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Gabrielino High School’s LCAP-Aligned Single Plan for Student Achievement for the 2015-2016 School Year

Funding 21. Services provided by categorical funds that enable underperforming students to meet standards (NCLB) 22. Fiscal support (EPC)

Appendix C - Annual Evaluation Plan Priorities Identify the top priorities of the most recent board approved SPSA. (No more than 2–3.) Gabrielino’s top priorities are aligned with the district’s LCAP goals which are:    

Students will be college and career ready. Students will receive high quality instruction and intervention to eliminate the achievement gap. Students will have an equal opportunity to learn and succeed in a culturally responsive, engaging, and physically and emotionally safe environment. Students will benefit from improved family and community engagement.

Identify the major expenditures supporting these priorities. The major expenditures associated with these priorities are:   

To maintain the counselor to student ratio. To provide a block of ELD instruction to students. To increase access to technology.

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Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17  
Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17