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Renovation of “Saoul Sadoch” factory

The project concern the renovation and reuse of ex factory Saoul Sadoch, located in the inner city of Trieste. After the relocation of the factory, the building has been left unused till now. In 2003 a private Real Estate Company purchased the building and decided to renovate it giving different destination of use, such as commercial, office and residential.


Private Real Estate Company— Company City of Trieste — Italy

Project cost:

€ 25 000 000.00



Destination of use:

Mixed use



Status of works:



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The building is located in the inner city of Trieste. It’s sets in front of the Hippodrome and it’s surrounded of many high-density residential buildings. Originally, it was a factory and, after its relocation, it has been unused for several years. The building is impressive, due to its dimensions, such as for the architecture. It has over 40,000 cubic meters and it shows a unique image that takes View of main front from the main road inspiration from the post-modern architecture trend. It is composed of two different buildings. The first is a three levels building placed beside the main road, where originally were hosted the office of management and administrative division. The second, composed of seven levels, really hosted the manufacturing division. In 2003, the building has been purchased by a Real Estate Company, which decided to restore it. The main target of the project was to give new destinations of use, bringing the building to be more integrated with the context.

lateral front View of rear front

Gabrio pigo architect


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Groundfloor layout The dimensions and the exterior image has been essentially the same, while the main works concerned the interior functions and distribution of space. As requested by client, the Groundfloor of main building has been provided for a separated commercial use, 1st floor layout

while the first floor of both buildings, plus the second floor of the smaller block, has been provided for business use, with an independent entrance set in the middle of them.



The lateral blocks host the lifts and stairs for the residential part, which is located from the second to seventh floor, for a total of 78 residential units. The total amount of costs has been estimated in 25 000 000.00 Euro

Type layout of residential floors

Gabrio pigo architect


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Real view from the main road (above) and virtual image (below)

Mixed use  
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