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The Lawful Ways on How to Impress your Boss

Just by hardworking, this doesn’t make your stand out to your boss. By having the right technical skills and archiving your entire job objective is always considered part of your job. Here are some tips on how you can impress your boss (which is legit ways) and of course we are not talking about cleaning his car or even shining his boots. Here are some good tips on how to impress your boss, regardless if you are new employee or even team lead, which you can try out these methods on how to impress your boss.

1. Be Proactive: Learn More Always have the will to learn. An employee who lays down flat and doesn’t move on or learn more is always not something that all bosses wants to see. There are so many things to learn outside your job scope that you need in order for you to familiarize or even get along with your organization. To learn this, you might need to find out from your colleagues or even sometimes your client. There are even some that you will only learn thru experience and you can try out this and gain some valuable experience. By this your boss will see that there is a spirit and willing to learn from you thus your impression to your boss will be more significant.

2. Be Proactive: Find Solutions Most of the time, there will be some complexity on your job and problem will arise during the job transition. You can actually benefit from this and take this opportunity to shine. Here is a

simple way where you can highlight to you boss on the issues that you are encountering and counter propose some potential solution that will solve them. The facts that you showed your boss that you have the initiative to think the problem thru, this will most probably impress him. Make sure you don’t make any rash propose solution. Understand the problem and not just thinking of the surface as this might damage your reputation to your boss as your boss might think that you are not thinking deep enough and coming out with unreasonable solutions.

3. Take up the Responsibility We are human and human tend to make mistake. The most important thing is that we learn from the mistake and not avoiding the mistake. Everyone will make mistake but not everyone dare to admit the mistake that they have done. Some bosses are happier if you admit the mistake as they actually see you as a person that takes responsibility over the mistakes that you have made instead of sweeping them under the carpet. You will also need to look back at the mistake and what would be the ways to mitigate the mistake the next time.

4. Volunteer Yourself There could be times that your colleagues will be heavy load with work. Take this opportunity to offer them help to complete their tasks. You will not only getting the recognition from your boss but you will also gain respect from the other colleague that you are helping. Who knows, maybe in future they can be a helping hand to you. Make sure you are not risking your daily tasks to help the other colleague. Make sure you have the bandwidth before your offer your help. If not, then this will be a double edge sword, where you boss will think that you are incapable of finishing your task and you are busy body with other people tasks.

5. Fight for your staff (Important point of How to impress your Boss) This point is more relevant if you are a manager or a lead. As you are managing a team of people under you, you have in command and their fate lies with you. Make sure you care for them and help them anyway you can i.e. if they require resources for tight schedule, try to fight for resources from the upper management to ensure your staff are not over stretch. If you can display a good leadership, then your staff will be out to help you all out. Remember this; if you fight for your staff, then in return, your staff will fight their life for you.

In conclusion, you are not Rambo and you would need your team support in order to make things happen and impressing your boss. If you are looking to impress your boss, then make sure you put on your best behavior for your people to follow and learn these apply the above method on how to impress you boss

What’s your thought about the above tips? Is it helpful? If you need more tips to help your online marketing business, make sure you check us out @ how to impress your boss

The Lawful Ways on How to Impress your Boss  

Just by hardworking, this doesn’t make your stand out to your boss. By having the right technical skills and archiving all your job objectiv...

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