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Graphic Identity Standards Manual

Introduction This manual outlines specific guidelines and standards for the use of SOSEN’s brand identity mark. Consistent use of the identity mark is essential for creating a strong, recognizable, and meaningful brand identity within the SOSEN community.


Current Situation


SOSEN is established as a functional website which allows for a regular traffic of individuals who are looking to stay informed. Unfortunately, SOSEN counts with very week branding which affects negatively the brand.

A series of design elements will be created to give personality to the organization, this will help in the distribution of collateral material and in the more effective conveyance of information.It is necessary to develop a strong symbol, wordmark and identity mark that will aid in SOSEN’s fight for change.

In order to establish themselves as a reputable and trustworthy organization, SOSEN needs to revisit their brand and create a cohesive graphical system that will better position the organization within its target audience.

A new website will be created which will direct the user through the information seamlessly. Finally, a promotional campaign will be created, which will consist of several brochures, posters and other advertising material. This will help the organization in gaining social awareness and ultimately drive the community to change.


Symbol This symbol is inteded to portray a feeling of simpathy, and integration by utilizing elementary shapes. Using the gestalt method, it gives the illusion of a circle, which is composed by helping arms that embrace the individual. The symbol simulates two people shown form an aerial perspective who have extended arms embracing and accepting one another. The symbol also mimmics the cycle by which a sex offender is subject of. It gives a flowing sensation that implies an ongoing struggle and strive to defeat their disorder. This is directly reflective to the mission of the organization by encouraging everyone to respect each other.

Symbol 3

Wordmark SOSEN’s wordmark is focused on inviting and humanizing th brand. By focusing on the “sos“ it highlights the sense of urgency and the immediate need for solidarity within the community. The wordmark is in low caps purposely to avoid intimidating the target audience. The bold lettering in contrast with the light, thin second half create a fun dichotomy between the name acronym for Sex Offender Solutions Education Network.

sosen Wordmark 4

Combined identity Mark The combination of both the symbol and the wordmark previously discussed creates a nice balance between colors and shapes. The symbol must always be above the wordmark, never to the either side or below it. This creates a hierarchy which resembles a pyramid, a symbol internationally recognized by addicts. The combined identity mark will be used primarly for every promoting material whenever possible.


Combined Identity Mark 5

Color SOSEN’s main color combination is composed by a simple, dark blue and a light gray. This color combination is very minimal and sober to denote a serious yet inviting tone. The use of navy blue and gray provide an aesthetic feeling that welcomes the target audience while never hesitating in the gravity of the matter. The two color positive solid identity mark should only be placed on white backgrounds. SOSEN’s logo can also be used as 100% black on a white surface or inverted. This is achieved to facilitate the use of the brand under any situation.

sosen Black on White

sosen White on Black

sosen Full Color

sosen One Color


Primary Colors

Seconday Colors

SOSEN’s brand is uses two very iconic combinations: SOSEN Blue and Light Gray. These colors should be used in every monochromatic and duotone material, that way it will reenforce the brand and relate the brand to all the collateral material available.

When dealing with more than one or two colors, SOSEN provides a seconday color scheme that will complete the brand’s primary colors. These colors must not be used in abscence of the primary color scheme and will only serve to support the main colors.

SOSEN Blue C100 M17 Y0 K51 R0 G87 B130

Light Gray C0 M0 Y0 K20 R0 G0 B20

SOSEN Alt. Blue C78 M61 Y43 K24 R63 G81 B98

SOSEN Green C58 M48 Y70 K29 R101 G99 B70

SOSEN Yellow C0 M1 Y47 K30 R199 G190 B128

SOSEN Purple C65 M69 Y36 K17 R100 G80 B106

SOSEN Alt. Green C69 M57 Y82 K69 R44 G48 B30

SOSEN Orange C35 M67 Y81 K29 R139 G80 B49

SOSEN Dark Blue C35 M4 Y0 K94 270 G38 B45

SOSEN Alt. Purple C74 M65 Y60 K61 R46 G48 B49

SOSEN Red C41 M81 Y62 K41 R114 G51 B56


Incorrect Usage

sosen Do not distort identity mark, left to right, up or down.


Do not use the identity as a window or adjust the opacity/ transparency.


Do not place white identity on a light color background.


The black identity mark is too hard to read on a dark background.

sosen Do not change or modify the typeface of the wordmark.


Two color identity mark must only be used on a white background. 8

Typeface The SOSEN brand will use two typographic families. Futura Std Extra Bold will be used for the titles. In addition to that, Trade Gothic Regular will be used for all body copy as well as a bolded version for all pragraph headings.

Futura Std Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!@#$%^&*()_+ Futura Std Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!@#$%^&*()_+ Trade Gothic Lt Std Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!@#$%^&*()_+ Trade Gothic LT Std Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!@#$%^&*()_+ 9

Sosen - ID Manual  

Sosen ID Manual

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