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Gabrielino High School’s LCAP-Aligned Single Plan for Student Achievement for the 2015-2016 School Year

10. Adherence to recommended instructional minutes for reading/language arts and mathematics (EPC) All sites adhere to the recommended instructional minutes for reading/language arts and mathematics. 11. Lesson pacing schedule (EPC) Gabrielino teachers develop and implement course-specific pacing schedules in order for all teachers to know when each content objective is expected to be taught and in what sequence to ensure all students experience equity and access through a guaranteed curriculum, including English Learners. Special education staff collaborate with core content teachers to develop pacing schedules for students with disabilities by consulting, designing and/or delivering differentiated instruction. 12. Availability of standards-based instructional materials appropriate to all student groups (NCLB) Sufficient standards-based materials are available for all significant sub-groups, including English Learners and special education students. The district purchases materials on the State-Adopted List aligned with the standards and are made available to all students. Teachers plan lessons in accordance with the department's curriculum guides, pacing guides, and the district's Educational Master Plan. 13. Use of SBE-adopted and standards-aligned instructional materials, including intervention materials (EPC) All core academic courses utilize standards-aligned, board approved materials. The district purchases materials on the stateadopted list aligned with the standards. All teachers design lessons to ensure students have the opportunity to master the standards. All classroom material, textbooks, and supplemental books are district approved and aligned to the state standards. In addition to the state adopted textbooks and materials, standards-based supplemental materials have been approved by the district and are used by the teachers to assist all students with access and understanding of the curriculum. These supplemental materials are included in intervention classes, ELD classes, and special education classes.

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Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17  
Single Plan for Student Achievement 2016-17