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Making a successful formal appeal Have you just received your results? Is this the second or third exam attempt at your module or have you failed your placement? Do you think that an injustice has occurred in the marking of your work?

If something went wrong during your assessments you can make an appeal to the Assessment Board if you have valid circumstances that were not taken into account when making the decision concerning your module grade, final award or progression. You can appeal only once you have received formal notification of your results and it must be within the deadline.

You have 28 days from the results being published to submit your appeal. Appeals are not normally accepted beyond the deadline.

Q What would be considered for an appeal? The following circumstances will be considered for appeals: - Your exam performance was affected by extenuating circumstances such as illness, bereavement or other circumstances so long as it was outside of your control. - There was an error in the administration of your assessment or assessment was not conducted according to regulations. - Your performance was negatively affected by the delivery of a module. - You are appealing against a penalty for academic misconduct. - Some other irregularity occurred.

Q I’m still not sure if I can appeal. What circumstances can’t I appeal? You cannot appeal the following: - A mark that has not been approved by an Assessment Board. - Academic judgement in assessing the merit of your work. - That you didn’t receive supervision when preparing to undertake reassessment. - That you were unaware of the published regulations and procedures for your module or programme - You failed to change your address on your MISIS record which resulted in you not receiving assessment information.

Making a Successful Formal Appeal MDXSU Advice

Q Where do I send the appeal form to? Send your form, statement and documentary evidence within the 28 day deadline to: The Secretary to Academic Board c/o the Appeals Administrator Academic Registry Middlesex University The Burroughs Hendon NW4 4BT

Q How long will it take to get a response? It can take up to and longer than three months to get an outcome from Academic Registry. If you have any queries about your appeal contact the Appeals Administrator on 0208 411 6392 or

For the full appeal regulations and procedures and a more detailed explanation of the grounds above and the appeals process see

Informal Stage

•Discuss your problem with your Module and Programme Leader

•Book an appointment with a student union adviser to discuss your appeal. Stage 1

•Complete an appeal form Stage 2

•Follow guidance on UniHub in completing your statement Stage 3

Stage 4

•Send the form to your adviser for checking and then to the Appeals Administrator once it is done

•Wait for a response from the Assessment Board Stage 5

Making a Successful Formal Appeal MDXSU Advice

Making an appeal  
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