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The old man and the Sea written by Ernest Hemingway retold by Gabrielle Conigliaro

There once was an old man who loved to fish. The man was born to be a fisherman. For eighty three days the old man couldn’t seem to catch any fish.

On the eighty fourth day the man went fishing again. He paddled his boat to the middle of the ocean and waited.

After waiting for a while the man felt something on his hook. The man pulled the fishing pole up but he wasn’t strong enough to pull up the big fish.

The fish was so big that it started to pull the old mans boat . The old man wasn’t going to give up. He was going to get this fish.

The fish kept pulling the mans about until it was dark out, but the man just kept trying to get the fish.

After a long time the mans hand started to hurt. The man still tried to catch the fish.

The old man was getting very tired,but he did not want to let go of the fish. The old man decided that he would hold the fishing poll and put it under his leg so he wouldn’t let go of it in his sleep.

The man woke up. The man had been try to catch the fish for three days. On the third day the man finally caught the big fish.

When the man tried to bring the fish home a shark came and tried to eat the fish.

The man fought the shark away, but it was too late. The shark already ate most of the fish. All that was left were the fish bones.

About the Author Gabrielle lives with her parents brother and sister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She love summer and playing on the beach.

Old man and the sea  

the classic hemingway story rewritten into a childrens book