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LIGHTING Lighting makes a difference in the way we see color, so it’s important to know which kinds to use and how to use them. St. Louis lighting designer Ken McKelvie gave us a few pointers. —Todd Schuessler

INCANDESCENT These bulbs give off a yellowish glow and are better at bringing out warm tones than cool ones.

FLUORESCENT Fluorescent lighting—the bluish-white kind—is the best choice for laundry rooms and closets (it helps you distinguish between navy and black) but not bedrooms (it’s wakeful) or bathrooms. Use the highest-quality SPX lamps.

HALOGEN This is the best choice for lighting artwork because of its whiteness. To adjust the character of the art colors, try filters. Be careful lights don’t overheat.

CFL Compact flourescent is great for energy savings, but the bulbs have a slightly sallow cast.

LED Light-emitting diodes are starting to replace recessed incandescent lighting in high ceilings because of their long lifespan and their bright, bluish-white light, which is great for reading. ■


MAY JUN 2012 59

Color Feature Illustrations  

In my internship with St. Louis Magazine I created some illustrations for the folor feature in the St. Louis AT HOME Magazine.