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Gabrielino High School’s LCAP-Aligned Single Plan for Student Achievement for the 2015-2016 School Year

Involvement 16. Resources available from family, school, district, and community to assist under-achieving students (NCLB) Family and Community Resources include, Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Mental Health and Counseling Services. School and district resources include highly qualified teachers, instructional aides, school counselors, special education staff, CTE pathways, Workability, APEX online courses for credit recovery, and staff development. In addition, the school and district in collaboration provide: extended library hours (San Gabriel Education Foundation), National School Lunch Program, Network for a Healthy California, School Attendance Review Team and Board. Special education students also benefit from appropriate integration of students in general education settings, Community-Based Instruction with Ablenet curriculum, specialized academic instruction, extended school year (ESY), Transition Services, Language and Speech, and Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy. Strategies to increase parental involvement (Title I SWP) 17. Involvement of parents, community representatives, classroom teachers, and other school personnel in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of consolidated application programs (5 CCR 3932) Parents, community representatives, classroom teachers, students, and other school personnel participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the consolidated application through: School Site Council and ELAC/DELAC Meetings.

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Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17  
Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17