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There are different types of books, like text books, encyclopedias, books about politics and other hundreds of books. But now I am going to talk about literature books; these books which are really interesting and sometimes achieve to capture your attention, and why not, in some cases they make you cry, laugh or tremble because you are scared. In my case I have had to read several books of this type, as a consequence of being a student of the TEC and have to take Spanish class each semester. Honestly in the beginning it was so boring, but with the passage of time I have learned to enjoy reading this type of books.

Enjoy reading story, for example; in the first semester I read a book with the name of “Batallas en el desierto”, it was the first book I read completely in my life. It is about the story of one kid, who is in love of a mom’s friend, after some time he grows, and he doesn’t see his friend because he went to another school, but one day, after a lot of years, he meets

which are books full of abstract ideas and words difficult to understand, but don’t worry, you only need to be concentrated in order to understand what the book says, also you have the support of your Spanish teacher, who can help you in the comprehension of the book.

his friend in the street and talks with him, then he finds out that the mom of

Reading books is an activity really

his friend is already dead. It is a good

useful because it is a distraction that

book with a real story and with a

you can use when you are bored, and

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also it gives you new words that you

all books have a clear and easy

can use to improve your speech.

As I said before I have read a lot of

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books and each one with a different

Divina Comedia” or “El arte de amar”,

allows you to know different knowledge

and ways of conceiving the world. “In

most important point for me is that you

and also I recommend the next books:

my personal opinion the most important

can play with your imagination while

“El retrato de Dorian Gray”, “El príncipe

point of reading books is that you can

you read, and it can produce in you a

de la niebla” and “Batallas en el

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really read the book”, it’s a joke: the

conclusion, I suggest you read books,

Enjoy reading  
Enjoy reading