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Isle of Wight Revival Campaign PR and Communications in a Digital World CCA506

Megan Beard, Gabriella Griffin and Laura Croggon


This report revises the original year long social media campaign, which aims to maintain visitor levels on the Isle of Wight throughout the year, focusing especially around the time of the 2012 Olympics.


Online and social media coverage is not only free but has immediacy. This report develops and enhances an original campaign, promoting the Isle of Wight. The campaign had some innovative ideas and showed great creativity, however was limited by the amount of social media that was used, only Twitter and Facebook. The new campaign has built on from the elements of the original campaign and added extra components to enhance the campaigns success.

The following elements of the original campaign have been developed further  Objectives (SMART)  Key messages  Audience profiles  Tactics (blog, YouTube, foursquare, iPhone app)  Timings  Evaluation

Objectives The objectives have been changed as, according to Batty C et al (2010, pg.128) ‘setting objectives is vital if the campaign is to have direction and be achievable. Objectives should be SMART.’ Objectives in the original campaign did not match the criteria of SMART objectives. 

Have over 5,000 visitors to within the first two months of the campaign by creating awareness through social media platforms

To engage with 10,000 people online of whom 40% visit the island.

Audience After revising the original campaigns audiences, the new campaign has devised character profiles. This makes the audiences more specific making them easier to identify and which channels we can reach them with.

Key Messages The original campaign did not specify any key messages. According to Paine.K, 2010 (P.g 235) a key message is ‘a specific statement or concept that an organisation is trying to communicate about itself.’ This can be seen to guide the campaign and take a step back to what the original aims were, during the process. 

Convince families and mature adults that the Isle of Wight is the best holiday destination for the summer and a reason to leave mainland, despite the Olympics.

Use all engaging platforms to reach our audience, to spread the word of the ‘Isle of Wight revival’

Promote the Isle of Wight to students as a fun getaway, with a variety activities including music festivals

Engage with scouts and guides through online promotion and social media to show why the isle of Wight is a great activity based island

Promotions and Partnerships The original campaign suggests a partnership with Fat Face, this has been revised and there are no amendments. Hunter’s wellington boots has been chosen as the secondary partnership to add value to the campaign for our wide audience. After searching previous UK campaigns, the Walkers ‘do us a flavour’, was key inspiration for a promotional prize. The campaign consisted of a competition to create your own flavour of crisps; the winning crisps where then sold for a limited time. This campaign had over 1 million entries, proving success. This research inspired a new competition, involving the audience to design their own, unique pair of Hunters boots, to be sold for the remainder of the revival campaign and share their concept in a YouTube tutorial.

Tactics The new campaign has adopted the same tactics as the original and added new social media platforms and online media promotion. The main concept of the digital PR campaign is focused around the idea of ‘The Isle Of Wight Revival’ it will be using online and Social media to communicate in a specific way to reach each target audience. Each platform will be used for all events that occur each season, with relevance to seasonal holidays. As well as this, the summer will have a big focus, drawing the attention away from the 2012 Olympics, creating a buzz for the Isle of Wight.

The main social media tactic attached to the mascot will be the use of foursquare. Foursquare is a location based social networking website for smart phones, users can check into different locations using a GPS hardware which can be linked to social networks. The campervan will check in on its travels which can then be connected to Twitter and Facebook, thus interacting with a larger audience, for each seasonal event. Visitors to the Isle of Wight revival can also check into the different events, this encourages users to interact with different platforms consequently interacting with their friends and followers, causing more conversations and buzz around the revival (see appendix A). According to Snee.H 2010 ‘Blogs along with other internet research methods have a number of practical advantages. They are easy to access and the sample can be extended to those from a wide geographical area’. The campervan will blog about his adventures throughout the year, posting pictures and stories along the way. This builds up additional familiarity for most of the target audiences, mainly engaging with families. The blog will also create polls and competitions to win prizes, consisting of tickets to the revival events and other smaller prizes. (see appendix B) Burgess.J et al 2009 (p.g.1) says ‘Although it isn’t the only video-sharing website on the internet, YouTube’s rapid rise, diverse range on content, and pubic prominence

in the Western, English- speaking world make it useful for understanding the evolving relationships between new media technology’s, the creative industries, and the politics of popular culture’ A YouTube channel will be created to engage mostly with families and students with content such as a viral video (see appendix C) and competition tutorials. The Webmarketing group. 2012

As this campaign targets a wide reach, we feel it is appropriate to use various magazines, to promote the ‘Isle of Wight revival’. To target the Student audience, we will send press releases and video materials to Q magazine, Music week and NME. Research has shown these are the most circulated magazines in the music industry, proving the most effective way of reaching our audience. The family, scouts/guides and mature adults audience, can be targeted primarily through one magazine; good housekeeping. As most mothers would buy this magazine, they become our primary audience, as well as this the niche can be reached which are husbands and children, as they are known to scan magazines but also be passed on information from their wives and mothers.


Amendments have been made to the timings, to make them for time effective for the audience and target them at times, when they are more likely to be online. The highlighted text is the added tactics of the campaign. Season





Walking Festival

Valentine’s Day

Easter Egg Hunt

Promotion Start


Promotion Method

At the beginning of each week on Monday a new Tweet and update on Facebook will be uploaded. Foursquare checks in at event Blog entry Upload viral video


On a Friday evening, end of the working week adults would be relaxing, using social networking sites perhaps looking to plan a Valentines trip away. Foursquare checks in at event Blog entry

2 months prior to the event

Press releases sent to good housekeeping Notifications and alerts then status updates. Foursquare checks in at event Blog entry Hunters boots competition promoted on Twitter and Facebook, lead through the main website

Promotion Timing 6:00pm daily, to address adults finishing at work. On weekends in late morning, afternoon and evening for an active buzz. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event Blog after event Video will be uploaded in January Friday evening throughout January and February until valentine’s day. 7.00pm updates. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event. Blog after event Press release sent in February Every week for three weeks prior to the event and then again the week before, a status every day and twice a day at weekends to converse with the audience Foursquare checks in on the day of the event. Blog after event

Participation Deadline

Event Deadline

5 days before event start date


The weekend prior to Valentines


A week before event start date




Isle of Wight Festival

Guide and Scout Jamboree

April- 3 months prior to festival start date


Press releases sent to NME, Q and Music week magazines Twitter and Facebook, equal amount of attention given to both as they are both very active amongst the student population. Foursquare checks in at event Blog entry Hunters boots winner announced

Primarily Facebook, guide and scout groups can interact easily, show who’s attending, join the Jamboree event. Twitter will offer updates on the tournaments and which groups are leading. Once winners are announced, both Twitter and Facebook will promote this. Foursquare checks in at event. Blog entry Hunters boots YouTube tutorial uploaded

Hunters boot competition updated weekly and on weekends Press releases sent in June. Festival tweets and Facebook updates in the 3 month run up. Throughout the festival weekend, tweet photos of the Campervan with celebrities etc. Tweet and Facebook updates every day the week before festival. The month before the festival links to the Festival website and YouTube videos tweeted and Facebook updated weekly to raise awareness and interest. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event. Blog after event Event will happen in August, end of the school summer holidays, provides something for the children to look forward to all summer. Planning and developing interest will happen in May, to gage numbers and organise the children and transport etc. Twitter and Facebook updates between 3 and five times a week must include Sunday.

One week before festival dates


2 Weeks before event as numbers have to be taken into consideration for organisation.


Foursquare checks in on the day of the event.




Walking Festival reunion


Bonfire Night




Press releases sent to good housekeeping. Facebook and Twitter, using the same profiles as the Walking Festival was promoted through, so easily accessible for those who first attended. Also, a popular looking event page for those who wish to now attend in Winter. Aim to contact previous walkers who attended the Festival through Facebook. Foursquare checks in at event. Blog entry

Facebook and Twitter, ask people to post photos of planned fancy dress, and pumpkin designs. #MyPumpkin Foursquare checks in at event. Blog entry

Twitter and Facebook to gage interest on the Island and what walks/ events people are holding Foursquare checks in at event Blog entry

Blog after event Press release sent in September Promotions will start at the end of the Walking Festival in the summer, to offer the walkers something to look forward to and plan towards in October. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event. Blog after event Begin mid-October, end three days after Halloween to allow a chance to compare pumpkin designs. Tweet and Facebook every day a week before Halloween and directly tweet other people to make them feel engaged. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event. Blog after event Begin a week before with brief tweets until after Halloween, promote bonfire night excitement. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event

One week before start date as more people attending the better, the outdoor walking space is endless

Two days after Halloween


6 November




5 November


Begin 1 December, end th

26 December. At weekends tweet at least 5


Father Christmas Campervan


Facebook page themed Christmas, Twitter profile tweeting Christmas Campervan pictures. Foursquare checks in at event Blog entry

times a day to keep families interested and aware. Foursquare checks in on the day of the event. Blog after event


24 December


25 December

Evaluation The evaluation of the original campaign has been amended to specify what tools will be used to measure the campaign objectives and why these tools can be useful. Tweet deck will be used to measure the objectives by recording and monitoring the amount of followers the account receives and see if it reaches it target of 5,000 followers in the first 2 months. Tweet deck also monitors 





Hash tags

Facebook insights can also be used to measure the engagement and followers the campaign receives, to measure the success and see if the objectives have been achieved. Facebook insights analyses 



User growth


Consumption of content

Creation of content

Foursquare will simply be measured by the check in’s it receives from event goers. This monitors the amount of people who attend the events and subsequently who has been engaging with the social media campaign.

Another way to measure and evaluate a campaign could be through the use of the new Value metrics matrix PR tool. Introduced in 2010 and re-inventing the AVE, VMM’s do just look at published articles and magazines for content, it looks into all the publicity, where it has gone and it if has an outcome of action from customers, by

measuring for example how people attended an event, not just where the event was written about.

Lastly a way to really measure who has been engaging with the campaign and taking action is to create online surveys and questionnaires. Paine.K, 2010 (p.g112) says ‘Online surveys are most organizations first choice these days‌the advantages are low cost and quick turnaround.’ The surveys will be promoted through social media for event goers to complete after they have attended the events. This shows us the number of people we have targeted online and measure how many people have been influenced. However a motive will be needed for event goers to complete the surveys for maximum results, these could be free ferry tickets.

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Appendix A: Walkers ‘Do us a flavour’ Campaign

Appendix B: Example of Four Square Check in

Appendix C: Campervan blog example

Appendix D: Concept for Isle of Wight Music Viral Video The concept for the ‘Isle of Wight revival’ promotional video would be described as a comical spoof, in the style of a music video. Using the combination of comical value, joined with a chart topping song, will make this video viral. The video was inspired by some of YouTube’s biggest music video hits. These being: Rockstar by Nickleback, How to save a life by The Fray and Were all going on a summer holiday by Cliff Richard, these videos are all memorable for a different and effective element. The midnight beasts have become a popular YouTube hit in the UK, for their home made, parody videos. This influenced the style of our video as they attract more than 70,000 hits per video. A Homemade video promoting an official Island has rarely been done before. This concept brings new ideas and a refreshing outlook on the Isle of Wight. The massive YouTube hit Friday by Rebecca Black, not only encouraged a homemade styled video but mostly motivated the idea of bringing a comedic element into the video. The Rebecca Black video on YouTube received over 25 million hits within 5 months, making it viral and a buzz was created over it. Although this video went viral for different purposes, the main aim is to promote the Isle of Wight revival campaign.

Being a musically inspired themed video, the inspiration for the track being used came from the song Domino by Jessie J, which reached #7 in the iTunes chart. This piece of music is very uplifting with a lot of rhythm and most importantly a happy feeling with a catchy tempo to set the tone and atmosphere for the island, making this video one to remember and with its popularity already in the chart means it already shows an appealing element to the audience. The concept of the video is to introduce the audience to the events of the Isle of Wight that occur all year round. The video follows various characters, on their trips and adventures in the Isle of Wight and their excitement of the preparation for the trip. It also presents ‘Jimmy’ the camper van mascot, of the campaign to create a familiar understanding and a recognisable icon to the audience. Being one of the sponsors of the campaign, Hunters Wellington boots also play a big part of the ‘Isle of Wight Revival’; therefore the boots will be fashioned throughout the video.

The purpose of the video is to sell the Isle of Wight to new and old visitors; using a range of locations and characters means it shows the island to be versatile. To keep the video interesting the use a slapstick element of humour, creating a mimicking effect that was shown successful in other parody videos.

Appendix E- Water and flip flop freebies

Appendix F: Key Ring Freebie

Appendix G: Ford Fiesta photo app

Research has shown that most campaigns have been developed through twitter and Facebook and all ends up looking the same. After Fiesta conducted their research they saw that Instagrams, photos were the new hot tool and grabbed the chance to integrate this into their twitter campaign. ‘Named Fiestagram, the campaign asked Instagram users around Europe to upload photos in numerous categories, each one was associated with one of the car’s hightech features. Tagged with the campaign name #Fiestagram, each week would see a different technology feature being highlighted such as #music, #hidden, #entry and upload their photo with the appropriate hash tag.’

Isle of wight  

Isle of wight report to help maintain visitor levels on the Isle of Wight throughout the year