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21 -25 October

2011 High profile

Healthy taste

Hyper quality

Hot welcome

Happy meeting

Hearty comfort

. Where hospitality meets business.

Welcome business: contacts, innovations and internationality. ORIGIN OF EXHIBITORS Americas 4%

Africa 0,23% Oceania 0,21%

Asia/Middle East 14%

Europe 81,56%

LEVEL OF EXHIBITOR SATISFACTION Don’t know/no reply 1% Not sufficient 5%

Excellent 44%

Good 50%

PARTICIPATION OBJECTIVES Communication/image promotion 30,3%

Other %

In 2009, 1,445 exhibitors, from 40 Countries from all four corners of the globe, with an increase of 10%: 94% declared to have achieved the objectives of their participation. The key to the success of Host lies in the demand of the visitors which meets the offer of the exhibitors, in terms of their capacity for highlighting the state of the art technology of all the sectors present, as well as the quality of the dedicated pre and after sales services. Host confirms itself as the most important event in the world for the business to business system of hospitality: the ideal partner for developing sales and commercial contacts, the opportunity for finding immediate feedback on new products and the most innovative technologies, that the main companies plan to launch in view of the exhibition. Welcome to Host: for 5 days your world shall be here. A unique opportunity to expand the range of your commercial relations in Italy and abroad and to understand the market trends: buyers and manufacturers arrange to meet to make increasingly innovative forecasts and investments.

Development of sales/ commercial contacts 68,7%

Food Service Equipment • Bread/Pizza/Pasta • Ice Cream/Confe

Business meets business. 125,000 visitors, of which 33,000 foreign ones from 141 Countries find the ideal meeting point between supply and demand at Host: a more than positive result, that has confirmed the strong interest of both the consolidated markets and the emerging ones. Host has been the meeting place par excellence for 36 editions, chosen by decision makers and by purchase managers: stakeholders and distributors visit Host to learn about all the most interesting offers and determine the most recent and complete responses. Participating in Host is a complete and unique business experience which allows you to define your own positioning within a market under continual evolution, to strengthen brand awareness, to get immediate feedback on the launch of a new product, to exchange experiences with all the operators of the sector.


Oceania 2%

Americas 5%

Europe 70% Asia/ Middle East 19%


A lot 34% Quite a lot 60%

ACHIEVING THE PURPOSE OF THE VISIT Unsatisfied 6% Satisfied 67% Very satisfied 27%

ctionery • Coffee • Bar/Coffee Machines • Hotel&Spa Emotion

A moment of exchange which leaves nothing to chance. Host is a complex system: as well as being a large exhibition area for products and services connected to all aspects of hospitality, it is the place for updating, learning and anticipating the market trends. The series of events and meetings, which greet the most important opinion leaders, makes Host a great opportunity for dialogue, an exchange area which opens up on the world to give more voice and strength to the companies. Extremely innovative materials, technologies and design, attract the most demanding international buyers, interested in acquiring information and experimenting state of the art products and services. Machines, equipment and semi-processed goods become the protagonists for 5 days with spectacular performances. Only at Host you can experience the product and understand all the potential that you can only imagine or guess from a catalogue or on the web.

Food Service Equipment • Bread/Pizza/Pasta • Ice Cream/Confe

A response to your needs, with many innovative and customised services. The services of Host are designed and organised to make exhibiting and visiting easier so that more space is left to business. All the support to the exhibitors is made to measure for the different requirements, from customised stands, to pre and post event services: everything is organised to simplify participation. • online invitations, special prices on hotel accommodation and convenient and frequent transfers, using the ATM network connecting the city and the exhibition area, are some of the things with which you can organise and improve your presence, thanks to the collaboration with the Fiera Milano booking service. • online pre-registration guarantees cheap entry to visitors and greater opportunity for contacting the exhibitors. • the online anti-counterfeiting service provides precious support for obtaining information about protecting patents. • the website is the instrument by means of which the Host world continues after the end of the exhibition.

With the formula early bird, 4% discount on the free area, if you book the stand by 31/10/2010.

ctionery • Coffee • Bar/Coffee Machines • Hotel&Spa Emotion

A continually updated community. A communicating world. Host creates a HO.RE.CA. professional community with more than 100,000 players always in contact thanks to the use of various instruments of communication: the web and e-mailing, off line promotions, PR activity, press offices and services, conferences and moments dedicated to training. Also the newsletter, the monthly one to one instrument that makes the event last after the end of the exhibition, opens a window on all round professional hospitality, with information and legal and economic aid. Host invests 2,000,000 euro in promotion, with a plan including the main domestic and international mass media: trade and specialised journals, international media partners, daily papers, direct mailing, periodicals, radio.

Food Service Equipment • Bread/Pizza/Pasta • Ice Cream/Confe

6 exclusive events, so that no detail is left to chance. Food Service Equipment, Bread/Pizza/Pasta, Bar/Coffee Machines, Ice Cream/Confectionery, Coffee, Hotel&Spa Emotion. 6 specialised events for all round exploration of the market. For the 2011 edition, the sectors of excellence, on which Host has constructed its leadership, are renewed, by multiplying the interactions and presenting new approaches and concepts, as happens for Hotel&Spa Emotion. The professional hospitality sector becomes more articulate and complete, confirming its role as market observatory that the event has always interpreted. The synergy between the different areas is also enhanced by the exhibition course, specially designed to link the production chains and integrate them as a common service. This is the philosophy and the method of Host to increase both the flow of visitors and product visibility.






ctionery • Coffee • Bar/Coffee Machines • Hotel&Spa Emotion

The specialised areas of Host. Food Service Equipment

High profile

This is the area of excellence of Host: 5 pavilions, where business becomes the protagonist. Here the large sector leaders exhibit systems, equipment and accessories for the Professional Restaurant services, equipment for processing and preserving food, machines necessary for covering the whole production and service sector in the food service market, to be at the forefront of HO.RE.CA. Restaurants and pizzerias, company canteens and self service restaurants, take aways, large restaurant chains and shopping centres find the most innovative solutions suited to their needs.

Bread/Pizza/Pasta It is a response to the dynamism of this business, increasingly concerned by the quality of ingredients and production, treatment and production of bread based products: work benches, cupboards for storage and keeping products at the right temperature, pasta machines as well as accessories and instruments for rising, refrigeration and cooking. Bakery and pizza championships enliven the stands, to present the latest news regarding raw materials to the owners of bakeries and fresh pasta shops and workshops, increasingly concerned about the technology created to enhance typical regional products. Bread/Pizza/Pasta is positioned in a synergic relation with the Professional Restaurant services area, in an Itinerary which gives pride of place to quality and innovation.

Healthy taste

The specialised areas of Host. Ice Cream/Confectionery

Hyper quality

For a traditionally Italian product, Host has a section dedicated to the whole product chain: furnishings and showcases where design and ergonomics add a fresh look to machines for home-made ice-cream production and provide equipment capable of developing the potential and the quality of professional workshops and shops. Inside, the “piazza del gelato� hosts demonstrations, events and awards, which make the exhibition capable of attracting increasing numbers of visitors even from abroad, thanks to technological innovation, to research into raw materials: syrups, various kinds of cocoa, candied fruit, milk and milk-derivates. Ice Cream/Confectionery is created in an integrated exhibition area with Bar/Coffee Machines, so that the complementary nature of the two events can be exploited and to optimise the contacts.

Coffee It is the reference point for the operators all over the world: from the plant to processing, from roasting to tasting, this is the area dedicated to the best international producers, importers and coffee roasters. This is the meeting place for the whole universe, from machines suitable for all different kinds of processing to those for espresso, from sweeteners to sachets of sugar, from the presentation of the most exotic blends to correlated products, like biscuits, spices and syrups. The guest of honour is the coffee culture, made up of experience and technique, knowledge and respect for nature. Research, quality control and attention to the professional training of the operators, make Italian taste the strong point of the event.

Hot welcome

The specialised areas of Host. Bar/Coffee Machines

Happy meeting

It represents more than a business sector: it is a real typically Italian formula, that of the bar, where in a single area you can find the taste of a coffee, the pleasure of a drink, the pleasure of an ice-cream and the convenience of the snack bar. Characterised by the growing attention of visitors, both from Italy and abroad, the exhibition proposes ideas and solutions always focussing on quality: coffee machines, equipment and accessories for bars, like drink dispensers and soda fountains, cup and glass washers, ice crushers, coffee grinders and juice makers, as well as all those supplies and services to make a high value area unique and original.

Hotel&Spa Emotion It expresses the best of this sector and ranges from internal and external furnishing to contracting, from state of the art technologies, to supplies, dishes and complements for the table, table cloths, napkins and sheets, in line with the demand for eco-sustainability and well-being. Today the new spa sector presents the most innovative solutions for designing and creating the well-being area in hotels: general systems, saunas, swimming pools, floors and technical tiling, lighting systems and audio video integration. The area is increasingly consolidated as the reference point for all the operators who want to create hotel structures inspired by change, the future and relaxation all over the world.

Hearty comfort

Organised by Rassegne Spa S.S. del Sempione 28 - 20017 Rho (Mi)



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