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Gabrielino High School’s LCAP-Aligned Single Plan for Student Achievement for the 2015-2016 School Year

Appendix E - Home/School Compact Student Pledge: * To attend school regularly. * To show positive school behavior. * To complete class assignments on time. * To complete homework assignments. * To ask clarifying questions of the teacher whenever in doubt. Parents Pledge: * To encourage their child to attend school regularly. * To encourage their child to show positive school behavior. * To review their child's homework. * To monitor television watching and encourage positive use of your child's extracurricular time. * To volunteer in your child's school if time or schedule permits. * To attend parent-teacher conferences and participate, when appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of your child.

Staff Pledge: * To provide high quality curriculum and learning materials. * To provide you with assistance in understanding academic achievement standards and assessments and how to monitor your child's progress. * To provide opportunities for ongoing communication between you and teachers through, at a minimum: * frequent reports regarding your child's progress. * opportunities to talk with staff, volunteer in class, and observe classroom activities.

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Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17  
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