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5 Secrets on How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles

The most important part of blogging would be the compelling blog titles. This is the first impression that the reader will see on your blog is your headline/blog title. Based on study, you have 10 seconds to capture them before the reader click on the “x” or back button thus a compelling blog title is important. A great blog title will capture the attention of readers and will attract them to read on your blog post. Here is an article where the secrets of writing a compelling blog title will be revealed to you. You can use this advice and adopt it to your blogging website to attract more readers to your site.

How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles #1 – Finding the Right Keyword Does this sounds simple? Well, it does sound simple but the fact is it’s not easy to find a good keyword, there are some tricks to it. If you are targeting some organic readers from search engine, then you need to do some research using Keyword Research tools, which I rely on Google Adwords to do my research. All you need to do is to check what are the most search keyword and least competition keyword. Once you found it, include the keywords into your title. This will help your post to rank higher on the search engine page

How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles #2 – Invoke Curiosity This is method a great method to engage your reader. You should set a blog title that will catch their attention and make them to read further on your blog post. You can use questions as your title posts. Question in the title will raise the curiosity from the reader and if they an answer then they will surely continue reading your blog post. he below are some example of compelling invoking curiosity Blog titles that you can use:

Can We Really Trust… ? 8 Lies About… ? 5 Simple Facts That Could Affect Your… ? Take Charge of Your… ? A Simple Guide to… ?

How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles #3 – Use Casual Words You would need to act as if you are speaking with your audience face to face. Try to use simple words and phrases on your blog title to get your message deliver in a glance. Don’t use the boombastic english as some might not understand the meaning of the word or phrase. Sometimes, I can see that there are people who write as if they write a doctoral thesis for their university and making thing complicate. Make your topic simple and easy to understand. Readers tend to like this kind of topic

How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles #4 – Solving Problem Titles The another idea of Compelling Blog Titles is to use solving probnlem titles. Everyone has problem and they would require a solution. You can include some problem solving titles to your post to attract people to read on. If your are writing a blog posts topic that solve problems therefore, composing blog titles that address problem solving is a great way to get more clicks from your readers.

Some good words that you can include in your blog post is “Tips”, “How to”, “Ways”, “Secrets” and others. When people see this title it will attract them if they are having issues and read on.

How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles #5 – Providing Facts & Figures Here is another way on how to write a compelling blog titles is by giving them facts and figures on your blog post titles. By providing this factual statement, it will entice the reader to read on to know what are the facts of they are looking for. This will attract readers who are interesed in well-research content get to know more facts. Aside from that with this method, it will build up a credibility of your blog post as people know what you write is based facts & figures and not just based on imaginary

What’s your thought about the above tips? Is it helpful? If you need more tips to help your online marketing business, make sure you check us out @ compelling blog titles

5 Secrets on How to Write a Compelling Blog Titles