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Gabrielle Hoyt  Published  Writing  Sample  #1   Picture  view  of  Plainsman  article  on  March  3,  2011  

Text  view  of  article:   The  Big  Event  is  a  one-­‐day  campus  community  service  initiative  that  will  take  place  March   26  at  9  a.m.  throughout  Lee  County.     Volunteer  applications  are  due  March  9  in  the  Student  Government  Office.  Forms  can  be   found  at  or  in  the  SGA  Office.     “It  is  Auburn’s  way  of  giving  back  to  the  community  that  has  given  us  so  much,”  said  Owen   Parrish,  sophomore  in  civil  engineering  and  Big  Event  director.     Last  year,  more  than  1,700  students,  faculty  and  staff  participated  in  The  Big  Event.     Participating  is  free,  and  volunteers  can  sign  up  in  groups  of  one  to  10.  Each  participant   receives  seven  spirit  points.     Buying  the  $10  Big  Event  shirt  is  five  spirit  points  and  wearing  it  the  day  of  the  event  is  an   additional  three  spirit  points.     Each  team  must  have  a  team  captain  who  is  required  to  attend  a  meeting  the  week  of  The  

Big Event  either  March  22  or  March  24.     The  day  of  The  Big  Event  will  begin  with  complimentary  breakfast  and  speakers.     Most  volunteer  events  end  around  noon,  and  all  will  end  by  3  p.m.     Big  Event  coordinators  have  already  secured  120  job  sites.  Last  year,  only  75  sites  were   available,  including  churches,  homes  and  schools,  according  to  Libby  Lukens,  undeclared   sophomore  in  science  and  math  and  The  Big  Event  assistant  director.     One  major  project  will  take  place  at  a  school  in  Nostasulga  where  Tim  Hudson,  Atlanta   Braves  pitcher  and  Auburn  alumnus,  will  be  assisting  in  rebuilding  a  field  house.   Volunteers  will  help  with  the  building  as  well  as  other  projects  throughout  the  school  and   city.     Parrish  said  he  remembers  his  first  time  participating  in  The  Big  Event.     His  team  was  helping  pack  boxes  and  move  them  from  one  home  to  another  for  a  local   family.  They  were  helping  an  older  woman  and  man,  and  the  man  came  to  greet  the   volunteers.     “The  man  just  looked  at  us  so  genuinely  and  said,  ‘Thank  you  for  being  here  because  you   are  making  a  lasting  difference  in  my  life.  You’re  giving  me  a  fresh  start,’”  Parrish  said.  “It   hit  really  close  to  home.  It  was  more  than  putting  something  on  my  resume—it  was  about   making  a  difference.”     Parrish  and  Lukens  became  involved  in  The  Big  Event  as  freshmen  in  Tiger  Tuesdays,  and   after  memorable  experiences  helping  the  families,  they  decided  to  be  directors.     “Auburn,  Ala.,  does  so  much  for  the  University,  and  I  feel  like  that  doesn’t  get  recognized  a   lot,”  Lukens  said.  “Big  Event  is  a  way  to  show  the  community  how  much  we  care  for  them.   Being  involved  freshman  year  made  me  fall  in  love  with  the  concept  of  Big  Event.”     Faculty  and  staff  are  encouraged  to  participate.     The  goal  of  the  directors  is  to  get  members  involved  from  every  college  and  school.     Cameron  Payne,  junior  in  civil  engineering,  has  participated  in  The  Big  Event  the  past  two   years.    

“People always  say  one  person  can’t  make  a  difference,”  Payne  said.  “But  when  you  have   hundreds  of  students  working  together  on  making  a  better  community,  we  make  a  huge   difference.”­‐Day-­‐of-­‐service-­‐gives-­‐ students-­‐chance-­‐to-­‐give-­‐back?  



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