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Gabrielino High School’s LCAP-Aligned Single Plan for Student Achievement for the 2015-2016 School Year

Opportunity and Equal Educational Access 14. Services provided by the regular program that enable underperforming students to meet standards (NCLB)      

Class time Tier 1 interventions Opportunities to demonstrate mastery learning After-school tutoring for the core content areas and World Language. Embedded support for struggling students in Academic Advisory Opportunities for credit recovery in ELA APEX online credit recovery

15. Research-based educational practices to raise student achievement at this school (NCLB) Gabrielino has a higly-effective Data Team and ELD Team that analyzes data and examines research-based education practices. The following research-based educational practices are in place to raise student achievement:  Explicit Direct Instruction strategies  Standards-Based educational program  SDAIE  Individual Tutoring *Opportunities for increased learning time (Title I SWP and PI requirement) *Transition from preschool to kindergarten (Title I SWP) Does not apply to high school.

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Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17  
Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17