’Brien Marty and Nicole Olinger Bernard and Bertina Opare Valerie Paige Kelly Payne Brett Payne Allen and Lilly Phan R.O. and Dorothy Powell Scott and Yvette Quisling Jim and Sandy Read Randy and Bonnie Rich Lewis and LaJuana Roberts Jim and Mary Rose Anton and Felicia Rowe Huey and Adamma RoweAnderson Houston and Jannet Scruggs Patrick and Kris Shea Harold Shinn Michael and Leslie Shirley Cliff and Seana Simpson Jim and Nicole Skelton Laurie Sobh

Mehmood and Sameera Sohani Bill and Kelly Strong Malek and Hafiza Sultan Jeff and Ashley Taylor Brian and Ginger Thomas Joseph and Tina Thompson Jeff and Whitney Trino Bill and Amy Trocchi Doug and Julie Vander Linde Jon and Juliette Viner Ben and Nga Vo Phuong and Khanh Vo Allen and Kim Warren Adam and Shannon Wickley Jeronn and LaToya Williams Veta Williamson Nick and Betsy Winsness Todd and Shari Wright

10TH GRADE 87% Steven and Angelique Allen Renod and Lisa Alston Duncan and Jill Angove Anonymous (6) Mario Asiain Diaz and Gabriela Ayala Marjorie Augustin Joannie Baltimore Charles and Tanisha Barnett Clifton and Sheila Baskerville Charles and JoAnna Beasley Jeff and Nancy Blandford Jim and Marla Boren Rick and Anne Boudreau David and Mendy Bowling Mark and Pam Brasher Ulrich and Michelle Brechbuhl Todd and Mary Helen Bryant Charles and Margarette Burnette Chip and Kelly Carter Doyle and Julia Cheatham Jeff and Rosa Chu Gold and Alexandria Chyrack John and Joanna Civiletto David and Beth Clapp Frank and Christine Clark KC Cork Paul and Kelly Crum David and Cyndi Curland Miceli De La O Mike and Michelle Dickinson

TJ and Christy Dixon Doug and Sondra Dowdell Sean and Stacey Dunlap John and Laura Ellard John and Mary Ann Embleton William and Shaleta Evans Bryan and Marci Fair Luis and Yanin Fernandez Ashish and Vani Ghanate Jola Golebiewska Bob and Susan Greene Mark and Regina Guinn Ron and Micki Gulley Bruce and Dot Hanft Rob Hanson Tim and Lindsey Hardy Gene and Karen Harper Laurence Harris and Rosemary Muoneke Scott and Teresa Harsh Jack and Heather Hawkins Derek Hays Kenny and Erica Hayes Ted and Rhonda Helms Mark and Sophia Herrington Jeff and Sherriann Hicks Chris and Mya Hinton Philip and Lauren Hollier Carl and Paige Hoover Jordan and Audrey House Selwynn and Paytie Howard Cliff and Heather Howard Mark and Lisa Hutson Ken and Shay Irvin Utonuwa and Caroline Israel Brian and Tiffany Jackson Kevin and Mary Jacobson Eddie and Teena Jhin Eric and Sandy Johnson Ken and Traci Johnson Xanthe Joiner Henry and Joanna Jones Owen and Marti Kenworthy Gidget Kettle Aaron and Megan Keyes Jaffar and Charlotte Khan Dan and Paige Lally Jay and Jill Lowe Rick and Susan Lowenstein Joyce Lucht Steve Magyar Orrett and Tanisha Maine

Tom and Cathy Marchiando Sloan and Denise Martin Tommy and Tina Martin Donald and Nga Maynard Kevin and Sharon McCarthy Graham and Debbie McCarty Nitin and Beena Meshramkar Kirk and Malia Mixon Gairy Moore Gary and Nicole Moore Bill and Neely Musgrave Michael and Carmen Nieman Raul Lopez and Audrey Ogueri Dustin and Karla Oh Arturo and LaVonne Ortega Alex and Judy Osowa Jong Hwan and Jae Won Park Kelly Payne Brett Payne Sherry Perez Phil and Missy Perry Tim and Mari Ann Perusek Jeff Ping Michael Pitts Shelley Pitts John and Sarah Pritchard Jim and Margaret Ann Pryor Ahmad and Sherilyn Ptah-El Scott and Yvette Quisling Gary and Mandy Richey Champ and Dee Anna Rittenhouse Lewis and LaJuana Roberts Eric and Stacy Robinson Jeff and Jackie Salvatore Ravi and Sushma Sarikonda Marsha Sawyer Marc and Pam Scheipe Jim and Brenda Schreiber David and Lee Shafer Edward and Jamie Shinn Mark and Janis Sims Ravindra and Lakshmi Singareddy Hank and Jennifer Smart Robb and Kelly Smith Trent and Kristen Speckhals Mitch and Jennifer Stephens Eric and Angela Stewart Nev and Veronica Street Pamela Street Melisha Sutton Janice Thomas

Michael and Debbie Tobia Brett and Shannan Tracy Rick and Myra Turpin Fernando and Maria Uribe Michael and Rosa Vestal Chris and Laura Wagnon Scott and Susan Walker Bob and Melanie Walton Ed and Lise Weaver Phillip and Catrina White David and Tammy Whitworth Herbert and Michelle Wild Jay and Molly Williams Floyd and Jessica Williams Lee and Kelly Wood Michael and Rachael Young

11TH GRADE 88% Zulfiqar and Zee Ahmed Steven and Angelique Allen Tokho and Mikyung An Anonymous (4) Frank and Susan Artusa Donnie and Sharon Bailey Jim and Therese Bailey Andrew and Sue Barbieri Connie Batiz-Arguello Jeff and Julie Batten Michael and Kim Bauer Andrea Beacham Richard and Kim Blackwell Laura Lee Blake Chris Boyd-Witherspoon Annette Bridges Rob and Lynn Buck David and Allen Butler Angela Cain-Barnard Terry Carothers Jon and Tasha Carr Jonathan and Elizabeth Choe Scott and Kari Clark Jim and Lesa Clarke Tom and Betsy Clement Lonnie and Shawn Coleman Joe and Shannon Collins Tom and Cindy Cooksey Aaronde and Jennifer Creighton Jad and Sonja Daye Hui Zhang and Diana Deng Xing and Qi Dong Tom and Kimberly Dutton GACS TODAY



Babajide and Karen Falana Bennett and Danna Finklea Dan and Leisha Fleming Tony and Mary Floyd Dan and Rhonda Forsman Mike and Rachel Frintner Farooq and Salma Gandhi Bobby and Swopna George A.B. and Tracy Ghosh Mark and Hope Gilreath Max and Fatima Gonzalez Jim and Angela Grant Richard and Beth Griffin Eric and Susan Haglund Nichole Hancock David and Jennifer Harris Scott and Teresa Harsh Gary and Sheri Hays Mark and Nancy Herbert Rick and Val Hill Gerry and Becky Hill Chris and Mya Hinton Chris and Leslie Hosfeld Jordan and Audrey House Sadek and Amira Hussain Vinh and Pamela Huynh Thom and Jennifer Jacquet Daniel and Claire Jason Janna Jenkins Samir and Carol Joglekar Eric and Sandy Johnson Mike and Brenda Johnson Warren and Kim Jolly Bruce and Zahra Karinshak Tom Keiser Randy and Ellie Kenworthy Steve and Kris Kester Joe and Selina Kilpatrick Greg and Joanne Kinney Bill and Kathy Klueber Jim and Betsy Knott August and Sarah Lee Bob and Connie Lussier Jeffrey and Tonia Malone Kevin and Katherine Malone Rob and Erica Marino Sergio and Darlene Marti John and Wendy Martin Paul and Jennifer Masters Glen and Paula McDonnell David and Selecia Miller Mark and Sharlyn Millsaps 46



Rob and Suzanne Mimms Elizabeth Mitchell William and Danielle Murphy Ricardo and Catalina Nadal Gene and Angela O’Reilly Marc Odike Chima and Ugochi Ohuabunwo Bernard and Bertina Opare Myles Orosco Keith Osbon Jennifer Osbon Jin and Yoon Park Rico and Gisela Pearson Prince and Paulette Phillips Leanne Porter Scott and Laura Pryor Jean Rawls Stephen and Carol Rickaby Cy and Thayra Riley Steve and Brook Ritchey Jim and Mary Rose Dana Ruder Dusty and Crystal Rush Gary and Catherine Sanders Torry and Sheila Sanford Byron and Linda Schoepf David and Susan Sheppard Bob and Carrie Shumard Clyde and Sandra Simmons Ravindra and Lakshmi Singareddy Jim and Nicole Skelton Steve and Monica Skidmore Ernest and Tsegereda Stafford Mitch and Jennifer Stephens Stan and Bonnie Steward John and Leslie Stigaard Steven and Carol Stocks Mike and Lorie Stogner Jeff and Tracy Street Madeline Sutton Ron and Jackie Swann Richard and Laurie Swope Kevin and Narrene Taffe Paul and Dawn Thomas Aminu and Lisa Timberlake Jack and Audrey Tolson Josip and Christine Tomasevic Winston Thompson and Gina Towns Thompson Matt and Rebecca Trayler Peter and Janine Velardi Michael and Rosa Vestal

Roderick and Vonda Ware Allen and Kim Warren Mark and Kristine Wasiele Shane and Julie Williams Jack and Sandy Willyerd Tyler and Leah Winkler Todd and Shari Wright Brent and Gladys Wright Marty and Lynn Yates Jinshan Zhang

12TH GRADE 93% Sonjia Adams Randy and Brenda Addington Harold and Allison Anderson Anonymous (12) Mitchell and Jill Baker Darren and Elizabeth Barker Clifton and Sheila Baskerville Rob and Mary Benton Major and Bernadette Boglin Bruce and Cynthia Bower Mark and Pam Brasher Ulrich and Michelle Brechbuhl Alan and Jennifer Briskin Mark and Cheryl Brown Clai and Christy Brown Philip and Carla Brown Hasan and Farida Budhwani Thom and Molly Burke Patrick and Hope Bussenius Jim and Shari Campbell Sean and Christine Casey Jeff and Rosa Chu David and Beth Clapp Todd and Kim Cole Jonathan and Debbie Colehower John and Suzanne Connel John and Cheri Coyle Darrel and Brenda Crawford Adam and Lena Crump Buddy Weir and Tammi Cummings Kathy Daly Brent and Christy Darst Sean and Susan Delaney Lisa Detter-Hoskin Jack and Jennifer Deweese Mike and Michelle Dickinson David and Susie Duke Pam and Chris Earley

Steve and Jackie Easley Mark Edson Charles and Elaine Edwards Frank and Linda Emde Tommy and Elyse Ferrell Hamerework Feyesa Sonny and Lauri Fields Gerald and Terri Filmore Allen and Sandy Fowler Bryan and Marti Galloway Usman and Hiram Gandhi Mauri Goens Brian and Lesley Gray Don and Patty Green Joel and Trish Gregory Steven Ha and Kimberly Nguyen William and Iris Hamilton Tim and Cherie Hampton Bruce and Dot Hanft Aubrey and Lisa Harrell Bennie and Frankie Harris David and Jennifer Harris Laurence Harris and Rosemary Muoneke Brandon and Jennifer Hathaway Brian and Dawn Hedges Jeff and Sarah Henderson Greg and Jen Hoffman Philip and Lauren Hollier Ren and Anne Hood Carl and Paige Hoover Keith and Jen Hughes Fred and Felicia Jefferson Phil Jelks Charles and Annie Jing Ken and Traci Johnson Henry and Joanna Jones Rhonda Jones

Chris and Kathy Jones John KaNyarubona Nancy Kegel Kiwon and Yang Sun Kim Jeff and Kat LeCraw Keun Woo and Hee Soo Lee Young and Jenny Lee Javy and Gina Marie Lopez Mike and Amy Mahaffey Tom and Cathy Marchiando Dave and Dorothy Markert Tommy and Tina Martin Sloan and Denise Martin Ruben and Alexandra Maury Benny and Robin McDonald Teri McIntyre Randy and Allison Meyer Mark and Lorri Milovich Tonya Morris Mike and Carol Morris Tracey Morrison Charlie and Michelle Moss David and Elaina Mullininx Steve and Gloria Nesmith Michael and Carmen Nieman Sarah Oats LaJune Oliver Madhusmita Parija Nyika Parrott Dashant and Bhavna Patel Correggio and Desiree Peagler Pete and Machelle Pellegrini Sherry Perez Ruddy and Rhonda Polhill Peerless and Neisha Price John and Sarah Pritchard Jim and Margaret Ann Pryor Scott and Yvette Quisling

Steve and Arlene Reading Joel and Lori Reed Gary and Mandy Richey Scott and Dawn Roberts Devon and Felicia Robinson Tom and Ellen Roper Huey and Adamma Rowe-Anderson Dusty and Crystal Rush Marc and Pam Scheipe Mark and Carolyn Shaffer Don and Marian Sheffield Larry Burgess and Catherine Sheridan-Moore Angela Simpson Kim Smartt Tom and Julie Stewart Rick and Jennifer Stiles Mike and Haley Strickland Eric and Stephanie Stuckey Tom and Mary Carol Sullivan Melisha Sutton Ron and Jackie Swann Paul and Cherie Syiek Edward and Eileen Sztuka Jeff and Ashley Taylor Brian and Ginger Thomas Ed and Amy Thomas Brett and Phyllis Thompson Sebastian and Delilah Tine Josip and Christine Tomasevic Ken and Martha Turner Elsa Vanegas Daryn and Sabrina Veney Michael and Rosa Vestal Trinh and Tuyet Vu David and Felicia Wade Scott and Susan Walker Bob and Melanie Walton Ed and Lise Weaver Rich and Jodi Wheadon Phillip and Catrina White George Williams and Mushaundra Moore-Williams Jasper and Alecia Williams Robbie and Kristen Wilson Lee and Kelly Wood Jon and Kristen Wright Mark and Janice Wszolek GACS TODAY



IN HONOR Gifts made between December 27, 2016 through November 30, 2017

In honor of Jordan Adam Anonymous (2)

In honor of Beth S. Christian Mrs. Donna S. Love

In honor of AnnaBelle L. Hellinger Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Ball

In honor of Charlotte E. Adams Mrs. Donna S. Love

In honor of Austin B. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Cole

In honor of Ashirah Henry Mr. Girvan Henry

In honor of Kristin Akins Mr. and Mrs. William J. Strong

In honor of Doulton P. Delaney Dr. and Mrs. Sean Delaney

In honor of Claire Holcomb Mr. and Mrs. Chris L. Holcomb

In honor of Sandra J. Baggett Mrs. Donna S. Love

In honor of Karys A. Delaney Dr. and Mrs. Sean Delaney

In honor of Camille C. Hollier Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Hollier

In honor of Jeremy A. Ball Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Ball

In honor of Jordan B. Duong Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Duong

In honor of Jack W. Hollier Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Hollier

In honor of Rachael C. Ball Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Ball

In honor of L. M. Eades Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Justice

In honor of Margaret Elizabeth M. Joiner Ms. Xanthe O. Joiner

In honor of Abdul B. Barrie Dr. Mahmoud and Judge Tangela Barrie

In honor of Laura N. Fey Anonymous (2)

In honor of Abigayle K. Bomar Anonymous In honor of Thomas Boyd Ms. Chris Boyd-Witherspoon In honor of Bill and Linda Burton Ms. Kendellan M. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Orville G. Chapman Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cook Mr. and Mrs. John W. Holden, Jr. Ms. Beverly S. Love Mrs. Donna S. Love In honor of Crawford V. Butts Mr. and Mrs. Marvell R. Butts



In honor of David L. Fincher Ms. Amy L. Marler In honor of Gilberto Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Gutierrez SĂşper Mercado Jalisco INC. In honor of all of the amazing teachers at GACS Mr. and Mrs. David W. Markert, Sr. In honor of Jeanne H. Giager Mrs. Donna S. Love In honor of Myles J. Gilead Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Nelloms

In honor of Clifton A. Jones Mrs. Donna S. Love In honor of Kylie V. Jones Ms. Vicki Jarboe In honor of Wayne Jones Ms. Rhonda R. Jones In honor of Alexander L. Kahn Mrs. Barbara Newman In honor of Mary Kemp Mrs. Haley Kemp In honor of Cynthia E. Lawrence Mrs. Donna S. Love In honor of Donna S. Love Ms. Beverly S. Love

In honor of Mallory A. Butts Mr. and Mrs. Marvell R. Butts

In honor of Andrew N. Ha Dr. Steven Ha and Dr. Kimberly Nguyen

In honor of Ellen Manley Ms. Linda A. Byrd

In honor of Reagan M. Butts Mr. and Mrs. Marvell R. Butts

In honor of Jason R. Hamilton Anonymous

In honor of Joshua McGhee Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. McGhee


In honor of Maxwell A. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Mooney

In honor of James G. Plowden Mrs. Nancy A. Plowden

In honor of Vincent Muoneke Anonymous

In honor of Barbara L. Porter Mrs. Donna S. Love

In honor of Tye L. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Gullatt Dr. Elizabeth J. Newton Ms. Margaret J. Wilson

In honor of Caeden Y. Price Mr. and Mrs. Peerless L. Price

In honor of Louis F. Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Van Nguyen In honor of Lillian G. Niolon Kachur Mr. and Mrs. Simeon M. Niolon In honor of Olivia Grace L. Niolon Kachur Mr. and Mrs. Simeon M. Niolon

In honor of Kai A. Price Mr. and Mrs. Peerless L. Price In honor of Kirsten Y. No Mr. and Mrs. Keunman S. Roh In honor of Ishaan Sangani Mr. and Mrs. Karim Sangani

MATCHING GIFT LIST We would like to express our appreciation to the donors who doubled or tripled their gifts to GAC by applying for matching gifts through their employer. During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, we received matching gifts from the following organizations. AIG

In honor of Robert N. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williamson, Jr.

American Express Foundation

In honor of Joseph Thompson Drs. Joseph and Tina-Ann Thompson


In honor of Kofi A. Opare Mr. and Mrs. Bernard K. Opare In honor of Natasha A. Opare Anonymous

In honor of Lane Wade Mr. and Mrs. James T. Duttera, Jr.

ConocoPhillips Company

In honor of Joshua T. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Parker

In honor of Kylie E. Williams Mr. Rinnel Williams and Ms. Ashley Wells

Delta Air Lines Foundation

In honor of Julie A. Williamson Ms. Veta A. Williamson

H. B. Fuller Company Foundation

In honor of Chase Parks Anonymous (2) In honor of Amelia J. Plowden Mrs. Nancy A. Plowden

Bank of America Foundation, Inc.

Bright Funds Foundation The Coca Cola Foundation

Coulter & Sierra, LLC

Duke Realty Corporation GE Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation Honeywell, Inc. Macy’s Foundation McKesson Foundation Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Northwestern Mutual Foundation Regions Financial Corporation SAP Software Solutions SCANA Corporation State Farm Insurance Companies SunTrust Bank UBS Employee Giving Programs United Way of Greater Atlanta Voya Wells Fargo Matching Gift Foundation GACS TODAY



IN MEMORY Gifts made between December 27, 2016 through November 30, 2017

In memory of Richard E. Barbour Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Barbour In memory of Donald J. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Rittenhouse In memory of Alexandra G. Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ahlfinger Alpha Comm Enterprises, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan B. Angove Anonymous (5) Applied Industrial Controls Mr. and Mrs. M. Keith Asef Ms. Susannah Bales Mr. Scott Bethel Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson B. Blandford Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Blanz, Jr. Ms. Cindy Brieske Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Briskin, Esq. Ms. Jennifer Cain Ms. Megan Carter Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Choe Ms. Melanie Clark Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Collins Ms. Lori Cora Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Coyne Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jad Daye Mr. and Mrs. Pete Eisemann Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Evans Dr. and Mrs. David L Fincher Mr. and Mrs. Byron D. Garner Ms. Julie Grasso Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. Hamby Ms. Kim Hepler Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Hill, IV Mr. and Mrs. Wes Hunter Ms. Mary James-Ricks Ms. Mary Janowski Mr. and Mrs. William M. Jernigan Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Johnson Ms. Katherine Kay 50



Ms. Nicole Kidd Ms. Charlotte Ledford Ms. Stephanie Lin Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Mauldin Ms. Holden McLean Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Miars Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Michaels Mr. and Mrs. Kirk E. Mixon Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Moore Ms. PJ Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Nickelsen Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynn Overton Mr. and Mrs. Randy Parrish Ms. Micaela Preston Mr. James Priest Mr. and Mrs. Lee Priest Mr. and Mrs. Vic Ramsey Ms. Dorothy Raper Ms. Terry G. Raper Ms. Alison Sasadu Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Shaffer Ms. Susan L. Shaver Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Shea Ms. Maria Shurant Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sims Dr. and Mrs. Andrew St. Martin M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Neal D. Stubblefield Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tuggey Dr. William Turner Ms. Bonnie Turner-Adomatis Mr. and Mrs. Tom Van Valkenburg Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Viner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Voelzke Ms. Beth Walden Mr. Dylan Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Derek Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Winsness Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Wong Mr. Robert Woo In memory of Leona Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Allen

In memory of Harold R. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. David B. Agard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Burton Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carelli Mr. and Mrs. George Clarke Mr. and Mrs. James Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Terry Driggers Mr. William E. Jamison The Lee Family Mr. Edwin McBrayer Ms. Linda C. Myers Mr. Derrick Payne Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Pellegrini Mrs. Helen Redford Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vander Vliet Mr. and Mrs. George Vrany In memory of Ruben Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Cory A. Anderson In memory of Cartize Durham Mr. Jeffrey Christian and Mrs. Meka Durham-Honer In memory of Maurice J. Duttera Mr. and Mrs. James T. Duttera, Jr. In memory of Margaret Essner Ms. Yvonne Fincher In memory of Ulysses and Mary Lou Frager Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Frager In memory of Mildred Frye Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm A. Cunningham In memory of Imre Gombos Mr. and Mrs. Israel Sparks

In memory of Lennox G. Guerra Ms. Zulan L. Berry In memory of Grace C. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Baskerville, Jr.

In memory of E. Roger MacKenzie In memory of Anthony C. Washington Mr. and Mrs. Randall R. Jackson Dr. Paula P. Washington In memory of Mathew Marcus In memory of Sean E. Wilson Phoenix Associates, Inc. Ms. Kimberly M. Wilson

In memory of Andrea Henderson Anonymous

In memory of Sam Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Mitchell

In memory of Dr. Willard Hoffman Anonymous

In memory of Alan L. Ockene Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Boudreau

In memory of Charles Huguely Mr. and Mrs. Garrick J. Riley

In memory of Carolynne Phillips Rev. William and Rev. Danielle Murphy

In memory of Oliver Jones Ms. Zulan L. Berry In memory of Vivian M. Jones Dr. Monica A. Jones In memory of Jesse C. Long Dr. and Mrs. J. Lee Strickland In memory of Dwight Love Mrs. Donna S. Love

In memory of Joe E. Rhodes Mrs. Donna S. Love In memory of James R. Sabourin Ms. Michelle Cheshier In memory of Stephen T. Smartt Ms. Kim S. Smartt In memory of John Staebell Mrs. Rosemarie Staebell

IN MEMORIAM Alex Blackwell GAC student – Class of 2019 We were deeply saddened by the loss of one our students this year. Our prayers continue to be with the entire Blackwell family. Shannon Ledford Jackson Alumni – Class of 1987 Roger MacKenzie Former GAC Board Member and Former Faculty/Staff Roger was one of the initial founders of GAC even before it was incorporated in 1961. He also served as Executive Vice President until 1977. Roger was dedicated to a life of ministry and service to spread the news of Christ. In addition to his work at GAC, he

also served as President of Atlanta Bible Camp and remained an active minister in north Georgia until just before his death. Roger’s children are graduates of GAC and his great-grandson is a current GAC student. LouAnn Moore Former Office Assistant and IT staff member Dan Osborn Retired GAC Dining Director Brian Peace Alumni – Class of 1994






The Georgia Goal Scholarship program, created in 2008, allows tax payers of Georgia to redirect and pre-pay a portion of their state taxes to an independent school of their choice. In 2017, contributions to the GOAL Program directly benefitted over 100 students at GAC. Andy and Jane Adams Deborah Akindele Steven and Angelique Allen Hannah and Young An Cedrick and Theresa Anderson Duncan and Jill Angove Joe and Renee Arnold Tony and Holly Arona Frank and Susan Artusa Keith and Margie Asef Mike and Megan Ayers Marion and Sandra Baggett Tim and Pam Ball Scott and Alyssa Barbour Dilowe and Cheryl Barker Brandon and Lindsey Barron John and Debbie Bartolomei Robert and Jane Batten Sally Bauer Terry and Alison Beasley Chris and Jean Bentz Ray and Susan Blackburn Alan and Meredith Blinder Mark and Lisa Bowling Steve and Jennifer Bragg Mark and Pam Brasher Clayton and Donna Braswell Courtney and Martha Braswell Ulrich and Michelle Brechbuhl Billy Brookshire Frank and Pam Brown Doug and Kristi Buce Russell and Regan Burnett Bill and Linda Burton Charles and Lucinda Burts Andrew and Dionne Butler David and Allen Butler Angela Cain-Barnard Bryan and Mary Carter Gary and Karen Chamblee Joe and Cheryl Chapple Steven and Nancy Charron Craig and Melani Chumley Stewart and Lisa Cink John and Joanna Civiletto Philip and Kim Civins Michael and Jen Clark Chris and Misha Collinson Newt and Leslie Collinson Jim and Becky Combee John and Suzanne Connel Lanier and Allison Coulter John and Pam Crawford John and Jamie Dalton Nick and Ashley Davis Scott and Leslie Davis Scott and Kathie Davis Kenneth Lipscomb and Ginny Davy Jad and Sonja Daye 52



Pierre and Nadira Daye Burt and Sherri Deardorff Ken and Donna DeMarcus TJ and Christy Dixon Mike and Elaine Dorr Thomas and Elizabeth Duttera Trip and Lori Eberhart Mark Edson John and Mary Ann Embleton Frank and Linda Emde EmployBridge Midwest 1, Inc Dan and Kristy English Jan and Bob Espy Scott and Monique Evans Jimmy Duncan and Lynn Fey-Duncan David and Beth Fincher Matt and Jessica Fincher Bennett and Danna Finklea Jack and Dawn Ford Dan and Lynn Foster Jeff and Gregg Foxworthy Lee and Mary Scott Freeman Usman and Hiram Gandhi Brad and Amy Goodson Jim and Angela Grant Joel and Trish Gregory Randall and Robin Grunwell Tim and Lindsey Hardy David and Jennifer Harris Scott and Teresa Harsh Gary and Sheri Hays Tom and Bundy Heinselman Ted and Rhonda Helms Nate and Tonya Henry Mark and Nancy Herbert Rick and Betsy Higgins Allen and Christy Hill David and Mendie Hogan Larry and Beverly Holmes Carl and Paige Hoover Allen and Terry Hord Jason and Hollie Huynh Michael and Sandra Ichwan Thom and Jennifer Jacquet Janna Jenkins Samir and Carol Joglekar Mike and Brenda Johnson Richard and Elise Johnson Robert and Mary Johnson Rusty and Kim Jones Phil and Shirley Jones Lee and Elizabeth Jordan Monty and Melanie Joseph John and Cathy Kahn Matt and Stacy Keadey Keesha Keiser Gidget Kettle David and Emily Kline Alex and Liliya Kyrychenko

Michael and Susan Lake John Lee Rick and Susan Lowenstein Bob and Connie Lussier Shripal and Gorande Makim Mike and Sandy Maltby Don and Terry Maness Pam Manley Dave and Dorothy Markert Sergio and Darlene Marti Eddie and Becky Martin John and Wendy Martin Paul and Janis Mason Jonathan and Kip Matas Donald and Nga Maynard Jovar and Sheila McKellar Don and Susan McLaughlin Moises and Natalia Medina Dwight and Lesley Melson Mike and Heather Miars Eric and Courtney Middleton Fritz and Tami Miller Kevin and Kelly Mitchell Kirk and Malia Mixon Will and Julie Mizell Gairy Moore Mike and Carol Morris Charlie and Michelle Moss Karthik Muthiah and Mona Batra Iku and Kerri Nakada Fernando and Donna Nasmyth Juan Maria Naveja de Anda and Deborah Diebold de Naveja Thomas and Lynn Newkirk Brian and Missy Nichols Joel and LeAnn Nickelsen Bill and Decie Nygaard Mike and Jane O'Brien Ned and Kellie O'Brien Christy O'Neill Peter and Beth Ostapiuk Kevin and Aurora Peacock Pete and Machelle Pellegrini Steve and Toni Phillips Rodney and Erica Pierre Michael Pitts Eric and Tavala Poole Robert and Cecelia Prator Professional Drivers of Georgia, Inc Troy and Betty Putman Jason and Tiffany Rash David and Cecelia Ratcliffe Jean Rawls KP and Tammy Reddy Joel and Lori Reed Renasant Bank John and Karen Reynolds Don and Susan Richardson David and Savannah Roberts Scott and Dawn Roberts

Steven and Lynne Roberts John and Marci Rosselot SAGE Dining Services, Inc. Marc and Pam Scheipe Mac and Duhi Schneider Jim and Brenda Schreiber Houston and Jannet Scruggs Donald and Carol Shaffer Mark and Carolyn Shaffer Ken and Joyce Shumard Mike and Mary Beth Sierra Staffing Solutions Southeast John and Courtney Stakel Todd and Jan Stewart Tom and Julie Stewart Rick and Jennifer Stiles Tom and Mary Carol Sullivan Paul and Cherie Syiek Tom and Robin Tabor Claire Tardy Julius Green and Taryn Taylor John and Marsy Thomas Josh and Ashley Thomason Joseph and Tina Thompson Jim and Julie Tidwell Jim and Debbie Tisher Brett and Shannan Tracy Robert and Jennifer Turner Tin Tsun and May Tyan Charles and Jan Vanwynbergen Tim and Kim Vick Dan and Brooke Voelzke Derek and Dee Wade Scot and JoAnn Waldrop Neil and Lauren Walls Michael and Kathy Washington John and Jodi Webb Steve and Teresa West Will and Yolanda West WestRock Company David and Laura White Don and Katherine White David and Tammy Whitworth Lemuel Wiggins and Greer Johnson Floyd and Jessica Williams Jay and Molly Williams Randy and Sue Williams Grant and Leticia Willis Dennis and Misty Wilson Brent and Kimbra Wiseman Dale and Julie Wiseman John and Alicia Wood Ron and Clydean Wood Wells and Shelley Woodward Todd and Shari Wright Sang Yi and Nancy Kil Charlie and Julie Zakas Hugh and Linda Zornes


ot everyone gets excited about celebrating a 50th birthday – but we sure do! The banners across campus and along Indian Trail Road trumpet the news, and we’ve planned a year of special events to mark this monumental milestone. This Fall we have celebrated with 50th anniversary chapels, Homecoming, and 50th day of school celebrations. Here are some events to mark on your calendar for 2018.

MARCH 3 Please join us for a special evening as we share the story of God's Hand on our school over the past 50 we honor the legacy of Dr. Fincher...and as we look forward to the next 50 years. 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala honoring Dr. David Fincher Saturday, March 3rd 6:00 p.m. Atlanta History Center 130 West Paces Ferry Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305 We welcome all alumni, parents, past parents, former and current faculty/staff, and friends of GAC to attend the 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala honoring Dr. David Fincher as he transitions to Chancellor.

Individual tickets will be sold for $150 each. Sponsorships are also available. To purchase tickets visit For more information contact Katherine White Jodi Tidwell Webb '93

MARCH 10 Spartan Sprint – a Peachtree Road Race Qualifier Calling all weekend warriors! Mark your calendars for the Spartan Sprint 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run. Our 2nd annual 5K run, sponsored by the GAC Parent

Association, starts at Spartan Stadium at 8 a.m. Find out more about this fundraiser and register on our website.

MARCH 22-23 Alumni Weekend Alumni of all ages and their families are invited to explore campus, reconnect with faculty, and commemorate the legacy of your alma mater. This is a great time to rekindle those friendships made during your years on the athletic field, in the performing arts, or in the classroom. Additional information will be sent later. Contact Kaleigh Warwick Hartley ‘09







Newana Thompson ('71), GAC's first Homecoming Queen of 1971, celebrated her retirement this year on June 30. She concluded a successful sales career of 33 years with Marriott International and a total of 41 years in the hospitality industry. She and her husband live in Midtown Atlanta and have 8 grandchildren. In her retirement, she is spending her time traveling (including a trip to Italy with friends), participating in a community garden, visiting family, volunteering at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and worshipping at Campus Church at GAC.

Rob ('87) and Traci ('88) Browne and their 4 children live in Monroe, GA, and continue to lead YouthReach International, a ministry creating mentoring communities for orphans and at-risk youth in post-Soviet countries. This past spring, they also opened Great Harvest Bread Company in Loganville, GA, where they bake daily breads and sweets with Montana wheat they mill in their own bakery every day.

1975 Lea Anne Hammond ('75) retired June 1, 2017. She began her career teaching three years at GAC, followed by teaching 30 years for Cobb County School District. She taught elementary general education for 15 years, then special education for the remaining 18 years. Lea Anne was chosen as one of the teachers to help create CCSD’s Transition Academy, a program designed for students 18-22 years old with intellectual disabilities. Lea Anne and her husband Kevin have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. They moved to Arlington, Texas the week after she retired to be close to their grandchildren.

1976 Bruce ('71) and Susan ('76) Carnahan met over 40 years ago on the GAC campus during its humble beginnings. They stayed in touch through the years with other alumni on social media, and they eventually reconnected. In April of 2017, this outdoor-loving couple got married barefoot on a beautiful beach in Key West surrounded by loved ones. 54



Lieutenant Commander Todd Wild ('87) will soon commence his 28th year of Naval service. Having recently completed his seventh tour at Naval Air Station, Lemoore, CA, he has now been assigned as the Ordnance Handling Officer on board USS Carl Vinson in San Diego. Todd has completed nine deployments on board four different aircraft carriers during his career.

Bruce and Susan Carnahan

Spartans Meet Your New Alumni Relations Officer

Rob ('87) and Traci ('88) Browne

1993 Kevin Shields (’93) is the publisher of the Clayton Tribune in Georgia. After joining the Clayton Tribune, the publication has since earned the General Excellence award the past 2 years by the Georgia Press Association. He and his wife, Courtney, and their 3 children (Katie, Cassie, and Conner) reside in Rabun County, GA.

1995 Glen and Jamie Helms Huff ('95) welcomed a baby boy on May 17, 2016, Philip Carroll Huff 9 lbs. 2 oz. He joins big sisters Marion-Elise 8 1/2 and Reagan 7. The Huff family lives in Buford, GA.

It’s a delight to serve as your Alumni Relations Officer, and I’m thankful to call GAC home again after graduating as a “lifer” in ‘09. Walking through campus these days definitely brings back fond memories of magazine sale pep rallies in the Bradford gym, hands-on learning experiences, a time before uniforms, and the many friendships made. I embark on this role with enthusiasm for our Spartan family, a passion for storytelling, and a passionate drive to make meaningful connections. We believe in the power of networking and lifelong bonds created from shared experiences. Graduates are automatically welcomed into a network of nearly 5,000 alumni located everywhere from Atlanta to around the world. Our goal is to help you cultivate meaningful relationships, expand your career network, apply your expertise, impact the lives of students, and continue to further the mission of your alma mater. From engaging networking events, special interest groups, school spirit traditions, class and team reunions, service opportunities, to advising students in their faith and career paths, there are several ways to stay involved. Thank you for the honor of being your representative and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Go Spartans! -Kaleigh Warwick Hartley '09




2007 Adam Crane

1998 Kristen (Bell) Zulli (‘98) and her husband, Jerry, recently moved to Tuscaloosa, AL. Jerry is one of the new assistant basketball coaches at the University of Alabama, and Kristen is a physical therapist at DCH Spinecare. They have one daughter, Zoe, who is 4 years old.

1999 Adam Crane ('99) successfully defended his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. He and his family live in Saskatoon, where his wife is a nurse and he will pursue postdoctoral work in biology.

2005 Taylor Davis ('05) and his wife, Emma, welcomed a new addition to their growing family. Macy Elizabeth Davis was born on May 10th, 2017, weighing 7lbs 4oz and measuring 21 inches long. Macy has two siblings: a 2-year old brother named Wilkes and the family dog, a chocolate Lab, who is very excited to have a little sister. Taylor is the Athletic Director and Varsity Girls' Volleyball Coach at Hebron Christian Academy, and Emma is a hairstylist in the Lawrenceville Square.




Kinsey (Davis) Stanley ('07) and her husband, Jordan, live in Birmingham, AL, where Jordan is finishing his residency in Ophthalmology. In the summer of 2016, Kinsey completed her degree as a Certified Nurse Midwife. They have a son named Owen Gabriel Stanley, who celebrated his first birthday on June 26, 2017.

2008 Chad Day ('08) got married in April of 2016 to Jill, whom he met in law school at Michigan State University. After graduating in May of 2015, he joined the Day Law Firm, LLC in Lawrenceville as an Associate Attorney in creditors' rights. Chad and Jill are expecting their first baby in April, 2018.

Taylor Davis

Justin Ernest

2009 Justin Ernest ('09) graduated from the University of Georgia in '13. Throughout his tenure at UGA, Justin held leadership roles with several organizations and was subsequently chosen as 1 of 10 "Outstanding Senior Leaders" at the University. Upon graduation, Justin began working in Capital Markets for The Coca-Cola Company, where he focused on managing equity and debt portfolios for the company. Justin recently moved to Boston to pursue his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he plans to study Finance and Entrepreneurship. His post-MBA goal is to work in venture capital or private equity and invest in emerging technology companies.

Blake has worked for Price Waterhouse (PWC) in Phoenix since graduating from University of Alabama and has recently accepted a promotion into their finance group. He and Anna will be relocating to Denver in February 2018 after a three-month long, adventure-filled honeymoon in Southeast Asia.

Trey Martin (’10) moved to St. Louis, MO., in August of 2016 to start a Master of Divinity degree at Covenant Theological Seminary. He plans on finishing in May of 2020 and is hoping to serve in pastoral ministry.

Beginning August 2017, Taylor Martin ('10) was selected to be the Head Women's Lacrosse Coach at Wilmington College in Ohio.

Anna and Blake Guy

Drew Schoepf ('09) and Royale Cole ('09), were married in November of 2016. Drew graduated from Georgia Tech and is working locally as a computer programmer. Royale graduated from Berry College and is in graduate school to be a counselor. They recently purchased a new home in Sugar Hill, GA.

2010 After dating since middle school at GAC, Anna Douglas ('11) and Blake Guy ('10) got married on October 7, 2017. Anna recently received her master's degree from the Physician Assistant Program at the College of Health Sciences – Midwestern University (in AZ) and passed her PA Boards. She plans to pursue a career in NICU.




Grace Mimbs Grace Mimbs ('10) has been actively serving in ministry for about three years across the country of India, where only 2% of the population identify as Christian. In partnership with several ministries, Grace has been sharing the Gospel as a mobilized church planter; teaching others how to use the arts as a worship instrument; counseling women who have been rescued from human traffiking; mentoring students in pastoral training; and empowering people of India to build authentic relationships with Jesus Christ. She has recently returned to the U.S. to use her skills in ministry, mentoring, and creativity to teach art at GAC.

Julia Sykes and Anthony Guerreso

Erika and Austin Nichols Erika (Dore) Nichols ('10) married Austin Nichols of Nashville Tennessee on July 21, 2017. The couple resides in Nashville, where Austin works as a Youth Minister at Jackson Park Church of Christ. Erika is finishing her training to become a physican assistant, and plans to graduate from PA School in December.

2011 Anthony Guerreso and Julia Sykes both graduated from GAC in '11 and from the University of Georgia in '15. Their friendship began on the GAC campus and now they work together in the Atlanta real estate market. Anthony is a mortgage banker with CBC National Bank, and Julia is a realtor with Dorsey Alston Realtors. Attending the same schools and entering the same career field are big advantages for these friends and former classmates to work well together as they build their client base in the Atlanta area.

2012 Elizabeth Bradley graduated in May of 2016 with a degree from Lipscomb University in Public Relations. She is a Regional Executive of Williamson County for the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and currently lives in Nashville. 58



Catherine and Jonathan Ford

Emma Ashlyne and Hunter Ballard

Catherine Chason Ford ('12) and Jonathan Ford ('12) were married in January of 2017. After graduating from GAC, Jonathan attended Cornell University and Catherine attended the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. They now live in New York where Jonathan works at Goldman Sachs in high yield credit trading. Catherine is an assistant preschool teacher at The Brownstone School.

2013 Emma Ashlyne Taylor ('13) married Hunter Christian Ballard on May 13, 2017 at Flint Hill in Norcross, GA. Both are graduates of the University of Georgia. Emma began the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Mercer University in August of 2017, and Hunter works at XDS Development in Alpharetta. The couple is living in Brookhaven, GA.

Justin Ellard

2017 Justin Ellard was sworn into The United States Marine Corps and is now a poolee. He reported to boot camp at Parris Island, SC on November 13 and graduates in February of 2018. At that point, he will hold the rank of Private and will report to infantry training, where he will serve our country with honor, courage, and commitment.







belong M

iddle school. We all know it’s a tough time. How can we make it better for GAC students? This is a question that middle school Bible department chair Lori Reed is always brainstorming. At the heart of the matter is the fact that kids this age desperately want to find out where they fit in. They are looking for their spot, a place to belong.

Then came the hard part. Each of the 350 sticks was to become part of something larger: a “belong” tree. This idea required hours and hours of labor and creative finesse for it to come to life. In walked hard-working Fumiko Hawkes, parent to GAC 6th grader Thomas Hawkes who majored in art in college in Japan. Armed with a glue gun, sheets of music from hymnals, pompoms, tissue paper, and cardboard, Ms. Hawkes and Ms. Wild set out to pull the project together.

“Children at this age so desperately want affirmation and acceptance, and they are so vulnerable to seeking it in both harmful and healthy ways,” says Ms. Reed. “Our task has Over the span of two months, Ms. Hawkes spent always been to point them to their inherent worth countless hours weaving and mounting the sticks simply as children of God.” onto boards wrapped in hymnal pages. She and Billy Woodruff, a member of the GAC Campus Rather than attempt Services team, hung the boards on the walls of to instill this the atrium together to create two, two-story message lecturetrees that adorn each staircase in the atrium of style, Ms. Reed the middle school building. collaborated with middle school art The final masterpiece is so dazzling that it’s easy teacher Michelle to forget the simple message that was behind it. Wild to create an During a recent middle school Chapel discussion, “aha” moment Ms. Reed reminded students that the stick alone, for their students which symbolizes how each student was created with a wholein the image of God, is what makes them belong. school, hands-on Not the sequins or the Legos or the pompoms. art project. They Just the stick alone is enough. started with sticks. “You are made in the image of God. That’s why Each of the 350 you belong. We’re glad you’re here. We need students in the you,” Ms. Reed urged students during a recent Middle School was middle school Chapel discussion. asked to find a stick outside. Next, You might think the combination of high-energy they were tasked with customizing their stick students passing by fragile sticks and dainty so that it represented what makes them unique. objects in a busy hub of the middle school all Some sticks are adorned with Legos, crayons, day long would be a bad one. Not a problem for and ribbons. Others are decorated with candy these GAC middle schoolers. The trees stand in wrappers, crosses, and favorite Bible verses. perfect condition despite all the energy bubbling Flags from other countries, sports team buttons, around them. Academic Dean Lauren Hollier said, miniature eyeglasses, Starbucks logos….the list “The students made this themselves. They have goes on and on. an appreciation for the artwork and the meaning behind it.” GACS TODAY



Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

1575 indian trail road norcross, georgia 30093


Norcross, GA Permit #11

ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Greater Atlanta Christian School Incorporated admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships and loan programs, and athletic and other administered programs.

It’s a great year to be a Spartan! Celebration Events: January 18

Performing Arts Center Dedication

January 23

100th day of School

March 3

50th Anniversay Gala – Atlanta History Center

March 10

Spartan Sprint (Peachtree Road Race Qualifier)

March 22

14th Annual Black & White Gala

March 23/24

Alumni Weekend

Psalm 33:11

If this copy of GACS Today is addressed to your GAC Alumni, please update their contact information by emailing We don’t want anyone to miss our plans for the 50th Anniversary events.

...the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.

GACS Today Winter 2018  

Explore GAC - The combination of deep faith and ethics linked to a premier education.

GACS Today Winter 2018  

Explore GAC - The combination of deep faith and ethics linked to a premier education.