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Public & Arts Information Pack 2018

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018



Contents Introduction




Selected Theatre Projects, Soho - London


Selected Public Projects Hornsey Library, Haringey - London


Watford Pump House, Watford - Hertfordshire


Selected Arts Projects Sir John Soane’s Museum, Holborn - London


Tender Pixel Gallery, Charing Cross Road - London


Union Crescent Creative Hub, Margate - Kent


Wayne Head Projects Barbican Arts Centre Library, City of London


Rich Mix Cultural + Arts Centre, Bricklane - London


Big House for the Arts, Norwich - Norfolk


Past Projects


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018



Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture are an award winning architectural practice with a rich body of work over a broad range of sectors, with particular expertise in Masterplanning, Housing, Education, Healthcare, Community, Arts and Conservation projects. We are a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focuses on sustainable, practical and delightful designs through a creative dialogue with our clients, consultants, contractors and communities. We translate aspirations into appropriate, innovative and joyful buildings through integrated, context-specific design. Our experienced team create an individual solution for each project, large or small, and continuous attention to detail ensures the highest quality at each work stage. We welcome new challenges and apply our collective knowledge from completed projects to new situations. Our hard-working buildings are a pleasure to live in, work at, or visit and ensure maximum quality and value. We listen to you, and act on what we hear.


Wayne Head, BA (Hons) Dip Arch (Lond) RIBA (CA), Director Wayne became a CLTH Director after 15 years as a director of a major UK architectural practice. He brings 20 years of experience in award winning projects for residential, schools, further and higher education, healthcare and community buildings. Wayne is an RIBA Client Advisor, member of the national Civic Trust Awards panel and member of planning design review panels.

Oliver Bulleid, Director, BA (Hons) DipArch RIBA ARB Oliver has over 25 years experience in construction working on a wide range of project types and at all scales with a particular expertise in housing. He has worked on multi award winning projects and has taught architectural construction at a number of UK universities. He is passionate about low energy design and has built his own prototype house as a testbed.

Sarah Curl, Bsc (Hons) Dip Arch (Lond) RIBA (CA), Director Sarah is the Director in charge of education projects and practice management. She has over 25 years’ experience in the design and construction of award winning schools from early years to colleges. Sarah is an RIBA Client Adviser and is an active participant in education initiatives including Open City Education Forum and the Education Construction Network.

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Enabling the Parts to Function This is a select example of some of the works undertaken in the often unseen and overlooked, yet vitally important, rooms of two Grade II Theatres. The auditorium takes centre stage, but it is the sum of all the parts, from costume stores to bathroom facilities, that enables the whole theatre to function.

Bars Foyer Stage Door Bathrooms Theatre Box

Backstage rooms - the most important.


An Example of our Works on Two Theatres.

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018



A Major Remodelling Project As part of a major remodel we have been updating the many parts that enable Soho Theatres to function. The key objective is to enable improved experiences for modern theatregoers, from enhanced navigation and circulation to optimised bar and toilet areas, reducing queues and reinvigorating the Soho Theatre brand. Back of house functions and security are carefully rethought, with an in-depth study of these ‘unseen’ hardworking spaces which are reinvigorated with elements of colour, texture, and light, all designed for durability and safety.

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Proposed Foyer Finishes Updating the 1950s foyer with traditional touches that harmonise this retrofitted lobby with the original theatre. Considerations include the flooring materials, ceiling design and lighting.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Internal Colour Studies Creating a theatrical journey from the outside world, through to the foyer and into the grand auditorium. Testing traditional Edwardian carpet colours against the quartz inlay terrazzo.

Internal Perspective and Plan Colour studies


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Lighting and Model Tests Lighting tests to make the theatre foyer vibrant and exciting. A physical model testing ceiling heights, lighting and views informs a study into making a flat oppressive ceiling fit with the rest of the theatre.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


The Most Important Theatre Entrance We were asked to investigate design options to make the existing Soho Theatre stage door entrance and stage door keeper’s office secure from attack. Improving the security of the stage door would include better incident containment, access control, surveillance and sight-lines. The stage door is perhaps the most important entrance into the theatre. All staff, visitors and thespians use this door. There must be space for a stage door keeper to work, as well as provision for delivery and temporary storage of cleaned costumes. Without the stage door, the theatre could not function. The existing stage door keeper is ‘spaced out’ in a sense, confined to a narrow enclosure. Likewise, the stage door entrance is cramped, awkward and in need of interior design. Another outcome of the project is to improve the quality and look of the stage door entrance and stage door keeper’s office as befitting the brand. The stage door interior should be equal in terms of quality to the front of house areas. This will help to improve the stage door entrance experience for thespians, staff and visitors Alongside this, the stage doors must become more functional. In order to improve people flow in and out of the stage door entrance, the current spaces must be rationalised to be as efficient as possible.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Layout and Materials Studies The essential factor of the stage doors redesign was layout. Several functions need to happen in small and overlapping spaces for the theatre to function. Materials choice was also key. The stage door has always needed to be more robust than the foyer, since it works harder. However, if the theatre is to be rebranded, the finishes need to look smart as well as being enduring. The stage door keeper currently works in cramped conditions. We investigated how this space could be made workable for all visitors, thespians and staff passing through the busy corridor daily.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Elevation Studies - Comparing options for the stage door redesign.


Lighting and Materials Test - A stage door fit to be a lobby. Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


A New Brand The studio has been supported by the graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge whose team is currently looking at the wider branding issues of the Queen’s Theatre.


Stage Door Meets Street - Improving the Branding of the Theatre. Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Updating Edwardian Facilities The facilities currently provided by most of the theatres are lacking in number, and feature an outdated design that causes congestion. CLTH proposed to create a new toilet stack in an unused Interstitial space in order to alleviate the current situation of people still queueing for the washroom ten minutes into the second act.

Internal View of Proposed Facilities 24

A Void in the Theatre Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Rationalising old facilities & creating new ones. Rationalising old facilities & creating new ones. Testing the idea of stacking provisions in existing spaces and voids through axonometeric modelling.



Existing and Proposed 26





Testing Edwardian Patterns Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Backstage and Beyond A survey of the grand theatre stores was undertaken in order to find space for welfare facilities for staff, as well as creating new space and rationalising the existing stores. The search for unused space in the theatre led to the roof top, with views of all of Soho.

Backstage Survey


Rooftop Survey - Views Over Soho Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Analysing the Auditorium Theatre stage, backstage and seating studies were conducted, curious to see whether the seat count and box provision could be increased, as well as providing more features to improve accessibility. The investigation included examining the operational stage areas and considerations into increasing seating capacity and improving sight-lines.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Updating Edwardian spaces Delfont Mackintosh Theatres appointed CLTH to enhance the lighting in the theatre bars, improving the interval experience for theatregoers by illuminating the original stunning interiors. The opportunity to create innovative solutions which cause minimal impact to the existing bar furniture, while simultaneously making an impactful atmosphere matching that of the auditorium, was the focus of the study. The approach taken by the studio involved looking carefully at traditional techniques and tricks used to enhance light quality in theatres and Edwardian bars, as well as modern energy efficient solutions.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Sparse Lighting Currently, the bar lighting does not do the theatre justice, with some of the windowless bars feeling dark, whilst the larger bars struggle to feel as atmospheric. Layered lighting was proposed to counteract this, alongside removal of retrofitted bright white spotlighting.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Hornsey Library Remodel Built to replace an existing library from 1899 which could not hold enough books, Hornsey Library was completed in April 1965 to the delight of the local librarians. It is a building that appealed to critics from the library profession, simply because of the “close co-operation at all stages between a librarian who believes that his job is to get books to readers, and an architect who can appreciate the complexities of that simple sounding demand� (Library Association Record, April 1965). The design team continue this tradition of collaboration with the librarians, refreshing the building and its imparting sense of energy to preserve this Grade II listed building for generations to come.


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Hornsey Library - Soft Seating Study 38

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Hornsey Library - Plan and Elevational Finishes Studies 40

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Mixed Use Masterplan A proposal for a mixed use masterplan consisting of housing, a theatre and a workshop to surround Watford Pump House. The unique location of the site between the residential and commercial areas of Watford town centre provided scope for a comprehensive redevelopment of the site to optimise the housing opportunities. The workshop is located at the rear of the locally listed Pump House Theatre Building within the context of the larger scale commercial warehouses. The location of the workshop to the rear of the theatre addresses the potential problem of noise pollution for the existing residential communities on Local Board Road.


Option C Maximising Housing

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Details Seminar Series The Details series investigates the meaning and role of details in architecture and beyond. What’s interesting and significant about the detail? Can a ‘good’ building have ‘bad’ details, and visa versa? What role do details have beyond simply being the connections in joints, seams, and layers of materials in a building? Is the detail part of the whole, or is the whole itself the detail? The series derives from a collection of booklets created by Wayne Head of Curl & Head Architects and published by The Everyday Press, in which architectural details from a variety of buildings are surveyed, drawn and discussed. Wayne Head curated and presented the series of talks in the seminar room of Sir John Soane’s musems. Speakers included Charles Holland, Arnaud Desjardin, Elly Ward, Gillian Horn, Gregory Dart and Armstrong Yakubu. The seminar series ran from January to April, 2018.

Detail Vignette of John Soanes Museum 44

Talk within The John Soanes Museum Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Contemporary Translucent Screen A window screen designed for the Tenderpixel contemporary art gallery in Cecil Court. This unique location in London’s Covent Garden (once the “heart of the early British film industry”, and also famous as Mozart’s residence when he wrote his first symphony at 8 years old), is home to several art and book galleries. Prominent for the variety of its offer, the Tenderpixel gallery keeps a vibrant programme of exhibitions by emerging artists, as well as contemporary art events. The proposal adds a layer of privacy and comfort to the art gallery’s street window, with a translucent screen intended to shield views from the outside while still allowing the activity inside to animate the street. The screen will be pleated, in a pattern that matches the gallery’s wainscoting.

Internal View of Pleated Curtain 46

External View of Pleated Curtain Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Union Crescent Creative Hub Margate Work - Rest - Play: A research proposal for a creative hub in Margate alongside Fraser Muggeridge Studio and Ordinary Architecture & FAT. The project programme seeks to generate ideas to transform existing industrial buildings (a Victorian era paper mill) along Union Crescent, Margate, into a contemporary creative hub, catering for artists and designers from the emerging local art scene. Interventions include opening up the storefronts, allowing increased accessibility and interaction with pedestrains; open plan, flexible working space for indoor and outdoor collaboration and a rooftop pool for relaxation. Maintaining a relatively low level use of energy for industrial-scale spaces was also a driving factor behind the design.

Vignettes of Activity Zones Inside the Gallery


Permanent exhibition space on street level accommodating a changing collection of contemporary art and sculpture pieces. Visitors and passers-by could also catch signt of the installation process and other various creative events taking place inside.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court

The courtyard could accommodate a mini basketball court that encourages people to get The courtyard could accommodateactive a mini basketball court that during break time.

encourages people to get active during break time.

Low Energy Bills: Super insulated lamb wool walls

South Facing Balcony: Flexible outdoor space

The Hill: Hill shaped dark room for filming with landscaped roof creating a communal indoor lawn

Rooftop Pool: Old fashioned canvas pool with sandy ‘beach’

Basketball Court: Keep fit in the courtyard

Detailed Open Plan Model

Artworks Display: An exterior display increasing interaction for pedestrians

Storefront Intervention: Inspired by body-fit beauty contests of the 1980s

Enclosed Entrance: Covered with a canvas canopy, creating market stall space

Axonometrics of Street Interaction Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Barbican Arts Centre Library Director Wayne Head Lead a feasibility study into a new world class library for the Barbican Arts Centre. After an extensive research project, a two part concept was created: A New Heart to the Library Through the centre of the library runs a pair of triple height book stacks which, protected from direct sunlight, face each other across the central hall. They act as both a centrepiece for the building and as an organisational heart for the merged libraries. Between them two levels of concrete have been removed to create a dramatic central concourse that gives visitors impressive views of the libraries’ treasures and the building’s pickhammered columns. It is comparable to significant public spaces within the Arts Centre complex, and inspired by the blurring of picturesque and formal in Chamberlain Powell & Bonn’s public spaces. Bright and Flexible Workspaces Natural light draws the reader away from the central stacks towards the layers of reading rooms and collaborative work areas that sit at the edges of each floor. Here they choose the space that suits them: private or social, looking back into the book stacks or out onto the tree-lined Beech Street.


Exploded Axonometeric Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Volumes and materials study New Terracotta bookcases and existing double stacked pick-hammered columns will create a warm but impressive space. Each of the merged libraries will have its own designated shelf space. Triple height bookshelves occupy the heart of the building, freeing up the perimeter of the gallery oors to allow natural light to penetrate and create a soothing reading space.


Sectional Perspectives Studies Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


East London’s Independent Arts Venue Director Wayne Head worked on the design of Rich Mix, and independent arts venue in East London. Formally a leather factory, the 62,000 sq. ft five floor building is now a three-screen cinema taking part in independent film festivals and showing recent blockbusters. The building also contains an array of flexible performance spaces for collaborative supporting work with established and emerging artists. Rich Mix is also home to 20 creative businesses, as well as cinema, theatre, dance shows, spoken word poetry, live music, comedy nights, family days and exhibitions. Rich Mix is a financially self-sufficient charity. Project architect - Wayne Head (Penoyre & Prasad)

Internal View of Cinema


External View - Zinc Roof Detail

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Internal Cafe View

Internal View - Cinema Hall 56

External View of Streetside Facade

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Big House for the Arts Norwich Big House for the Arts was completed by Wayne Head. The building has a multi functional programme for art and drama based activity. Its strong and pure architectural frame means it can absorb transient and messy activities well. A black timber clad pavilion set on the edge of a tree lined south facing garden forms a green veil backdrop. The north facing wall is punctuated with generous glazed openings to soak up glare free north light into the gallery spaces. The upper floors crank and cantilever out to create a sheltered entrance space.

External Street-side View

Elevation Detail

Internal Views of Art Centre in Use 58

External Street-side View

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Past Projects

Wolverhampton Civic Hall Wayne Head worked on the redevelopment of the Civic Hall, a major hub for live entertainment in Wolverhampton and the Black Country.


Brixton Theatre Wayne Head worked on the design of a vibrant theatre in this lively, multicultural area of London.

Public & Arts Information Pack 2018


Public & Arts Information Pack 2018

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Public & Arts Information Pack 2018



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A collection of works by Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture.

Public & Arts Brochure  

A collection of works by Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture.