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Potential Target Audience

My Magazine For my magazine there is a definite target audience; I know what age range I am looking at, I know what general class of people will be targeted and I know what kind of person I will be targeting to achieve the best possible results - in publicity and in hypothetical sales.

Age My magazine will be targeting people in the age bracket of 14-35. This is because of the future-electronic-music related content. Research shows that the older generations do not have nearly as much interest in digital or electronic music, and targeting them would be pointless. This age bracket enables younger people to relate to it as well as still enabling connectivity to people up to twenty years older.

Class Research shows that people of a middle-class background or up-bringing have more of an interest in electronic-music as it is generally much more of a specific niche that requires more money to fund an interest in it. Additionally, this interest in a more specific and unorthodox genre of music seems to spring from middle-class parents own adventurousness in the days of their youth, especially in the 1950s to the 1990s where numerous independent music genres were created and explored.

Interests People that would potentially be interested in this magazine would be people that are interested in the arts in general. People that have an interest in photography, film, music or even the performing arts will be drawn to a magazine like this. Additionally, people that have an interest in atmospheric arts and music will express a specific interest as the atmospherics trying to be achieved in this magazine should attract them.



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