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My compositions

By. Gabriela Mondragon 501

Content  Introduction  Unit

1: Individual & Society

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2: Eating & Drinking

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3:Art & Music

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4: Hopes & Fears

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5: Work & Leisure

Introduction. This is a collection that I create during this school year. So far, I have written five compositions The firs I have to describe a friend The second, I have to describe a restaurant and what we eat. The third, I have to practice how write book review The fourth and five, I’ve practices how to write a formal and informal e-mail.

Unit 1: Individual & Society

My best friend My best friend is Diana. She's 16 years old. She has brown eyes and dark long hair. She is tall and thin. She love to reads books, especially The hungers Games, she likes listening music, and play tocho. She is honey, funny, sometimes she is crazy, but who is not. She studies at prep 1 at group 506, we see every Friday and play tocho.

Unit 2: Eating & My favorite restaurant My favorite restaurant is Azul y Oro. They serve all type of food for example, my favorite dish is lasagna but the menu includes, a Mexican food, pastas and selection of wines, and they have delicious desserts. The dishes are served with salad, this is not my favorite part but it is my mother’s. They use all types of ingredients but their dishes are spicy sometimes.


Unit 3:Art &Music The boy of the stripes pyjamas During the Germany of the Second World War, two children become friends, inspire of the religious differences. Bruno a Nazi military son. Shamuel a Jewish watchmaker son. They do not had any prejudice, and do not know the differences between their races. The book tells the story of friendship between 2 children but they are secret friends because Shamuel is in the concentration camp. Bruno’s parents say he “must not talk with persons pyjamas. They don’t understand the differences. One day Shamuel ask Bruno if he can help him, found his father. One day there is a “march” in the cam. The last “march”. Bruno and Shamuel die scares in a gas chamber. This book, shows the innocence that a child may have. I really love this book. I always cry.









Hi Diana I'm writing to check the travel plans to the conference. I'm going to arrive at 10 pm. I will take a taxi to the conference centre. Will, I meet Anna at reception desk at 10:30? See you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Gaby. Thanks, yes she will be at the reception at 10.30. she will use a brown set and a pink shirt. If you have problems call me. My number is 5538269712.

Unit 5:

Work & Leisure.

The advisement Dear Mr. Ellis I'm getting in touch about your advisement for volunteers at the sporting event. I'm interested in all spots specially athletics. I can speak excellent English, Spanish and some French. I’ve worked at other international events, as a ticket saleswoman at Expo 07, and tour guide at local museum last summer. I like to meet people. I’ll be available in July. I would be grateful if you could send me more information about your volunteer program. Sincerely. Gabriela Mondragon

My compositions