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The press  release  below  was  written  for  the  College  of  Liberal  Arts  and  was  featured  in  Auburn  University’s   homepage.  The  online  version  can  be  viewed  at  

Department of  Theatre  |  221  Telfair  B.  Peet  Theatre  |  Auburn  University,  Alabama  36849     Box  Office:  334-­‐833-­‐4154  

NEWS  RELEASE     Nov.  6,  2011               Contact  Information   FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE           Kelly  Walker                   Email:     WE  WISH  YOU  A  WARY  CHRISTMAS!   “Season’s  Greeting”  Holiday  Farce  Premieres  Nov.  10     AUBURN,  Ala.  –  The  Auburn  University  Theatre  in  the  College  of  Liberal  Arts  will  present  the   Christmas  play,  "Season's  Greetings,"  premiering  Nov.  10  at  the  Telfair  Peet  Theatre.   The  dark  comedy,  directed  by  Christopher  Qualls,  showcases  a  typical  suburban  English  family   during  an  atypical  Christmas  gathering.     The  Alan  Ayckbourn  favorite  follows  couple  Belinda  and  Neville  as  they  host  their  dysfunctional   relatives  at  their  home  for  Christmas  festivities.  Guests  include  senile  uncle  Harvey,  Neville's  sister   Phyllis,  her  husband  Bernard  who  delights  and  scares  children  with  his  annual  puppet  show,   Eddie  and  his  pregnant  wife  Pattie,  Belinda's  sister  Rachel  and  a  suave  writer  named  Clive  whose   immediate  attraction  to  the  married  Belinda  causes  quite  a  scene  one  night  under  the  Christmas   tree.     "Season's  Greetings"  features  scenic  design  by  visiting  artist  Wes  Peters,  lighting  and  costume   design  by  faculty  members  Fereshteh  Rostampour  and  Tracy  Oleinick  and  sound  design  by  Kelly   Walker.  Cast  members  include  Chelsea  Allen,  Winn  Carrol,  Anna  Caudle,  Marcus  Clement,  Jack   Heflin,  Eli  Jolley,  Sarah-­‐Jean  Peters,  Harrison  Smith  and  AnnaClaire  Walker.     In  addition,  the  gallery  exhibition  will  feature  a  selection  of  photos  by  Jeffery  Etheridge  from   Auburn  University’s  new  coffee  table  book,  "Echoes  Strong  and  Clear."  The  book  offers  a  mix  of   historic  and  modern  day  images  that  provide  a  sense  of  student  life  at  Auburn,  past  and  present.     "Season's  Greetings"  runs  Nov.  10-­‐11  and  Nov.  15-­‐18  at  7:30  p.m.  with  a  matinee  performance   Nov.  13  at  2:30  p.m.  Tickets  may  be  purchased  online  at,  or  by   phone  at  (334)  844-­‐4154.  Tickets  are  free  for  students  and  $15  for  the  general  public.   -­‐###-­‐      


Season's Greetings Press Release  

For the Department of Theatre in the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University

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