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Bryant Park: Playground for the Unemployed

Have you ever walked through Bryant Park, and wondered “Do these people not have anything more productive to do with their time?” Well, I have. I have come to the conclusion that Bryant Park has become a playground to the bored, unemployed, and the plain ol’ creepy. Bryant Park is an oasis of perfectly green grass, surrounded by some of New York City’s finest architecture. I guess the jobless don’t have it so bad after all. It is 11 AM during the work week and the park is swarming with people who seem to have nothing better to do with their time. Could it be job cut backs? Or do these people just not feel the need to work like the rest of us? Maybe they just prefer playing Ping-Pong, or backgammon first thing in the morning, rather than making a living. Other than the Bryant park gamers, there are the people, who have no business stripping down in public, that feel the need to tan in the center of the field. Well I guess I’m envious of those people, I surely don’t have their confidence level, or the ability to spend my days lounging in a park.

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