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Job Orientation Training for Businesses and Schools

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Project objective and target group JOBS project aims to promote, in the participating schools, job orientation training for students in the last two years of gymnasium and the first year of technical and vocational education, using specific learning and teaching methods.

How does JOBS work?

How to learn JOBS?

By introducing task based learning approaches and useful education contents, the students are guided toward the right choice of their future profession. Through a transcurricular approach the students are going through 7 different booklets during the whole school year:

• The students solve the tasks presented in the booklets on their own.

M 1: Jobs!!! Investigating into job biographies of different persons M 2: Me and my strengths. Analyzing my competences, interests and personality M 3: The world of JOBS. Exploring a box full of surprises M 4: Job opportunities. Discussing possibilities, chances and risks M 5: Ready for the JOB! Preparing for our Job exploration M 6: My Job exploration! M 7: JOBS Fair. Processing and presenting the exploration results

• The students learn more about themselves and how to value their own capacities. (life skills) • The students search for employment opportunities, analysing economical conditions. • The students collect materials in a JOBS folder. • The students get in contact with businesses, companies or public institutions offering jobs in their region. •

The students watch the businesses, collect data and present their own findings in the JOBS Fair organised at the end of the school year.

What is the JOBS Toolbox?

What is the role of the parents?

The toolbox is a set of instructions, worksheets, instruments and checklists on which the students have access when they are not familiar with a certain method or technique.

• The parents, as an influencing factor in the school and professional future of their children are informed about the project activities.

It helps the student on: • how to gather and search for information • how to sort their information

The parents support the students on their path towards a successful professional career by being interested in what they do, by taking their time discussing with them and by listening to them.

• how to produce creative work • how to present their work • how to work with other students

What is the role of the teacher? • The teachers actively supports the students in working in a project oriented and task based way. •

The teachers are working in a team and the major focus in teaching JOBS is the switch from teacher-centred methods to student- centred learning.

What is the role of the businesses? • The businesses that are involved in JOBS are informed about the needs of the schools and of the students. • The businesses have a training role in JOBS and support the students in the exploration process. • The businesses involved in project imple- mentation are JOBS labelled. Partners:


Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Brașov Str. Șirul Gheorghe Dima nr. 4 500123 Brașov Tel: +40 268 415 104 Fax: +40 268 475 621 web:

National Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training Development in Romania

Technical College ,,Transilvania” Brașov Str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 52, Brasov Tel.: 0268/414902; 0368/408565 Fax: 0268/418324; 0368/408544 web: e-mail:

Gymnazial School no.25 Str. Valea Cetății nr.24, Brașov Tel: 0268/542184 Fax: 0268/542184 web: e-mail:

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