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Welcome A

s the semester comes to near close, it has been an event filled four months, from the revolution on elections that saw the inclusion of parallel students to the student council. A whole new team, just what do these once underdogs have in store for the school now and in future?

The annual Mr. and Miss jkuat pageant going down at the Kasarani Sports Center, not a miss I assure you…the certification of the university as an ISO club member. . Mmh yeah I know… Meet and get to know Kenyan star Ngangalito, what makes and breaks him. What’s he up to after the fame, he’s regrets was it all a show or the goofiness is really him?? As the weather takes a nose dive get fashion tips from our fashion krew on the don’ts of campus dressing… an interview with the acting SHRD chair Mrs. Rebecca Eshiwani that also has us learn a bit of jkuat history… And much, much more. We also take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and a fantabolous new year. To thank all those who worked tirelessly with us to see this project come to be, to our facilitator Miss Carole Njoroge for posing this challenge to us. To all those whose names appear alongside these articles, hope to do this again sometime…it was a great opportunity, as we say among us, freak your dream and don’t let little hurdles tell you otherwise. Remember to read your constitution we are all bright people; let’s not rely on this parrot voiced nincompoops to decide what works for us…au sio?

Happy reading…

Anne Morgan

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History of the university F

By Mauryne and Edith rom our research and inquiries, J. K. U. A. T started in 1981 as a middlelevel college assisted by the Japanese government. The first group of students was admitted on 4th May 1981. It went on as a college until 1994 when it was established as a university through the J. K. U. A. T act and there after inaugurated in 7th Dec 1994.

Since its foundation, J. K. U. A. T has expanded its institute, and being an I. T centre, digitized its institute’s facilities and hence creating a better learning environment for its students. Basing on its expansion, various schools/faculties have been formulated especially human resource programmes in order to fit in not only in the digital world but also in the entrepreneurial world. J. K. U. A. T has various faculties including; Faculty of Agriculture, Institute

of Computer Science and Information Technology (I. C. S. I. T), Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecture and Building Sciences (S. A. B. S), School of Human Resource Development (S. H. R. D) and Faculty of Science. Being a well established, equipped and organized institution, J. K. U.A.T has perfectly divided its administration into various departments in order Continued>>

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to effectively serve its staff, students and even other stake holders. The various departments include: Administration: Basically deals with admission of new students Academics: Setting of exams, release of results and attending to other matter pertaining education. Campuses: Elaborates the various the various branches and constituents of the university and where they are located. It is also relevant to mention the various programmes offered under different facilities and schools (will be attached). Being the main cash flow of the institution, I decided to do more research on the S. H. R. D and house. I had interviews with various heads of the faculty on how they manage the schools, and the challenges they encounter when exercising their managerial skills considering the faculty has more students and is largest in the university.

Upclose with Mrs. Eshiwani By Mauryne and Edith Q. Education background or qualification? Postgraduate diploma in Education. Postgraduate diploma in population studies all from university of Nairobi. Q. What made you choose teaching as a proffession? Was it your first choice. Had other options but basically influenced by my husband to teach. Q. What drives you/motivates you? Teaching is my passion and I just think I have a calling for teaching. Left teaching and went working for ministry of education but didn’t like and achieve much. Q. HOW WAS YOUR FIRST LECTURE. First taught in Starehe boys centre. Had no confidence at first as a teacher it was difficult to face students at first. Q. Who do you prefer to teach I would prefer teaching boys than girls because of system of discipline. Q. Challenges faced in your teaching career. There are various challenges in the teaching profession for e. g. you find a class that lacks discipline and wonder how they came together and reverse. lack of facilities

New T JKUSO Council

By Caroline Muya

he two-week long student campaigns looking to elect one student union –the Jomo Kenyatta University Student Union (JKUSO), came to a climax Thursday, October 15, 2009 when students in all JKUAT campuses flocked the polling stations to elect their leaders who will guide them through the next 2009/2010 academic year From left to right: Njeri Duncan Nduati (Chairman), Mwangi Patrick (Vice Chairman), Kibata Chris Ng’ang’a (Secretar y General), Juma M. Kelvin (Finance Secretar y) From left to right: Omollo C.A. Nduvi (Catering and Accommodation Secretar y), Kasina Emmanuel (Academic Secretar y), Muli Henr y

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e. g. handling 600 students in a smaller room. Administration doest care about us. e. g. lecture doesn’t come to class like twice administration would question but for students no mechanism for punishing them. Students not doing their assignment and not serious about their work. Short time for processing exams considering its trimester marking becomes an issue. Q. Do you teach any other colleges? Only lectures in JKUAT but once taught in Nairobi. Q. Hobbies. Reading a lot, literature books religious books, belongs to an organization, church ministry. Q. Latest book read. “PUT YOUR ANGELS AT WORK” Q. Inspiration books Martin Luther King Jr. Think big.

Mrs Eshiwani, Acting SHRD

Q. Words of advice. Students, read widely not just books on your area of specialization, it’s through exposure on how other people use language that improves your communication because basically the world needs good communicators.

Q . Favourite quote.

Proverbs “a little sleep a little slumber and poverty comes in as a flood.

Q. Iso certified comment on it. What it holds for the future of jkuat. It’s meant to improve. Coming up with platitudes is not enough unless people’s attitudes have changed. I don’t think the school had reached the level of getting ISO certified but the V. C may want the school to achieve it. Q. Do you enjoy your role I enjoy the role although the work can confine you to the chair so much, which is not my favorite.

Nzioka (Enter tainment Secretar y), Lilian Nabuleje (External Affairs Secretar y) The union will be headed by Duncan Nduati Njeri who was elected as chairman garnering a total of 2247 out of the 4923 votes cast while Chris Ng’ang’a is the new secretar y general in a new executive council of nine (9) officials and other fifty-three (53) officials representing faculties, schools, institutes, depar tments, campuses and halls of residence. ELECTIONS The 2009 students union campaigns which lasted for two weeks saw a star t of a new era leadership were leaders were not only chosen from the one with the best agenda policies but the one who will fill stomachs with illicit brews and give enough money. The campaign period was a time which saw JKUAT transform from the all quiet and technological institute to an exhibition arena. Posters of all sizes, colours and designs were mounted on ever y wall space available. To some of us who have been around for some time can testify about the transformation that was recorded in this year’s election. The campaigns star ted on a ver y high note with the candidates hiring campaign agents, bringing in some celebrity personalities to campaign for them. 5 xplorer - mag.indd 5

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Flight to

Bamako T

he clearance of her final exams was to usher a new phase in Pendo’s life; a phase of success, financial security and bliss. After all she’d given her all to reach this point and asking for the better things in life wasn’t a lot to ask for. But sadly this was not to be and as she sat on a dusty public bench at downtown Nairobi, feelings of nostalgia took her back to her past.

Deep down Pendo didn’t want to talk to anyone. Moreover, she didn’t want to share her personal problems with a stranger. But something inthe lady’s voice made her accept to talk to her. Her voice was somewhat soothing and in a way made Pendo open up to her.

Pendo had been born on it seemed on the wrong day, wrong month and wrong year all rolled into one. Her mother’s water broke early and she was to be born premature. Not only that, the water had broken at home which consisted of a cardboard shanty in the middle of the Kawangware slums. This was far from any clinic or health centre. On top of that people in the slums, each preoccupied with his or her own thoughts, rarely helped each other. And so her mother would writhe in pain for hours before some good Samaritan attended to her. By this time her condition had taken a turn for the worse and she’d later die. Pendo, however, was fortunate as she survived. The next seventeen years of her life found her being shuffled from one children’s home to the next. Unfortunately this were hard economic times as children homes would close down for lack of funds and that meant that the authorities would have to place her in another home. And on to the next would Pendo move to. The conditions in these children’s weren’t anything to write home about and pendo’s daily prayer was deliverance from these places. It wasn’t until she secured an undergraduate place at the University of Nairobi did Pendo enjoy the simple pleasure of enjoying peace, good food and a room all by herself. It was at the University of Nairobi where she’d sat for her final exams. They had been tough but she had pulled through because she believed that the world out there held better and brighter things for her. She had worked hard and she knew

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she got invited to the right parties, met the right people and joined the right sports clubs. Her lifestyle immediately changed as she now dined in up market restaurants, wore designer shoes and suits and dated rich men. that with her high grades she’d easily join a lucrative job market. Sadly, this wasn’t so. It was her fruitless search for employment that had led her to sitting on a dusty public bench wondering what her next step would be. ************* It had been eight months since she had graduated. Eight months of endless struggle battling life’s challenges. Her hopes, dreams and goals now seemed to be in a far away horizon that she could not reach. Despair and hopelessness had plagued Pendo all through and the once happy face as seen last on her graduation photos now seemed like it belonged to another totally different person. In between dropping her résumé at various company offices, Pendo had taken up menial jobs to support herself. This demoralized her even further because deep down she just couldn’t fathom how a person with a degree in economics could be paid a mere 200 shillings per job. As she sat on the bench, she could feel the despair starting too overwhelm her. Tears were now slowly running down her cheeks forming two parallel lines as the emotions overtook her. “Hey, what’s wrong dear,” asked a soft voice from what seemed to be from far away. In between sobs Pendo looked up and saw a smartly dressed woman looking at her. She was dressed in the latest trendy fashion and was wearing some sweet perfume that seemed to envelope her. “Nini mbaya,” asked the lady again this time moving closer to the empty space next to Pendo’s bench. “Nothing is wrong,” said Pendo while trying to stifle a sniffle. “No no…something must be wrong. I’m Kandi. Let me sit next to you and let you tell me what’s bothering you” said the lady as she sat down on the empty space next to Pendo. Deep down Pendo didn’t want to talk to anyone. Moreover, she didn’t want to share her personal problems with a stranger. But something in the lady’s voice made her accept to talk to her. Her voice was somewhat soothing and in a way made Pendo open up to her. “I’ve been looking for a job…. said Pendo and with that short sentence started telling Kandi her problems. The next forty five minutes were spent with Kandi keenly listening to what Pendo was saying. She only interrupted to ask few questions seeking clarifications on where she hadn’t understood. Kandi would only speak when Pendo had finished the story of her life and she uttered six words that were to change Pendo’s life forever; “I think I can help you” ***************** The air hostess job that Kandi had assisted Pendo to get was indeed a blessing. The pay was good, it was in a prestigious airline plus one would earn extra in form of allowances according to the flights she took per week. It had been easy for Kandi to assist her in getting the job since she worked in the human resource department of the airline. It had just taken one call to the right person and since Pendo was a graduate she had quickly been recruited. The job also proved to be an eye opener to Pendo as it now exposed her to the other side of life that she’d only read in newspapers and glossy magazines. Through it she met people of a higher social class and standing than her own. Kandi made sure she got invited to the right parties, met the right people and joined the right sports clubs. Her lifestyle immediately changed as she now dined in up market restaurants, wore designer shoes and

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suits and dated rich men. Life was indeed good! Her job also made it better as it took her to famous destinations all over the world; from Paris to Milan, Cape to Cairo. Her dreams had indeed com true- the new phase in her life had started! *************** Six months in her job and her past life now looked like a horrible dream she’d never want to re-live. Pendo was now a sophisticated woman of a higher social status. The old self was dead and gone. Even former college mates found it hard to recognize her or if they did chose to ignore her because the new Pendo spoke in a weird European accent, wore expensive wigs and had put on airs that were quite irritating. All this had not affected her work as she was one the most dependable people at work. She got to work on time, followed orders and was always willing to help another colleague with anything. All this time she had never forgotten how Kandi had helped her and every time the were together she always reminded her how much she owed her. But of course this was just a polite saying and she never expected Kandi to collect on the favour. However, kandi did come to collect one day. It was on a rather slow Tuesday morning. Slow because it was on the low season where they were few passengers flying in and out of Kenya. Pendo was just about to board her flight to Blantyre, Malawi when Kandi came running up the terminal. “Hey dear, wait. ” Called out Kandi. Pendo turned around to see Kandi running towards her almost out of breath. “Hey sweetheart, said Pendo as she kissed her on both cheeks. Why the hurry?” “I got a package that I need you to deliver to someone in Blantyre. “What is it?” “Just something for a dear friend back there. Just put it in your overnight bag because I do not want it to pass through customs because of the high taxes and all” An overnight bag was a duffel bag that air hostess carried their personal belongings that they’d use along the flight and in the city they were flying to. Kandi’s request sounded normal as most air hostesses carried stuff for other airline staff to deliver to their friends and relatives in other countries. However, the next sentence that Kandi would utter really puzzled Pendo. “Do not open it and don’t let the other air hostesses know you are carrying it. When you get to Blantyre call this number and they’ll come pick t up from your hotel” said Kandi as she gave Pendo a piece of crumpled up paper with a number written on it. Pendo was about to protest but Kandi didn’t give a chance because as soon as she gave her the package she ran back to her office. Something inside Pendo told her not to carry the package but remembering all what Kandi her done for her ,she felt guilty and decided to do this one small thing for her. ******************** Three months had now passed; three months in which Pendo moonlit in dangerous and risky ventures. The initial Blantyre delivery had gone well but from that more deliveries had ensued. Kandi had now changed from a close friend and confidant to a sort of boss who demanded Pendo do as she said. The deliveries were no longer favours; they were orders. Slowly Pendo had become aware what she was delivering. From Johannesburg she brought in rough uncut diamonds, from Blantyre she delivered heroin and from Bamako she brought in cocaine. The Bamako route was the most from which she brought in packages from. This was mainly because her airline flew three times in a week to the Mali capital. Pendo really hated what she was doing but any sign of protest was met with a warning from Kandi that she could get her fired at a moment’s notice. This led to their friendship deteriorating. Pendo was now fully aware that Kandi had only helped in order to use her in future. One day when she’d had enough, she confronted Kandi about this. “Enough is enough, I’m through,” yelled Pendo at Kandi when they were alone. “NO! It’s only over when I say when it’s over!” replied Kandi “This is too much. For crying out loud, I can get arrested when the airline finds out what i’m doing” “If you quit where will you go? Back to the dusty bench I found you in?

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That statement was like a knife tearing through Pendo’s heart. This made Pendo remember all the tough times she had left behind. It was true she had nowhere to go. Her savings were not even enough to make her quit her job at that time. But all the same it was too much. “Next week you’ll bring back some package from Bamako. Use the same contacts I gave you and if everything goes well I might give you a percentage of my cut,” said Kandi in a normal voice as if what they had talked about wasn’t of any consequence. “This is it. ” thought Pendo. Once I get the cut I’ll leave this airline. At least with the cut I’ll have something to fall back on. “How much will that be?” Pendo found herself asking. “1500 US dollars” “That was roughly 115,000 in Kenya shillings,” thought Pendo as she made the calculations in her head, “that will set me for a while. ” “I’ll do it!” said Pendo without hesitating. ******************* On the day of the Bamako flight Pendo woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything was going wrong. She’d stubbed her toe as she made her way to the shower and had taken a long time to locate her spectacles. Outside dark clouds hung low on the Nairobi skies. It looked gloomy as the dark overcast had covered the morning sun. The usual chill ran down Pendo’s spine as she imagined what was she was going do that day. It will be my last day she assured herself. Quickly she navigated the morning traffic and made her way to the airport where she found fellow staff waiting for her they board the plane together. The flight to Bamako was uneventful the only occurrence being some kid who complained of an asthma attack but was quickly given an anti histamine which called him down. In Bamako she received the packaged from the usual contact. The package this time was bigger but Pendo didn’t complain as she knew this was the last time for her. As the plane taxied down JKIA she breathed a sigh of relief as she knew the worst was over. Coming into the country was never a problem as the airport security staff new her and they usually let her pass without any hassle. However, today something was different. New rules from the airport mgt required everyone including the pilots to have their bags checked. The security staff informed them it had all to do with the recent terrorist attacks all over the world. This immediately sent Pendo I a panic because she knew the moment her bag was checked they’d find drugs in them. She began trembling and complains that she was running late fell on deaf ears as the security staff said rules had to be followed. “Pendo… Pendo, ”called a voice from the other side of the airport. It was the human resource manager. She was clutching some envelopes that she wanted to give to pendo. Since she was being called by a senior member of the airline, the security staff let her pass. “These came for you, said

the human resource manager as she handed her the envelopes. They were redirected here since your old post office box was closed. Pendo got hold of the envelopes and started opening them one by one. They were job offers some as old as three months. Immediately, a smile formed on Pendo’s lips as she realized that there was indeed there was a way out. However, this was short lived as a dog pounced on her and wrestled her to the ground. The sniffer dog had smelled the contents of her bag and charged at her. The contents now lay on the ground for all to see. This was followed by member of the security staff handcuffing her and leading her to a waiting van. It then dawned on her; had she been patient, she would have still gotten a job! © Oscar gee

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soul search

Courage By Faith Muini There is something about courage that is incredibly inspiring, whether one sees it in real life or reads about it in history . Courage never fails to grab the heart and motivate the soul. Courage, of course, knows no gender boundaries. It is just that most men only recognize and appreciate it when it is conveyed in digital sound or widescreen. It comes in many different forms, but when it comes to us we must grab it because success in life desperately needs its strength.

Fear says run, courage says stop and fight. Courage enables us to endure our present problems with a tenacity that never gives in. Courage makes us stronger, braver and better people. It is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to face fear and say,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Regardless of how I feel at the moment, I am going to push through to the other side. Those who achieve realize that life involves some element of risk. One

cannot cover every base . Success is never guaranteed. Ineffectiveness comes on the wings of fear, according to Phil Baker, when the what if looms larger in our consciousness than the why not then cowardice rules over courage and dreams go unfulfilled. Fear says run, courage says stop and fight. Courage itself very rarely stands alone . It is the by product of faith and it is the child of destiny. This is of course one of the greatest discoveries of the super achiever; that a characteristic such as purpose, once cultivated, produces naturally the necessary ingredients to fulfil itself . Jack Lemmon said he tries to harness his fears and use them to work for him;

I think we worry about failure to much . I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think that failure very often can hurt anybody. Its fear of failure that will absolutely destroy you. Negative habits attitudes and deficient character traits compound working against the individual and their success. Pride results in a loss of information and relationships; unforgiveness destroys our perspective of life and causes us to lose focus; hope and humour are not nurtured when we allow despondency or apathy to dog our path and paralyse our progress. The neglect of our inner world slowly sucks meaning out of our existence. Like quicksand the melancholy of emptiness will finally have its inevitable victory, perhaps this is why the imperative of proverbs must be heeded: guard our heart above everything else you guard, for from it flow the very forces of life

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soul search

2 sides of a coin:


heads or tails

By Beatrice Kamau

hen life’s promises dwindle, what keeps us alive? When progress is not visible and no surety of its existence is given. When you are cast at the center of the universe with nothing and no one around you. When you are burning with a fire that ca not is extinguished or redirected. Sometimes all we need is us to make through. When we breathe we u unconsciously make the statement that we want to live, we want to fight, we are holding on, we are surviving. But at that time maybe that is all the strength we have. Strength to breath

and not to move. When such strength is absent, all we are left to do are those things we cannot avoid listen, feel…live. Someone said that life is not fair, but no one clarified just how long it lasts. Maybe a lifetime, you be the judge. Two babies are born on a certain day. One with both parents and a good life, but the other with none. For one life is unfair because the parents insist to educate her level after level but for the other life is unfair because no one can afford to take her to school. The most ridiculous thing, both are justified to complain we have all seen the brightest of students in our courses who will curse, yell and even cry because they have only ten As in their transcripts instead of all

fourteen, while your own reads maybe two As, just maybe. Who gauges how unfair life is, god? Unfortunately no! we have to each and every one has to in their own different was. What I draw from all this is that whatever we do, whatever we go through makes us who we are; but it is not us. We are our own selves. When nothing exists, guess who does YOU. Be a hero and be YOU. When you cannot smile, blink, when you cannot talk, listen, when you are stuck, don’t fight, have a sit and wait for the energy to grow , for strength to build, for the world to exists again when you will be visible again when someone will rescue you…wait to live.

Tick! Tack! It’s a new day We humans are amazing creatures. No one is ever satisfied with what they get. I mean LIFE. Is it not amazing that a 70 year old man will complain of dying too soon and a ten year old boy will seem to fade away? The bereaved will mourn (he left s too soon). they say it is surely a curse to be born. I do not know your take on that dear reader but something got me thinking. The minute you are born, you are doomed to die in the coming future. That leads me to a day, you know like Monday Tuesday etc. it only lives for 24 hrs. And just like ma the moment the clock clicks at midnight, it begins knowing the next night at midnight a second before it began it will end. Yet it does not complain. What makes us so different? What if human

beings live for 24 hours? But you would say a year, a month or even a week is not made of one day, but so does the human race not made of one man. Back to the day, it executes its duty diligently. Shines to early farmer and accountant as they head to work at dawn, wakes the still waters of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, rejuvenates the birds energy as they sing, gives way to the sun food to the plants, hold the kings, emperors, priests, all rulers of the world and carries you till you tire to bed just before midnight when its satisfactory fades it to the unknown. So you see there is no day that complains because all days do what they are meant to do. But yet not all days are good too. Some harbored major accidents,

bombings, assassinations, floods, famines, shipwrecks, al catastrophies but are still remembered. Others give raise to kings ; Alexander, presidents, Obama January 20, 2009. But all in all that’s what they are meant to do. Me think those are the type of leaders we need, days. Not ruthless, not cruel, not clueless but strong, promising and diligent leaders who will combine the good and bad in the world to lead us to a promising future till a new leader is born to carry us on. Leaders who make histroy not to their own benefit as they will fade away but for those who will be born at the cause of the day. So dear leaders let your days tell a story. I know the days will do their part so do yours too and move the world to past midnight.

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@bout ENW By Sammy Luvinzu It was in 1981 that ENW was born. Now 28 years old, the Engineering Workshop (ENW) is a place that has built many great engineers. And many great things have been made. I made a stop at ENW to hear this wonderful story. For anyone who’s never been there, just follow a student with those blue overalls and you’ll understand why they have to be worn. A bit of the history: it was built in a collaborated effort between the governments of Japan and Kenya in 1981 when JKUAT was a technical college (JKUAT became a university college of Kenyatta University in 1989 then a University in 1994). The machines have been well maintained to enable most of them to survive to this day. The arrangement of the workshops, I was told, is quite similar to a factory where different workshops do different kinds of works that make the various components that constitute the final product. The fitting workshop reminds us of sweat and hard work – and that’s what makes a good craftsman. It is here where the budding engineer learns the vital basic techniques in fabricating items. He/she learns skills such as filing and cutting metal using different techniques and measuring and marking accurately. With a tolerance of 1mm…let’s just say we learn patience and perseverance. It is in the machine workshop that

machines are used to do more advanced manipulations, using machines, with less effort but still a lot of skill is required and finishing might have to be done in the fitting workshop. With the components ready, it becomes necessary to join them in the welding workshop where various kinds of metal joining methods are taught. There is also a plumbing workshop where making fluid-carrying systems is taught. A carpentry workshop comes in handy since woodwork exists in so many processes. An interesting newer workshop is the foundry which, interestingly enough, used to act as a ‘dustbin’ but was converted into a metal smelting and moulding workshop through a grant from the World Bank.

Low melting point metals are used to make various metallic castings using a sand or wooden mould. ENW is not just about building engineers but also building innovations. I was impressed by the kind of work that can be done. For example, did you know they can make a bicycle rim? And they’re making a machine (from scratch!) that can do this in large scale! The workshops, through the wonderful minds behind them, have made various useful things: bicycles, luggage-carrying tricycles with engines, a hydraulic turbine – and those are just the ones I managed to see. There are much more. It’s no surprise that their product frequent the national show. ENW, building great engineers.

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overTECHNOfied? By Sammy Luvinzu

“The digital clock reads 5:50am and the radio starts playing track 8 of her favourite CD. That’s her wake up song. She likes starting her day up in a good mood. The alarm on her phone starts screaming at 5:54, and in 20 seconds, the CD stops playing and the alarm continues. She wakes up the alarm. The music made her feel so fresh. She now reads the Bible on her phone and prays before checking out … yes, facebook. She takes out her laptop and starts that assignment that’s due today (don’t we always?) and beeps her pal to wake up. But before she starts, she has to listen to that new track on her ipod…”

lives more comfortable. From MP3 players to phones. Vacuum cleaners to washing machines. This to that. The list is anything but short.

So, don’t let tech govern your life. Make it work for your life, now and in the future.

Technology is growing like a cancer into our lifestyle. Nowadays people are becoming more and more attached to technologies that make doing things more convenient and our

But don’t we risk making technology master over our lives? We might find ourselves watching movies or quietly listening to music when we could be talking to our friends or thinking of important issues. Playing video games all night. These can have negative effect on us. Physically, we become unfit and unhealthy because of the sedentary lifestyle. Mentally, we become lazy and far too comfortable to care to think much. Socially, we risk becoming introverted and getting too attached to our gadgets.

So, don’t let tech govern your life. Make it work for your life, now and in the future.

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Right Investment By Sammy Luvinzu Sitting down in my quiet place, I started my favourite pass time: thinking. Have you realised that almost every technological ‘development’ we claim to have are just innovations adapted from the west. That in a home, the TV, the radio, the fridge, the cooker …. are imported! That the technology we learn about in class is just us learning what the west invented and innovated. Our curricula in school is mostly content adapted from western institutes of learning? And that made me sad. Can’t we do that with our

own academic resources? I believe we can. We need to realise that to get food to feed our countrymen, it is more useful to invest in the great minds that will come up with solutions rather than to simply buy this and that to try solve a problem. We as a society must start to realise the wonderful richness of human minds and the ability of people to transform the world around them.

award innovations. They need to build systems that guard these intellectual riches from exploitation ensuring that they are nurtured to maturity. In this we can see extensive innovations and more holistic and relevant education. If young people can be encouraged to come up with ideas and see them being

implemented, we shall see technological progress and solution to our problems. I believe that solutions to our myriad of problems are available right here among us. Intellectual development, in my opinion, is the way we can increase innovation and improve the lives of our people.

I therefore propose that those of us who are in power must come up with educational policies that encourage and richly

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20 WAYS TO PISS OFF A ROOMMATE These are intended for entertainment purposes only. We do not advise that you ever do these things to a roommate or yourself. 1. When talking to your roommate, alternate the pitch of your voice. 2. Switch the sheets on your beds while s/he is at class. 3. Twitch a lot. 4. Pretend to talk while pretending to be asleep. 5. Buy a fish tank. Fill it with beer and dump sardines in it. Talk to them. 6. Become a subgenius. 7. Pretend to type in the middle of the air. Complain about how slow the computer has been recently. 8. Learn to levitate. While your roommate is looking away, float up out of your seat. When s/he turns to look, fall back down and grin. 9. Speak in tongues.

You know you're a college student when ...

10. Move you roommate's personal effects around. Start subtlely. Gradually work up to big things, and eventually glue everything s/he owns to the ceiling.

1. Going to the library is a social event.

11. Walk and talk backwards.

2. You play the lottery to ensure housing, not win money.

12. Spend all your money on Jolt Cola. Drink it all. Stack the cans in the middle of your room. Number them.

3. No matter what ails you, the nurse can only give you generic non-aspirin. 4. You need a map to find your classroom. 5. You're grateful that the cafeteria labels the food. 6. It's not unusual to see four feet in the next shower stall. 7. You plan your schedule to have Fridays off. 8. You wear flip-flops in the shower, to avoid the mysterious creeping crud. 9. You pay outrageous prices for books that are worthless to you after four months.

13. Spend all your money on Transformers. Play with them at night. If your roommate says anything, tell him/her with a straight face, "They're more than meets the eye. " 14. Recite entire movie scripts (e. g. "The Road Warrior," "Repo Man, "Casablanca,") almost inaudibly. 15. Carry an unplugged phone around your room pretending to talk to people. 16. Carry old orange juice around with you everywhere you go.

10. The word rush does not mean to be in a hurry.

17. Chain yourself to your roommate's bed. Get him/her to bring you food.

11. You buy enough underwear to last five weeks so you do not have to wash your clothes often.

18. Get a computer. Leave it on when you are not using it. Turn it off when you are.

12. You're willing to pay extra for edible food.

19. Ask your roommate if your family can move in "just for a couple of weeks. "

13. You'll pay any sum of money to have a pizza delivered to your room at 2:00 a. m. 17. While your mother lectures you over the phone, you take notes.

20. Move your mouth when you're silent and move your mouth as little as possible when you talk. Compiled By Fatma Mbaruk

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cover story

Superlito What next for nga’ang’alito? By Maureen&Rita

During our gossip,hour and stroll around the environs of JKUAT,we miraculously collusionised with Ng’ang’alito, the first runners up to the recently ended, the most famous, East African show TPF 3. We had a one on one conversation with him. Ng’ang’alito from his words I quote “Simple guy from Nakuru,born and schooled in the same town in the same town(St. Josephs Primary and Lanet Secondary Schools). Aftere High school,he joined Kiti College where he secured a course in Automotive Engineering. He successfully completed his education and thereafter worked in the Army at Lanet Barracks as an Automotive Engineer. With regard to hhis passion for music,Ng’ang’a confesses to have loved music since childhood. He used to sing in the Church choir and basically brought up in an area where music was appreciated hence got motivation for his singing passion and carrer. He bases his inspiration on the supernatural being existing in him and that is God and coming second is the talented musician,Eric Wainaina. Just to emphasise on his simplicity,he is not complicated on his taste for music,he simply loves anything soothing to his ears and inspirational to his heart. Life for Ng’ang’a has not been stream. He has faced challenges ranging from poor financing of his musical career and people lacking interest in what he does. He is currently hoping to be the best Internatinal,Inspirational musician. In my own words “The next Micheal Jackson. ” Currently,Nga’ang’a works as a T. V Presenter running a show with Royal Media

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cover story

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poetry corner



Rushing through crowded streets through even narrower paths, he struggles for an opening, Out of the maze that imprisons him.

Stretching from far across long lines of fans have braved the morning cold to see a performance

A way out he searches, an opening, from the endless struggles n’ the mist that engulfs him

With eagerness and passion they scram for positions to see a man held hostage by the screen

In bondage he is, a life sentence… that suffocates him, in his endless yearn for freedom.

The man is animatedly projected into an illusion of fast moving sequence of great forces from beyond

In the streets, he meets more like him, endless populace of humanity, that tirelessly seek the light.

with great admiration envy and awe they gape at him not knowing he’s a hostage

With no original thought he’s thrust into the wild following orders waiting for the director’s cut No bliss, no ecstasy just sorrow , more sadness in a sentence for that he didn’t commit As the lights dim N’ the applause beckons he prays for a switch, …just for once to be the audience .

Endless hours they spend, in deep search, for a never ending destiny that seem to evade them. As daylight appears, As fatigue slowly diminishes, he hungrily licks the morning dew, sadly realizing…it isn’t as sweet. © Oscar gee

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Camera. . . Lights. . Action M

By Beatirice Kamau

R AND MS. JKUAT the last time it

happened it was in safari park and that was last year when the rain left most people soaking wet. Well this year it happened again as per the culture in Moi International sports centre and i still soaked wet. After tiresome rehearsals the models were ready to grace the catwalk on this most anticipated day of their campus life, or rather second anticipated after the graduation day. The school also did their part by transporting students to the event.

November 27, 2009. The scene was a beautiful and decorated runway designed over the pool. The attendees were also dressed to kill; and after all beauty was the theme of the day. And after a boring reception by a very boring MC there was entertainment the event began by introducing all contestants to the stage and may I say they all looked fabulous. Well I had my best and so did everyone else but only the fairest of them all could be crowned the next Mr. and Ms. Jkuat. From their causal to evening wears the models both male and female did their best to win the crowd and get the judges vote. And the climax of it all was when the beauty queens and kings were named.

Ms. Jkuat MARIA and SMU as Mr. Jkuat. 1st runners up ANN NJANJA and 2ndrunners up TABITHA both mass communication 3rd year main campus. With a beautiful night coming to an end, we wish our crowns one beautiful and famous reign before they hand it to the coming ones. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, well this mirror has already shown.

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Roots za campo By Ritah Njiru


Students working out at the gym

hat more can entice the life of a student than entertainment? Music, movies, fashion and of course celebrities occupy our minds the better part of our days. Walking along the school halls will leave a lot of queries on your mind. Adding that the school in itself does not provide music in its programs, but with the sound systems blaring from the hall rooms, you get my drift.

Our school entertainment department tried its best to ensure that all is needed to spice up our days is around us. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to go searching for entertainment elsewhere. One recent event was the annual pageant that saw the crowning of 2009/2010 showstoppers carry home the crowns. Held at the now prestigious Kasarani grounds (what with the mama awards and all), the event lived though we are not saying anything, campus

patriotic and all that. Last year the spectacular event was held at one of the Kenyaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prestigious hotel; Safari Park and as usual the best contestant won. Something extra during that day was transporting the students to the venue on time and back to school after the event. We also have local celebrities performing at least once per month. The last celeb we had was Mejja from Calif records that happened to be campaigning for one

Mullih, current Entertainment Secretary >> Continued page 24

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fashion & culture

What is your culture ? . . . I have a clue By Beatrice Kamau


ulture would mean peoples way of life. The meaning of this word in a university s context brings so much to thought, but easily summarized in one phrase (campus life). These are those who adore fun, events-e. g. -our Wednesday rock nights, concerts, parties (bashes) and drama. They compare to the folks in Finland who enjoy Christmas and strongly believe in Santa. There are others who embrace the reading culture. This I believe started at the Reinnansance period. These are students who find refuge in our well stocked library, not only when there is a CAT in 10mins but because they thirst for continuous knowledge. Our students are known to embrace discipline, respect and loyalty which each and every one of us wears like a badge. Keep it up! And then stereotypes set in.

Finally I made it to a university” that was my remark ,if not everyone’s after receiving that admission letter, or in my case an SMS, blame it on technology. But my joy was only short-lived after some pal of mine made it clearer than it was necessary that I was not only going to JKUAT but –Juja boys-. Don’t quote me! Being an agricultural and technological institution what have we to show to the outside world including the international world now that we are ISO certified of the symbolic culture we bare? Every culture has a symbol what’s ours? A building? A locomotive? A machine? I haven’t heard of any. But I am not saying there is none, just that most of us have no Idea of any. Hold that thought, we were on the show grounds if my sources are right and I do remember watching news and there was a JKUATs motorcycle on the showground on this year’s ASK, but it was stuck and could not start. But all went well, my apologies. Then there are

a good Number of universities products found in the university shops. Social sciences are doing a remarkable job of adding to the number of girls in the university, so I will sure get back to my friend at the end of this year. JKUAT has so much to offer to its students and the whole of the human race in both technology and agriculture and now humanities. So, why don’t we have some grand show of our own? A kind to showcase our best, talent, creativity and experience not only through degrees and praise. We can call it JKUAT s own (alternatives are welcome), the motorcycle can come too. This will show and identify with who we are, the name we bare, and where we stand. After all culture is identity, difference, unity and pride. A poet would say- ones child is ones child-let us nurture ours and let it to the world.

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fashion & culture

Fashion on university degree By Beatrice Kamau A buzzing swam of angry young rebels holding stones, shoes; sticks and any fist-size crude weapon could only ring the bell of a university strike. This is until recently when Kenya had its very first post election violence that gave new meaning to that loud mob. University strikes are triggered by many things from administration to diet, but the mere mention of a formal university dressing code could do the trick. Campus fashion is the most seriously taken degree. Unfortunately the students try too hard only to end up with a pass, credit or even an absolute fail. So here is a mwakenya that u can carry to your wardrobe to help you get the fashion honors. Being a rainy, cold and a totally unfriendly semester you have two options •Blame it on the weatherman and mix match that het heavy sweater with a good pair of boots and a good length skirt and walk your parade your walk to class. Or •You can heel that good pair of jeans and a . jacket and stand out as well I read an article about these thigh high boots. This article written by Olivia Otieno got me thinking. With the rains pouring and all, these would be the perfect way to ensure you get to class and back home or in your room as spackling as you left. ”not only will they provide some coverage from the cold wind and slanting rain drops when you wear a skirt. They also prevent you turning up in muddy trousers if you tuck your trousers in them. They always make a statement and allow you to wear a mini-skirt without feeling too exposed. ” But these gorgeous flat-heeled or high heeled must haves are not an every occasion wear. A beautiful high heeled boot worn with a cute is a divine look but will be completely out of context worn to class.

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<< Continued from page 20

Roots za campo they go about their time in school. Every Wednesday we have rock night and at least all the Friday nights is spared for cinemas if no other event is on. There is always that particular moment when you are in a club having a great time then the dj spins your fave jam and it gets you off your seat straight to the dance floor. . . dance really it just gets your blood pumping regardless you a pro or not. The campus in fact has salsa night on Friday that really gets packed. The movements flawless from the instructors and hilarious from the student wannabe. . . are enough to make your Friday evening.

of the students vying for entertainment secretary seat. As the face of entertainment has changed hands, we are yet to experience the surprising journey that Henry Muli the new entertainment secretary has promised during his term in office. Well sir we are praying that your ideas are as crazy as your hairdo. I once had a couple of pals visit me during my stint here at school and while trying to look for fun things to occupy us, it got me thinking, I don’t have no clue what people do for fun within school grounds. Most of us are left behind the news of ongoing events pertaining entertainment. A good example is the new school drama featuring most of the mass communication students and a few from other departments. The drama set in the school grounds focuses on the life of students academically and socially as

I would like to encourage everyone to visit cinema halls like alliance fiancés for film updates. We have at least the latest release ‘ witness’ by one of our local talented writer Frank Odweso. ; it touches so much on the havoc caused during the post election violence which was a hair raising experience not only to Kenya but the world at large. I also take this opportunity to sincerely thank the SHRD department for giving mass communication Students a chance to these cinema halls and enlighten the rest. Since all world activities have been minimised to the web it is important that we often browse to get what media leaves out it will definitely keep us on toes to get more information on the entertainment world. Both you and I are entitled to maximum entertainment and the same case applies when efforts are needed to make it happen. In nut shell, each one of us is entitled to entertainment. They say unity is strength and two heads is better than one. It is by us, with us and for us.

Next big thing in your screen It’s big, captivating, hilarious will leave you glued to your screen with your remote control out of sight. What we are talking about…Tahidi High? The score? NOO!its CAMPUS ALIVE, by the chosen few of our own. It’s a local drama filled with campus activities, ups, down rave [the so called plots] and coarse work all the way. All the characters you can think or you wish to feature are present to fill your bowl of entertainment. It’s a new stuff country wide. Apparently the drama fraternity is polishing the last bits of the first scene which will be soon be a must watch in all the corners of the country. It’s beyond reasonable doubt that this is what will leave us asking for more of the same. As our fellow colleagues we should support them whole heartedly to make our university the cream of entertainment. Come watch while we have the cameras running… and… ACTION!! ’live’. We do not have to wait for Hollywood or the upcoming Nollywood while we have our own… guys let’s do this

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health & nutrition

BREAST CANCER: checking on our breasts


By Anne Morgan

n the latter months of this year there has been a lot of talk on various cancers affecting our lives. Recently campaigns have been launched all over the world to make these facts aware and also enable people to be alert and on the lookout as they go about their daily routines. As a student and a member of the jkuat fraternity I was very pleased to realize that a camp had been set up to give an opportunity to the school and surrounding community to have themselves checked out and given the necessary advice to see them through. If there is one person I know breathing a sigh of relief at the present moment it’s got to be my girl gorgeous. Ike many of us…she has this cloud looming over her for some time now. She was troubled for so long each time her gals felt unusual, I didn’t blame her; I once found a lump on my armpit, scary stuff… Notwithstanding the fact that no one in her family extended or otherwise have had this misfortune… this past month she decided to lay her fear aside and take the test, not to mention the probing by some yummy young doctor with an accent. . Yeah not true…conclusion, all is well. But this got me thinking, just as we cringe at the thought of taking an HIV test, going for pap smears and mammograms really is not for the faint at heart. It’s a life altering

Early detection is effective way to fight breast cancer because it really saves lives yet many of us don’t bother to check on our breasts.

moment not forgetting it may not come cheap, but we can forgo those designer jeans or hot off the runway stunnaz and save ourselves thousands of money and sleepless nights by laying that chapter to rest. In recent times our lifestyles have changed a great deal and once again come a menace threatening mankind to its very core… contrary to false schools of thought, it does not affect the female

specie only; men have also come under its radar. However, women are known to be the force behind every success a fact that we all can attest to…yeah even them women haters like there are right… Right? My feministic self aside vital steps should be taken to ensure we are on the safer side, just as we eat healthy, exercise and work hard to avoid stress factors… read wrinkles…to get back at that ex, them feel good bitches…do worry but it’s nothing personal I just can’t mention

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health & nutrition

Signs and symptoms • Nipple discharge • Skin of the breast may be scaly or red or swollen. It may be pitting or have ridges like the skin of an orange • A nipple may be turned inward into the breast • A change in the size or shape of the breast change in how the nipple or breast looks • Nipple tenderness • A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm section • A change in how the nipple feels Our feminism signifies our strength our vitality and it time we stood in that really long hospital queue and put on that really scratchy antiseptic laden gown pray for my handsome accent bearing doctor comes in, it goes without saying that dudes it won’t be considered gay when you feel yourself up and seek counsel when in doubt.

you individually…or to fit into that outfit that knocks his socks off (and some else up…) it should be a routine that we should endeavor to keep and follow to the letter. If we all make a lifetime commitment to lead that kind of that is healthy both emotionally and physically, going for those checkups on a more or less regular basis, it will reduce the threat by a huge percentage. Early detection is effective way to fight

breast cancer because it really saves lives yet many of us don’t bother to check on our breasts. It’s no longer an older woman’s disease. I lost a cousin to breast cancer and she was barely 24years of age, at the prime of our lives it will make us pause and think. As young people we have too much going on. If we are not fighting to keep our grades up, we are flunking out or trying to impress our peers fit with the hip it crowd, boyfriends are tripping, dealing with case of the ex,

the list is endless…point is our healthy is more important than any and all of these. Having health as a priority among those that we consider top notch, cancer really does kill, in this respect breast cancer accounts for 21% of all cancers affecting women and reports indicate that it is on an alarming increase.

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health & nutrition

Can you be fit and fat? By Damaris . W. . Maina Are your jeans feeling a little snugger than they should because you know you have over indulged in all the wrong foods? Chances are you want to lose at least a few kilograms. The truth is that your health makers such as cholesterol levels, glucose levels and blood pressure are within acceptable parameters, and you eat healthily and exercise regularly, it is okay if you are not at your optimum weight that is being fit and fat. Maybe we know someone who fits in this category they are generally healthy, they eat very well, they are faithful exercisers but they do not fit into the size 12 jeans lurking at the back of their wardrobe; perhaps they have 5 kg to loose. Surely their health canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be at risk. What I mean is the risk of contracting non communicable, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension/ heart disease and high blood pressure. There are population based cut points which are health indicators and which help medical professions assess your risk. Your body mass index/BMI is the ratio between your height and weight. It is one of those indicators that if it rises above a certain level, is a warning that your weight may be inappropriate for your height and that you may be at increased risk for chronic illness. The other thing is body shape in women. This is often referred to as being apple shaped versus pear shaped. It is about the way your fat is distributed on your body whether you have more fats below the skin and more on the hips, buttocks or thighs or whether your fat is more central and located on your trunk or abdomen. Having more fat around the abdomen is usually associated with an increased risk of disease. The apple shaped people are those at higher risk. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important not to jump into conclusions; even if you are pear shaped it is not necessary okay to be carrying those extra kilos. To increase our health we must check on our diets. Certain foods can calm you and give a feeling of well being. Other foods can make you more energetic and alert. Still others can slow you down and give you a case of the blahs. Dairy foods, fish, meat and poultry can give a mental and energy boost. Foods rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes may help you relax. Making a few changes in your diet can improve your mood.

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health & nutrition

Exercise tips for the oversized. •

Don’t go from being completely sedentary to pushing your body through an hour of gym seven days a week. Start small and build up gradually as your fitness improves.

Don’t confuse busyness with activity. You can be very busy while sitting down at your desk eight hours a day. Sitting is always better than lying down, standing is better than sitting and walking is better than standing.

Invest in a pedometer and aim to log 10 000 steps a day. Clip onto your belt or waist band for an easy indication of how active you really are.

Aim to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most or all days of the week.

Get properly kitted out especially when it comes to shoes. Your clothing should be more comfortable and culturally acceptable to you allowing ease of movements.

Use places like shopping mall as an exercise outing or invest in a dog you can walk regularly.

Remember as your fitness increases your risk of serious disease decreases.

You should note the following: •

Eat a healthy breakfast

If you skip breakfast, you may lose mental focus and feel tired and irritable. If you are not a breakfast person try taking yogurt to work and eating it when you get there.

Avoid lazy lunch.

A better choice is the combination of protein, vegetables and whole grain carbohydrates. Avoid sweets and desserts.

Choose light snacks.

A low fat or fat free snack especially one with complex carbohydrates is best.

Limit protein at dinner time.

Have a carbohydrates rich dinner such as grains, rice with

protein on the side. This can help you relax before bedtime. Dont overeat at night. This makes your digestive system work over time, making it harder to get a good night‘s sleep. •

Drink lots of water.

If you exercise daily get 64 to 90 ounces of water each daily. Certain beverages such as caffeinated drinks may cause you to urinate more often and lose fluid.

Manage your stress

Stress may cause you reach for a high fat, salty or sugary food. This can affect your weight and general health.

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health & environment

Clean is healthy D

By Jecinta Ndirangu id you know that the environment around you has a lot to do with your health! Well it’s simple to understand this; over the generations we have learnt that a dirty environment can be associated with a number of health conditions that result in complications which could otherwise be avoided should we take care of the environment around us. Take for instance the recent outbreak of cholera, the out break is associated with the dirt and garbage that surround our cooking areas: in the recent past, city council men and women have worked tirelessly to eliminate this life threatening situation that exists in our midst some of the precautions that they’ve taken include the closure of a number of cafés that exist within estates, clearing of trash as well as the handling of stray dogs that tend to wonder all over and in severe cases end up biting people and infecting them with rabies…and other diseases. Apart from all this, there is a lot that we can do to clean up our environment from our immediate environment to the one beyond us, a simple start would be to plant as many trees as possible since they are not only associated with beauty but also with clean air, to constantly punning the flowers that exist in our gardens. For instance, in JKUAT, the first step would be to clean the halls and as such avoid complications such as, foot infections due to exposure to dirty water from the bathrooms, clearing of grass and bushes too to discourage mosquitoes from breeding and in return malaria will be contained. The proper drainage of sewerage is also important in that such exposure could prove vital should it trace its way to water sources, since it can easily cause in typhoid, bilharzias… to control this it’s the duty of the city council to lay in drainage pipes that are reliable and of high quality to keep from bursting every now and then. Alternatively, we as the civilians should also take it upon us to ensure that we restrain ourselves from damaging or demoralizing the council’s work.

Below are a number of things that we can do to keep our environment clean as well as safe and in return, maintain good health. • • •

• • •

Always slash long grass and clear bushes from where harmful insects breed Be sure to clean up all cooking surfaces after use to keep cockroaches at bay Ensure that whatever you direct to your mouth is well packed and abstain from consuming food prepared openly in the streets Avoid the disposal of dirt randomly<littering> thus, you should always dump our trash at the required stations e. g. dust bins or any other acceptable place Un road worthy vehicles should be kept from the roads since they are the number one destroyers of the ozone layer Industries should also drain their waste appropriately and where possible recycle this waste Use eco-friendly items and material so as to safeguard the already existing resources that we have as well as protect the environment from any further damage

Alternatively, there is a lot that we can also do to modify the environment around us in such a way that it will turn out to have a positive influence on us rather than to harm us. The very first step could be to improvise a simple home made gymnasium where we can always work out and keep check on our health as well as regulate the general body weight. Therefore, we should always memorize the phrase ‘okoa jahazi kabla halijazama’ as this will help keep us on our toes so that we can safeguard the environment not only for us but for the many generations to come.

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health & environment

Health through a better environment

By Jecinta Ndirangu

Proper environmental management is the key to avoiding the quarter of all preventable illnesses which are directly caused by environmental factors. The environment influences our health in many ways â&#x20AC;&#x201D; through exposures to physical, chemical and biological risk factors, and through related changes in our behavior in response to those factors. Thirteen million deaths annually are due to preventable environmental causes. Preventing environmental risk could save as many as four million lives a year, in children alone, mostly in developing countries. There are various factors that contribute to environmental degradation and they include; Ionizing radiation climate change and human health The most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirmed that there is overwhelming evidence that humans are affecting the global climate, and highlighted a wide range of implications for human health. Climate variability and change cause death and disease through natural disasters, such as heat waves, floods and droughts. In addition,many important diseases are highly sensitive to changing temperatures and precipitation. These include common vector- borne diseases such as malaria and dengue; as well as other major killers such as malnutrition and diarrhea. Climate change

already contributes to the global burden of disease, and this contribution is expected to grow in the future. The impacts of climate on human health will not be evenly distributed around the world. Developing country populations, particularly in Small Island States, arid and high mountain zones, and in densely populated coastal areas, are considered to be particularly vulnerable. Fortunately, much of the health risk is avoidable through existing health programmes and interventions. Concerted action to strengthen key features of health systems, and to promote healthy development choices, can enhance public health now as well as reduce vulnerability to future climate change. WHO supports member states in protecting public health from the impacts of climate change, and provides the health-sector voice within the overall UN response to this global challenge. Recommendations for radiation safety standards Local public health authorities to deal with radiation exposure issues effectively, facilitating key research programmes and providing sound advice

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Harambee Stars

Chance to redeem itself By Fatma Mbaruk With these, Harambee Stars have their work cut out. Twahir Muhiddin and his team of veteran coaches together with the players will have to prove to Kenyans that there is still hope for Kenyan football by lifting this year’s trophy.

After a dismal showing at the 2010 World Cup cum African Cup of Nations qualifiers, Kenya has the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup as the next stage to redeem herself on the football arena. Being held in the country for the first time in 15 years, the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup will however not be victory handed over to Harambee Stars on a silver platter. Defending champions Uganda is stil l a power house to reckon with in the region and will want to stamp her authority as the region’s football kings. Rwanda is another team not to

be ignored since, as Harambee Stars, they got to the second round of the World Cup qualifiers missing out on the chance of representing the region in next years African Cup of Nations bonanza to be held in Angola by finishing fourth. CECAFA has invited two teams from the Southern African region to add some spice to the tournament. COSAFA Champions will be one of the teams to make a showing at the tournament will surely be seeking to revenge a 2-0 beating at the hands of Harambee Stars during the first round of the World Cup qualifiers.

Nevertheless, the three are not Harambee Stars concern at the moment as they have to overcome the challenge posed by the second invitedteam, Zambia, who are in the same group with Harambee Stars. . Havingqualified to feature in Angola come next year, the Chipolopolo from Zambia will be out to justify their qualification by claiming the regional title. Before heading to regional showcase here in Nairobi, the Zambians had a morale booster in a 4-1 beating of North Korea, a team that has qualified for the biggest football showpice to be held on African soil for the first time.

Of encouragement to football fans in the country is the hope that the quality of game displayed by Stars during the Nigeria game will be carried on to the CECAFA tournament. Though missing some of the players that were influential in the midfield during the Nigeria game in the likes of Emmanuel Ake,Victor Mugabe and Patrick Osiako, the team is upbeat of a stellar performance from the locally available players. The team is on the other hand boosted by the availability of internationals like Patrick Oboya, Allan Wanga, Jamal Mohammed and goalkeeper Willis Ochieng. Kenya will also be drawing confidence from the fact that they are last year’s runners-up having been beaten by Uganda in the finals via a solitary goal despite a good displey of football. With all said and done, the football pitch says it all. So, let the games begin.

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management W By Lucy Kidali

e have all been subjected to positive or negative pressures or external force in day to life. Simply that is stress according to a doctor of Psychology Julian Melgosa. Most people think that people who suffer from stress married couples, students, people who live below the poverty level and professionals. This assumption is wrong because everyone is subjected to stress at every point of their lives. Take for example a newly born baby is subjected to stress when he has to deal with the new environment. This child will later struggle with pressure of learning language and dependence, development of self esteem, responsibility, sexual feelings, education, peer pressure, marriage, professionals advancement and retirement as it grows.

success, I am the first born and it was painfully obvious that I had to be the bread winner of the family now. Though my relatives helped with our school fees I felt some level of responsibility to earn more cash. Since my normal schedule had changed, I did not spend time with my boyfriend leading us to break up ’ 1. One way our bodies respond to stress is frustration. Frustration can lead to aggression. An aggressive person finds it hard to communicate. 2. Stress can also inhibit sexual desires. This is because when your body is under pressure it requires a lot of energy to deal with the force hence blocking any unnecessary functions. 3. Anxiety. A person may suffer from worry and nervousness about the future.

As campus students the kind of pressure we can relate to is ‘this is the age we establish our future, learn our professions, establish intimate relationships with the opposite sex, exams and unemployment.

4. Depression


The heart and digestive systems are easily affected by stress. Hence stressed people are more prone to heart attacks and ulcers than people with less stress.

Our bodies respond to stress both physically, emotionally and behavioral. Take for example Annita a third year student in JKUAT, ‘I had to deal with the pressure of education and death of my parents. I was forced to look for a job for several days without

A feeling of ‘Godforsekesness’ 5. Health problems

6. Suicide Stress may lead to suicidal thoughts.

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