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CSUK: national reach With our head office located in Plymouth, and teams based across the UK, we guarantee a fast response to all areas nationwide. When providing emergency and reactive works, we aim to provide a first-time fix, and our transparent approach means we can provide quotations for projects and works before these take place.

We are a leading supplier of emergency repairs and planned maintenance for businesses in the South of England and Wales CSUK Ltd is one of the South West’s leading, independent providers of planned and emergency surface, facilities and building maintenance services. Based across the South of England and Wales, our extensive team of experienced engineers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring all queries, works and repairs are solved quickly and to the highest standards, with minimal disruption to your business or property. Covering the UK, our skilled operatives guarantee a fast, trusted and professional service for all aspects of commercial maintenance including; groundworks, plumbing and electrical services, road marking, car park repairs, rendering, brickwork, flooring, resurfacing, suspended ceiling repairs and petrol forecourt maintenance. As one of only a few SPA approved organisations in the South West, we are the industry approved supplier of surface and maintenance services, working with some of the UK’s most recognised organisations, across the retail, business, road and rail sectors, including petrol stations.

Why choose CSUK? 

Rapid, emergency response guaranteed

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Professional, qualified workforce

Exceptional customer service

Quick, safe and trusted

Our services cover all building and surface requirements

Streetworks and SPA approved

We are proud of the relationships we have built with brands across a variety of sectors We regularly work alongside some of the world’s largest facilities management organisations, maintenance companies and construction contractors, making us a trusted industry - approved provider of commercial surface and building services in the South of England and Wales. All our operatives are also all PTS approved, and as the only SPA approved organisation in the region, we are the safe and reliable choice for surface and maintenance services to the railway and transport industries. We understand the need for repairs, maintenance and construction work to be carried out quickly, and we are committed to ensuring that this is the case, with minimal disruption to your business, customers or building occupants. Our flexible approach means we can undertake works at a time which is convenient to you, including out of business hours. Our professional, qualified team will also undertake all works in accordance with the highest industry health and safety standards. Prior to any works taking place, we undertake detailed risk assessments, used and updated by operatives throughout a project, to completion.

We have worked on a variety of projects, across all areas of building maintenance, with some of our clients including:







Great Western Railway



Pets at Home


City Bus

Hugo Boss


Arriva Trains

CSUK: Rail We work with some of the UK’s largest train operators, providing both reactive and planned surface and maintenance services. Our team of PTS approved engineers will ensure that all internal and external work is carried out safely and quickly, with little to no disruption to rail passengers or the surrounding environment. Prior to any work taking place, a full risk assessment is undertaken by our team, making CSUK the trusted maintenance provider for the rail sector.

CSUK: Retail We have worked with some of the UK’s most recognised retail brands, from supermarkets and clothing stores, to specialist retail outlets. Providing both planned and emergency maintenance services, we have a proven track record of excellence across the retail industry. Our expert team will aim to address and solve your building issues quickly, with minimal impact to your business and customers. Our customer service team will also answer your query in rapid time, ensuring emergency teams are dispatched to your location within five minutes of placing a call.

CSUK: Petrol Stations As one of the only SPA approved organisations in the South West, all our engineers are trained and qualified to carry out work at petrol stations and forecourts. This includes surface repairs, maintenance, drainage and building maintenance, both internally and externally. Our experienced team will undertake a full risk assessment prior to any work taking place, to ensure all hazards are clearly identified. Following this, our teams will carry out all necessary works quickly, and most importantly safely. With our proven track record for excellence and safety, we are an industry approved maintenance provider for petrol stations.

Working across reactive support and planned maintenance contracts, we will be there when you need us most

Reactive Maintenance and Emergency Response Our service coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring all emergency repairs are rectified quickly, and to a high standard – no matter how big or small. From minor repairs, to larger works, our specially trained emergency operatives will be dispatched within five minutes of you placing a call to our offices. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers, so we can provide you with the exact arrival time of our operatives.

Planned Maintenance Alongside our emergency services, we are also a leading provider of planned maintenance services in the South of England and Wales. Our experienced team of operatives provide a broad range of services, covering all aspects of building, and surface maintenance. Our reputation for safe and efficient working, has enabled us to become the trusted, chosen partner for many national facility management organisations, international retailers and major transport providers. Our customer service team will work with you to find the right solution for your building or surface; offering expert advice and arranging a convenient time for necessary works to take place with minimum disruption to the operation of your business. Our site supervisors will also be on hand to ensure all works are completed safely and to the exacting standards we are commended for.

Building maintenance and repairs We provide maintenance and repairs across almost every aspect of a building, both internally and externally, whether it is planned or reactive. For added assurance on the quality of our work, we are the chosen partner for several national facility maintenance organisations and contractors, providing both internal and external building maintenance services. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our dedicated engineers based across the country, guaranteeing a fast response to your query. The team also includes qualified heating, electrical and plumbing engineers who can address a range of issues, including leak and water damage. We provide services for a range of customers and businesses, across the commercial, business and domestic sectors, including major retailers, national transport providers and petrol stations, complying with the latest in health and safety and build regulations, across all wet and dry trades.

Just some of the building maintenance and repairs services we offer include:

Water damage

 Rendering 

Building repairs (interior and exterior)

 Guttering

Temporary repair works

Full fabrications

 Heating  Electrical

Flooring, including anti-slip

 Plumbing

Brick laying

 Groundworks

Roofing repairs

 Drainage

Surface maintenance and repairs We are experts in all forms of surface maintenance and repairs, providing services for a range of customers and businesses. Our teams regularly work on a variety of projects from highways and service areas, to petrol stations and forecourts, to public footpaths and car parks. Our skilled team are trained to ensure any hazardous issues are managed, addressed and solved both quickly and safely. Our qualified engineers are also street works accredited, ensuring any impact to the public or road users is minimal and managed efficiently. We are also an approved surface maintenance provider to highways and footpaths, and can provide specialist coatings, paints and anti-slip surfaces. All our materials comply with the latest industry standards and guidelines, strengthened by our relationships with some of UK’s most trusted suppliers, including Ultra Crete, Adbruf and Instarmac.

Just some of the surface maintenance services we can provide include:

Pot hole repairs

Safety flooring

Drainage repairs and clearance

Hazard marking

Surface repairs

 Groundworks

Rapid set concrete

 Resurfacing

Latex screeds

Line markings

Specialist coatings and paints

Anti-slip surfaces

Transport and service areas Another area of our expertise includes the installation of traffic control measures and access services to the transport industry, including car parks, delivery areas, service yards and public access points. With the use of reflective barriers, speed restrictors and directional signs we can ensure a safe area for access. Our expert team will ensure that all works are carried out quickly and safely, limiting the impact to road users as much as possible. All our materials comply with the latest industry standards and guidelines, strengthened by our relationships with some of UK’s most trusted suppliers, including Ultra Crete, Adbruf and Instarmac. Our engineers are also street works approved, and can make sure areas of high traffic are safely managed and contained.

Some of the services and products we can provide the transport industry include:

Surface repairs

Pot hole repairs

 Drainage 

Reflective barriers

Height restriction barriers

Directional signs and bay painting

Crash barriers

 Bollards 

Drop down and fixed swing barriers

Flooring replacement and repairs As one of the South West’s leading providers of flooring, we have strong relationships with some of the world’s most trusted specialists, meaning we can source and install a number of commercial, domestic and industrial flooring solutions. This includes anti-slip flooring, carpets and resin systems; ideal for public, business or retail environments. We can advise on the best flooring solution for you, making installation a quick and safe process for both parties, using only the best materials. We will also carry out a risk assessment before installing, to ensure the flooring suits your needs. Our reactive and emergency services team are also on hand to address any flooring issues, including water damage, trip hazards or emergency repairs, making sure there is minimal impact to your building or business.

Just some of the flooring and services we offer include:

 Carpets 

Altro flooring

Artech flooring

Heavy duty flooring

Safety flooring

Anti-slip flooring

Resin systems

Terrazzo tiles

Vinyl tiles

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Planned Maintenance and Emergency Response

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