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Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan


Executive Summary Justin Ruff has amazed crowds all over Chicago, and immediately after watching him take the stage for the first time, I just knew I had to play some sort of role in the success of his career as a musician. The collaboration of Justin Ruff and The Abstrakt Company has been vital to both parties. So much has been learned, and many doors of opportunity for both Justin and The Abstrakt Company have been opened. As part of The Abstrakt Company, Gabrielle Stinnett serves as the manager for Justin Ruff in this artist management plan and completes tasks that extend beyond it as well. The Abstrakt Company took Justin under their wing prior to this artist management plan and intend to extend its services well after in order to secure its role in aiding to Justin’s success as a musician. In this plan, Gabrielle introduces Justin Ruff to the interested reader as well as break down all of the components that aid in making him a hit artist. In this plan you will find the mission and vision statement for both the artist, Justin Ruff, and the management company, The Abstrakt Company. You will find an overview of the music industry and it’s correlation to the plan that has been implemented for the artist. You will find the artist biography, key players, and the market audience. In addition, this plan contains information about Justin’s first recording project, as well as an in-depth overview of the EP release party which complimented it. Throughout the process of the artist management plan, Gabrielle Stinnett, as part of The Abstrakt Company, coordinated the creation of the brand of Justin Ruff—which includes his logo, website design and electronic press kit. Gabrielle also created an email database for marketing purposes, utilizing data that has been collected at past shows from sign-in logs and has successfully coordinated the booking of Justin Ruff for three shows in the city of Chicago. Gabrielle saw this opportunity of working as Justin Ruff’s manager as a gateway to learn the ins and outs of the music industry in particular, the roles of a music manager. In addition, Gabrielle saw this opportunity as a way to produce the entire package for Justin Ruff, so that his brand would complement his talent, and that he would succeed in a matter of a few years as a professional, wellpaid musician in the entertainment industry. This is just the beginning for Justin Ruff and Gabrielle Stinnett. Both parties have a lot more to offer to the world. With the talent that Justin Ruff possesses, and the professionalism, networks and experience that Gabrielle Stinnett is gaining through this process, this artist management plan will only catapult both parties in the direction that is wished and set out in this plan.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Introduction Justin Ruff Fusing his R&B/Soul background with his love for jazz, Justin has created a sound all his own. A sound that can be described as Ella Fitzgerald meets Maxwell. Let’s just call him Mr. Scat. Justin has reintroduced the art of scatting to youth by incorporated the sounds of scatting in modern day songs. Justin Ruff released his very first EP titled "Introducing Justin Ruff" this March and plans to release his very first album in June of 2014. With the collaboration of both Justin Ruff and The Abstrakt Company, it is with hope that Justin’s career is furthered and Gabrielle Stinnett gains more insight on managing the day to day aspects of an artist.

Mission and Vision Statement In this section of the artist management plan, Gabrielle Stinnett has provided the vision and mission statements of both the artist Justin Ruff and The Abstrakt Company. Gabrielle and Justin are both aware that without a vision and a clear mission, ideas cannot be executed.

Justin Ruff Mission Statement To fuse his R&B/Soul background with his love for jazz, and create a sound all his own, providing listeners with inspiration, while nourishing their souls through his vocals. Vision Statement To extend fan base globally, to produce a full- length album and to open up for major acts across the United States.

The Abstrakt Company Mission Statement To firmly support and promote artists whose talent correlates with the passion they portray for the music industry. Vision Statement To develop the talent, the knowledge, skill-sets, and experience of singer and songwriter Justin Ruff through creativity and innovation in order to create the foundation for a long-term, sustainable career.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Music Industry Overview According to the IFPI, global recorded music trade revenues have increased by 0.2%, the first year of growth since 1999. All the revenue streams IFPI tracks (physical, digital, performance rights and synchronization revenues), with the exception of physical sales, increased. A total of 21 countries saw market growth, including nine of the top 20 markets. The world's top 20 markets table shows that the US remains the world's largest music market. Digital channels now account for 35% of overall industry trade revenues, while physical sales now represent 57% of record companies' income. Downloads remain the biggest source of digital revenues, with combined unit sales of track and album downloads up by 11%. Music subscription services are seeing rapid growth. Music subscription and ad-supported streaming services now account for 20% of digital revenues globally, up from 14% in 2011. Subscription and adsupported revenues combined now account for almost one third (31%) of all digital music revenues in Europe. Albums continue to hold their appeal, accounting for 56% of recorded music sales value. Digital album downloads grew faster than singles and vinyl sales hit their highest point since 1997. Consumer usage on streaming services shows that the album format remains very relevant. Many of the year's best-selling albums generated a large streaming volume across all tracks included on the album. Sources of music licensing income are also on the rise. Performance rights revenues (from broadcasts and public performance) were the fastest growing sector in the recording industry, accounting for 6 per cent of recorded music revenues. Revenues grew by 9.4% globally, to US$943 million. Income from synchronisation deals - music used in TV adverts, films and brand partnerships - were also up. These grew by 2.1% to US$337 million in 2012.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Artist Biography A recent finalist on ABC 7 Windy City LIVE ”Search for a Star” competition, Justin Ruff is 22 years old and more than ready to take over the R&B game. He has been awarded the opportunity to open for major acts such as Dwele, The Cool Kids and legendary jazz group, Manhattan Transfer. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio the young singer/songwriter has been singing for going on ten years. It was in his home that Justin was first introduced to jazz. His love for the genre grew after he was accepted into Cincinnati’s School for Creative & Performing Arts as a vocal music major. There he honed in on his jazz roots and began perfecting his craft. Upon graduating in the spring of 2008 he went on to win several local competitions including Mason and Blue Ash Idol. In 2010 Justin moved to Chicago and enrolled in Roosevelt University as a vocal jazz major. The move to the big city opened him up to a much larger market. He recently made his debut EP, ”Introducing Justin Ruff” available for free download and plans to release his first album in June of 2014. As a solo artist, along with management, Justin Ruff plays a vital role in the success of his career. He is responsible financially for all production, marketing and transportation costs. He is also responsible for working with management on possible show performances.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Key Players The Abstrakt Company Artist Developer The Abstrakt Company is a full service event production and talent management company specializing in themed events, brand and image consulting and artist development. With our skills and resources we are able to provide our clients with the necessary tools for success. Our unique business design satisfies the need for the development of our clients, while still allowing them to be fully hands-on. Equipped with backgrounds in music business, promotion, fashion and marketing communications, we are able to serve every facet of the entertainment industry.

Gabrielle Stinnett Business Manager Gabrielle Stinnett has one year of experience in the entertainment industry. She is the co-founder, as well as serves as the Director of Special Events of a new talent management and event production company named The Abstrakt Company. Gabrielle is currently working with singer and songwriter Justin Ruff, and is responsible for all components of his branding, marketing and promotions and works alongside Tanisha Conley of Liquid Moon Productions in the coordination of his bookings. Under The Abstrakt Company, she has gained insight to the business of music by working closely with artists such as Justin Ruff, Brill, Fandy Cen and Lena MacDonald. Gabrielle has coordinated and produced successful EP Release Parties for local artists such as Justin Ruff and Brill from Save Money. Born in Dallas, Texas, Gabrielle Stinnett, is currently in her senior year at Columbia College Chicago, where she majors in Arts and Entertainment Media Management with a concentration in Music Business.

Tanisha Conley Booking Coordinator 5

Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

For the past five months, Tanisha Conley has assisted The Abstrakt Company with coordinating the booking of Justin Ruff at performance venues. Tanisha is the founder of Liquid Moon Productions, an artist management and consulting company. Liquid Moon Productions represents clients such as Badmouf Sanatra, Rodney Phimp, QuarterKey, Vavi Roi Crude, DJ Skillz, Luna Sera, Dante BBoy for Christ Brooks and Dwane D-Train Wilson.

See Appendix for Management Contact Information Information

Audience This section of the artist management plan contains data gathered from all of the social media platforms from which Justin is active on. This data directly reflects the audience that regularly attends Justin’s performances, whether it be him as the headliner or just a special guest act. According to data collected on and Facebook, the target audience of Justin Ruff is females between the age of 35 and 44. The highest fan concentration is those who live in Chicago, Illinois, the next highest concentration being Cincinnati, Ohio, Justin’s hometown. According to a recent survey from, Justin’s fans tend to favor the music of artists such as Ledisi, Jill Scott, Common and Maxwell. They also prefer digital downloads or online streaming as a means of retrieving music. This is key information as these results will help Justin Ruff and Gabrielle Stinnett market to fans effectively. See Appendix for Analytics

Graphics and Branding Prior to partnering with Gabrielle Stinnett, Justin Ruff did not have a logo, or any solid branding images. His trademark however, was the bowtie. At the majority of his performances he wore a bowtie and was always referred to the “the bowtie guy”. Gabrielle Stinnett decided to incorporate this trademark into the brand of Justin Ruff, and with the help of freelance graphic designer Damaly Keo, created a simple, yet defining logo for Justin Ruff. This logo will now be incorporated all aspects of his branding and used on all merchandise and marketing materials. His logo is also present on all generated business documents. See Appendix for Branding Prototypes


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Recording Project Studio: 35th Street Studios Key Producer: Dee Lily Key Sound Engineer: KTF Music About 35th Street Studios 35th Street Studios is the premier recording, rehearsal, teaching, and production facility in Chicago. It is known for its classic gear, digital recording suites, great live rooms, professional and very friendly atmosphere, and great sounding albums. Conveniently located just 2 miles west of the Dan Ryan five minutes from downtown Chicago, 35th Street is tailored to the professional and serious musician. Rehearsal studios with hourly, weekly, and monthly 24 hour access are available. We feature a full array of gear and services, including an exciting and challenging educational program. The staff is both recording and tour experienced, and supplies the client with a most pleasurable, informed, creative and productive environment. Justin Ruff saw 35th Street Studios as the perfect place to record his long awaited EP. He teamed up with producer, Dee Lily and sound engineer KTF Music, to record his very first EP, “Introducing Justin Ruff”. Justin Ruff plans to collaborate with other producers in the future and is grateful for the collaboration with Dee Lily on his very first solo project. The EP “Introducing Justin Ruff” set out to introduce Justin Ruff as a solo artist. He had just made the move to the city of Chicago and usually sung backup for other local artists.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Photo Credit: Gianna Dorsey Photography

Electronic Press Kit The electronic press kit created by The Abstrakt Company contains an artist biography, one high resolution photograph, artist highlights, three video clips, the “Introducing Justin Ruff” EP discography and hyperlinks to artist contact information. What sets this press kit aside from others is the fact that viewers can look forward to an interactive experience, as music videos can be played straight from the page without one having to be redirected to an entirely new tab. The press kit offers a sleek and easily readable design, for fans as well as press, to gather information efficiently and use for various promotional purposes. When Justin is booked for a show, the booking agent or talent buyer is given the link to Justin’s electronic press kit. See Appendix for EPK Screenshots

Merchandise Current Merchandise Justin Ruff’s voice live was not enough for his faithful fans. They longed for physical copies of his EP, and social media comments proved it. Justin Ruff saw digital distribution as an opportunity to make revenue in order to fund travel for shows as well as future recording projects and promotions. Justin currently sells physical copies of his EP, “Introducing Justin Ruff”. He along with the employees of The Abstrakt Company promote the sale of the physical sell of cd at all of his shows.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan Gabrielle Stinnett is responsible for ordering the CD covers, the CD cases, and the physical CD-ROM in order to physically distribute the music. She along with the team of The Abstrakt Company is also responsible for assembling all materials so that they are ready for distribution at shows. Merchandise Cost Breakdown: The price of the physical copies of the EP, “Introducing Justin Ruff” is $5. The cost to manufacture the 50 copies of the EP is $61.20 • Cover Photo- 4 per sheet at .45 cents a sheet (Xerox Document Center—619 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60605) =$5.63 • CD-ROM- 50 per pack at $24.99- Staples Office Supply Store = 24.99 • CD- Cases- 10 per pack at 4.99- Staples Office Supply Store = 30.58 Profit from selling 50 physical copies = $188.80 12X14 color posters and 4x4 EP cards are given out during performances as free promotion. Breakdown • 12X17 Posters .45 cents per sheet for color and .05 cents per sheet for black and white (Xerox Document Center—619 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60605) Justin Ruff and Gabrielle Stinnett have decided to refrain from the sale of t-shirts, stickers and pins.

Pre-Release Promotions Justin Ruff released his first single “Take My Time” in November of 2012. It was immediately received by fans all over the Chicago area. It was then, that Justin knew that it was time to release an entire project. Thus the initial collaboration of Justin Ruff and The Abstrakt Company. A plan to host an EP Release Party was now underway, so the recording of the EP “Introducing Justin Ruff”, was the number one priority. At this time, Justin knew he had fans, but could not pin point the exact demographic he knew would contact making them aware of his upcoming recording project. The Abstrakt Company then figured that an EP Release Party would be the perfect way to establish a solid fan base for Justin Ruff as well as collect any data needed to promote future music. Now, Justin has a database of 800 contacts that have been collected from sign-ups at different shows he has either headlined or have been a featured performer. Currently, Justin is continuing to promote his hit single “Take My Time which is not generating spins on Chicago’s top radio station WGCI 107.5. Fans have been encouraged to text “Take My Time” to 51075. He is also promoting his feature on the Coast 2 Coast mixtape hosted by Gunplay from Maybach Music group. He is on here with artists such as Wale, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and more.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

EP Release Party The EP release party was held on March 15, 2013 at 1104 South Wabash Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Conveniently located in the heart of south loop at the one of Columbia College Chicago’s premier performance spaces, the venue was the perfect fit for the party. The rental fee for the venue was free of charge due to the fact that Gabrielle Stinnett is a registered Columbia Student and filled out the necessary paper work to reserve the performance space. The sound technician presented a cost of$15 an hour and was used for a total of 5 hours totaling $75. Decorations and furniture rental totaled a cost of $250 and food totaled a cost of $120. Argo tea sponsored beverages. All costs besides the beverages were covered by Justin Ruff. Event staff and featured artists offered their services at no charge. Attendees were admitted free of charge and were given EP cards which contained a link to where the EP could be downloaded. Posters were distributed all around the city of Chicago and were posted on all social media platforms. A Facebook event page was created for the release party and generated 200 RSVP’s on the first day it was publicized. Press releases were also sent out to major blogs-- FakeshoreDrive, FashodoeMusic, RubyHornet and AboveAv.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan On the day of the show, Gabrielle Stinnett landed an interview for Justin Ruff with WCRX radio host Jennifer Madden, for further promotion of the release party. In addition, during the party, the “Champagne and Chitlins� radio show streamed live from the event. Sam Trump and Daryn Alexus, who had already established their fan bases were featured artists at the event and opened the release party with two numbers a piece. Both artists brought out their fans as well to the event which helped pack the venue generating an attendance list of 250 names.

Flyer Credit: Gabrielle Stinnett and Mone Johnson

Booking and Touring Plans Justin Ruff plans to tour Illinois colleges in the near future, but would like to extend his fan base right here in Chicago first. He plans to hit local Chicago venues and gain a positive reputation with club managers in hopes to one day utilize their venue for his own purposes. Justin Ruff wants to stray away from performing alongside other local acts, and would like to build his brand alone, and is positive that he is capable of doing so. He would like the venue to be packed solely because of Justin Ruff and not with the help of other featured artist. He knows that this is possible due to the turnout for his EP release party. He now uses his Facebook fan page, his Reverbnation page and to promote his shows. In the future, Justin Ruff and Gabrielle Stinnett plan to generate a flyer with all of his shows listed and post on various social media platforms. Justin Ruff and Tanisha Conley play large roles in coordinating the booking for his shows. Gabrielle Stinnett is involved in the coordination, but is more so responsible for making sure all marketing materials are sent to talent buyer as well as relaying information regarding sound check and set time.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

See Appendix for Booking Log

Media Strategy Radio Justin Ruff recently participated in WGCI 107.5’s “Download or Delete”. This segment airs Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm. Justin Ruff promoted this opportunity on all social media platforms and was able to generate enough downloads to get his song played on the station. Currently, Justin is continuing to promote his hit single “Take My Time which is not generating spins on Chicago’s top radio station WGCI 107.5. Fans are encouraged to text “Take My Time” to 51075. On the day of the Justin Ruff’s EP Release Party, which was held in March, Gabrielle Stinnett landed an interview for Justin Ruff with WCRX radio host Jennifer Madden, for further promotion of the release party. In addition, during the party, the “Champagne and Chitlins” radio show streamed live from the event as well as promoted the event prior to the show.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Print Justin Ruff and Gabrielle Stinnett choose to target blogs to promote releases. In the past, Justin Ruff has been featured on blogs such as Fashodoemusic, , The Singer’s Room, The P.U.B. Report and The Lyrical Lab just to name a few. Reviews I'm done ranting about how great this man is, this project was well worth the wait. Beautifully illustrated and left me wanting more, if this is the beginning, imagine what we’ll be seeing 5 years from now. Did I forget to mention that he scats? Yes this is real life, wake up and experience the renaissance in your own backyard. Fashodoe Music ~ [Review] Introducing Justin Ruff- Justin Ruff Cincinnati, Ohio native Justin Ruff is a true rising star to look out for. He recently was a top 12 finalist out of 800 contestants on ABC-7 Windy City LIVE “Search for a Star” competition. The singer talked with Mari about his music and debut EP entitled, “Introducing Justin Ruff”. The PUB Report Justin Ruff twists himself into a medical remedy as he prescribes Elevated to set souls on fire. Dee Lilly’s instrumental is a perfect musical interpretation of a stream room with a pair connecting body, mind and soul. Make Justin Ruff a habit by downloading his EP, ''Introducing Justin Ruff.'' Singersroom ~ Music - Justin Ruff Elevated Ft. Murph Watkins Justin Ruff’s ability as an artist is undeniable when it comes to expressing the power of love and having a good time throughout his music. What I like about him the most though would be his strong sense of old school and jazz references throughout his music. You can almost hear the musical influences of Prince and Jon B. The Lyrical Lab ~ The Lyrical Lab: ''Introducing Justin Ruff'' Review See Appendix for Blog Information

Fan Base Development An email list was generated after Justin Ruff’s EP release party. is used to send out updates to fans on email list. Through this site emails are generated and sent out once a month. In the future emails will be sent out bi-weekly. An updated news section is offered on the website and fans receive in their email what can be found on the website. For example upcoming shows, or a surprise cover that Justin has completed of a fan’s choice. Justin is great about addressing his fans concerns right away in a really relaxed manner. Fans can email him with concerns or suggestions as well as contact him through social media. Tanisha Conley started off as a key fan and headed “Team Ruff” for about three months until she began assisting with


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan coordinating Justin performances. She played a vital role in increasing Justin’s Facebook fan page like along with the Abstrakt Company from 825 to the current 1,346 that he has now. Currently, Justin has his fans participating in “Much Love Mondays”. On Mondays, through his Facebook fan page, he requests that fans post videos and pictures of him or them as well as him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tagging Justin Ruff using the hash tag #TeamRuff. See Appendix for Fan Base Development Examples

Website On Justin Ruff’s website one will find his biography, an updated list of his occurring show dates, his contact information, press, and links to his music. By visiting his website, fans and even industry professionals are introduced to his work as well as his schedule, so they can know right off the bat, where to catch him next. There is an area for interested parties to contact Justin Ruff and an option for people to join the email list will soon be added. In the future, once the album is recorded, an e-commerce area will be set up through cd baby and iTunes. The Abstrakt Company will manage e-commerce once it is added to the website. The website is promoted through social media and is also listed on the EP cards that are passed out as part of promotion during performances. Once a sponsorship with Keefe Cravat is solidified, information regarding Justin’s apparel will be added to the website as well as his personal coupon code for fans to use to purchase signature Justin Ruff bowties. See Appendix for Website Screenshots

Distribution/Retail Strategy Currently, Justin sells physical copies of his EP at performances for $5. There is currently no online portal from which he sells his music. All music online is offered for free. In the future, once the album is recorded, an e-commerce area will be set up through cd baby and iTunes. The Abstrakt Company will manage e-commerce once it is added to the website. The album will then be sold for $10. Buyers will receive two bonus tracks as an incentive.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan Gabrielle Stinnett and Justin Ruff will not look into a distribution deal until after the first CD is released and distributed. Fan base development is the most important factor as of now and ensuring that fans are willing to purchase the music.

Special Events Justin Ruff is always willing to use his talents as a vessel to give back to the community. In the past Justin has performed at the following events for the following charities and or social causes:

• • •

Underground Language Music Showcase- Girl’s Rock Chicago Jammin’ with Jane- Annie’s Legacy I Love the 90’s Show- Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship for Columbia College Recipient

Partnerships with Other Artists In the past, Justin Ruff has worked alongside emerging artists Sam Trump and Daryn Alexis. This trio produced great numbers at shows. However, Justin wishes to diminish his partnership with other artists and follow the road down his own pathway to success.

Video Production Justin Ruff plans to start implementing video production into his projects beginning with his first album which is set to be released in June of 2014. Gabrielle Stinnett and Justin Ruff are still in search for a professional music video producer and plan to use funds from physical distribution to cover costs of production. Once video is completed, Justin Ruff will upload to personal YouTube channel and onto social media websites.

Songwriting Justin Ruff works alongside his best friend Sara Larece in the writing of his music. All of the songs written will be used strictly by singer and songwriter Justin Ruff. Sara and Justin Ruff spend countless hours writing songs to please fans.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Justin Ruff also pleases fans by releasing covers. All covers are promoted on Facebook. As part of fan development as well, he gives fans the option to choose what song to cover next. Justin Ruff will copyright all material for the first album he releases. $35 will be paid for the entire album once he registers through Gabrielle Stinnett also plans to register Justin Ruff with a Performing Rights Organization.

Sponsorships Argo Tea is a chain of tea cafes that was founded in the Lincoln Park community area in Chicago, Illinois, in June 2003. It is now headquartered in Chicago's Loop community area. Argo Tea was a key sponsor at Justin Ruff’s EP Release Party which was held in March. In exchange for Justin performing at their event the weekend following the release part, they provided beverages to guests. Guests were able to enjoy flavored tea and costs for refreshments were significantly reduced. In the future Justin Ruff will need a sponsorship in order to pay for studio time and travel costs as well as marketing materials and merchandise. i.e. posters, cd’s, EP cards Keefe Cravat is a brand that speaks volumes and caters to anyone who possesses a distinctive style. Using different fabrics and prints, its custom bow ties sets the tone for any occasion. Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, Keefe Cravat’s mission is to bridge the gap between fashion and confidence. The owner, Jordan Williams believes in change and through his collection of bow ties he will create change within communities and in the fashion industry. Founded in January of 2013, this brand has managed to grow at a steady pace and has participated in various fashion shows across the Midwest. Gabrielle Stinnett hopes to solidify a sponsorship with Keefe Kravat by January of 2014. For every bowtie sold at or because of his show, Justin will receive 20% of sale. He will be able to track those he has referred with a personal promotion code of JRUFF20. Justin will also receive one bowtie to wear during performance of all shows.

SWOT Analysis


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Goals Three Months Solidify logo Undergo more voice training Undergo professional development Solidify artist image and sound Design and order business cards Boost social media presence Receive placement in five music blogs Book 5 paid gigs Release of “Justin Ruff Presents the Covers”- compilation of Youtube covers Host a showcase to present the cover as well as raise revenue for album Six Months Release of 1st album Get all music copyrighted Illinois College tour—Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University BET Music Matters application submission to perform Open for a major artist One Year Release of sophomore album Talent agent Open for 2nd major artist Midwest Tour Collaboration with a local artist Three Years Collaboration with a major artist Huge social media following ALL paid gigs Personal manager Publicist Five Years Release 3rd album Sign to Atlantic Records Distribution Deal Headline a major show Produce merchandise for sale Endorsement Deal


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Financial Musicians & Singers per Year Continuing Education

Auto Travel (In miles)

Coaching & Lessons Expense


Audition Travel

Dance Training


Business Meetings

Music - Arrangements Downloads, CDs, & Recordings Training Rents - Rehearsal Hall

TBD $1128

$300 TBD

Continuing Education


Job seeking



Out-Of-Town Business Trips


Purchasing Job Supplies & Materials

TBD $100

Tickets - Performance Audit


Professional Society Meetings


Voice Training


Parking Fees & Tolls ($)


Other: ___________________________

Other: ___________________________

Promotional Expenses

Travel - Out of Town

Audition Tapes, Videos, CDs & DVDs




Business Cards


Car Rental


Film & Processing


Bridge & Highway Tolls


Mailing Supplies - Envelopes, etc.




Photos - Professional


Taxi, Train, Bus & Subway

Resume’ and Portfolio Expenses


Lodging (do not combine with meals)



Meals (do not combine with lodging)


Website Development & Hosting Other:________________________

Communication & Wi-Fi Access

Supplies & Expenses Uniforms & Formal Wear

Laundry and Porter

Cleaning (uniforms/formal)


Commissions - Agent/Manager


Dues - Union & Professional Gifts - Business ($25.00 maximum per person per year) Insurance - Equipment


Apartment Rent (jobs lasting less than 1 year) Other: ___________________________

$144 VARIES $7200

Communication Costs Cellular and or Smart Phone Calls


FAX & Other On Line Data Services


Land Line

Interest - Business Loans


Paging & Call Forwarding Service


Instrument & Musical Supplies


Skype & Internet Phone Service


Meals - Business (enter 100% of cost)


Photocopy - Music, etc.



Other: ___________________________ Equipment Purchases

Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan Postage & Office Supplies

Answering Machine


Audio Systems & Amplifiers



Computer & Printer


Rents - Office, Storage, etc.


Musical Instruments


Rents - Equipment, etc.


Pager and Recorder


Repairs – Instruments & Equipment


Smart Phone & Tablets


Secretarial & Bookkeeping




Speaker Systems


Publications - Trade Recording Studio Costs

Sheet Music



Strings, picks, cords, reeds, etc. Other: ___________________________


Tools & other Music Supplies Other: ____________________________

Courtesy of Riley & Associates, PC - - 978-463-9350



Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan

Conclusion Justin Ruff not only has the talent to back up what it is that he is requesting from the reader, but has the drive and numbers as well. Justin Ruff works long and hard in the studio multiple times a week and rarely says no to a show, just to get his name out in the open. Justin Ruff will definitely be a force to reckon with, and with the backing of The Abstrakt Company it will be a matter of a few years until Justin Ruff is a household name. There is never a time that Justin performs for a silent audience, his vocal abilities and unique skill of incorporating the melodic sounds of scatting into his modern day flavor always has the audience going wild. Immediately following performances, one can log into Facebook or twitter to find their newsfeed filled with statuses about how Justin Ruff “killed his last performance”. Please take the time to examine not only the numbers but the raw talent that Justin possesses. Now and days, it is extremely hard to find musicians who sound better live than they do on a recorded track. Justin offers his listeners a great experience whether it be through live performance or digitally. Under The Abstrakt Company, Gabrielle Stinnett is forming Justin to become the entire package. Record labels can rest assure that Justin will produce a profit and upon hearing his first note, fans worldwide will be screaming, “We want Justin”. Working alongside Justin Ruff is not an easy task as he is very particular and sensitive about his craft but in the long- run his ability to pay very close attention to detail and to go into a studio and render a masterpiece in the matter of hours, will truly pay off.


Justin Ruff Artist Management Plan


Strain, Adrian, and Alex Jacob. "IFPI's Recording Industry in Numbers 2013 - the Must-read of Global Music - Published Today." IFPI's Recording Industry in Numbers 2013 - the Must-read of Global Music - Published Today. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2013.

"Riley & Associates, P.C. Art Taxes." Riley & Associates, P.C. Art Taxes. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2013.

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